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VIDEO: AVB Heralds Lamela

VIDEO: AVB Heralds Lamela

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Writer:Site Staff
Date:Friday November 8 2013
Time: 10:55AM


I'd have thought the price tag heralded Lamela!
Slurms McKenzie
08/11/2013 11:01:00
It was great to watch on TV. Defo MOTM.
08/11/2013 11:19:00
longtimespur- what Jemain Defo was man of the match...?
08/11/2013 11:49:00
He's starting to find his feet, may I emphasise STARTING. Last night at times he was breath taking, but that was only glimpses of what this lad will achieve. For all those who've doubted him & thought the board paid well over the odds, come the end of the season you'll be SO full on humble pie you'll be dreading the coming seasons as the helpings of said pie will keep on coming!

With Lamela, Eriksen & Townsend all understanding each other & interlinking in the 3 behind the Striker, we're setup for a possible 10 years of the most terrifying, formidable, lethal & productive attack that not only the EPL will witness but Europe also. No exaggeration, no over excited hype, just pure footballing fact.

If anyone pipes up about Holtby, well they should take a breath. Lewis is a CM NOT a No.10 & he has PLENTY t offer us during the same spell as this above trio.

Rotation is the name of the game & with rotation also comes changes in formation does it not. With the wealth of Midfielders & strength at the back (whilst our weakness is the wing-backs), we could us a system of 3-6-1 or 3-1-1-4-1 or any other way you feel comfortable calling it. But with either Sandro or Capoue we have our Defence protectors, either MUST play every min of EVERY game if we are to be successful. Yesterday & Sunday highlighted this fact. In BOTH games when they were replaced, thats when the opposition look a genuine threat & last night its when the scored. In fact every game this season when either has played & been replaced with a non CDM we've been weaker.

Anyway, people who've been posting with me over the years know I have a penchant for 3-5-2, well this alteration would lineup as follows; Lloris; Kaboul, Chiriches, Vertonghen; Sandro(Capoue); Holtby; Lamela, Paulinho(Dembele), Eriksen(Siggy), Townsend, Soldado(JD).

Yes I've left out Walker, however he can be deployed further up the pitch in the 6. He's our biggest weakness in the starting 11, obviously the LB position is also weak. This system would accommodate this problem & leave us with a starting 11 that despite how much the opposition parks the bus, we'd have too much creativity & pace to not be able to break them down.

I'm not a CM player or FIFA addict, just feel if given a chance this would be the ideal & it would reward us massively. However, now Lamela is showing signs of self belief, Eriksen is getting better etc, I feel no matter the system AVB deploys, we'll soon see an end to our baron goals scored run & alongside our stingy Defence we'll start to mount a genuine title assault. COYS
True Spurs Supporter
08/11/2013 12:16:00
You missed out our other weakness, Tessa. AVB's lack of tactical awareness during games and overarching caution.
love totty
08/11/2013 12:41:00
Yet another very slow game last night, I thought Lamela played well but I did not see a spurs legend yet he almost panicked when the ball came to him in the box with a half open goal but he composed his self and scored a good goal, I thought he was looking for the penalty but the defender obliged and JD scored a well taken penalty. On a side note I thought their left back was very good, maybe one to watch for the future! I'm don't like our current style of play it is far to slow and lacks the excitement that has drawn me to WHL for many years, i hope that if our creative mid-fielders can really get it going then the excitement will return
08/11/2013 12:48:00
"With Lamela, Eriksen & Townsend all understanding each other & interlinking in the 3 behind the Striker, we're setup for a possible 10 years of the most terrifying, formidable, lethal & productive attack that not only the EPL will witness but Europe also." Good Jebus, where to start.......
Galway Gooner
08/11/2013 13:03:00
TSS - You are aware that 2 members of this site (now there's only 1) were constantly stating last season "Holtby is not good enough & we should cash in in the summer, get rid ASAP", OR "Holtby is not 7 will never be a lock-picker" etc etc, aren't you? One of them is now often saying we need Holtby playing because he is the only person who has been able to pick a pass & unlock defences. Weird!!
08/11/2013 13:09:00
Lol Galway, but in fairness, why not leave us Spurs fans to dream about whatever we like, of course you and many other fans will totally disagree with the said statement, and many others on this forum, but it does you no harm to allow us to ponder...
08/11/2013 13:10:00
Try on Vital Arse, GG?
08/11/2013 13:11:00
Lets not get carried away his performance was against mediocre opposition in a game that held little importance.
08/11/2013 13:14:00
I don't think Galway Gooner ever posts on Vital Arsenal.
08/11/2013 13:14:00
The real issue is AVB's insistence on using inverted wingers. This should be our plan B away from home not our preferred tactics at The Lane.
08/11/2013 13:16:00
That'd be because nobody else does either, Guyver!

MrSpurs - What does the opposition have to do with anything? Did anyone else perform as well as Lamela did? As for the game having little importance, to you maybe, but not to many thousands of THFC supporters who paid to go and watch the match, millions around the world AND, most importantly, the players & their manager. EVERY match is of importance, only complete snobbery would make anyone think otherwise. Sorry but that's how I personally feel, just as you've posted what you personally feel. COYS
08/11/2013 13:27:00
This season is work in progress and we are still in the mix. Judge the team at the end of the season. This team will click and when it does VS will be a boring place for the trolls :) By the way the chavs have been quiet of late..not so cocky now I guess ;) COYS!
08/11/2013 13:37:00
I do Guyver but the comedy element is lacking over there!
Galway Gooner
08/11/2013 13:37:00
Coopsie - my post is not an opinion it's a fact.
08/11/2013 13:48:00
PS, Lamela = Gaz from Geordie Shore.
08/11/2013 14:17:00
So it's a 'fact' that the game was of little importance? Interesting standpoint you speak from there, MrSpurs!!
08/11/2013 14:17:00
Last night's game and the result achieved thanks to Lamela's performance means that we are guaranteed to qualify from our group and that we can afford to rest players in the run up to the busiest period in the footballing calendar. If you think that the game held little importance, you are very much expressing an opinion, probably not one that it widely shared, and nothing like fact whatsoever.
08/11/2013 14:17:00
Personally Dark, I dont think many players will be rested (only hopefully Vertonghen, Walker and Lloris), I think AVB is trying to keep the squad happy, and making sure everyone gets game time.
08/11/2013 14:21:00
Ossie - there will be no lack of opportunity to play everyone in the period 28th Nov to 28th December without recourse to EL games. The fact that we've already qualified means that there is no need to draft any first choice players in to play for qualification on the Thursdays prior to the Man U and Liverpool games on Sunday. AVB can play who he wants, not who he needs. Good position to be in.
08/11/2013 14:47:00
First of all decent result last night, ensuring qualification with 2 group games to go. In all honesty the first half was dire, and screamed same old, same old, but in the second half the tempo improved, and some belief seemed to shine through, and the play improved with Eriksen, and Lamela (at last he looked a decent player, but let's not get carried away just yet), starting to put their back line under pressure at last. This change was emphasised when Paulinho came on, and threatened as well. In the end with Lamela's good finish, and the penalty that he won, being emphatically dispatched by Defoe we got a 2-0 lead, then unfortunately we went to sleep once too often, and conceded, giving the end result a score line that didn't reflect the Spurs superiority, but given that Sherrif were hardly of PL standard, this result must have been largely predictable. Watching this game, I am afraid I had concerns re. 2 of our players. Firstly Dembele, he gets caught either in possession, or due to lack of pace, he is rushed into passes that go astray. He also has a habit of misjudging the pace on a pass, either hitting them too strong so that the receiving player struggles to gain control, or more worrying he produces, what were called when I played, hospital passes, that are a yard short of pace so that they arrive at the receiving player exactly at the same time as the defender, resulting in the risk of the receiver taking an excursion up into the air. Again when I played this used to be a tactic used in training matches to hit these passes to intentionally test the durability, and tackle resistance and bravery of "fancy dans", but that was in youth and Sunday league football, you don't expect it at this standard. The other concern was Naughton, his facial expressions, and body language, suggested he was totally fed up and bored with it all, and his decision making at times was terrible, the best example being the stupid free kick he conceded late on, that gave Sherrif one last chance to equalise. If they had, Naughton should have got a right bollocking. I am afraid at LB he continually looks vulnerable.
08/11/2013 15:00:00
No more 'inverted' wingers please.
08/11/2013 15:09:00
Like most people I thought Lamela had his best game so far for Spurs yesterday evening. He ran with ball a lot more and nearly always found another Spurs player with a pass, long or short. I have read a couple of articles that when he left River Plate and went to Roma it took a few games for him to adjust to the pace of the Italian league so I am sure it will only be a matter of time before we see the best of him.
Ox Yid
08/11/2013 15:40:00
Ox Yid - Correct. It wasn't until Lamela's second season in Rome, that he finally came to life for them. He did 'OK' in his first season, scoring 6 in 31 games in total. Then last season, his second season, after acclimatising & being used to his surroundings, he came to life & scored a very respectable 15 goals & got 6 assists in a total of 35 games. Being responsible for 21 goals in just 35 matches is quite a return, considering he was just 20 years of age & playing in what is arguably the most 'defensively sound' league in the world. In fact, what he has already achieved , considering he has only been 21 for half a year or so, is bloody impressive.
08/11/2013 18:33:00
Coopsie, is it £30M impressive when their are many players who are highly successful in other PL clubs who cost a lot less, in fact £30m players are still a rare commodity. Yes Lamela on last nights showing, is going to be decent player for us, but £30M is still a hell of a fee for a 21 year old promising player.
08/11/2013 22:19:00
I know Coops, it is pathetic how some are very fickle. Holtby's signing made me VERY happy last year & many jumped down his throat when he wasn't the immediate Modric replacement. Fast forward to this season & many are already (pre last night) expecting Lamela to be the carbon copy of Bale... Still I can see both being as vital to our Squad over the coming seasons.

Galway Gooner, are you doubting the ability of Townsend, Eriksen & Lamela & are you unaware of their ages? All 3 have a natural talent, working together as a unit they will only improve individually & collectively. Once they start to fully click with each other you will see that my words aren't that of fantasy or delusion fella. I appreciate & I enjoy the rivalry between our 2 Clubs, yes for a very long time Arsenal have finished above Spurs & at the moment your Team is top of the league. However, Spurs have recruited excellently on top young players, the emphasis is building a highly talented Squad that can spend many years together, competing for every competition we face.

You can scoff at my statements, it really doesn't upset me, you scoff away, but when my words are proved correct just remember who told you what & when.

As for your Club, I'm pleased for Ramsey. He's a player I wanted Spurs to sign, he's had to overcome a lot of injuries & stop starting in his career to date, yet he's risen above it & is now starting to show that he's a complete Midfielder. Also a certain Giroud was slated by many a Gooner in his 1st season, despite scoring 11 EPL goals I think, now look at him, how so many Gooners have changed their opinions... Soldado, Lamela, Eriksen, Paulinho, Chadli will ALL finish this season stronger compared to their start.

Spurs are no longer a Team to only focus on when its the NLD, finally we're back as a genuine rival to your Team. COYS
True Spurs Supporter
08/11/2013 23:48:00
Always thought he would come good, and he will and last night he showed what he can do but please don't get carried away. He needs to take that performance into the PL regular and I still think it will take time, so stay patient. He will start to settle now his family is here and may be they will help him with the language as well and having his girlfriend will help, they can talk things over and start to enjoy a bit of social life but I bet they are freezing lol We have a good squad and there are signs of improvement although I am still concerned a little about the lack of service to Soldado and his style of play which sometimes I see him making runs and no one finds him and sometimes I see him being lazy standing around, that to me shows a player not settled with the other players, a bit lost, not clicking yet. Lamela is the same but Thursday he played without fear and that is a good sign. Well done
09/11/2013 10:01:00
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