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A.V.B. = O.U.T?

Well what do we expect after such a humbling. Lets go a little further and say Another Humbling...

I have previously stated that the media have it in for Andre Villas-Boas, but after yesterdays non show, and increasing rumours that there were 'meetings' after yesterday's game and perhaps more this morning, you have to wonder if Daniel Levy is seriously looking at making a change. Fabio Capello, who has previously worked with Franco Baldini, and Guus Hiddink, are two vastly experienced names that have initially been linked with either long or more likely short term appointments, whilst the likes of Jurgen Klinsmann, Glen Hoddle, Michael Laudrup and Mauricio Pochettino have all been mentioned in the media as potential long term replacements.

AVB has spoken, somewhat unconvincingly that he isn't a quitter, but for the first time yesterday he looked to me like a beaten man and perhaps one that already knows or expects his fate, but like all managers today the compensation for being sacked, makes quitting not an option. Would a sacking be too soon? It is hard to gauge without insight into the dressing room and the managers relationship with his DoF and Chairman, but there seems an increasing uncertainty on the pitch, whilst you have to question whether individually or as a team, we are playing better or with more cohesion or confidence.

Sacking a manager during such a busy time of the season is always a massive gamble, but if the wheels are coming off, do the club need to make positive action, especially if there is an intention to spend more in the new year and you don't trust the current manager to utilise the players to their potential. Should the club not bring in an experienced or long term coach, is there a short term solution in giving the post to Tim Sherwood, to see if he can steady the ship, and who knows, he and Stefan Freund, may well bring back the Spurs feel to the club and also hopefully see a return of more attractive football.

I have to confess to still being on the fence over any decision. I am not comfortable in sacking yet another manager, whilst I am equally unhappy with the way the team is under performing and I still struggle to see progression and forward planning to make the team perform to the level we hoped for. I fully accept that this is a highly competitive league this season and as a result a top four place is hugely difficult, but should we not be looking at the defeats, but more to their manner and make our judgement on that, as opposed to our league position and retain that blind faith that given time, all will be right in the end...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 16 2013

Time: 9:00AM

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AVB OUT !?...quite simply YES...and NOW. To be replaced by Hoddle..or Sherwood / Ferdinand / Ramsey.
I'm all for managerial stability but 5-0 and 6-0 drubbing is just not on. I used to be a staunch AVB backer but now..... I'm officially.... sitting on the fence.
At the after match press conference AVB made it clear he didn't sign the players
Mixer yids
Ox ,highly competitive league this season indeed,just a shame we aren't showing we deserve to be a part of it!!
AVB...has been done over by experienced English tactical managers from the day he set his feet on English soil. ( the evidence supports, this view)
I'm afraid it's just a matter of time now for AVB. Using the high line tactics against Suarez and with a makeshift defence must be one of the worst tactical decisions of all time followed closely by using three big but slow ponderous midfield players against Liverpool's passing ans pressing game. I think when we lose to Southampton will be the time AVB goes. They are what we have always wanted to be - a well coached team full of young hungry players. My only wish is that Daniel Levy does not appoint the new manager. His record in that department is spectacularly awful.
Morning all. Just jumping to wednesdays game.... I know its only Capital One Cup etc etc, but to lose and see the 4200 wet spam lot going mad would drive me insane! We might well have 0 cb's on show! 3 injured and the 'lightning quick' Dawson suspended. Capoue may well be needed in midfield cos Sandro will be out and Paulinho will be suspended. What an effing mess! Please let us beat them or its going to be one long journey home!! COYS!!
This is no knee jerk reaction. I like AVB and I am dying for him to succeed but he is so clearly out of his depth. The only problem is that I have absolutely no faith in the boards ability to make the right appointment that will take this club in the right direction.
AVB Out = Levy out....he hamstrings and scapegoats every manager....
AVB OUT OUT OUT and take Baldini with you, saves on the taxi fares!! and get shot of Levy too who has presided over some of the worst cock ups in our transfer policies. Got lucky with buying and selling Bale and f***** it all up.....................anyone for a lyncing??
As always firing people is easy, replacing them with someone better is difficult. Its also important to get it right, these short term managers are killing us. There is no one mentioned in the article I'd actually have much confidence in. I would also call "the wheels coming off" an overstatement. Either you get Champions league or you get relegated or it really doesn't matter (yes I don't think the Europa matters, not being in it isn't hurting Liverpool or Everton). If we were qualifying for the Champions League on a regular basis your description might be more accurate but we haven't been.
It is a strange one if we had won yesterday we would be 3 points behind second place and have a better points tally than last year ,how that is true i will never know??.But i have to agree with the masses it is time for him to go the players really dont understand him anymore Ade and ekotto frozen out Defoe got the hump after the last sub was picked etc.We did have alot of injuries but there was nothing going on yesterday no fight and couldnt even string 3 passes together .One thing that really winds me up about Spurs in there passing is even when they pass across the pitch the ball goes behind the player by a yard not in the space in front of him ,this says to the player retreat or go forward basically and we choose retreat ,SO NOT SPURS!!.I feel for Andre as i do like him but its just not working so when do we decide enough more 5-0 results is enough ?? Sherwood would do fine for now .Lots of games coming up bad timing well if we lose most of them it doesnt really matter if Sherwood comes in all players would be fired up straight away ,,,,its all just a mess and im gutted so looking forward to this season as well .As for Liverpool looking so good thats rubbish we were just sooo poor .COYS
Edinburgh Spur
Geoff Boycott..just said on the Radio..."it is not that you lose....but in the way that you lose, that counts" !!!!......mind, ithink he was talking about cricket.
jod its not the loses its the manner of them, we have invested heavily last summer and have somehow managed to make the team much worse?? AVB is clearly not the correct man for the job, his football philosophy is more suited to Italy. Packing the midfield with Holding players who can only pass sideways on a good day is not the way forward. No plan B, far too rigid. Yes it is always going to be difficult chopping and changing the manager every 2 seasons, but now we are playing the worst football I have seen for years here win lose or drawer it has been dire most of the time!!
Madabouts ... hope it's a strong fence ... might be a few of us on it soon! Then it's a matter of which way to jump.
He picks players to play out of position and then every single week he wastes subs by trying to correct his own stupid mistakes. Paulinho and Dawson (2 poor players) are immune to being subbed. The man hasn't got a clue.
I once walked along a fence. One side was grass and one side concrete pavement.....guess which side I FELL !?....never been the same since !!
Of course this situation cannot be allowed to continue, unless of course we are happy to beat the dross in the league, whilst getting beaten and even humiliated by the teams competing for top 6 places. We have now played 7 teams around us and totaled 3 points from 21, scoring 3 goals and conceding 16, a GD of -13. Yesterday we had 0 shots on target in a 5-0 defeat, can somebody remind me when we were last humbled to this extent, I with 60 years of Spurs support behind me can't remember a similar performance, and this on the back of a 6-0 mauling at Man City. Unfortunately Villas-Boas is seriously out of his depth, and the situation against the good sides is simply embarrasing. The bloke is content to continually offer excuses and reasons for failure but never a hint of solutions or cures, or indeed changes to his playing philosophies and team set-ups or training methods, all of which are patently not working. The shame is that he was allowed to spend 111m following the departure of his "get out of jail card" to real Madrid at the end of last season, before we discover that he is not up to taking us forward. Levy's statement that Villas-Boaz was engaged to "take the club in a different direction" has come true, but unfortunately probably not in the direction intended.
The poll should be will AvB last the day in his job??
If AVB goes I don't want no short term manager, we have a very good squad here so no short term appointments. No to hoddle, not sure on the others even Laudrup doesn't feel me with confidence. De Boer could be good but has no PL experience. We have to be very careful here.
I would be happy to see Sherwood and even Hoddle come in together and try and lift us for the rest of the season. Rather then worrying when the next mauling was on its way for us.
I'd take comfort in replacing the question mark with exclamation mark in the article headline.
What I simply cannot come to terms with is that a lot of the flaws in our setup and play were obvious, how could the entire coaching staff not see them and raise it in their discussions. Are they all yes men?
What do they do on the practice pitch - because it is evident no corners or free kicks are being practiced, there is no positional sense in the midfield nor upfront,they keep getting in one another's way - it's all so hit or miss. I'm very disappointed as I was one that backed AVB to succeed!
Oxfordspur - A balanced article, I expected you to jump at the chance to say I told you so. Strange fact IF we had won that game AVB would now be a genius. But as I had Brendan Rodgers as my choice to succeed Harry I am not surprised at Liverpools progress. No sense in changing the Manager now AVB does many good things hopefully this is the low point and two wins and Liverpool two defeats in the next games put us up there again. BUT our defensive shape for whatever reason has been poor all year.
People actually want Sherwood or Hoddle? Hoddle?! If you do that you might as well admit defeat. Give AVB until the end of the season. I have never heard anythig so stupid, hoddle in as manager. Blimey lad! why dont we put Ramos back in charge?
Did not think that he was the right man for the job in the first place and, if reported, he didn't choose the players that we signed in the summer then that explains why Redknapp was axed - he would never have tolerated that. If Harry had been given 100million to spend we would be title contenders playing attacking football. Under AVB, apart from Man U, we have been outclassed by the top teams and I cannot remember a really good attacking display in the premiership at home under his reign - it's been dire stuff - Spurs play a certain brand of football and AVB is unable or unwilling to do this. He is a nice guy with a lovely beard but out of his depth in so many ways - at Chelsea it was everybody's fault for the teams failure except his own and when he is eventually axed we will hear the same story. He won't resign because of the money he would lose so he must be sacked SAP - bring Hod in until the summer. Levy and Baldini must also take their share of blame for the mess we are in - Bale papered over the cracks last season but with him gone we don't look like a team under AVB - just 11 individuals randomly picked before each game. Black clouds over the Lane yet again - just when you think it might be going well the same **** happens. COYS
As far as the manager's position is concerned, my opinion is as follows - I like AVB but I love Spurs and if sacking the manager will mean we will be a better, more expansive, entertaining and successful team then I'm all for it. I'm still not entirely convinced of that though and I believe addressing the situation at the end of the season is the best tactic...provided there are no more days like yesterday between now and then.
Can anyone provide any evidence or quotes about AVB saying he didn't sign or sanction those players?
It doesn't look like we're all together at the club though does it?...AVB didn't exactly give a ringing endorsement of the players that were bought or take ownership of the decision to buy them....I want to know who the muppet was who decided we could undertake a campaign with a returning loanee as 1st choice LB whilst Fryers clearly was not up to level?....whoever that person is is responsible for us being short at the back now...we were clearly in for Coentrao so I guess AVB wanted a's a shame but we don't learn we kicked off last season with only 1 striker, would our season look now had we been playing this season with a LB providing width?
If we won the carling cup and the europa league, would anyone take that and write the league off this season? If i was Levy I would say to AVB that this isnt good enough and you will be judged at the end of the season but we expect you to win something..
If Levy wants to sack someone and improve the football he just needs to look in the mirror....the common denominator is him.
shedboy 2...I don't think we started the season a left back chort. I feel we started the season, a centreback and 2 strikers short.
why sack a manager who has taken the club to it's only CL place, who had us consistently top5 only to gamble on a manager and bring in a system that failed miserably last time you implemented it?....and then not provide any additional funding for the 'project'....Levy may be good with property but he's a shambles with football.....
@ shedboy. though it is easy to blame Levy (and perhaps we should) is there the very valid justification that in appointing Baldini, he is actually looking to distance himself from the football running of the club, as opposed to be more influential? Of course we have to give Baldini himself time to settle, look at the structure, and implement his own ideas, which you assume are as much mid-long term as for the today. what we don't know is what their relationship is like and all too often if you have a DoF, he likes to have his own man, as opposed to a manager he inherited
We keep sacking managers because we keep employing the wrong ones in the first place, Santini, Ramos, AVB? they all have no clue about English football. Redknapp, English, Experienced got the team motivated and playing football. I dont understand the stupid stupid risk that was taken in employing AVB when there were so many other options available at the time, why, I just dont get it.
I dont like the idea of changing manager mid season, especially when we've got in a director of football and changed the setup to his liking - if it does happen though Hiddink would be the ONLY one I'd want.
Seems a fairly even divide between those who want us to stick or fold. Could I just ask a question of those people who believe we ought to stick with AVB? This is a very sincere question, that I welcome answers to. What have you seen this season that gives you the confidence that the gap between us and those in contention will decrease rather than increase? And more pertinently, what exactly do we have to gain by sticking with AVB? Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
82- we did buy Vlad giving us 4 cb's (and they would have known the extent of Kabouls injuries)....Verts, Daws, Vlad and Kaboul -I say that's adequate....but only Rose at LB? Fryers is development level at best...that is shocking. I also think we were only 1 striker down as we know Ade can not and should never be relied upon...who bought him?....well that must have been Levy, no one else was around....
Paddavis, your naivety (and stupidity while we're at it) defies belief. How can you expect AVB to win any cup if we can't beat any of the top 9 teams? You read it right, we had 8 goes and failed all of them. What makes you think we suddenly beat City if we face them in Mickey Mouse Cup (semi-)final or Arsenal away in the FA Cup for that matter? With the depleted, disjointed and completely disoriented squad which is only capable of shipping 5+ goals past them?
Paddavis5 - At this point...if you offered me the Carling Cup and 5th and rip your hand off. Although I suspect we'll be out come Thursday. We play West Ham - who beat our first team 3-0 at the Lane in October - without a fit, established left back, a single, fully fit central defender and arguably our best player so far this season (Paulinho).

I think everyone was aware at the beginning of the season that despite our best plans, this would be a season of transition. The amount of money spent, the number of new faces and the loss of Gareth Bale was always going to be difficult to get over - at least this side of Christmas. However, I'm not sure anyone expected results such as the one's we've seen so far this season.

If things dont improve over Christmas and New Year, I believe come the end of January, we need to re-evaluate our goals for this season. Changing from "make the top 4" to "win the Europa League". If we can achieve that, especially considering some of the rubbish we've had to endure, it would put a nice gloss over the season and allow us to kick on next season with a more settled squad.
Capello ??????. PLease nooooo!
Thanks for briging my intelligence into question. I said if I was Levy, that is what I would ask for and that is what I would then judge him on. A top 7 finish and a cup wouldnt be a disaster... If you honestly believe spending 100m, bringing in a DoF (who brought in Lamela for 30m) and then sacking the manager now is a good idea then you are deluded and should go and support Chelsea.
In August everybody was talking about the squad being the best squad they had seen in years!100 millions to spend and this kind of result is not right!Had we lost against City and Pool 1-0 each,maybe things would have been different but AVB is running out of excuses.Time to go!!!
Frank Rijkaard, Guus Huddink and Jupp Heynckes are all currently unemployed...just saying
Villas-Boaz says "I am not a quitter", of course he isn't, what difference will it make to his bank balance if he waits around to get the sack, rather than resigning. He ain't as daft as his performance as head coach at Spurs (and incidentally Chelsea before us) would suggest. He will soon be able to buy his rally car, put on his overalls and his helmet, and bugger off rallying, he might even be some good at that.
Sorry Shedboy 2....but Kaboul was a was chiriches....and Dawson / Vertonghen were considered Adequote...........5 centrebacks for me, at the start of a season that we are competeing in 4 comps'. Rose, Fryers, Townsend, Vertonghen....even Fredericks have all played left back a decent amount.
Kierzo- we can re-evaluate our goals all we want, what we need is action to turn things around...if results aren't good by 1st week of Jan we may have to chop AVB just to provide stimulus...a new man will want to change a few players I'm sure. The problem for is then what? Levy is turning us into a laughing stock and being applauded by Spurs fans as he does it....perhaps we deserve to be a laughing stock.
Would we be any worse off with Harry at this stage with this squad? He got sacked for a 4th placed finish. AVB gone by midnight please
For the record...I think we will and hope we beat westwham Wednesday.....but progress further, I seriously doubt.
Transition is what Everton and Liverpool are having not us!
82- you say Vlad was a risk (I agree) but he was bought as a 1st team have to have faith in your purchases. At LB not one player bought as a 1st team player, Rose not considered 1st team material last year is promoted to 1st back up. You put our best CB as a LB cover yet think we didn't have enough CB's, that's wooly thinking imo...I would bet most of team would have a go at LB but that's simply not good enough at this level and certainly not good enough for a team who supposedly had top4 ambition....we failed our target before we even kicked a ball.
I see Capello is being strongly linked as a possible AVB replacement, and I suppose the Capello/Baldini past relationship cannot be ignored. I suppose were he to be appointed we continue to endure less than exciting football, as his Italian mentality takes over, but at least it would be unlikely we would get beat 6-0, or 5-0 going forward. I would prefer Laudrup or De Boar myself but we are in a crisis and need to do something positive.
Its all media hysteria. After 16 games last season - 26 points. After 16 games this season 27 points. We are doing BETTER than last season plus are in the latter stages of League Cup. Horrible to lose by 5 with a makeshift defence and down to 10 men but the media love it and so do the AVB haters. Ok lets hound him out then. I wonder how long it will take the serial moaners to get their claws into the new man? Typical Spurs.
how can pool hang onto Suarez yet we can't even hold onto Caulker? let alone's not just Bale, we miss PL experience in the squad now....I suspect Thud would have played CB better than Capoue did yesterday...and we definitely wouldn't have tried to play him and Daws high!...;)
WestStandEnclosure - Doesn't actually solve the problem does it ? Like I said firing people is easy, any moron can do it. Unless you actually get someone better you don't actually solve the problem.
SRV- yes shoot the messengers, it's all their fault...are we better off this year in corresponding fixtures?...and of course comparing seasons only offers a guide as other teams change....this year after 16 games we are 7th, at least two games from catching top4 relying on those in the places not to get a point in their next two games....that's not good whatever way you try and spin it...
According to twitter rumours, Levy is to blame, he wants to be involved in everything. He has fallen out with AVB so its just time now. There are so many stories, don't know what to believe.
Shedboy 2....ok, you win...we should have bought a left back. But i still say 5 the start of a season, when competeing in 4 comps'. Needless to say...I think letting Caulker go, was a mistake. A payrise and a word of praise in his ear, would have kept him at his loved club. I also think we missed a opportunity to sign Toby aldew'd.
Frank the 70 year old drama queen says we are in a crisis. More points than last season at this time, in the quarters of the League Cup and last 32 in europe with some mouthwatering teams left. Lets see how the next couple months unfolds. And OMG - Capello - LOL - how long would he last with the spurs boo-boys hankering after the 'spurs way'. To my mind the 'spurs way' is to bottle it at the first sign of trouble.
jod - perhaps you should have shared that advice with levy before getting rid of a Top4 manager! seems we have a moron doing our hiring!...and then not backing his man...poor management from levy.
I dont like the idea of sacking a manager mid season, but have to agree with most people on here. If we dont get CL football next season, then other clubs will be lining up to sign our players who will be looking to leave. Another summer of pain and rebuilding. We have good players but they just look as lost as AVB did at City he looked like a rabbit in the headlights. On top of that if DL is trying to get someone for naming rights. Who will sponsor us after that disaster at the weekend, or any home game performance, Do we keep him and wait to we actually hit the iceberg? We need leadership on and off the field sunday was embarrassing.
spurexile- I'll have to go along with the mickey takers and suggest -NEXT will have to be our's always next year with us, tomorrow never comes...
I was still cautiously behind AVB after the City debacle but think yesterday was the final straw. I am more interested in our performances against other top ten sides than the points total and our record this year in that respect is woeful. We have only been able to beat the poorest sides in the division and have seriously struggled against decent teams, esp at home. Looking at potential replacements - I think Capello would be a poor choice. We have been criticising AVB's style of play for being anti-Spurs. Well Capello wrote the book. Laudrup or Hiddink all day long for me.
SRV - If you take away the points we've gained via very questionable refereeing decisions that went in our favour, how many points would we have? That would be draws from wins against Hull, Sunderland, and Crystal Palace. More pertinently, how does our goal difference stack up against this time last season. Or against anyone else THIS season in the league? Even playing devils advocate and forgetting about the two drubbings, that goal difference is laughable. How about our goals for? We are playing mind-numbingly boring football, and it's resulting in poor performances and results. We are a soft touch, and are increasingly becoming a laughing stock. What on Earth have you seen this season to make you believe that the gap between us and those above us will shorten rather than widen?! Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
82- we miss loads of seems Levy is so wedded to plans he can't take advantage of an opportunity unless it's to sell a player...
and why the hell should AVB quit Frank? We know the players that he has wanted since joining, Mouthino, Willian, Damiao, Contraeo etc, he didn't get them. It is now apparent that he did not necessarily want the players we brought in specifically, but we know he certainly didn't want Bale to leave. We should not have been playing liverpool with that make shift defence yesterday, and most of those problems were due to having no LB other than Rose, but how do we know that AVB was not insisting that we bring in a replacement but just didn't get them? This notion that having spent 100 million we should be a shoe in for top 4 or else is just absurd. The media and pundits constantly repeat the same mantra but all fail to say who out of chelsea, city, arsenal, liverpool and the title holders united they feel should be certain for fifth and sixth. We have lost 4 of our 5 best players, the remaining one being Adebayor who is clearly central to everything we do right now. Harry would not have finished in the top 5 without VDV, modric, bale, king and adebayor. How would liverpool be doing without suarez, gerrard, johnson, sturridge etc and as for comparing them with us, Rodgers was given time as a mid-table team having rebuilt his squad, time he wouldn't get at spurs apparently. I am not without many criticisms of AVB's tactics but to suggest that having turned down the opportunity to manage PSV or even possibly Real Madrid over the summer, I think to criticise the man for refusing to walk away from his contract and compensation if he is fired is absolutely ridiculous.
Hiddink would be a safe pair of hands...I rate him highly but I do think we need to hold off til after the x-mas fixtures...if we don't pick up action has to be taken...but right now Levy needs to be sepnding some of the supporters money to make sure a quality LB is in place for jan 1st!....send fryers out on loan or sell him. 82- perhaps we should bid for Lescott he can play LB and CB....the calibre of player we can attract is diminishing by the day....
Lilywhite - all im hearing from that post is whenever AVB wins its down to the referee or luck and when he loses its down to AVB himself. Too many people watching Skysports sensationalism and not looking at the facts of AVBs record and the bigger picture. He has STILL the best winning record of any Spurs manager in over 100 years. But yet its not enough is it? As I said let the media and boo-boys hound him out. And go with the new man. Vicious spurs cycle.
avb out
Apparently Levy and board meet with AVB later today. What are the odds on the Portuguese to be sacked tonight?
Right then, that's confirmed, who's going to replace him? lol.. REALISTIC answers/suggestions :-)
He has gone, its official
shedboy2 - You've obviously got a higher opinion of Redknapp than me. I saw a man who was burning money on mediocre ageing signings to shore up the team today at the expense of tomorrow. Harry lived for the here and now, its amazing how financial problems followed him from club to club. To me Levy didn't have much choice in getting rid of him. The last thing we need is another wide boy.
Regarding the criticism of Levy - it was only 3 short months ago he was being heralded by many on here as the best chairman in the prem for his work over the summer. AVB may not have got his wish list but we were all delighted with the quality of players that were brought in over the summer and those players haven't began bad in the intervening weeks. They are not performing to anywhere near their potential. Whether that is down purely to AVB's tactics, the spirit in the squad or other unknown factors, we don't know but I think blaming Levy for a 5-0 thrashing is wholly inaccurate
He has been sacked...............please not Capello. Hoddle or Sherwood / Ferdinand / Ramsey.....for me.
apparently AVBS gone can someone confirm
Wow, he's out already, haha!
yes on the club website
AVB gone!Its on official facebook page!
Read this in the Guardian comments today about Spurs. very very true, to such an extent it makes one wonder if that was AVB's master plan in the first place. Get sacked by two top Prem clubs then that would give him enough money to be able to do his Dakar rally. LOL. Openg 15 December 2013 10:34pm Recommend 6 If you join a club in the premier league with a history of sacking managers with large severances of pay, do you think you'd work with respect for that club that treats managers like idiots, or go for the cash way out and return to your old country and enjoy warm afternoon sun in Porto. I know what I'd do.
So since 2001 we have had 6 managers, including AVB and 4 caretakers. The closest we got to being the real deal was under Harry. So does it makes sense to sack AVB, get another caretaker in and hope we sign a world class manager? How long are we prepared to wait for Spurs to become a top 4 side? COYS!
Moscovite - Don't celebrate too much, we don't know who will be the next manager and how that will turn out.
I wonder, is Daniel Levy going to take a good hard look at himself and resign as well - at the very least, he must stay away from all football decisions.
No SRV when you play that worse,its not enough!
Laudrup's contract ends in 2015 and has an alleged release clause of anywhere between 5m-10m, I think he's a good young manager and has already worked well under very difficult circumstances. Always talks highly of Spurs ad as a bonus plays an attractive brand of football. Hiddink doesnt stay anywhere for long and seems to prefer part time international football. I believe he is in pole position to take over the Dutch national team after next years world cup and has admitted to being in talks with the Dutch FA.
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, Now it looks as though they're here to stay, Oh, I believe in yesterday, Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be, There's a shadow hanging over me. Oh, yesterday came suddenly. Yes we lost at home 5-0, any loss is always very hard to take, had we won, we would have moved up one place, had we got a draw, we would have moved up one place, we lost and our league position is the same this morning as it was before kick-off yesterday. We got over run by movement and passing of a football, we had no answer to them in he first half ad even less in the second, going own to 10 men, put the lid on it, game over. Now AVB and the players need to stand up and be counted, starting on wednesday. Then away at Soton in the prem and two home games vs WBA & Stoke. Calling time on the first half of the season and into the new year. With regards to the love both Ade and BAE showed towards our club after the defeat, never in a million light years do i want either in a spurs shirt again, Sell BAE and get shot of Ade ASAP, LIVERMORE is wanted by Hull so secure his deal in january. To say things are rocky is far to early, lets see what happens over the next few games until the end of this year, a new manager will not make a our injured players better, they need to get fit and we need to consolidate our league form, we need 5 more wins and we are safe, that is not going to be a problem, things can only get better.
spu 4 life
BBC says he has gone
shedboy - We've been beaten - badly - and I get the urge to scream from the rooftops but there is ability in this squad and tactically, AVB is still a very good manager. I believe we are more than capable of winning the Europa League but I feel the top 4 may be beyond us this season.

I don't believe in changing anything too early in the season or at all if we can help waiting until the end of the season when everyone will be in better position to pass judgement, would be smarter than just kicking the guy out the door. As for January signings...very few, if any signings made in January will be on the advice of AVB or any potential new manager. They'll be brought in under the advice and supervision of Frank Baldini meaning changing manager's at any point will make no difference to who or when we bring in.

Reports are suggesting that he'll be relieved today, if he hasn't already been told...and if that's true, then this isn't really relevant any longer. However, if he is to be given time i'll support that but in my mind, our best chance of success this season will be in Europe...
Levy has to be called into Question
Topho, if you are about, I have to agree with one of your regular issues with the signings, i.e., we didn't buy ANY proven PL player. So, not only are they taking a while to adjust, IMO, some of the injuries may also be attributable to the same reason, i.e., the physicality of the PL is literally hitting them hard!.
is our Europa league opponent to be drawn today??
not capello, please god not capello.
Capello can only be a caretaker, right? I mean he's contracted to Russia going into the WC 2014?
I'd back Glen Hoddle to take over. Maybe Levy will put Sherwood next to him.
Andre Villas-Boas has been sacked by Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham Hotspur have posted the following official statement on their website regarding their manager: "The Club can announce that agreement has been reached with Head Coach, Andre Villas-Boas, for the termination of his services. The decision was by mutual consent and in the interests of all parties. "We wish Andre well for the future. "We shall make a further announcement in due course." Speculation had been rife as to his future after Tottenham's 5-0 home defeat against Liverpool yesterday, just a fortnight after a 6-0 away loss to Manchester City. Let us know your reaction... Who do you want to see replace AVB?
spu 4 life
Capello no no no. Look at what a mess he left England in, have all you capello supporters forgotten that? How he couldn't do a thing with the players he had at his disposal who were supposedly the best of the bunch. If he can reduce an international team to rubble after his first successful few moments then imagine what he will do to us. Plus his style of play is just as boring as AVB's.
Sky confirm the sacking.
Well atleast Arse are literally out of the champions league!
I fear Levy can also bring in Spalletti who worked with Baldini at Roma.
Now we will see AVB go on to huge international success with some other team in about two or three years time when they let him have the players HE wants without any interference from the chairman.
This drama queen SRV has the ability to see past the end of his Fecking nose unlike you and the AVB appreciation society. yes we have 27 pooints from 16 games and we have qualified in the EL from a group similar to league 1 in England. let's look a bit closer, the 27 points is strongly influenced by the early season 9 points from 1-0 penalty results, two of which v palace and hull were dubious to say the least. Apart from 3 points gained from draws v Chelsea, Everton, and Man U, the rest have been accumalated against lower league strugglers. We have played 7 teams in the upper echelons of the league, and we have amassed the aforementioned 3 points from 21. I don't know how you define a crisis, but after a 6-0 mauling at Man City, and now a 5-0 defeat at home v Liverpool, during which we had 0 shots on target, and having to witness after match interviews with our "coach" in which he bleats apologies, excuses, reasons, for failure with no hint of solutions, answers, or changes likely to affect improvement, that is close to crisis
Silwal, they beat Bayern away this year.
I would have given him up to the end of the season, simply because of what happened with SAF. There have been flashes of what we are capable of and that must be down to AVB as well as all the poor play, so he must have been doing something right for us still to be in contention for the top four.
Chrishove123, never mind England, what is Capello's record like at club level, big club level, he has managed the biggest and the best, and won trophies. Having said all of that, I would prefer we didn't get him, due to the style of football he would favour, but you can't ignore his managerial credentialls.
Time to say how disappointed I am with this decision to get rid of AVB as we will get nowhere with our revolving door style of management. So who do we sack in six months time, and qwho do we get in to sack in a season and a half's time after that? NO ONE BECAUSE THEY WILL ALL WANT THEIR SAY IN TRANSFERS NOT HIS AND WILL NOT WANT TO GO TO A CLUB THAT SACKS IT'S MANAGERS ON SUCH A REGULAR BASIS. Unless of course all they want to do is come here so that they can take the money and walk away laughing all the way to the bank once they are sacked. This stupidity HAS to stop and must stop with our next manager otherwise we won't even be able to buy in any players because none of them will want to play in a team with an unstable management.
Hiddink is the only man for me.
My inner voice tells me Levy can't/won't take a risk now. He will probably go for a safe pair of hands right now. Meaning is either Hoddle or Capello. I'd prefer the former tbh. I'm not sure Russian Football Federation would allow the Italian to take over Spurs anyway.
NONE of the managers mentioned in this article or by anyone in the press are IMHO good enough for us. We need a TOP CLASS manager who will be able to get it over on levy as regards transfers and such like, as AVB has stated that they were Levy targets not his. Until Levy decides he is not a manager of Spurs but the Chairman we will get nowhere. I admit he is a brilliant financier but as a "manager" he is rubbish, so leave there management to the mangers and leave the bean counting to the bean counters, then we may actually start to see our real potential, but only as long as every one sticks to their own roles within the club and doesn't interfere with other roles. As to who to bring in on a permanent basis, at this moment in time I really do not have a clue, I don't know who is free and who would even consider coming here. Yes we have a great crop of players, but we also have a sticky beak chairman who loves to be involved where he isn't wanted/needed. So.............
Moscovite If it came to a choice between Hoddle and Capello, I'd go for Hoddle every time.
I'm glad he's moved on before the situation got so untenable that we may as well have stuck with him. I didnt make as much of a stink when I posted the article:A case for Rafa when Harry Redknapp got sacked, but i'm going to this time HODDLE, NO, PONCHETINO, NO, REDKNAPP, NO, if Levy ****s the next appointment up i'm forming a lynch mob, his idiotic decisions have cost us.
please no Hoddle, no Capello. Hiddink or Laudrup okay
Moscovite-True but if they can outdo Bayern,they are capable of winning the Champions League which they are not!
Jupp Heynckes???
how is hoddle a safe pair of hands, he has been out of management for years and exactly what did he win when he was in it?
BILLY SMARTS CIRCUS have just emerged as the clubs new sponsor ! !
Yesterdays defeat and the manner of it, was awful, we failed to compete in any area of the pitch, when we lost to Man city we did at least try and play football, that was sadly lacking yesterday and it seems that AVB has sorry had no clue what to do, I appreciate we have injuries, but so did Liverpool, it was the worst team performance I can remember ! clueless, lacklustre, tactically innept,and that is putting it mildly, AVB out maybe Daniel Levy should also fall on his sword, but of course he wont and the money men want him to stay as he is filling their coffers every season, Who to bring in as manager ? at this stage I really dont know. I think the place needs a complete overall from top to bottom !
I am surprised that Pochettino is being mentioned, he is almost a carbon copy of AVB, and One day Ramos, one season wonders, he is having a good season at Southampton, as yet one season, let's see where he finishes the season, lets see maybe where he finishes next season. Remember the early season form of WBA last season with Steve Clarke, they had a decent season finish, now look where Clarke is, next in the dole queue to AVB. We need proven experience, and trophy and game winning capability, not bright learners.

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