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OK, it's not much, but it's finally some 'ITK' and it saves me hijacking somebody else's article.

Who: Ali Z
When: 6th January
Where: Wouldn't matter if you knew, I'm just selfish.

'Will get busier, we won't do much in, might be a few outs, most we will do is 2 in, money is there, players not'.............

And a bit more from Ali.............

Who: Ali Z When: 6th January Where: Yeah like I'll tell you now

Have no news on a striker, but Livermore deal likely to be done, if we get asking price, Carrol will be recalled. Left back usual suspects as well as few young uns like Cresswell being looked at, Baines and Shaw not likely to move now but Baines to UTD in the summer, Shaw to chelsea is more than likely, doubt Contreao will come now AVB is gone and we are looking at adding young British talent as we are getting low on numbers and with Defoe's likely departure we will will another 1 down...............

Who: The Goat
When: 6th January
Where: You ask too many questions.

The Goat said: The Goat hears that the club have had talks with a young striker playing in Holland. No other details were given but said he was young (under 21) and that it would be as a squad player not a major signing................

As I said, it's not much, but it's something new to chat about (or dismiss), so it's up to you to decide what you wish to do with this 'info'. COYS

Written by coopsieyid

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The journalist

Writer: coopsieyid Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 7 2014

Time: 4:48PM

Your Comments

There's no nonsense like new nonsense……...
Cheers coopsie. I'm off to work and I'll come back to this later.
I don't normally claim to be ITK, but this time I feel I can offer something. My cousin (a gooner!!) actually went to school with Jake, they have remained friends, and I hear Jake has actually just purchased a house about 15 mins from Hull training ground. Could mean absolutely nothing, I'm sure his weekly wage would be enough to afford a house in Hull, but it could also mean that the player himself is keen to settle down up there. I'd wish him all the best tbh, would be a shame to see another acadamy player leaving us, but from what I've seen so far this season, both he and Thud are really benefiting from regular 90mins of football at a decent prem club
We should look at players from overseas who are of voting age, can cook, clean and iron, speak english and if possible play football, not always necessary as you will spend most of your time sitting on your ass.
spu 4 life
Erik Lamela said it's a pleasure to be at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, all my life football was my dream, my father asked me many times what i wanted out of my life, I said father i just want to be happy and have a job from monday to friday with week-ends off, at Tottenham i have that.
spu 4 life
Lamela has to have Saturday's off.....How else can he watch himself on TransWorld Sport.
Cider spurs
Lamella will be an awsome footballer and he should be given as many opportunities in the tsrating 11 as poss. He is low on confidence just now but you cab see the skilloozing to get out. Its a bit like when I was discovering love making, I knew all the moves and had a few of my own, it was just getting the confidence to put them into practice, but when it all come togther boy oh boy did my men benefit form my skills.HHXX
Horny Helen
In all fairness, all of our players have Saturdays off.
Be even funnier hearing Carragher have a bash at saying his name.
Cider spurs
coops...The bad is BAD. Great skill to head the ball into the ground and get it over the bar from 3 yards out. Quality. Still, looks like he gets in the box enough to tap these goals in. Not much out of the box though. 19 gives him plenty of scope to learn and current returns are not shabby for one so young. Without going off topic, that's what annoys me so much with the Lamela situation. He was young last year, still is. he managed to score and assist a tidy return in the elite Italian league as opposed to the Dutch second.
Cider spurs
I suggested Pjanic a couple of years ago before i was even a member of Vital Spurs. If lamela really does feel the need to go back to Italy for 6 months, how's about 1st dibs on Pjanic.
Cider spurs
Knowing BAE, his excuse would've been he did not know who he was.
Cider spurs
'the money is there'...we'll see...can't see us doing anything but recycling cash and buying this years equivalent of Nelson and Saha...can anyone see a top player wanting to come and play for Tim in a wc year?....
Nakhi Wells = Swell Hanki.
Cider spurs
Lamela played 57 minutes in triendly against Charlton X1. Scored too
I was going to post the Roma link to Nianggolan yesterday. It appeared they'd stumped up more money than Napoli who were the front runners. It got me thinking that Pjanic may be allowed to leave, but when i researched this Nianggolan is a DM and Pjanic a AM. I got confused and left it alone.
Cider spurs
coopsie ... I put up a link, Spurs official, earlier regarding the friendly
Spurs: Miles, Fredericks (Stewart 57), Smith, Capoue, Veljkovic, Fryers, Lamela (McEvoy 57), Holtby, Obika, Kane (Coulibaly 57), Chadli. Jon Obika led the way with a double-hat-trick with further goals from Nacer Chadli (2), Erik Lamela and Lewis Holtby.
I stick by what i said at the time we signed him, Erik Lamela will be some player, maybe getting Pjanic is the one to get Lamela playing to his true ability, a friend, x team mate, it all helps.
spu 4 life
Coopsie, I do like Castaignos and think his size and strength would suit the EPL. Understudy to Soldado, Perhaps. That said, he too is Young and needs to play. If we are in three competitions next season and have Adebayor, Kane, Soldado, when would he play? At this point, I'd rather get Ings, loan him back until the summer and use Lamela and Chadli as strikers when possible. COYS
Nice we scored 10, but how in heck did we concede so many goals? With Hall and Luongo not in the u-21/reserve setup we have conceded a lot of goals this season. COYS
Erik, Holtby, Chadli, scoring for reserves v charlton in a friendly. Erik must be ecstatic coming all the wat=y from argentina \ rome for that!!!
Dublin Hotspur
peterbalb ... if you go to the link I put up it gives a report on the game. Worth a read, might answer you query too.
Dublin ... yes I bet lol ........ but it does give him more game time and hopefully, with him scoring,should help with his confidence.
anyone else notice how much Moyes has aged since joining United. i remember the same thing happened to Tony Blair after he took office at No 10. I think Moyes should go back to running the bar in the Simpsons
obika scored 6, does this mean we could sell him for 30 million
I read the match report. While I will accept the two late goals due to lack of focus and competition, what of the other three? Their top scorers weren't factors. They score less than a goal a game. We have really been relying on Lloris lately. Our defensive play has been poorer every time out. United could have scored 5. Two penalties could have been awarded against Lloris (he has now gotten away with punching a ball outside of the area three times). Arsenal 7 or 8. We are out shot and out chanced every game now. It's a scary way to play. We're getting the results in the league so that's all good. May it continue. Eventually poor defence always catches teams out. COYS
I think it's the other goals you mention, Peter, that were due to concentration lost when you have good possession and the opposition are not really threatening. Happens all the time. I'd put the last two down to not playing to the final whistle. The game was won and it was no cup final. Hopefully a good exercise, though.
The United job comes with extraordinary pressure and expectations. It was always going to be tough on Moyes because they are in transition. They needed Modric. They needed Baines. They aren't able to just flex their financial might and get what they want. They are a team in transition. How much longer will Carrick, Fletcher, Nani, Evra, Giggs, Vidic manage to play? While none are the greatest players in the world, they all have huge levels iof composure and grit. The young players are years away from developing that. Thankfully, United have given Moyes time and it seems like they will continue to do so. Huge shoes to fill at a huge club going through a transition. Time is needed. COYS
jerkinmahjurgen, I said the last two goals. The others are where I have the concern. Once again, it seems we were not prepared for the start of the game. We played a PL/international side against a Championship team and conceded a fair few goals. Defence doesn't win championships but it determines who will not win championships. COYS
Spurs-stelios - moyes has just aged by another ten years: Sunderland leading man united 2-1 in Semis of capital 1 cup.
peterbalb ..... As for the first team squad I'm pretty sure our defence is lacking in quality, especially without Verts and Kaboul. Neither Rose nor Walker are good at defending. Chiriches is new to the pace and intensity of EPL and Dawson is well Dawson. As for the kids, I'm not sure as I haven't watched them. As you say they conceded the first very quickly so that might be down to not being switched on but the other 2 the report said the next was a deflected free-kick. 3rd from a corner and as stated the last 2 in the dying minutes. Lack of concentration at 10-3 up.
Holtby aint gonna be the players, hes here nor there, he is not gonna get 10 games in a row to play, hes a mid table player at best
great wokr coops again with OTT, im not sure if this was mentioned or talked about but i think its a big issues, SET PIECES, FREE KICKS AND CORNERS, we get so many but its like aballon in hte air no chance of bursting it, with amount of corners wwe get an failed to score form any is quite poor for any team or standard
longtimespur, we have been giving up lots of free kicks in bad areas. Rooney was woeful in his attempt. I have no idea where today's was but I do know from what I have seen (very little) of the kids this season, and what I have read (a fair amount) we have not been a very good side this year. U-19 or U-21, as I understand it. Last year the team performed far better. Having watched the contributions of players like Fredericks, McEvoy, Bentaleb, Stewart, I frankly expected we'd be up there again. COYS
What I find frustrating is Liverpool, Man Utd and to a certain extent Arsenal have all gone through or are going through transition, yet despite this Tottenham have not seized the moment. We should have been ready to jump in here and become a regular Champions League team. Instead the likes of Arsenal who have won a trophy for almost a decade have been allowed to get away with it as Spurs just continue to underachieve and allow our rivals to regroup and go again.
true MrSpurs and the shame thing is we let it happen we were in pole position and we lost it more then once, we lose it not them gaining it.
123, I don't know that that is fair of Holtby. I do agree though that for him to perform, as I believe he can, he must play every day. Is he good enough to Supplant Sandro, Capoue, Dembele, Paulinho, Eriksen? No. He and Sigurdsson are largely in the same boat. I think they could be very useful players, but they need to play every day to get there and we already have better players ahead of them. A loan move to Germany would not be a bad thing. He needs to be playing. Sunderland, Swansea or Norwich would be even better. COYS
peterballb the u-21 and u-19s...we have transferred and loaned a few out this year.
MrSpurs and 123spurs, the season is not done. We have finished aherad of Liverpool for a few years now. They still lean heavily on a few players who will not be around in a few years. Their transition continues. Arsenal have weathered the storm well, but their priority (whether Wenger acknowledges it or not) is to finish top 4. It is not about winning. They don't have the horses (they keep getting them bought away from them) and we have come very close to pipping them in the table a few times over the last 8 years. United are just really in year 2 of their transition.

Yes, the priority after we qualified for the group stages should have been the League, the league and the league. We had delusions of grandeur and thought we could win it. It was, IMO (and I stated it in real time), a huge error in priority. Then came the Tax Courts and the National Team and all focus was lost a second year running.

Where I will disagree somewhat is that we really weren't in pole position. It just looked like we were because we pipped City. City had been outspending us by leaps and bounds and they were still not a team. They remedied that after the ignominy of not making it and have not looked back. They haven't won as much as they would like, but the priority is top of the table and CL. We still have nowhere near the resources of Arsenal and they pale in comparison to City, Chelsea and United. Them's facts. We need to do things better and develop from within. I do like the quality of some of our young players, but the circus we have in the coaching and running of the team on the pitch is undermining the efforts that have been made. We are not doing better and that is, in the end, stopping us from being a top 4 team. COYS
jacobslad, but we did that last year too. I just don't see the same focus and drive around the youth programs. I see lots of potential. Just not hitting on enough cylinders. Admittedly, Hall, Pritchard, Ceballos, Obika, Luongo, Falque were all important cogs and have been loaned, sold or injured, but there were players to follow them in. McEvoy, Fredericks, Stewart. Coulthirst, bentaleb are all excellent prospects. I expected better. COYS
Moyes to get the boot next?
BREAKING NEWS, big c contract is up in june to he can now talk to any V? he wants to
just dont bump into HR he may try and sign you
I find it bemusing seeing Lamela playing against Charllton. Our record signing cannot get a run of games for us in the league and only good enough for training ground friendlies. How much was it we paid? About 30 million pounds!! We really should give him more games, stick him near the front and the match this weekend against Crystal Palace at home would be perfect time to start doing that. I do not know exactly what it is about him that makes me think he is a great player in the making. I really hope we don't miss a trick here.
No he'll get eighteen months and at least one signing of his own before they fire him, surely?
Slurms McKenzie
If he was injured and needed to get game time when would you play him Mads? Its not like Tim hasn't played him either to be fair.
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms, who knows these days? It's a funny old game.
Slurms there's this big mystery as to whether he is actually injured or not, there have been 2 different reports on his injuries, both from the Spurs camp, but both with different injuries. His brother alleges he is not injured at all and so maybe if he isn't then that may be because it has already been agreed with another club to let him go there, whether on load or permanent I don't know, but that is the rumour I've heard that's doing the rounds.
Slurms, I did not realise he was injured. If so, fair enough. Training ground game to get him up to speed. Well, hopefully he will be fit enough this weekend for Crystal Palace (my friend's mother thought Crystal Palace sounded like a name for a brothel).
chris ... the whole Moyes/United situation will be interesting to see how it's all managed. How long will he be allowed before things really go pear-shaped. There will be some interesting comparisons between United and , I think!
The fact that Lamela was taken off after 50+ minutes suggests he has either broken down or will be in the team against Palace ... I'm hoping it's the latter.
Moyes is looking like a naked groom chained to a telepole
Geof..lets hope its in the team v Palace. His goal was "stunning" and involved beating several players...ok so its Charlton reserves..but its positive.
Lamela's father said he the kid wants to leave Spurs and go back to Italy. Here are his exact words: "Erik is not happy and wants to go back to Italy. He has been linked with Lazio, but I don’t know anything about this. Could he re-join Roma? I don’t know. Tottenham does not want him to leave in January."
logos...old news mate, and just out of interest how do you know they are his exact words? Are we talking the Italian equivalent of Marca? Or maybe you know Snr Lamela senior?
coops...Cheers for the effort mate. I must admit i like these articles trying to second guess who'll come and go, all sprinkled with a dollop of nonsense of course.
Cider spurs
Talking of Nonsense. How long to we are reminded that United are poor and that we should not take anything from beating them at Old Trafford?. Totally ignoring the fact that prior to Spurs playing them, they had won their last 6 matches. I'll admit they are struggling, poor they are not. IMO.
Cider spurs
The vast majority of Spurs fans have sussed that transfer windows make little or no difference to the on the pitch success at Tottenham anymore... A few seasons back when Harry was the coach, we all knew we were just 2 or 3 players away from being serious title contenders, so we eagerly awaited the windows to see which world class striker etc Levy would buy Harry. Sadly the strikers never came, instead Danny boy sold the clubs 3 star players within the space of 12 months! And then after last summers 7 in fiasco, followed by yet another new coach, who likes to play 4 in midfield against the Arsenals 6, (Danny boy progression) the vast majority now know that who comes and goes this Jan makes little or no difference to the clubs on the pitch success, until this ENIC CANCER is cut out of our great club, and we have NEW OWNERS like those lucky Liverpool fans got in 2010 and the Arsenal fans got in 2011. Which of course proves 100% that things can get better when new owners come in! Chelsea, Man City etc etc... The transfer windows at THFC used to be a buzz, but now they are no more than a tedious Danny Boy Levy Fantasy Football yawn...
Cider ... and the 'struggle' is only due to their own high standards. Whatever way you look at it, it was a great win for us!
I agree Cider, nothing should be taken away from a win at Old Trafford, I thought we employed risky tactics but it worked on that occasion. Would I employ those tactics away again at OT? No.
Not surprised we're not going all out for new players now. Makes you feel that Tim is just an interim measure probably to the end of the season. Spurs are not a draw to top players right now in any case.
jacobslad it's from an article I saw in the bbc football gossip column. I can look for the link if you want
Who? - Jordtheyid When? 09:43am "This article is a waste of everyone's time as Coops copy and pastes fictional stories which idiots have simply made up."
I'm willing to bet my life savings that "The Goat" is a truly reliable source of information. He's so specific revealing that Spurs looked at a player "in Holland."... This site used to be about proper articles not utter dross.
logos8 I saw that one as well recently, but I did read it about a week or so back somewhere too. So I really don't know what is going on especially with this so called injury because the two differing reports on that were that he had bone splinters and the other one was a hip injury. Maybe he has splinters from his hip, I don't know, but it is odd that they are keeping very quiet about the whole situation apart from the Spurs say they don't want him to leave bit.
jordtheyid...Myself, as along with many i'm sure, appreciate the effort that coops puts in to writing such articles. The numbers who posted on his worthwhile Summer Nonsense Articles would suggest so. Feel free to write what you'd consider a worthwhile article if this one fails to impress yourself. ;-)
Cider spurs
Who's this Robinson lad from Dundee I keep seeing interesting PL clubs. I think he's a defender. Anybody know anything about him? We need cover in that area!
Just looked on the VE site and find out he's a full back and Dundee want about £1.5 mill for him. Still, does anyone know of him??
lol jord woke up the wrong side to the park bench me thinks. jord if u dont want to waste your time and ours then dont read or comment on the article. By the way the title is "New NONSENSE"... usually relating to exactly that but it's a forum to discuss rumors and potential targets without taking the attention away from other authors article.
Lol make a deposit to a charity on my behalf coops, jordcantread is a viable charity I hear...
Any rumors on a new manager coopsie? Knowing I wouldn't play for Dim I'm positive most players or potential signings would be adverse to it.
There's no nonsense like no news.
Falstaff the Fool
Madaboutspurs; Crystal Palace is the owner of the brothel, nice girl.
spu 4 life
I owned a brothel once....The recession hit and it went T*TS UP!.
Cider spurs
'wot no left back?' where's wally style.....
lol spu4life. When I first heard it, I could see why someone would think the name Crystal Palace is a name of one of those establishment.
shed...Left back you say....
Cider spurs

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