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Spurs vs Liverpool...Pain in the Rain at the Lane.

Well i've took the liberty of writing this article prior to the final whistle, 5-0 should be enough of a clue to let us realise we were outplayed. Everything I thought Spurs were going to do, Liverpool did. They closed us down quickly, moved the ball fast, even their Right winger Sterling outshone our own little Azza in the first half.

So, as the final whistle sounds it's announced that this thumping is our worst home defeat for 16 years. -6 goal difference and to be fair it could have been worse. No point picking out any particular player for criticism, IMO pretty much all were poor. Another Europa league game followed by a loss. I stated on my post match Anzhi article that the defence was often breached as a result of one ball catching out a flat, square on line/player, excused at the time as makeshift, certainly caught out again. It was poor, we were poor. They were good, very good.

What is it with Spurs and firsts, Flanagan first Liverpool goal, Henderson first goal this season. Naughton never even looked like handling Sterling, Dawson then decides to keep playing awkward little balls to him. All these times he hoofs it up field from defence and when Naughton is obviously struggling he now decides to start playing balls out to Naughton who has a player breathing down his neck. Why?. Capoue, still keen on him as a CB?. Lloris, another couple of fine saves, another couple of dodgy moments.

Midfield, Power is great, but it cannot be all about this element. We were over run, over run in pretty much every area of the pitch. We were limited with our subs once Naughton and Sandro had to go off injured. This was embarrassing, i cannot even begin to try and get across my disappointment. Where was Lennon after the first 5 minutes. Five minutes in, I actually thought we were going to get some joy down the right, just the rub of the ball spoiling Lennon's good work. That was it first half. Daws took my advice and took the yellow to sit the Spam game out, Paulinho went one better. Intent or not, a kick to the chest at any point is always going to carry the risk of getting sent off. Add Suarez rolling around on the floor to the equation, and the showers have to be switched on. You're gone!.

When you move the ball as quick as Liverpool and close down with purpose, it makes no difference to the Physicality of our Midfield. Liverpool simply passed round us. This is why (as some may know) I have been questioning the Three Midfielders of Dembele, Paulinho and Sandro starting together. Sandro I get, but only one of the other two for me, a deep lying playmaker is a must as far as I'm concerned. Not because we are laboured, but because it offers us something different. Dembele and Paulinho are ball carriers, even I can ping a ball 50 yards quicker than any of these two can dribble it. It's all too similar. Our whole game was based on dribbling when afforded a slight chance to do this. Pirlo may seem a weird link, but IMO this is exactly what is missing. We looked like strangers today, as much was said post match. Hurts me to say, too many passangers today. Not one shot on target.

Got to try and squeeze a little bit of positivity in this somewhere so here goes....Chadli performed well, often finding a yard to deliver a cross, he was most probably our best player. Considering he was up against Johnson whom is pretty quick, he retained possession well and made space for himself. Header just over the bar too. Final note, and one worthy of a mention. Well done to all the players and staff who attended the junior Christmas party. Looked like the kids had a wonderful time. Sorry for the less than informative article but to be fair I could have summed it up with one word, so I've made a little effort

Written by Cider spurs

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Writer: Cider spurs.  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 16 2013

Time: 8:14AM

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I hate to admit it, but after cold sober reflection Avb must go! Imagine if we hadn't been gifted so many penalties this season and bale hadn't scored 346 solo wonder goals last season where we would be! I like him as a man but his time as a manager is not now! Good luck to him in the future but it's been a year of terrible football slightly disguised by bale and luck! I would like to see Laudrup and no D.O.F I screamed from the rafters it was a terrible idea and déjà vu it's camolli all over again! No balance, weak in certain areas and 3 years away from their potential
Well written as always Cider. I admire your dedication. Our performance yesterday was not worthy of one of your articles. We are in trouble. This season has been a write-off for a while already. Last season would have been the same had it not been for a certain Mr Bale. We've been found out and without a magician in the ranks we lose and lose convincingly. We can forget top 6 this season. My big concern is will we be hang on to the likes of Lloris, Vertonghen, Chiriches etc in January or the summer? We could be going backwards for a few years to come. Either we bite the bullet now or we risk a revisit to the 90s.
Lets just call it another car crash waiting to happen when you have Mr Magoo driving the car................. he just cant see the same mistake happening can he??
Chadli our best player ? were you watching the same game ? Whenever he went forward he either had to turn to cross off his right foot giving the defender time to close him down or hit a wayward ball off his left. Basically we created nothing down the left side until he was moved and Townsend came on. Part of the reason Sterling was good was he didn't have to do a lot of defending. The other of course was playing a right footer at left back. As soon as Sterling forced Naughton early on to attempt a tackle off his weaker foot and concede a free kick he probably knew Christmas had come early. If you want candidates for best player in a dreadful performance I would suggest Holtby, who at least tried to make things happen when he came on or Capoue who I thought put in a tremendous effort, particularly when we went down to ten men.
His summing up in post match interview sums him up "the sending off was the key to the game" WTF we were well beaten the minute you picked that team.
Cider.. Soldado scored a goal.. disallowed.. so that should be on target stats.. ? We were ripped apart by fast attacking play, and a forward who is on fire.. think back to last 2 seasons...sounds familar? But our defense and team set up was wrong..defenders /mf not tracking an opponent, and not marking / awareness at the back post.. AVB has at least admitted he is i hope he wakes up, and recalls BAE. or even ade...and the training ground is used as much as possible.. even extra training for them will be vital. If we lose the west ham game again.. AVB will be seriously subject to Levy's manager replacement actions...
Block D Spurs
We just don't create anywhere near enough. Look at our last 6 league goals, a free kick, a screamer from the beast, long range efforts from Chiriches & Holtby, a scrappy goal from a half chance from Paulinho and an OG. We were totally outplayed yesterday and I think we were lucky to escape having only conceded 5. Couthinho should have scored early doors, Suarez probably should have done better when Lloris came flying out and misjudged it....a bad day at the office from all players, but for me, they didn't look up for it from the start. I think the dressing room has gone....I'm usually 100% behind the man in charge, but unfortunately I think the time has come to cut our losses and try someone new. De Boer at Ajax for me, though I think Sherwood will be in charge for the West Ham game this week. COYS
Cider was that an article to promote your lovein for Chadli? he shouldnt have started as that sent out a clear message to liverpool from the start, we were going sideways and backwards and they werent going backwards. He was very average after a half decent start, yes at very average he might have been clearly our second best player after Lloris. The faults in this manager are too many to hope for a turn around with him. He needs to leave today. The only thing to save him with be the availability of others. It's happening today discussions are happening with 3-4 possibles, if one is available then he goes, if none are not Hoddle could step in until a longer term replace is available. It would be impossible to do a worse job than this guy at the moment. He has only himself to blame, NO EXCUSES.
Yesterdays pitiful display was brought about by a combination of a lack of defensive options, poor negative tactics, and apathetic displays from several players. When our midfield gets completely dominated by the trio of Joe Allen, Lucas, and and Jordan Henderson then that simply isn't acceptable. These are average/good players that we made to look like world-beaters. Consistently playing 6 defensive players, at home, regardless of the quality of the opposition is cowardly on the part of our manager. And more than that, it has been proved to be unsuccessful long before yesterdays debacle. I am now sick to the very back teeth of hearing that 'AVB can see what our problems are just like we can'. Well no, obviously he can't. A: because he has had more than ample time to fix them. And B: because he will never admit that the biggest problem we have is staring right at him whenever he looks in a mirror. I am sick of depressing results and even more depressing perfomances, and I want my Tottenham back. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
Very good article Cider, well observed considering how you must have been feeling emotionally...
Block D Spurs not a hope of Ade or BAE getting a recall after their twitter posting. and is BAE really the answer to the problems this un-balanced squad has?? The only way forward is to put this un-well dog to sleep humanly and that is right now this day.
Jod, thats what happened
Man of the Match yesterday? Me, for the herculean effort it took for me to sit it out and watch until the bitter end!!! We have regressed at least 5 years, and it simply cannot be allowed that it takes that long again to get us back to being anything like contenders for any kind of honours. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
Humiliation after humiliation. I can't watch this ***** anymore. Never rated the muppet. Can't believe he's still in a job this morning. ******** diabolical. A good two months of two games a week - time should be flying by... Professor Brian Cox probably has the answer. ***** the spammers game. ***** AVB. ***** Levy and ***** Spurs.
Hey BlockD - has that pie defrosted yet? I hope that it's a big one as there are quite a few hungry Horaces out there today. :)
Love totty
The AVB out brigade are going to be singing and dancing in true spirit! Let's hear it kids!
Mix26, no Spurs fans are singing and dancing trust me mate. This is a depressing Monday. And barring a major overhaul there are many more on the horizon. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
Mix26 not singing and dancing in the streets, just hanging my head in Shame here in Dark N London today!!
Well that was a weekend to forget lads for all of us! ;-)

We were poor against City, more than a little bit unlucky with some calls from the ref but deserved to be beaten. I think it's fair to say that City at home are pretty handy. And then just when my weekend was looking a complete wash out I tuned it to your game.

Lads, AVB has to go. You can talk about time to gel and new players and a change in tactics and injuries all you like but when 11 men on the pitch put in a display like that - clueless all over the pitch and with a shocking lack of effort, I think it's clear to see that they either don't know what the manager wants from them or simply don't care. Either way its a sackable offence for the manager. React now and you have a chance of European football next season (the players you have are good enough for top 6 pushing top 4) but leave it any longer and the season will be a total disaster.

You are playing now for any level of European football next season so you have a chance of keeping your best players.

As for us, we just have to beat Chelsea this day week to stay top!! ;-)

Galway Gooner
Reposted this from the precious thread ... apologies if you've seen it! I really can’t understand why so many people seem upset! I thought we were absolutely brilliant for the full ninety minutes; consistently first to the ball, dominated the midfield from start to finish, every member of the team played like a champion, should have scored at least twelve goals, maintained possession well throughout, came out first in every tackle, passed the ball to perfection, won every 50-50 ball easily, had far more energy and enthusiasm, displayed a confidence rarely equalled this season, completely ripped their defence to shreds at will, and made one of our main rivals for a top four position look second-rate and totally lost on a football pitch. We were unbelievable! The other thing I can’t understand is ... why were we playing in red!
Who was your man of the match lol!
Physicality in midfield? Even diminutive Joe Allen physically dominated our midfielders... Chadli deserves a mention, as he was the only spec of positive to come out of that - barring yet another wake up call. FORGET PIRLO. He would be more of the same. Paulinho, Holtby, Eriksen, Chadli have all been playing in teams holding their own in the top competitions, why would Pirlo make a difference. It is NOT the players. We have a squad that, if cut loose, would have given that injury-hit Liverpool side a great test. Instead, we are persisting with a system that stifles our players and does not play to their strengths. Our midfielders ARE good players, but they are asked to do something very against the essence of good football. We do not form tight triangles and show for the ball. Instead, the players are asked to spread too far across the pitch, making passes more difficult and making the ideal pass harder to spot. It is easier to defend against. Fundamentally it is wrong. How on earth can we lose 3-0, 6-0, 5-0 and yet only have conceded 3 more than Citeh, Liverpool and Chelsea this season...? The mind boggles! Our system guarantees tight games but is prone to us getting smashed up a few times. You just cannot build a team on that. How can you generate confidence? How can you get runs going when we cannot beat top half teams? Swansea in 10th is the highest placed team we have beaten. WestStand highlights the worst part - EXCUSES. AVB straight away comes out with excuses. The sending off was "pivotal".... erm... yes.... It was the difference between a 4-0 and a 5-0 defeat I guess! I don't want to hear it. When Wigan got slaughtered 9-1, did Martinez use any excuses? No. He said the important thing is how we react NOW. AVB needs to listen to that.
AVB= Another Violent Beating
LWH I can see the smug look on many posters face... Trust me they are very happy in the face of misery. Now all they need is some company.
Spot on...with your midfield analysis Cider Spurs. Our 3 not working as a 3...because they are not playing as a midfield 3. They are playing 2, with another supporting the front man centrally....added by 2 wide men.....that equals easy to bypass or overrun.....if the opposition manager knows what he is doing (I.e....fills his yesterday..3 vs 2). This is what was happening up to Sandro's then we were 2-0 down and really the possible win was lost. Added to that was the poor defensive players playing in their wrong positions. all comes back to the summer and NOT getting your 25 man squad well balanced adequately to cope with he demands. AVB...made his choices.....had over £100 mill' to spend.....but clearly...his decisions and system (4,2,3,1)..does not suit THFC and the requirements that go with top level football.
...and AVB in! He was NOT my choice. I feared this would happen when he was first linked to the job, and I voiced it on this site back then. HOWEVER, we have made our bed, and must must lay in it. In my opinion, he must stay until end of season, and be given a chance to clean up the mess he has created.
AVB=Always very bad....
I'm afraid it's just a matter of time now for AVB. Using the high line tactics against Suarez and with a makeshift defence must be one of the worst tactical decisions of all time followed closely by using three big but slow ponderous midfield players against Liverpool's passing ans pressing game. I think when we lose to Southampton will be the time AVB goes. They are what we have always wanted to be - a well coached team full of young hungry players. My only wish is that Daniel Levy does not appoint the new manager. His record in that department is spectacularly awful.
Mix26 nothing smug here mate, just sheer embarrassment how P*** poor we were yet again. The players are at fault, but the buck stops with the manager. The same mistakes every heavy beating suggests to me he is not right for the job. He will go that is for sure, whether we can wait until the end of the season some how I doubt it.
TonyRich...he is not capable of clearing up the mess and achieving top 4...or a trophy win..unless you give him much more money and two more seasons...imho.
Well as I said Mix, I can only speak for myself and there is no pleasure in yesterday or today at all. I take no delight whatsoever in wanting a man to lose his job, and even less so when it comes (or would/will come) because of the abysmal form of the club I love. But as someone who obviously disagrees with that view, I would honestly like you to answer me a question mate. What have you seen this season that offers you the enthusiasm and positivity to make you believe that AVB can ride this storm out and take us onto bigger and better things? I ask this in all sincerity, because I'd like a little bit of hope today. No matter how false it may be in my head and heart. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
This is no knee jerk reaction. I like AVB and I am dying for him to succeed but he is so clearly out of his depth. The only problem is that I have absolutely no faith in the boards ability to make the right appointment that will take this club in the right direction.
Here we go...
82spursdebut - probably not. But as I said, we should lay in the bed that we made. I have loooong given up on top 4. You simply cannot get top four by scoring 15 goals in 16 games... coupled with conceding 3 and 5 at home to teams that we actually BEAT last season!!! Oh, and of course give him no more money - apart from a left back to cover the mistake that he made at the start of the season.
Mix26 do you honestly believe any of us are happy watching what is developing here at the club many of us have supported and gone to watch often at great personal expense. Of all the posters on here who causes offence you are it for suggesting such stuff about all of us very decent spurs fans on here. Now go ahead and vent your usual bully boy stuff back.
I really dont think that it is just AVB's fault. How can it be? I appreciate he should take responsibility as the manager but doing that and it actually being his fault are two different things. Naughton is second rate, Dawson isnt good enough - he adores the club but he constantly looks like he is panicking and I have seen blocks of cheese move quicker. We are short at the back at the moment but that isnt an excuse for players not trying. Defensive blunders for the first two goals and I think we pressed and pressed so much in the first 20 minutes of the second half when Paulinho walked that was it. They hit us in the last 15 with the goals. Dawson/Naughton and Walker are to blame for the first and second goals.Soldado looks poor. He isnt getting the support but as a striker to not have a single shot on target? If I played that badly on a Sunday morning that I didnt even have a shot would people say "it isnt his fault, it is the manager" No they wouldnt. It falls at the players feet, and the players feet only (although Soldado would probably miss it) on the plus side, only 9 points off top, I would have bitten your hand off for that at this point of the year before we started the season.
We could have played townsend and the same thing would have happened. We were all over the place yesterday, if we had our first choice defenders then we could have done better at the back (I think) no other players would have made a difference. Was a poor performance.
Fryers was a left back, when we signed him......Caulker was a decent centreback, when we sold him.... Naughton was a fair rightback.....Capoue was a good midfielder.....Dembele was a attacking world beater, when we signed a shadow of the potential we signed. Someone needs to correct these continued mistakes......
jonathan01 - why are so many people so surprised that he is out of his depth...? He joined us with just a single full season of football management. There was no experience in squad development because there was no back to back seasons anywhere. One of the youngest managers ever in EPL.... Where is the surprise? You have to look at the squad, and you see no excuses. When he was at Chelsea, there were players there in the squad with 1, 2, 3 EPL winners medals. They had just finished 2nd, and he failed to make it there. Now at Spurs, his objective is lower... top 4. Well, Friedel, Gomes, Ekotto, Walker, Dawson, Lennon, Sandro, Defoe, Livermore, Huddlestone, Kaboul, Ade have all played most or all of a 4th placed season for Spurs. All you need to do is sprinkle a little more quality on top and you should have a team that challenges. But AVB's non-proven system is key, and instead of building on what preceded it, it has been dismantled.... To sadly spectacular effect...
another thing as well. Why does everybody keep speaking as if we won the league for the last four years and now we are so far behind it is unreal - I agree we are playing badly but we are still 9 points off 1st. AVB should at least have until the end of the season, we certainly are not going to get relegated, if we have played this badly so far and are still sat 9 points off 1st then it isnt quie time to abandon what we have to try and get something better. Anyone remember Ramos?
There's no two ways about it. Something is broken at the club. And I believe it goes to the top.
Levy then?
Paddavis5 9 points of 1st......... that is what people will call smoke and mirrors I call it a GD deficit which is going to leave us mid table by the end of the season at the rate we are scoring goals and then shipping them in.
I think it is Baldini job to identify a new manager if AVB goes.
Paddavis5 - Naughton IS AVB's fault. He is the one who deemed Rose and Naughton better than Ekotto. Dawson is being hung out to dry by the system just like John Terry was before. Nothing wrong with Dawson and Terry when you play them in their element. We are short at the back...why? When AVB joined, we had at least 5 CBs. He publicly stated that he wanted 4 cbs. Fine. But Kaboul's injury issues were well know too, and Kaboul should have been merely a bonus CB to the main 4. But no. AVB's fault. Yesterday, we had Fryers available. Yes he is inexperienced. But Arsenal worked in Gibbs and Jenkins. Liverpool worked in Flannigan. Villa and Southampton have worked in young promising defenders. When you are having injury problems, you have to bring the youth in. They will improve. Capoue certainly had a nightmare...but that is not surprising... and that made Dawson look worse. Basically a lot of what happened yesterday stems from decisions made in July/Aug. AVB implied that some things were out of his hands, but it mostly must go down to AVB.
9 points off first Paddavis? What on Earth have you seen this season to suggest that gap will be closed rather than widened?! We have been bailed out time and time again by very questionable refereeing decisions that have invariably gone in our favour. Take away our 1-0 penalty wins and tally up the points had they been draws. Also, would you like to compare the goal differences of us compared with the rest of the league? Or how about simply goals scored?! How do we stack up then? I completely admire your positivity mate, but there comes a point where it simply has to be called blind faith. Anyone who sees anything this season that suggests AVB can recover and/or take this team forward is free to present their case. But for me, there simply isn't one. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
Don't need Baldini to do that or choose the players...let him do the work. Vital spurs and all spurs fans can choose managers and players.....pretty much for free.
We should never have got rid of Harry. Can't for the life of me understand why there was so many fans that wanted him out after he guided us to two 4th place finishes and a great champions league run. Okay we should have qualified for the champions league with the second 4th place finish but we were just unfortunate. Like him or loathe him Harry got the best out of the team he had playing attractive football whereas AVB hasn't done any better and has made us so boring, we've totally lost our identity as a team. I just wish levy had backed Harry as much as he has AVB with money, I'm sure we would still be progressing as a club right now. Oh well...
Exactly....Tony Rich.......domino effect / pack of cards.
We can't agree on teams or managers :). It is not the players that are the problem, our transfers are not bad.
In isolation it's a bad result, but after West Ham and Man City nothing has changed.
@JOD... Did you really say that Capoue was MOM...??!!! In all the years i've been on here I've read some odd statements but that is by far the most ridiculous stmt ever!! Capoue was awful! Suarez had a complete field day... I don't totally blame him, cause he is a midfielder but he was diabolical!!
Mixer yids
Im not in for blind faith, I just dont want Tottenham to turn into Chelsea. My point is we wont get relegated, and we are currently 9 points off first.. Im not saying we are going to win the league, I never thought we could, that would be blind faith.. I just dont feel comfortable having a merry go round of managers, or sacking one the first time things get a bit sticky. The club underwent a huge overhaul in the summer, you cannot give a manager 100m to spend (even if it was bank rolled by Bale) and sack him before christmas it doesnt make sense..
Doesn't make sense !?....£100 mill' kitty....AVB could practically do as he wished. He could have kept many players and added one or two world beaters, whilst progressing the under 21's. BUT.they chose major overhaul.
I do understand all that Paddavis, but that wasn't really what I was asking mate. I'm just interested in what those fans like yourself who want us to persevere with AVB have seen this season to give you any confidence that this much talked about 9 point gap will shorten rather than widen? Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
@*****ey18 Harry had Modric, Bale and VDV... The players we have brought in are at not at the same level (not yet anyway)... I'm sure even AVB could have finished fourth if he had the players i've mentioned!
Mixer yids
It pains me to say this but after 60 years of supporting this great club it is becoming an embarasment in a football discussion to admit to being a Spurs fan, yes i am becoming ashamed. I know we have had dark periods in the past after the euphoric success of the early 60s, but weren't throwing huge sums of money around on players, fielding a team entirely consisting of full international players, the expectations of mediocrity became indemic, but we did win a trophy now and again to ease the pain. This current team comes on the back of one achieving several top 5 finishes, a QF place in the CL, playing fast attacking entertaining football, scoring goals, and yes conceding a few but building a reputation as the team everybody liked to watch. we are now a team nobody other than our own want to watch, and even we endure rather than enjoy our performances, we rarely score, we still concede plenty, and we are relatively unsuccessful, in fact we are going backwards into the neutral territory of mid table mediocrity. Unless a radical change is affected soon the damage being done will only result in quality players jumping the sinking ship and we will get even worse.
Mixer yids..perhaps he should have signed 3 world beaters with his £100mill' kitty....and not done major overhaul. just a thought.
Incidentally it was alleged by our esteemed soon to be ex coach, that "the Paulinho sending off contributed to the defeat", this of course is nonsense, it possibly affected the final score, not the result. We were 2-0 down we he was sent off, and the chances of us getting 2 goals for a point, or 3 for a win, were akin to hell freezing over. So come on Villas Boaz, even if you can't do the bloody job at least tell the truth.
@82SD AVB made it clear yesterday at the after match press conference that he didn't sign the players
Mixer yids
@ mixer yids.... I understand that Harry had the likes of Bale, Modric and Van Der Vaart but Bale wasn't quite at the same level then as what he is now. He had an outstanding season last season and as much as people can say we had our record most amount of points last season a lot of that was down to Bale alone. Just feel that all Harry needed when he was in charge was some decent firepower up front in the likes of Soldado, we've got him now but everything else seems broken :-(
you seriously think as the manager / coach....he didn't have at least 50% input on who THFC sign !?
Mixer yids - AVB moved VDV on. Do not use him as an excuse. Bale & Modric had been at the club for 5-6 years. Players move on. This happens. An experienced manager takes these things in their stride. Players brought in are not of same class? I remember when Harry took over, we had 2 points from 8 games, Modric was playing to little effect AND Bale was not even in the team. Harry brought Bale in, persevered with him and ended up creating a team with these 2 weapons in it. It did not just fall in Harry's lap. It is management. Besides.... AVB HAD Bale, and did not finish 4th! He had Bale at his peak. As I said earlier. Enough of the excuses. That milk has been spilt. There is plenty of power, skill and quality in our squad. Give most EPL managers that squad, and they would do better. AVB is inexperienced, and not able to manage it. Most managers start lower, so that when the pressure is on, it is merely mild pressure from fans. AVB starts right at the top, so the pressure is on a national media level. AVB is struggling to handle that too.
Mixer yids - he did not make it clear. He said that "we" signed the players. Is that "we" as in "me - representing the club". Or "We, Baldini and I"... Or "We - as in Baldini representing the club". You would think that it would be silly to hire a manager with such little experience to manage a group of players that he did not want. A seasoned manager could do that, but not AVB. So I doubt that it was all Baldini.
@Tonyrich Baldidni has made it clear, Lamena was his signing... @82SD I have no idea how much input AVB has and neither do you or anyone else on here, as much as they may act like they do..
Mixer yids
Let me make it clear i'm no AVB fan, i didn't want home to come in the first place and i want him out! I just dont see the point in bringing up Harry everytime we have a bad result!
Mixer yids
Just call it a day for a.v.b.or u will see more result like this or wors
So depressed. He must go today
Let's call it a day for a.v.b.or expect the worst to hapen.
@mixer yids... I thought that I'd get a response like that from someone and that's fine. He's in the past now, blah, blah, blah, I understand all that but it's like that saying "you never miss a good thing until it's gone". I just wonder how many spurs fans that we're calling for Harry out are now wondering if that was a bad call. Right I'll shut up now and stop saying the H word lol.
Mixer yids....don't listen to me, i'm just a humble spurs fan. But you might try Match of the day 2...on bbc i player. Other football experts expressed their views on there, last night.
@82sd AVB was asked "did you sign the players"... His answer was "I'm not sure what i can say in public, WE (not I) have brought in a very good squad"... Maybe he is now trying to shift the blame, i dont know but what i do know is that doesn't sound like someone happy with his squad in my opinion but yes i agree with you he/they should have brought in 2 or 3 World class players instead!
Mixer yids
Paddavis5 - Interesting that you think Naughton is second rate. I've seen him play twice this season at right back and both times he looked decent. Or do you mean any right back who can't play on the left is second rate ? in which case that applies to most if not all backs in the premier league. Blame the manager not the player.
He has also been quoted to say, that this is a top 4 quality squad. Never in a million years will this squad get top 4.
He's gone!!!
Mixer yids
with AVB / Fruend as coaches / managers.
quite right too.
Naughton is awful!
Mixer yids
If only we had tempted Diego Costa in the summer another two goals last night!....we would have had goals and a player suited to PL....the best offer that came in for him was 18m from Pool...nothing else so he re-signed with AM...still i'm sure Levy will now give AVB Hulk and Coentrao or will he just use the instability as an excuse not to spend any of the 33m profit we've made on transfers in the last 3 years?....because no way is any of that money being used on a stadium...hmm no, no ,no!
Tony, who's 'rich'ness seems to be in analysis, is spot on. On all points. As for Harry, how those cannot see that he screwed us over - can't win a game after the turn of the year 'cos he doesn't use his squad properly - I hope we don't have to put up with him again. And the 'things aren't so bad, we won't get relegated' argument... wtf? Nor should Liverpool. Imagine that? Liverpool getting relegated? The Liverpool we've started the last 2 or 3 seasons with higher aspirations than. Regularly snatching players from their impressive grasp. What Buck Rogers has achieved in the time A Very Boring Tottenham have become... We've the players. I love our squad. BAE. lol. What a farce. Fryers. Why's he not had chances? Where's the very impressive Ryan Fredericks been all season? Whilst Walkers' been overplayed? Why not Walker in the middle? A fast defender. Up to game speed. We've two other right-backs who can come in. AVB tries to be too clever. Desperate to be the next best thing. We've half a team of non English-speaking newbies, and we play half the team out of position in one of the hardest leagues. AVB out. If there's no-one suitable to bring in, give it to Sherwood.
Yay ******** Yay. Well done Levy. There is an Allah.
Levy's obviously tracking my posts...
I have to admit that last season was a surprise. We got a highest points total ever. I was beginning to swallow my words that I thought that AVB was completely the wrong choice. However, I still thought that our performances were empty, and a Mr Bale stepped up and never looked back. This season was what I thought would happen LAST season.... A delayed reaction. The other irony is that we have a relatively compatible points total to this point last season. Also AVB's win percentage (including cups mind) is high. YET, all stats like that are misleading. I am a Levy supporter, but with every person in a position of power, mistakes will be made sometimes. The AVB appointment was a bad one. We now have to start again...

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