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Spurs vs Hull City....And A Quick Half Of Cider.

Thought I might give a little of my time, and start writing post match articles. Nothing too heavy, as I am sure we all have our own perceptions on who and how we performed. One thing I will say however, is that I will try and give an honest opinion on how our team performed and maybe suggest ideas on improvements. Same as the rest of you I'm sure. I will try and do this in a polite manner, and at times if you feel my thoughts are negative, I make no apologies, for I love the club dearly and have no other agenda other than to support my team.

First things first...You know we are playing boring football when even one of our own players has to go for a quick five minute lie down.(hope you're o.k Andros). Second point...tell me this week that luck doesn't come into it, and I'm off for a quick five minute lie down. Very harsh penalty, very well despatched.

Well, the line-up saw no start for Siggy, to the delight of some I'm sure. Lennon favoured on the Left instead, most of our attacking however was still down the Right flank in the first half, but to be fair Townsend was not really getting much joy from the early exchanges with Figueroa. Sandro made some good tackles but he was not on his passing today and picked up a yellow for his first half contributions. Holtby was finding little pockets of space, but all too often was trying the impossible with delicate through balls into a crowded box with one striker to aim at. Give it up son.

For all the talk of dropping Siggy, I did not think LW looked any better 1st half, Lennon returning from injury granted. All in all the tempo looked quicker (crap stream, so was it really?). But the final 3rd issues appeared about the same..woeful. Quick thought, Chiriches must learn to head the ball at times instead of allowing it to bounce. Looks the part going forward, still appears somewhat shaky at times defending, think he'll come good though.

2nd half saw the introduction of Dembele for Sandro, and for the first five minutes he got on the ball and was getting about. He seemed to disappear after this somewhat, but he did remind me he was on the pitch twice with two shots. Yeah I know !!. We were still enjoying the lion's share of possession ( as we have all season ), but credit has to be given to Hull, they stuck to the task in hand, and Curtis Davis was a rock back there for them. Eriksen came on for Holtby, again not a lot really changed or improved. Defoe came on for Lennon with Eriksen moving out Left, and Townsend whom had started 2nd half LW, switching back to the Right. 2 up top !!!.

The 2nd half basically played out the same way as most of the season. It appeared a little quicker, and in all fairness, we have seen AVB try different formations with different players today. Part of me was crying out for Ade today, along with Soldado. There was very little chance of finding a through ball past a bank of 4 and then 5. The game needed plenty of balls crossed in from the wings to Ade, with Soldado feeding of the scraps. One up top against four is hard enough, let alone five. Corner kicks and crossing were atrocious, constantly sub standard.

I am pleased with the result, disappointed and concerned about the performance. For those of you who are stats orientated, I apologise for the lack of them in this article, well none in fact. I did not really feel the need, it's been pretty much the same week in week out. Old Bob tho' ...takes a mean penalty!!. Right, time for another quick half...Cider Spurs.

Written by Cider spurs

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The journalist

Writer: Cider Spurs.  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 27 2013

Time: 9:00PM

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Again we havn't got a clue how to break through a second rate packed defence at WHL and now it's the crowds fault!! Wake up AVB you were playing at home to Hull with 6 reserves in the team and you select one striker! Surely we could go 442 for games like this? I too would like to see Ade with Soldado up front and two wingers who can cross with their best foot from the byline to provide the ammunition not inverted and blasting the ball over the bar! We are now boring to watch and bereft of goals, we need to change our selection policy and be more flexible with our shape and tactics - or else we will not finish in the top 4!!
Sorry for no reference to AVb comments in article, i tried to write it straight after the match as an outlet to discuss the match. Obviously alot has been posted already, but i'll give it a go for a few weeks and see if it is needed, or whether all are fine continuing using pre-match article.
Cider spurs
I believe AVBs thoughts could have been relayed in a much more professional manner. At times, fans can make a teams job harder on the pitch. However, this usually is a result of a poor team performance. I think if AVB was able to come out and admit today that the football was not great and that he could sense the fans anxiety, and declare that the fans anxiety at times he understands. Then i feel most would take this as a positive and most probably react with more support for him and the team in the future. All he has achieved, is to alienate himself from the shortcomings currently experienced by the team. He could have turned a negative into a positive, he took a negative and turned it into an issue.
Cider spurs
Its fair as AVB stated that we need to fix the atmosphere for the upcoming fixtures at home soonest. I agree it wasnt the best way to approach the way he did, but we shouldnt punish our club by further our lack of support. That will sure cause a few points drop if continued. Lets just take his point and do what we are supposed to be as supporters
special too
AVB comments currently the main talking point, but let's not forget we did see ortodox wing play today, two up top. Not really hearing any input regarding formations, good bad, style of football etc. For me Lennon offered nothing more than Siggy 1st half when played on the Left. Townsend on Left 2nd half seemed to still drift in field often. It appears this LW is going to be an ongoing problem for some time. Any thoughts on Chiriches?, What is the deal with Ade, not even on the bench.
Cider spurs
I was at the match and I have to agree that it has irritated me for many years that large sections of the crowd never sing and spend most of their time moaning and groaning. So I agree with what AVB has said (btw please read the full quotation before passing judgement). However it may prove to be unwise, as we all know the press will have a field day over the opportunity to divide us. I didn't actually think the atmosphere was worse than any other home match against "lesser" opposition, but there was tension probably arising from the recent memory of what happened in our last home game and perhaps that was felt also by players and coaches (especially as they are situated by our ever so quiet West Stand!). Anyway, regarding our inability to break down these sides, I think we are seriously missing Danny Rose at LB who, with Kyle Walker provided the width, where our Left and Right midfield continue to cut in rather than get to the by-line. Vertonghen and Naughton have done a good job as standing LB but without a proper attacking Left Back, we are too narrow and too easily stifled.
That's stand-in LB, not standing!!
And someone needs to tell Chiriches he is a CB, not a midfielder. Sandro spent the whole of the first half covering for him, badly affecting Sandro's game. However I like Chiriches a lot from what I've seen.
I think we need a little patience! Best ever points in EPL last season, this a new team, well nearly. Lennon will take the usual 4-6 games to build his form, what he needs is games. I too think we need Ade, let's hope he gets a run out in the cup. On the stadium point, I don't get there much, but watch all the games at the Pub or FRS's, and the tension, in particular in the 1st half was very evident. I think Soldardo is finding his feet. Is he good at penalties or what! Its pointless bringing Defoe on into this system.
One good thing to take from the game ... on Soldado ... 3 goals! The thing about this, to me, is that he never looked like missing any of them. Very cool, very focused! He appears to have total confidence in his own ability, a good thing for a striker! I would not be confident in any other Spurs player scoring 3 out of 3 penalties ... and I can't think of any other player in the league who I would prefer to take them from what I've seen so far. It's a shame money is so important in today's game and is the driving force behind everything that happens. Personally, and many of you will not like this, I would rather Spurs challenged for the league title on a regular basis (with some success) than play in the CL or Europa league. The league title is the foundation of English football Finishing above Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc, means more to me than some foreign league with teams I don't much care about. Both of these competitions were fine when it was just knockout games ... but now the format (which is all about money, not the game) makes it too difficult to compete on all fronts and often results in major blow-out (I know there are exceptions). What I'm saying is, I don't want Spurs to judge success by being in the top four and playing CL football. I want Spurs to be league champions and the best team in England. I want bragging rights over Arsenal, Man U, etc. That is enough for me!!
Well done AVB on your comments--his words were like a reflection of SOME of the comments on here!!we were at home and the team SHOULD feel that----3 more points in the bag and into the top 4 move on and SHOW SUPPORT----COYS!!!!!!!!!!
Well, boys and girls, there's no two ways about it...Spurs were S**t! Thank you Soldado for taking a penalty and not missing! Thank you Tom H for not trying too hard.
Yeah! 3 points! Bring on Hull!
Sorry, fellow Spuds, but there is no excuse for playing that bad! If you want me to go in to fine detail about tacticts, formation etc; then we are all wasting our time!
Never mind, let's all go and watch a whole bunch of truly, awesome Yankees, run around, in fancy dress, throwing a f***ing rugby ball a few yards to each other!
In my team, for the Capital One cup... Against the famous and the indestructible, Tigers of Hull City....Jason Dozzell and his granny.... In a four F*** Sake formation!
If any son of a gun comes on here and says to me, we won! Clean sheet! What's your problem, you traitor? Then, I will eat my head!
Any way, 3 points and a clean sheet....We must be doing something right! COYS!
I have to F-Off now as I'm just having a s**t conversation with myself.....! Come on man! What's wrong? We won for crying out loud!
If we continue to play that bad and win then we are now known as lucky Tottenham from the Lane.... We are lucky, super lucky, super lucky from the Lane....
Geofspurs, sorry to say mate but whatever the match and in whatever competition, it's all about the money!
That's the problem, Man On. But it's not just football. When someone sees they can earn big bucks in anything, it's all over! Every year now, everyone says 'we have to get into Europe'. That seems to take up all the energy. Well, I'm over it. I'd be very happy with the league title and the FA cup. Maybe I'm just too bloody old for this crap!! Looks like you'll have to eat your head, too. lol
I'm not alone! Sorry about all my negativity. I needed to get it off my chest. I'll be back at WHL on wednesday giving my full support.
I'm easily pleased myself. I just want to see football played well and without fear. We looked like a scared bunch of amateurs against Hull and I really don't know why. COYS!
That would be fantastic...Win the league and FA Cup double every year and then just plain refuse to play in Europe!
Man On, I went for a 3 day bush trip with some mates and our bikes at the weekend ... raced back 650 kms in time for the game (shown live at midnight). Obviously disappointing, not a great game, but what can you do except keep on following the lilywhites. I would like to see a game soon where there is something to shout about. Spurs supporters ... ever the optimists. Don't be greedy ... not every year, that would be just as boring as the Hull game!!
Geofspurs, cheers and goodnight. There's most definitely more to life than football....Just!
I've listened to Andre's comments and to a degree accept his point. When players make mistakes it is inevitable that the crowd will ooh and ash; its only natural. But there is no excuse for silence how ever the team is performing. After match criticism is fine - we all get feedback in our jobs - but during a game encouragement is a vital component.
love totty
A glorious victory...... I think we're all beginning to worry that this is going to be it for the rest of the season. Dull and predictable. We've got some amazing talent on the pitch player that are stifling their own ability with these tactics.
Love Totty u can clearly see AVB is more disappointed than anything re the crowd. He had to talk to the players and motivate them himself in the second half. That I'm afraid is just sad that his words are " u are on your own out there " I dont care who u support or how much u dislike AVB, but that is immature and completely non productive! There is 35 odd thousand Spurs supporters itching to get a season ticket that would sing and chant all match long. There are teams that get relegated and promoted season upon season yet put our support to shame. What's really interesting is the knowledge that home support can lift the team yet our supporters choose to be negative... Funny thing I quoted dear old Harry before the match and it turns out AVB has to complain along the same lines? Make of it what u want but there is a clear pattern here...
He can't duck some of the responsibility though, Mix. He praises the away support and the results we've had, but we've found those games easier because the home team has had to compete. Their support would react like ours if they didn't. We do play better away and against the better teams too but he has to find a better way at home for the sake of his players if not the fans.
love totty
Maybe AVB has a point .... I watch all their games live on Foxtel, which does not, obviously, include the atmosphere at the ground. Spurs have a better goal average away than at home, and about the same amount of points. Last year (I think) Spurs got more points away than at WHL ... unheard of in recent times. For years we were good at home and average, or poor, away. Why has that seemed to change? Do they feel less pressure when playing away? Do fans get frustrated quicker now and become more negative in their support at WHL. Or is it simply that teams park-the-bus at WHL. We all know fans can lift a team so it follows that they can have the opposite effect too. Maybe AVB has a point .... !
I have good feeling about this issue. May be who knows, match day fans and the players could increase their intensity from now on. Atleast I hope so. Its now clear, what the stakeholders feel about the others. I mean, Benitez had a similar uproar after chelski win over Middlesboruogh in the cup-That interview turned their season IMO. Am hoping for similar reactions freom fans, players & manager
LT I dont believe he is ducking anything. He is asking for some support from the fans. He is pleading for the sake of his players. He has gotten the results, we are in a very good position under enormous pressure and scrutiny. If we were in the bottom half of the table then I would back anyone to make their feelings known, but u cannot have your cake and eat it. This is football and it is far from perfect this we know, but I can assure you the team will respond to the crowd wether positive or negative and the result thereof.
I fully agree with AVB's comments the crowd at White hart lane is so bad i have stopped going! I prefer to go away games (i.e. going Everton this weekend!)... But the football we are playing at home at the moment is dire and not what i expected at all
Mixer yids
Mix - why can't we have our cake and eat it? Don't be so defeatist. We've had exciting Arry's way and just failed and now we have AVB's boring way and look like just failing despite the extra investment. Maybe we need the Rodgers way.
love totty
Morning all.

They said we were to experience a stormy afternoon and evening yesterday, they weren't wrong. Just want to to go over some of the points concerning yesterday and, the season thus far.

I'll deal with AVBs comments first, As on most forums, you will have a differing view in relation to right or wrong. Myself, i thought he has every right to voice opinion of home team support or the lack of, but i do feel he could have voiced his concerns in a much better way. Maybe by a small admittance that we are only grinding results out at present, and that hopefully things will improve, all rounded off with a little, i feel the fans frustration at times but let's get behind the team, the players themselves are working hard and as the season progresses, we will be doing fine.

Now to me this does the same job in stating that frustration is being felt from fans, but an admittance of only grinding out results and finding it hard, would go along way to making fans feel like they can be part of the solution through vocal support, rather than almost laying the blame squarely at their door. Turn a negative into a positive. To an extent, he is partly to blame for fans frustration, he is after all the manager..Right?. Crystal Palace vs Arsenal on Saturday..circa 20 000 attendance,what an atmosphere,what a noise,even mentioned by the commentators.Be nice to eclipse that on a regular basis.
Cider spurs
The fans were rightly anxious but never turned against the team, frustrations were there but as soon as we scored then the noise levels grew, Hull did play their part in that they knew how to waste the minutes, we got there in the end, was it a great performance NO but am I happy of where we are YES
Right, so what is the reason for the silence, anxious fans?. No answers needed, we know don't we?. Are our tactics wrong?, why when teams are playing in such a defensive manner against Spurs, do we feel the need to set up with two CM?(admit one is more defence minded) Is it all about the possession at all costs? with Sandro and a box to box in Paulinho, could we not be considered to have enough cover to play 3 at the back at times?. It would allow for an extra player further up the pitch in an area we seem to be experiencing the most problems. One up top yesterday against a 5 man defence seemed inevitable that it was unlikely to reap rewards. Would you not consider that too defensive in our tactics?. Many have been crying out for orthodox wing play this season....myself included. We witnessed a true LW player (Townsend) and a RW(Lennon) playing orthodox yesterday, albeit for 25 minutes. Did it add the width we craved?. Apart from the now all too familiar runs of Townsend with his cut in and shoot approach, i thought our wing play was non existent.
Cider spurs
LT that's the problem right there. U fail to believe we can achieve under AVB despite results...
No sugar coating from AVB and personally I have no problem with what he said. Others may disagree and that is fine. I'm still of the opinion is was said to deflect the performance and inspire a response from the crowd for the next WHL game.
Very true Dark, the performances cannot get worse so we are in a good place considering everything that is happening. When I saw Defoe coming on I thought that Soldado would come off but was happy Avb kept him on and played with two upfront. Formations will change but we have a tough group of games now which might actually help us as we play better against the 'better' teams.
I believe that AVB has every right to voice his dismay at the fans at yesterdays game. Yes we do pay X amount to watch Spurs and do feel as though we should be doing much but we have to back the team vocally. Its imperative. They must know that we will be the 12th, 13th and 14th man (and woman) if necessary to spur them on. If we dont vocally support them throughout games, the other options is that they will begin to feel very nervous to play at White Hart Lane, similarly to England before the last 2 qualifiers and all and sundry will be able to claim vital points off us at home. I will be at the game on weds, and if i come home without a hoarse voice i will be very disappointed indeed.
Lady Yid
Now, i understand that with only Soldado as striker, aerial crosses are not really the way forward, but cutbacks to box should be suffice. Did not see many, if any. Whilst talking of crossing, We are poor at corners and crossing, have been all season would you not agree?. Would Ade and Soldado not have been a good set up yesterday? regardless of crossing, Ade is adept at holding the ball up, and allowing players to play of him in and around the box.

We have voiced our concerns for many weeks now, and they seem to be following the same pattern week after week. This leads me to ask..Do we have the team set up the right way?. Clean sheets suggest we do. Lack of goals and 3 penalties to help secure wins suggests we don't. Could it be that the team is set up the right way, but some of the players are not good enough? ( i think they are, but i've got to ask in order to allow you guys to voice opinion). I thought the tempo was a little quicker yesterday, and i honestly believe, when we play the so called bigger teams that the game will be more open, and Spurs will play at a much higher tempo.

We currently sit 4th in the league, happy with that make no mistake. Manner of performances have not been the prettiest, but somehow the job has been done. We have had an air of luck at times, quite a lot of times in all honesty. Anybody, IMO who thinks we were not lucky to be awarded the penalty yesterday are way of the mark. Are we again masking over our shortcomings this season..same as last, but this time with a fair bit of luck as opposed to a Welsh genius?. Do we see the £100 million spent and expect to be playing the pretty football from the off?. Is that realistic?, I'd suggest not.

We all want the same for our team, to be successful, whilst entertaining. AVB, You and I. It's how we travel along this road to the conclusion that can be challenging at times. Regardless of performances, tactics and comments the table shows us 4th. Now that surely is something we can all agree on. Let's not be down at Bill Nicholson Way....Let's all be on a cloud 9 high..Up at the High Road.
Cider spurs
Some people are just never happy! We are 4th in the league, FFS.
AVB is spot on with regards to the support, and the simple way of judging it is `by the reaction from "the fans". The truth hurts!!
We are playing a new brand of football, it might not be the Spurs way but that hasn't been particularly rewarding in the past 20 years or so. I'd rather WIN ugly than lose in style. For the last god knows how many years we are hanging on at the end of games almost expecting a late goal against, now we are so more composed with the ball and if anything we look more like the team to score late. Lap it up guys as we are heading in the right direction.

You'll hear Liverpool and Arsenal fans spouting off about how great their football is at the moment, we are 1 and 3 points respectively behind them playing this boring game. Sniff, sniff, that's right guys it's coffee!!!!!!
dark...Stoke is a very good shout indeed mate concerning corners. I like it. ;-)
Cider spurs
I really want to see Soldado getting fed a bit more, when he had that decent chance forcing a save from Harper you could see the composure in the way he set himself up, held off the defender if he would have lifted in 4-5 feet in the air that would have nestled nicely in the back of the net. True quality, glad he picked up another goal albeit a pen, still the guy never looked like he was going to miss it. I'm on the fence in terms of AVB criticising the fans, my personal point of view is we are playing some pretty boring football on the other hand many Spurs fans get impatient extremely quickly.
Geofspurs, totally agree when you say, "I want Spurs to be league champions and the best team in England. I want bragging rights over Arsenal, Man U, etc. That is enough for me!!" I too am sick of the level of expectation of the current board at THFC. Making the top 4, is just not high enough an ambition for me in ENIC season number 14 when you consider there is 4.5 billion quids worth of THFC board members! Let's not forget Harry made made us a top 4 club in two out of his three full seasons at the club with a much smaller budget than AVB and he was deemed not good enough. AVB was brought in to take us up to the next level but now the expectation is back to making the top 4 again as Harry did in his last season when the team was playing beautiful football! I was not totally opposed to an upgrade on Harry if the football remained as attractive as Harry's in his last season with an upgrade of players to turn us into genuine title contenders! What we have seen instead is the clubs three star players Bale, Modric, and VDV all sold since Harry was sacked, which is where I do have some sympathy for AVB because he has had to try and replace them which has not happened. 3 of the 6 fit players he purchased in the summer he chose not to start against Hull because he clearly feels they are not ready yet? I am just hoping that the new players who are not currently in the team do find their form and start to do the business, but this can only happen of course if AVB plays them and get's his tactic spot on! My expectation for this season is the Europa League trophy or the FA Cup and CL qualification as a minimum in ENIC season number 14!
Day 1: no sign of survivors, no power, I am typing this on a broken washing machine, I will be typing messages every day at 10 am, when the sun has risen. If you are out there... If anyone is out there... You are not alone.
Why did AVB let Townsend back on the pitch after he had been knocked unconscious? Based on what is now known about concussion that is foolish at best. Last week, Arsenal held Flamini out of a CL game after he had a minor concussion three days earlier because medical guidelines demand a 5 days break after a head injury
hugh jarse
hugh jarse...A fair point...Townsend when being helped along the sideline by the Spurs medic looked a little disorientated. When he first stood up, he appeared to be pushing the medics hand of support of his shoulder. I am not of a medical background, but yes concussion usually results in a lay off. Being unconcious you would feel should at least excuse one from the final 5 minutes of a game. However, we are Spurs...Knock us out....But never, never...Keep us down.
Cider spurs
Love Totty, I do enjoy reading your posts, you remind me of the regular sensible Spurs supporter you meet on the street!!!
Give AVb a mike 'Let's be 'avin you!'...the trouble with his comment is it's indiscriminate he talks about the 'the crowd' as though it were a separate's not, he's also referring to the people who are coming on here having a go at other fans. It's 36k different people! if you want to bind a large section of that group of people in to singing and chanting perhaps the best thing to do is look at how to do may be our performance, it may be the seating, it may be the threat of arrest if they dare say a word that is not deemed acceptable by the thought police....fix the reasons and the noise will come.
So am I right to suggest on here ppl feel AVB was right to voice his concerns about the fans, but the fans are wrong to voice their concern about the performances they seeing at the Lane?
In terms of the game and the players...Vlad scares the crap out of me...he needs to learn his position and when to play and when to put his head this rate he'll be a liability. Our attacking quartet lacks power and can't hold onto the ball, we need at least one in there who can.
shed..Well done mate...I was hoping for some feedback relating to the game yesterday AS WELL as the AVB comments. Seems a little one dimensional at present. Maybe many feel that there is no point going over the match yesterday as it played out as it consistently has done thus far this season. Thought the wingers could be talked about a little. How many for no Siggy?...have not heard a squeak about what changed if anything with his omission. Was the game really that crap that we will not even talk about the players anymore?.
Cider spurs
Looks like the media have started ... AVB makes a comment and it's suddenly turned into a 'rant' 'blasts fans' etc. They will keep it going until everyone believes AVB hates Spurs, the fans, his players, and the country ... because he said so!!! This could become a major story and stir up a lot of unrest with just a little bit of luck and a bucket of bull****. Let's not get carried away with the resulting hype. Gotta love the media. Right?!!
no-one was passing to lennon when he went to the right wing. he made countless runs and was usually in good space but just didn't get the ball. very frustrating
It seems to me that we still need to move the ball more quickly. (Would a better atmosphere help here? Quire possibly.) We need to look to play it wider more often too. In the formation we play the width is supposed to come from the full backs. Vertonghen doesn't have the pace to get forward enough IMO whilst Walker can't put a decent cross in. Naughton doesn't look the answer for me either after a poor showing against Sheriff. I also think we don't get enough players in the box. It doesn't matter whether we're 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3, we have 11 players on the pitch. If Townsend has the ball on the right then, based on yesterday's starting team, Lennon, Holtby and Paulinho should all be pushing into the box and giving the defenders something to worry about. Would a better atmosphere help that? Quite possibly. So I think AVB's comments are justified but that is clearly not the only problem.
I went to the gameyesterdayan thought we started superbly.mived the ball quick in and around te box lots of interplay an lovely onetouch exchanges but just couldn't break through. We then seemed to slow it down again an could not break through. The movement stopped and the passing became slack. Had we continued at the tempo we would have scored earlier surely. But what I will say is that those were signs that its starting to click and fluidity is creeping in. What's important is that the team has remained solid during this gelling process. That's vital. What Dembele said is what gives me the belief it will change. My main worry was thatAVB wanted us to play this year. But after Dembele quotes it shows that the team appreciate that we need to learn how to carve these teams open and are working on it. Had they said that everything was all well and roses and were pleased just to dominate possession then I'd be worried. Just be pleased that will the frontline and team continues and begins to click, we are grinding results because when it does click there will be trouble...
we are now viewed as a top team by the rest of the league, until a few seasons ago we were viewed by opponents as a little bit soft and certainly vulnerable. they used to come to the lane and have a go. we have improved and teams don't do that now. If they come and park the bus it makes life very tough. that is our reality now and we have to accept that it is just not that easy to break down a well organised 11 man defensive wall on a narrow pitch. it requires a really good team understanding and that is clearly not there yet with so many new players. harry had exactly the same problem too though although perhaps we would rather forget that and claim AVB clueless.
Geofspurs- Don't blame the media...AVB was making the comments to the media, he's media savvy...his comments may galvanise support or they may cause division and resentment...he knows what he's doing and he'll have to take the credit or flak that results...
Cider - I mentioned it on the other thread, Lennon didn't make any difference to Siggy so there goes that theory of not playing siggy and things will improve. I don't like seeing Lennon play left wing as he always has to cut inside. Second half he started on the right and was better but again no improvement on Siggy for this game.
Apologies for the shocking grammar. Silly iPad...
BrooksySpurs - I gave up using the ipad as it is too much hard work especially when having to scroll down all the time.
Lennon did make a couple of his excellent runs in behind the LB, and Guernman, you are right he was not found. I do think/hope that once he is back in the groove he will get back to linking up with Walker and dominating the Right hand side with great overlapping play. Townsend has done well of late, but yesterday i thought he was trying to do too much on his own at times. When he played Left, he continually ran infield. Now i am aware that Verts is not going to be an overlapping WB but maybe Townsend could have took his man on the outside and left the space in the middle for others to exploit. The wing play has been poor this season. Not enough 2 vs 1 scenarios with the WB and winger against the LB/RB. Maybe the wingers could hold the ball and release the overlap instead of recieving the ball and driving in Midfield themselves. Draw the MF to the winger and quick ball in behind to the flying WB, leaving him one vs one with the opposing LB/RB at worse. Good chance by the time he is faced with the last line of defence that he will be at full pace, this gives him the upper hand and is very hard to play against.
Cider spurs
Cider - for me nothing has changed since the summer...we need a LB and back to goal striker.....Townsend has had a purple patch but I'm not convinced he'll remain a constant potent weapon and he really needs to keep his shots down...Eriksen again shrugged off the ball, Defoe has never been able to hold or link play and lennon is best on the right and has never scored enough - the system doesn't suit him. Soldado is busy and tidy but lacks presence. How many of our attacking players would make Arse, liverpool, United, City or Chelea?....Defoe?, eriksen? Lennon? Soldado? Townsend?
I actually think Townsend finding form may have caused more problems for AVB....I think the idea was to play 433 with Chadli, Soldado and lamela up top, eriksen coming on to play in appropriate games....Townsend and Holtby were both rumoured to be allowed to leave....the time for bedding in and the resulting changes means AVB now needs to implement a change plan to get to his original idea...we'll see how flexible a manager he can be now.
BrooksySpurs...I thought the tempo was a marked improvement in the 1st 10 minutes, and in all honesty i was sat thinking...that's more like the Spurs i know. But then Sandro got booked, the passing became poor and the tempo fell away.

For me it's the lack of tempo and movement that is holding us back. Goals will come and passing will at least appear to improve as long as we have somebody willing and able to recieve a pass, or pull defences around with clever movement. Too stagnated. How are the Suarez' and Sturridges of the league finding the net so often?...Henderson an upgrade on who?, Gerrard in his 30s. We have a far superior MF imo...Difference being, they are playing at a high tempo, keeping the ball moving quickly, exploiting the time one of them gaps allows a pass to the striker to score.

Fast flowing football should always be hard to play against for the simple reason reaction times to situations are reduced. This is our major flaw...Slow tempo holds no element of suprise. We have the pace to pull defences out of position, all over the place. Let's do this first and then exploit the gaps as opposed to trying to thread balls through to one striker stood still surrounded by 3 defenders. Let's get more in and around the box running in all directions.
Cider spurs
Guernman - interesting point about the pitch size. We have one of the smallest in the league. Not sure this helps us when teams want to sit back and defend. Can't really make it any bigger though so we need to work harder to pull defenders out of position and create space that way instead.
I watched the extended highlights last night and actually thought we played some very decent stuff in parts. The main problem is that nobody has really cemented the no10 role and claimed it as their own. Holtby had some decent patches as did eriksen when he came on, but not a show stopping performance. Soldado worked his balls off yesterday and dropped a lot deeper and wider to get involved with play which obviously meant he wasn’t up topwhere we need him to be. Lennon, looked a lot better than siggy on the left IMO

Regarding AVB’s comments, whilst I think he set up far too defensively yesterday I can understand his point. I mean booing the players off at half time when its only 0-0 and we hadn’t played all that bad was a joke from the “fans”. If people are expecting to thrash everyone 3-0 at home then those people will be disappointed, SAYING ALL this though the performances do need to improve and AVB should have said that...something like…”the performances need to improve and we need to finish teams off sooner BUT we need the support from the fans to get behind the team”….that would have come across a lot better than basically blaming the fans for the average performances

The fact is it’s ANOTHER clean sheet and although we can’t keep relying on dodgy penalties and last gasp wins we are still picking up points without playing well. I mean Man United have done that for 20 phuckin years and its done them no harm!! Im sure the fluidity will come, I just hope its sooner rather than later. End of the day we have sacrifice a lot of dynamic play but we look so much stronger and ridged than the last few years. I mean on guys, we have been known for years for having a weak belly but now we can dig in with the best of them. I think AVB (especially at home) needs to start releasing the handbrake a little bit.
The last post was no way intended to imply that Soldado does not show clever movement..he does at times. He needs people around him moving to create gaps for him to exploit.
Cider spurs
darkenvai- a very sensible post. i couldn't agree more. however, we are only seeing two of the seven new players start for the big games. it is a worry for me that we are not seeing more of the new boys. further more we are not getting the benifits from having saldodo in the team because we can't feed him. our stongest team at the moment is not that strong and i think we are a little lucky to have as many points as we do. i would start playing the 4-3-3 again because if anything else i think we were a lot more dominant than we are now. just until new players start bedding in.
Thats another great post Dark, I can relate to that!!
I'm just not sure the fans would be patient enough with lamela whilst townsend was sitting on the bench...but I do think Chadli could get another run...if he can grab the left great....also think capoue will give us a better passing option from deep and will help tempo without compromising solidity...
topho..yes i know at present Left side is going to struggle with no natural WB like Rose. We have both touched upon the subject of different CM combinations in order to inject some urgency into our play. Same can be said up top, we need a little more movement and a whole lot more creativity. People need to be making runs Left, Right and Centre. It really is a shame because on paper i thought we had it all. So many options, players capable of scoring, people with the ability ti set others up, pace. We have it all, but we are not witnessing enough of it on the pitch for whatever reason as of yet. Why?, i don't know, i'm sure AVB would not mind a few making clever runs in and around the box to create space would he?. So are the players not capable?, do they lack belief or confidence?. I'm sure they're good enough, they just need to trust in their own ability....all too safe.
Cider spurs
shed...Capoue is one i am awaiting with hope. Very adept at passing and has set up plenty of goalscoring chances from deep in his career. He was one player i recall recieving good praise when he first run out for us earlier in the season. He could be very important and it will be interesting to see how the dynamic pans out on his return.
Cider spurs
Cider spurs
When you watch Liverpool it doesn't appear as though messrs Suarez and Sturridge experience much trouble in breaking defenses down, particularly with Coutinho prompting from MF. Perhaps there is a difference between the approachs of Rodgers and AVB, and in the quality of recent signings.
Frank - I reckon suarez and sturridge would take us on another level...that was point about our players, in the final third we are just not on the same planet as the others...yet.
It’s more than just goal-average! Having a superior goal average could well mean the difference between being champions, being in the Champions league, being in the Europa league, or being relegated. It is, quite clearly, an extra point. Nearly all of the top teams in recent years have not let up when they’ve taken the lead. They have not played safe and tried to protect that lead. They have pushed on, resulting in the goal differences they have achieved. To be champions you have to back yourself. You have to be positive, play to your strengths, play the way you want, and never, never, be afraid to lose! You have to have confidence and a winning mentality. The season is still early, but, already, there are signs that it will develop into one of the most competitive seasons for many years. Goal average therefore, becomes even more important. A manager has to show a belief in his team and make positive, and sometimes brave, decisions on how the game will be played – without being unrealistic and foolhardy. I think Spurs could have a much healthier goal average this season if they play to their maximum potential (granted, we do not quite know what that is at present) and AVB has the right attitude, and the full support of the players. There are different styles of playing, different ways of setting the team up; play defensively, play offensively, play a high line, play one striker, play 442, play 433, etc, etc. You know! And I have to believe that AVB also knows. Obviously, the idea is to score a lot more goals than the other team (now that’s rocket science!). So, how do we achieve this and make our goal difference work for us instead of against us?
If we want to score more...we have to drop Lennon and townsend in this system...they just do not score enough goals...but how many will wait patiently whilst Lamela and chadli try and adapt? Our CM's would make it into the other big teams...they are the reason we're hard to beat, not the reason we are not scoring...
We should have got Alan Pardon is as manager, then get Ben Arther lager. Job done.
spu 4 life
We have had a good fixture list but so have Arsenal, they have only played us from the top 8 and we are only 3 points behind them. Yes luck has played its part but we earned it. If we come out the next group of games with positive results then something must be working. I am not happy with the performances but can accept it as long as the results keep coming. Whether we win by penalties or not, the result is what matters.
Topho, there is no way us here at Vital can improve the way we play, all we can do is comment on it after, but yes there are 2 types in here, those that are happy with progress but want to the team to play better, and those that are happy with the progress and results regardless on the performances!!!
I must repeat that it is, IMO, way too soon to be getting on the manager and players. 7 new players, 2 back from loan, 5 others who have only been there for 1 year. This represents a massive overhaul. 4 of our 5 best players from 2 years ago are gone (Modric, Bale, King, VDV) and the other, Ade, has not factored in at all yet we all expect instant chemistry and success. 6 clean sheets, 3 points off of first, and a very young squad that we all know will get better. I'm surprised we are where we are. If we win Wednesday we will have progressed further in the cup than last season, which was further than the season before. We can expect Hull to play mostly the same players. How will AVB and the lads react? We will see Wednesday. As to how players are settling in, I am inclined to wait until the New Year to see how the new players are reacting to the rigours of the EPL. Paulinho looks a little tired, IMO. Sandro still does not look all the way back from injury. It will be great to have Rose back so that players can be playing in position. Capoue is also a big miss at present. He's a DCMF but he is a goal threat. cannon of a shot, quick and a good passer of the ball. We have missed him in the middle. Adebayor too is a big loss at present. We need him back in the fold or need him gone January 1. We cannot be messing around on this. But we also can't be hasty. The new guys will all take time. Erikssen, Chadli, Lamela, Chiriches, Rose, Townsend, Sigurdsson, Holtby, Sandro, Capoue, Naughton, Walker, Paulinho, Fryers are all 25 or younger. Lennon, Vertonghen and Lloris are just 26. We are a very young team and a team that has not played, as a team, for very long. It tkes time. 16 points in 8 was better than 2 in 8. 19 in 9 is not horrid. The play has been solid defensively and very spotty going forward. That said, I am not able to suggest that there are not flashes of brilliance that suggest matters will get better. Townsend has rightfully earned his time. The pass and goal from Lamela to Paulinho was brilliant. Soldado's penalties have been of the utmost quality. His backheel that went off the post would have been a goal of the year candidate. Sigurdsson has three, but has also been unlucky. Erikssen has shown that there is class there. Lamela and Chadli are very responsible defensive players. Capoue and Paulinho have both been better than expected (at least better than I thought they'd be). There is a lot of season still to be played. There will be bumps. I also reckon our lads have a bunch of goals in their boots. Patience is key. COYS
Patience is key Peterballb. Unfortunately some on VS don't and expect too much too soon. COYS!
Peterbalb only time will tell which of the two philosophies will prevail. Whether those of us who can see where we are failing, or those that just assume that it will all come right for no particular reason, or as a result of no particular effort to change things, are proven right. One thing I am certain of, is that if after the November fixtures our frailties have been more cruelly exposed, some of the "rose tinted" brigade will have changed their tune. If I am wrong and we start to play expansive exciting football, scoring goals, and some of our expensive recruits start to perform, and we continue to threaten the top teams, I will certainly admit I was wrong, but I am not holding my breath.
The only way spurs fans can help spurs to play better, is by supporting them. We didn't play well yesterday but we qualified for the next stage of the long drawn out Europa cup, in a efficient quick manner, only a few day earlier.
Frank, I don't have rose-tinted specs. I just don't see this squad as being anywhere near the finished product. I expected we'd be scoring for fun, but I appreciate that it's not so easy. Walker, Rose and Townsend have all created numerous chances. How many of them have been anywhere near a Spurs player? Is it Soldado's fault? I believe it is down to lack of familiarity. Soldado's runs are very good and he takes very good positions. Eventually these crosses and passes will start finding the intended targets. Townsend will start making better decisions. Either lennon will work the left side or Chadli will get in there. Lamela and erikssen will show why they are rated as two of the top young talents in the game. We have a tough month of December. No two ways about it. Last year we were embarking on a three game losing streak to Wigan, City and Arsenal. Let's see where we are after Everton, Newcastle and City this season. As for holding breath, I would not do so either. I still expect it will be the New Year before we start seeing what this team is all about. 3 points each game out in the PL is the goal until all are comfortable. COYS
is there going to another swift half for tomorrow?...;)
If we win convincingly...I dare say pints will be the order of the day. All under the guise of Happy Hour!!.
Cider spurs
What's just happened? Crowd crap - did you not think he wanted a reaction. Some listened and guess what? The crowd were great! This guy is a genius, yes he is the Apprentice still, but for how long.
So in other words anyone who was angry about his comments, Has Just Been Played. Don't be angry, laugh and rejoice this evenings script, even I would not have taken the chance of telling the team who we have next before the penalties. Fade and Die, I think not!

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