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A Not So Cheery Tottenham Poem

There used to be a club right here, Down at White Hart Lane, A proud and noble football team, But now it's not the same. We used to win some trophies And play football to excite Kings of Europe and the cups Oh those Glory Glory nights.

Smith and Jones were here first, And Greaves would always score Or Martin Peters and Gilzean, I could list so many more. And even when times were tough We were still able to sing. We've got Gazza, or Lineker, Or Waddle on the wing. Then came Sheringham and Klinsmann or Ginola the wizard, And then Gareth Bale, before the sale Another ENIC blizzard.

But now that football club has gone, It's all change at the Lane. There's no more skill or Glory The times they have a'changed. Now it's all about the money, The scrooges have control Let's not spend a penny, And drain out all the soul Let's play safe sideways football, Don't you worry about attack Just make sure you don't concede Keep it tight at the back!

As long as we make a profit Then things will be alright Don't worry about those fans And the Glory Glory nights. So what if we're behind Arsenal? Or can't attract the best Numbers on the balance sheet That is the only test. And what about the managers? Well, this is quite funny, We'll hire anyone that's free, As long as it doesn't cost money! There used to be a football club right here, A famous Spur once said, But now I fear, the end is here This football club is dead.

Written by Sebastian Short

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The journalist

Writer: Sebastian Short Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 19 2013

Time: 5:00PM

Your Comments

Lovin' your work! Saying that, I suddenly feel quite depressed...
Jumpers for goal post's, small boys playing in the park, yeah you used to be able to go out and leave your door open try that now, someone will nick your jumper, get arrested for spying on small boys, and your DVD , TV and anything else of value will be missing when you return, times change. next.
spu 4 life
Tottenham hotspur will be around forever unlike levy enic or any other person. Poor article
and a happy new year!
I liked this part "Let's play safe sideways football, Don't you worry about attack Just make sure you don't concede Keep it tight at the back! " that right there sums up avb the great manager that was going to take us forward but we let him go to win trophies with different clubs
you're full of christmas cheer gobbo...
we have 100mil worth of new players. We will be good in the next seasons. Can't say if we will be better than Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Everton or Newcastle but... I'll take anything that is nowhere near relegation zone COYS
If we had kept AVB we would have had a better chance of gaining a top 6 place. I've had a few to drink but Levy needs a slap. *****. COYS!
James1- you carry on drinking, after last night i don't blame you, some session, a proper all nighter :-)
spu 4 life
James1 I will believe it only when I'll see avb actually achieving something outside of Portugal. Highest win rate at Spurs doesn't say much to me considering it was the season Bale started scoring a lot of goals.
I do think we have lost the heart of the club, the core identity. I think AVB wanted to create a new identity but that got cut short and it has left us neither 'here or there' we are like a lost soul.

As for the good players we have, how many will want to stay if we don't get CL for next season?.

Lets start with Lloris, Vertonghen, Vlad we may be able to persuade as it is his first season but I think he is going to become a very good player and will seek CL in the not to distant future. Even Walker may be looked upon by the likes of Utd or another CL club.

Midfield, how will Sandro, Paulinho feel with CL. May be Paulinho will be ok as it is his first season but Sandro is a proven PL midfielder who could play for a bigger team imo. These teams will come knocking sooner or later if we miss out on CL.

Eriksen, Lamela are another two that may feel if we collapse this season they may well think, they didn't sign up to this, they signed for AVB ideas and approach and was expecting to get CL.

Soldado could want out if he doesn't come good, may be not to a CL club but go back home, then we are back to seeking another striker.

I think the collapse of this season could cost us more than we think, we are becoming a circus with all this missing out of CL every year, a nearly club and the change of managers every two years.

As i see it we need to get the manager sorted out asap to salvage this season, we could still get top four if we can get a manager in that can get the best out of the players, or at least win Europa. We should not feel or believe this season is over, the top teams are dropping points we still have a chance, so we need to get the manager sorted to see if we can get out of this rut.

The xmas period is so so important, we win these games we will be in with a shout, we lose and others win we will probably be out of it. This is why a manager, the right manager needs to be in place asap. If it doesn't work out then reassess summer, but we still have it to play for.
Chelsea saved their season by sacking AVB. He was the wrong appointment at Spurs from day one. Most of us would have loved to see him stay at Chelsea, they wouldn't have beaten barca with 10 men on the pitch, and Harry's 4th would have secured Champions League with or without Harry in the next season.
This poem is a bit like our defence!
worldpeace almost half a season gone and we haven't beaten one top6 team yet. I don't think avb could have turn this around to bring us in top4 this season. Not when his priorities were to criticize home fans who were just not pleased with the performance against Hull, or to care to much about what the daily mail or lord Sugar have to say. He was slowly losing it and I doubt a miraculous change would have happened under him. Even in Portugal people think he has failed in England and don't rate him as much as they did before. More people starting to wonder if his success was down to some very good players that he had at Porto and not to his qualities as a manager.
Logos,if I managed a team with Falcao and Hulk up front ,they would have won 4 cups as well. Only Bale was in that class and he's now strutting his stuff in the Champions League.If we want to attract the best players we need a world class manager.We haven't had one of those since Bill Nicholson.
the only way we will turn around this season is if we win 15 out of our remaining games in the league. Can we do it?
that would be 68% of our remaining matches. It's a tall order
I have to say that's a very well written poem. Skills going on. I don't agree with all the points in it. If Levy was always thinking about the books, would he have spent over 100m? A scrooge would've replaced [lol] Bale and banked the rest. Even a whopping 30m deal - twice our previous amount - would've banked 55m. 'We've blown away our previous transfer record, and have a stadium to pay for'. The excuses were there if needed. You think our tight-ass chairman spent 107m, to dupe who? Hide or achieve what while he's really somewhere counting proper amounts of cash we don't know about? Enduring lengthy court cases against powerful establishments because he won't touch toes for them. Even bluffing them with East End threats. They see you coming. Football club? They chuck it around like confetti. We'll get a drink out of this. From a spineless, desperado yes-man, maybe. They think you'll just chuck 'em a few million. And everyone along the way expects it. We've a very good squad. We'll get our ground. In Tottenham.
Merry Christmas
AVB creating a new identity? He certainly did, watching his team right from day 1, was, apart from the Gareth Bale highlights, like working in the quality control department at Dulux, timing the drying time of brilliant white. Having said that, sacking him without having held clandestine shady meetings behind the scenes, as he has always done before, to prepare his next victim to step straight in, is just incredible. To expect our youth club principle to suddenly step up for a few games, to coach and manage mature international players, is total madness and destined to fail, if indeed that is what it is, there now appears to be some doubt that the full time position will be filled before the end of the season. If Sherwood is to be in charge for the rest of the season, our objectives should change dramatically, and the priority should then be getting the 13 points required for 40, and notional safety from PL relegation, as much more than that will be wishful thinking.
lololololol. Classic, Frank. I didn't realize watching Dulux drying made people seethe and insult family members. I'll never buy it again.
I couldn't agree more Frank. Thanks everyone for the feedback. It was aimed solely at the men in control of our once great football club. I have to agree with others on this site that ENIC have killed my club. I'm sure many football fans at other clubs feel the same way...
Sebastian Short
Everything is relative. You may not agree with everything ENIC have done, but maybe a different owner would have done worse, who knows. The past is just that. The club must not be allowed to drift. We the fans are the heart and sole of it not the owners or even the staff. Whatever the fortunes we will still wish for better times. I fully agree with OX's sentiments when he declared that style and entertainment are much more important than winning trophies. However we want that style to be pitted against the best so CL qualification must remain the Holy Grail. AVB was never going to find the right formula let's hope the next guy does.
Love totty
My only conclusion is you have a business guy operating the club who knows absolutely nothing about football. He has obviously been a successful businessman congratulations but football is like no other business. This is Brendan Rodgers talking about guess who.NO not OUR esteemed chairman, but Tan the Cardiff owner. Seems like they are infiltrating now because they see the possibility of huuuuge returns in profits. Malky could be leaving soon and I for one wouldn't be sad to see him come here after seeing how he transformed Cardiff from a mediocre championship club to a Prem club so quickly.
Maybe I'm a bit biased as I live just down the road from Cardiff and can see what he has done for them at very close quarters. He is loved by one and all over here, apart from that idiot Vincent Tan. Funny he wants them to be Cardiff Dragons because I don't know if he realises it or not, but tan is Welsh for fire.
Love totty, I am NOT a flatfish. LOL ............ We the fans are the heart and sole of it ......... or even the soul. Sorry but I just couldn't resist it.
Peace we are here... a fekin shambles due to the work of AVB, I blame because if he was average last season we would have finished 8th missed out on the spoony thursday thing and even the thickest one here would have been able to realise AVB was pants.
World Peace, Walker IS already being eyed up by at least one top European club and I mean TOP club.
They regard Walker as one of the best in his position in Europe already.
Tim Sherwood unsure if he will be in charge for Tottenham on Sunday Caretaker manager says 'immediate future up in the air' ..............
damn missing word...should have read...I blame Bale........Hello Chris. Walker has his flaws and wasnt great last night, but I just dont see many better right back out there.......i think you like him dont you?
Hi topho, put it like this, I'd rather have him there than any other Rb in the Prem at the moment. I do like his attitude and work ethic, and he has the pace so I suppose you could say I like him. LOL
Hello Everyone.

So what has happened to my beautiful Spurs? A whirlwind summer followed by a storm in winter. Blimey what next?.

I have little to say other than 'I want to see Spurs back' I just don't know what to make of all this, so many opinions re manager, Levy and the players, too much for me to comprehend, I conserve my energy.

Hope you are all coping with the merrygoround, rollercoaster of a season. Where has Big C gone? Love to Coopsie, hope your well.

They morph occasionally.
Nice poem ... but I don't think we're dead quite yet!
Bring back Harry. He saved us before and he could do it again ... he's not just a naughty boy, he's the Messiah!
Malky Mckay for coach??????
Underspur I think he would do us a lot of good and come out of it with huge credit.
I see why you pleaded to get that published Sebastian. Hilarious.
we have not collapsed just yet. we collapsed against city and liverpool granted. if we get 8-9 points in the next 4 games we will be up there ready for real top 4 challange after new year. Seasons greetings to all and COYS ! The signs were all there, AVB's medicine was slowly killing the patient. Cut the losses on move on. Correct IMO
Morale however is low, well at least amongst a lot of supporters, gRAMMSTEIN. Hope the players are up for a challenge and give it 100%. That's all I ask.
gRAMMSTEIN the way the league is panning out we have no chance of finishing top 4 because our GD is like an extra minus 1 point.
Brendan Rodgers was the coach I wanted to replace TOP 4 Harry when it became clear to me Levy was preparing his ENIC dagger. This morning I read an article in the Independent that confirms that Levy did in fact attempt to sign Rodgers before AVB, only to be turned down by Rodgers. Please read... 'Brendan Rodgers, the Liverpool manager, has described Tottenham Hotspur's attempt to hire him as manager last year as a "close shave" and declared, while dismissing the notion of considering another job offer from White Hart Lane, that the north London club's frequent sacking of managers put him off any idea of working for them.' "One of the things I looked at was the history," Rodgers said of Spurs' approach yesterday. "They'd had 11 managers in 18 years there so for someone like myself, I needed to create something, I needed to go to a club that was going to give us that opportunity..." And there you have it, that was not 'Pelebore' (as the last few ENIC apologists call me) talking. That was Brendan Rodgers the Premierships BEST young coach talking about the reasons why he could not come and build something at OUR CLUB. Because he knew it would be IMPOSSIBLE to create something long term whilst Lewis and Levy are RUINING OUR CLUB! ENIC OUT!!!
Pele10 I don't blame him. Ole Gunnar is possibly in the frame for the Cardiff job, but he said he won't look at it because when SAF gave him managerial advice, he said Go for an owner rather than a team.
How true.
Good post LT!!
Really enjoyed this!
As soon as the team starts winning again all this will disappear. Just hope Sherwood can step up to the plate but whoever is Manager you still need to score goals. The 100 million was not spent in the priority areas but AVB has to take his share of the blame, as does Levy, after all he watches the matches as well. He must know what is required. Meanwhile watch Citeh and Liverpool hit the net with regularity

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