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Letting Defoe go is a mistake..

When I read that Defoe was leaving for Toronto, I felt extremely disappointed (even before he came on and scored against Norwich). Not in him, but in us for selling him.

While you could argue that it was 'his decision' the reality is that he would not have felt the need to leave had he had more playing time. Despite him often being frustratingly inconsistent he has been one of the most underrated players we've had and has consistently paid the price of us getting 'new' strikers. Over the years I feel that had faith been put in him as it was with Rooney or Drogba (even though they were more complete and developed players) he could've been one of the top strikers in the league (he's got a better goal ratio than Rooney I believe and an equivalent one to Drogba).

Anyone who has watched Defoe over the years has seen how far he's come in terms of the development of his game, the man loves Spurs and whenever he's been dropped he hasn't asked for transfer requests (showing humility and understanding that there are deficiencies in his game) but instead he's always been willing to develop himself to try and get into the team. His deficiencies are known but I believe the majority of them were ironed out over the years (selfishness, weakness, link-up play, etc.) and the most important one (consistency) was (I believe) on its way there too.

Selling Defoe unfortunately seems to be a typical example of us throwing away a good 'out-of-fashion' player for a new toy (Soldado). We did it before with him and he returned when our old toys stopped firing/left and we appreciated his value, but I don't think he's coming back this time. Defoe's improved his game massively in the last couple of years and at some times, and yes I'm not exaggerating, has appeared to me have potential to become a genuinely world class striker.

He's quick, technically very sound and has always been a poacher, but more importantly his body strength, his link-up play and his selfishness have all improved dramatically in the last few years, allowing him for example to develop his game sufficiently to be able to play effectively as a lone striker (something unimaginable a few years ago). He gets a very rough deal for sometimes not being consistent but we're not Real Madrid (and do we want to be? the way they get on their players' backs whenever they go through a rough patch is not endearing to me), and for an inconsistent player he certainly has scored quite a bit of goals.

I think he was coming close to finalising his 'development' and becoming a very good, and more importantly consistent, striker. This is a stupid decision.

Written by laneno14

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Writer: laneno14 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 13 2014

Time: 8:20AM

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January Transfer window and noises coming out of Spurs Very Depressing. How can we be happy with options up front at the crucial back end of the season, March through to May. Difference between Defoe and Soldado surely must make Levy think again. This really does smack of Deja Vu when AVB was 'happy with striker options' last year and we even let Andros Townsend go out on loan. This looks like Levy not wanting Sherwood to spend to replace Defoe because he knows that barring finishing in the top four and winning the Europa League, that Sherwood is nothing more than a caretaker manager to get us through this season. The club will never move forward while Levy is is charge - his erratic changes of direction in the management and back room staff have been hugely damaging. I'd like to know why he thought AVB would do better than Redknapp then why he no longer thought so and why get rid of the manager if all you are going to do is put a caretaker in charge. This follows disgraceful treatment of Martin Jol, short term fix with Ramos, getting rid of Hoddle after January transfer window and putting in Pleat as caretaker and sacking George Graham in the week of the FA Cup semi-final. Add to that last three shambolic January Transfer Window dealings and evidence of mismanagement of the club is damming.
Peter Agathangelou
No mistake selling him now, if we buy a decent replacement. Hopefully Defoe will have his seasonal goal burst before he leaves and bags 5-6 in the league!! he is due it this season........COYS
Defoe having scored the most goals coming off the bench in the Prem tells you all you need to know. Agreed handy to have as a squad player, he has however always seemed to be used as a "super sub". As for his link up play improving dramatically over the last few years. Not for me.Glimpses this season i'll admit, however, reading through the comments on the Match thread it appears he yet again had the chance to pass the ball to a team mate and did not. World class players will quickly evaluate what's best for the team and try and execute whatever it may be. Defoe will always try and score, great when it comes of, very selfish when it does not and another is better positioned. I'd have kept him if he were happy to be a bit part player....He's not though is he?.
Cider spurs
Defoe is 31 years old and a flat track bully, the idea he's the future makes no sense. With the poor performances from Soldado and the erratic nature of Adebeyor the truth is our striker options are a mess. If we do progress I suspect it will be with strikers not yet at the club.
Without me going into talking intrinsically about Defoe, I will be 100% objective. He 31. Not getting any older. His sell value is rapidly diminishing. We have had 10 seasons of him. The time is perfect to get a very nice sum from him, making it an excellent piece of business: to get so much service from him AND to still sell him at this price is very well done. Couple that with the fact that Ade and Soldado are not far behind in the age stakes, it is clear that we need to "youth-up" our strike force. So it all makes perfect sense.
Whilst it's with mixed emotions that Defoe is leaving, I would have been angry if Spurs had offered Defoe a 4 year contract on that type of wages. We watched Keane give nothing and clean up financially and a lot of us were nervous after Harry gave Parker that type of deal. Fortunately, we managed to get Parker off the books after 2 years.

Defoe was not a Spurs great but contributed a lot. The time is right. Soldado should't come into it either. He has had a great career and achieved a 1 in 2 goal ratio which is better than Defoe. He is 3 years younger as well. We just need him to get going. If we let Defoe go and bring in Long or Fletcher then that's just a waste of time. If we let him go but bring in a top drawer striker over the summer then that's progress. Same would apply to Dawson. I'd take the exact same deal as Defoe for him if I knew that Baldini was going to bring in someone better for next season. We have to keep improving the quality of the squad.
have to agree with some of the above- selling him is not the problem succession planning is....
Peter Agathangelou - what is your definition of mismanagement of the club? Are we in any real debt....? No. Are our league finishes satisfactory? Yes - in last 10 years of ENIC our average finish is 7th, including two 4th places & four 5th place finishes whereas the 10 years before ENIC, our average finish was 11th, with a high of 7th, and a low of 15th. Are we closer to the new stadium? Yes. Is our team better? Our spending power better? Yes. You are focusing on manager turnover - like many other people, and I cannot deny that it is unsettling. However, it hasn't made us go backwards, so not us harmful as many think. I do agree that we cannot continue to keep getting away with it. So we do need more care in the next proper appointment. After Harry, it was clear that it had to be an experienced man, and not some kid with only a single full season of management under his belt. So my only real criticism of the regime is the choice of appointments....and I can understand people's displeasure of the manner of Jol's departure...but he had to go.
no mistake in selling Defoe. He has cost us more goals than he has ever scored with his selfishness. Defoe plays for Defoe and is not and has never been a team player. His failure to pass to Bentaleb (who made a superb run ) against Palace was quintessential greedy Defoe. I'll be happy to replace him with someone who knows when to shoot and when to pass to a TEAM MATE in a far better position. COYS
Mark Hilditch
Cider - despite Sherwood struggling in the first half vs Palace (they slaughtered us), Sherwood used Defoe perfectly. Go a goal up, then bring Defoe on. The opposition have to come out a bit more, and Defoe will find it easier to find space and score. However, as Man City shows us, you need a trio of strikers who can play on their own, paired up with one of the other two, and also good off the bench whether you are a goal up or down. Defoe does not tick all boxes.
I like the lad and wish him well but I'm not sure if it's a good deal or bad or even both. Good for Defoe that he's got a 4 year deal at 31 years old? Definitely but MLS is not PL standard and may hinder his remote chance of going to Brasil, although he should get regular games at Toronto . But is it bad for THFC? Possibly. Is he REALLY a good team player yet? Ask Bentelab about him being less shelfish on Saturday or Adebayor! Defoe's been debated on here regularly and it seems he hasn't a really good goal scoring record, no consistency. Has phases where he'll score for 5/6 games and then doesn't for the next 10/15. People have said he only scores for half of the season! When has he scored 20 goals, as all good strikers do, for us in a premier league season? Yes I know he hasn't always been a regular first choice starter (for any recent manager at Spurs or England, which states a lot too) and many of his games have been from the subs bench but to say his record compares to Rooney (20+ goals+ a season for last 4/5 years or Drogba is, IMHO, far fetched. Could it be both? Yes IF he is replaced by a good young prospect to join the squad, because that's all Defoe has been for the last 3/4 seasons.
I will always love jermain for his attitude and respect for the club, however we have to look at his perm stats in recent times to consider hius best days are probably behind him with spurs. When he has started games he has often been disappointing and lets not look at sold ado's lack of goals as a reason to keep Jermain. for me they are different issues and perhaps that will have to be addressed over the coming months as well
Lots of things to be factored into the equation regarding the selling of Defoe. Let's not just look at the strikers for goals, but more where else they could/should come from. Lamela 15, Chadli 12 goals in 14 starts, Eriksen 9 goals in 14 starts. All last season and in League matches only. Now forgive me if i'm mistaken, but apart from one stand out season 18, these are the type of return sdefoe ususlly adds to the mix. this is without incorporating whatever Soldado may produce as a end result as his replacement. I believe we have enough goalscoring ability in the aforementioned players, they just need to be played in correct positions/formations. I would love to see an all rounder type striker come in, one who can replace Ade's frequent off days, but whom is also a lethal finisher. I'm sure we all would. That for me would have to be a summer investment, but here is the problem. A great striker would be going to the World cup, if he plays well, basically the World becomes aware. Not really front of the queue in terms of attraction unfortunately. Until we can unearth the next gem, let'sutilise the talent we do possess. All the talk of Chadli being pants?, the guy is very capable of making a yard in the hole and scoring. he doesn't need quickness of feet for that, quickness of mind is suffice.
Cider spurs
I've always admired Defoe and thought he made a great 2nd/3rd choice striker/impact sub. He has always considered himself 1st choice and despite the numerous opportunities under various managers he has shown over the years that he is unfortunately not the 20 goals a season striker required at an aspiring top 4 club and is not clinical enough in crucial times against top opposition. In fact, the goal scored on Saturday was only his 2nd in the Prem since Boxing day 2012! He has also stated that he's been offered a 4 year deal, whilst only having 18 months left on his Spurs contract, so it appears he's made the decision to leave rather than Spurs. At close to £8m, Levy as usual, has ensured we've got a great price for a 31 year old, so it's a good deal for all parties. As for the squad, it makes no sense bringing in a short term replacement, I would rather we wait till the summer and buy a young quality striker
Paul - THFC Forever
Tr- as you seem to know our finances- where did the 70m debt come from on the books last year? the one we paid 6m interest on? you know we've made c 30m profit on transfers over the last 3 years and our wages at 63% of T/o are easily manageable (sorry muttley we could have a 1000 first team players our wages are under control)...or are you just repeating the PR line that Spurs is a well run club....?
TR...I can't really comment on the game as i did not get to watch. I do however agree Defoe is great to bring on when a game is stretched. A lone striker he is not.
Cider spurs
If Defoe leaves on Feb 28, then he probably misses 11 PL games + Europa games (2 to max 7 games) in the 3 months.

As long as we don't loose Ade & Soldado to long term injuries we should be fine. Suppose we don't get another CF, I dont see this as end of the world. We can always revert to 4-4-1-1 with Lamela, Eriksen or Chadli to play behind the striker. Also we would have Kane, who is not bad in terms of holding the ball.

Of course ideal situation is we loan a 3rd striker or buy one. But dont think either will happen. As for as missing Defoe, perspective is needed. after all Palace's goal was his 3 PL goal in last 400 days
its a mistake if you dont replace with better in January and that wont be easy
Cider non of those goals in the prem. I expect very little from Chadli, we are getting very little from Lamela, Eriksen is on part way to finding his way in the prem and looks a very good player. Right now I would rather sell Soldado because Defoe does more with and without the ball currently IMO.
if levy don't buy a striker and leave us with ade and saldodo it not going to end well . remember last time defo left ? mid table here we come
Tony ... Good post re 'club', mate!
shedboy - our wages are under control now as the only players out on loan are cheaper ones. That's the first time in a while though after the clearing of the decks we've seen in the last 2 summers. I'd still clear more players out though so we can be truly optimal. Also, what happened before is that our wages went up from £67m to £91m (from memory) under Harry. The problem is they stayed there when the Champs League turnover stopped and hence negated the profit made on transfer fees coming in. In reality, we could have best of both worlds. I still stand by what I say in that we need to get this squad down to just under 25 players, use the youngsters to top it up and focus on quality over quantity. If we had another £50-100m of revenue each year it would be different but we need to keep things lean at our size and not have proliferated squads of senior players.
topho...Time will tell regarding Chadli. Gametime would be a good start, at 10 even better. As for Defoe doing more with the ball?. I don't see Defoe playing the through balls i have witnessed Soldado provide as of late. Lennon and Eriksen, cross to Ade for penalty. Believe their was a cute little lay-off in the box for?, (can't recall) vs Palace. Defoe offers none of this.
Cider spurs
Forget some of the complaints about offside and passing options, posted by the 'experts'Defoe is a proven goal scorer.
It seems odd to let such a player leave, with just three months of the season left.
Perhaps there is something in the pipeline. Or Levy & Co. are simply cashing in.
Hotspur 1882
Muttley...I'd go along with that. A somewhat lean mean fighting machine. uality over quantity sprinkled with an element of youth. How many Midfielders?, Way over the top.
Cider spurs
Hotspur....We've already got little Jimmy Redknapp declaring Bentaleb could be the next Xavi....For Tim's next trick, a youth striker who could be the next Cavani/Costa/Falcao.
Cider spurs
Letting Defoe go is a mistake? Only in our eye's, his 31 reports saying we got around 6m for him and his wages being around 90k a week if true or as near as. This is a good move for JD, at least we still have his services up until the end of Feb. Good Luck to him and thanks for the goal on Saturday, we needed that one. Any more before you leave, will be very much appreciated.
spu 4 life
Why do people continue to knock Soldado?? As LTSF asked on another post "Am I the only one who rates Soldado?" Well NO you are not!!! I only saw the highlights on MOTD and saw 3 really good touches from him that contributed to goal scoring chances for others. I know he isn't scoring but his play in and around the box is first class. He's just lost a child and, it would seem, hasn't really adjusted to life here yet. I'm hopeful that he'll be the same as a few others have been, Giroud for one, and come really good in time. Maybe not until next season. Defoe isn't the answer to our stiking problems either. IMHO He's been a major part of them. We now need other players to contribute as they had done before coming to THFC.
Muttley ... Good post and I agree that is the way to go.

We need to stick with Soldado. He has a proven scoring record elsewhere and, when we get the midfield working, he will have an improved goal scoring record in the Pl ... especially with Ade, or someone similar, alongside him!
1 league Goal this season? yeah BIG mistake getting shot! lmfao
Agree with the author, Defoe was always a victim of the "bring in a striker policy" where are they now?? Defoe plays his heart out for SPURS its a shame some of the other so called stars don't have his commitment.. Jermain Colin Defoe I salute you always a star in my eyes...
Marc Hutchinson
laneno14 , sorry to pick you up on this but it was Palace, not Norwich……. I agree with your summary of Defoes abilities and I hoped he would stay until the end of the season. However I'm not at all surprised he's taken the option to leave in March. If he now gets a run of games in the PL and can score a few then great. He can then leave us on a high.
but where are sal do do goals ? good tuches mean nuffin
were mad to let defo go
Thanks for the article but like Defoe I think you have definitely been blown up for offside! Defoe is not even close to world class. He has always scored goals against mediocre opponents and has never consistently hold his position unless an alternative ST has been injured. Whilst I will miss Defoe being a Spurs man I can't help pointing out that I'm pleased I wont have to bear his one demential play any longer, yes regardless of his "looking" like he is not selfish or has discovered hove to calmy slot a goal away, he is still the same JD. I also feel should he truly want a challenge then he should have pulled his socks up and joined another PL team...
Cider ps, IMO and I have heard many peops on TV say this his link up play and or play outside the box is much better the last 2 years than before. I actually think when he comes on he always offers much more outside the box than Soldado because he is capable of and does go past players. If you want a truly one dimensional forward look no further than Soldado. He has been awful and there's no excuse for it now, too many months, too many games.
Yes a mistake for Toronto! Please let's get over Defoe. Lets look to improve the strike force with better players. His Goal on Saturday was superb and he made it really through hard effort. I respect that but in the very next few minutes he completely ignored, purposely I might add, Bentaleb who with the proper pass would have been through on goal alone. That's why he doesn't shine for me. My humble opinion!
Back in November Defoe broke the clubs all time scoring record in Europe. The club praised him for his achievement with an interview with Martin Chivers on the Spurs website. 7 weeks later Loser Levy has sold him when Defoe is his leading goal scorer in the Europa, the last hope the club have of winning silverware this season! Jermaine Defoe is a hero to the Spurs fans that watch Tottenaham live. One of the most loved players in the history of the club! It literally was a shivers down the spin, goose bumps experience hearing 30,000 Spurs fans sing his anthem as he came onto the pitch. I just knew he was going to score! And when the net bulged and he ran away to his adoring fans, I celebrated, punched the air with delight, but quickly reality caught up with me as I realised that LOSER LEVY, has sold yet another one of my Tottenham hero's on the 30th anniversary of the clubs last European final. A final that Jermaine Defoe should have part of in Turin, not only for the goals he would have continued to score for us in this years tournament, but as a mark of respect for all he has done for this great club!
Cue the abuse from Coopsie and others here........He's gone now, we've said all we need to say about the subject, can we please move on now!!!
The end of the season of course was the correct time to have cashed in on in on Defoe if the club and player had chosen it was time, in exactly in the same way that Bale should have been kept until the end of this season to insure CL qualification, as is happening with Liverpool's star player Suarez right now! There will be no CL football for THFC next season, a loss of 50 plus million quid to the club, and of course many millions more will continue to be lost in revenue as 30,000 plus loyal Spurs fans wait for LOSER LEVY to provide them with seating... Loser Levy is great at counting the ENIC penny's, whist hundreds of millions run away... ENIC OUT!!!
Shed oh get you....."succession planning" Tony rich a list of very good and factual points..and tony very good point on use of Defoe, AVB did the opposite went one nil up then went neg and tried to hold what we had, Sherwood did exactly what you describe, one method good the other not so good. Invite trouble and you get it often.....Cider, he is at the back of the queue ref number 10....not first or second choice wide either, Chadli IMO has had the chances to prove he is much better than he has looked and has failed sadly. I dont think he is good enough for top8 prem, ok in the dutch league, which i think I could still play in.......
Longtime you should have gone to specsavers.........
Pele, where do you get this 30000 fans waiting for ??/ waiting for what?
Spurs are listed by Forbes' as the 11th most valuable club in world football. One place behind Liverpool and two places behind Man City. I'd say that's quite amazing considering our lack of recent success on the pitch and our tiny little stadium etc.
I always get a seat by the way and, I'm not a season ticket holder…….. Lovely sunshine in London right now.
Cheers Jermain and good luck to you.
tophobunty1882, Sorry I just checked Loser Levy's end of season official club statement on the subject of fans WAITING FOR SEATING, and I got my figures wrong. It's much more than the 30,000 on the the official THFC season ticket waiting list I had quoted. Loser Levy writes... "A large capacity stadium is fundamental to the ability to raise revenue and achieve future growth and success within FFP. Our 36,000 seater stadium has continued to sell out and our waiting list is now in excess of 42,000." So according to loser levy we could fill a 70,000 seater stadium if only he could provide the seating! Think of all that lost revenue my boy... But according to Sir Keith Mills THFC director ENIC have still not (14 seasons in) even raised the cash to build the stadium. Sir Keith in his official THFC statement at the start of the season. "The new stadium can only go ahead when £350m funding is secured. To do that, the club need to sell the naming rights. “We don’t have that in place and that’s an integral part of the financing,” says Mills. “Once we get that, it’ll open up the rest of the funding.”................................................
MANON .... good point but the ENIC/Levy bashers won't acknowledge it.
He should have left in the summer so he could have had a full season to try and get himself into the WC team. He’s not happy being a bit part player at his age and I don’t blame him. Im very grateful for his loyal service but it’s time to part ways IMO

It is crucial that we bring in another striker this window, after watching ANOTHER dismal performance from Soldado we need a third option. I know players need time etc but one goals from open play in over 1500mins of football??? We have been sold a dud. Its not going to be easy but there are plenty of players who could improve us who will be looking for a move. We ether get a short term loan, a player who’s contract is about to expire or get the bloody cheque book out

I We were very very lucky against Palace makes no mistake, just thank god that we are getting a few players back this week. SuperJan, The beast and Townsend are all nearing match fitness by all accounts so that’s a massive boost. Anyone know why Paulinho is training with Corinthians?? I know there not rivals or anything but it’s a strange one.
Pele, let me enlighten you a little, thank you for coming back. When you apply for a lilywhite card or other loyalty type membership you are automatically placed on the season ticket waiting list, you are not asked. You then become a stat which can be used to suit a range of purposes one of which is yours clearly,. Now of those people who are simply added to a list and not offered the opportunity of genuinely opting in there are many thousandssssss who are not genuinely able or able to fund a season ticket, cant afford it, don't want it and or simply couldn't get to games regularly, some may live many countries away. Please stop using this false number, find facts please. Such as that we have taken much longer to build a stadium than we should have. Yet again i admire you for your conviction but like many on here don't agree with you fully.
ps Pele, if i was asked for my list of 1-500 locations to market a names rights project for Tottenham would not be in that 500, its a very very tough challenge, I would have put the Olympic stadium complex well up in that 500, possibly top 10-20. Levy was slaughtered for trying to move us there.
Time for Lamela to a) be given a chance and b) step up and take it.
FFS can we keep the whole Levy / ENIC argument to a completely separate thread!!?? Getting a bit phucking sick of coming on here and reading the same 3 or 4 people battling it out every day!! Pele – We all know how you feel about it, you’ve made your point so just leave it alone FFS. NOTHING is going to change

Now can we please talk about what to do with our non-existent strike force please lol
Long time. I am with you re soldado! He is quality, we are still not implementing the right midfield players to utilise him fully, and we are not utilising the right midfielders or team set up to fully benefit our team. We have such class available, yet we still haven't given any of our proven internationals any proper game time together! I can see a surplus in the squad in this area, but if we change the set up to accommodate these players appropriately, you will see this surplus reduce dramatically as they are properly deployed on the pitch and bench. The dm's are obvious picks when fit, but we really do need to see eriksen, lamela, chadli, capoue playing more together, and in holtby we have a super impact sub for now, as bentaleb looks like he will be! Come on Tim, get the proven boys on a stretch of games. Btw, any of those can replace Defoe! Loved having him as a spurs man and wish him the best of luck, but must admit I often cringed if I saw a team sheet with him starting!
Dublin Hotspur
Kes, agree. Dublin how many different variations of midfield must we try before we find the right one for NoGoldo, sorry mate but i did laugh at that one? Variation number 38 i reckon is the one, feck knows what it is.
Letting Defoe go is a mistake? Despite the FACT that, like Caulker, Bale, Modric, VDV, Berbatov, he has requested to be allowed to go? Yeah, let's not bog ourselves down with annoying things like facts, let's just keep people who no longer wish to remain at our club. That makes loads of sense!!

I notice the daily Levy/ENIC basher is out again. How the feck does he get day release so often? Pele10, because I absolutely don;t think you'll return to the match thread, here is the response you got, after calling me a liar!!

PELE - "coopsieyid tells us that there is "1 family/business holding up the stadium development." I ha ha ha. What a joke of an ENIC apologists Lie! The real truth is that Levy and Lewis have not raised the finance for the stadium, because they do not want to borrow money from a bank as the Arse did.".....

Here you go dick head....

"1.4 The principal remaining interest to be acquired by the CPO under Section 226 is Archway Steel Ltd."......

THAT is from page 19 of the actual meeting at the council. Here's a link to the minutes and the FACTS$TottenhamCPOreportcoveringreport.doc.pdf

As I said, scroll down to page 19, section 1.4.... THAT is from the most recent meeting, NOT from a statement that Sir Keith Mills made in January 2012, TWO YEARS AGO. Also, you omitted the last line of his statement, WHY? Here was the full statement he made, "'The new stadium can only go ahead when £350m funding is secured. To do that, the club need to sell the naming rights. “We don’t have that in place and that’s an integral part of the financing,” says Mills. “Once we get that, it’ll open up the rest of the funding.”

With Middle East organisations keen to attach their names to British sport, Levy has travelled to the region but all Mills is willing to says is: “There’s been some interest.” '.............

Oh damn, PELE, did my FACTS get in the way of your sham of a vendetta, AGAIN :-).. "ENIC apologists"? "Laughable"?

The truth is a real bitch, eh sweetheart ;-)

Give up ENIC basher!
BUNTY - THANK YOU for pointing out the FACT about this fecking "season ticket waiting list" that the site jester constantly brings up.
tophobunty1882, You tell me, "Please stop using this false number, find facts please." Facts? I am only quoting the numbers our great chairman Daniel Loser Levy quoted in his OFFICIAL end of season Losers speach! Please read levy's words not mine! Our 36,000 seater stadium has continued to sell out and our waiting list is now in excess of 42,000." The only facts we can go on as Spurs fans are from what Levy and his board tell us, right? Are you saying Daniel Levy is a Liar? I guess you could be right, because on that very same official club statement he writes "Looking ahead to the summer, we shall continue to seek to strengthen and improve the team and to retain key players." and then he went and sold Gareth Bale at the end of the window just like he did with VDV the season before and now Defoe, our leading scorer in this seasons Europa... So are you saying that when Levy makes his official club statements he does not quote facts, but lies to his customers instead???
Any rumours of Leandro damiao joining us now that Defoe is leaving? I know the widow is open but it just doesn't feel like Transfer season until we get linked with the Brazilan!
Slurms McKenzie
hudderspur - Apologies for getting involved with that member, just trying to shut the deluded so & so up. Months and years have been wasted BEGGING him to write his own article about it, yet none has been forthcoming. I don't know why? Ox wouldn't have a problem with it, he doesn't care whether something is fiction!!
Slurms - Damiao moved to Santos in December
If I fail to renew my membership for next season I'll go back to the bottom of that waiting list. That's how it works. Topho is exactly right. End of, surely…….. Sun's still shining.
Perhaps another brazilan so, might I suggest Diego Costa, his transfer fee should be high enough to allow us negotiate for the rest of the window without actually closing out the deal?
Slurms McKenzie
haha no worries. some people will never listen though, no matter how much something stacks against their argument. I think we should just have a running article so anytime someone (or just Pele) want a rant at the board they can go onto that thread and let rip!....if it makes them feel better that is.
I don't think we'd have a chance of getting him, Slurms. Arseanal, Chel$ki, Man United, are all linked with him, and activating his £31mil (€38mil) buy-out clause.
Yep he sounds perfect for a long running Brazilan trasfer saga Coopsie!
Slurms McKenzie
Skurms - Fabiano is still playing. 33 years old now, playing at Sao Paolo, scored 46 in 85 games. It's been more than 3 years since we were linked with him, so that could be re-raised ;-)

hudderspur - That's actually a good idea, but wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference. He'd still use every other article to attempt to hijack it with his vendetta.
Skurms? sounds like something you can catch on a Saturday night lol. Obviously meant "Slurms"..
Pele, of course Levy is going to take up potential sales numbers, he is trying to raise money to build a stadium. If i was an investor i would see straight through that number as it has not been proven or quantified. It can quite simply not be relied upon, sorry mate, as much as i like you on here, this number is one you should give up on.
Tops, you make my point so beautifully! We have tried so MANY formations and player combinations within those formations that no one has a clue what's going on! And soldado is the one losing out as a result, meaning we, spurs are losing out. Formations should change slightly depending on who were playing (arsenal bring a prime example) but by using the core of our proven international attacking midfielders to score ( or enable soldado to mop us keeper spills and woodwork rebounds etc) and to supply our strikers is the key to soldado's success on the pitch! If we ever get the attacking midfield right and our proven internationals playing together in this way, Robbie will know where he has to be and will start scoring more! He won't be needed to fall back and play assists to others (showing great versatility btw, something I never saw with him at Valencia!) he will be lurking in the box knowing what's coming and from whom!
Dublin Hotspur
Good article and I agree whole heartedly with the sentiment of it, by the sound of his receptioin Saturday so does most of WHL - Defoe has been a great servant and we should definitely look to keep him until the end of the season. For balance it would have been good to see some of his negatives in the article because he does have them... The pro's certainly outweigh them though.
Talk easy Coopsie or we could find out how much of Harry clone Tim might be! I think I had a dose of Skurms over the christmas :-)
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms - Proper giggled at that post lol
dublin, you make excuses for him, simply I don't accept them. Ade if his head was right would perform with any formation, Soldado is the most one dimensional forward I think i can remember seeing, right up there with Darren Bent.
Muttley i wouldnt rely on Baldini too much if I were you, shame THFC might do.
coopsieyid, Why do you continue to get involved with me? Why do you continue to stalk my posts? I always know there will be a coopsieyid reply within minutes of my hitting that submit button. I can only assume that my comments touch a raw nerve with you? But I do understand that the truth can be painful... Just take a look at the THFC honors list and our CL record under Levy/Lewis. It's makes very painful viewing...
Muttley- agree that lean is the way to go...(trouble is we keep making players 'not part of the plan').....the thrust of my post was that our wages are under not the 70m hole....people do go quiet when I mention that....
laneno14, great article by the way!
Oh fecking hell! I didn't realise Pele10 was the aforemention total moron that was pelebro. No wonder the likes of me got fed up with VS whilst that tw@ & others like him, inundated us with so called facts & figures to prove that Levy/ENIC are $h1te for THFC. Never mind that we've enjoyed a more consistent league form, as has been pointed out above, in terms of league position & more European qualification than for a long time before Sugar fell on his sword.

But then what do facts matter when you can manipulate stats to prove that black is, in fact, white. All I can say is that if the Levy/ENIC regime pi$$es you off that much, then feck off & find another club. Wet Spam could do with some extra support or why not follow the other sheep over to Manure, $hitty, the Chave or Arseanal?

ps Dublin I hope Soldado pans out they way you see him not the way I see him, only he can prove which way its going to go.
Spuds, why get abusive to Pele? he has his views and some are hard to argue against, just dont start forming a gang here, I thought you might have moved past that.
Naughton to Villa would be a mistake for us IMO, very good for him though, he has been royally fffd about by us/AVB at LB..
"Just take a look at the THFC honors list and our CL record under Levy/Lewis. It's makes very painful viewing..."

Much like the **** you spout Pelebore.

Look in the mirror before you pop off at me topho, guess you still haven't forgiven me over Benteke. how's he doing these days? Oh dear.

Sotty about that.

Ironically I get the feeling we'll be seeing more of Defoe in the PL before he goes. If he had played more, he may not have been leaving so soon. Hodds law…..
Easy does it guys…..
Tops, I don't know the man and would never make excuses for anyone but myself( or a good friend who never made it home to his wife on a good night out!) but the truth is he is a proven poaching, 6 yard box, international goal scorer, and in all his time with spurs he has not been able to play to his strengths! From Townsend negating him all the way through to chopping and changing his supply chain, to the point where he cannot play in the box or hasn't a clue when a ball will be hit into his zone. He has been forced to play a more versatile role. Not his strength but he has made a pretty good fist of it. All I am saying is let's sure up our attacking midfield with the proven internationals we have at our disposal. Let's get the set up right every game depending on who we are playing. Get the core of the team fixed and get these players knowing, understanding and playing each other's games. He will score more if we do this. He's already shown what he has in his war chest, it's what has been missing from spurs probably as far back as lineker! It's why we bought him. Why we bought all the players we did... To play to their strengths in a system that exploits them! We haven't so far, we have to start now.
Dublin Hotspur
Topho, Only Bronze members get added to waiting list automatically. Suspect out of the 42,000 currently listed only 10-15,000 may take them up due to cost.
Benteke is a very very good forward and will continue to improve and would be VERY good for us. Try harder Spuds and don't make yourself look a fool mate. Good start though give you that one. Dublin with respect I dont care, all i care about is him proving to do those things for Spurs in the prem, so far he is failing gloriously. Lets join hands and congratulate when he does hey?.
Coys, I would buy that 10-15k number as being about where it is, a good and believable estimate.
On Benteke; I hope his fit and scores a hat-trick tonight.
spu 4 life
PELE - I was RESPONDING to you lol. Now, because I put you in your place with your stupid 2 year old quote, you bring up Silverware. That, despite the fact that ALL previous owners have been as good/bad/succesful as ENIC. 132 years of different owners, 29 trophies. Yet it's all down to ENIC? Get a grip, look in the mirror, because the ONLY painful viewing on here, is your constant diatribe of unfounded and unsubstantiated bullsheit. Throughout the history of our club, we've amassed just s couple/few trophies per decade. Yet another fact for you to ignore.
I agree with Peter Agathangelou's comments earlier in this thread about Levy's ability to select/manage the manager (particularly Harry & AVB). I also agree with much that Tony Rich says in response, except for the line 'So my only real criticism of the regime is the choice of appointments....'. I think where Levy is really culpable is his lack of support and commitment to his choices. Harry was what he was and had some good success. If Levy's decision to replace him with AVB was just about ambition then fine but by all accounts the relationship with Harry had gone bad, so he was always going. Then AVB. I still contend that this was a young guy who could have been nurtured to become a leading manager that could have delivered success and continuity. Levy didn't back him though and it sounds like that relationship soured early with Sherwood and Baldini chipping away from the sidelines. Levy has to take a good deal of responsibility for (not) managing those relationships. My one hope is that Sherwood and Levy have some chemistry that prevents the same happening again. Sherwood is clearly a leader of men. I really hope it works out because the prospect of Louis van Gaal coming in is very random (another one!). I want some sort of Tottenham core and consistency developing at the club.
Archibald Leitch
I would rather have Benteke playing for us, then against us in some other prem team, I still think he has a lot to offer, his hardly past his best or sell by date, allegedly Levy and Baldini like him. I would have him in a heart beat.
spu 4 life
Tops, fair enough, you don't care! I do! Passionately! It won't happen as things are, the same as lamela won't shine without game time, or chadli or eriksen(starting to see his potential as a result of game time, but no where near what he can really do if we build that core with him as part of it ) These are my opinions and I respect you have yours! However all you have said is he is ****e! He obviously is not. Do you have any suggestions as to how he could score more or how the core of our team should look and play regularly? That's where I see him improving. What's yours?
Dublin Hotspur
Anyone see Stallone and De Niro on Football Focus? De Niro predicted a Villa win tonight. Sylvester laughed. I'm with De Niro on this, although I wouldn't pick a fight with either of them.
Archibald Leitch - Excellent post, in my opinion. Your last couple of sentences, don't worry ;-). Sherwood and Levy are close, VERY close. As for Van Gaal, he's a no nonsense manager, and a proven winner over a long span of time.
MAN ON - I'm still wrestling with myself about whether to watch the Gooners tonight. If I do, it'll mean I HAVE TO get more fecking drink in, and that's not good for this site lol
I hate watching the Gooners. They drive to the drink more than Spurs!
Def getting them in tonight! If les arses look like winning I will simply change over to man v food or South'kay!
Dublin Hotspur
Thanks coopsie. I hope it works out with TS. Nothing against LvG but with the length of his managerial CV and the fact he'd be approaching 63 by the time he joined us, I don't see him being a long stayer. A bit of longevity and club allegiance is what I'd really like to see. Although I'd settle for one year winning the prem as well ;-)
Archibald Leitch
Be great to see Benteke get back to scoring ways tonight. Might put an extra few bob on Villas asking price though.
I agree with Defoe, time to move on. We planned on another forward in Summer, it didn’t quite happen through no fault of our own, so JD’s long term successor had to wait. His options this year would have been stretched further had we go a second back then. He has giving the green light, we have a decent fee so both party’s happy. Pretty excited about his replacement. JD will always be a yiddo! COYS.
DEFOE? Who fecking cares when this is happening :-)
Dublin - Sweet, I've just submitted a Nonsense article, there's not much info in it BUT, if it gets put up today, and we are both partaking in a few beverages tonight, we can REALLY be on topic lol
Ooh another one -

CAN'T WAIT for April 6th (on HBO) or April 7th (Sky1) :-)
Great trailer……... Who will be the new KIng of the North? WHL awaits you.
Berbatov plays well
Berbatov is samelar hound when he run with the ball
Berbatov is bright like dogs bright
His face looks like deer face

Yep I'm bored and passing time until I go and get the kids from school :-)
Looks great., but I don't subscribe to Sky. Might get the DVD's though.
Berbatov is so good he can win connect 4 in only 3 moves.

Berbatov is the reason that Wally is hiding.

Berbatov counted to infinity - twice.

Berbatov doesn’t wear a watch, HE decides what time it is

Berbatov can slam a revolving door.

Time waits for no man. Unless that man is Dimitar Berbatov

If you spell Dimitar Berbatov in Scrabble, you win. Forever.

Berbatov doesn't actually write books, the words assemble themselves out of fear.

Once, Berbatov ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.

It takes Berbatov 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes.

Berbatov played Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun.... and won.
Berbatov is past it! ;-) So slow now, he's going backwards.
Joking aside, and as much as I HATE him for what he did at our club when he was here, Signing Berbatov & Lescott would probably make THE difference to our squad, that we are seeking. Fair comment?
Oh well, we can rule out Berbatov, I think.. this from our current manager back in 2008 -

"Were Spurs right to get rid of Dimitar Berbatov? You weren't his biggest fan, were you?"

"No. But I love him as a footballer. But when everything's not rosy for him, there are problems. He's the sort of player who can get managers the sack. He can throw his toys out of the pram at times and, as a manager, you have to make sure he's 100% committed to your football club. If not, he can be a bad apple and you don't want that around your squad."......
I loved Berba and besides what I say, I don't hold grudges. I really do think he is past it though. Lescott, I would welcome with open arms.
If I saw us line up with a front four of Erikson, Soldado, Berbatov, Lamela I would ejaculate a rainbow. Just think about how good the football would be. If we lost every week (which we wouldn't as we'd win every week) I'd still quite happily pay to watch this.......


Vertonghen, Kaboul

Walker, Paulinho, Sandro, Rose

Lamela, Soldado, Berbatov, Eriksen......

Obviously I don't mean that we play with just 2 defenders, lol. I set it up like that to emphasise the point that Rose & Walker would be wing backs.. This is how it looks for real :-)
Coops, greetings !As I put on the other thread just now. The Monday Club is open! It's so quiet out there I've joined the throngs of Monday skivers in the pub for some wobbly pops and craic. I hope ox puts it up today. I'll be there, prob a few scoops ahead of you!
Dublin Hotspur
A fail to plan is a plan to fail.Baldini will bring one in,no worries.

Defoe won`t be missed,but good luck to him.He`s a 6/10 striker.When you think Altidore is 0/10 & Suarez is 10/10.Defoe is still better than some in the EPL but he`s a player who if he doesn`t score,he brings virtually nothing else to the table.
Despite being valuable,strikers can`t just be there to score goals.Rooney can get man of the match without scoring,if Defoe doesn`t score his contribution is more or less zero,& if anything can be a hindrance as he`s offside too much & doesn`t pass it enough.He`s tucked some nice goals away over the years,but as EPL strikers go,his talent is flawed.
Suarez & Aguero are the perfect modern day strikers strikers,assists,scores,works hard,offside rarely & bring so much to the team you don`t find stats for them,outstanding.
To be fair to Soldado he`s contributing in other areas,getting assists in,nice touches but needs to improve on his finishing & workrate.Soldado is making himself hard to back but i hope he turns it around.Like lamela & Eriksen,in Soldado i hope second season is a massive improvement.You can always forgive for first season foreigners struggling as some kick off straight away but some need time.In all 3 i see the class,but they`re just not showing it enough,confidence & stage fright maybe a factor.Next season hope to see better from all 3 once this first nervous,adapting season is over.
Fanny adams
Berbatov? Yes but a couple of seasons ago. There's good reason why Fergie dropped him so often even though he was scoring a lot. He's not a team player… (Or even a club-man).
cider and tonyrich...good posts
re defoe leaving
Coops, fecks sake! Ha ha! I can c*m a rainbow, c*m a rainbow, c*m a rainbow too!" Or..." Paint the whole world with a RAINBOW..." Great tunes, wouldn't let my little fella watch that though!! I'd pay to sit in the south stand and watch that materialise from the halfway line with the team sheet announcement!!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin Hotspur
Fanny adams
Coops - inverted centre halves. Genius :-)
did Berbatov really win at Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun? I would believe it....the guy was so cool until he had a hair cut! a bit like Samson? seriously...wouldn't really want him back at the Lane again, but we do need to fill the gap JD is leaving as I don't think Kane is up to it!
No one will understand coops! Deleted post! Ha ha!
Dublin Hotspur
However, Modric ain't past it…….
MAN ON ... Berba - From what I've seen of him this season, he's a long way from past it. He's still playing against the same PL teams we do, and he plays the same way he did for us. He'd make a real difference if he were in our team and kept doing it, imo. Especially with Modric behind him!
Fanny ... I agree that the ideal striker theses days is a goalscorer, winger, attacking midfielder, and ball player! The top strikers have it all ... but how many are there, and what do they cost?
AHHHHH! I can't agree. Fulham ain't doing so well. I just feel we would be going backward with Dimitar. Modric is a whole different ball game…..
MAN ON ... I agree Fulham aren't doing well, but from what I've seen, Berba is. He's not in a team that's firing, like Soldado, but he is actually contributing more than Soldado because of his hold-up play and general moments of brilliance. Gotta disagree on this one. :-)
most players in our squad can only dream of doing things with a ball Berba could still do, I would take him on loan til the end of the season. I cant see him providing less than the 26 mill man. A good piece of short term business.
Geofspurs know what you mean.But one trick ponies like Defoe just don`t make the grade anymore.Dawson,Lennon & Hudd all fall into the one trick pony trap,& it limits them.Players have to bring more to their game.
Cheriches is just a centre back there to defend right?
Wrong,,,,Vlad Cheriches,, when it came to moving the ball along to teammates,50 out of 55 accomplishing a pass accuracy rate of 91%, and made the only tackle asked of him. He also cleared the Lilywhite lines on nine occasions and completed his only attempted take-on of the game.

Bentaleb completed a match-highest of 97 passes and failed only seven, yielding an accuracy rate of 93%.
Fanny adams
Fanny I think Lennon would excel in a 433 with more freedom to create centrally. I think he is very good now but could be even better for us. Not sure you will agree on this one, smiley thing.
Nice polite response topho, thanks for that mate. All I saw was someone giving dogs abuse yet again to our owners with some dodgy stats assembled to look like facts. If that's not bullying & trying to form a gang, as you put it, then I don't know what else Pele10 is trying to do. You might think it's his opinion, but it comes across to me as though it's being put out there as if it's an indisputable fact which the rest of us must be too stupid to see. Sometimes I can't just sit back & let that sort of abuse go on ad infinitum without commenting.

My response to you was in the light of what I saw as a touch of hypocrisy on your part, accusing me of abusing someone who was himself abusing others. I see now that was not the case, I was wrong to misinterpret you.

As for your fave non-Spurs striker, I guess he's suffering from the same problem as Soldado, not getting the right service. OK, they're different types of striker, Soldado isn't going to bully defenders in the same way, but I think you know what I mean.

tophobunty1882 Why has countless managers 6,7,8,9 never tried Lennon in a central position? Not saying you`re wrong because if it makes lennon a better player i`m all for it.
IMO Lennon hides too much,doesn`t shoot enough,score enough & doesn`t get his final ball right often enough.
But if moving him into central position is better for Spurs then great,but i`m sure one of our countless managers he`s been managed under would`ve done that by now.Lennon is not a player who likes too much responsibility,unlike the superior Walcott
Fanny adams
Man on. Re DVDs, get South Park. Juvenile adult humour!! Can't beat that!!
Dublin Hotspur
Spuds, I think Pele is the member on here furthest away from any gang and by far and away the member most ganged up on. He says what he believes in the way he wants to say it. I am really not in agreement with him on this and he would put me in the pro Levy camp but i think he is really good for this place. Thank you for the apology, I am not sure you needed too but it is openly received and not an easy thing to do on here, thank you. Ref Soldado, it's not an easy one is it/ But there must be a time limit on when somebody starts to deliver, I seem to remember having similar conversations many weeks ago and we still wait in frustration, as no doubt he does. Like you I really do hope he starts banging them in. I just don't see him offering much if he doesn't score. Let's hope he gets 10 between now and the end of the season.
Tophp, I know what you mean, the site would be very boring without the likes of him, it's just there's only so much repetition of the same old, same old I can take. Unfortunately for me, my fuse does tend to be somewhat on the shorter side than most.

As for the apology, that was a pre-emptive attempt not to mis lead you with the "hypocrisy" reference. Thought I'd get it in first!

Absolute stupidity to sell one of our three recognised strikers in January without having a replacement lined up. Remember the Berbatov shambles when we had to take an unknown kid on loan hours before the deadline (though that was in summer)? What is Levi thinking of? Soldado or Ade get injured in March what then? Kane? He's one for the future, not the now.
no probs Spuds and yes I understand Pele has said it 4873 times. I dont it will be long before the 4874th
Pele you say ''WAITING FOR SEATING, 30,000'' Name them?
spu 4 life
If we win a trophy this year there'll be at least a couple of thousand ex-Gooners on our waiting list, I'm sure.
pokerface, without game time any player for the future will never be ready to play. You gotta break egss to burn an omelette.
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms, gotta fill the pie to make it a pie!
Dublin Hotspur
Fanny Adams - "50 out of 55 accomplishing a pass accuracy rate of 91%, and made the only tackle asked of him. He also cleared the Lilywhite lines on nine occasions and completed his only attempted take-on of the game." Must admit, that's very irresponsible of Chiriches who is expected to be out of position, fully stretched and diving in all over the place. How dare he defend properly and not keep the crowd entertained by putting his life on the line with blood and thunder defending. He'll never make it and we should sell him now :-)
Dublin I disagree just cover anything with puff pastry and it becomes a pie!
Slurms McKenzie
A lovely bit of puff pastry and some sweet piccalilli from an old jam jar. Lovely.
muttley Cheriches & Vertonghen central defence?????

Jan Vertonghen ✔ @Jan_Vertonghen Follow Another 3 point yesterday!!! Well done! Hopefully last couple of days in my recovery next week!
Fanny adams
Fanny adams; Is this muttley guy any good, the other two ain't all bad?
spu 4 life
Townsend plays for the U21's tonight
spu 4 life
If Andros doesn't score at least a couple against Bishop's Stortford FC tonight, then there's no hope for him. :-)
Fanny dont know why those managers have not tried it, i think he would be very good there and better for us, i think he could do to teams centrally what he did Saturday for our 2nd goal often, we will never know if its not tried, why not try that one thing for Lennon we are on our 43rd option to try to get Nogoaldado to work...we know the first 42 didnt work.
Man on, hope its not the same jam jar!!
Dublin Hotspur
tophobunty1882, against Palace Sherwood definitely changed tactics in the second half and told Lennon to cut inside and go more central. Aaron was all over the middle and worked his nuts off, moving the ball about, in and around the penalty area. Defoes goal was directly due to it.
spu 4 life ha ha what a back 3.

Tophobunty,get Lennon more involved is what i say,much more involved,seen Eden Hazard lately? world class ,,, Lennon needs to get with these guys,doesn`t have to be as good,but at least get in there.
Fanny adams
Manon, yes i agree and i think he might just be very good more centrally, do you remember his goal away to Sunderland last season? fanny i think comparing anyone to Hazard is a little unfair, I am not sure Lennon would be that far behind him in a free role. Lennon is a very good player, not sure you are best placed to converse on Lennon really.....
Lennon has scored some bloody good goals and I wish he would take a risk and shoot more often. He had at least 2 very good chances, inside the box, to have a pop against Palace, but bottled it.
MAN ON! How many in 9 years?
Fanny adams
I'm not getting in to The Lennon thing………. He's a star in my eyes and I'll say no more.
Defoe is going because 1) he has been looked over unfairly imo for Soldado when imo Soldado has been pants. Secondly, I think he was unfortunate when Keane was here with Berby, I think Defoe was good with berby but we had a weak midfield at the time, no creativity and Keane played deeper and helped out so Defoe missed out. Had we had a proper midfield i think Defoe and berby would have been great.

secondly, Levy isn't going to increase his contract, one because of his age and two because he doesn't know if the new manager next season will want him in his plans, yes I see Sherwood as a stop gap no matter how much he thinks he is here long term. Levy is not going to do much business in the TW or re extending contracts with the uncertainty of manager for next season.

So defoe gets offered four years, in terms of money it is too good to miss. What were his options, sit and wait to see if the new manager wants him, if he doesn't go to another PL club probably a lower club for half the money, because he is not going to get top dollar in the PL at his age. Or go and play for HR where he would get the money but be in the Championship or with a newly promoted team in QPR who will be struggling next season if they make the PL. I think he much rather play for a rubbish team in a different country.

Is it a mistake selling him, imo YES. I would have least tried to keep him for the rest of the season because I don't rate Soldado and I don't trust Ade, at least with Defoe he tries and loves the club and wants to do well and he has done well in Europa for us. A lot of Defoes problems has been not having the right type of partnership and often being over looked.

Do I think we have enough in Ade and Soldado, NO rather they went than Defoe, although Ade on his day is a good player, but as I said don't trust him.
I agree with you World Peace, we appear to be putting all our eggs in the Adebayor, Soldado basket, in fact TS has said he doesn't see us bringing anybody else in as "we have enough attacking options". I would like to ask him where? What happens if either of the chosen 2 get injured, or suspended, or when he is forced to admit that Soldado is a passenger, and he needs an alternative selection. If there is a serious intention to bring Kane and/or Obika into the equation, then somebody at this club has taken leave of their senses. neither are good enough, and in Obika's case he has slummed around on loan, here there and everywhere in the lower leagues for several seasons, and has proved to be a waste of space, in fact I'm amazed he his still around a club like ours. Defoe proved on Saturday with his smart finish, that although not the player he was, he is still more effective than Soldado, who for a £26M striker is a joke, and proof once more that you have to be very careful in attempting to convert a successful, if limited, La Liga striker into a PL one, the game is quicker and more physical in England and many like Soldado just fail to make the transition, especially at 29. Of course we need a striker (or 2) with the required quality, to maintain a challenge for the top 4, if in fact that is the honest intention. I would ask TS to look around at the other contenders, and compare the quality, and the effectiveness and performance of their strikers compared to ours. All of the top 6 clubs have strikers in pairs scoring goals. Even Man Utd, deemed to be in crisis, can boast Van Persie (when fit), Rooney, Welbeck, and Hernandez. The key to our situation is Soldado, bought for £26M, not firing, 29 years old with very limited re-sale value, with his reputation being eroded game by game, so we can't/won't sell him, and we are apparently reluctant to further invest up front.
Watching Bentaleb SPRINT 50 yards to get in a position to receive a pass and watching defoe dilly dally on the ball was maddening. Reminded me of my m8 on fifa who plays striker on our club, i play CDM and run 40-50 yards, scream for a pass and he shoots it from 30 yards out or tries to dribble thru 2 defenders and loses it and then laughs or looks up like my bad m8. Pretty sure we have all lost count the times Defoe has done that over the years, almost as many as his offsides. He has clearly scored some great goals and was a very good player for Tottenham, its a shame his deficiencies were so glaring as they were. Good luck in Toronto #18 JD. COYS.
Just read coopsie's Chuck Norris like post about Berbatov...made me lol.

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Which One?
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Spurs MOTM against Fulham?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Lloris 45%
Naughton 0%
Kaboul 0%
Fryers 0%
Rose 0%
Paulinho 1%
Chadli 0%
Lennon 1%
Eriksen 42%
Kane 7%
Adebayor 0%
Dembele 0%
Soldado 4%
Townsend 0%