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A Case For Tim

Right now there's no two ways about it, we are a mess.

The most worrying thing for me is I feel I have lost my Tottenham Hotspur. We have lost our identity. This could be the fact we have brought in seven new players, or that we have sacked, who I feel was our best manager in recent history. Of course, getting smashed for five's and six's by Pool and City may have something to do with it... BUT, believe you me, although it doesn't seem like it, our season can be fixed, or put back on truth for want of a better phrase with ease.

Firstly, give Tim the job. But he has no experience I hear you say. Well so what. Football doesn't have to be difficult to understand and footballers aren't dummies despite the perceived notion. All we need is someone who understands the game and it's players. Why does he have to be experienced? For when times get tough? Are we seriously trying to say that Sherwood, a man who has won the Premiership and clearly has a very strong personality will just crumble and not know what to do when the pressure is really on?

Give me a break. All we need is a manager who knows the game and how to use his players. From what I've read on this site alone, few people seem to disagree with this. Sherwood knows the club, knows it's traditions and what we want to see. How old was Guardiola when he managed Barca? And don't give me the usual, well he had the best players in the world rubbish, because he revolutionised football. Why? Because he has a football brain. AVB had a football brain.

Graham Hunter, a man who I respect compketely in terms of his knowledge and principles on football has come out and said give Tim the job. He said his training methods are very similar to that of Guardiola's...that'll do for me. What I like most about Tim is how he has helped promote so much talent from within the ranks, and this is the work of him, not Inglethorpe, even though he too did an excellent job. He believes Carroll should have been a first team player a while back. I agree. In fact I would go as far to say if it's one player we have missed this season, it's a player of his type and fashion. The sooner he is recalled the better.

Right now we need stability, that much is clear, and Sherwood can offer this. So Mr Levy, don't mess around. Appoint a manager now and let it be him. Give us our Tottenham back. COYS!

Written by BrooksySpurs

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The journalist

Writer: BrooksySpurs Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 21 2013

Time: 11:52AM

Your Comments

We the supporters give THFC it's identity. We are Spurs…….
Hoddle please, asap?
In my opinion Tim Sherwood is not the right man for the job. Personally I would like to see Glenn Hoddle take control for the rest of the season with a view to a permanent contract if all goes well. COYS
Sherwood for the England job, he will win the world cup. They won't know what hit them
we'll score under sherwood in 6 games more than we scored with avb in 16. Sherwood for England!
Who will be the new manager? Don't worry about it, don't get excited about it, don't get depressed about it; just wait for the official announcement from Tottenham ... and then it begins!
I heard JD wont be traveling with the squad to Southampton and that RS & EA are working together well in training!
A Case For Tim....What does he want?, i've only got Lager or Cider.
Cider spurs
Hell No! We need a manager with an international reputation, preferably with experience of the Prem (although Prem experience is not essential) to manage the top international footballers at the club. Just listening to his interviews in the last few days tells me he would be out of his depth. I believe Levy made a mistake in not giving AVB more time, but giving Sherwood the job would further compound that mistake.
Paul - THFC Forever
Give sherwood ago. Rather have venables back before hoddle
David Newman
Soory I really do not think Sherwood is the right man. He is trying to blackmail his way into the job by saying give it to me or I'm off. NOt the sort of attitude I want from someone at the head of Spurs. Imagine this, every time he has anything he doesn't like come up, he will threaten to be off, or this will be in the back of the minds of the players, so psychologically he could well cause massive instability in the team which will cause a huge collapse because the players won't be playing fully for him, they will hold back, even subconsciously that will affect them. We need someone who has experience of the pressures of being a Prem manager, not someone who has seen it from the otsie and no where else. I ask you if he DOES play 4 4 2 and we lose there will be so many on here shouting about WHT 4 4 2 you know it doesn't work, and they are right. Sherwood was observed as playing "Meat and two veg British old style football" which didn't work. If he insists on playing this "style" we will be fighting it out in the bottom half in no time. I say bring in Malky Mackay, he has the experience of fighting for top position to get into the prem and understands those sorts of pressures as he's already had to deal with that, also he has experience of the Prem and is doing pretty well with his hands tied behind his back and no more support from the owner. Mackay is a fighter and isn't afraid to mix it up, he instilled a winning ethic in Cardiff that wasn't there when he took over and dragged them up into the Prem. He is my man for Spurs and I would love to see him here in a couple of weeks time installed as our long term manager. My worry is that no one will want to come here because of the revolving door in Levy's office, so we may well be stuck with Sherwood and he gets the managers spot simply because no one else will come here. Please no.
Sherwood has also come out and said "We don't need any more players, we have enough and the training ground is overcrowded, we play 15 a side out there." What a tart, of course we need a cou[ple of new players even if just as cover for LB. He is not our man. Poor judgement old fashioned football and ideas from the way he set up and played wet spam, and no tactical nous. He gets the job and he'll be out in a couple of months and we'll be worse off than we are now, because we'll have an even higher sacking percentage and we won't get anyone apart from people no one else wants. This has to be sorted long term now, not in a couple of months time.
Tim Sherwood, come on for Christ's sake, are we having a laugh. He has never managed at any level, his coaching experience is confined to dealing with star struck youngsters, not with mature international players. It now transpires that he allegedly has yet to get his FIFA badges. What is even more surprising is that he has had the audacity to suggest that if he doesn't get the job full time, he won't accept a lesser role, who does this guy think he is? To infer that the manager's job at a major PL club, is as simple a task as the article suggests is nonsense, if it were, then we would all be applying. Whilst it is unlikely, given the reputation Levy has earned for us with his inept appointments, and subsequent sackings, that a "big name" coach would want to come, why would they, what is on offer for them, there are capable people out there, who are available, better qualified, and are less dangerous alternatives to Tim Sherwood.
I don't see why he can't be given a few weeks to prove himself at the least. Surely he has earnt that? But does he have the badges?
I would discount the West Ham game as Tim had little time to work with the senior players and had to make do with a makeshift defence. Nevertheless there were many promising signs especially going forward. I like the things Sherwood has been saying and the players seem to like working with him. If we can't get De Boer now, I'm totally in favour of giving Steve until the end of the season to see what he can achieve. In my opinion, bringing back Hoddle would be as disastrous as it was when he lost the dressing room Last time he was here. He is no man manager and I'd prefer to hive Sherwood his chance!
I did not take it as a threat/ultimatum from sherwood. He just said that he doesn't want to be second to someone else. He would probably prefer to go back and coach the kids. I think people who suggest that he is "blackmailing his way into the job" are exaggerating a bit.
I agree with parklane67 but if indeed he does not have the required badges, it would be a little bit laughable.
If Sherwood had managerial ambitions why did he not gain experience in a job somewhere. He has only managed the U21s where there is no pressure -so too big a risk for me!. If every ex player who has won the league is a plus point then there are a few more people to consider. But a big name does not mean success either. Southampton manager ahead of Sherwood in my book.
Hoodle, a Tottenham legend, but he was NEVER a good manager, get a grip people, we want a top manager, De Boer has said NO :/ !!
Marco Bielsa, a levy man, out of work and cheap
Regarding not needing any new players, every team whether at the top, middle, or bottom of the league, needs to trade players in the window to keep things fresh. Incidentally if we are playing 15 a side in training then at least 10 need to be moved on, we can only register 25, and they all have to be good enough, and many of that 30 aren't.
Don't need experience?. For real, you've just stated that AVB had a football brain, and he was experienced. It's okay being a strong character when things go South, but he has not had dealings with millionaire footballers whom wish to play every game. He's already dishing out ultimatums about how he will not be an assistant, what will the next one be?, buy me this player or that one or i quit?. Yes he's well thought of, but i like the little old lady who sells me cheese from her dairy shop. Doesn't mean she could be the dairy buyer for a supermarket chain, means she knows a little about cheese. If we are suggesting Timmy shillings Sherwood, why not any prem league winning footballer who has ever played the game. They don't need coaching licence/badges and any experience. I'm going to start with Graham le Saux. Seems pretty unlikely doesn't it?. Let's go Chris Sutton then?. He's managed MEN already must be a better fit. See where this is going?, just because Timmy is at the club, he has done nothing to warrant being given the reins of our truly great historic club. I cannot watch yet another trainee come in and put our club back to the dark days. This is why we need a proven manager who has done it time and time again, and hopefully with more than one club in differing leagues. Paramount importance. Crucial time in the clubs standing, it has to be experience. Not some lovely old lady who knows her cheese.
Cider spurs
Dont blame him for the West ham game although I think his tactics were to impress Levy. Though when interviewed sounds like a prat and usually when you appoint from within you give the 2nd in charge the job not the backroom boy alongside the so-called striker coach. Too big a risk.
matt hoten
cider you just made me crave for some cheese
Logos8, He actually said he would WALK if he didn't get the job because he won't accept a lesser role at Spurs. To me that is blackmail and says it all. No way is he good enough doesn't understand the pressures because he has never been there. Mackay has, he dragged Cardiff through promotion so he knows how to win and they know what winning feels like. He built a winning mentality in a team of losers and is punching well above his weight with his hands tied behind his back. He has integrity too, looking at the way he has refused to say anything about Tan, or the situation he is in and that says a lot about the sort of man he is. I also see that AC Milan are now sniffing round AVB and consider him as a distinct possibility for their next manager.
logos....Grab a cheeky pickled onion to go with it. Lovely. ;-)
Cider spurs
Shocking article from Brooksy, appointing Sherwood in the state we're in at the moment would be the final nail in the coffin
As far as I can see there is very little to lose in leaving Sherwood in charge until the end of the season and seeing what he can do. There will be much better choice of managers after the world cup and there is no danger of relegation this season. Frankly whether we bring anyone in or not a 4th place finish or a cup is bonus from here.
Sherwood is more like the young man who delivers the bloody cheese!
jod, There's nothing to loose but pride. Oh, and a few games!
chrishove123 if that's what he said then he's gone a little bit coocoo. when did he say that? can I get a link please?
Stick Ferdinand up front and be done with it…. Jobs for the boys eh? Gizza job? I could do that!
Oh dear dear me. Tim Sherwood is an ARSENAL fan. You couldn't make it up could you.....................................................
A case for Tim. Yes, a suitcase. Bye, Bye, now stating he is/was an arsenal fan and loves to see them do well. Is he trying to talk himself out of a job?
Cider Spurs, Blessed are the Cheese makers. HA HA HA
I haven't read the article but frankly, so what? I remember the reports that Redknapp was an A***nal fan as a boy too. The newspapers love this stuff - we needn't be so juvenile as to take any notice! If he does a good job I don't give a f***!
Brooksy Spurs agree with your article but we need to see Sherwood manage a few more games . I want him to succeed. Appointing Sherwood could be thought to be a regaining of our identity.
chrishove123 and on that bomb shell... is Tim the next Ian Holloway ? 1 week and already so many talking points.
Logos8 I've been trying to find that link for you , but with no luck as yet. Mind you I have also read thet he said he wasn't sure about the job just after we lost to wet spam in the cup, then he said he wanted it plus he has already said we have a list of potential managers lined up already, so at the end of the day I really don't know what to believe about it. All I know is that this mess needs sorting out with a long term manager who has a long term strategy, and it needs sorting ASAP. I do care who is manager of our great club, BUT whoever they put in I will give my full backing to, until such time as they are seen to be not fit for purpose, I still say AVB needed more time. Even Wenger has supported AVB in this one as have a few other high profile managers.
yeah, I don't care if he acts like a clown as long as we score goals and win games. He can even wear an arsenal t-shirt under that spurs jacket as long as we score an average of 3 goals per game and we get the Champions League spot. LOL
I'd prefer Holloway…. Let's get an actual clown in for the post! A true professional, with an exploding 4by4!
I agree with chrishove123, regarding Malky Mackay and his qualities. In the absence of the mythical "big name" coach, he is worth a go as at least a caretaker, a far more qualified, and experienced alternative, to Sherwood.
I don't care what other managers say about AVB. That kind of talk will only do us more harm, and I think some of them know it. Backstage most of them probably laughed at his power point presentation and based on numbers tactics. We need to move on.
Man On, we have been there before, we had Gomes's car with the doors falling off, and the exploding exhaust in the car park every game, no we have had our clown, we don't need another.
Some of the words in the article are what I have already said, I've lost my spurs, the heart of the club has gone and so forth, so I agree. I also said one mistake was letting Carroll go out on loan, I said before the season started when transfers were coming in when people were saying Sandro and paulinho in the middle, I said, I think we will see Carroll because he will compliment a strong player in the middle doing the dirty stuff, protect Carroll so Carroll can do the creative stuff, the Modric role. I was guttered and surprised Carroll was not used and bemused because I thought we have loaned out our most creative potential talent, this was the season I expected him to shine, but it came apparent AVB preferred the strong big players in the centre, and what happened is we at first became difficult to beat but we still missed that creativity, the player to move the ball quick and forward, link the midfield to attack like Modric did for us and I still believed Carroll could become that link, that player. So if Sherwood said the same then I agree with that as well.

I am still however, unsure about Sherwood, he seems to already got his mouth running at 100 miles an hour. I like stuff he says, the bit about managers talking about projects, when actually it is about winning games, lose games you get sacked. Yes that seems straight talking, but I think there is also more to that if you are wanting to sustain winning, there has to be a plan to sustain the club, but ultimately he is right, in the end it is about winning and with Spurs it is about winning with some sort of style or at least exciting football being played.

The other concern I have other than his mouth running away when he has not proved anything at this level yet is a lot of pundits, respected ones say AVB was a gamble, he hasn't that much experience and would we not be making the same mistake. If we let sherwood take over we are taking a rookie and if it fails again we will be a laughing stock again.

I think the problem we have is to break into that top four we need a top manager, that is the problem, top managers are managing elsewhere and I think the expectation on the managers we bring in are too high to soon. If we want to have those expectations then we need to have qualified manager that can deliver but we cannot get that because they are employed at top teams. So effectively we have to do a Liverpool, bring in a potential and give them time to develop themselves and time for them to deliver. Liverpool was a transitional period last season, this season they look better and they still may not get top four bur they will be close this season that is for sure and I expect them to keep their manager to complete the job, this is what I thought we brought AVB in to do, it was daft expecting him to deliver top four with his lack of experience, just as it would be the same with Sherwood.

So Levy has to decide on a realistic expectation when he hires a manager. Does he go for top manager, try and prise them away and say top four please, or does get what is more realistic a manger with less experience and say top four by the end of your contract, three years. You cannot have both imo. The fact is I doubt there is a manager available who would come to us that could deliver a top four almost in their first season or even second season, as they will be employed elsewhere. So we need a manager to grow into the role, to grow with the club and thast requires patience, and time.

What happens to Tim if he fails, will he fall out with Levy and then leave the club. May be it is time to reconsider the project Tim, this is what AVB means. It is alright i saying I want the job, but Levy wants top four, if you can't deliver then your out, the project that AVB spoke about is building a mentality throughout the club, developing players and being given time to bring success within the financial restraints on the club. Tim needs to be careful what he is saying, because if he gets the job and doesn't deliver top four he will be sacked. If levy goes for Tim then all I can say is that he will have to change his high expectations of top four unless Tim is about to show us he is a top manager at this level without any experience. If levy changes his expectations then why sack AVB. What does Tim think he has that will actually get us to attain top four because that is Levy's aim and expectation.
MAN ON! if Holloway get's the job I can already see us in the Championship. Shame though, because he is an honest funny man.
Frank, It's fast becoming a bloody farce as it is. I'm usually, (some might say foolishly), optimistic for Spurs, but right now all I've got is my stupid sense of humour to get me through. But, It really is like a sick, unfunny joke….
The whole episode is depressing. I can't see the light out of the end of thebtunnel. I'm normally quite positive but the whole thing stinks. Nothing from Levy, no news of interim manager and I'm worried about the next manager we bring in. AVB should be our manager and I would feel more relaxed if he was still in charge. Levy you're a muppet. COYS!
Timmy sherwood.....The next big Cheese!. That appointment would 'grate' on me. 'Applewood you believe it, 'Swiss Hughton has ruled himself out of the running. Wonder how many had a 'Feta on that down the bookies. bet they were smiling like the 'Cheshire cat picking up their winnings. I couldn't 'rind the time to get down there, left me kind of 'blue, anyway enough about my hard cheese story. Sherwood, out of the frying pan and into the 'Gruyere.
Cider spurs
Hey, at least the Muppets were funny….. This is beyond a bloody joke!
I'm starting to like Sherwoods ruthless ambition, if there's one thing the squad's been missing for a long time it's exactly that quality. Sure, he doesn't have any top flight management experience, but then if you think of De Boer he was Ajax's version of Sherwood (albeit with more of a reputation as a player) following the same kind of path. It's not as if good managers are grown in some secret lab with title and cup decorations already in place, they all have to start somewhere. I'm not saying Sherwood will definitely be the right choice but I'd rather the club were patient in trying to find the right choice so why not at least take the time to consider him since as an added bonus we'll be able to see what he can do over the next few games.
Oh well it looks like Mr. Sherwood is now hedging his bets on what he would do if he didn't get the job. ................................................. Sherwood said that he would not be prepared to be an assistant to a potential incoming manager. However, he did not clarify whether he would be prepared to go back to his role as technical co-ordinator, overseeing the development teams, should he not become the first team manager in the long-term. He said he expected to speak to Levy over the next few days about the future.............. I know part of this bit is already up here but I thought a bit more of it would throw some more context into it. ....... If it’s down to me I’m getting a ten-year contract now! Football doesn’t work like that. It’s all about getting results. I listen to managers all the time talking about ‘projects’. The project is you win games or you get sacked. End of story.” ........ Make your own mind up, is he simply arrogant, supremely confident in his hidden abilities and talents, or just totally deluding himself?
Cider, that was awful. LOL
Cider spurs… Haha! If we loose tomorrow I'll Chedder Gorge his little Shropshire blue eyes out!
I agree with Cider when it comes to Tim Sherwood. I also think it goes to the heart of where Levy got it all wrong. It was pretty obvious what type of personality AVB was when Levy hired him. Intense, ambitious and intelligent but also a****ly character who was never going to handle conflict well. Levy created exactly the wrong environment for him to thrive. Now Tim Sherwood as emerged as the alpha male. Who knows how it will play out but I'm very scepitical. For Spurs to move up to the next level they were always going to need some kind of edge. If AVBs youth and intensity had been supported, that could have been the edge. I too feel for the moment that I've lost my Spurs.
Archibald Leitch
Bit more of an insight as to what was going on with our transfers, AVB and Baldini? Apparently FOUR signings not wanted by AVB. .....
Lol that Vital asterisked out a word that meant sensitive i.e. pr i ckly
Archibald Leitch
As an aside….. Is Freund still around WHL? If so, what's his role in all this?
Man On, good point, I haven't heard a peep from him during all this. Apparently from what I can gather he was being/had been more or less pushed to one side by AVB. Again don't know how accurate this is, but it is just what I have read in one or two places. Could all just be a load of old edam. (Made backwards).
chris....poop! ....sheit forwards and backwards. ;-)
Cider spurs
'He said his training methods are very similar to that of Guardiola's' -Really Brooksy? And many a person was saying AVB's training methods were akin to Mourinho's. Hoddle a wonderful wonderful player but an awful club manager. I will always remember that towards the end of each of his seasons in charge, we were mid table with nothing to play for but our pride. I will never forgive or forget how he let our seasons peeter out with abject listless disinterested performances that resulted in many draws and defeats. Players just turned up and went through the motions. He was sacked because results weren't good enough! I totally agree with Chris and Frank regarding Sherwood. I certainly wouldn't offer the role to him After his recent comments. No to Venables as well. I still think our season is salvageable as there is still plenty to play for in the EPL and Europe. If we have to wait until the Summer to make a permanent appointment then so be it. I'd much rather that than a panic appointment. I can't offer any names as My preferred interim choices of Hiddink Benitez and Cappello appear to be no go's. AVB was always a risk. Sherwood is a far greater risk. Our next appointment in my view needs to be a safer bet and possibly short term until seasons end.
BrooksySpurs…. Thanks for the article but I can't agree with you about Sherwwod. I do however agree about having Carroll back and playing……...
Why not Di Canio? Why is everybody discarding this guy? He's disciplined, knows his football (not like AVB). He did a wonderful job at Swindon. And I think Sunderland sacked him unfairly. Just give him the reigns till the end of season and see how he goes.
MAN ON! - We were losing games anyway, what's your point ?
I'm happy for Sherwood to step in for a couple of games but not for the rest of the season. If we can get some good results, great. But he doesn't inspire me with confidence. Don't we need to be winning some games?
We loose, win or draw…. We still need more than a rookie to take us forward.
I wish Sherwood well………..
wouldn't be surprised if dagobert's post gets reported as abuse
If he does not have his UEFA credentials, he can't coach in Europa. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Experience doesn't matter? Really? How about Ginola then. Same qualifications, or lack thereof. The coach is in charge of getting the best out of over 300M Euros of talent. Why in heck would experience matter? Does it mean he couldn't succeed? Nope. Just means it's highly unlikely and he has nothing in his background to lean on when things go bad. Can such a person, with no experience of winning as a manager motivate players to go through walls for him? These players didn't know him as a player. Friedel would be a better choice. COYS
I seem to remember Hoddle did well as England Manager in his world cup effort.. 1/4 finals.. a young david Beckham got sent off for that silly back kick... Chelsea manager also.. england players said he can pass the ball better than they could..
Block D Spurs
Di Canio, working with Levy??? three weeks max before a blazing argument, and he walks out..
Block D Spurs
That we are debating this and not the manager to take us forward is ridiculous. There is no plan. If this is the plan, every person involved should be removed from their jobs. We are so far down dysfunction lane that we don't even qualify as a laughing stock. COYS
sherwood is the cheese? levy is the mouse... check this out
no, actually we are the mouse...
Vicspur, I was thinking he could have a vanity case as well as the suitcase.
dagobert, I'd love Di Canio to come here, even if it's just to read that he blacked Levy's eyes before he walked out.
How's about GorgonZola for manager or does that stink?
Di Canio!? That's the complete scenario Block D. I feel we need experience and a bit of stability. I. All in favour of an old hand. Di Canio doesn't tick any boxes. Can you imagine the uproar if he was offered the role. Can't bear the thought. Yes You're right, I hadn't forgotten Hoddle took England to the Quarters. Nor have I forgotten his goals back spun passes and assists but I doubt his performance as a Spurs manager would inspire levy to re appoint him and no doubt John Gorman a decade after he was sacked for amassing a massive 4 points from 6 games, at the time our worse start to a prem season. I normally agree with your posts but not this one.
The case for Tim & Les is simple,they are surplus to requirements at Spurs.
Against West Ham was the worst managing i have seen since Christian Gross,it was embarrassing.Almost as if a regular fan took the reigns,picked the team & told them to "try their best",it was painful & humiliating.

What striked me as odd was they have been at Spurs for years but looked like they just walked through the doors in an unknown world.
Tim & his boy scout army cadet team have been watching from the stands for years,in the set up & should already had a bundle of ideas of where to go & what to do.
"I would`ve done this" "i would`ve done that " they would`ve been saying.Should of been loads of things going on in his brain on how things could be better tactically & player choice.
Get new manager & sack les & Sherwood,IMO they are of no benefit to Spurs.

What have they been doing? We have become a joke & a farce.Still like Levy but he`s on his last chance with the next manager.
We should`ve gone for martinez last summer,he`s the man.AVB was a**** & glad he got the sack,really liked him up until the last 2 months but he became the manager that Chelsea sacked,& deservedly so.

What happened when AVB got the sack form Chelsea? they went onto win the Europa cup.Get the right man in we can follow suit,but not with Sherwood & Ferdinand.
An EPL club run like a division 4 club at the minute,Spurs are in disarray & only the right manager can change that.
Fanny adams
Di Caneo inspired Defoe to wear his shorts a size too small…. (True). That's as far as it should go!
Fanny adams after they sacked avb they won the Champions League. Europa League was the next season under Benitez.
I can't even bothered to spell his name right!
Di Canio is a nut who won't entrusted with managing again! I doubt any self respecting chairman of any professional football would take such a huge risk with this person. The very public circus he brought with him to Sunderland will mean he'll need to buy manage and chair his own club. But then again, not much surprises me in this game.
Give Tim a go ! It's good to see someone with a bit of passion,I agree with him that we can blood some of the youngsters into our 1st team squad otherwise what is the point in having these youth sides. Also bring back young Tom Carrol from QPR.COYS
We have a huge game tomorrow against Soton. For the love of Our club, I hope Sherwood will let his managing do all the talking and give us the win we so badly need. I still believe we have a top 4 team and squad of players. It's up to Tim to prove some of us doubters wrong and prove his worth to Levy. Only wins and convincing performances will do. Not asking for much! The have the quality in place already.
Have to say going and watching the turgid football AVB was serving up I was getting frustrated with him / players / board / Levy etc ..... But now after wanting him gone I am in the better the devil you know camp !

Imho I think we ( for we read Levy ) have jumped the gun here, AVB was here for the 'project' and now has gone!

Will we ever get another manager who has a 'project' or one that wants everything yesterday and will be sacked tomorrow, or a Sherwood type ( totally unproven and not what I think Spurs need at this moment.

Will Levy sign another manager on a contract only to tear it up ? Or will he stick with the one he chooses.

Would like to know the truth re. AVB leaving.

If he ( AVB) was that fed up then why? was it the players not performing or players he didn't want not performing, or Bale leaving when he was signed to a long term contract.

Re.Bale .... Suarez has got a new contract and was not allowed to leave, maybe Bale should have been told he was staying as Suarez was / has been.

Perhaps signing one or two players would have been more prudent, with or without Bale. Who knows .

As for the magnificent 7 ... I cannot see anything in them that warrants us signing them, to me they are not what was / is required ( again only my opinion )

We have let players leave who we could / should of kept , Hudderstone Livermore Carroll Caulker ... and we should not have been so reliant on Rose, a LW playing LB who has been injured for most of his career ...

Ade and BAE if not required should a. be released, just pay up their contracts and if they are trouble get rid, or b. do not give them squad numbers, they would soon move on .. well hopefully .

Anyway, little off topic and perhaps a rant, But ... I really think we ( Levy / Board ) have messed this up completely .

Perhaps the Cardiff man for 6 months !!!


Can't believe some of the views on here. Don't you realise that Spurs are a big club, with big ambition? And not the only one to churn a few managers who failed to live up to expectations. Rodgers talks bollox - he would have taken the Spurs job in a heartbeat except he knew he had a better offer I'm sure. Ours will be a coveted job and whatever we do as an interim, a big name manager will be in the dugout for next season, hopefully sooner.
Love totty
logos8 Yeah you`re right,good call.Forgot about Di matteo, man he was lucky that year.
But it just proves that sacking a manager is not the end of season when you still have it all to play for.But season is over if they continue with Sherwood for longer than is necessary.
Sacking AVB was spot on,he actually made me start hating watching football.Once he slagged off the fans,like harry he was a deadman walking.Hated Harry,disliked AVB & never had that with a Spurs managers before,ever.Even liked George Graham,great trip to Wembley & superb game against Leicester,really enjoyed that day,got blotto.Ramos too got us a cup & in fine style,Arsenal then Chelsea.Harrys & AVB`s downfall was their own egos & an arrogance that carried no justification.Win something then act like your $hit don`t stink,until then keep your feet on the ground & your head on the game.

Save our season,new manager pronto,we can do a Chelsea with the right man.
Fanny adams
Fanny - Stop comparing us to chelsea. We are not Chelsea or never will be. We haven't the same mind strength as their players, namely 1 that won the CL and EL single handily - Drogba!!! End ex.... move on
Fanny Adams (Is that you, Big Cockeral?) -- AVB didn't actually slag off the fans. He commented on the poor atmosphere at the Lane, which the players had been complaining to him about (and the atmosphere that day WAS very poor). After the Euro game against Tromso, he commended the fans for creating a great atmosphere (which it was!), but that goes unnoticed because it isn't headline making. He was just speaking the truth/addressing concerns he'd received from his players. He was doing his job.
Oh, and I agree with a lot of people in thinking that there is absolutely no case for Tim, beyond the time it takes to get a proper manager in. But, until then, we should back him. COYS
tim Sherwood reminds me of ayounger harry,a smarmy cockney wide boy
if it were left to him he would award himself a 10year contract
BrooksySpurs- i hope you're not responsible for
If Tim really did say we have enough players he really is a yes man and we really are see a club needs to keep buying players...but also keep moving them's called managing...he's an opportunist, he needs to move on...he signed his P45 as soon as he said no1 or appoint him would be negligent...
SpursEagle the atmosphere was very poor because our home performance at home against a relegation team that we should beat by at least 2 goals was very poor. We won it by luck through an undeserved penalty and the fans were disappointed because we were boring, unconvincing. Yes you need the 12th man when it comes to big matches, but in such a match these highly payed super stars (avb included) should prove their worth by easily beating at home a championship level team. Other managers would have apologised for such a performance in humility towards the crowd's disappointment, instead of criticizing the fans (which he did). So the fans were criticizing the team for a poor performance and avb was blaming the poor performance on the fans? I can't belive some actually think avb was right to do that. It was pathetic. Glad he is gone.
the Case for Sherwood should be packed for him and a Taxi ordered...
That may be true, logos 8, concerning the performances ... but my point is AVB did not "slag" off the fans like many are saying. And in fairness, the atmosphere at the Lane has been poor since last season from the very first home game (AVB's first in charge), so you cannot totally blame the performances. Even if the truth hurts, it's still the truth.
Getting rid AVB was Levy's best decision for 18 months! Give Hoddle the job with Sherwood as his assistant, this will allow him to gain experience of Prem management next to someone who is not only a legend but tactically brilliant! True succession planning for the future! No more foreigners please!
Aribak -- Problem is, Hoddle and Sherwood do not get along. Sherwood, by all accounts, led the dressing room mutiny against Hoddle (he was his captain) that led to his sacking. Hoddle was a great player, but not a great manager and has already failed with us.

If its British you want, how about Malky Mackay?
I think Sherwood is good at mutiny's somehow...Aribak..and others why all this 'foreign' nonsense...surely we want the best person for the job doesn't matter where they are from...spurseagle...Levy is treating the fans with disdain right now by not issuing a clear statement...if he employs the schemer on a permanent basis he'll be holding us in contempt....
shedboy2 -- Agree with you. Best candidate, but the problem is, it made be hard to find that man right now. It doesn't matter if you wanted AVB to stay or go ... this mess could have been avoided by keeping what we had and then making the change at the appropriate time (IF the season was a failure) in the summer.
Aribak Sherwood will not act as a second man he wants the manager's job, not the assistant's job.
ask Fergie to take charge til end of season!
I was here on Monday morning b4 AvB took his taxi calling for Sherwood to be given a chance. My opinion has not changed.He should be allowed to manage the side over xmas at least. CL football next season has gone, even if we were lucky enough to win 15 remaining games in the league! I'm afraid our poor GD would come back and haunt us big time in May. Sherwood is talking like he might be given a run to prove himself, so levy should be looking for a decent coach to work with him. Is Phelan from Manure still about? If any coach is brought in to replace Sherwood would he want sherwood to stay in the background here? Some how I dont think so, he will see him as a threat behind the scenes always with the sharpened knife.
A case of beer for Tim and watching the Spurs games on the tele perhaps but not a chance can we afford to let him manage this team for the rest of the season...
Well, i've read the shortlist is now supposed to be as follows...Yakin (Basel), Di Matteo and Mancini. Mancini is bonkers, fell out with his own shadow at citeh, not for me. Di Matteo, Chelsea reject, is he all that?, not for me. Yakin, Basel play a nice style of football, beat some good sides in Champs league, on a wider note, is the Swiss league really to be considered a good benchmark for judging manager ability. Best of the 3, not sure.
Cider spurs Somebody wants the job apparently. Any reasons out there why people think that's a no-go for Spurs? I only know he was underling to SAF for a while, no idea on his ability, experience of management or qualifications.
Having watched todays game and yes Saints are an open attacking team but I thought Tim did well. Good set up, poor defensive calls cost us goals, but going forward I thought it was good. Considering he's only had a few days with the players I thought the lad done good. Especially his substitutions, Bentaleb, what a player he will become, Chadli was good when he came on too. Overall can't have done his chances of the job any worse. With this squad we don't really have to worry about signing many players so Sherwood's lack of experience won't cause massive problems.
Yeah baby
Fanny adams

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