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Was the Europa League responsible for AVB going?

I know when AVB was first introduced there were plenty of pro and anti AVB supporters from the beginning.

Lots were disappointed by his appointment last year although others were pleased. But there were also those that sat on the fence. Last season was a learning curve for the (then) squad and this season is was started all over by the numerous additions.

This season all we have really had were a few reasonable performances (mostly European) and the odd half a game that boded well for our future. But, in spite of this, many more seemed to have jumped on the anti AVB brigade this season because of the poor/slow performance of the team.

Winning a few games 1-0 on penalties, losing at The Emirates, losing at home to Newcastle, and 3-0 to West Ham as well as the 5-0 drubbing that Liverpool gave us. Now the odd thing that struck me was the coincidence that most of these poor performance games were actually played on the weekend following the Europa League games.

So, my query is, could AVB's decision to take the Europa League, as well as his intention to take all cups, seriously, be the major reason why he ended up losing his job, by whatever means?

These poor result games where points were lost could, inadvertently, well have been the catalyst that ended his time at our beloved Spurs.

Was anybody else aware of these coincidences? Do you think it was or could have been a major contributing factor in the termination of his contract?

Written by longtimespur

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The journalist

Writer: longtimespur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 25 2013

Time: 4:20PM

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I posted this on 10 November: twitter: Raymond Verheijen ?@raymondverheije 3m And why was the Spurs game planned at 12pm? Of Spurs' last 8 PL losses they lost 7 times on the Sunday after an EL game on Thursday night. Read more:
We will never know...
Like Harry,once he slagged off the fans he was a deadman walking.
Around a quarter of West Hams goals were against us,that`s how bad it was.You can`t lose like that at home playing dire football & expect everyone to go wild.
What he was doing during games was becoming farcical & i really started to dislike him.
Spurs fans who demand it in style playing champagne football are living in the past,those days have gone, get over it.
AVB was doing the complete opposite,not just losing,but losing disgracefully.
Fanny adams
We usually rotated 7 or 8 players for the EL matches, so it shouldn't have had such a big effect on our following PL matches. But, for some reason it did. Early kick-offs didn't help. Those bad results couldn't have helped AVB's cause.
It's OBVIOUS. NO It's because he played three DMC's against Liverpool and lost 5-0 at home!!
Those heavy defeats were always coming. If you have a team that doesn't score, where a few games have been won just on penalties and with the luck of some dubious refereeing at both ends the team are going to lose confidence in their ability to get a goal. So then the other team scores first and immediately the players know getting back in the game is going to be even more of an uphill task and give up quicker than they should. I don't think Europa had much to do with it especially given the size of squad and how early in the season those games were. It just so happened with Man City and Liverpool they were teams that have the ability to score plenty and they did after quickly destroying the players confidence. I think with the size of our squad we absolutely should be going for everything and instilling the attitude of winners. Hopefully the new manager will try his best to continue in that vein but also applying common sense in tactical approach...he's already made a good start by making them actually move forward from the kick off.
There's no link. As Man On says, our squad is big enough to cope. In fact, it will be detrimental to our squad if we exit the competition early. AVBs' cup attitude would sit better with Levy than Redknapps', I'm sure. Clubs like Middlesboro and Wigan manage cup runs. It's all wonga and coverage after all... AVB didn't even necessarily lose his job because of the heavy defeats, he lost it 'cos he's a stubborn *****. I'm liking Sherwood. A little bit cocky but AVB was like a Portuguese Prince Charles. Could never hear what he said. Volume was always flat-out then when a gnat farts in the studio u burst an eardrum. But there is a god.
Of the 17 premiership fixtures played so far, im quite sure a large majority followed a midweek game, either League Cup or Europa, so inevitably many of our defeats and victories will follow a midweek game. In any case, as pointed out, we have a big squad and AVB rotated more than our rivals in the Europa/Champions League.
What surprised me in the Europa was that regardless of who was likely to play in the matches was that the whole squad travelled, instead of having some remaining at home abd resting. Maybe he saw it as an altogether thing, but some long journeys, late nights could have been avoided.
No! If we can't manage the Europa league and the Pl how on earth are we going to manage the Cl and PL ... how ambitious are we?!
AVB's undoing was his hardheadedness. I've nothing against playing a high defensive line. It can be a wonderful tactic, but it requires a certain type of player and AVB played it when those players weren't available. It was a disaster with Daws playing because he didn't have the pace (or the positional sense) for it. AVB failed to adapt to changing circumstances and the club paid dearly for it at times. To tell the truth, I'm not clear about what he was trying to accomplish on attack, but whatever it was it wasn't working and he didn't make changes when it mired in mud. Too stubborn, didn't adapt. When the same things were happening at Chelsea in his time there, I blamed it of the old guard players, but retrospectively I can see that he has repeated the same personality style which is rigid and fails to perceive the need to change when things require adaptation. Too bad, as he did seem to work well with some players. Bale should give him a big present for making him into the player that brought the biggest transfer fee and such a fat fat salary. But his success on occasion in improving the play of a player was offset by a terrible stubborn nature that has undone his managerial career.
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He was sacked because his luck ran out and all we were left with was mediocrity. Says it all if playing joke teams on a Thursday was a problem for a squad this big.
Love totty
I also noticed the "coincidence" but I really couldn't figure it out. I thought that maybe the players who did play in the EL were tired but they, as pro athletes, shouldn't be. Mind you saying that, the reason TS said we lost against wet spam in the cup was because the players weren't fit enough in the right way to play the high tempo game he wanted so, consequently, we ran out of steam. How much truth is in that I don't know, but we did seem to be out of breath just as much as out of ideas. As for the Liverpool game Lloris actually said we gave up. What I want to know now is, is Tim Sherwood going to take the EL as seriously as AVB did and if not why not? It may be seen as a mickey mouse cup to most people in Britain, but over there on the continent, it is held in higher esteem. So do we carry on with a plan to win it, or do we do what Arry did and chuck the towel in even though we are so close to what could be our first European trophy in a long time. It would be a huge moral boost to the club as a whole if we did win it. One more piece of silverware than them in north London would have.
Fanny Adams, AVB DIDN'T slag the fans off, he said the atmosphere at home games was not good, he didn't slag anyone off for it, he just said it as it was. Arry slagged the fans off by calling us stupid, AVB never said anything of the sort. I know you don't and never liked AVB whoever you used to be, pele10? big cockerel? or whoever, BUT don't twist people's words out of context just to further your agenda. It will make you lose what little credibility you still have on here. Do you by any chance happen to work for one of the red top rumour rags? LOL
Chrishovel, i think it's regarded better on the continent then in England because most other European Leagues are less demanding physically and the pace is not as fast as the BPL, also some leagues have less games thus keeping their squads fresher. It Probably explains why England always look shattered as most of our players play in the BPL.
spurfect one
spurfect one Good point.
I'm not a fan of the Europa, Liverpool and Everton aren't suffering because they're not in it. But, even though its a lot of extra games for very little financial reward, with the strength of the squad we have it hasn't really hurt us.
993Targa ... thanks mate, that backs up what I though t. I hadn't check thoroughly so this confirmed it for me. Feliz Navidad. ......... Fanny Adams .... I didn't think he slagged off the fans mate, thought he was making a point regarding how quiet it was home games. ..... MAN ON ... yes that's why I couldn't understand it, not the same 11! Guyver ... I suppose we did play most mid-weeks, Wed/Thursdays Geoffspurs .. who's to say we will manage both in the future? We couldn't under AVB with his slow possession game. Sherwood's 100 mph up and at them approach won't help. Chrishove ..... You might be right noting the "Lack of fitness" but was worrying when Lloris was quoted as saying that. Could that be because of AVB and therefore adding to his dismissal/walking away? Spurfect one ... Yes I think it's regarded higher on the continent too, so, as you say, maybe it is related to the intensity of the EPL and the fact we have so many other fixtures as well.
no he play the wrong formation most weeks
No, he just simply couldn't do the job, no football nowse outside Portugal as he has now proved twice. Wouldn't accept responsibility or blame, blaming everybody and anybody, including the fans. Never mind it is over he has gone, before he did any more damage, and we are now left with Redknapp's apprentice, God help us.
No. He was.
AVB dismissal was because we have a chairman who knows nothng about football. Europa should not have had an effect but it obviously did. Good post
matt hoten
AVB dismissal was because he was a manager who knows nothing about football. Europa should not have had an effect and it probably didn't. Bad post
Yid Singer
Interesting question. What if it had been midweek Champions league games...would AVB still been given the heave ho?...A PL team that is playing in Champions League or Europa League needs a big squad of quality with cover...I think AVB was building the team towards that. The answer to the question of whether Europa League caused the downfall of AVB is dependent on what we want from our team...If you play in Europe you need the manpower at all positions which events have shown we do not, as of yet, have. I would be content with going deep into the Europa competition and continue to build towards a team that can finish strong in Europe and the PL
Only possible correlation I can see is (maybe) he didnt have the ENTIRE squad on the same wavelength. i.e He got some of the squad up and firing for the(frankly) lesser competition but didnt have the front liners fired up for the EPL matches???? He's gone but re having a go at the fans I remember that match and his comments really well and I agree....he didnt slag anyone off and frankly the fans deserved a kick in the butt for their lack of support that night off of someone and guys.... Who exactly IS supposed to do that if not the manager?

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