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Cutting Off Our Nose

I was not happy to read we had loaned Assou Ekotto to QPR for the season. Tom Carroll fine, although I would have preferred a Premier league club. But Benny? how does that make sense?†

With him gone we have one left back at the club, Danny Rose. Apart from that we have Fryers, who is as yet untested, and then we are into playing people out of position (Naughton, Vertonghen).†

Why does it matter? Well, even ignoring injuries, consider our Europa league game away at Anzhi Makh'kala on the Caspian Sea. To get there and back is about a 4,500 mile round trip, if you want to keep players in shape to play at the week end there is no point in putting them on the bench, the travel will kill them.†

You need two teams, therefore two left backs. I was unhappy last season when I felt AVB was sacrificing our chances at a Champions league spot by his pursuit of the Europa, I don't want the same thing to happen again.†

Its not even as if we are saving much money, does anyone think QPR are paying much of BAE's wages? It does seem to me that AVB has something of a problem when it comes to dealing with players he doesn't rate. He got it wrong with Dawson last year and later admitted it, his treatment of BAE has been worse.†

I don't see how banning a player from training or loaning him out for a pittance when we are short in that area helps the team, its cutting off our nose to spite our face.

Written by jod

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The journalist

Writer: Jod Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday September 3 2013

Time: 9:27AM

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true that
I'm not sure about this either. Sometimes it's better to be professional & put your feelings to one side for the good of your team selection & I'd be disappointed if AVB hasn't done this with Benny. I thought that sort of thinking went out with Quincey & that AVB selected on merit. It would seem that isn't the case & we're now short in this area. It isn't really good enough to rely on centre halves who can also play full back, that should be in emergency only, not as a first choice team selection. Shame.

I also think young Tom going to QPR isn't the best move for him, the only advantage I see is possibly game time. Other than that I think he should've gone to Ajax where he'll learn a lot more than he will with Quincey & co & he would've returned to us a much better technical player. Again, shame.

I agree. BAE one of my favourite player. Don't think AVB like him.Shame.
Agree completely, obviously it's a clash of personalities which doesn't say much in that respect for AVB. This seems to be something that AVB needs work on and get over as we have quality players in Ade and Benny. AVB needs to figure out how get the best out of these two players because if he wants to manage a huge club he is going to struggle to get the best out of a Ronaldo or Ribery as he doesn't seem to be able to cope with these players.
Doesn't seem to like him in a 4-3-3 and don't think he likes the fact he's honest about being in football only for the money? At least he's honest!
I agree. I honestly thought that we must have had someone lined up to let this happen. I liked BAE even though he was at times a petulant tw@ !! This don't make great sense to me.
i would say BAE's laid back attitude would really P i S S off Mr.AVB--I can see how he might get along with better with Harry
I think there are problems on both sides in the relationship between BAE and AVB. On the one hand there is Benny's attitude that suggests if he was any further laid back he would fall over, and his "I only play football for money" statements. On the other there is AVB's highly committed dedicated attitude towards his own job and he expects similar levels of intensity from his players, something totally foreign to either BAE, or Adebayor, this will always lead to clashes of personality. Having said all of that I share the concerns regarding the now lack of left back availability.
agree- we've left ourselves short...and the opposition will target LB all season long! If there is a problem AVB needs to be able to get the best out of people even if he doesn't like them....
It's ok, any problems Bale can move back to left back. .......Sorry, I know it's not funny :-( Really strange seeing him in a different shirt, let alone 'fly Emirates' .
I cannot honestly see what use in the development of his career it is, for Tom Carroll to go into the championship with QPR, especially when he gets told every game, "just go out and run about, and enjoy yourself" by that well known tactics, and technical know how guru, one Harry Redcrap. Will Caroll come back a better player, I doubt it. He and Spurs would have been far better served into the future, with a loan deal in the PL, or keeping him at Spurs and using him in the EL, CC and FA cups against selected opposition, and in a regular latter stage substitute role in the PL, and training with the likes of Eriksen, Dembele, Lamela and Paulinho, this would improve him more.
I don't think that it is a flaw in AVB at all to demand that players turn up for training, put the effort in and behave with a basic level of professionalism. By all accounts BAE has consistently failed to do this and AVB has decided that he doesn't want this example anywhere near the squad. The message is everyone gives 100% whether you are talented enough to get away with giving less is irrelevant. I doubt AVB actually dislikes benny, I really don't think he holds grudges etc like harry does, I just think that he feels that one bad apple can spoil the barrel and I don't disagree with him. Perhaps Rose's recent comments were inappropriate but they were nevertheless revealing, he was clearly extremely angry that benny could get away with doing absoutely nothing but still got picked with harry. AVB's whole approach to the squad is it is a level playing field, everyone gives their all and everyone will be an important part of the whole. you simply can't sell that if you have one player tacking the *****. we clearly tried to upgrade, but AVB said that the improvement fryers has been making in preseason meant they might not need another. we would have taken coentrao for sure, he wanted CL, so unable to upgrade in rose we decided not to panic buy and stick with rose, vertonghen and naughton. what was always clear was that benny the bad apple was out. I don't disagree. It will be a challenge keeping such a deep squad happy, you have to get rid of the problem characters for it to work.
Benny plays football for the money his quote not mine, so who he plays for makes no odds to him, all he wants to do is play. If his not going to get picked, can an of us blame him for going to QPR, i can't. For Tom it's also a good move, most likely he will start in most games, knowing that when your training is a massive bonus, just get your head's down and play well Tom and Benny good luck to you. Now AVB has some humble pie to eat because Ade is still with us, so by april he should be fit, just like last season his last game was sunderland in Hong Kong.
spu 4 life
I'm sorry, but have to disagree with the criticism's of AVB here. YES - clearly he has an issue working with players such as BAE & Ade, but why - because they don't care & don't share his passion & dedication. I agree with AVB that we need players with passion & dedication. I actually like BAE & also think on his day Ade can be great. However, bith are far too inconsistent & in my book (& seemingly AVB's) a liability for a team focused on challenging. Also, did he get it wrong with Dawson - the boy has heart & commitment which AVB will love (clearly as still at the Club) but not the technical abiluity AVB is aiming for - hence I see Dawson as being a very good number 4 choice CB.
Frank totally agree on Carroll on going to Ajax would have been an incredible learning curve and one which Spurs should have insisted on. It sounds like the decision was given to Carroll to make? Credit where it's due, Harry is an excellent man manager and seems to give the players belief - great coach (Not manager) RE: Benny and AVB; seems a bit of a pot calling kettle if Benny has said he's in football for the money, AVB also is just in it for the money as he said he wants to leave at 40 and go and compete in racing?
Last night proved yet again that the transfer window dead line is a farce, utter rubbish. Marouane Fellaini submitted a written transfer request to Everton at 10pm, i hour from the dead line, to force through a move to Man Utd (which he could have done at any time since July). We are then expected to believe that all the negotiations, completion of legally binding paper work, and the transmitting of all said paper work to the authorities, all took place before the deadline. I don't believe it, just as I don't believe that there are fairies at the bottom of the garden, or that Santa comes down the chimney on Xmas eve. I wonder if Rochdale were involved in a deal with Accrington Stanley, whether the authorities would be as relaxed regarding the dead line rules, I doubt it.
he was right a bout Daws as much as I like him as a person...
Although we have had a great transfer window regarding the influx of new quality players, there were two areas in which I personally was disappointed. Firstly the expected Exodus of "deadwood" which started with the transfer of Huddlestone, Parker, the loan of Livermore, BAE, went some ways to clearing out those apparently not in BAE's plans, the sales of Caulker and Dempsey were understandable, the loaning out of Carroll to QPR less so in my opinion, but why is Gomes still here (he never plays), and Adebayor (we know why he is still here, he is quite happy to warm the bench on his massive wages). This was the same scenario as with David Bentley (thankfully now gone). The second disappointment was that having discovered that Ba was available for £3M for season loan, when Arsenal lost interest I think we should have gone in. This would have given us a realistic alternative to the Soldado/Defoe type striker, given that we will be lucky if we are ever able to stimulate Adebayor even into apathy.
I don't think Frank that all the official paperwork needs to be submitted before a transfer can go through before the deadline. I'm not sure, granted, but I think there's a set minimum requirement with the rest to follow after the deadline within a specified time period. Someone else will probably know & put us right.

I thought this would mean Coentrao was coming. Still, im very dissapointed. Benny has been a great player for us and I do not understand why AVB does not rate him. It makes no sense to let him leave, unless he has thought he is so bad he is a liability? What if Rose gets injured? We only have Zeki Fryers who is "an actual real life" left back Naughton can fill in but isnt a left back really, besides, if Walker gets injured or continues to be so poor Naughton will be filling in for him. Suppose Chiriches can play right back too but we seem very short on options. Thinking about it Vertonghen could probably play left back as he looked very comfortable last season, perhaps I am worrying about nothing and what i have just written here is a waste of time...
daft sending carroll to QPR agree with you Frank. The subs against arsenal was another lack of thought.Benny as cover is better than nobody. if Soldado gets injured we are fecked.Not a great window, bit of a damp squid.
Darkenvai, it appears that with what came out last night during the transfer bun fight, Coentrao was apparently on the radar of both Man Utd, and Chelsea, both CL clubs. Coentrao had actually said earlier in the window, that he was reluctant to come to Spurs, because of wages, and lack of CL football.
spurtool - Benny and i like the guy, he stands up above all the rest, none of this fantastic club, with fantastic supporters and it's a club i always wanted to play for, every tom, dick and arry says the same old crap, Benny is the only one i know that said ''I play football for the money'' good on him for saying it. I would love a player in a interview to say ''well it's been ages since they won anything, but getting champions league football is all they care about, they have no ambition to win anything, they just want me to come here and pay me loads of money, happy days''
spu 4 life
A couple of seasons ago Benny was the best Lb in the prem imo. The only reason I can see for letting him go to QPR could be his attitude. Half the time he doesn't know who we are playing next, and I can imagine AVB prefers his players to know who there up against.
AVB, Can Rose grow an impressive afro like Disco Benny? I think not. Bring back Our Benny!!
I thought that with the business we had done in this window, we had finally got the drop on Arsenal, but the signing of Ozil has changed my opinion. He is a massive talent, and a MF of him, Wilshere, and Cazorla will be a bit tasty, so we will wait and see.
Should have sent Tom to Ajax - would have been fantastic experience - but maybe he didn't fancy going abroad. Unfortunately, with Benny - although he's my fave personality - I have to agree with AVB sending him on if he's the most fined player - Benny's great but daft - you don't know, he might sort himself out after a few months of Redknapp and realise what he's missing at WHL. DR could well improve - he's a very committed pro works at his game and did better than I expected against Arse. Same situation with Zeki - hopefully getting some experience against (hopefully) lower league sides in early cup matches, Europa etc. I hope Walker can sort himself out a bit - I thought he was brilliant in the encouragement you could see him giving Townsend pre match - trouble is he ended up needed some himself ;0) Trouble is with attacking speed merchants at full back is that their speed can take them out of position as well as getting them back into it. I think with both Walker and Rose their passion clouds their judgement and they end up bombing around and need to use their noddles a bit more. Hopefully this is something that'll improve with age and experience - you certainly can't fault their commitment or work-rate. Need to sort the ******** crossing out tho - and you could say that for the whole team. Townsend looks like the only one capable of putting some real accuracy in his crosses, when he's not shooting ;0) Can't wait for the next match to see how Eriksen fits in.
Some make me laugh - the same people saying that we never give youth a chance or bring young talent through (as we saw with Bale - few dodgy games & BANG - mass criticism similar to what we are seeing with Walker) are the same ones saying - stupid, no cover, only Rose & Fryers. Fryers is and can be if developed a fantastic left back. Rose was highly regarded at Sunderland last season, although I have my concerns. We also have Vertonghen who gets forward more from left back than CB & is quality & yes, a right footed Naughton. Do we have cover - yes. Best in World - no, not yet. Keep BAE - liability & inconsistent, but we still own him, so if he gets his game back (is this a wake up call for him ?) great for us & great from AVB. Lets give Rose & Fryers a chance at least.................
Agree Frank - Ozil is World Class & i think our activity forced Wenger into splashing the cash & breaking wage structure. However, like our discussion on Left Back, Gooners did not tackle the positions they needed too. Arguably the one area they were strong in was creativity in midfield. A great player & made them stronger, but would be more worried than Ozil for £42 million if they had got Eriksen, Chiriches, Lamela & Paulinho for similar
Assou Ekotto move with his dodgy knee and reported failed medicals, who no one would buy from us, is used as a excuse for a moan at AVB. Some supporters are never happy and always look for an opportunity to complain and will never be satisfied or optimistic!. Bale should play/stay on the left wing was anther typical inspired comment by some moaners.
BAE = marmite. He was key to the way that Harry's team played. He was actually very good for a season or two. He did a job where we left him exposed. People may think he was a liability, but we gave him no cover - so it was going to happen. But the guy was very good at relieving pressure when under the cosh. The thing about full backs is that you need to play them to their strengths. That was Ekotto's strength. AVB did not play Ekotto to his strength, and therefore that is why he has gone. Walker's strength is the energy and fitness. Last season, we did not play to his strengths either. Anyhow, you change manager, and this is going to happen. Some Players won't fit. Naughton is very capable at LB, Fryers will grow, and Vertonghen is a last resort. I do not see a problem.
I liked BAE as a player, at least on the days he was truly "at the races", but I have to agree with those expressing concerns over his attitude, and lack of commitment and dedication, to the cause. As has been said above, it will be difficult enough to keep such a big squad happy, and a rogue spirit in the camp could only make it more so, shame.
Yeah, this one is bizarre. Rose and BAE are very similar types of players. Both players are technically very skilful. The laid back attitude (as many have stated) the deciding factor. IMO BAE is far too good not to be playing in the PL, suprised no other team at least made an enquiry. Anyway, AVB has played his hand on this one, history will dictate whether it was the correct decision, let's see.
I believe that Carroll to QPR is a better move than Ajax - as long as he plays. The only disappointment I have is that I won't see the delightful guy play in Lillywhite for a while. He needs games in English football. Yes it is lower level, but it will benefit him more than waiting for cup games to play for Spurs.
With regards to Dawson. As has been said many many times before, he is a grand lad, top professional, committed, full of aggression, and Spurs through and through, all of this to his eternal credit, but unfortunately there is one thing missing, that is the abilities required to be a really top 4 PL CB. Unfortunately he lacks pace, positional awareness, concentration, and distribution skills, so personality, and likeability aside, perhaps AVB's original assessment of him was correct. Surely if Chariches proves to be as good as his player profile suggests, this highlights his strength, pace, and footballing ability, then this will demote Dawson to the 4th CB position behind Vertonghen, Kaboul, and Chiriches, as previously occupied by Stephen Caulker.
Benoit has become a bit cavalier of late, a bit careless in his defensive duties, so I'm not that upset that he's gone. But I don't know about the cover we have for that position. It worries me.
I really don't understand the criticism, either you run a starting 11 like harry and his favourites which completely divided the squad or you approach the squad like AVB and say you have to work hard, turn up to training on time and everyone has a key role to play. I don't think he dislikes benny at all, in fact the player has said that they get along fine, he just won't tolerate complete slackers. you cannot maintain the team work ethic if you let one player just take the *****. they thought fryers showed enough promise to be a valid third choice, they want to give rose a chance to develop and in vertonghen we have fantastic cover for rose. what we lose in the benny player the squad gains more form losing such a bad influence. I am sure he has had his chances. the question is can they get adebayor to step up now. frank, as for ba, chelsea would never ever do business with us, just as they refused to help arsenal. they essentially spent 30 million just to stop us getting willian, ba was an absolute no go
I read on her a lot of Rubbish last night about Bale being disloyal... Isn't it a two way street, what loyalty have Tottenham showed BAE???
Mixer yids
The problem I have with fans JOD is that we make assumptions without having any facts at hand other than what we see on game day and hear about from the players tweets or an occasional interview. Yet we are quick to question the Coach who has a much more vested interest in the success of the club.

Perhaps AVB does not like the players attitude and commitment to the team. Perhaps BAE does not take disciplined coaching well. Perhaps he undermines the Coaches message in some form or fashion. Whatever the reason AVB is the man on the hot seat and we need to give him the benefit of the doubt that he is doing what is right for the team.

One of the things which has often galled me is the lack of desire of our players. When I watch Arsenal, ManU and Liverpool play you just feel the desire ooze from them. You just feel the deep love for the club and the commitment of the players to do all they can to win, for the club. I have not felt that for the last 7 or 8 years watching Spurs play.

Perhaps that is what AVB is trying to instill in his team and the outs this year may reflect both a ridding of mediocrity as well as lack of commitment, so that the players he is left with are those who are committed to the badge. We sure need that desire in our play to get to the top. Again just my humble opinion.
Noit that humblejvd, a very good one mate

I see nothing but a happy squad that is all pulling together. We've had a few clips posted of new players singing a song as an induction and we've had plenty of photo's posted of them training. Why are we trying to create a conspiracy just because one player left AVB suddenly can't handle players? For most of his 8 years, I did rate Ekotto and I admit I'm not yet convinced about Rose from what I've seen in the last 18 months. I didn't rate Ekotto last season though and if it's OK for Fergie to get rid of Stam and Beckham then surely it's OK for AVB to let Ekotto go out on loan. We have to trust his judgment and at the end of the day the transfer window opens again in 4 months.

As for Dawson, AVB is simply doing what he did with Friedel and Lloris last season. We all knew that eventually Lloris would get the shirt but he sent powerful messages to his whole squad that if you play well then you keep the shirt. I'm not a Dawson fan but you have to think that Kaboul and Chiriches will slug it out to partner Vertonghen who will also have to play well to keep his shirt. Dawson had been playing OK but did show a chink on Sunday. Kaboul looked impressive against lesser opposition a few days earlier. AVB now has a choice to make against Norwich.
I also hearing from a source inside the lane that all may not be well with AVB and the chairman. Most of the tension seems to come from transfers. Paulinho apart not one of the players brought in were players requested by AVB. AVBs list included Coentroa, Hulk, Moutinho, Nani, Di Maria Mangala, Willian and Benteke. I'm told that before Chelsea came in for Willian that Levy was already trying to back track over the deal and it slowed the transfer up. Also he was not too disappointed by the failed bid. It was also Levy that did not push harder on the Benteke deal. AVB wanted a player in the Modric role to be ball player from deep and could not understand why the Moutinho deal was not done at the start of the last window. I have also been told that AVB was promised a certain budget and player sales would be added to that. This is why he pushed for more incomings on the last day of the window. He also had a disagreement about the Bale sale. He was told they would not sell at any price. When he found out the club did want to sell he wanted the club to explain it as he thought it undermined his position. He also wanted to know who was responsible for the purchases of Soldado, Chadli among others as not players he wanted. Also Levy is not happy with the negative football that Spurs are playing and wants us to be more open.
100% understand why AVB wanted to loan him out or sell him, what I donít understand is why we havenít bought another left back. One can only assume that we had all our eggs in the Coentrao basket! I mean how the hell have united managed to get him on loan!!? Despite the fact that I donít actually think Rose is up to 1st choice LB spot, if he gets injured we are playing with either vertonghen, Fryers or Naughton at left back??? Really donít understand that

As for Carroll, I just donít see the point in this move. There would be plenty of games for him to feature in. He would learn a lot more by staying with AVB and his coaches. QPR is just the wrong move, and im very surprised AVB has allowed it. If he had gone to say Norwich, or palace I would understand it as it would give him a full season in the prem

Different note completely but what has happened to Dembele? I though he looked very immobile on Sunday. Seems yo have no confidence at all. With Capoue out for a few weeks I would like to see Sandro and Paulinho in the middle with Eriksen as the no10. Lamela left, chadli right and Robbie up front. That not a bad front 4 is it!!!
We don't have the facts so we ca't judge. As for Carroll we have to think he may feel he wants to stay in the UK that he wouldn't settle abroad and if that is the case that would affect him on the pitch, he is a young lad and not traveled much may be he is just not ready to travel out of the country yet. Plus may be he feels it more about game time now, that he has a lot of coaching and now he needs to consolidate it. At QPR he is near his home and friends and family, at that age these things are important. Being that division may toughen him up we just don't know.

I do wonder about the LB position and the travelling in the Europa but take Rose and Fryers let Fryers play and Rose as emergency, the travel should affect him too much they travel in style.
The problem with Dembele has been evident right back to last year's hip problem but AVB still picks him foe an hour or so. V strange.
love totty
Nothappyharry Ė Well we all know what happened with Moutinho, Coentrao turned us down due to no CL, Nani Ė just a media concoction as he happens to be Portuguese, same with Di maria but because he played for Madrid, Hulk, Zenit didnít want to sell. I donít know where you heard that info from mate but it seems bollox to me. AVB said he had been chasing Chadli for the last few years. Yeah we missed out on willian but thatís because he snaked us at the last minute.
I would like to have seen BAE stay with us this season. He has something and has always looked lively enough when playing in front of paying crowds. Tom Carroll to Ajax would have been more of a challenge for that player and developed his footballing education, even acquiring a foreign language although many Dutch people speak English. Just as good, a stay at Tottenham as a player here for a little while now who could have been a stabilising, established feature at a time the squad has so many new boys and a crop of other players who have departed.
I'm with Windle and Muttley on this one - AVB is building a team and has proved his loyalty and commitment to this project by turning down some pretty good offers to stay at Spurs. Why should he tolerate any player that doesn't display similar commitment - this will send a message to don't pull your weight, you'll be shipped out. He needs all our support because we should share in his vision.
Gee!. nothappyharry - What a revelation that AVB did not get one signing he requested and did not want any of the new incoming players!. Did he tell Franco Baldini director of football, who he said he welcomed, that he was signing the wrong players. He must have fallen out with him as well as the chairman. Should your article be stored in the fiction or non fiction section of a library.
Guernman ...totally agree re Benni.. Thought I read his disciplinary record is really bad. I can fully understand AVB's attitude toward him. Frank. ... I cannot comprehend Carroll wanting to go there either. Shows really bad judgement in the young man. For his career, he should have gone to Ajax, look at the amount of youngsters they turn out year after year. He would have learned a lot more with their coaching in the year than he ever will with HR.
I think some of us are missing the facts BAE is not that good a LB. LBH if he was the class act some of us think he is, surly other clubs from all over Europe would be looking to buy him?? He is less sell-able then Ade who to me is a much more marketable player. because its not about talent that stops Ade being sold it is his extortionate wage demands. Where BAE is just an below average PL player that not even another PL club wanted on Loan.
I can see exactly where AVB is on this one. Benny is far too erratic and has no passion. AVB wants a team of players with passion and a will to fight. Benny??? NO WAY. I admire his honesty, but as a player he just isn't good enough for us, no where near a top four player. I think he has found his place in the Championship with 'Arry, and they can stay together.
I like AVB and he fits the new image Levy is trying to portray with Spurs, now a modern forward thinking club with a state of the art training facilities a young squad packed with potential (should go up in value) and a manager that conducts himself in a professional way. The only issues I have are that I think AVB has a style of play with a style of player in a set formation in his head and everything else has to fit around this? As he's only young I hope he starts to get his head around the strengths of certain players and changes the formation like he did in Europa. At this moment in time the 4-3-3 is looking a dead duck - hoping that will change with Eriksen in the team! RE LEVY: I sniffed a rat in Levy's dealings early in the window and he showed his cards on the last day of the window with the Bale deal (apparently we turned a profit and didn't end up 3.2 million down) We went out and bought Chadli, Paulinho and was already in for Solly before Baldini so I do believe their could be questions asked there over those particular signings. Lamela, Vlad and Erikson are Baldini signings and I think Capoue was picked up on when we sold Caulker to Cardiff. I don't believe for one minute that Levy and Lewis had the intention to hold on to Bale and the coincidence that we was going to have a record spending spree at the time we were allegedly expecting to hold onto Bale??? These boys have played a young AVB, the press and the fans to perfection - we actually spent 40 million less than Southampton? All I can say is I wouldn't want to play poker against Levy. (Here's hoping that 52M now goes to the new stadium)
I can see the first half of this season being a bit of a disaster to be honest. I don't think we'll get top four because of it and I don't think AVB will be here much longer. He was told we'd be keeping Bale at all costs and now he's gone. If/when we don't get top four this season there will be calls from a lot of "fans" to sack AVB, and that the money we spent was a complete waste..
jvd - You're missing the point. If you don't like a players attitude you sell him and bring in a replacement. AVB has done neither of those things. As a result we're paying Benny to play for QPR while leaving ourselves short in the left back position. That is bad management pure and simple.
Nothappyharry - I had a very good chat with Scott Parker about Spurs yesterday & he said the complete opposite to 'your source'. Said team spirit is first class & he moved as some great & younger players brought in, world cup year and Fulham gave him a longer deal, closer to home, guaranteed starter. Do you really think AVB would have stayed IF Levy was buying the players he didn't want ?? Also, re: Bale, Spurs were determined to keep him, but in the end they had no choice based on players strong desire & money offered. AVB is fully understanding & hence spending since day 1 as he knew.
Camper - agree. FICTION.
Jod agree.. I don't know who the apparent teams he failed his medicals for are, but he seemed to stroll through his QPR one? If that's the case I'm sure a Lille or Toulouse or someone would have certainly bought him. It was only the end of the season before AVB that he was linked to Inter??? Don't get it?
or maybe Comic Book section............
Hi Chrishove, I too have moderate expectations for this year as I think we'll need to have a settled side across a close season to be ready. That's not my worry if he team starts to play with the sort of style and passion that characterises Spurs, I won't be calling for anybody's head.
Love totty
Clever business by Chelski, took "Will.I'm.not" then loaned Lukaku to a team that has finished close to us in the last couple of seasons, and Moses to the other Scousers - the other team that is near to us and a potential top 4 team. Neither will play Chelski! Clever business all around by the rent boyz!
Obviously Livermore will do the same for us. :)
Love totty
Thought Livermore has looked pretty good in the 2 and half games I've seen him in! Interesting to see if Spurs bring him back if he has a good season?
Hudd too looked good against MC. Maybe we'll buy him back in January if things aren't going so well. Lol.
Love totty
here is an alternative theory to the conspiracies one thing is for sure, AVB was happy to see Bale leave because Levy would have been more happy to make him stay another year irrespective of what the player wanted, commercially bale was the most valuable off the pitch tottenham will ever have, it was a dream come true for levy which he gave up, can only have been because AVB was happy to have the cash to revamp the squad, he knows that time is not on his side to get results. secondly there is no way AVB sticks around if he has problems with levy, not with both PSG and Madrid calling. thirdly, AVB pushed very hard for not only a director of football but in particular Baldini, do there is no way he is unhappy with the players we got. even if he they were not always the first choice, levy, baldini and AVB would have been working off the same list. in conclusion I am sure that any rumours of problems between AVB and levy are complete bollox
Love totty I too am willing to wait for a season, as I said in an earlier article, mancity didn't exactly tear up any trees in their season after buying so many players and restructuring the team. Look, though what happened the next one though. I think we will come good about 1/3rd to 1/2 way through and finish about 5th Thing is we may ail the EL on the way. BUT next season when everything has clicked into place and the players know each other, we will be up there.
Much as I hate to say it I agree with Wenger about why we lost to a supposedly "inferior" team/suad. Le Arse all know each other, have played together for ages and as their players said, they KNOW where they each are so can pass to each other without even having to look up cz they know who and where to pass to instinctively. It was cohesion and time played together that beat us, not tactics and or ability.
suad, HA HA HA fat fingers syndrome........ SQUAD. LOL
I rated Benny a couple of seasons ago, even if he was so one footed he was one of the best LBs in the prem. Now, i'm not privvy to any conflict relating to attitude between AVB and Benny, but one thing i will say is that a manager has to do what he feels is best for the WHOLE team. If benny has been playing up a little AVB has 2 choices, he either sits down and tries to resolve the issues or he removes the problem. Maybe Benny has been given one chance too many?.Who knows.

Carroll i would have loved to see go to Ajax, that said regular football in a physical league will toughen him up no end. I hope he gets plenty of game time and listening to Harry last night he stated that he was going to set his team up to play every thing through young Tom. Looking forward toseeing him progress and set the league alight. Hope all our lads that have been loaned out enjoy some good gametime and stay injury free. Falque already out injured 6-8 weeks.
Cider spurs
Good call Sebastian, agree 100% Benny poor form and poor attitude just bringing down the strong team spirit and work ethic that AVB is trying to build at Spurs.
LOS Spurs
Football is very subjective I believe BAE is one of the best left backs in the league. He has had to deal with 2 men raiding down his side for years (as Bale and whichever central midfield player that was deployed on the left when Bale was injured or deployed elsewhere NEVER tracked back). Yet despite this he coped admirably. I love how people make assumptions about players without any facts to substantiate them and start making character judgements about people they don't know. I judge players by what I see on the pitch and in my opinion BAE is class. For whatever reason he has been loaned out and despite my thoughts on this I have to trust the managers judgement. To the original poster's question about wages. I not only think QPR will be paying 100% of his wages they will be paying a loan fee too. Can you imagine the well renowned tough negotiator Levy saying to a club who are paying a keeper over £100k a week who isn't playing every game yeah you can have a player on loan and I'll pay some of his wages too?!?!
I've had a very satisfying thought. Clearly the market overheated in the last window. Bale's real value was probably only £50m and Ozil's £25m. So basically we made £35m, £20m of which came from Arsenal. LOL.
Love totty
The departure of BAE was quite simply a balance the books procedure on the wage front, as was the buy and selling that went on all summer. Zero net spend, and now the likes of BAE are being loaned out to balance the books on the wage front, which has and always will be the priority at THFC with ENIC running the show. For all the talk about Arsenal not spending all summer and Joe Lewis so generously spending 100 plus million on his team, it now turns out that Lewis ain't spend a penny and the Arsenal are the ones to have spent big time! And Danny Boy had so many of his adoring followers believing all summer that Bale was going nowhere, Played with you all like a piece of putty in his penny pinching paws...
Cant believe the ENIC injury jinx has kicked in on the new arrivals so fast! We are now one central midfield injury away from a CM crisis. But Hudd had to be sold to balance the books...
judge I don't know where you got the idea that benny is class, he isn't, he is mid table at best. he hasn't got a footballing brain and he panics as well as going missing far too many times during a game. He just doesn't have it in him to be a class footballer. You must be watching a different player or even a different team if you think he's class. I'm not making assumptions about his character, I am going by what Benny HIMSELF has said about himself as well as what I see on the pitch. It is good for the squad that he is gone.
LMAO..."ENIC injury jinx" Pele, you crack me up.
ENIC injury jinx? ffs
Running out of straws pele
And the award for most dramtic statement of the vital spurs calender year.......goes to.......Pelebro! "We are now one central midfield injury away from a CM crisis." Please behave yourself.
BAE is best summed up as an Enigma of the LB position. On his day, he is as good as any current LB in the PL. Not a prolific scorer or a high provider of assists as compared to others, but he was rarely injured and even though his play made for a couple of heart palpitations, his general defensive duties, highly technical ball control and distribution should not go unnoticed.
his general defensive duties, highly technical ball control and distribution should not go unnoticed. thenuge When.
BAE failed every medical he took in France (as has been reported). He is not in shape. He does not see eye to eye with the manager. There are no wages needing to be balanced as Gallas, Jenas, Dempsey, Bentley, Bale, Parker, Hudd, Caulker are all plying their trade elsewhere and most were on the upper end of our spectrum (four of top 6?). BAE was wanted by a Championship team on loan. hat's the best he could do for himself. We refused to pay out Adebayor so he wil remain. Personally, I would not play him at all. He would not be in my squad of 25. We still have almost all of the 30 odd M GBP extra that the TV money will give and we have probably (don't know for sure - had we sold Ade, Gomes and BAE it would have been unequivocal) reduced our overall salary commitment. Hopefully BAE plays well and we can sell him in January or he leaves for free next summer. Same for Gomes. Adebayor is again, nowhere near in shape. Something tells me that AVB and co are not really too fussed and he will not get the opportunities he did last year. I'm all for that. Let him practice in his golf cart and let him watch from the stands. Careers are short. He is shortening his own. Chadli, Lamela, Soldado, Defoe, even Townsend could all play striker. COYS
Oh, and you can't sell a player who does not want to go any more than you can force a purchaser to take a broken player. Such is our lot. BAE and Gomes are 12 months away from falling off of our salary budget. I like both. Neither fits this team any longer. COYS
chrishove123, I do not know that Arsenal won because of that. I'd suggest that 4 or 5 players made poor decisions on one series of plays and the ball wound up in the back of the net. Rose does know this team and set-up. So does Dawson and Vertonghen. There were a lot of guys who could have prevented that goal. Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that a CL team, playing at home managed a very well worked goal that was very much stoppable. Great touch and movement by Giroud, but it was amply stoppable at several occasions up the field. Oh well, we didn't equalize despite chances (again - the golden ones fell to players who are not new). They won 1-0 at home. They did not dominate and we could have done better. We should have done better. AVB must take some heat too. The introduction of Defoe was ridiculous. Holtby or Siguyrdsson in the middle for Dembele would have made far more sense. Might also have put someone on the pitch with a chance on a dead ball. We really must start hitting the net with authority. Walker, Chadli etc, time to stay behind and get it right. terrible attepts from great locations. Thrown away free chances. That's where games are won or lost, CL made or not, relegation or PL survival. There is no excuse. COYS
Two players under Redknapp use to give me the *****s, Friedel and BAE. Both not up to it, BAE a nightmare waiting to happen. We could only have weakened our left back position by playing him. And where do these so called excellent players end up, Huddlestone to Hull and BAE to QPR, says it all really.
matt hoten
Just finished reading all the posts after getting home from work. I see that 2 people have already answered Jod's reply to my first post as well as Topho's agreement of Jod's reply to that! So I won't rehash the obvious. For the record I actually like BAE and his game. He's a little cavalier and predictable but he does cross a good ball and he's not the fastest player on his side of the pitch even without Bale around.
Whenever I saw highlights of sunderland last season danny rose was one of the outstanding players. I certainly don't blame him for the arsnul goal wasn't his fault. He is going to be ok and is also a scorer of brilliant goals which bae is not. The last goalscoring LB we had is the current holder of worlds most expensive player. I have very high hopes for danny rose.
With our current squad I'd probably prefer a back four of Walker - Dawson - Kaboul - Vertonghen. Don't know enough about Chiriches for CB, guess time will tell. Don't rate Rose at all for LB, he just can't defend for 5h!t and with Chadli (who doesn't seem to realise he's allowed in his own half, or that he can pass the frikkin' ball) on the left with him, we're gonna get murdered down the left! I think we've looked complete dog 5h!te down the left and I miss BAE.
Yid Singer
jvd How on earth can he be a bit cavalier AND predictable at the same time. That is a total contradiction.
Good luck to them both. Carroll I wanted to see stay out of the two, but he will get some fantastic guidance and coaching from our old gaffer in their team. Iím sure he will come back a stronger player for this move. Not sure about Ekotto, heís *****ing me off with all this 'we only play for a team because itís a job' *********. Who did you dream of playing for then? No one, couldnít give a crap? Hmm. Maybe times up for him here. COYS.

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