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Yet another shambolic transfer window.

In true Tottenham manor we've taken great strides to destroy the beginning of our start to the season yet again! 

Only a couple of weeks ago I wrote an article named NO DISTRACTIONS! since this time we've gradually digressed from a CL team, to one that will be competing in the middle of the table. 

One more pre-season game against Espanyol to go and we still haven't seen Paulinho, Soldado and nothing much of BAE, Kaboul, Chadli, we've lost Caulker, Ade's is in bed, Holtby injured, Defoe injured, Jan injured, Daws injured and our second highest scorer Dempsey has gone, along with possibly Bale our top scorer? 

For one; who on earth arranged this pre-season???? Surely we should have had a couple of games in the UK, followed by a proper tour in Far East, America or India to bang the promo drum and build up stamina over a period of time - not throw our development team in against teams like Monaco? We clearly have tried to reduce our pre season for the long season ahead, but I don't see what benefit this has brought to Tottenham? 

A team that plays in a style that demands high fitness levels for pressuring the opposition I fear we could be in for a terrible to start to the season as we have no real match fitness. Man City, Chelski and even Liverpool have all had good build ups to the beginning of the league and most notably City look like they will fly out the traps come the 1st game. 

Secondly; I'm not a Levy hater, but I think again the antics of our close season business is going to cost us over the first four or five games of the season, and probably another self inflicted missing out on the top four? 

We have to hope that Soldado scores from the off and Paulinho also gets in on the games otherwise we're in for a tough start to this season. Positives about pre-season is Rose and Fryers along with Townsend who is looking continue in the shadow of Bales rise to fame, and is starting to turn into the player we hoped he would. 

Unfortunately Lennon seems to have reached his peak with us and for me would be a player I'd be happy to sell on once Townsend, Chadli or whoever is prepared to take his position. Finally we need at least one centre back if not two..

Written by spurtool

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The journalist

Writer: spurtool Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 4 2013

Time: 1:00AM

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My first article in 5 minutes! Wow coming fast and furious.
Doom and gloom, nice! Wasn't the best game lay out for pre-season granted but transfers rarely go to plan.. I for one am happy with the 3 signings so far.. Better quality tha I imagined, ad IF Bale goes I'm more than confident AVB will get 3 more quality players in! Sputs tool - CHILL
Spurtool how is the Transfer Window shambolic? We've signed 3 top players and sold 1 guy that a majority on here have claimed was not good enough to play for us (not my feeling). This is a panic article because we haven't won at Monaco and have picked up a couple of minor injuries. Last year the cry was that we wasted our time traveling to some other part of the world, USA and because of that we weren't getting enough game time and fitness. Nonsense.

Time on the training ground working on fundamentals and getting the scheme down pat is more important than playing games against opponents you aren't going to play competitively. Intensity is built through competition for places and in intrasquad games.

I know that we all want to see our first teamers in action but its obvious that AVB is holding them back because he WANTS to, it's his plan. I don't think you or I are in any position to tell him how to coach. I trust he knows what he doing. Lets all just chill out and let him coach.
Meant to also say that we also sold 1 guy which was a surprise but was thinking too fast and over ran my thoughts. Please let's not go down our normal road of criticizing our team and its leaders because of a couple poor preseason games which were really designed to allow secondary players to get a look. Well said Luvwhites!
Clueless, utterly clueless, and I'm not talking about this article. The only thing shambolic is this article, seems to me a 12 year old wrote it. Embarrassing to the THFC name.
Jbd thinking alike.... Plenty of time and I think we'll see quite a few ins and outs in the next few weeks! If the window closed today were much better off! A CB will be easy to find, it's the 26mil striker we never thought we'd see, and we have!!!! I'm excited about this season and ehst AVB will do.. COYS SpursTool - need to stop panicking my friend... QPR would beat our second string so Monaco were always going too.. I prefer this display, shows AVB who shouldn't be I'm contention this year!!
Jvd I meant! Apologies, too many drinks and an iPhone with a mind of its own!!
Some people are saying our pre season is a shambles and has achieved nothing. Well if you think WE are a shambles read this about Barca. .............................. More importantly, Guardiola's obsessive attention to detail in training – "I've never had a manager who changed so many things," said striker Claudio Pizarro, 34 – and experimental lineups that have verged on the capricious, with right-back Philipp Lahm being drafted into central midfield and target man Mario Mandzukic toiling fruitlessly on either wing, have only succeeded in upsetting the ultra-smooth running of last year's win machine. "Pep Guardiola turns the most successful team in the history of Bayern Munich on its head," read a dispatch by Der Spiegel from the Bayern training camp in Italy. "The club's bosses are impressed by his enthusiasm – but also worried whether everything will turn out all right."........................................................
Sorry NOT Barca I meant Bayern. Too much strong ale. Well, they both begin with B LOL
Oh all those screaming for a forward, and yes I was one of them too, we should have had a look at Bayern's set up with striker less formations. I suppose we played most of last season that way, but if we went out there with that formation as a plan we would have the extra players in the game instead of doing not a lot and leaving it to Bale and Dempsey to do their job for them.
Great article until i read the bit about selling Lennon. Lennon performs better when he has a kick up the backside ie someone competing for his place.
spurfect one
Whether people like it or not, it all takes time. Bloated squad still not completely pared. That said, last three windows have seen Soldado, Paulinho, Chadli, Holtby, Fryers, Dembele, Dempsey (come and go for 95%), Lloris, Vertonghen, Ade, sigurdsson. That's 10 of 25 squad members. Take a pilll. Chill. We have a manager who has a clue. We'll be fine. COYS
There is still a lot to do, considering we will possibly offload at least one of either Hudd, Parker, or Livermore. Our defence is a mess. Is BAE going or staying? If so left back needs to be sorted, letting Caulker go before we got cover with Verts, Kaboul and Dawson injured??? Unless we see at least 3 arrivals in the next 2 weeks, then we will start with a team that has not had a full pre season together. Our fixture looks very good for the first 5 games including arsenal. I dont want to see us mess up a potentially great start because of lack of preparation, COYS.
Spurtool, congratulations on writing the most irrational, hyperbolic and panic-stricken article of the season so far. We have been in far worse shape than this with 2 weeks left of pre-season, in previous years, last year included. And this is by far our best transfer window since we signed Berbatov. Chill, Winston!
I'm actually in the south of France at the moment and bumped into some Spurs staff. They said AVB isn't a big fan of friendlies and is doing his main work with his 'preferred starters' on the training pitch. He worries we'll pick up more injuries playing his main players in these pointless friendlies (he's been proved right so far). That being the case I'm a little more relaxed about the rubbish we saw yesterday evening. If, however, I was just being spun a line then we're are in a big hole from which we only have 2 weeks to extricate ourselves. Those who think there is still plenty of time before the start of the season, I disagree. If we need to find at least 1 (maybe 2) CBs, a left back and another striker/attacking midfielder, get them signed, settled and ready for the first game of the season, 2 weeks is no time at all. I'm not panicking but some realism is needed from those that think 2 weeks is plenty enough time. It isn't. We're only good at selling quickly (Caulker, Dempsey). Buying takes us bloody ages.
I have been to a couple of pre-season games ...IMO they are about publicity, branding and retail sales not player development or exposure. After all I sat next to an arsenal fan and behind a city fan not too mention the 20 odd team jerseys I saw littered around the stadium and the line at the souvenir stand was way longer than the one at the john!! The signings so far have all been positive, after all have we not signed a proven goal scorer, something we have all been praying for numerous windows. Pauhlino a proven solid midfielder and Chadli a highly respected player in his own right! As for all transfers no matter what they have achieved or what their you tube highlights show.. only time will tell!! I do agree with the departures, it does not mean I was not a fan, but Caulker and Dempsey would not make the first team in any of the top two teams and as the article suggests I also don't believe Lennon would either and surely besides champions league qualifying aiming for the top two spots is surely what we should all be reaching for be it this, next year or in the future. Bring on August 17th and lets play some football!!!!
My god u are a tool!
Pre season has never meant much, even when we were playing a settled team. I can remember hugely successful pre seasons followed by disastrous starts and vice versa. We can't control injuries, we can only control transfers by agreeing to whatever the counter party wants, selling cheap and buying dear. Paulinho has played so much football he needed a rest more than anything, again out of our control. Basically you just have to get on with it.
Really enjoyed watching AVB speaking of Bale last night. What's that syndrome called again Frank?
Look on the bright side. We've signed more players than Arsenal, Manchester United and Newcastle put together!
Thanks for article Spurtool (don't think its correct to lambast you for opinion writing ) Feel that SpuriosLife insight is nearer truth. Whilst last night did feel 'shambolic' it just felt a huge waste of time, except for the fringe to prove themselves ( well done Andros and Zeki in particular ) Once the Bale cloud lifts we should be able to procure more talent inc a CB ( Williams please ) and attacker ( Martinez please ) we will start with Spurs most talented squad in several seasons (if not generations ) COYS.
spurtool- good article should possibly have put a question mark after the title as we're yet to see how the window pans out though...for me the real problem is Levy fecked us once we'd qualified for the CL by not buying the players we need you're forever playing catch up, that's what we're doing now....Paulinho- great signing for me, Soldado - a player we need (over priced for the age) so good signing, Chadli - may progress can play LW so in theory squad signing....
Lennon is a class act. Few seasons ago we moaned about his final ball and his composure. Well he's a different animal now and he's a much feared player. The one thing defenders hate most is pace and he has it in bucket loads. COYS!
SpurOn, spot on. Spurtool takes time to write an article and then we smash him. The main reason because we lost a friendly against a team that have spent and played their 100million pound players. In May 2014, smash AVB if we finish 10th. He has a plan, keep the faith, at least show some loyalty to your club. COYS!
As for the outs.... Caulker makes no sense to me a Spurs lad, quality LCB, will cost what we sold him for to replace...bad business. Dempsey - he was a panic buy! Is he now a panic sell? we still need fire power so hopefully we're getting rid of an 'oldie' on decent wages to replace with a young quality player....the Bale transfer looks like it might turn into another fiasco but we can't let it distract us from getting a player in...imo we should be all over Diego Costa, 21m buy-out so we won't get our pants pulled down.
Well the defense is currently much weaker than last seasons, with 2 centre back out injured, and another Caulker one of the best young English centre backs sold to balance the books. And we have now had ample opportunity to see what life is going to be like without Gareth Bale a player who signed a 4 year contract only last summer. So much for contracts right Levy? So it looks like it's going to a Bale, VDV, Modric 1,2,3 in the space of 12 months... Who would have believed that when Spurs finished 4th and Harry was fired, that loser Levy would sell the clubs 3 star players in space of a year. Has to be a club record! Danny Boy's having a riot in his empty trophy cabinet, no CL, no new stadium, ENIC Hotspur Auction House...
Lol! Morning peeps! (( Yet another shambolic transfer window - was probably the wrong title)) - Certainly not panicking, but thought it would be nice to write something different to Bale last night. You have to admit last night was a pointless exercise unless you're one of our young boys? ("Mat Salleh" sorry did mean diversified... ) Sorry I digress :o With two weeks to go we are looking vastly unprepared, especially with our lack of CB cover - again? and please can we sell BAE if we have no intention to play him, as I see it as a huge insult to have a player like him not even making the 2nd and a half string team we had out last night? Gotta be between 9 - 12 million pounds worth of LB in Benny? Nothing gives you match fitness like a match - fact. With the amount of game time our players have had so far it's a worry that we'll lack that match sharpness like we did last season. Reading was the game we seemed to get our fitness, prior to that we died off in the last 10-15 minutes of every game and kept conceding, Lazio was probably the point we started to look sharp. It's all well and good bringing in excellent Midfielders to the team, but we can only play 11 players in the team and a max of 5. Currently we have Holtby, Parker, Dembele, Livermore, Lennon, Townsend, Carroll, Paulinho, Chadli, Sigg's, Sandro, Thudd, Bale and the other young lads waiting in the wings. Centre Back. Dawson, Kaboul, Jan, Fryers(U21)? Okay we look almost sorted in the forward positions, unless we offload again, and WB and keepers look good except for covering Walker again. But it takes players time to gel and even if we bring in two centre backs whats the chance they'll be match fit and know our system instantly? Chadli certainly looks like he'll need time as he seemed a bit of a show pony last night and gave the ball away on at least four occasions, and for me our worst player - the other boys I've not a clue as I haven't seen them? Again positive - Townsend, Fryers and the fact Bale seems to be staying! :)
Hooray, it's Soft Sunday. First things first, IMO spurtool should be cut some slack here. 2nd string or not that performance yesterday was at best described shambolic.Let us not forget some of these players will be expected to step up to the 1st team when required,and for me if i was not a regular 1st team starter i would be busting my arse to get into it. I did not see that commitment from many.Townsend(yes he has pace so it always looks like he's up for it at full speed),he showed a drive,he wanted the ball and understood that this was a chance to improve whilst showcasing talent.I could not even tell you who was playing in what position alot of the time.Surely AVB(who is supposed to be tactical down to the finest detail) did not send them out there to "just run around a bit" a la Redknapp?.Huddlestone has played at CB more than Livermore,this would at least give Lloris some sort of protection in goal instead of the extra training picking ball out of net x5.Bet he flew home feeling 5h1t hot. Injuries i know cannot be helped at times,but you have to admit as many have said(myself included) areas of 1st team need improving.Lots are now mentioning the lockpicker we do not possess,two CBs and another striker.With the money we have already spent,where do you suggest the monies for these signings come from?.What we got £16 million from Caulker and Deuce?.we spent "war chest" on Paulinho,Soldado and Chadli.What kind of upgrades we gonna get then if we are relying on player sales now?. Eriksen i feel will give us the creativity we are clearly lacking and also give us a natural rhytym to our game ala Modric. It became clear to me yesterday( i'm gonna say it coz it's relevant) if Bale played yesterday how many would have passed the ball to him and expected him to do something special.Clue being TEAM GAME why nobody else step up and make a name for themselves.Too many relying on others and coasting along.Friendlies should be the time to go out and express yourself, not pass the ball back and forth, in 2 foot passes in nomansland like the chuckle brothers with a hand grenade." to you, to me, to you. Our competitors in the league have had more structured games involving more players whom will be starting games,they look ahead in terms of fitness and sharpness. Excuse when losing to Sunderland in Hong Kong, "they are fitter' been training very hard and a week longer". Well excuse me if that is not a prompt, i do not know what is. Di canio was fielding a strong side at this point in pre-season. Monaco started with all their new signing last night.No wrapping in cotton wool, one week to their season starts and those expected to start it, are playing pre-season games. Transfers usually take time due to payment structures, and i do not envisage our 1st eleven to be assembled and ready to play until the end of August,whether littered with new upgrades or just new faces, whilst awaiting, please, please may all those who pull on the famous Tot'num shirt do yourselves proud, flick the switch. You can be the shining light, don't rely on others.
Cider spurs
The friendlies are just that BUT I don't feel we're doing our 'brand' any favours buy trotting around the globe and playing slow tempo many more fans have we picked up by losing to Sunderland in HK? or by being humiliated by Monaco in front of a large TV audience?...I suspect very few....
'by' trotting around....oops! And lennon is a quality player that we just can't seem to sign competition for...
Apologies for long post. I did paragraph it, but they disappear after posting.
Cider spurs
chrishove123- I think Pep will get found out at Bayern, I don't think he's a very rounded manager....but he has the best squad in Germany by a country mile to buy him some time....
Given the injuries to CBs it was always going to be a struggle. There is something not right about the Caulker move, the speed and timing. Any disciplinary issues? Given he has the same agent as Bale was he giving out too much ITK?
Whatever, I just didn't get playing either Livermore or Hudd at CB. What did we learn? Much rather had thrown this up and coming lad into the fray:::
New extended Coach Lasso nonsense
According to The Mail, Big Joe Lewis is stepping in to take over the sell of Bale. The old football mercenary scrooge has waited a life time to get a football business deal like this done! Maybe he will drop in on London and visit the football club he owns whilst in Europe? Do any of you Enic Hotspur fans know if Big Joe is allowed back into the country at this time for tax reasons??? Perhaps he could drop in his latest stadium grant application forms in person to one of the poorest local councils in the entire country whilst he's in the country? I really feel it would be to the clubs great advantage if the local authorities could see such penny pinching hunger coming from a triple billionaire scrooge in person. You know, to look the beast in the eyes, as they say...
spurtool- I thought you meant 'regress or regressing'....
I don't care about friendlies and I care even less when we play our reserves. You've also got to remember this was Monaco's last pre-season friendly, their 'cup final' friendly if you like so they put out their best team (the week before they made 11 changes at half time). We played Livermore at CB!!!

As for the transfer window I think you may be a bit confused Spurstool, it has clearly been our BEST ever, [so far]. Brazilian international singed, record fee broken twice, 20+ goal a season striker signed and its only Aug 4th..... I do agree it COULD all come crashing down, we need a defender or 2 and of course the best player in the premiership wants to leave,,, 'yet another evil transfer window' maybe.
Pelebro sorry to disapoint you mate but your article says they're meting in the states not Europe so you and Harringey won't get to meet him :( But it is good news such a successful businessman is negotiating the sale of our best asset, if Bale is going I personally want blood from Madrid.
Get the Bale situation sorted within a week...and if he goes get Fabio Coentrao as part of the deal, do a double deal at Ajax and get Diego Costa in and we'll be ready for the season....loads of time! (sarcasm alert)
I do think this is a little over the top but I think the same of some of the reactions to it. Let's face it, our pre-season has not been an overwhelming success. The Caulker sale I just can't understand, especially with our three proven centre-backs injured. The injuries couldn't have been foreseen of course but we have been hit relatively hard in a very short period. On top of this we have the Bale saga, although that looks like it's going to be sorted soon. I expect us to sign this Romanian defender, sell one of Ade/Defoe and one of Parker/Livermore/Huddlestone before making a statement signing to make up for Bale. Who that is I don't know but expect it to be an attacking forward. We will put out a strong team for opening day no doubt but that doesn't mean we should crucify Spurstool for getting a bit carried away with what has gone wrong, because stuff has gone wrong.
Don't panic spurs fans. Trust Avb!
Just like to say that Caulker likely left due to being fourth choice last season behind a player AVB was actively trying to sell & wanting first team football with the world cup coming up; not because we were 'balancing the books'.
Transfer windows are disruptive for us because we have continually created or found very good players and so the bigger clubs want them and they create havoc with the press.

I think it disrupts us more because we don't let them go so quickly because we don't let these bigger clubs rip us off. Look at the player that leave Arsenal, very big players but they don't get so much disruption, media attention but they let them go quicker.

The Bale situation is history repeating itself, just like Modric we are not seeing him in pre season games so even more fuss is being made. I personally wish we could get this Bale situation sorted one way or another so we all know were we stand, must be hell for AVB planning not really knowing what players will be at Spurs at the beginning of the season.

This window a shambles, no I don't think so. We have brought in three good players, only gripe is I would have liked to see Caulker stay for another season or go out on loan.
However, we don't know what players are saying or wanting so may be Caulker and Dempsey made it clear they wanted first team football but would have preferred Caulker to go out on loan but again he may have thought he has passed going out on loan and is ready to be settled so we cannot really pick fault with sellings as we don't know the full story
This is a panic article.... We had 8 1st team players out of the game last night.. Plus 2 new signings. Yes it was a bad game for us, and embarrassing to watch. It was spurs reserves / acadmy v AC Monaco 1st team... But AVB will have them back at Enfield this week, and medical staff busy. The game next saturday should give more insight as to the squad progress. COYS
Block D Spurs
T.H.F.Chris writes in reference to the club selling yet another Spurs star player ."But it is good news such a successful businessman is negotiating the sale of our best asset"... Are you talking about the successful triple billionaire business man who has the worst trophy per season percentage of any THFC owner since World War Two Chris? Or the successful triple billionaire business man who has only qualified for the CL once in 14 seasons. (Think of all the CL revenue that the successful businessman you speak of has lost himself and the club Chris) Are you talking about the successful triple billionaire businessman who is losing hundreds of millions of pounds every season because he is to tight to provide seating for 42,000 loyal Spurs fans (Levy's figure not mine) on the THFC season ticket waiting list... Is this the man you speak of Chris? Very happy for you are taking such pleasure that such a successful business man is about to sale the clubs third star player in the space of 12 months! Much bigger buzz cashing in on our favorite players than winning silverware or playing in the CL right Chris???
All this panic is from the root cause...As I said before.. Bale has to say publicly he wants to go, or he is staying.. If he goes, leave with dignity, explain his reasons... Then we can all move on. Levy is not to blame if Bale wants to go to R Madrid.. blame lies with the media, and others who has contributed to this. Personally I think he should stay 1 year, prove he is a good as Ronaldo, (Man Utd. team) consistently, and not just the player of the moment..
Block D Spurs
The academy players are playing in Belgium at the moment They have progressed to the semi-final stage coming second in their group Block D. They have yet to concede a goal and play the Spammers next.
Our biggest signing has been Baldini, we now have (in theory anyway) some one dedicated to identifying players and planning our transfer window activity. We have broken our transfer record twice on two proven international players well before deadline day. Whether individual fans agree or disagree with signings doesn't matter, at least out club is showing some signs of planning and strategy during this transfer period ( i.e. getting deals done and acting quick). If only we had done this over the past few years.........
morning, the writing of articles are all about someones opinion, so fair enough, you either agree or disagree, i tend to disagree, but some of the posts ...well another matter, i maybe havent read all of them, but at least 2 still lennon is world class!!!!!!!!!!! 4yrs ago he was a one trick pony who would fly pass everyone and deliver nothing, now his one trick had disappeared, we dont need cover for him we need him to be cover for a better quality winger.
Longtime.. I meant we had a lot of young players last night.. not the whole academy... anyway happy the academy lads are doing well..
Block D Spurs
On the subject of Bale, as long as the club don't need to sell to cover the players we have or are looking to buy then we are in control, its only the media that sensationalise it all and make a big deal of it.
Bit of a knee jerk reaction there mate, if bale hadn't of been tapped up then we would be hailing this window as a massive success. It's no ones fault that bale become the joint 2nd best player in the world last season and that Real Madrid have spent 6 weeks talking about him before deciding to do something. I was disappointed with the game 2 but ( and I never do this ) loris walker Kabul verts rose dembele Sandro paulinho chaldhi soldado Lennon is a completely different proposition than the team that played yesterday. That's without bale or the players bought in to replace him! Next Saturday you will see a different game! Have we not learnt our per season lessons from the Ramos eara and 5 - 0 demolition and of Roma and unbeaten pre season, how did that season to again?
Most Spurs fans have always seen great players down the years. We are mostly in denial about the shambolic defences that played with them though. I'm seriously hoping this won't be yet another period of our history when we can reminisce about Modric, VDV, Berbatov, Bale etc like we used to about Lineker, Klinsmann, Gazza and Waddle. Of course we had Mabbsy and then we recently had Ledders but one player doesn't make a back four.

Now is the time for AVB to step up and prove that he can be better than all those other managers down the years and once and for all get the foundation of the team sorted. He needs to prove that he can turn us into a team that EXPECTS a clean sheet and it isn't a 1 in 10 experience. Otherwise he will fall on his sword as yet another manager at the Lane who has skipped the first chapter of the manager's handbook. I now expect the next chunk of available money to be spent on strengthening the defence and the spine of the team otherwise I'm resigned to finishing 6th this season.
Soft sunday boys, get the pillows out and in ciders case the cotton wool and lets do this. Shambolic transfer window no its not, the apple cart upset by injuries. Cb needed, bale situation needs sorting now but only if its good for us which imo means he stays. Townsend proved me and the non puller of punches topho right. Its not easy being right all the time but I suppose some one has to be ;)
Pele I want Joe on the case because he is the only person who can say no to Madrid, he can tell Perez to £uck off, Levy can't. If Bale goes I will be distraught, even if we replace him. However I doubt it will affect you that much mate. Your obvious hatred towards Tottenham, and continual quest do deprecate ENIC has to be admired as much as detested. If ENIC's history is what makes you happy then good luck to you my friend but for me I like the fact we have won more trophies than our neighbours in the last 8 years.
Panic Sunday. Relax, wait for the line up in 2 weeks. The friendly next week is meaningless. Just by putting in Sandro and Paulinho means we already look a lot stronger. Add 3 other centre halves, Vertonghen, Kaboul & another (we will sign another), BAE's replacement and Soldado, means we are improved on last season.
Many glasses consumed and most half empty or completely empty by the writers here. Lack of support early last season may have cost us points and therefore place in top four. Still lets blame Levy, Abedayor, Dempsey, Lennon, AVB Bale should stay on the left wing etc. and everyone else except moaning booing support!.
Is pelebore for real? I'm coming round to the idea he's trolling. No one can that fu(king stupid? Levy and Lewis have slowly turned us from a mid table to a team (along with man city who have had to use a billionaires money in an unsustainable way) disrupting the established top 4. They've done it slowly but properly. Look at where we finished in the seasons before they took over and then tell me why we should suddenly jump into the top 4?
Tottenham Hotcore
Why did I waste my time writing that, he NEVER comes back.
Tottenham Hotcore
I think it's important to realise that supporting Spurs is not the same as supporting Levy/ENIC/Lewis/AVB or any individual player...Spurs will carry on after all of them are history...if Pelebro thinks ENIC are not good for Spurs then that's his opinion, that doesn't mean he's not a supporter of the club...
Shed, well said, but Pele irritates with his repitition. I love his posts and in a strange way, he makes me laugh reading each time. I see you want Costa, Toby and Erikkson, what about a left back? Who do you fancy?
Don't get me wrong, they've made mistakes but we've certainly gone forwards, and were it not for city and chavs getting hand outs we'd be an established top 4 team.
Tottenham Hotcore
Of course pelebore will say Lewis should have followed Roman and the Sheik but I'm peroud to be where are having done things the right way with no fear of doing a Leeds. I pray for the day that city and Chelsea get their comeuppance. Well I don't literally pray, I'm an atheist but y'know.....
Tottenham Hotcore
maybe on women....
Tottenham Hotcore
Hotcore that's prey not pray. Just doing a Mat Salleh lol.
The biggest problem will be if Bale does leave cos even if we do replace him with a few too players, we have pretty half a new team and it will take time to gel. Im also worried 2 of Daws, Kaboul or Verts wont be ready for the start of the season, which means we have to blood a new signing or use Livermoore. We could start the season with Lloris, Rose, Livermore, Dawson, Walker, Parker, Dembele, Hudd, Chadli, Soldado, Lennon. I dont think that teams good enough. Then again, we could be lucky and start with Lloris, Rose, Kaboul, Daws, Walker, Sandro, Paul, Dembele, Bale, Soldado, Chadli. That team, with Verts to come back and possible a new left back could challenge the top 3.
Andre's Crouching. Not a prob's... As I responded later probably come across incorrect in the title. Selling CB's before ensuring we've got a replacement could be a costly decision for us with only 13 days until we start the season? I'm not a Levy hater, but he does play a part in the fine lines of success and failure with his transfer dealings. Hope this pre-season doesn't cost us early on and that we get at least one CB in. Ashley Williams would be a great addition and maybe Coentrao?? As a Spurs fan I wouldn't be surprised a hole host of ins and outs?
RAF- I'd like Coentrao...solid LB, good all round, right age has something to prove should settle with our Portuguese contingent...
Why be kind about the article? It's rubbish, headless chicken-style. Also a reminder of just how quickly some of our lot panic, which I blame on those who yak on about how 'we're all fickle'—no we bloody aren't—and so attract a fresh crop of fickles each season on the understanding they pick up that if you're fickle and easily panic, Spurs is the club for you. Once this kind of article appears, others reasonably conclude 'I could write stuff like that' and before we know it we're back at the level of rubbish written on old '606'.
longtime, I know, but it was what topho put.
Tottenham Hotcore
Ye it's like Verts took an age to settle into the PL and at Spurs. We def should panic and pray to the football gods AVB has 2 brain cells to get a solid replacement.
There's an Airwave of optimism now... Well said mate...
loool on ssn it says that dempseys transfer 2 the seatle sounders was for free :/ ?
time for Bale to make a statement i feel,.......cos we all know he wants to go/or do we...... i just want him gone quick if he is going......then we can get another forward (cos Kane is never gonna make it)....and a CB
Sky sources....
Tottenham Hotcore
Sky Sauces... Colonel Mustard...
Sky Sports....Always behind in the news stakes,they'll Ketchup one day.
Cider spurs
Cider spurs
as long as we make a Mint.
a word from our sponsor...HP!
g. roberts testes
Olympique Mayonnaise.
Cider spurs
Relishing the thought of your responses.
Cider spurs
Whoever decided to sell Caulker when we have two centre backs injured and one returning from long term injury, and after Gallas was released, is totally beyond me, especially so close to the new season, so any replacement will take time to get used to our defensive system. Complete madness. But that is what I expect. As for Chadli yesterday, has there been a more inauspicious start to a career? He reminded me of a certain other complete waste of space, Obertans, who still has to fullfil the supposed talent some expert sees in him, while the rest do not. I hope I'm wrong. The one player who looked anything like acceptable was Townsend, although his body language was more 'up yours' than 'up the Spurs' and probably wants out. Pelebro, well said yet again about Lewis Levy etc. and the circus that is Tottenham Hotspur. No wonder we're the meeja's favourites, 'cos there's never a dull moment around WHL, be it lamentable performances, quixotic last minute transfer activity or the Sagrada Familia time-table for the new stadium.
I expect Arsene Vinegar will have something to say about it.
I don't know how old these quotes are, but they bode well for those who want Bale to stay. AVB is a wee bit annoyed, shall we say, at Ancelotti and Real's attitude towards Spurs. ..................................Asked if he felt Ancelotti was in the wrong, Villas-Boas said: "I think so, in my opinion. Carlo is a person I appreciate a lot and we have great respect for each other, but bearing in mind this situation they have decided to make it public. Normally in situations like this it is scrutinised by the Football Association with lots of care and attention. We have seen lots of people speak about a player that is not theirs and we are due some respect," added the Portuguese coach. "These rumours of an imminent transfer are not true. The only thing we have communicated with Real Madrid is that he is our player and he is not for sale."
Back pages of press are peppered with 'tits bull'
Cider spurs
there are probably 3 clubs in the world that wouldn't sell bale for 85m: real madrid, barcelona and ... crazy stubborn spurs. Any other team would take the cash
In your own time chris. Carrier pigeons want upgrading down your way me old mucca. ;-)
Cider spurs
logos8....That may be the case.... but i also know one that can't feckin afford him. ;-)
Cider spurs
Hi topho...yeah get the same feelin. Still, got there in the end.I like a man with his finger on the pulse.
Cider spurs
What is going on with Sandro - not playing, so unlikely to be ready for start of season ?
Rumours now saying pottos Martinez is a striker target - great goal ratio last year.
I thought the above written by spurtool, was the new script for the forthcoming The Inbetweeners film.
spu 4 life
On that note Brad Friedel is replacing Bruce Willis in the next film to be called Die with a Hard On
spu 4 life
It's probably been said before. But it feels like the whole media world is anti-Spurs.

Weeks of lies, coupled with twisting positives to mean otherwise. Do Madrid pay these people?

Similar pro Arsenal - anti_Spurs bull is produced every season.

Hotspur 1882
Can anybody enlighten me as to why LFC seem to be touted as top four ahead of Spurs, or even Everton, for that matter?
Hotspur 1882
Not sure what to make of the Caulker transfer.
Hotspur 1882
Shambolic is a ridiculous thing to say, especially as it is not over. Saha and Nelson, that was shambling. The media coverage over last three weeks, shambling. caulker sale, for me very disappointing, but he was our number 3 or 4 choice, so again, not shambling. signing of Paulinho, Chadli and Soldado - not shambling. release of Gallas and £15 million in for caulker and Dempsey, not shambling. bale still here. clearly it would be good to have everything sorted by now, but still time and decision on bale either way needs to be made very quickly now. however, negotiating and transfers in or out are never that simple, so decent work done to date and promising noises, even if Bale goes.
Guess shambling means shambolic in my spellchecker ffs
No evidence whatsoever that Bale is for sale.

No evidence, not even a quote from him or the club to suggest he wants to leave.

The only words on the subject from the club have been to reiterate that he is not for sale and is an important part of future plans.

None of the above, points to anything other than starting the Season with Gareth Bale in the team.

Hotspur 1882
For shambolic, not to mention disgraceful behaviour, look no further than Madrid.

Hotspur 1882
Shambolic is harsh and over the top. I think we've made three good signings. I was surprised about Caulker being sold but Dempsey's departure made sense. It would be nice to get Livermore and HUdd off the books too. Personally I'd keep Parker, I think he is better back up for Sandro than either of the other two I mention. Obviously we need a centre back as top priority. I'm quite keen on Toby Alderweireld who we know is available for £6.9m and can cover right back too. We are weak at full back too which in turn means we could do with shifting a few players on. Even if we only got a CB and managed to get a couple of players off the books I think we will have improved the squad. (I am of course being optimistic and assuming Bale will stay.)
It has not been a shambolic transfer window, in fact it has been one of our most succesfull. It is very clear what is happening here, we are building a team for the title and have a very clear plan that everyone is following. This leads me to the bale situation, if AVB gets all the players he needs we will be title challangers and the media can see that and are trying everything to disrupt us from breaking into that circle becuase we are not as marketable to the media as a manchester united or chelsea. The key to our title ambition is Bale, make no mistake about that and thats why i believe he will stay and will sign a new contract. We are closer then ever, now is the time to really dig and i believe thats what Levy is doing. With bale and our recent additions and the 1-2 still to come we will be top 2.COYSSSS
Hotspur 1882......there is nothing much else going on in the English footballing world as far as the lazy vampire hacks are concerned...its a lot easier to jump on the 'marca' bandwagon than it is to go looking for real stories...for instance,i was talking to geordie the other day and he is livid that joe kinnear seems to be flying under the radar at the moment and needs to be exposed for doing sweet jack faeces since his appointment (he went on holiday a few days later,whats he been doing for the last few years...?) for the favouritism,so what's new?...when AVB was starting out with us last season some rag had the nerve to impose a donkeys face over AVB's.....we should be used to it by now....the best form of revenge is success.....lets crack on win the league...COYS!
g. roberts testes
"the Sagrada Familia time-table for the new stadium"..brilliant LJ
g. roberts testes

Let's hope that the fabrication doesn't become reality. Including the newly invented Suarez to Spurs.

Win the league? We've not been that far off in recent years.

Hotspur 1882
quote from sksports comments: "Arsenal sold Alex Song (Arsenals highest assist maker that season) and Robin Van Persie (Arsenals top goalscorer that season). Following season, finished three points higher than before with a much improved goal difference. If Villas-Boas is a quality manager he'll take the LUDICROUS amount of money (for Bale) and turn Tottenham into a 11-man team. " Good intelligent comment imho.
if bale wanted to stay he would of said it by now, after all this spec from madrid if u want to leave GB hand in a transfer request, say you want to leave dont be like berba moddy an suarez etc.
logo8 our best finish is arsenals worsts says it all really im afraid fact
if AVB wants to play a high defence line daws cant be playing, getting rid of caulker was a shocking decision
I like the man in charge of spurs at the moment..but he is in alot of stress at the moment..hope the media cut him some slack.....
As Spurtool said in his first post, perhaps the title of the article was a little OTT. However, who can honestly say that we're in great shape for the start of the season? We have one fit centre half. We have a LB who was recently in top 3 LB's in the Prem looking ostracised. We have 2 new signings that haven't kicked a ball yet. Our best player looks like leaving this week and our 2 key injuries from last season haven't re-appeared yet. We've also played 2 meaningful teams in pre-season and conceded 8 goals. Not ideal. Saying all that, if we put our best available 11 players out against Palace AND they give the commitment and discipline required we should get 3 points. We should also be able to change it from the bench as well with the quality we have on there. Another thing I would add is that I respect AVB for his approach to transfers. He is making the tough choices and looking at the long term, not just looking for quick wins and plugging gaps like Harry did. We will be stronger for changes he's making and there won't be any Jenas or Bentley style hangers on.
This article is poor. I can’t pick out anything I agree with.. not one thing. COYS.
"This is a move, I believe, that will aid my England hopes. Yes, I'll have to work hard on the training pitch to get into the team. "But I'd like to think I can achieve that, and once I am in there then I plan to hold down that position and work as hard as I can to get that England goal. To be in the squad for the World Cup would be a fantastic achievement. Regarding Caulker's transfer, this is part of his statement on IBTimes site. His reasons for leaving Spurs included the following "There's no doubt there is competition for places at Cardiff, just like Tottenham and, of course, England. There is no greater competition. I respect every opponent I have, but I'll be fighting for that position every step of the way.""I wasn't surprised Spurs let me go," added Caulker. "I have come to a point in my career where I want to play games and stand on my own two feet. "The manager at Tottenham agreed to let me go, sign for Cardiff and play matches. I believe in myself, I'm willing to back myself. I spoke to the gaffer here (Mackay) and there is a lot of ambition at this club. I wanted to be a part of that. "I didn't ask to leave Spurs, but I want to play. It was a case of possibly being fourth-choice at Spurs this season and not getting as many games as I would like. I didn't want to put my career on hold. My aim is to gain as much experience as possible. "Opportunities like this don't come around too often. I decided to take the step, back myself and do all I can to help Cardiff's cause this season."
Response from Caulker re Cardiff transfer
I guess some people don't like the reflection when the mirror is they keep shooting the messengers.
IMO. Here's a good article on our supposedly poor transfer window. //
Try opening you're eyes and speak less out of you're backside. I know it wont be easy but you can do it.
Again AVB on live on tv re-iterates that the only thing we have communicated to Madrid is that Bale is not for sale. Straight from the horses mouth - can it be any clearer? So much hinges on this. I think if Bale leaves this summer despite the assurances that AVB got from Levy etc then i think AVB will follow soon after. You can see he's is gutted about the whole thing as it is.
Top, you would be happy? What with another transitional season, another change in manager and playing style, and a new set of 3 or 4 players having to be intergrated during the season and losing our talismanic world-beater. Yeah great i'd be esctatic. Keep this squad together (incl Bale), push on from last season and we can challenge for the title, CL qualification minimum. Make all those changes and i bet we would regress or stay around 5th, 6th at best.
Tottenham owner Joe Lewis is understood to have held secret face-to-face talks with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez in the United States on Sunday where they verbally agreed a €120m deal for Gareth Bale.

More made up stories. All we hear is "understood to" or sources say"

The only time inverted commas are used is when AVB or DL say "Not for sale".

WHat is it the so called football authorities say about tapping up?

Hotspur 1882
Over reaction.. We signed some top players and other than caulker we haven't sold anyone that I feel will be a big loss
I remember one of Martin Jol's seasons where we won all our pre-season games and even beat Roma 5-0. 1st 10 games didn't go too well, that season.

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