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Should I Stay or Should I Go: Jermain Defoe.

Ever since he scored for fun whilst on loan at Bournemouth, Jermain Defoe has been hailed as a finished of the highest order.

Reputations and facts are all too often not totally accurate and sadly in the case of Jermain, he has probably never quite lived up to the media hype and reputation, though it is without question that he is a very decent player. Question is, whether he is a player that genuinely fits into AVB plans and also whether he is quite decent enough for a side that is aspiring to play Champions league football and also demands a 20+ goals a season striker.

Last season, Jermain scored 19 goals in 49 games for club and country, which on paper isn't too shabby, especially when we consider that he was often either subbed or the sub on many occasions. However he scored fourteen of those goals in the first 25 games and only five on the last 24. Of course there were a few injuries and perhaps a lack of consecutive games he enjoyed in the first half of the season, but the jury is still out over his ability to be a lone striker and also ever score the amount of goals and bring others into play that our style appears to demand.

When we consider that Jermain will be 31 in October, you don't imagine that his best days are ahead of him and although I wouldn't be too upset at our keeping him next season, it would be more for his ability from the bench as opposed to being a starter and I can't see that being to his liking and perhaps he would happily accept a final payday and regular football over being a bit part performer.

It is suggested that Stoke City are interested in buying Jermain for around 7m and if we could secure a deal for David Villa at somewhere close to that, you feel it is a definite upgrade in player and also status and leadership. That isn't a negative towards Defoe, but for similar fee, albeit bigger wages, you assume, we get a World Cup winner and a better all-round player that seems to suit our system much more.

Villa is only ten months older that Defoe and I can't see too many supporters or even football 'experts' that would see that move as a negative and you can imagine that Villa would be able to outscore Defoe, and add extra bite and versatility to the team and also offer an inspirational and awe inspiring presence to some on the training pitch. I can imagine what someone like Harry Kane would think about training and talking to someone of that stature...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday July 7 2013

Time: 12:00PM

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Bye! I'm with Coops on this one! No need to elaborate.
defoe needs to be sold and if we can get 6-7 million that would be fantastic. to upgrade from defoe to villa would be a dream. they are about the same age, while villa has not had the same constant injury niggles as defoe, and although he was sidelined so long with the broken leg this is the only reason we can now realistically target him. defoe is never happy not to be first choice and is actually more vocal and disruptive about this than adebayor. neither defoe or villa is exactly a significant physical presence but villa is a class above, actually quite a few classes. firstly he excels were defoe fails miserably, in his movement and reading of the game. secondly he actually is what defoe is quite ludicrously claimed to be, a natural finisher. we would be replacing a blast and hope mentality with deadly accuracy with both feet, finesse and intelligence. finally villa will pass to better positioned team mates and that makes the team so much more dangerous. I personally would rather we sell defoe than adebayor. Although I would be happy to see them both leave, Ade simply offers so much more and even when bad his presence generally improves the team. defoe, even when he scores, is a detrimental presence due to his extreme selfishness, his inability to anticipate, move intelligently and stay on side. when you only put away 1 in 10 shots, then you need a hell of a lot more to your game then being the "great finisher"
Ox, way to long an article for the question mate!! LOL!!
Everything Guernman said.
6m from Stoke?! Daniel take the money and run!
Time for an upgrade. Thank you and goodbye
No wait. Daniel if it will speed things up, give them back 1m so they can pay him a signing on fee to come!
6M for JD is a no brainer I'd have thought. But whatever we may say about his lack of productivity he gives it his all. I suppose he will want to be in the England squad for 2014, and somewhere like Stoke would give him more game time.
knowing us we will sell Defoe and Ade then nobody will come in.
GO. taxi booked and paid for.
Little spur
Goodbye, so long and thanks for the fish.....
Ken Dagnall
Close the door on the way out.
LS - Surely taxi for Maicon, er, Defoe....
Ken Dagnall
Looking back I'm going to include Ade, who with VDV was a outstanding loan signing, defoe moaned about being on the bench and said in not so many words ''i may have to leave to get first team football'' Ade then decides his going to the ACN, leaving us with just two forwards Dempsey and Defoe, we muddled through costing us points, Ade can go to turkey, come to that he can pi$$ off to coventry for all i care, so if we sign two from three David Villa, Roberto Soldado or maybe Benteke, are we keeping Dempsey? Defoe should be used in cash plus player for Benteke, he can team up with Bent again after all they are best mates, or just sell him and take the money 6 to 7m towards another striker, we need new blood up top, Defoe will score goals, but his not going to get any better and after all passing is not his strong point, we need team players and a bloody good number 9.
spu 4 life
Not relevant, but why not remind ourselves ?
Ken Dagnall
We've only got 2 strikers and 1 of those is Adebayor! So quite obviously Defoe HAS to stay until or unless we sign at least 2 strikers. Can't believe people think selling him is a good idea at this stage, sure he has limitations but his sell on value will be low so we might as well keep him. He was excellent in the first half of last season
tophobunty - Yes City sold Tevez. Why he said "had" Tevez I guess?
The disrespect shown for Defoe by some posters is amazing, especially as they would probably wet their pants with excitement if they actually met the man. Of course we ought to replace him now he is over 30 and still worth a reasonable sum of money. That is good business, and the chairman will do it if and when the time is right. As for Villa, well he will just be a short term player like Gallas, bought short term for his ability, near the end of his career. COYS
''Defoe had a good first half season'' yes he did then what happened 1 goal since the turn of the year; If we had Benteke for half a season and sodado for the second half we would have finished 2nd not 5th
spu 4 life
Spot on Spu 4, Defoe is a striker who can get you a goal from nothing but that is not what we are trying to build here at the mighty Spurs we need a forward who knows where the net is, is composed in front of goal, has vision to play to a man in a better position and can take a penalty. Defoe is too good for a lower division but not good enough for the upper echelons of the Premier League and that is where we are headed.
Fellow VS members we have an interview with Stuart Nethercott and Brian Statham coming up. Both played for spurs... please like my FB page and visit This isn't spam its a non profit website but we have some really interesting interviews coming up so would appreciate people getting involved.
Of course as Jod tells us all the time, Defoe is on a contract, so will only leave, if he, not Spurs or Daniel Levy, want him to. It all depends on what Jermaine Defoe wants out of what's left of his career at 31 years old, given that his recent injury record is poor, his form is streaky to be kind, his international career is probably finished, and he lives in London on good money, with the night life and atmosphere that he has always enjoyed, all around him. Playing regular first team football may no longer be that important, and moving away to a club where, although he might play regularly, he would be with inferior players etc. and he might even have to take a pay cut, is unlikely to appeal. I think on balance, unless Spurs are prepared to assist in maintaining his income should he agree to move, that he will stay and see out his contract, then seek a cushy couple of years on a free somewhere, before jacking it all in at 35ish.
4ever - suitably chastened, but it is the summer holiday.... Think you are shortchanging Villa though - his CV is far better that Billy's, who leaves with gratitude and affection (just like JD) - he has gravitas!
Ken Dagnall
Get the cash but we need a replacement. No good having Villa and Dempsey, we need a decent target man!!
Jermain Defoe, Sky and Match of the Day legend. Looked OK at Portsmouth because that is his level. I can put up with him as third choice striker brought on in last 25 minutes for impact but that is all.Was sold once and should have stayed sold. Defoe, Crouch, Adebayor, Pav,Keane ( second spell ) Iversen, Doherty.Aint life wonderful watching Tottenham up front .No wonder we are running scared of signing strikers.
I believe that he is he out of contract next June. If so he can then move for free. But in this circumstance no one in their right mind would pay near 6 million now for a 31 year old. (Oct). Tom Carroll (21 years) a bigger, stronger, younger man would be a better striker - Ok I know this will not happen!
Go. Thanks. Get a complete forward in.
Cynicspur, you forgot at least 2 more Spurs stalwart strikers in Rebrov, and Postiga, both as much good as "an ashtray on a motor bike".
Leave the door open
Bobby Zamora Frank?....Gregorz Rasiak?....
RAF - We don't want a "target man". If you want that you get Andy Carroll. If AVB is going to play 4-3-3, we want 3 forwards who are fluid, move intelligently off the ball, switch positions and play as a unit. David Villa is absolutely one of those and why AVB wants him. Ade is also very capable of doing that, if he clicked with Villa as he did with VdV that would be magic. Bale can also play that way.
4ever, no disrespect was meant but the reality is he needs to go. He is making 65K a week and isn't worth that with his play or productivity. He also does not fit the system we play now. This is the reality. Disrespect will come when he can't get on the field and begins to moan about playing time.
Maybe Villa could teach him a thing or two? A good player from the bench but not a starter next season at all. If he feels he wants to fight for his spot then good luck to him, but its clear he will not be a starter when "strikerx2" arrive.
even in 433 one of the forwards has to be able to play back to would also be nice if there were an aerial threat....for me we can't lose Defoe until we have already secured a better player...just changing Defoe for Villa would be like re-arranging the deck chairs on the titanic...we need a striker who can hold the ball, we need a striker who's young enough to give us 2+ years...with Ade's attitude if we sell Defoe we may very well need to buy 3 strikers....and I can't see Levy stretching to that.
Hot, the wrong term I suppose but I still think it needs one of the forwards to have a presence. I don't want Andy Carroll but would love an Adebayor from 2012. Villa will be good but Benteke is who I really fancy.
shed - Are you saying Villa is no better than Defoe? "Changing the deck chairs on titanic"? I would say there's a world of difference, Defoe isn't on the same planet as Villa.
Cover for wingers? What about Adam Johnson, did reall well at $ity, took our leftback to the cleaners last season(not that that was too hard), lefty who can play on RHS as well, comfortable on the ball, better than Townsend, possibly as good, although much slower< than the almost always injured Gazza. As a lock picker, what about that midfielder who almost got Wigan out of jail again, cant remember his name, but he sees space and has a great weighted pass. If our defence stays injury free, and we need cover for defensive mid, I am sure that either Verts or Kaboom could play that role in front of two other central defenders. Strikers, no one going any where until two new strikers brought in, and then I think it will be either Daffy or Ade, not both, to increase our depth in that posi. The youngsters aren't good enuf yet unfort. Think we def gonna get Villa, just no news from other clubs for him, which is very strange, and probably Dami as I fear Benteke wont happen. Just my opinion, rip me to pieces guys
Until we bring in 2 new strikers I don't want any of our current crop to leave. If we get 2 then JD would be the first out the door for me.
10, Johnson gone to Sunderland i think, can't see him moving again! The Wigan lads talk has gone quiet, both Macs will move I think!!
It might seem like we have an embarrassment of home-grown players but I would say only Walker, Caulker, Bale and Lennon are guaranteed a squad place. Defoe is in with the rest of the homegrown players fighting for his squad place along with guys like Dawson, Rose, Naughton, Smith, Parker, Hudd, Livermore and Mason. It's fair to say that we will probably see 3 or 4 of them leave this summer and I would be tempted to go if I were Defoe. It's probably the right move for both club and player.
In fact, it's gone quiet everywhere, I can't understand why clubs leave it so late to sign players, Defoe knows he's not going to start, he's supposably been told to go. Why hasn't somebody come in. I'd have thought West Ham, Stoke, Newcastle would be jumping, why leave it so late.
Townsend is yet another one sweating on his squad place.
RAF Yid - my guess is that if we had sold Adebayor and Defoe early the other clubs would be naming their price for any new striker joining our club.
True Muttley, but it makes no sense buying in Late August. Get them in early, Defoe knows he's going, is he waiting for a top 6 club to come?
Just read an article that Bale will sign a new deal this week at big money. If so, he shud be earning almost the same as Levy, after all the money and bonuses he received from money saving on strikers. Cumon Danny boy, surprise us and bring in quality up front, a Kinsmanesque type deal
I hear ManU are interested :-)
Damiao to Napoli, at lest we don't sweat that one again
They want to do a swap for RvP
Ok, lets be contraversial, who would swop either Daffy or Ade to Fulham if they offered us........ Berbatov!!! Loved the player, pure quality, hated the way he left. Rather him than than other two
There is quite a few of us who would love to see Adam Johnson as he provides competition on both wings, gets assists and goals as well. I would welcome him. Another that we would love to have is Micah Richards. May be some bargains at City before the end of the transfer window. I was screaming for Aly Cissokho last year and he moved for 5m. Stories now that Liverpool are looking at him. Would be a good signing at left back in my opinion. Best rumour is still AVB trying to get Hulk on loan. I know you guys think he has had his chance, but I still think getting Damaio for around 15m would be great business. Next year is World cup in Brazil and for us to have 3 brazillians would be incredible. They will be playing for world cup places and lets not forget Scolari will be looking at all of them. If that is not an incentive for Damaio to bring his A game, then he can forget about playing for Brazil.
I've just read Barca have enquired about Vertonghen, any truth in this? Oh and on the article, is he still here?
Daffy and Losesumore to Fulham for Berbatov, in a heartbeat. Imagine him holding ball up and letting Bale run at defenders. Personally I would be peein in my pants at the propect. Damiao has his champs team, Napoli
Sell Defoe, Kane and Obika, buy Rebic and Castaignos. Both could play now and will potentially be top strikers in the future. No money out and lower salary figures. Even if we did nothing, we'd be better off. We will do something, so we will be far better off. COYS
Fulham could have Defoe, Ade, Hudd, Parker and Livermore for Berbatov.
And by signing Rebic and Castaignos, the pressure for a striker goes down. Get in Atsu too as he seems to be available. Loan for Deulofeu. All sorts of coverage at striker and on the wings and no real money spent. COYS
If Barca are trying for a swap deal Villa for Vertonghen they can p1ss off.
I can see Levy haggling over pennies for Villa until the death. If he comes at all it will be at 10.59 on September 2nd.
Talking of Belgiums whats this FC Twente winger like that we are now supposed to be after...Nacer Chadli?
I personally think keeping Defoe is sensible. He knows what AVB wants, he knows the club and players around him and he can be a good impact sub.

We really don't know how Villa will do and it only takes one injury to put a player out for months or even a season. We need backup and can we say Ade would do any better as backup to Villa if we get him.

I personally feel Ade would be more of a problem being on the subs bench than Defoe even though Defoe will not like it but may be he will if he feels he will get cup matches and some Pl time especially as he knows he isn't getting younger. He may like the idea of working with a top player like Villa but Ade I am not so sure he will feel the same, he will think he is bigger than Villa.

I prefer to keep Defoe over Ade if we get Villa I just haven't liked Ade attitude.

Whatever happens we need to make sure we don't sell our self short up top again.
Chadli is good. Tadic and Castaignos are both higher up on my list as FC Twente players go. He's third though, but nowhere near Tadic who can play as striker or winger. COYS
BREAKING NEWS Higuain apparently failed his medical at Arsenal because he developed asthma due to the dust in Arsenal's trophy cabinet
Cavani going to PSG. When will teams have to respect FFPR? We can't compete with that (nor can anyone in France other than Monaco who are also living on Monopoly money). Heck, even City and Chelsea can't compete. He must be relishing all of the games played in front of 10-15k fans and playing against teams that will have a 63M GBP net spend over the next two decades, let alone on one player. Every player's dream. COYS
thfan, while that is all true, Ade versus Defoe and all, the fact is, the team looks better with Ade in the side and he is far more capable of delivering than Defoe. Defoe is a one trick pony. Sell him get Rebic and we are 10 years younger and there is a future that will hopefully not be filled with almost, but not quite. COYS
The club don't want him so does he sit on the bench and twiddle his thumbs or does he play football? Tough one.
defoe time is up, time to move on for both parties. he will not be a starter for us
Taxi is waiting
Little spur
Interesting how people prefer to keep Ade when it is obvious he has not had a great attitude towards our club and comes with that reputation. So we keep him because he is better player than Defoe and keep our fingers crossed he turns up not just in a match but actually 'turns up'. I stick keeping Defoe over Ade never wanted Ade and I don't want players like him in a Spurs shirt. Each to their own opinion of course - respect to all.
I'm guessing a lot of the responses are from those that don't go to WHL, the guy is a legend and will certainly be in our top 5 all time goal scores if he stays. Yes he's got his faults, rarely passes and shots on sight but he brings excitement, creates a buzz and score goals.

Personally I'd like to see him stay as an impact sub for the start of the season and then when other's form waive he can step up, you know he's got 15-20 great games a season in him so its just about using JD right.
T.H.F.Chris - exactly. If we can use him correctly and he is happy with the role which he may well be as he knows he is getting older and that hopefully we are bringing in big players then we will get 15 goals from him as an impact sub. He can get goals coming of the bench and his attitude is always to try his best.

His form dropped when Ade came back into the team. At first he struggled with the loan striker but then he hit a good run and was doing well. Ade came back in and they just didn't work together and then his formed drooped. he got injured and he knew Ade at times was favoured but imo he did a reasonable job in the beginning. He has his faults as you say and limitations but he can bring excitement and lift a game coming on as a sub. Ade for me is trouble and I am not doubting his ability but it is when it suits him.
Hot_Spur- Villa was on another level to Defoe but I don't think so anymore..they are both in the last chance saloon...let's sell our settled striker for a little bit less than we pay for an older one who we can tie in to us (or is it the other way round!) for an extra couple of years (of course hope he settles straight away and adapts the a league instantly as next year he'll be 33) ...genius!....let's stop fecking about with Villa and get a player we really need!
thfan..agree with both your recent posts. Defoe does his best at all times. Ade does whatever he wants whenever he wants. If there is a "Should I stay/go" for Egobayor, best I keep out of it.
Defoe really only scores against smaller teams and often scores multiple goals when the game is already done and dusted. This makes his at best average statistics even more skewed. He's also not happy to come off the bench so he has to go. If we get the 6 million for him than buying a comparably aged Villa for 10 or so isn't such a big hit. Then ship out Ade for Benteke and we're in much better shape. On a side note I hope we tie up those Croats soon.
Thfan I think Defoe would rather stay battle it out, I know I would rather than take guaranteed football at Stoke! Also I think he'll feel he can score enough to get a start, which is exactly what we want, good competition and players giving their all.

People talk about AVB playing a 4-3-3, I think Defoe is at his best coming in off the left and the thought of him coming on with 20 minutes left, Bale switching to the right and Benteke up top would scare the f6(k out of most PL defenders. He should definitely stay.
peterballb-Rebic and Castaignos? seriously?...we're not an experiment...we want to challenge top4..Barca waited until Neymar was 21 before splashing the cash and he was obviously an exceptional talent...those two may turn into decent pro's or may go the way of one of your old favorites Connor Wickham...we can't wait 4 years to a striker to start showing...perhaps had we purchased a new one a couple of years ago we'd be able to give a youngster some minutes but we didn't...we have old strikers and need a total overhaul...
Defoe is valued at 6M GBP. We'll get 5M for Hudd and may get 6M for Rose. Come on folks. He is either scoring, or he is doing nothing. His runs are very poor. Watch the video of all of Bale's goals and look where Defoe is. Honestly, he gets the game about as much as Walker. He scores in bunches. Is usually ok in the first third of the season and then crap the rest of the way. That this is still being debated is what shocks we. I don't want us to have to keep either of Ade or Defoe, but if one must choose, Ade, bad attitude and all, offers way more than Defoe ever could. Sell him, Kane and Obika, buy Rebic and Castaignos and we will be far better off. COYS
No, we are not an experiment. Rebic and Castaignos can play now and for the next decade. For them to come in and replace an"impact sub" and two players that will never make the grade is a no brainer, IMO. Is it all we should be doing? NO. But it's a start. Defoe needs to go for the sake of everyone. Castaignos scored 13 in 26 appearances with only 17 starts. Rebic scored 9 in 26 appearances. They are both 20 and miles better than Kane or Obika. Defoe is an impact sub in a 4-4-2 where it is every striker for themselves. Is that really what anyone wants for our club? COYS
shedboy, Dempsey would still be around. Achieved more goals/asists per 90 minutes than anyone not named Bale last season and had far more fouls against than any other Spurs player. Since we have one of the best free kick takers in the world, that stat matters. Ade and Dempsey are both better all-round players than Defoe. When was the last time Defoe won a race to a ball? Couple of years. OK so not as bad as the last time Friedel saved a penalty, but still. Dempsey seemed much closer to crosses than Defoe ever did, and given the lack of pace of Dempsey, that's pathetic. Dempsey just gets it. He knows where the play will be and he gets there. Defoe hasn't a clue. In my ideal world, we'd be selling all of Dempsey, Ade and Defoe because we'd have signed Rebic, Castaignos, Atsu, Villa and Benteke. Better still, Dzagoev and/or Doumbia. Now, those are real strikers. COYS
Aston Villa don't want Adebayor or Defoe. That is an absolute certainty!!!
peterballb- Love your stats and contribution but Dempsey never has and never will a be a striker...I only need a pair of eyes to see that. As for the other two they may develop into good players and they may be better than Kane and Obika (who we all know are not top4 material) but we need proven quality Gomez/Benteke/Doumbia/Yilmaz even Leandro has done it over several seasons...Dzagoev is another attacking mid..let's not focus on just the season in front of us (villa) or on the next 10 years with a 19year old who might make it (a phenomenal player at that age is a given though) let's look at a player who can give us a good solid 3years with potential thereafter to either sell or keep doing the biz...players from 23-27 would be ideal....
Shed - Well if that's your opinion of Villa then so be it. I am at a loss though why you would think he is "not any more". As players get older, they lose a bit of their speed but they don't lose their football brain, or their skill. Villa has both those in abundance, Defoe has never had either.
Hot_Spur- there comes a point of diminishing returns..imo Villa is there...perhaps we could get a good year out of him...but it's risk..and why are we messing around with a guy who's 32 in December anyway?'s just an unnecessary distraction from getting in guys who can actually take us forward over the next couple of years...
Dempsey unfortunately is not blessed with a lot of skill and flair but he makes up for that by having a very alert football brain. He has a knack of being in the right place at the right time. He did it endlessly for Fulham and once he settled down he started to show that for spurs, he scored a few very important goals, simply by being there when nobody else was !
Well ok, if he comes we will see. :-)
talk of selling defoe or Ade or both--surely we have learned from last season we need more than 2 forwards for the whole of the season, unless AVB intends to promote some of the young guns as backup and europa league maybe Kane/Coulthirst or try Ceballos up front????whatever is happening mama wantz a goal scorer to sign on the dotted line soon
krafty - Those youngsters you mention are not good enough for the first team and frankly I don't think Kane ever will be. The other two might but they need more time.
You are correct, if a number of bigger, better, more successful clubs want him, and they are prepared to pay for him, then he will leave. The thing is, we all know that's not you. If you think offering either of your rejects will sweeten the deal, you are very sadly mistaken.
Hotspur- I hope I'm eating my words...we'll know by x-mas 2014...if he comes...;)
would anyone mind if we finished the window just signing Paulinho, Villa and the Croats?...I know I wouldn't be happy....sign Paulinho and Diego Costa and Lamela...I'm happy as (insert reference here)...or Benteke/Gomez etc and a wing option even Mcmanaman, Milner or scott sinclair...just as long as we sign -players for now...not for what they did five years ago or what they might do in five years!
shed - I hope your words don't taste too bad. :-) A thought just came to mind, I think I'm right in saying that Defoe has only once in his whole career, scored more than 13 goals in a season, and that was at Bournemouth (hardly a record breaking achievement). I would take a small wager that if Villa comes he will exceed 13 goals easily.
HOTSPUR--I agree but i cant see us bringing in three new strikers so ade/or defoe must stay,i would keep defoe as an impact sub and get ade of the wage bill ,with that we need to sign two strikers Ceballos has potential
shed - No, Paulinho, Villa and Croats is not enough. If Defoe goes we need another striker (3 total with Ade) and our left side need attention. Baines would be mega but not much chance I guess but we need somebody.
krafty - We will see but if they (the management) want to win things they have to get the squad up to that level. There are a few youngsters that have "potential", but that's all it is at the moment. The only one that is worth some time in the first team is Tom Carroll and I hope he gets some time this season, more than last season. There are thousands of youngsters worldwide with "potential" but it's a fact of life that only a very small percentage of them ever make it to the top level. Of all the spurs youngsters, we'll be lucky if 3 or 4 of them ever become regular first team players.
If we bring in Villa and keep Defoe Ade and Dempsey is that really wise? Villa gets injured we are back to the same this season so imo if we get Villa we still need a change so one of the other three has to go and we should bring in another regular goal scorer. urely we cannot rely on Defoe or Ade again and neither should we rely on Villa. If we are serious about a top four we need imo two regular goal scorers. Now some may say Bale is the other one but can we chance that because he has a lot to learn up front and this season he will be marked more. So I really think we need two recognised goal scorers and I am not happy to rely on Ade, Defoe or Dempsey to be that second goal scorer behind Villa.

Lets not make the same mistakes and leave our self short or rely on strikers that have just not proved enough that they can do what they WERE paid for like score goals.
It seems we have placed a bid for Real Madrid's Jese Rodriguez.
thfan - I wouldn't keep both Defoe and Ade. I would sell one (preferably Defoe) and get Villa plus one more striker. I wouldn't sell Dempsey, he is a very useful squad man, I would sell Parker and Hudd long before Dempsey. See my post above about Dempsey.
Hot_Spur - if it is true he looks like a player that would be useful for us. looks happy to go down the left, right or center so versatile.

I guess we are back to speculation and gossip again now until we hear otherwise.
Hot-Spur - that is what I am saying. We cannot rely on Defoe and Ade again and I would sell one of them but I think Ade for reasons I mentioned in earlier posts.

I think we need two fresh strikers and assuming Villa is one then I think we need another established goal scorer as I am not happy to rely on those two again.

I think Dempsey may well be happier of the three being a squad player but in all honesty non of our strikers did enough last season to warrant a first team place imo.
thfan - But Dempsey isn't a striker and doesn't profess to be. He played on left mid field for Fulham and performed very well as you probably know. Martim Jol was gutted at losing him, he scored most of Fulhams goals. He hasn't been given a settled position with spurs, even so he scored more goals per minutes on the pitch than Defoe! He had some assists as well. I think he is well worth keeping, at least for the coming season.
Mmmm - villa or Defoe at same value :)
Tough question eh Windlespur? LOL!
Thanks for the service and goodbye. Never should have bought him back from Pompey, but there ya go. Not his fault, that, but despite all the hype, this lad has never lived up to what pundits, or indeed, he himself has said about his ability. I reckon he'd have been a proper Spurs legend had he been playing with Teddy back in the nineties. The game has moved on, and so should Jermaine. Welcome in ... Who? Not convinced about Benteke, for the asking price anyway. Villa? Would love it ... Negredo, damn but we missed a gem there.
Stay please, if he is happy to be impact sub.
Mad, how about he goes and we replace with Villa. Then we bring in Soldado or Doumbia or Yilmaz and a young striker like Jese Rodriguez. Wouldn't that be better than screaming ..."you're offside! You're offside!", all over again this season?
jvd, point well taken. It's amazing how Defoe, after all these years as a striker, never mastered the off side rule. You'd think it is bread and butter for him. Re. striker issue (when was the last time we did not have striker issue!!) , I want 3 strikers, not 2 dodgy ones. I am happy with Villa if it were to happen. Hope Levy is not playing chicken with the parent clubs to try to get another cut price deal. he is such a wheeler dealer it is not funny. Let's hope Baldini and AVB can put the pressure on Levy to make things happen soon.
I think Defoe understands the rule, I just don't think he has a footballing brain which means he leaves early, or worse (as Ade often also does) neglects to get back in to an onside position. Those are the ones that hurt the most. It's pure laziness. A striker's job is to be in position to run in to space or to get on the end of crosses. Defoe is rarely there, and when he is, he makes his runs behind defenders who are 8-10 inches taller than him. Watching Defoe, for me, is excruciatingly painful. COYS
please dont sell defoe or ADE until we have 3 signed fact i would only let defoe go and keep ADE. I have just seen that the arse have put in a bid for the liverpool canibal but knocked back (just papertalk i think) now he would be a good buy another to add to the growing striker wish list.
Shed, to sign only Paulinho, Villa and the Croatians, Jedvaj and Halilovic, would clearly not be enough. The striker would really not have been addressed, nor the wing and the two Croatians would be going right back out on loan. Last summer we signed Vertonghen, Sigurdsson, Lloris, Dempsey and Dembele. I expect we'll add at least 3 more often than not starters and a couple of subs. It could be more depending on who is sold. Wing cover (read quick, attacking), striker or two, keeper, LB and CB cover to add to Paulinho. COYS
Yes peter, laziness indeed. There is a rumour going around of Defoe to Stoke. It'll be like having a Hobbit running around normal folks. @bangkokspur, I fully understand you scepticism re. our ability ( or lack of) to get a new striker. So, no selling till we get a new one. For me, I'd keep Defoe over Ade. Ade is too hot and cold in terms of effort.
IMO, the team looks better with Ade in it than with Defoe. If Defoe isn't scoring, he does nothing. Ade, even uninspired, holds up play and really causes concerns for defenders. Ade all day long for me, if it's a choice. COYS
Hmm, I have to say peterbalb you have a good point re. Defoe contributing nothing much more if he does not score.
In a World Cup year is he willing to be a super sub? After all its all he'll be for England in Brasil, therefore IF he can accept this then the best thing for him is to prove he can do it for Spurs this season to give him the best chance of doing so at the WC.

However, as much as I rate & like the fella, I can't see him settling for a bit part role in a side competing for the CL, instead I think he'll want to go elsewhere. That fact really saddens me, JD has always been 1 of my favourites & I empathise with how some (actually most) managers have (mis)treated him throughout his 2 spells with us. The ironic thing is that AVB HAS stuck by JD & the start of the season JD was scoring well, however with the impending arrival of at least 1 striker & probably 2 who knows even more? Then I can see JD taking the easy option & heading off to a much lesser Team just to get game time under his belt.

How I hope I'm wrong & JD stays to fight for his position, goals & a WC place. IF he does go you know he'll have a blinder of a debut season, coz he always does!
True Spurs Supporter
Keep Defoe as a bench warming goal scorer, we got our best return out of him player from there. LBH Jermaine it wont affect your England chances Hodgeson already has you earmarked in that position for next summer!!
There are a number of points to make on this article. Firstly, as ever, the player decides whether he leaves, not the club, what we want is irrelevant. Secondly swapping a 30 year old for someone even older is not the way to build for the future. Thirdly we currently only have two strikers, excluding Bale who could be described as a striker depending on where exactly he plays next season. I'm not sure that's enough for a full season.
I cant understand how in the world Defoe takes so much bashing on this site? How many points did his goals bring THFC last season? He kind of gets treated like the JJ of the strike force on this site! Only difference being is that JJ would get into the team whilst far superior players, like Hudd, The Prince, David's, Mendes, etc etc would sit or be played out of position to accommodate the most played central midfielder in the entire ENIC era! And let's not forget it took Modric 2 seasons to claim JJ's creative central midfield slot! With Defoe it's totally different thing in that we have lacked a world class striker since Berba was sold. Defoe ain't world class, nor is Ade, but both are the best we have at this time, so why have a go at them? It's not like Defoe is keeping better players out of the team like JJ did for all those years, is it? We were down to the bare bones up front last season and still Defoe took so much abuse on here! Is it really Jermaine's fault that Levy has failed to buy a world class striker since he sold Berbatov in 2008???
At last! A proper post from pelebro without the usual anti Levy garbage - or at least toned right down for once. Fair point about not having got in a worldy striker since Blubbertov. Credit where it's due, thanks young man.

As a Villa fan looking from the outside i see similarities between our two clubs positions with Bent and Defoe, both goal scorers in there own right but both one dimensional as both Villa and Spurs are now looing for more all round strikers and technical players under AVB and Lambert and both comman silly wages for there age aswell so a sale makes sense, as for David Villa i would luv to see him in the premiership, i really think he could have the same impact as Davor Suker did for Arsenal a while back when he was getting on a bit but he was class for them.

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