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Lamela and Townsend

Lamela and Townsend

G'day everyone, Football is fickle. Clubs are fickle, players are fickle, pundits are fickle, so too are the fans.

In the Capital One Cup match against Hull, I'm pretty sure there were more than a few fans with growing concern about the young career of Erik Lamela, at least in a Spurs shirt. Our club record signing, up until that point, had shown very few glimpses of quality, which were mere drops in an ocean of predictability, loose touches and physical weakness. His penalty miss pretty much summed up his short career at Spurs.

His already low confidence was surely shot. My response to any comments made by my non-Spurs friends was that I didn't care. Townsend has been our unearthed gem, so as long as we've spent near enough £30m in the transfer window, I don't care where our £30m player comes from, whether it's Roma or our own youth system. The pendulum, however, seems to have swung the other way on Thursday night. Any manager at any level of football, professional or otherwise, will tell you that if you're struggling for form, no matter how good you think you are, run your gonads off and the fans will get behind you.

That is EXACTLY the kind of attitude Lamela took on board in our home match against Sheriff. He's not the most physical player we have in our squad and even on a couple of occasions on Thursday he got robbed and shrugged off the ball. He could have easily, however, thrown his arms in the air, lowered his head and sulked in obscurity. When things aren't going your way, it's easy to play the victim, blame the opposition, the ref, the manager, anyone but yourself. Lamela showed me, along with some amazing ability, notably the dribbles for the penalties (only one was given of course), that he is willing to fight the opposition as well as his team mates for a place in the starting XI.

He was everywhere that night, throwing himself in to challenges, tracking back, digging in deep and showing he's willing to make the game come to him, rather than waiting for it to gift him a successful career at the Lane. Now I have to ask where he fits into our current PL starting XI. I previously mentioned how promising Townsend has looked, but why on earth do we want players 'occupying' positions. In Townsend, we have the most two footed player in the league (other than maybe Santi Cazorla), and together with Erik Lamela, we possibly have two excellent dribblers, with the pace and skill to get defenders running towards their own goal.

With these two in the wide areas, both with the ability to go either side of the fullback, as well as switching flanks, appearing more centrally and picking a pass, we could have a dangerous pairing in our side. Any thoughts appreciated.

Written by Bernio Villas-Spuras

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Writer:Bernio Villas-Spuras
Date:Saturday November 9 2013
Time: 3:00PM


Lamela is the next Ronaldo. I have no worries about or for him, just look at the way he moved and ran, he was like a younger and rawer version of Ronaldo, so I think we have a great star and a I also think he will eclipse a certain Gareth Bale and become a hero and legend for us.
09/11/2013 15:04:00
Any manager at any level of football, professional or otherwise, will tell you that if you're struggling for form, no matter how good you think you are, run your gonads off and the fans will get behind you. ................................................................ HA HA you saw and heard what Gordon Strachan said as well cz that's almost exactly what he said. Thing is it's true, because it shows the fans that the player hasn't given up and is still willing to work and try, unlike a certain Ade, who is one of the most frustrating players on earth cz we all know what he can do .
09/11/2013 15:08:00
With Townsend AND Lamela we have two of the most promising players in the Prem. They will take a bit of looking after and polishing, but those two diamonds will shine and sparkle for us and with them both playing we will march onwards and upwards.
09/11/2013 15:13:00
No, you're not alone Chris! Don't think there's a single fan who DOESN'T want to see Townsend and Lamela start on Sunday......OK, maybe one or two.
09/11/2013 15:44:00
Don't agree with one part of the article about Lamela and Townsend being able to go past their players on the outside. Townsend was on the left in one game for a while and kept cutting in he seemed to be reluctant to go on the outside even though he is left footed and aslo lamela did that as well, they both seem to want to play the 'inverted' wide player, playing on the opposite side to their strongest side which makes me wonder how we are going to employ both these players because they obviously prefer to play right side and then we have a different type if right sided player in Lennon. I said in previous article I think Lamela will eventually make that right side his own but still needs time and for me that has to be shared with Lennon this season, Lennon has off days and gets injured but he has PL experience and this gives Lamela time to adjust. So imo Townsend needs to go left but to do that he needs to go past his player on the outside imo which he should be able to do if he is left footed. I think having an inverted wide player is fine on one side but both sides I think it gets easy to predict and it gets congested. I think if Townsend works on the left with Chadli and Lamela and Lennon on the right then we are sorted for a few years.

I think we need to see more from Townsend and stop going over board. How many goals has he scored and how many assists this season with regular games and how much does he get stuck in and help out defensovely, I think we will find that his stats are not great and imo he has not done enough to think he is automatic choice and if Lamela improves and continues where he left off from thursday and can do the same in the PL then it will not be long before he will become first choice.

Again it's early days for Lamela, Townsend as it is with Eriksen and Capoue and Paulinho but imo our cm's seem to have settled more than our forward players. Vlad has improved and imo will become a great CB for us over the years.
09/11/2013 15:44:00
chrishove123,agree with your assessment a real star and the one signing i prayed we would make in the summer.coys
09/11/2013 16:03:00
Oh I was feeling so alone and sad on here until you both turned up. LOL Agree World Peace, Vlad looks like he is going to be the real deal. And yeah Durbanspur, there probably are the odd one or two who wouldn't be happy with them starting, but would they be happy with ANy team AVB picked. Oh the operative word being ODD. HA HA
09/11/2013 16:03:00
WorldPeace, could be more a case of instructions from the manager rather than an inability to run past a player on the outside...and I say that exactly BECAUSE Lamela was doing exactly the same thing. Find it very irritating to watch if I'm honest since it makes switching positions and even making substitutions to try and change the game completely pointless.
09/11/2013 16:07:00
lamela as the number 10 in which i beleive was his position at riverplate could mybe go along way to getting more goals for solado and club.his turn dribbling and pick the passes for solado or a runner are score himself.hope avb trys him there for a game or two.think it could be a winner for us.coys
09/11/2013 16:12:00
Sod CR7. We've got EL10
09/11/2013 16:15:00
Nice to see real positive comments to begin this thread. No doubt the usual doom mongrels or mongars will hijack and try to bring down the waves of optimism. Totally agree with all of the above. Difficult to keep my feet on the ground after Lamelas performance. Naturally hoping he can transfer that kind of performance to the higher tempo and competitiveness of the prem. I think he will. Also expecting our coaches to toughen him up in the way Utd did with Ronaldo. The comparisons are quite startling Chris!
09/11/2013 17:06:00
for me he's more a RvP than ronaldo and yes I think lamela will make the right his own...where that leaves Townsend is anyone's guess at the moment...
09/11/2013 17:27:00
Lamela is starting to look like the real deal. I agree that we should start him and Townsend tomorrow, but I think that means we have to play Holtby, at least for the first half. Lamela and Eriksen, for all their skills, are relatively easily shrugged off the ball. They both need the same treatment that young Gareth had from the Spurs conditioning team over the last three years. If we're going to play the high line/possession game that AVB clearly wants to, then Eriksen's skill levels are going to be a lot more use when the Geordies are knackered! Only thing that worries me is how the FBs will play with Townsend and Lamela. Townsend seems to have an excellent understanding with Walker, although is, as seems likely, Vertonghen plays LB, he can fit in with anyone. Just want some goals - preferably 4 and preferably all plucked out of the net by Krul. Early start tomorrow - I can't believe I've got to leave home at 0930 to go to a Spurs home match! COYS
09/11/2013 17:29:00
I think the £30m price tag is a heavy enough burden for the young lad without throwing on the "next Ronaldo" stuff as well. Anyway I feel he has a quite distinct style of play, difficult to compare him with anyone.
09/11/2013 17:38:00
Guyver Don't worry, he's got broad shoulders and big boots, he can hack it.
09/11/2013 17:59:00
Off topic here but needs to be said. Well well well, maybe Chelski have a key to unlock WBA, but looks like WBA also have a good key to unlock Chelski and Chelski needed a dodgy penalty to pull the draw against WBA, proves there's no such thing as an easy game these days in the Prem.
09/11/2013 18:02:00
Before we all cream our undies about Lamela, let us just remember that this was FC Sheriff, a team from some non existent Eastern European country who have been in the EL 3 times, and guess what, they have never got out of the groups, they maybe on a good day as good as Crystal Palace. Yes Lamela was impressive, but until he does it against the likes of Arsenal, Utd, City, Liverpool, Chelsea, consistently, as £30M players should do, lets keep our feet on the ground. If a £30M player can't take the pi$$ out of a team like them, then i just don't know. You could probably buy their country for £30M.
09/11/2013 22:08:00
Chrishove123, the penalty that Chelsea got wasn't a dodgy penalty, it was an illustration that Andre Marriner is either totally incompetent (which is probably true), or that he is severely visually impaired, or that he is bent, a cheat (which like a few of his colleagues is very likely). Whatever the excuse, he should be cooling his heels in leagues 1&2, for a few weeks, and subject to further assessment, before being allowed to resume refereeing in the PL. Incidentally he should take Antony Taylor, John Moss, and Oliver with him, they all have similar problems.
09/11/2013 22:16:00
If Lamela does get selected, don't be surprised if he puts in an ordinary game. This is because that idiot of AVB had decided that the only way to introduce a player is to give him a run in the EL games. Now we all saw how much running he did against Sheriff. And that was THursday night. So he only got about 2 days to rest. Which may not be enough. All because our "brilliant" manager didn't have an option?? but to keep him on the field the full 90 minutes! Nitwit.
10/11/2013 08:38:00
You have not heard of a player called Nacer Chadli have you, he is a two footed player, far more two footed than Townsend who actually does very little with his right.
10/11/2013 08:42:00
Spurs were a total disgrace on sunday against Newcastle they gave the ball away , they were tragic at passing the ball , they were pathetic at corners , there was no fire in their belly , starting with Walker he just gave the ball away again and again and again his passing was a total dispair , Cliriches is an all round weak performer , Vertonghen has had his worst game so far kept passing poorly and making the game hard for him self , Townsend might as well never have turned up lost the ball everytime it was passed to him , Paulhino was a small boy in mens clothes simply terriable , Dembele lost the ball all day long , Sigurdsson will never be a footballer allways too cold in consistency struggled all the time , Saldado is a joke who scouted him they should be shot they know sweet FA about a striker , Erikensen is way out of his league can AVB not see by now he can`t take a corner he contributes nothing , infact it would have be easier for me to say Dawson was the one and only player we had and even he made it hard for him self , stop dreaming about top four its not on after this appalling disaster DISGUSTED !
10/11/2013 15:42:00
they should both have been playing for weeks, lamela should be competing for number 10 with eriksen, and when plaing playing with both lennon ans townsend , both starting on their natural sides. i would start this by testing it in the thursday spoon next game...with strick instructions for townsend and lennon not to switch for 90 mins, see what happens, rule it in or rule it out
11/11/2013 09:25:00
For me the right hand side is between Lennon and Lamela. The left is between Townsend and Chadli. Do not get me wrong, all four can probably swap. Stop playing Siggy on the left. Lamela can also play 10, but for now that should be between Holtby and Eriksen.
Sebastian Short
11/11/2013 13:30:00
Pop sums it all up for me! - The bipolar nature of the Spurs fan. One week we're going to sweep all before us and the next week, we're complete sh**! Let's for once be rational - This is a season for rebuilding, but the opportunities are there for us, as everyone else is in a similar rebuilding situation (execept perhaps A***nal). We'll have a better idea by the end of the January window whether we can really make a challenge this season. Keep the faith. COYS
11/11/2013 13:32:00
"Football is fickle. Clubs are fickle, players are fickle, pundits are fickle, so too are the fans." No they're not. It's twits that are fickle.
11/11/2013 16:10:00
Time to strengthen up the midfield for me. Need to battle back our confidence.........i'd be going Capoue,Sandro...Paulinho......with Townsend, Soldado, Lamela.
11/11/2013 20:37:00
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