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Spend Wisely, Not Foolishly

Remember when you were all young and given money from your parents or other family members and they patronisingly pat you on your head and say 'Don`t go spending it all in one go!`? I bet 9 times out of 10 that money was spent on 1p sweets or walnut whips (well, I certainly did). Hardly spending wisely was it?

At Tottenham, in times past, we would spend un-wisely on players that turn out to be nothing but a waste of money. Like that one sweet in the packet you didn`t want but ended up buying (then like me, coax other people to eat them). How times have changed over the last 3-4 seasons. Gone are the days where we would buy 4-5 players in a transfer window and have a rocky start to the season and gone are the days where we bought players that turn out to be a waste of space.

Top teams don`t need to buy vast amount of players once the transfer window is open. They only need to bring in 2-3 to add strength, experience, a new dimension and competition for starting places. The "Why fix something that`s not broken" is a good quote in this instance.

Currently we have a strong team; the ingredients are there, the formula works and the foundations are strong. Sure, we do need to shift deadwood players but that`s more for funding new players that come in. I won`t go into the areas where we need to strengthen; from last season it`s obvious where we need to add firepower. The inclusion of Paulinho so far has got me excited. The prospect of an all Brazilian midfield is intoxicating. It`ll certainly add that new dimension we need.

The reason why I wrote this article is because of Liverpool FC. So far, they have brought in Toure, Mignolet, Aspas and Alberto. It doesn`t look like Brendan Rogers is going to stop there either. I can understand Rogers putting a stamp on Liverpool and making it his own but what he inherited from King Kenny was an already good squad. They needed to strengthen in midfield since the sale of the brilliant Xabi Alonso and probably on the left side as well.

Maybe he`s just buying to show the fans he`s creating a team that can emulate Rafa Benitez`s European Glory team? Next season, it`ll be make or break. Not only has he spent Liverpool`s millions but he`s also adding players that could cost Liverpool`s European credentials and turn them into a mid-table team. Wouldn`t that be awful?...

Newcastle brought in a load of players to apparently 'push for Top 4` after their successful 2nd season in the Premier League under manager Alan Pardew. After shifting key players and bringing in half of the French International team it proved near disaster for Pardew. He battled relegation as well as abuse from the Newcastle faithful`s.

Here at the N17 club, I feel we don`t need to bring in 4-5 players in. Maybe 2-3 to add that strength up front where we`re most lacking at present. It`s always been about spending wisely and in Daniel Levy we do have a shrewd negotiator but with an open cheque book for the right player that`s right for the good of the team. Wenger, at ars*nal, has apparent 'millions` to spend but doesn`t. Why is that? I`d hate to say this, but he doesn`t need to add 4-5 players each open transfer window. He finds an area that needs improvement and he gets it. It shows when his team consistently make Top 4 even after losing key players like Fabregas and Van Persie.

It`s all about identifying where Spurs need improvement and as you fans will obviously know, up front is the key to our success next season. AVB has Baldini to get the man he wants and handle the dealings so he can 100% focus on the team. I just don`t want to see last minute buys and, most importantly, the inclusion of pointless players to the team.

Written by Iroll88

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The journalist

Writer: Iroll88 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday July 7 2013

Time: 11:04AM

Your Comments

Never thought we needed a massive overhaul just 2-3 true quality players were needed...very good article
Iroll88 fair point you can not buy in title winning team in one transfer window. I agree that we don't need to make wholesale changes but transfers should be based on the system we intend to play and to maximism the twenty five man squad. Players that offer experience, can play in several positions effectively while also affording our younger players the oppertunity to develop into squad and then ultimately first team players. Managerial consistency is key to developing stable successful squads.
Slurms McKenzie
agree Slurms, players that are strong in more than 1 position is the key to a strong squad..
nice article mate... spot on..
stability is one thing, but if we could sell 5 or so average players and bring in 5 better ones i'd do it. a better squad is a better squad. i guess the only reluctant sales would be characters/leaders such as dawson who give the club more than just appearances on the pitch.
I seem to remember Harry saying about 4 years ago that all we needed was 2-3 players. Not much changes does it! Perhaps this year it will be different. COYS
Good article, and you could have re-inforced your point by mention of the home grown talent coming through, which Slurms alludes to.
Iroll88, I notice you refer to pocket money and 1p sweets. Many posters on here are more familiar with 1d as children!
Well laid out article and excellent point. Having signed Paulinho we now need to sign a couple of real strikers (Villa, Soldado, Benteke, Jese Rodriguez, Damiao). Sell Defoe, Hudd, Livermore. We would have strengthened the squad immensely and be in a position to challenge seriously for the title not just top 4.
Agree, although our strike force was so woeful last season it could be argued that we need 2-3 strikers alone
I see Parker as a need to keep as a backup in the event we need a strong defensive MF if one of the 3 big boys got injured but I wouldn't be sad if he was sold. Same with Ade. Just wanted to make sure I explained my thinking before I get run over! LOL!
Strikers please, Remy's name is back, any news on his court case or has he already signed for Crewe. Good article just wish we had 2 forwards early to save the waiting!!
two new strikers or forget next season and goodbye Bale
Excellent article. I would disagree on one thing though, I don't agree that Rogers inherited a good squad from "King Kenny" . If Carroll, Downing, Henderson, Shelvey, Adam, all Dalglish buys were the basis of a good squad "I'll stand f.cking in Burton's window". He had to dismantle and reassemble it . His purchases of Coutinho, Aspas, Alberto, Mignolet etc.etc. will contribute to that. With regards to us, we still need 2 quality strikers, and wide player cover, and to get rid of some dross. It should be remembered that we are not into the coffers by a long way yet, simply re-cycling the increased Sky revenue. There is an old adage, "what you never had, you never miss", so get it spent on quality, and let's go onwards and upwards. Whatever we do lets stick to two criteria, firstly let's only buy those that are better than we already have, no bargains, cheap gambles, has beens, and whatever we got in, do it quickly enough to have a settled squad before the first game of the season. No more "11th hour wheeler dealing", it does us no good, never has, and is now old hat every club knows about Mr. Levy's late swoops and it doesn't work any more, we can do without the Clint Dempsey deals, you miss more than you capture.Better to be settled before the start of the season, and not drop daft points as we did last season, that ultimately contributed to missing out on a CL place. This Paulinho deal, if somewhat protracted, has at least been completed at the right time in the window
Hi Coopsie, I would agree to an extent with your comments re Wenger's transfer strategy, or lack of it, but we shouldn't be hypercritical after all he has been in the CL for 14 seasons on the spin, and is only 1 trophy behind us in that time, so he must have got a few things right.
JVD - agree totally, I would like to see Parker stay, but I don't think he would be happy as a squad player. He is also on big wages, so makes financial sense to sell him and recoup 2-3m. If we sell Hudd and Livermore, my worry is if Sandro or Dembele gets injured, we will be short in midfield. Remember Kaboul can also play as a defensive midfielder, allowing Caulker to play with Verts. Also Kabouls fitness is a concern. If he breaks down again, we will be short in defence. Can see the logic in bringing in a central defender or dare I say it Gareth Barry on a 1 year deal as back up. Remember, all those crappy Europa ties, he could be ideal to come in and give Sandro/Paulinho a rest.
Vic, have to go with youth surely? I'd sooner keep Livermore and Carroll, they will get in the cups and 20mins in the league. Barry a no go for me!
Fellow VS members we have an interview with Stuart Nethercott and Brian Statham coming up. Both played for spurs... please like my FB page and visit This isn't spam its a non profit website but we have some really interesting interviews coming up so would appreciate people getting involved.
Once again Coopsie totally agree, can't stand the gaulic prat, but unfortunately he is very successful especially for a blind man.
disagree. We're not top 4 not because of our starting 11 (although that can be improved), but because of our back up players. Our defense is generally ok. Centre mid back up isnt ok- but bringing in holtby (who played dembele's role for his german team last season) and paulinho should ensure that we dont have this problem this time. Att mid - back up options are non existant on the wings. I like siggy as a back up option for the no 10 role, but would want someone better than dempsey starting behind the striker. So thats 3 new players needed right there. FC - ade/ defoe good back up options, but would like a better starting striker. That makes a total of 4 needed in addition to pauliniho. If you bring in townsend you may be able to bring in the total number needed to 4 (inc paulinho).
Well said. We don't need to bring in a whole raft of players that will take time to gel. Steady improvement and 2-3 new additions will keep us moving forward.
Hey Coopsieyid, just to let u know Hotspur Lover is my son.... we live in the Philippines and these guys here just love basketball. I introduced him to football (he still calls it soccer) but I am getting there...... Looks like his fav player might be our latest signing, Paulinho.......Mine? My fav player is from the 80's.......Great with his legs (esp the left leg) not that good with his speeches....NO prizes for a correct guess! Something to do with handicaps and GOD!!! Anyway, thanks for welcoming my son to this site.....He's 13 by the guys go easy with the history of our Beloved Spurs with him..... Cheers and COYS!!!!!!!
I disagree. I think 2-3 players will keep us where we are if they are of the correct abilities and mix. If we are to become better than Arsenal and to maintain our edge on Liverpool, we need to go further. Paulinho is an upgrade on either/both Hudd and Parker. It does nothing to change the fact that we need better up front than Ade and Defoe, better wide options than Townsend, and LB and keeper cover. That's already 5 more players to Paulinho. and I would suggest we should not be stopping there. Sign Umtiti and Lombaerts (LB covered - BAE and Rose sold), Sign Rebic and Castaignos (sell Defoe, Kane and Obika), buy Atsu and loan Deulofeu (loan or sell Townsend), buy Cesar (sell Gomes), sign Villa (sell Dempsey) and if we can get a top striker like Benteke (sell Ade). I would also get the deal done for Jedvaj and Halilovic. They would likely be loaned straight back, but that would mean we have lots of options for future years. Sounds a lot, but does not really change the starting XI too much (LB and striker), but it most certainly will increase the abilities on the bench and available in a game to game basis. Then, going forward, 2-3 quality additions a year will achieve what the writer suggests. We aren't there yet. The purge must continue.

I said at the end of the season, we need to make our 18th best player our 25th best player by the end of this window. I still stand by that. COYS
Or dont spend it at all
so would villa at 9m on a 4year contract be wise or foolish?
Peterbalb I fully concur with your above vision for the future, and the means of achieving it. We can possibly debate the merits, or otherwise, of individual players, but the concept of the 18th best becoming the 25th best, and an ongoing year on year improvement of personnel, and consistent turnover of players, is absolutely spot on, and is the way every successful enterprise progresses. If we look at the PL and every major league in the world, the top teams look to strengthen in every transfer window. You can't stop, it is the process of continuous improvement, and it is never completed, you just continually shift the target level upwards.
Tops- I think we're on the same page there....
Not sure why we need to keep Parker as back up or competition for sandro - that is surely where the Holtby signing makes sense. Younger and hungry, with lengthy of fight. Sell Livermore, Parker and Hudd. Bring in eriksen.
Why would Villa want to be on a 4 year deal? I would suggest 2 with an option for a third year. Villa is under no illusions. He wants to be at the peak of his game leading in to the olympics and realizes that he is now a 70 minute player. 9M and a four year deal is unlikely, but if he gets us in to CL and then does it again, has he not paid it back in spades? Villa will also get Spaniards watching Spurs. How is this bad? It may also make players like Rodriguez and Deulofeu consider signing at Spurs even if other offers are on the table. Villa is a top drawer name. Yes, he used to be better, but like VDV, he can give 65-70 quality minutes that will result is serious quality on the pitch. I'm sure there are some things he could impart on Bale, Lennon, Holtby, Sigurdsson, Paulinho, Dembele etc. Fact is, he has won at virtually every level. COYS
Villa for Barcelona, 26 starts, 17 subs, 16 goals and 6 assists. That would have put his goals/assists per 90 minutes ahead of any of our strikers last season. He would be an upgrade on Defoe for sure and certainly on an uninspired Ade. He is also well able to play 4-3-3, 4-5-1 or 4-4-2. He is also a top international player. We aren't buying him for the future. We're buying him to get us over the hump. It would be a wise acquisition, IMO. COYS
Anybody who doubts Villa's class, knowledge, ability, goal stats, profile, and marketing value, is surely missing a massive point. The guy would/will be a massive asset to the club, on and off the pitch, and especially in the club shop and sports equipment stores all around the world, particularly in Spain. Yes he is getting on a bit, but is a better striker than Defoe and Adebayor would be glued together, he would have 2 good years left in him, without a doubt. So come on Levy extract thine digit and get it done.
Last year Villa averaged a goal every 2.5 chances. Not bad for a guy who's supposedly in rapid decline is it? He's still lethal in front of goal, okay we can't make money in sell on value but is that our concern? We make enough profit on player sales to afford spending on one guy who breaks the mould but will also most likely break our underachievers tag.
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