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Building a Squad

Reading a discussion on whether Dawson justifies his place is a bit bizarre when he's the only fit centre back we currently have.

Looking at our situation in central defence does raise questions about the structure of a squad. At the start of the season this looked to be a well resourced area of the team with plenty of strength in depth, so why are we now struggling? Firstly there is Kaboul. Having missed all last season he still seems to be struggling with injuries, the whole situation is beginning to remind me uncomfortably of Ledley King. Instead of four central defenders we effectively have three. It raises the question; can you afford to carry an injury prone player, no matter how talented, with limits on the size of the squad and a lot of games in a season?

Personally I think the answer is no and the way the club is stalling on a new contract for Younes suggests they are asking the same question. Its not just about how good a player is, its also about how many games you will get from him. Secondly there is the left back situation. Its all very well saying Vertonghen can play there but he can't play in both positions at once. You've not only taken away your best centre half but effectively you've now reduced the available central defenders to two. It highlights that having a squad that's weak in one area, in this case left back, has a ripple effect causing problems in other areas of the team.

The one good point in all this so far is the performance of Capoue in defence, he looks like he can actually play there. This highlights the advantage of having players who can play more than one position, as opposed to having to play people out of position. This doesn't mean I'm happy about Etienne having to deal with Suarez though. The last point to make is about flexibility. The manager needs to be able to change things by how he mixes and matches the players.

The obvious problem area here is up front. Soldado and Defoe are essentially similar players, swapping one for the other doesn't change the shape of the game. They don't complement each other so playing two up front doesn't achieve much. The irony is if Adebeyor had any interest in playing football he would be the player AVB needs, instead he just takes up a squad number. With limits on the size of a squad you can't really have more than two players for each position, you shouldn't have less.

You hope you have a few youngsters good enough to play a few games. You want a few players who are comfortable in more than one position. You need different types of player available in every area of the pitch so that you can change things when necessary. You will get injuries but you can't afford players who are injury prone. While this is the strongest Spurs squad I can remember its not all the way there yet.

Written by jod

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The journalist

Writer: jod Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 11 2013

Time: 8:18AM

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In fairness to Bernio, he wrote the Dawson article before it was made public that Vert was out for a while. Also, I think we need to accept and understand that is is almost impossible to tick all the boxes in one or even two windows, whilst we do know that AVB/Baldini, tried to sign an experienced LB and if possible, would have liked to have brought in another striker, but were perhaps hamstrung here by the inability to shift Ade, whilst I think the potential to sell Defoe sooner rather than later is still very likely, and it is evident that there has been no talk of a new deal, even though he has only 18 mths to go on his current deal.
I actually feel the Capoue will deal with Suarez better then Dawson. I think Dawson is great against the Nolans to the possibly the Remys. However against a player like Aguero or Suarez he gets ripped apart. It's inline with building a squad. Against a mid-to-lower table team he has the attributes, commitment, determination and understanding of those cold old winter away days. Suarez will target him and destroy him and Spurs.
There are other issues regarding squad building. It should be more gradual than we have done since AVB arrived. He took over 4th placed team. The was stuff to do, but we signed too many players. Guys like Holtby & Siggy have never really settled due to too many incomings - despite their positions not being settled either. That leads to the other mistake: buying Siggy before a manager was in place. Yes I agree that Kaboul should not have been regarded as one of the 4 CBs until deemed passed his injury issues... As for left back, the main problem with it is that our first choice LB is still very inexperienced in a Spurs shirt. Back that up with his deputies being primarily better at other positions. The other issue I have is that you need a number of captain-style personalities in your squad. I do not believe that our current transfer policy ensures this enough. AVB has tried to get rid of our mostly captain-worthy players in Dawson and Parker. It is all well and good considering that we have more talented players than them, but a team NEEDS guys like these across a season. So the answer is to get some guys in with the same influence before you sell guys like Daws and Parker on. Kaboul on his day could play better than Dawson, but Dawson on his day can play excellently and at the same time make others around him play better too - leading to a better team performance. The last mistake we made is that we bought too many players with no premier league experience.... Of course they need time to gel, but 7 players constitute almost a third of the squad! Too many.
mellowchaos - as for Capoue, we have only seen him defend against the bottom placed team. Not yet proof that he can play there, but he did not look uncomfortable.
I will state yet again that the problem at left back and now central defense is totally down to the zero net spend concept of Joe Lewis who instructs Levy to run his squad on recycled money, which means that new players are only bought through the sales of other players. Levy did his best to blind us of this fact by delaying the announcement of the Gareth Bale sale until very late into the window, when the deal had been agreed months before. The whole thing was a cover up to fulfill Levy's contractual obligations with Under Armour who were using Bale's image for a major world wide summer long advertising campaign. Levy was praised all summer long by the press and many fans for the 7 purchases (100 million spent!) and yet ended the window by making a small profit. Caulker and BAE were two players who were used to insure a zero net spend and to balance the books on the wages front. Caulker of course was a much safer option to have been kept at the club when considering Kaboul's serious injury problems and with Dawson being the least talented of the centre backs at the club. But Caulker was sold because an offer came in for him that worked out on the balance sheets. Caulker was not sent away because he lacked talent, but because the right money was offered. And now we have a centre back injury crisis! What goes around comes around... Same old Danny Boy Levy...
TonyRich, yep the whole thing is just one huge phuck up isnt it? Lord give me strength. We HAD to re-shape the squad because our talisman and 3rd best player in the world wanted out. Remember? On top of losing modric, king, VDV the previous year as well as losing all of Harrys golden oldy short term fixes. Oh and despite the upheaval we managed record points total and best win percentage ever! What will we be able to achieve when the squad settles down?
I agree with you that the changes made are too many to be successful. At least in the short-term. But all of those changes were as a result of circumstances outside of AVBs control. Christ we even have a football director in Baldini who JOB it is to buy sell players. Yet the sniping at AVB continues. Perhaps we should appt the next manager by vote on tbis forum? The winner gets the job and we can all get on with supporting the new man.
Pele 10 problem is some fans on here carry expextations like we are just SPENDING money and not recycling it. If we had KEPT bale, modric, vdv etc AND spent 100 mill then I would agree with some of the expectations. But you simply cant sell your best and most influential players and carry on like nothing has happened. At least in the short-term. We are having mild teething problems with a view to the likes of lamela and erikksen eventually hitting the levels of bale and modric. I say mild because even despite the upheaval results have actually slightly improved.
StillRickyVilla, We have waited 14 seasons for the squad to 'settle down'! Still waiting after 8 coaches, 3 DOFs, a new technical director, and well over 100 players purchased... We did not 'loose' Modric, VDV (who had two seasons left on his contract) and Bale who had 3 seasons left on his contract as you claim. They were sold by Levy for over 120 million pounds, which has funded two more rounds of Fantasy Football! The THFC auction house will re-open in January and then Levy will look forward to the summer with great excitement when his star players will be showcased in the World Cup for his next round of auction house fantasy Football, possibly with a new coach on board too? Which will insure 'famous' Danny Boy reads his name in the newspapers throughout the entire summer... You still don't see the repeated cycle in ENIC season number 14 do you???
Pele the point I was making was that AVB cannot be blamed for selling best players and subsequently having to restructure squad. Levy, Baldini and the players themselves wanting out are more pertinent reasons yet the sniping at AVB continues.
Three points off second place! One game off second place! Really close to second place! Twenty-three games of the season left! Two thirds of the season left! Most of the season left! ??!
StillRickyVilla, Just read your last post and I totally agree when you say "But you simply cant sell your best and most influential players and carry on like nothing has happened." Totally agree! This is the repeated cycle I speak of...
I'm sorry about this guys, but ... apart for needing a GK, I am quite happy with the squad we have. If anybody leaves, replace him; otherwise leave it alone. I don't care about a LB; Chiriches and Naughton can play there. I don't care about CBs; Kaboul, Dawson, Verts, Capoue, can play there. I don't care about another striker; Defoe, Soldado, Ade, can play there. I don't care if we have to play someone out of position for a few games; they are all professionals and should be able to manage it, if they adopt the team ethic (if they don't then it will all go pear-shaped anyway). If the current team were a book, we would still be reading the first chapter. Why try to second-guess the ending so soon? Sit back and enjoy the story for a while ... !
Not sure you ever have a completely settled squad. Look at United this season, they are paying the price for not signing players in the past couple of years leaving a suspect midfield. City's under performance in the league last year was blamed on not signing new players and letting the squad get too comfortable. The old Liverpool of the eighties seemed to handle it best. Every year they would bring in one or two players and generally they would go through an acclimatisation period before appearing in the first team. You never really noticed the changes, it was all so gradual.
SRV same as that matey, agree totally, TONYRICH.... Also agree with you on the 7 non-english players. didn't we also buy non-english players the 2 windows before?
Pele the only way to get out of the cycle you speak of is to implement a long-term strategy and stick with it. And not have knee-jerk reactions every time we have the audacity to lose a match or not play like brazil. Problem is the grass is always greener isnt it. Makes me laugh when people now start calling for laudrup (watched swansea the other day and they play the exact possession game that we do yet laudrup is the dogs and AVBs too defensive!) and martinez (got a team relegated last season!). Not saying they are not good managers but I bet if they were managers of spurs the same sizeable minority of spurs fans would find a way to criticise them and eventually hound them out. Its the curse of spurs and perhaps why we will never be truly successful. Christ moyes has taken the champions with no player changes to mid-table yet has no pressure on him - man u understand it takes time. As did liverpool with rogers last season.
Well, as this is about building a squad, I figured this bit of (sort of) ITK, would be well suited to this article (thank you Jod). It answers one or two members who have been concerned abut this story from Duncan Castles, and the 'falling out' between Levy and AVB...

Who: Hertyid
Where: ????
When 09/12

"In the AVB Discussion including reactions to Duncan Castles story I am very sceptical of this story.

Nothing I have heard from anyone close to WHL has suggested anything other than unfaltering support. One meeting post City does not make a managerial crisis. What Chairman would not ask for a chat with his manager after a result like that?

Top four come May and AVB will be going nowhere, that much is certain."...............

Always take with a pinch of salt, of course.
Thanks for the article Jod, A sqaud WOW how many years has it been since we could effectively call Spurs a great squad of players? I used to look at the bench and wonder if Defoe would come on and eventually dismiss his stats and start scoring. There was Livermore (puke) and Thudd's fro just itching to get on and pass the ball 70 meters. Dempsey he always got the job done? No wait my all time fav is Crouchinho!!! Lets hoof it up to him!!! In all seriousness we have a richly talented squad and an eager young manager that we can be proud of.
Mix26 and SRV - Nice posts ... but only because I agree with them!
Touche Geof
We have a very good squad that will go places if kept together, the potential is massive.
"While this is the strongest Spurs squad I can remember its not all the way there yet."...

I like that line, Jod. Although it's true, we'll be much closer to 'being there' once everyone has clicked & got used to eachother. I know there are people who are fed up of reading about 'clicking' and 'gelling' BUT look at someone like Newcastle. Last season there were a fair few on here looking on in envy at the business Newcastle were doing whilst moving all of France to Northern England. Some were even using their transfers as a stick to beat Levy/ENIC with, though they don't need much invitation to do that. Anyway, my point is, despite that supposed excellent business they were doing, look at how their season went, they were fighting for PL survival up until about 4 or 5 weeks before the end of the season. However, look at them now, they're on a heck of a run, they have the manager & player of the month, they're a completely different 'TEAM' to that which stayed in the Premier League by the skin of it's teeth.

I pointed this out last week (though I think it was elsewhere), and the response I got was "our signings are better than Newcastle's, so should settle quicker". Well, not only is that a completely STUPID thing to say or believe, it's also total and utter hogwash. I did agree that our signings are better than those that Newcastle made, some significantly so. However, it's as big a change to our squad, as it was to Newcastle's, yet look at us, are we fighting for our PL survival? We we have looked as 'stranger like' as Newcastle did, but we're still up there, 3 points adrift of 2nd spot, and slowly showing genuine signs of improvement. I wonder how we'll look when our new squad has had the same amount of time together as the new Newcastle squad has had ;-)

I'd say our "squad building" has gone rather well, so far. Let's not forget that this was the FIRST transfer window, the FIRST opportunity that AVB, Baldini and Levy have had, to start the vision that they discussed, along with senior squad members, on Joe Lewis' yacht in the summer. It's extremely easy, and understandable, to be concerned about the couple of holes within our squad, but it's still VERY early days.

Think of THFC as 'a garden'. There are still many squad players to be weeded out (I mean that in the nicest possible way), so that our 'garden' is trimmed, and those unnecessary and unwanted weeds are replaced with flowers that are 'budding' and just waiting to 'bloom into life'. The likes of Lamela, Eriksen, Chadli, Sigurdsson, Townsend, Holtby, Walker, Rose, KiriKesh, Carroll, Sandro (yep even The Beast), Paulinho, Dembele... These are all 'young buds', still maturing, slowly opening up, but we can, even now, see the beautiful flower that is waiting to come out. Once these 'young buds' burst into flower, just you be sure to be watching, because I genuinely believe that the THFC Garden is going to be one of the most stunning in Europe.

Just my opinion and I apologise if my faith in THFC, and my belief in this squad & it's manager/coach/owners, is stronger than some of yours is. COYS
coopsie .. and so you should apologise for that! ... lol
Seems like we're dismantling already if this article is true.
Coopsie excellent post. This squad and management team can achieve anything - if allowed over the course of the next couple of years.
Hope it's just more hogwash against THFC but if he goes I hope he takes English lessons whilst there.
a squad is never built, never, it's a fallacy! you only manage a squad and in order to have 25 professional athletes at their peak of fitness and form requires the constant acquisition and release of players...we should be using every single window to improve the squad and should never buy 'squad' that way lies a downward trend in quality.
Longtimespur - Not sure how that will help him settle here if he is playing in Spain. It will give him playing time but would prefer he stay with us.
Coops- this was the THIRD, THIRD transfer window AVB has had with us Fourth arriving soon...and he's now halfway through his contract so presumably his 'project' is also halfway through although no-one has had the decency to tell us what the project is or it's completion date? and what is a completed football project?
Kong .... me too, he's just had his family moved over so it seems ridiculous to think of moving him back again. His main problem appears to be the language but I've always believed that football is a language all of it's own! Good players communicate without although it does help sometimes to be able to shout "leave it" or "it's mine". And be understood.
Agree longtimespur, he has started games recently so hopefully that will continue.
Geofspurs- if you're happy with what we have then presumably you'll be happy with 6th? of course you can't compare our team to a book if it were far from reading the first chapter we could just look at the last page and see where we end up...and imo without LB and striker that'll be exactly where we are now...6th.
There'd be worse places to send a forward than AM...they have a great track record of developing forwards...
Shedboy ... I'm not that certain that the players bought in the summer before 2012-2013 season were all his buys. I'm not sure AVB was in situ when some of those newbies were negotiated. Also I thought the idea of a DOF was that the DOF buys players according to the coach/manager's requirements and not just certain individuals named. All relevant to cost, the player's club willingness and the player's wages and desire to come and play for THFC under AVB.
Shed also I agree re AM and there ability to develop players but that wont help his acclimatisation to PL or ability to speak our mother tongue.
shedboy ... No, I would not be happy with 6th, next season. But. at the present time I am happy to let THIS season show us what the squad is capable of ... and I don't think any of us knows that. The book analogy was saying, relax, enjoy the story, and don't jump to conclusions until you reach the end ... which is what you did by inferring a final 6th position. I will go with the club, the board, the management and the team, at least until the END of this season. At that time I will be more judgemental.
longtime- we can't be certain of who's buy any player is...were Nelson and Saha Arry's? or were they the committees? fact is AVB has been here for 3 windows, that he's only had a DoF for one is separate issue who identified the players in the first two windows then, Levy?
Geofspurs- football is not a story with a beginning and an is constant, relentless competition on and off the pitch...will we not learn or do we refuse to learn the lesson of the last few Jan windows? we've had chances to improve and failed missing out on CL places by a point. We have to replace each and every one of our 25 players over about a 10 year pl career and when you think that most only last about 3 years with us that's a lot of shifting in just 20 windows! To stand still is to go backward....
So we don't get a LB and Verts has to keep stepping in to cover...if I were him I'd look for a new club in the summer and who could blame him?
I as.k a simple question: Can anybody pinpoint ONE single game this season after which we could say "What a good team we have!". AVB out - before things get worse. And just because we won 2 hard fought games lately(against b.o.t.t.-teams, and maybe we should not have won them), didn't change anything about the guy. He's inept, incompetent - AVB means All Very Bad
Shed - i was clear enough, mate. It WAS the FIRST window that AVB, Levy & Baldini have had to start the process that was discussed, and well reported, on Joe Lewis' yacht, in the summer. The "project" you ask about, was stated, also VERY clearly, by Daniel Levy, in his pre-season speech to the supporters. "A change in direction" was the crux of the whole speech, whilst "the football project" is to bring in the best possible young talent 7 make the most of the new world class training facility our club now has at it's disposal. That "change of direction" only began when Baldini was confirmed as a THFC employee.
When weighing up potential comings and goings, I'm as curious as the next supporter. However, after some thought, I'm inclined to believe that we already have what we need, for now, to have a relatively successful season. When I take a look at the two Manchester teams and their recent successes, I wonder about the real effect that constant chopping and changing has on a club. United, as reigning champions are faltering, but under new management for the first time in 27 years. Their squad is pretty much the same as last season, and yet people are saying they are now less of a team because they haven't added enough fresh quality to it. So, last seasons PL winning team, after only15 league matches, are now has-beens? Really? City on the other hand have, on paper, a squad of top class players that could conceivably split in to 2 very capable and talented PL teams. They're also, in many peoples eyes, underachieving. Yet, they have the resources to buy almost any player they want. They are also under new management, still have basically the same core squad, but have added yet more so called world class players: Negredo, Navas, Fernandinho, and others. THFC on the other hand, again under new management, are now in the process of building almost an entirely new squad and with considerably less spending power than both United and City. We are currently sitting, quite handsomely, 5 points above United and only 2 below City, but it's fair to say that Spurs, as a footballing force, are nowhere near the finished article. AVB and co., have been given the enormous task of building, almost from scratch, a team that can hopefully, over a sustained period, challenge for the honours most of us fans crave. To believe this can be done, virtually overnight is for me, a ridiculous expectation. So, for now and for the rest of the season, I am more than happy to sit back and watch how it all unfolds, content with the fantastic squad of players we already have. We are making huge and bold strides in a completely new direction, and I think it's a risk well worth taking. A journey for me is much more exciting if the route is unpredictable and the destination unknown. I intend to enjoy the ride…… Up the Spurs!
Poetry, MAN ON.
Pele - For the love of God, and for the 37478th time of asking, could you PLEASE write an article about Levy/ENIC, rather than continually hijack everybody else's article with the same old 'copy & paste' stuff that you constantly come out with?
Great gardening tips, coopsieyid. ;-)
MAn ON ... How did you do that?! You said, word for word, exactly what I was thinking! lol Good post. mate.
Well said Coopsie and Man On, a unpredictable journey through the THFC garden.
Geofspurs, you've already said it all but in fewer words. I went on a bit of a typing frenzy whilst others have been putting down basically the same thoughts as mine.
Shedboy ... Plots within plots. Every season has a beginning and an end, did you not understand that's what I'm talking about .. of course it's under the continuing umbrella that is football. But each season has its own totality. And I am happy, as I said, to go with what we have until the end of this season. Our perspectives and expectations are different, which is not always the case, so, in this, I agree to differ.
I often think, when reading some opinions on here, that those people were born in the garden, lol.
On that note, I'm off out for one of my favourite parts of the year, my 6 year old daughter's nativity play (she's the narrator :-).. ).. So I'll 'check in' later :-)

ps, I'm not looking for any sympathy by mentioning my family :-) lol
Enjoy your day.
coops- you are correct your post did clearly state the first time all had worked together but it's tone seemed to be to just to add balance I thought I'd add the fact that this is AVB's fourth window approaching...still not clear on the project? A change in direction? from what to what? a top4 team to mid-table mediocrity? bringing in the best possible talent is clearly not achievable even if we we add 'for the amount we are willing to pay' (usually what we can sell our existing talent for!)...Coops you can pick your starting point in history to try and lead an argument but that way is usually reserved for the despots...
MAN ON! - With Man U there is an argument that under Sir Alex they over achieved in the past couple of seasons. Certainly the side that played us on 1st Dec looked like Rooney plus 10 makeweights. Its also not true to say they are the same as last season, for players the wrong side of 30 each year slows them down, conversely of course for teenagers each year they should get better. United don't have a golden generation coming through and players like Ferdinand, Vidic and even Giggs are looking their age. The other aspect is pressure for places. The argument with City last season was not that they needed more quality but that players got too comfortable, they had won the league and felt their place in the side was safe so performance levels dropped.
Here's a few links to hopefully put a smile on a few faces whilst I'm away :-)

geof- each season does have its own totality...last year we finished 5th one place less than the season before...your complacency leaves me speechless....
I'm not looking for an argument, shed :-(. And I did explain the change in direction, we've NEVER looked to 'build from within' under ENIC, we are now.
Off topic but AVB says Danny Rose and Christian Eriksen could play some minutes against Anzhi, while Chiriches could be available to face Liverpool. Didn't realise Eriksen could be back that quickly.
jod….I agree with what you say regarding both the Manchester teams. I was just pointing out that no matter what a clubs recent success, (or lack of success), is, that the task of building or rebuilding a squad is never as straightforward or easy as it can seem. There are so many variables and always a certain amount of risk taking.
Kong…..Good news.
coops-I'm not arguing, just getting frustrated with the level of complacency....we did have a strategy of buying young talent and trying to build from within before under ENIC...taraabt, Gio KPB, Walker, Naughton, Thud and before that lennon are testament to it....trouble is we can't hold onto the coaches (1st team or youth) or DoF for long enough to make it work....why? what is the common denominator?
I think we have already built a squad. We have two players in most positions and we have very little dead weight. A couple of positions, notably left back, are light. As I said on the other thread, transfer activity should be minimal this January. 1 player maybe, 2 players absolute tops! Even in the summer I don't think we should be going too crazy. I'd be quite happy if we didn't sign anyone this window and sign a couple of real top drawer players in the summer.
LOngtime Spur - shouting 'leave it' or 'its mine' is like eating the forbidden fruit !! words not to be said on a pitch or the ref pulls ya and gives the team a free !! well in my league anyway - would that actually happen in the EPL ??
South L/Derry Spurs
kes- the squad isn't built if it were we wouldn't have had our best CB crocked playing out of position....two players is the minimum for the summer we'll need to sign another two, and then of course Defoe is no spring goes for deadweight that continues to at the moment we have Gomes and Brad neither really suitable, Ade is like a millstone and who will be added to that remains to be seen? ...the squad is never built....
mellowchaos - ‘Suarez will target him and destroy him and Spurs.’ What, a bit like he did against us last season right? I seem to remember him being kept quiet by Dawson (and Gallas), and some could argue we destroyed them. I’m not saying this will happen this time, I’m aware of Suarez threat and pools form but you shouldn’t write off our Capt like that….and choosing a DM to play there, who has only played in that position once, over the rest of our CB’s imo is a bit of a wild call. Maybe AVB will consider this though as he did have that once. COYS.
Good article Jod. I think most of us have been saying for quite some time that we are over stocked with midfielders to a point where we've previously and currently had to loan out Townsend last season Livermore Pritchard and Carrol this season. We always seem to go through cycles of having more players than needed in certain areas of the pitch. I'm sure just a couple of seasons back we were almost chronically over stocked with centre backs King Dawson Gallas Caulker Kaboul corluka & bassong.
shaedboy ... sorry for leaving you speechless. But it's good in a way because I guess that's the end of a discussion which we will never agree on. But I do agree with many of your posts!
and I yours geof...speechless...;)
shedboy ... it's all good, mate .... but you've never made me speechless ... yet. lol
shedboy - I did single out LB as an issue. I don't want to see Verts playing there, I'd rather Fryers. Otherwise though having 3CBs injured is unlucky and not something you can really prepare for. (Except of course by having a CDM who is familiar with the position and comfortable playing there.) I, like a few others, feel that the constant merry-go-round of players is why we don't see the best of them. Look at the gooners, they were all going mental about the lack of signings and then one top signing and they're 5 points clear in the table, albeit with some tough fixtures to come. That surely shows the power of continuity? Afterall, go back 12 months and the same players were not playing to the same standard.
You would think reading some of the pie in the sky opinions on here that we are the only club that loses and replaces players every year. Was not RVP Arsenal's best player or Scholes MU's? Liverpool did not have Suarez for the first five games etc etc. I'm not after AVB's head, but nothing will shift me from my view that he marginally underachieved last year and has been too slow in building performance this year, both relative to the resources available and the strength of the opposition. Nevertheless I'm still optimistic because the squad is the best we've ever had so we want the results to match.
Love totty
Naughton was seen as our first choice back up to Rose. He is not the reasons we can't score goals. Nobody would single out a weakness at LB if we were comfortably winning the games we should.
Love totty
Yo, that was fecking AWESOME, bring on 6pm and the evening show. I fecking LOVE nativity time :-)

So, how's all things Spurs related then? Should I be scared to look at responses since I left? Should I just be scared? Has a blissfully peaceful day on here been blown to pieces by anyone? All questions were completely pointless & will be answered as soon as I stop typing shat, and read the responses :-)
Levy went down this (the Baldini) route with Arneson, but very soon the whole plan got derailed...the manager did not settle so his no 2 (MJ) took the role and then chelski nicked Arneson. Seems that with Baldini DL is attempting to go back to his plan, one in which first team managers are not the be all and end of of a club. I have said many times DL holds a similar view to managers as Abramovic. Their role is to get the best from the players and if they don't then they go....

Just came across this post elsewhere, maybe one of our State-side members can help?

"Some dude on SSN said Defoe to Toronto is a done deal!! I only got his first name as Peter but he spoke with an american accent".................

Needless to say, the person who typed that post, could easily mistake Canadian accent for an American accent. PETERBALLB, anything from your end?
If Defoe really wants a chance at World cup football then that, to me, would be a foolish move. AVB has on more than one occasion said he wants JD to stay. If that's so then he'd be a fool to go anywhere mid season.
Future member of our squad, hopefully, showing the right attitude, and making the right noises, as far as I'm concerned...
Good posts Shed and good first post from LT
Cleveland ARTSPURS
SouthL/D ... depends what language you speak ... most of our squad would get away with it!
S L/D S - Same in the leagues down here in Cornwall too. "Leave it", "My ball" etc = immediate freekick to the opposition. Would it actually happen in the PL? Well, again in comparison to our leagues down here in Cornwall, EVERY throw-in that I see in TV, is a fowl throw, lol. Swearing at the ref too, instant red card in our leagues, yet we can clearly see these footballers telling refs to "***** off" on a weekly basis, lol.. You know what else I found out, and it was a massive shock. Down here in Cornwall, a Yellow card = a £10 fine, whilst a red card brings a minimum £35, and that is supposedly the same throughout the entire structure of English football, right up to the very top, ie Premier League. I can imagine the likes of Rooney & co, earning their £250k p/w, then moaning because they have to pay the £10 for their yellow card, lol. I wonder if the clubs pay for the fines? Bet they bloody do, lol.
SO2 - Just because you were talking about Liverpoo, via Suarez. I was picking up my kids from school yesterday and was chatting to a mate whilst we waited for the kids to come out of school. My mate only recently moved back down here from Liverpoo, but is still a season ticket holder (Liverpoo supporter). He said that there's LOTS of chat up there, that suggests that they will be in for Dembele, in "A BIG WAY". He was genuinely excited, really rates Dembele & was grinning from ear to ear when speaking about him. I truly hope that particular rumour is total pants.
MAN ON - Though I see your point, I doubt it'd have any immediate affect on Defoe's prospects of getting on that plane to Brazil. If anything, it would probably enhance them, due to the fact that he would almost certainly be playing every game. Don't forget that the American season ends/has a break, very soon, then players go out on loan until around March. Maybe that's what'll happen. Defoe agrees a deal, but then stays with us until March? Not sure about the logistics, or whether such a deal would be within the rules? However, my original point = In the immediate future, ie between January and June, Defoe's standard is unlikely to change, despite the lack of "quality opposition". That sort of thing happens over time, and I think Defoe must know that this World Cup is likely to be his last International experience, IF he makes it onto the plane. At least he'll be playing in the MLS, whilst he's not 'guaranteed' that at THFC.
Thats something I didn't consider. The Winter break that is…...
Yeah it could be the reason why, if the story is true, Defoe is so happy to accept the deal. Of course the £90k p/w would help with the decision making too ;-)
It's a long time since I played any league football and that sounds crazy not being able to shout out those commands anymore. As a goalie my catch phrases were: "keepers", "away", "pick the fat ******** up", " come on lads", "well played" and of course, "man on"!
Well, whatever he does, good luck to him. If he does stay some bloody goals wouldn't go amiss…Or would they?
And I'm off out again now, for my baby girls second performance of the day :-). Chat briefly later, MAN ON. COYS
MAN ON - All those calls you suggested would be perfectly fine mate. It's when an indistinguishable call is made, that's when the freekick is given. "My ball" and "leave it" etc, means nobody is distinguishing themselves as the person going for the ball. "Coopsies ball" etc = perfectly OK, as are things like "Give and go" or "one two"..

As for Defoe - Like you, I'll wish him the best, no matter what he decides. I'm unable to answer your final question though, I've got more chance of telling you the lottery numbers for Saturdays draw.

Chat in a bit, mate.
south L/derry ... wasn't a problem in my day. nor was going into a tackle with both feet. One for the ball AND THE OTHER TO STOP THE PLAYER IF I MISSED IT LOL
I know times have changed and the football world ain't wot it used to be, but it wasn't that long ago when Spurs and almost every other PL team were lucky to have just half a team, (if that), of top notch players, and much less quality in reserve. Now we're looking to have like for like top quality back-up in every position. We also often condemn talented players that are usually 3rd choice, as not being up to scratch. (Top 4 quality etc). Are we getting greedy? Have our expectations gone over the top, or are we justified in wanting an entire squad of players in equal competition to each other?
Probably "YES" to all 3 of those last questions, MAN ON.
It's 3 yeses from me. I'm not about to explain……...

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