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AVB: Make them Squirm!..

Following AVB wise or unwise criticisms of The Daily Mail journo's and our former owner. Several of our players have come out in support of their manager, which for some reason, I actually believe their motives to be positive and not some politically based spin, to take the heat off of the current situation, whilst also making themselves out to be good guys in what could still be an increasingly bad situation.

I suppose it is fair to suggest that Alan Sugar isn't respected for his knowledge of football, whilst also being happy to offer his opinion, regardless of whether it is popular or correct. Similarly, newspapers are there to attract readers and spark opinion, so should we or more importantly AVB really take note issue with their words? Personally, i have read articles from Ashton and Samuals, Two writers I actually quite like, but there does smack of there being an agenda against our manager. In the case of Lord Sugar, perhaps he should stick to firing wannabe's on the TV, as opposed to discussing his taste in managers. This is of course the same owner that appointed Christian Gross and George Graham to the Spurs hot seat. So how does he really qualify?

What these people may be saying and writing may well have some validity. AVB is leading us into playing some dreadful football, whilst losing 6-0 is clearly a mini disaster, however what counts in reality is whether the players are still playing for their manager and embracing his ideas. Lose the players and he is doomed, but do the players still enjoy working with him and retain belief that given time, all will be good and the team will achieve success?.

History has often shown a manager close to the sack, only to turn things around and achieve huge success. Wasn't Fergie heading for the chop, before Mark Robin's scored an FA Cup goal against Notts Forest? Howard Kendall was heading for defeat against Oxford, but for a Kevin Brock suicidal back pass allowed Adrian Heath to score a late equaliser, which is widely heralded as the start of Everton's great run of success in the 80's. Perhaps AVB isn't quite at the one game from the sack position yet, but the point is that managers can and do turn things around, either with time, vision or that little piece of fortune. At this stage, I have no issue with my manager sticking up for himself and his players, in fact I quite like it.

Of course the jury is still out, and the next three games could make us forget all our supposed woes or see us chanting for the head of our 'useless' manager. Who knows which way things will go. Having three players publicly back the manager is good to see, though we could still have a few dissenting players in the dressing room that is bringing the whole mood down and perhaps it is those voices that have a greater effect on the team than a few cheer-leading for the media. The thing is that for now at least I actually believe that Vertonghen, Sandro and Dembele are being truthful, after all, one isn't playing every week, the other is playing out of position and the other is supposedly about to ask for a January move. All of course suggested by the same media that are hailing AVB as a flop!

The reality is that the team hasn't been playing beautiful football and we have lost a few games. Happily so have most of our rivals, so if this is our mid season crisis, perhaps we should be pleased to still be in touching distance with the top four and who knows, with lessons learned and the players really, and not just verbally backing their manager, things could just prove to be ok in the end. I have always felt that the true test of a quality manager is whether they learn in adversity and and bounce back stronger and wiser. This is the time for AVB to prove his worth, and though I have to confess to sitting comfortably on the fence, I would love to see him turn things around, even if its just to read and listen to these so called experts squirm and worm their way out of their past comments...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 2 2013

Time: 4:01PM

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AVB, I for one, give you my full backing.
Me too. Well done Andre.
Video of the interview for those who want it:
Tactically Challenge
I am curious to see how we do in our next 2 games. I hope we win.
I do believe that the Mail and Mirror, have gone to town on AVB and are looking to inflame the situation for reasons that we can only speculate. Sure we were battered by City, but we dominated against Newcastle and West ham was a fluke for me. We have been terrible to watch, but I do maintain that certain members of the media are looking to get back at Spurs and AVB and for now at least, irrespective of how we have played, I believe we need to back the manager and club against such *****e
Yes mainly agree OX. I want us to win firstly and being hard to beat with 60% possession and winning 1-0 was OK for me. What is worrying this season is that when we have conceded first we have LOST. All of them. We had good bouncebackability last season and the first goal against was not a worry. We have all been worried in the past about leaking goals regularly so a more defensive approach is what has been created. Now that apparently is boring. If we go for it forward we will concede like yesterday. What are we happy with ??
Neil Ashton has the cheek to try and argue his way out. Just shows... in his head, he thinks his type of "journalism" is fine, even good, definitely justified! Ox: Attract readers and spark debate yes but u can spark debate with good articles, with pros and cons instead of a massively one sided article, with a couple lies in there for good measure. Journo's can have their own opinion but when u start making stuff up, not good. Especially when a lot of readers actually believe most of what they read. The worst thing is this sort of thing happens outside of football too obviously, all over the media, about more important things tbh.
One of best reads Ox. Thanks! The deadly intent in AVB's eyes tell me we will be in for a cracker Christmas!
Articles not reads
though we have been terrible to watch at times. we do have the stupid stats of having the most shots, but worst conversion rates. that perhaps indicates that our attacking players are just being *****e, but perhaps that the manager is a little dull, but unlucky. Just wonder what we would be saying if we had scored 10% more of the chances we have created? would we really be critical of AVB now?
AVB's problems are a) his time at Chelsea bolts on to his time here. Not yet proving that he is worthy of taking these teams on... b) he has not put 2 full seasons of management together. c) Relative inexperience. d) not very charming... e) seems very sensitive & stubborn... f) Di Canio gone, Jol was going, going, NOW gone.... and now AVB is the next one to talk about. I do believe that the way to shut 'em up is to get it right on the pitch. Levy was looking a bit twitchy during the match, but I would be surprised if he would sack so easily. This is no where near as bad as Ramos 2 points in 8 games OR Jol's poor start for us (which was worse than Fulham's this year btw). Let's just get it right on the field, and they will focus on the good performances. Focus on tried and trusted - THEN work in the new stuff...
Oxfordspur, as i said on another article, only scoring 9 goals after 110 million being spent and getting thrashed by City 6-0 was always going to give the ammunition the press needed, it would be the same if the same stats were bestowed upon arsenal or chelsea. I don't buy that the press have it in especially for us, they have it in for any high profile manager who is struggling, like a bunch of vultures, they love the smell of dying blood.
spurfect one
there is that feeling in my bones that his time at chelsea and criticism he received for being defensively naive is actually affecting us now, as he looks to be solid at the back over all else. at least he has proved he can be defensively strong...
....btw I was explaining AVB's problem with the media.... Why they have a go at him....
Part of the problem... Journos look at this site and see the posters who are always negative..anti Enic, Levy.. AVB. and the journos write the fans are saying get rid of AVB, calling for owners to sell up... As far as I know.. the majority of spurs fans, still back Levy, ENIC and AVB.. and I am pleased he had a go back at them...they are fecking w****rs
Block D Spurs
Payback for us winning the Yid fiasco against them and AVB openly supporting the fans on it?
when we look at the average goals scored of the teams above us is just under 24, and we are stuck on 11, with only Palace and sunderland scoring less in the division, it is clear to see what the problem is. lets imagine for one second that we had scored at the rate of the lowest scorers above us, (southampton 16), you would assume we would be in a far healthier position and state of mind
I watched Sunday Supplement on Sky yesterday morning and they had a bloke on their from 'The People' who had published the successors Levy has lined up if/when Levy has had enough of AVB. Just a total troublemaker trying to sell papers by any means. Total Scum. At least the other 2 on the programme were in support of AVB and thought we have been not too bad and should have more time with the new recruits. I still think we have a good 25 man squad, and can compete in all competitions with them. Still lacking that mobile striker, but we do need more one twos to move the ball more quickly with players going beyond the striker to score.
I haven't logged on to vital spurs for quite a while now due to the constant negativity some members were showing. But I'm glad Ox is still writing positive well argued articles. I for one am a massive AVB supporter and think he was well with in his rights to knock the bull***** the mail have been printing recently. I definitely think the gauntlet has been laid down by AVB and the upcoming games (victories) will be scrutinised by the media with their fangs out. Massively Looking forward to Fulham on Wednesday.
Personally, I like the fact that AVB is fighting them - trying to hold onto his job and he cares. Hopefully this has already & will create a seige mentality at the Club. However, it could backfire and we saw that after the Newcastle game with Dawson's warcry about making amends to the fans all over the press - he then proceded to get turned all over the place in a 6-0 drubbing. Silly. So - ideally let your results do the talking, but no harm in AVB fighting and if he wins the next two BIG Matches - maybe the right strategy.
Interesting, two articles today on the same topic with vastly different view points. I prefer this one.
Cleveland ARTSPURS
Another note, probably the worst time to play Fulham on Wednesday. New Manager, prob Hangerland and Berba back as they will all want to be on the pitch now. A must win for us though.
Cannot believe that some feel that AVB was wrong to confront Ashton - most are forgetting that the key issue was Ashton misquoting AVB and basing his article on the misquote - AVB did NOT say 'they' .....he said 'we' and Ashton actually queried whether 'we' included AVB and he responded three times 'we means us'. Please go back and listen to the exchange. Durbanspur Also, Ashton is deliberately and cunningly implying that AVB is upset at his critique when in fact AVB is most upset with the misquote and Ashton's attempt to drive a wedge between AVB and his players. Durbanspur Read more:
managers have the age old problem that if they fight back, they are arrogant, thin skinned, or in AVBs case both, if they sit tight and say nothing they are bottlers. is there also the question that if we were 5th and 3 its off 4th, we would be talking about being just outside and one win away, but sitting 9th is doesn't look quite as positive, regardless of points
oxfordspur, You make a good point. AVB is not responsible for the many missed efforts on goal. Players have to stand up and be counted too. I will continue to believe that the goals we all desire will come. Then I'm sure that we'll become a force to be admired.
Good fighting talk by AVB - however, it is a risk. Remember him talking about Arsenal's negative spiral in the press - how did that turn out. I like the seige mentality, it could help us, but prefer the winning lots of games and sticking a middle finger up strategy better. Dawson example after Newcastle & then his man city performance a great example of the risk...........
CoysRus and anyone having doubts... Think it's about the attacking players slowly finding their feet and playing to their potential. They haven't got there yet. We have 5 NEW attacking players, most of whom are still young. Add to that Townsend who's still learning, Holtby who hasn't been around long, Ade who's Ade, and Defoe who JUST shoots. Chadli's been out most of the season so far, Lamela's getting there slowly but has already shown glimpses, Lennon (our ONLY seasoned, good attacking player) has been out and only coming back in. Eriksen now also out... And we're 3 points off 4th place, 3 points off Liverpool and Everton, (3rd and 4th) who haven't had Europe to contend with! And we're 1st in our EL group with a game to spare. I think, left-back problems aside, our defensive unit is ok. Yes, AVB and the squad needs to work on attacking play, but I'm sure they will... u can see they already are, week to week. Once the attacking unit gets firing we'll be fine. stronger and better to watch for sure. Side-note: Arsenal are playing Hull, Everton, Napoli, City and Chelsea next. Our squad depth will do good things in the 2nd half of the season. I hope so anyway! COYS.
It's all media spin. It needed short shrift and it got it. What was it last time, Dembele may be looking to leave because he is unhappy with lack of gametime. What did he really say, of course i am not happy when i do not play, ask any player they all want to play. Both suggest annoyance at lack of gametime, but one can be deemed as a positive response, one a negative. Not hard to work out the one from the press is it?.
Cider spurs
Cider spurs
Sugar is just a fan like us, but with a bigger bank account, He shouldnt even be referenced in arguments about the managers capabilities, I dont mind AVB picking a scrap with a reporter as long as its not a common occurrence, he will eventually lose. I preferred it when he was barely audible giving literally nothing away to the press. The fact that most of the talk has been about the press and not the decent game against UTD we just had kinda shows that this issue could easily spiral out of control.
The only way to put this issue to bed now is on the field, not the pressroom. My advice to AVB is to now concentrate on performance in the Spurs style with pacy wingers staying wide, and let the league position take care of itself. We may even win a cup along the way. I say this because gaining 4th spot is increasingly unlikely anyway. I hear the squeals of protest that we're only x points behind blah, blah, but realistically Le Arse, Chelski and Shltty are nailed on for three of those spots. That leaves us fighting with MU, Southampton, the Mersey clubs and even feckin Chateau Nouveau for the last spot. I wouldn't bet against MU at least with their resources.
Love totty
Cheers Cider! Love totty, I'd agree City and Chelski are definite top 4. Let's wait till after Arsenal play Everton, City and Chelsea before nailing them on for top 4. I think they've done really well so far, almost too well. They've used a lot of the same players in the League AND in Europe, that might come back to haunt them. I don't care if they're 9 points away from 5th, it's still only early December. Quote from Walker: “The dressing room is full of enthusiasm and energy and it was a great performance.” Print that Neil Ashton u scummy *****.
Love Totty....Chateau Nouveau.....I had to think about that one! But seriously you do state what I think most fans do not realise, Top 4 will be difficult. Consistency is key. Losing to CN is not part of that. draws with Chelsea, Everton and ManU are acceptable.
In same games as last year we are +1point.
Chateau Nouveau??? lol
* Don't get me wrong, not saying it'll be easy for us by any means... but it won't be easy for any of the 9 clubs with a shout at 4th so far. And even Le Arse will have to fight for that 4th spot, IMO.
"If there's anyone to blame, blame me as manager. Ultimately it is down to the manager." nice from Rodgers
Yeah good shout, Chateau Nouveau haha..
I'm not saying that 4th is impossible , just highly unlikely. At the start of the season I thought we'd stand a chance against Le Arse and MU but not now. My point though is that satisfying the fan base, saving the players reputations and silencing the press will be better served by performance over results. I happen to believe that the results would be better too.
Love totty
Alan Sugar is entitled to his view. One man one opinion no more no less. He must have a beef over something, A Tottenham 3 - Man Utd 5 result as occurred in the glorious before is forgotten. Any successor to AVB in future will still have a booing moaning section of support to bear. The winning mentally is not something in Spurs supporters genes - yet! The excuse that the current style of play is the reason for negative moans boos etc is rubbish. Some people are happiest to have 90 mins to curse swear boo, moan and verbally stab the players in the back, then they go home happy.
Come on AVB..make them squirm.......need 2 wins in the next 2 games and i will be squirming with delight, with you.
AVB is right to be offended by these people but some of their claims are so nuts ("Anyone could have won...") all the people who matter to Spurs could see through them, and it would have been more dignified of AVB to ignore it or laugh it off and say nothing. After all, they're trying to wind him up, and he, "young, foreign and bookish," is never going to be their cup of tea. By letting their type get under his skin, they are delighted that their existence has been acknowledged, they've become "the voice of..." in their publications or suitably controversial and outspoken enough for invitations they can never lift above being troll radio and tabloid TV. As others have suggested, this kind of constant sniping at AVB should instead be used to further deepen chief coach and squad solidarity against those who doubt them. That is, say little but instead use these critics as motive for a foot on the pedal.
Camper - a club culture is not built overnight. Ours stems from a proud tradition of breaking the mould with "firsts" - Non league team to win the cup, first 20th century double, Euro success etc. Please don't decry out culture so blithely. Audere est Facere! COYS
Love totty
I agree with your points, Windlespur.
Love totty - I may exaggerate, but where in the culture did we start to boo a reasonable substation, Townsend for Lennon, at a critical stage of a game when everyone would obviously play better with strong vocal support.
AVB certainly has my support for the season. I never like changing coaches mid season or just 1.5 years in. No one can change a team overnight with consistently good results. Bound to be hiccups. Prefer to have had them now and run away from here on than what we've been through for the last 3 years. I think the players and AVB have seen the bottom and will get on with it from here on in.
oops spellin not my strong poit, Substitution not substation above.
I back AVB 100% for standing up to the press regardless of the problems on the pitch because they lied and they do it a lot. Yes they have to sell papers but sometimes they go too far, they write trash imo. I much rather read a good debate in the paper that is fair than read an article that is sensationalised and is false. AVB imo is upset because he has worked hard to build a 'us' mentality at Spurs, he is young and imo seems to like working with a young squad, and he doesn't want that falling apart. The media are trying to upset the players and create a divide imo and AVB is trying to build a togetherness this is why he said 'we' and as for Sugar well he just gave an opinion at the wrong time imo. didn't really put much thought into it. Now if I was AVB I would concentrate on the football and forget about the press, keep your own counsel until 'you' want to express something, don't get drawn into the 'mind games' now, you have stuck up for yourself, the players and the club, well done.
The article asked if AVB was confident or stupid. How about stupidly confident
I certainly don't condone it, Camper, but I understand the frustration of fans having been starved of traditional wing play seeing Lennon back to his pomp. It wouldn't have happened if that was just the first bewildering sub by AVB over the last year or so. You reap what you sow as it says in the good book.
Love totty
Must admit, any coach taking over from AVB would love the squad they will inherit. However, I'm still pretty confident that Levy will correctly stick by AVB and let him nurture what he has developed or purchased. Him and Baldini will also get the chance to finish the squad rebuilding he started 2 summers ago with more investment from Levy. What I love about Spurs squad is that you can almost pick any formation and system and you will find the players that lend themselves to it. Now we just need to see the brand of football that we know those players can deliver.
Sandro's up to his tricks again
I put my thoughts on the earlier article. Just a precis: I am totally behind AVB as long as he is at THFC. The same with the team. Yes I have gripes and moans, also favourite players, as all have, but whilst they are playing in our shirt I am fully behind them! COYS COYAVB
Lamela: Not even on the subs bench? Rumours of being Baldini's and not AVB's choice? Perhaps the best outcome if true would be for Baldini to arrange a high profile exchange with someone in Italy. Who would be the contenders worth a similar amount? Ballotelli anybody?
Love totty
Airwave, I disagree. AVB had little choice but to act. The media are the ones feeding the frenzy and AVB cannot sit back and allow all he and the lads have worked for to be thrown out. As I see it, AVB has always been respectful of the media and I believe he is entitled to expect the same in return. At Chelsea they could have focused on the change that AVB had been asked to bring in by Abramovich, but chose to focus on "unhappy" veterans. The media piled it on and he was fired. Ramos did not abide the media at all. When the sharks were circling, he remained silent. When Redknapp was apparently spoken to after game 6, he said nothing. He had everyone against him and the players gave up. AVB shows fight and the players like that. People criticized him for having a go at the fans at WHL. I applauded him for it. The players all wanted to say it, but couldn't. He took the hit for them. I like and respect AVB even though he would not have been my choice as manager. For any person to say anyone could have done what AVB did at Porto is absurd, insulting and severely disrespectful. Personally, from the outside, I think that the papers and the institutions are not happy to see the success of Spurs. So much of what I have read would never be suggested about Villa, Everton, City, Leeds, Newcastle, Chelsea or any of the others who have taken runs at the established teams. Spurs were always seen as the underdog who would, here and there, manage an improbable cup run. We are now a real threat and there is a lot of negativity in a lot of what is written/said. During the ManU telecast, how many positive Spurs comments were there? How many pro ManU ones? One point separates the two clubs. Look how they are both covered in the media. How many titles has David Moyes won? I have a great respect for him, but quite frankly, it could be argued that Harry has a more successful CV. I think Everton look better under Martinez. He was on my short list for the Spurs job. Moyes wasn't. Nor was AVB. There is a contingent in the press that wants him to fail, DEARLY WANTS HIM TO FAIL. I don't understand it. That same press really wanted Harry to be the England coach. Funny how that stuff all works out. COYS
AVB might not be a housewife's favourite, but what goes on behind the scenes is what matters. Clearly he has the backing of the players and in AVB I trust. COYS!
camper, for the life of me I do not understand booing any substitution. Debate it, fine. See how things go, fine. But booing. Why? Makes the player going on feel like crap and I have never seen it change a coach's mind. They are all Spurs players. Perhaps the pace of Townsend was something that would potentially catch ManU out. Defoe did though I would never have made that change. AVB really does deserve more respect from us too. COYS
Camper- substation?...was that because Lennon was running out of juice?...;)
peter- booing/yelling etc is the only way a person in the crowd can get their feeling across to the management...debating it after in the pub- mgt don't hear, on here mgt don't here- of course the manager doesn't change his mind there and then (although Arry did send on a fan to play once for West ham (?) because the fan said he was better than the sub) but he will take account of the crowds message(s) next time...doesn't make it right but that's why it happens....
as for AVB- I thought he handled himself well in the sit-down press conference (mix pointed that one out to me)...the stand up interview on BT after the game was toe-curling though and really didn't do him any favours...
Peterballb stop it at once I agree with both of the posts of yours that I have just read and I find that most unusual
Cider Spurs- My take on the reason Lamela was missing yesterday was that he was dropped. He only played what 15 minutes on Thursday, of course he may of picked up a injury but my take on it is he was dropped. I share the same opinion that with Lamela's situation at the minute theres more than meets the eye, i hope he can get over whatever problems he has. Also i doubt a £30 million signing would just be Baldini's doing, AVB must've had a input, he's very knowledgeable of the south american market anyway.
so now Morata has rejected us for Arsenal, really?....whoever we get we need Jan1st...
I cringed when I heard the boos, although to be fair I think it was disapproval of taking Lennon off more than anything else. They probably thought that Chadli should have been taken off, totally wrong as Chadli was helping out Verts who was having a torrid time against Valencia. I thought it was brave of AVB, going out to win the game with Townsend directness, didn't agree with Defoe coming on, he's pretty useless as a lone striker.
Townsend should be looking at Lennon more and learn about being a team player instead of trying to be the new Bale, it would make him a better player.
What's interesting is that Lennon stayed on against City when it was a dead game whereas he got subbed against Utd. Bearing in mind he's only completed 3 games all season and been injured for a lot of it, I'm not surprised that AVB is protecting him. Just funny it was that way round. My guess is we won't see him on Wednesday night and we could even see both Lamela and Townsend play.
IY, The problem is every time Roy Hodgson turns up at the lane, these wannabe world cup stars start trying to hard. Defoe proved nothing, Lennon may have got Roy thinking and AT just needs to keep his head down and should make the flight.

TBH, I think the kid Barkley at Everton is closer to being the new Bale. Class act.
Lennon was a breath of fresh air against Utd and showed why we've missed him so much on the wing. Just his presence scares the defence. I doubt he'll play so soon. Maybe he'll warm the subs bench, but they need to protect his hamstring. Fulham and Sunderland are must win games and the draw against Utd has given them back their confidence. These games can't come soon enough. COYS!
Critical_spur agree about Barkley. This boy oozes class. The best youngster I've seen since the introduction of Rooney to the PL. COYS!
Longtime ... Good post; spoken like a true Spur supporter!
shedboy .. I agree. Don't like the idea of booing, but, it is the only way some fans have of venting their frustration or making their thoughts known ... and they have invested time and money into their support. It's just part of football.
Critical ... I had not thought of that. Good point ... Hodgson should be banned from the Lane in the national interest!! James ... certainly agree about Lennon.
AVB has just has to conduct the post match press in Portuguese and speak in English only for Spurs TV. That's one way of avoiding these question. And c***s ike Ashton cannot twist the words. If he does, AVB can say its been mistranslated & move on.Once of the wisest things done by Pochettino inspite of having a grasp of the English language.
The time to complain is after you have won is a maxim that AVB should adopt and stop behaving like a big girl's blouse. The only way to stop negative press is to succeed in achieving a worthwhile objective. Past achievements are just history, especially when not related to current employment; ask anyone with a job. So, suck it up AVB, get on with your job, and be successful both for yourself and the fans of our great football club.
If AVB takes the media on they will crucify him. The only way to beat them is on the pitch, let the results do the talking, if they cant they way we are playing.
Townsend should focus on being Townsend he is neither Bale nor Lennon, a good manager now would have him flying down the left side for the good of the team as thats what this team needs balance and width both sides when required. I love Lennon and have repeatedly taken BIGC on in his defence and he would be my first choice right side, but if as it seems to be put across on here, he could only play 60 mins then must sit out the next game because his hamstrings cant hack it then he is finished. Come on guys. It was a poor substitution Sunday and out of it is born an AVB excuse in the form of chronic hamstring disease for Lennon. laughable.
To be honest Spuddies every team thinks the media have it in for them. We Goons constantly go on about how we are disrespected in the press and not given the recognition that we deserve for our form (we're top of the league in case you didn't know). I don't see what the big deal with AVB and the press is?

The team is doing pretty crap after spending a lot of money so they put two and to together and come up with a manager under pressure story. What's the big deal? To me he looks like he's under pressure so am I attacking his integrity???

Win some games and they will move on to how we haven't really had any real tests yet!

Galway Gooner
A stupid man takes on the media, a brave man takes on his critics, an intelligent man knows the difference....
Galway, we are not talking about the team here, we are talking about the manager of a team, a humanoid. The media clearly is not in love with AVB and never has been. He does not help himself in this way, it's sad but there is only ever likely to be one outcome here. AVB can only win if his team wins. Winning for the team is CL qualification and good football, a trophy a big bonus. The media in this country has the power to change government if it wishes to on mass, it can eat one person and ruin a career without hardly waking up. He needs to back off, smile at them and get the results on the pitch runnin in his and our favour.
AVB has a right to defend himself and the team. The article he questioned was wrong and he stated his opinion and that was it. He did the right thing. The result on Sunday did help and hopefully that is a start of a good run.
topho - how is that laughable? When exactly has Lennon been a mainstay of the team for the last 5 years without getting injured? He's in danger of going the same way as Anderton. He's definitely a player that when he ticks, Spurs tick but way too often he isn't fit for selection. This season he managed to complete the Palace game and the City game in the league and one EL game. Why are any of us surprised he didn't complete the Utd game? We can't pin this one on AVB who knows his players fitness way better than we do. My opinion, but that wasn't a tactical sub. I hope we see him tomorrow night but my guess is that Lennon will sit out the Fulham game and play against Sunderland.
Topho if AVB so much as looked the wrong direction u would call it a poor glance. I suppose your inside man gave you the scoop that AVB is lying re Lennon? Are you Ashton in disguise? More so the players come out backing the manager and even former players ie Bale... Again Topho are u talking about the media or 2 stupid arswipes printing nonsense? generalizing is your thing after all ey?
Topho - yeah I agree its tough that the press end up sounding (or making it) personal but every manager has to deal with it. Was there any difference between how DiCanio or Jol were treated? I don't think so. PL managers operate in a very public domain and how they handle the press is as much part of their job as how they manage the team. It mightn't be right but that's the way it is. You have a few very winnable games coming up, 6 points in the next 2 and it will all be forgotten bu anything less and the press will be out for him again. While I agree he should defend himself against unwarranted attacks I think that results and performances haven't been good enough so the press are fully entitled to question his ability!
Galway Gooner
Galway - It is true the press are entitled to question his ability and I think AVB accepts that and said that with regards to losing 6-0. He had an issue with the what was written and took the journalists on which I admire. It was not a big deal and like you said win the next two games and they will attack someone else, well you would think anyway.
Muttley the laughable bit is that it is simply yet another excuse created for some action AVB took or did not take. That's the laughable bit. Muttley Lennon was not injured, it was a tactical decision made by AVB and Lennon did NOT want to come off. Mix26 sorry but i dont communicate with you on here anymore. I have only read my name in your post.
That's cool topho, I just want to point out your nonsense anyway...
Mix26 for the individuals who wish to perhaps analyse the facts re the Lennon sub rather than their own #agenda
How was it a poor substitution topho? I was at the game and thought it was spot on. I thought Defoe for Soldado was the poor substitution.
Mix .... don't really expect them to read something that conflicts with their cemented opinion do you? I have had a similar problem with Topho/2/3/4/1882 in the past. So now I don't read his and he don't read mine. No probs anymore with him, end of.
CFC Fan here...I come in peace. AVB has made a problem for himself...he exposed Ashton for the hack he undoubtedly is with a swift lesson in English (us is we, all of us...not just the players you word twisting shamerful hack) the knives will be out for him...the press will not appreciate having one of their own, bonafide englishman no less getting a language lesson from one who speaks it as a second/third language.
Gian-Franco/Luca - You say AVB made a problem for himself, but then he didn't start the fight. If you back down from bullies, and that is what these hacks are, then they just bully you more. I understand the concern that knives will be out, but perhaps it may also make the likes of Ashton & Samuel think twice before messing with AVB again. Of course the answer now is to start getting the results - after all, it's difficult to stick the knife into a manager if he's winning!
But it could be a problem ... media hacks like to make one, it sells more papers

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