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Don't make him angry.

AVB has started to show something of himself in the past few weeks that was last seen when the pressure was really on at Chelsea. His composure in dealing with the media went and he was reduced to a slanging match (well sort of) with Daily Mail scumbag Neil Ashton and millionaire loudmouth Alan Sugar. His interview with the BBC post match was equally prickly. He has nothing to say to those who lack patience, apparently. Not much to say to the less critical element either. A conspiracy, he says. An agenda is being served. Cracks were showing. The man doesn't like to be criticised, it seems, and he can't walk away when he is.

The response from Spurs fans has been mixed, with many saying that they are glad Andre has stuck up for himself and some even claiming he took Ashton to school. Not for my money he didn't. He was clearly angry to a point of not being really able to get his words out. Repeatedly saying human values and lack of respect for a mans achievements.

In my opinion his words were ill advised. Alex Ferguson was notoriously rude to journos at times but after the success he had, he'd earned it. AVB clearly has not. He's on a run of bad form and already made some controversial remarks about the fans. He didn't endear himself to the media during his time at Chelsea and there's been an awful lot of money invested in the team. Granted net spend was actually negative for the summer and we lost our best player, but the tabloids won't acknowledge that. They don't do perspective when they smell blood.

I prefer a manager to deal with their stress privately, away from the public eye. I'm sure we've all had bosses at work who were complete stress heads, who couldn't contain their anxiety and flap or snap at the first sign of pressure. It rubs off on the team. You doubt them, think they can't cope. The unease spreads. Where do you go for leadership? What I'm getting at is, keep it quiet Andre. Walk away mate, it ain't worth it. The more you react the more they'll do it. By all means vent, but do it in private, not in front of the players or fans. If you carry on like that you're going to have to go on a hell of a run to keep the wolves from the door.

On to footballing matters and the ship has steadied somewhat, the team has got up and in all honesty responded pretty well after being flattened by the City juggernaut. Alright, it's still not quite flowed and the fact that Lloris made 3 outstanding saves tonight tells its own story, but then Fulham were pumped, they had two old Spurs boys wanting to prove a point and a new manager which always brings with it renewed effort. And frankly, beggars can't be choosers. A stumbling win can be the starting point of some momentum.

In fact, with real rose tinted glasses on, if we remove the city game from the equation there have been a few glimmers here and there. A dominant first half display against Everton, a dominant second against Newcastle, and a real effort against United in which we could've gone two up and put ourselves out of reach. Soldado has started to show some nice touches, Paulinho missed a sitter but he has got himself into some good scoring positions, and Lamela is also showing some nice touches. At the back Chiriches is doing well but Jan looks pissed off. Danny Rose can't get back soon enough. Apparently that might happen this weekend.

We were under a lot of pressure tonight and had we lost the clamour for AVB's head would have grown immensely. We have a win and a draw and four goals in two games, three of them from open play. Hardly tearing up trees, but better. Significantly not one of the four goals has come inside the box. Very Spurs that, to find something negative in having scored three goal of the month contenders in two games, but we need the tap ins to start flowing if we want to compete at the top.

This time last year we went on a terrific run in the league, and that is the challenge now. December sees us play nine times in total, all of them looking winnable, a home match against Liverpool being the only conspicuously difficult tie. An unbeaten stretch lasting until 2014 would be lovely. Top four and a cup semi final could be the reward. Any stutters and AVB can expect some more difficult press conferences.

Written by Yorkspur

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The journalist

Writer: Yorkspur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 5 2013

Time: 7:36PM

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what? haven't read it yet
Verts out,hopefully not for to long as m Dawson is not top four player and needs dropped last season ! Looking better in most areas chriches and verts in the centre is when the game will be picked up.coys
Personally I don't see why someone has to earn respect, through achievements in their trade when it comes to the media. The media are vultures and I am all for anyone regardless of what they have achieved in their trade to stick up to them. By all means you gain respect in your trade through what people perceive as success but to me when the media are having a go at a persons integrity, waiting to put the boot in and lie then that has nothing to do with what a person has or has not achieved.

IMo the media can have an opinion about the football we play as we all do but to liue and twist AVB words and to make comments that are to his character when they don't even know the guy imo is not on and that is with anyone, not just football. So I disagree, AVB does not have to prove anything before he sticks up for himself, it us human decency that is needed and the media don't have it most of the time.

If someone critised any of our integrity, and lied about us then we would have something to say, that is all he is doing, two separate issues mo.
I don't care anymore what AVB does or says as long as we win games. Even if we don't win games I am starting to lean towards the gel camp and am willing to give avb time.
AVB was cool, Calm and composed when responding to certain media cretins so fair play to him. He never "lost it", he simply told it like it was to that *****er Ashton!! And fair play to him.
Whitehart Lad
To be fair to AVB, the one thing he has always done is talk about spurs as a whole, it has always been us whether in good or bad times, and a stark refreshing contrast to harry. I think because of that the accusation that he turned on his players and blamed them was pretty low and would obviously rile him. thats why he went on the offensive and thats what he meant with the whole human values thing. he never disassociated himself from the city result and to suggest otherwise was ridiculous of ashton
Pretty *****e article. :-/
3 points of 4th and 4 points of 3rd, that is not bad for a brand new team and new tactics, its early days. While our play is not that exciting and goals are a worry we are still in it and I am really confident that this squad of players can come good and AVB needs time. WE could see the best next season but if we can beat Liverpool and Southampton and Utd keep dropping points then we will be a stronger position come new year to entice a couple more players. However, we need to try and make sure we win the other teams, I am sure moyes will be given time so should AVB
@worldpeace, Excellent post . :-)
what worldpeace said
Guernman- I totally agree well said. I would add that the reason it probably riled him is because he doesn't want ANYONE trying to drive a wedge between him and the players, especially after the Chelsea issue, he has worked very hard imo to build a good relationship with the players, to build a squad ethic and a 'us' we are in it together and I think this is why he spoke up, to show the players that the media lied and that they are all in it together, nip it in the bud before some players started to believe the tripe the media wrote, lets face it the foreign players are vulnerable to misinterpretation due to language barrier, so he did what he had to do and imo he did not lose it, he was calm and to the point. Plus I think sometimes it may look as though he cannot find the words but I firmly believe that is down to his language skills with English.
I don't get this 'pressure' thing. If the guy gets the sack, by the inverted mad-economic football law of increasing returns, he'll get a better paid job somewhere else, and even if he doesn't, he can live high on the hog for the rest of his natural. Pressure is, as I think Gordon Strachan once said, putting food on the table when you're potless and jobless. Managing a premier league club has its own stresses, but they are hugely over-rewarded compared with any inconvenience, and certainly so when compared with real life, when all of these managers could not hope to find such lucrative earnings, unless they won the lottery, several times. Berating the press in such a laughable way will result in more clog. Supporters should remember that the press are there to give US, the fans, the news. They do have op-eds to get everyone going, but to blame them is puerile and ridiculous, as are clubs who ban them from grounds, which says more about the owners than the fourth estate. This post lays things out pretty well, although I do think it is never justified to behave as Ferguson did, no matter how successful.
The "rant" was/is just a sideshow. Only results are relevant. For now it seems that the players and manager are drawing together for mutual support as you would expect. That won't last if nothing changes, first a crack and than a chasm will open up as reputations need to be protected. Last night's result buys time which must be put to good use. The inconsistancy in others still offers us hope of staying in touch with the top.
Love totty
Great posts by WorldPeace in response to a pretty poor article… of course he has to stand up to the bullies - i don't agree with the advocates of suffering in silence…. The goal and the final whistle celebrations showed who was telling the truth …. COYMS!!!!
AVB was right to point out that he had been misquoted, also the reason it had been done. It wasn't a mistake, it was written on purpose so AVB is correct in accusing the daily fail as having a agenda! What I have found disappointing is that not one manager or pundit has pointed out that AVB was stating was correct' he had been misquoted!
A couple of Journos have on BT Sports and that Spammer said it in the end but is hardly mentioned…. I agree with AVB there always has been an agenda against Spurs and with AVB since he replaced Borinho at Chelski...
Hmmm difficult one this! It's natural to defend yourself when your pushed in a corner, walking away is hard but in his position that's exactly what he should do otherwise it's the old fuel to the fire syndrome. IMO AVB is the man for the job, he makes some weird decisions with subs and team selection but he is finding his feet with a new squad. I don think we should be on his back this season however, next season will be his real test of character and tactics. We need rose back or another LB and our striking options sorted, I just wish we had met Villas valuation of Benteke as opposed to bringing in Soldado. I suspect I'm not the only one with this opinion? Yes AVB needs to be careful of outbursts but he also needs our time and patients COYS!!!
Good on You AVB ... keep sticking up for your club, your players, and yourself. More respect to you for not accepting stupid criticism!
Oh FFS! This is just a joke! Are you in media yourself York??? Your whole take on the AVB Ashton story is pathetic and immature. ANY PERSON ON THE PLANET HAS THE RIGHT TO STICK UP FOR THEMSELVES REGARDLESS OF THE RESPECT THEY HAVE!
is that an attack on my human values there mix?!... my main point is really for him to rise above, it may have got to him but he'll only invite more criticism if he makes a public spectacle of it, by all means vent but do it in private or when the cameras are off, otherwise the next poor run we go on the pressure from the media will become even more intense. its tough for him, but if he rises to the inevitable media bait he's making a rod for his own back and they will only antagonise him more. They are scum and everyone knows it, there is no need for him to get involved in my opinion.
have to say though its nice to see people rising in support of AVB on here though, maybe that was his intention all along...
Get ur facts right York and earn some respect! Don't misquote AVB and call him out for saying his piece. The media want a reaction but they did not expect a backlash. A backlash telling them to stop reporting garbage. This topic has been discussed plenty. Why bring it up again???

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