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Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic

It is a phrase that has come to exemplify hopelessness in the face of looming disaster.

Everyone who hears it knows what is meant. As the latest not-so-poor sap clears his desk and ducks his head inside his 4 x 4, as it speeds off to avoid Sky's prying cameras while a familiar voice-over gives us the usual refrain of 'fill in name leaves the training ground for the last time', we have assorted 'experts' from Lord Sugar to Jamie Redknapp queuing up to give his reputation the sort of kicking our team has been used to getting from certain opponents recently. And yet the architects of all this and before, our brilliant owners, get away virtually scot free.

Their managerial revolving door policy has brought little success, and yet another 'transitional season' will undoubtedly unfold, this time in all probability without troubling the top four, European qualification, or, heaven help us, the engravers. The reversion in strategy by the owners, after a few seasons of old-school Redknapp H., to a Director of Football in tandem with Head Coach has brought nothing more than confusion, as it is unclear who signed which player, for which position, for what purpose? Tactics? No, neither do I.

The last press conference by S. Villas-Boas was a lesson in obfuscation. Not bad for a second language, although ultimately it did him no favours with his boardroom bosses. The Gareth Bale money resulted in a Viv Nicholson style spending spree, with, sadly so far, much the same outcome. Off the field, our much promised 'world class' stadium has yet to materialise, and yet some deluded fans stubbornly defend the owners' every PR utterance for the lengthy delay, and instead they attack critics whose realism and rightful impatience is mistakenly seen as disloyalty to the club. And yet, how disloyal is it to have so many on a waiting list for so long, locked out for years?

How disloyal is it to wish to move out of our historic home and borough? Back on the field no doubt we'll all go through this Spurs Axe Manager circus again sometime soon, but surely it is time for some acceptance of responsibility in the upper echelons of our club. Shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic? Make that 'changing manager nameplates at Tottenham'. Same meaning, same outcome.

Written by 5thcolumnist

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The journalist

Writer: 5thcolumnist Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday December 17 2013

Time: 8:15AM

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Why don't we all become defeatists and just give up? I for one am not buying the pessimism. OK, AVB fell on his sword because his football philosophies didn't seem to work. However, he has mostly transformed our squad at a time when he lost his best players. In the first year he bought Lloris, Vertonghen, Siggy and Dembele. He then added Holtby and then added Chiriches, Paulinho, Capoue, Lamela, Chadli, Erisken and Soldado. His only transfer dud in my mind was Adebayor with Dempsey playing his part in his brief spell. Add in Walker, Kaboul, Sandro, Lennon and Townsend and what new manager wouldn't want that squad? That's all with no net spending and other potentials like Rose, Fryers, Carroll, Kane coming through. My take on it is we can either slash our wrists or look very practically at our squad and propensity to buy new players and get our right heads on again. We should be excited at this point. We are going to get a new manager and we're 5 points off 4th place.
We're all a little angry now, concerned at what has happened but the situation is far from dire. The players will perform in a formation that lets them play and the points should start increasing. A win tomorrow and AVB will quickly become yesterdays news and Levy will feel his actions were justified.
Slurms McKenzie
Who do people actually want to take the reigns? It's not exactly a secret the Levy holds Tim in high regards, he did well in the Next Gen Series (not first team I know, but Pep had never managed a first team when he took over at Barca). I'm fully prepared to get behind Tim and at least see what he's capable of, as in my view, there is no stand out candidate at this time. If we were to pinch a manager from another side, then for me, we should go for Frank De Boer....funny old game football, incredibly frustrating! COYS
I'm an optimist. I'm cynical, but mostly positive, especially when it comes to Spurs. So, can someone please tell me why I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach? Even more so than after Sundays WHL farce.
Our owners....they'll take half a billion pounds of Spurs fans' money with them when they go being cheered all the way...
MAN ON!- it may be because Levy can waste 4m pounds (more than our entire transfer budget over the last 3 years) in a fit of pique without a coherent plan in place for the accession of a new manager...and now were talking about having Sherwood who hasn't managed a first team before....yep another yts trainee manager, just what we need.
There is no way Sherwood should be considered,short,medium or long term,he has absolutely no serious 1st team professional managerial experience at any league level to say he has any chance of taking the 1st team and the club as a whole forward.Maybe if we had 4/5 games left ,ok,but seriously we're still within serious contention of top 4 or better,and well alive in all cup comps.Not going to take a great deal to turn the form around.The fact we are still in with a shout considering some of the football we've played is a real bonus.The tools are all there(players/club setup)) to make this a very attractive job for someone,just don't ask me who.Football has become more of a lottery for players/managers/clubs to become successful,all down to money,great to have but a blight on sport.
Whilst we're now facing yet another period of uncertainty, one thing was certain - AVB wasn't good enough. He wasn't good enough when we hired him and he didn't improve any over the 18 months he was with us. Is it really worth sticking with someone so plainly out of their depth just to avoid being labelled knee-jerkers or unfair? I don't think so. Call me what you like. What matters is the improvement of our beloved club. AVB didn't, couldn't and wouldn't have been able to deliver it. Time to move on. Our track record could well lead us to believe that we won't get our next appointment right either but that is no excuse to settle for someone wrong for the club who could only deliver mediocrity and not success. Better to try to improve and fail than just sit back and accept what will never work.
muttley….. Sorry to pick you up on this, but you don't seem so excited on the 'Fabio thread.
Most confused article I've read for some time. 5thcolumnist doesn't like Levy, I get that much. Beyond that I don't understand what the writer is trying to say. Is he in favour of moving from Tottenham or does he want to stay ? Does he think its the chairman's job to decide on the field tactics ? I am not even sure whether or not he thinks AVB should have been sacked. If people have something to say then they should spell it out unambiguously, not write this kind of confused rant.
MAN ON ... Because you're hungry?!
Am I the only person who after reading this article is none the wiser as to what the author is asking? Or the point he's trying to make? Or the thoughts he's trying to express? Full marks for effort and enthusiasm, but I have no clue as to how to comment on it. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
Jod this guy is a troll and this article and his previous article should never have been on VS! Ps it's all in his name by the way...
Well Geofspurs, I've not had my breakfast yet……
Rubbish...utter rubbish. Shuffling Deckchairs on the Titanic? So what, you expect us to go down (metephorically speaking) regardless of the changes made? That the change in manager is pointless as whoever takes over wont do any better? Why not just pack up, close the gates and call it a day?

I would never refer to any supporter as disloyal for criticising the the club, players, management, PAYING representatives, we are more than entitled to our opinions on all things Tottenham Hotspur. However, pointless complaining is useless to anyone. What is the point of this article...other than to vent your personal frustrations? It's no use identifying the problems...when you could just as easily suggest a solution.
WHY IS THIS ARTICLE POSTED? 5thcolumnist is not even a Spurs Supporter, what he thinks is like the crap the mirror etc write or mickey mouse web sites.
spu 4 life
Couldnt agree more with Mix26 and Muttley. This is the worst piece of drivel i have read here for a long time (and that's including all the pro AVB we just beat sunderland comments). This backlash from a minority of Spurs fans against Levy is outrages. Look at the Spurs squad we currently have. Look at what we had even 5 years ago. We have assembled a fantastic squad with a very sound business model. Yes. Business. We have transformed from players like Ghaly, Rocha and Stalteri to what we have now with minimal nett spend. Why - Because if we went balls to the wall we risk the club. I would love a 3d TV, a PS4, an iPad, a new MacBook. I would love to trade in my car and get a Bentley. I would prefer a 5 bedroom house instead of renting a 3 bedroom flat. Wouldnt you all? So why dont you do it? because you risk bankrupting yourself. - If every managerial appointment was perfect then every team would win the league and champions league every year. Right?. AVB was a risky but what looked to be promising appointment. He has alienated himself this season. He was a stubborn man who blamed everyone but himself. I didnt even notice - or read about - his handling of Freund after the Arsenal game (poor form started then). He blamed the fans. He alienated BAE for personal reasons. His handling of Adebayor? It was a gamble and didnt pay off. But the goal was there from the board. The Harry Redknapp situation - Would you not lose faith in a man who was under serious allegations of fraud dealing in previous transfer dealing and someone who was also flirting with another job appointment. Instant grounds for dismissal. No. Spurs fans. Look at what we have come from in the last 10 years and show some appreciation for the board that got us there especially when you consider the manner of the other clubs that have been there. We should be proud. Yes disappointed with another failed attempt with AVB as manager. But proud of how we have got to where we are and see that like us fans the board and Levy know we deserve better. If it were not for Levy and Enic where would we be? Think about that.
So far in the "manager poll" it's 50% each for 2 guys that already have a job…….. Probably just 2 votes though.
MellowChaos - Very nicely said sir, agreed 100%!! Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
Hear hear, mellowchaos.
No de Boer in the poll? Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
My worry is the obsession our club seems to have about immediate success. They seem more obsessed about quick success than the supporters; who at least realise it takes a little bit of time to build a strong competitive team with the attributes to endure. I worry about how we are going to build anything if this obsession continues to destroy any chance of developing a team who can consistently deliver on the field. There will always be hiccups, setbacks, poor results and, sometimes, disastrous looking results, when building a team for the future. But, if this kind of unrealistic we-want-success-now attitude persists from the powers that be, and the only strategy to deal with it is to continually sack everyone and start again, how are we ever going to get where we want to be?! Some teams buy players to get instant results, we seem to keep buying managers, which means continually changing philosophy and method! We all want success, but surely we are willing to wait for it. But ... isn't it interesting? COYS ;-)
Guus Hiddink is not even in the poll?!
LWH ... for someone who does not know how to comment ... nice comment! ;-)
I'd just like to point out to anyone who's concerned about Sherwoods lack of experience, that Bill Nicholsons first managerial post was Spurs. Keith Burkinshaws second job, after being fired from the Magpies? Spurs. Our two most successful managers! They were however given plenty of time to prove themselves……...
MAN ON ... Good point ... sometimes, even though we lack experience, we just need to be given the chance to prove ourselves. That's in all walks of life.
Geof,i agree with your sentiments but its the nature of the modern world,with Fergie gone Man U will be expecting instant results with Moyes,2 seasons at the most or he's gone. Man on,different era's comes to mind but it would be good if he worked out that good eh!
Geofspurs….Also, sometimes people just prove themselves from the off. It's always a risk.
muttley, mix & mellow are kicking a$$. What they said.
sandroman ... be interesting to see how United deal with Moyes if they finish outside the top four. What would Levy do if he was in charge of United? Have to say, despite everything, I think Levy is brilliant for Spurs!
Guus Hiddink is taking the dutch job for the world cup...
sandroman….. Different era, but the principle is the same……. It's about time the world of football regained some patience and dignity in it's dealings. Instant success is often short-lived, or just a fallacy in the minds of dreamers. Longevity is something that takes time and plenty of hard work to achieve…… Yesterdays X-Factor star can quickly fade in to obscurity. How many singers/pop stars etc; that we know and love, and have been around forever, would even pass the audition stage these days?
Man On - to your post. My enthusiasm on this thread is how I feel. I stick by my opinions on Capello and Sherwood but do feel overall that the club is in good shape and we have reasons to be optimistic. I wanted AVB to be the man and appreciate how he sorted out a mess Harry left. It didn't work out so let's get our heads back into positive thoughts and see who takes over.
Who: LLM
Where: ???
When: 17/12/13

"Just to show how the three amigos work (you might of noticed them from there time in the crowd during the tail end of Harrys tenure)

Basically Sherwood acts as the manager making decisions, Ramsey is the tactical brains and all Ferdy does is shouts the instructions to the players very loudly and points.

I would expect to see us play a fluid 4-3-3 that they favour.

Ramsey is a top,top bloke by the way I would not care if we lost anyone at the club apart from him."............
So will the triumvirate recall BAE?
Clause means Spurs could!

Personally, I'd still rather see Rose with that shirt, and I'm not sure whether Ekotto would happily be 'just part of the squad' ?
muttley….Okay, that's fair enough. :-)
A bit more from LLM.... "Ramsey never does get any recognition yet he is a brilliant coach as you will ever see. "....
"Greg Stobart, who does get some good Spurs info, just confirmed to me on Twitter that the 3 lads have a chance of getting role on full time basis, so must be high up the list. Ramsey assess the assessors for badges, so must be $hit hot"..............
Anyway, it's Christmas & we now have 3 Kings in charge. It's a sign i tells ya!!
Wonder if we should be concerned about language barriers now, though?
Hmm, thought provoking post here..............

"I think a lot of people are jumping to conclusions.

I just read a Marcotti article where he suggested that when the board and AVB convened last night they didn't intend on letting him go, but by the end of themeeting that's what transpired.

So what happened?

We don't know, but it tallies with other rumours that AVB himself may have wanted to quit.
Nothing should be read into his pronouncements otherwise to the press; he lied to them throughout his tenure.

So did Andre go in there and when faced with, 'where do we go from here?' have no answers, or make daft demands or refuse to concede any ground?

Sounds like that may have been the case. The original club statement which was released specifically said 'mutual agreement', and everyone presumed it was a cover. What if it's true?

Levy via Cullen manages every word that gets released and would he seriously just lie in the statement? For what reason?

That then explains why we're going with Sherwood, the guy on the ground, why we've no real clue who's coming in and why Andre looked a broken man after the match yesterday; he knew he was done with this and didn't want to do it any more.

That's what I reckon happened.".............
Ade on Twitter:

"I apologise to all Spurs fans who thought from the Assou-Ekotto picture that we were making fun out of the defeat. That picture (...ctd)"

"was taken BEFORE the game.I couldn't have possibly known the score.I would NEVER DO THAT.That pose is how I pose in all my pictures"...............

Still, I call bull$hit!!
Coopise I would be interested to know what you think of having Sherwood in charge? Also, if Ramsey is the brains why not him as manager? And where does that leave Freund?
Sebastian Short
This article is nonsense, no direction or points in it at all. In regards to Spurs and Sherwood and the 4 coaches, I think it could be a seriously good combination. Football needs to be played in a simple fashion and AVB simply didn't play the game that way. When i have been yo WHL this season, the players looked like they were thinking too hard about the tactics the coach had given them rather than expressing themselves. What are the reasons why Sherwood wouldn't work? Lack of experience? Thats all people can say. Hes been at Spurs for a number of years, as a player and coach. He breathes Spurs. Good age at 44 and done extremely well with the under 21s. Hes old school and knows what it takes to win.
Lady Tottingham
Testing times for the squad and management. Can we beat Westwham....with the current squad ? I'd be favouring 4,4,2. Soldado,Defoe,Townsend,Dembele,Capoue,Lennon,Rose,Fryers(Veljkovic),Chiriches,Walker,Lloris. Subs; Friedel,Fredericks,Veljkovic,Holtby,Lamela,Chadli,Sigurdsson. "Come on you spurs".
Lady Tottingham….. I agree with your summary of Sherwood. Who knows what he is capable of? He may just be the breath of fresh air we desperately need. He may not. Who knows?
I swear 5thcolumnist is not even a Spurs fan?
rahn DMC
Coops - I wondered if AVB has had enough of the pressure of football. I said in another post he is an intelligent man who has other interests and I did wonder whether he thought all the pressure and stress was worth it. I think he is actually a ok guy, but I think he fell to the early success at Porto and being part of Mourinho set up, too much too soon. From then he took on huge jobs at Chelsea and with us, and the media wanted him to fail, may be he really was fed up with it and started to think 'I don't want this'. Of course in front of the camera he would say 'I'm not quitter etc' and may be he isn't but may be after speaking to the board things got heated and they both agreed to part, so no quitting no sacking imo.

AVB may not even bother with football again. He is rich he is intelligent and he has other interests. The only reason he may take another footballing job is too prove himself and finish his career on a high, but wouldn't surprise me if he didn't work in football again.
The problem now days is managers don't get time especially at Tottenham. Expectation from board and now many fans top four. Net spend at Spurs nearer zero. Best players at spurs sold. Attracting quality players unable to, good players will come, no CL they leave. Style of play demanded by most fans, open attacking, flare, score lots of goals, brings great excitement but also brings loses, we always become a 'nearly team'.
It will be interesting to see how the team performs tomorrow as if we are to believe the players supported AVB, it must have come as big shock to them. Normally a change in manager ligtsWe were not in such dire straights as perh
Not sure what happened there......It will be interesting to see how the team performs tomorrow. If we are to believe what we read in the press over the previous weeks that players fully supported AVB, it must have come as big shock to them yesterday. Normally a change in manager lifts a team such as Crystal Palace, but this situation is different. Yes, we had a couple of poor results and were not firing on all cylinders but this situation could well have a negative impact on our up and coming December fixtures. I really hope not!!
We can be hopeful again. Under AVB all hope had gone. I dreaded watching our very good squad of players tread the turf. Happy days ahead. ANYONE could get more from this squad than AVB. Sherwood included, I'm sure. In Levy I trust. He's knows Tim and is in a good position to judge whether he can manage. Tim has no 1st team managerial experience but has actually played the game and even captained Blackburn Rovers to a title. I've never been a big lover of the mentally-eyed nut-case in the past but the vibes from those working with him are that he knows what he's doing. Any coincidence our youth players are starting to look like they could make the step up? Some mention previously, I'd add Fredericks to the list 'cos I'd like to see him again. Experience is massive but no imperative. As a player or manager. Pepe been mentioned. Dalglish another. As for the fairly experienced Hoddle - as a manager? You foe real? Forever mid-table with Spurs and Chelsea, despite a good England %age. He is not the answer. Far too difficult to get on with. Not a leader of rich ratbags. Like AVB isn't. Sherwood will have his faults, no doubt. He's a psycho. It may work, it may not. But the season was already well *****ed under AVB. We're no worse off. How can one not support bringing AVB in, then say he shouldn't be sacked? Make no sensible. Levy-bashing, for the sake i of it. If he so much as moves..? Aaah, but Simon no say move. Wasn't Sir Alf Ramsey one of our greatest ever managers? My guess is if Sherwood finds it a step too far, Verts and Erikson would've bigged up De Boer and he would be my choice.
Avalaugh we had bigger problems then a couple of poor results, the team was stiffled, too defensive when we had the ball to High and exposed when we didn't have the ball we isolated our striker and never looked ot correct this glaring flaw. we played our wingers out of position and had three floating midfielders who never really looked liek they knew where they were supposed to be. we also manged to make two exceptionally talents youngesters with massive european experience look out of their depth and lacking in ablitity. the real miracle is the fact we are still n contention for a Top four spot, and all cup comptetions!
Slurms McKenzie
That's assuming Pepe and Jeykles [sp] don't want it... As for Ade and BAE, I'm very disappointed in them. On the face of it I wouldn't integrate them back in. They took the ***** with the fingers and then want us to believe it was coincidental? Wha'eva. You made the bed... disrespecting the club and now treating the fans like idiots with your poxy 'wasn't me'. ****** gon *** **** off.
Slurms, yes understood but if the players didn't believe in his tactics and or approach to matches then how come he still had support/backing from the dressing room. All I am saying it will be interesting to see how the team performs in the next couple of games as the removal of AVB would have deifnitely have come out of the blue for them.
I don't think it was that much of a surprise that he was gone, the Sword of Damocles was dangling over his head for a few weeks now. Ever since the West Ham defeat the pressure was on AVB and every poor result ramped it up even more. the draw against United probably bought him a couple of more weeks because a loss there would have certainly meant his departure. I am hoping for a much improved Spurs performance tomorrow with pace, width and attacking flair and Soldado to score a couple of goals. The very reasons that AVB is no longer with us. He got a collection of international player sto play well below thier ability and then managed to do this consistently.
Slurms McKenzie
Adebayor is a pile of crap!Making Excuses os what he knows best.Apart from getting injured!
AVB had too go really. How he got a squad internationals playing I'm such a suppressed and laboured in all aspects of our game. I firmlky believe thsaf he put himself under immense pressure with his inability to change his rigid and unproductive tactics, playing players out of positions and not ditching that ridiculous high line crap. As a coach, it was his job to recognise his wrongdoings and implement different strategies for different games and so on. But he just didn't do that. For me he had to go. And I will be backing Sherwood and the 4 coaches all the way! COYS!!
Lady Tottingham
What I don't want to see any more why we have Dawson and vertonghen in the back line is a high defense. It doesn't play to Dawsons strength and as much as I think vertonghen is class it doesn't suit him either, he is not the fastest although he is no slouch. Secondly, to play that you need the entire forward line and part of the midfield to press press press, sorry that is one hell of a worth ethic and I am not sure we have those types of players either that can sustain that a whole game. We are not a continental team playing on the continent where the game is slower and your given more space and time, we are playing in the fastest most physical league in the world where imo the high line cannot be employed every game especially with our two CD's. It can be employed if you have pacey CD's and against some opposition but not all. This was a mistake imo with AVB he had a vision and stuck to it at all costs. he truly believed that was the way and thought in time the players would grasp it and we would become a difficult team to beat and eventually get the balance right. IMO the problem was he was truing to employ this system and tactics with the wrong personnel and in the wrong league.

play to Dawson's and Vertonghen strengths and consider the personnel and make sure we have a blue print of how we want to play but understand that we have to also take into consideration the opposition.
WorldPeace…. Hope is what we need.
S out Sherwood training photos are on facebook page!!
So adebayor is back training!!That Son of B*itch
SpuriousLife writes... "Better to try to improve and fail than just sit back and accept what will never work." Exactly ENIC OUT!!!
Just on AVB, people are tweeting Brian Lamela (Erik's brother) and he (Erik Lamela) appears very happy he (AVB) has gone, replying to everything and seems very jolly to all spurs fans and says he thinks he will play next game..... All was not Rosey, as many said, regarding Lamela!

And after being badgered by Scouse supporters, Lamela's brother said this......

Brian Lamela @brianlamela - @BazLFC19 @Wizward stop sign me pelase JB! I dont speak with ***** club's fan! <<<< He said this to a scouse fan haha!!
as one chapter closes, another one opens
Good read here -
Still, I've wanted Frank de Boer since we started flinging $hit (names) at a wall in hopes of them sticking. He fits the bill as a youngster (longevity), comes with playing experience, has seen some real good success with Ajax and his philosophies would fit our club perfectly. Easily my number 1 choice when keeping the future in mind. Also, I bet he would want Viktor Fischer, he'd KNOW how to get the best out of the likes of Eriksen & Sigurdsson AND he'd definitely like Lamela. A few interesting stats to help my thinking. Mainly sharing because we know DeBoer likes attacking football..

Best defensive record so far this season- best last season, Goals scored has been 2nd highest this season and was 2nd best last season.

So he'd be good for both ends of the pitch.
Oh and apparently, AVB arrived at the Spurs training ground with Christmas presents for staff members yesterday morning, only to be told he was sacked.

Laudrup's Agent: Michael Laudrup is very happy at Swansea,’ said Bayram Tutumlu.

‘It is a good club and he wants to stay at Swansea.’
Even if you don't want to read the Telegraph link I provided, please do. It's written by Mr Burt, AVB's mate, it's interesting AND it has a little something that backs up what a fair few said on here, ie our 'upper brass' were concerned about our (AVB's) medical staff. We certainly had MANY injuries that seemed to last many moons too long.
Wow, this was in response to those Ajax defensive & attacking stats I found....

"But, to sound a note of caution, in none of de Boer's seasons in charge have Ajax scored as many or conceded as few as in 2009-10, when Jol was running the show.".....
For the talk about de Boer, here is a very good article on him from last season. It explains the impact he has had on the Ajax squads.
coopsieyid, De Boer is the only one out of all that have been mentioned that I can relate to. A young, forward thinking manger with a modern approach to the game…. Sherwood for now. Hoddle to take us through to the end of the season. Frank to take over. Simple as AVB.
This was from last night.

@AssouEkotto: Atfer 24h of reflection...and see how most of people think...i ll make 3 / 4 twitte tmw morning! (Interresting) of course LOL hv a good n8.......

Obviously I'll let you know if he's going to make tweets about the situation with him & AVB.
From JJetset, re that Jason Burt article....

"Some of it is true some isnt!"....
And more from JJetset, on that article from Burt......

"How can he say that Daniel keeps out of things and is a numbers man is beyond me?!! AVB didnt want Oscar at the time. actually the Sherwood stuff is pretty true.......
If Tim Sherwood wants to be #THFC manager then it is now or never. Time for him to put up.

Joshua Taylor &#8207;@RandomTangant
@JBurtTelegraph Spurs twitter account say discussions are progressing. Any idea who they're aiming for?

Jason Burt &#8207;@JBurtTelegraph
@RandomTangant Sherwood. He has to get on with it now
Mystery Yid &#8207;@MysterySpurs
I know Tim quite well and you can be assured he will give 100% and get 100% out of the players. He loves attacking football just like us.

Mystery Yid &#8207;@MysterySpurs
Lol @ the reports "AVB and DL Became Distant" - Not at all, DL wants instant success, regardless of what he says. AVB didn't deliver that.

Mystery Yid &#8207;@MysterySpurs
There are a few players pi$$ed off with AVBs departure, but also quite a few that are relieved. e.g; Lamela, JD and some more.

Mystery Yid &#8207;@MysterySpurs
AVB came to the end of the road when he turned on the fans, then the media and Baldini. Seemed very hostile to the players behind the scenes
Who: JJetset
When: late last night
"AVB wanted to buy Hulk for 40 million, Anderson for 25M and Moutinho for 30 Million, when he heard he wasn't going to get them he sulked and wouldn't speak to any senior management about players.
He wouldn't work with the system at all inb both summer windows and distrusted Baldini in the end too!".......
Darren Baldwin &#8207;@DarrenBaldwin40
Been a really tough day. Footbal is a hard place to be involved in

Tweeted last night, our head groundsman is sad :-(
Who: LLM
When: Late last night..

"People have the complete wrong idea on sherwood. Remember who got avb the job interview sherwood and ramsey. Sherwood's short term, he is merely stepping down to assist us for the interim. he is the same.level as baldini.".......
Somebody said, "Wasn't it sherwood who suggested Eriksen but avb didn't want him? Who suggested Isco? Tim was the one who was spotted going to Malaga game right?"......

Then JJetset responded with this.,...

"Tim desperately wanted ISCO but AVB pooh poohed it!"......
This post - "I'd imagine the few players *****ed off, would be Paulinho, Sandro and Soldado. Considering the language barrier and their place in the side."....

Was greeted with this response from JJetset - "Not in the slightest mate ;0) ".....
More from JJetset - "AVB confused the players as most of them aren't that smart!

Tim is a good people person and good on the tactics. Does he have experience, well obviously not.
AVB was the one who alienated Tim from the first team as he saw him as a Daniel spy."......
A bit from LLM, about Sherwood - "He is a good guy, he does things I hate such as jobs for the boys. However he is a good a representative of the club as you could go out and get.

People think he is being groomed as a manager but he is being groomed as some sort of director. (I dont know the correct business terms)".....................
Random thought of the day, Wouldn't it be funny if Levy buys Moutinho and Hulk in January for Sherwood lol.

Interesting read on Ramsey. He's been coaching for over 15 years so he's certainly experienced enough to make a foray into management, but I wonder if he has the drive to be top dog? He says in this interview that he sees himself as more of an assistant manager. Interesting that he also says he thinks Tim and Les will make good managers. Does Tim want to be a manager or assume a DoF role? I'm guessing he wants the former, and Levy wants the latter for him. I'm confused.
Just seen that David Magrone was responsible for bringing Luonogo and Gallifuoco (despite not being part of the club at that moment in time) and is now head of recruitment for our academy.

Interestingly, he also has ties to Frank De Boer. Hopefully he can have a word ;-)
LLM was asked if there'd been any change in the news he gave soon after the AVb sacking anouncement, regarding wheels being in motion for AVB's successor.

"The wheels are in motion nothings changed buddy. No media have really picked it up yet."...

That's very interesting in regards to no media outlet has mentioned our possible replacement. That must mean the likes of Capello are not viable which is a good thing imo as he possesses many of the flaws AVB has with regards to how he likes his teams to play, ie with a slow tempo.
That must mean our target has to be someone like De Boer or Prandelli ?
Iranian media linking us with Carlos Quieroz, apparently, lol
Goncalo Lopes &#8207;@_GoncaloLopes
(Portuguese journalist)

AVB felt he hadn't confidence from Spurs board and decided to quit. #THFC

He will be resting until the end of the season. French league could be his future. #avb #THFC
"Ramsey is meant to be a bit of a tactical genius in his own right. He assesses the uefa badge assessors. Even assessed avb for his coaches badges."...........
coopsieyid….Before yesterday wasn't Sherwoods title Director of Football? If it was I'm not sure what it mean't his role was anyway. I know he's been coaching the youths.
Interesting post here.......

"I dont know if this even counts as ITK as its very much third party info and honestly doesn't give very much insight at all. I will say that my friend who occasionally passes me on bits and pieces has always be spot on so i have no reason to doubt this. He tells me that, as other ITK's have mentioned, that we have been sounding out replacements for a while and that Tim et al will be in charge until Jan. The only other thing he mentioned is that our primary target has some connection with Freund but doesn't know who. As i said its very vague and not really worth mentioning but i guess at the moment any little bit of info helps. I am trying to get him to find out what he can and if he tells me anything else i shall post it here. As mentioned, i am no ITK, just passing on what i have heard in good faith.".............

goes without saying, I'll let you know of possible "connections with Freund"..
Decent article from Stobart -
By the way, that last link (Stobart article) is almost like a club response to the earlier link (The Telegraph) which, as we know, is AVB's buddy, Jason Burt.
k I'm over the joke now. If seen as integratable back into the squad, Ade and BAE should be judged on performances.
@Hotspur Related - Daily Mirror report Tottenham are set to recall Benoit Assou Ekotto from Queens Park Rangers due to Vertonghens injury. #THFC

Who: Atlanta Yid
When: 12.45pm today
What I know is we have ONE target otherwise it is Sherwood and Baldini until the end of the year (I'm guessing he means season?, though could be until January, I guess?)
This is not going to go down well
This all started over the summer Levy wanted him gone".........
A Freund connection could be with Jugen Klopp via his association with Dortmund.
Does rhyme with flop though. Perfect newspaper headline for failure.
Everyone looking 'happy' in training earlier today :-/
@Jacob_ITK: Avb had been struggling to control the group for a while. 3 transfer requests were handed in after the Newcastle game.

Don't know about the validity of this guy, I'm looking into it.
Jacob &#8207;@Jacob_ITK - Think waffles

So, that'll be a Belgian or three, IF this guy is right. Worrying IF true.
Another training pic -

I reckon Shewrwood is saying "and that's where the goal is". Notice which player isn't paying any attention. It would explain a fair bit ;-) lol
The poor souls look dazed and confused. Nothing a good 5-0 drubbing of the bubble blowers can't fix…….
better thread, it's not broken!...glad to Vlad training....and rose. Kane looks happy...won't be so happy once Kaboul's shot hits..;) are they training alone? we could use kaboul (both) back....asap.
"I have had no contact with Lazio but with Tottenham, yes."

- Murat Yakin, Basel manager
Well Sherwood has spoken…. Sounds positive and confident enough. We'll see.
I like Sherwoods' first interview. This could be it. 'arrys' cockney up-n-at-em morphed with some qualifications and high standards. Here's hoping... Least tomorrows' game'll be watchable.
Where the 'Yakin' quotes came from =
When I posted a bit of info earlier, there was a post that had within it, "The only other thing he mentioned is that our primary target has some connection with Freund but doesn't know who"...

Did Freund not play in the same team as Paul Lambert, ie Dortmund?
And some desperate straw clutching...

"Type in Murat yakin in google...

Scroll down to bottom of page to related searches...

One of the results is linked to 'murat yakin freundin'...

I believe Freundin means girlfriend in German/Swiss. But just putting it out there!!!"......
Coops – That is a worrying thought!

Good interview from Tim but was else was he supposed to say? I think the general message to the players this morning would have been along the lines of “Stop messing around and play like you can!”….”now here’s how we are gonna do it the Tottenham way”
Murat Yakin always looks wasted.
Murat Yakin...what a farce that would be...can't blame managers of that ilk eying the Spurs job though....
Yes, Lambert did play with Freund at Dortmund….
WOW, just came across this.....

Who: Atlanta Yid

When: 15/12/13 (that was SUNDAY)
AVB, he is done and dusted........
And more from 'Ali Z' on Sunday evening.....

"AVB is gone just a case of it being announced, personally think Chairman was looking for an excuse to get rid.

They have been putting together a list of alternatives for weeks.

Sherwood/Freund partnership is a definite possibility

They have others on the list, getting rid of AVB will be expensive. In addition it will be difficult to get a top coach mid season.Franco has made some suggestions, Levy would prefer to carry on down the route of a young bright coach with new ideas but none readily available or gettable till the summer,hence why sherwood/freund is a strong runner.

Franco trying to twist a few arms."............
Have we any defenders for tomorrow? Other than Fredericks - Walker - Fryers - Rose
Who: Cabinessence
When: This afternoon... "Nothing special but Sherwood was sounded out around 4 or 5 weeks ago about whether he would take over. It might even have been before the City match! DL told him he was thinking of a change and Sherwood wanted assurances he wouldn't be ditched completely when the new man was appointed. As said in my earlier post, DL found AVB stubborn and arrogant as well as intransigent, particularly over the playing Ade issue. Here was a team struggling to score and they had "potentially" a solution who was costing the club God knows what a week and he point blank refused to play him. DL felt this was bad man management.

DL's view was "yes his attitude sucks, but get the best you can out of him until we can get rid" -like any good man manager would. And don't take his ambivalence on the training ground personally. Think most of us thought that as well didn't we?

He also according to DL, got a bit too big for his boots in the summer after bringing home a record points haul and started asking for improved terms.

As of the date of his last chat with DL a couple of weeks ago, he has no one specific in mind as a long term replacement which suggests his opinion of AVB was so low or of TS so elevated, that he didn't mind doing the change now rather than waiting for the season to finish. Absolutely no other info on situation as of now.
Apparently United have given Spurs permission to speak to Moyes, we didn't ask them or anything though.
I ******** broke it, I'm leaving because of shame & guilt.
jerkinmahjurgen, Vlad may return.
LOL, just reading the responses for the first time. WHY are so many of you angry about it? All you had to do was scroll down to the writer, see the name, ignore it & just respond to responses.
Sebastian - I don't particularly have an opinion about Sherwood as manager. I'm more interested to see how many of the "AVB was a stupid appointment & we should've got someone with more experience" brigade have to say. I'm sure they'll be consistent in their stance ;-). I'll just support whoever is in charge, then hope for the best. My only concern is how much he (and Ferdinand etc) rate the likes of Defoe, Townsend, Dawson et al. Hopefully we're not just having a few 'Harry clones' stepping in.
MAN ON - Sherwood is officially "technical co-ordinator"
coopsieyid…. That's it. Cheers.
coopsie ,,,, freund related .... that's obvious surely.... has to be....... Sherwood lol..
Small bit of ITK.

Jan Vertonghen flew to Amsterdam today for his recovery. No idea how long he will be there.

I only know because he was on the same flight as my cousin. I've forwarded a picture to mods.

Asked who he would like as our new manager, he replied "I'm not sure but hopefully the new guy (Sherwood) does well".

Asked if he thinks Dawson is a ****. He laughed and walked off! :LOL:

Another article today on Yakin:
Oh p*** off, longtime, lol.
From a current squad member via a good friend of the player "gutted Andre has gone as are alot of the lads"

Crackers is a respected 'source' on various forums.
Thanks for your comments. Pearls before swine. Another favourite phrase to have your collective brains hurting. Stick to Coopsie*** and his Roy of the Rovers cut 'n' paste drivel.
5thcolumnist….. Roy of the Rovers is far more entertaining than your holier than thou nonsense. You make as much sense as a Gooner in a vintage Spurs kit.
Do you do after-dinner speaking MAN ON!?
LOL 5thcolumnist XXX
No need for the dig either. People like what they like, it's not my fault your own drivel isn't on that list. Maybe you should try bringing something a little more 'supporter like' to the table? Sorry I offend you so much.
5thcolumnist…. I'm available for Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, funerals, sinking ships…. Bookings for xmas are sold out I'm afraid. Happy New Year!

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