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Too Much Too Soon for AVB and the Team?

Were people expecting a title challenge? Or a top 4 finish? I personally feel everyone was expecting far too much, people will go on about £100 million being spent, but it takes time to build a successful team. Look at Manchester City they have spent hundreds of millions and all they have to show for it so far is 1 Premiership title and 1 FA cup, but this season they look much stronger and are far more competitive in the champions league then previous seasons.

This should be an example to everyone that success doesn't always happen over night. In terms of finances, City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool have a much bigger revenue than Spurs. Liverpool spend far more on wages than Tottenham, Aston Villa, Everton and Fulham are on a similar level to Tottenham when it comes to money being spent on wages. When all that is taken into consideration some may say that Spurs are in fact overachieving.

If Levy and the board want the club to challenge for titles in the near future, the new manager needs to be given considerable funds not only to buy the world best players, but also to pay better wages.

Written by Matt Birkinshaw

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The journalist

Writer: Matt Birkinshaw Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 19 2013

Time: 8:24AM

Your Comments

Lets wait till the end of the season... there is a long way to go. COYS
Yes but we were challenging for the top four, a record points tally and we decide to rip up the format and start a fresh? Boggles the mind some of the decisions in the Spurs hierarchy, did i expect to win the league no, did i expect to challenge for it, no, a challenge for the top 4, yes, we can argue all day that we are just outside the top 4 and there was still time for AVB to achieve that, but quite simply the team was heading in one direction and that was not upwards. A choice had to be made, did we believe that AVB could achieve a top 4 finish this season, my answer would have been no.
I think this has been done to death now. We need to focus on the next appointment and hope they can get the most out of the squad (ala Arry after Ramos) and have a late push for 6th. Will Levy get this appointment right? I have my doubts
We are where we are.. players have to... in the words of sherwood.. step up and play for the club and themselves. New manager or just tim, they have to be better than last night... again a loss to west ham who play better against us than other Prem League their league position shows. Win at Southampton is a hard task now...Ade did well and we lost momentum when ade, rose and townsend went off.. should have had soldado or even lamela come on, go for the win, as 72 mins too early for defensvie play when we did not have CB Jan, Kaboom Daws. This gave spammers a chance to attack like last time..
Block D Spurs
It's not the players that need to step but levy and the board....shocking crap decisions...if they were managers on the sidelines the fans would be singing...'you don't know what you're doing!.....which unfortunately for us they do but football isn't the priority making money off our backs is and they will leave us like Brown left Britain....broke.
Morning all, well I didn’t expect that last night! Honestly thought we would see a bit of passion and a 3-0 spurs win, which in should have been at half time really. One or two positives, Ade looked really good, kind of player we have been missing so far but I’m going to keep the champagne cork in until I’ve seen him after 5 or 6 games. We all know ADE is a great player when he can be arsed, the problem is those days are far and few between. Rose also looked good, gave a genuine threat when attacking. Negatives, ah I’m not going to bother, it’s all been said on the after match thread last night

Regarding the article, no offense Matt but this topic / kind of article has been going for the 4 days now. Nothing more to add really, but ok since you took the time to write it here’s my view

After finishing with a record points tally last season, this was AVB’s real test, can we push on. This summer has been the busiest summer I can remember in ins and outs, we broke our transfer record three times, signed players who many fans were crying out for, were threatening to go with AVB’s special 4-3-3 formation ala Porto style, the majority of spurs fans were on cloud nine, we couldn’t believe that after so many years of mediocrity our moment in the sun was here. What happened…….its went wrong. The players who came with the £20m+ price tags seem very average, the formation didn’t change to suit the players (or we bought the wrong players), the tactics were Plan A or nothing at all, the fans got restless, the board got restless, AVB ran out of ideas, the board ran out of patience. And now here we are

IF the target this season was to integrate players, find a best 11, find a system that works and hope for a Europe league finish maybe picking up the Capitol one cup then ok, we were half way there, I say that generously. But I don’t think that was the target, or what was agreed. AVB tried to stick to his method, but it wasn’t working. And he was too sure of himself to change his theory. I do not buy all this talk of “the decision was made weeks ago”….bollox. Before the Everton game we had one of the best defensive records in Europe, were in a very healthy leakage position, players were coming back from injuries etc…..IF the decision was made then it certainly wasn’t based on footballing reasons. The reason AVB went because Levy played Journalist in the meeting after the game and asked the questions they would. What happened, How do you intend to change it, Is your formation wrong etc and AVB simply had no satisfactory answers. He didn’t know what to do so the they decided to part ways.
LEVY OUT - I've posted many time in defence of Levy but this week is the final straw. He's let everyone down, there is no more hiding. He has failed in every aspect of his role. I'd like to now see the fans turn against him in the next few home games as they did with AVB when performances were not up to scratch. Let him know that we are not happy with how our club is being run, we are now the laughing stock of the premier league. He is accountable and should be removed from his role. The long this goes on the worse the situation all round will become.
This has been well discussed on other threads. Building a team takes time ... the club, the chairman, and many of the supporters don't seem to understand this and lack the patience for it to happen. It will never happen unless people become more realistic and stop wanting everything NOW; the-three-year-old-child syndrome!
yiddyboy- spot on. We are not a property company Levy is qualified in Land prizes for guessing what his priority is? Unless Lewis throws in the towel I can only hope for a large wave in the Bahamas...a parasite billionaire who would have thought?...still he did make most of his money from British tax payers and now lives so as to avoid paying any himself, he can buy paintings but not class....I'd sooner have the least he invests in his club!
Geofspurs- we've been building for years and still look no closer to a well managed squad (a team is never built, it's an ongoing process)....or are you referring to the gel argument?.....Arsenal did manage to bring in 9 new players and still finish top4....our problems are at the top....
What I witnesses last night was a Spurs team of the past without the great players. The style of play was more open than it had been under AVB and we attacked but like pre AVB we were not good enough to finish the job of against a so called weaker side.

I feel the heart of the club has been lost, the core Spurs and this has happened gradually over the years. It started when we sold Berby, at that time we were starting to get better, we had an identity but every year we just messed up because we didn't have enough of the quality type players like Berby, we always needed an extra two or three players of the similar quality as Berby.

However, we sell and we end up with just a couple of talented players, the rest are usually good or average, not top four material.

Then selling VDV and Modric, it showed last season, the midfield and attack was never the same and we all know we were saved by Bale. Had he not improved and come good we would have finished a lot lower with less points.

So again a nearly team holding on to our ever so smaller core with the likes of Bale and Dawson to an extent, although Dawson for a different reason than Bale.

Then the final straw we sell Bale and as I see it we have lost the core of our team, some will say we have a core and to a certain extent we do but I don't just mean a core of good players I mean the core, the heart our identity. It is not there. The players we have brought in how many identify themselves as a Tottenham player, they are foreign players that want to make it in the PL but I am not so sure many of them have that inner Tottenham heart yet. The players that do unfortunately for us are not the best players, Walker, Lennon, Townsend. All good players but the special players the Modric, Bale, VDV, Berby who to a certain extent became the heart of Spurs, who seemed at the time to identify themselves as a Spurs player have gone and the foreign players haven't got that identity yet, it takes time, it's like a new relationship, it takes time.

Last night I didn't see anything that excited me. Yes the game was open but the players including Ade are not good enough to get us to top four. Siggy CM compared to Modric, Defoe compared to Berby, Ade had a good game but how long will it be before he drops off, he is not the answer long term, he will be out to prove himself but it will not last.

The so called talented players we brought in were not on the pitch, Lamela, Paulinho, Soldado and Capoue was playing in the wrong position. These are the players that we need to look towards to making us better but they need to play, to make their position their own and to fall in love with Spurs, to take on that identity to so get our core back, our heart back. However, will they get the time and are they really good enough?.

The likes of Parker, Hudd not great players but they were Spurs players, we have lost all our identity other than Walker, Lennon and Dawson and Dawson is not getting younger.
Not expecting the PL title but was expecting to be able to go to Citeh and get a decent result, plus expecting a lot better Home form too...........
We were expecting a Spurs team to play like a Spurs team, to be able to beat the likes of West Ham and Newcastle at home, not to get beat 6-0 by anyone and not to record our worst home result for 16 years, and not to be averaging less than a goal/game in the PL, and all this whilst playing the most boring negative unattractive football seen at WHL for donkey's years. These are seen by some as excessive expectations, but I can't and will never agree.
shedboy ... agree we have been building for years ... but we seem to keep starting and stopping and then starting again. Part of it is the 'gel argument' part of it is, as you say, at the top, and part of it (a big part) is all the variables that affect a team. Because one, or more, clubs buy players that hit the ground running, does not mean it will be the same for others. They are the lucky ones. We have often had good attacks in the past, we have sometimes had good midfields in the past, we have rarely had good defences in the past ... we need all three to be the team we all want us to be. That's where I think the patience and building comes in. imo
I think we all hoped, but those hopes became unrealistic expectations. I include my self in having too high expectations. That's why I'm not sure AVB should have gone so soon. Good luck to him, but more so to Tim Sherwood.
Going by what Sandro said in many interviews he is spurs now.. and also Holtby well on the way... Sandro should be team captain ...he is a leader and can show by example to other players. COYS
Block D Spurs
Agree Block D
We sell our best players year in year out, we balance the books, we bring new players in, we don't invest and we expect to compete for top four. Oh, yes with stle too because we are Tottenham.

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