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Penultimate Nonsense.

OK, there's not much to bring to the table, but I figured I'd do this whilst we await the arrival of Transfer Deadline Day. There is only 1 snippet of ITK, which is this....

Who: Ali Z
'Is on the Radar more than 50/50 if we want him deal to be done, they may take one of ours on loan. Not nearly done but he wants it, Fulham will sell, it comes down to us as usual we are playing games.'........

As for 'news', well that sees us linked with,

DANNY INGS, English 21 year old Striker -

Here's his goals from the first half of this season -

JONATHAN BIABIANY, Striker, 25, French -

I've never heard of him, but here's a clip of him doing what he does -

This clip of him shows his pace (which is QUICK) -
And just for a laugh, the footballing bible that goes by the name of FIFA 13, has him beating Walcott over 100m ;-) lol -

DOMENICO BERARDI, Striker, 19 years old -

Here's a clip from 'Scout Nation' -

And here's very recent clip of him, scoring 4 past AC Milan, note his excellent movement -

LUCIANO VIETTO, Striker, 20 year old Argentinian (read 2nd story down) -! ce-loan-fee-TRANSFER-COLUMN-Part-II.html#ixzz2rjd61SmK

Here's a clip of this every highly rated kid, a possible friend for our other Argentinian? -

ROMELU LUKAKU, Striker. We're linked for a summer move for him by the Daily Mirror. Apparently it's because the Chavs want to go for Cavani, so Lukaku will be sold. Don't believe we could get him, not much point giving you a clip of him because you know what he can do, so here's the story -

MAX KRUSE, Striker -

Here he is doing that scoring thing -

JAVIER HERNANDEZ - Striker, this one has popped up this morning. According to ESPN journalist Diego Cora, Spurs have made a bid for Javier Hernandez and the striker will join either Monaco, Atletico Madrid or Tim Sherwood's team. -

And another link -

I'd not complain if this story has legs.

That it, nothing more to mention. I'll try to do some serious whoring before & during deadline day, which there will be another article about. Cheers, COYS.

Written by coopsieyid

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The journalist

Writer: coopsieyid Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 28 2014

Time: 3:42PM

Your Comments

Nonsense! Its quite this window, a little too quite.
Slurms McKenzie
we don't have any I can't see us doing anything other than downgrading the talent in our squad...
coops + 1 on the Hernandez idea. As for Kruse, i believe he is the striker along with Raffael who is keeping a certain Newcastle proposed signing on the bench. Luuk de Jong has made 13 sub appearances for Monchengladbach this season and no starts as a result of Kruses' scoring exploits. At least we're linked with the right one.
Cider spurs
Cheers Coops. Francos Itailian Job is gone very quite. I can still see us getting a player from Italy, who? I have no idea..big list. Money is on Vucinic though it seems.

United will not sell us little pea in my opinion. Considering Lamela can play as a striker IMO I am happy if we don't sign one or if we do then I'm happy's a window of "meh"
Shedboy....Breaking our transfer record 3 times in one window shows me we have ambition. I don't think that would be a fair statemet mate.
Don't need to sign anyone more. We are better off seeing who what is missing between Ade and Soldado and making a more calculated striker signing in summer. LB is Rose/Naughton and Vertonghen (...shhh don't tell him...). We can then assess that position in summer. We will definitely know if Rose is up to the task or not by then. However Naughton should go eventually as he has TWO positions and no where near being first choice for either, despite the current first choices hardly being world-beaters right now...
If Hernandez leaves, It's because he wants to be a guaranteed starter and nothing else. He wants games in a world cup year. Would he be that at spurs...? Debatable.
Don’t agree with TS saying we don’t need anyone. We have ONE left back and ONE out and out goalscorer. Kane = are you having a laugh in the top 4 and Adebayor won’t be here next year. I can maybe understand why we are selling Holtby and Capoue but we should be going for a LB and striker. Think we may be 3 out of 3 Januarys for messing it up. Oh well.
I still don't understand why people cannot fathom that Hernandez can and has played off the Left, an area where we are weak. Think of City playing one winger in Navas and the other side someone who doesn't have to keep the width. same as Arsenal, Walcott Right, but Podolski Left or Carzola. We can and have played with one Right winger, with both Eriksen and Siggy to name two playing the Left role. Trust me, Hernandez can play this role. Some see him as just a fox in the box, no, he is a very intelligent footballer, very quick footed of either foot and i for one have visions of his movement and skill around the edge of the box being the exact thing i was hoping for when signing Lamela. Eriksen behind Ade with Lamela/Lennon and Hernandez/Townsend could make for some monster fluidity options in final 3rd. options in the plenty regarding whom takes what role. Great player, and a link that excites me much. P.S....Cheers for the article coopsie.
Cider spurs
ledge- we made a profit in the yes we broke our transfer record yet we still didn't get a LB that AVB wanted, that would have pushed us into net spend territory and we don't do that...I haven't seen anything that looks like ambition from our board for a longtime...appeasing the fans by spending most (not all) of the money made during a transfer window in which our best player was sold doesn't equal ambition in book...
Hernandez to play out wide left?? yeah right, good one!!!!
Evening coops. Cheers for the updates. Thought that was berbs Ali was on about. Can't see utd selling to us as theyhave had a shift in their fortunes and now see us as a direct competitor for 4th spot. If it was this time last year we could have got him if we wanted him. Jury's still out for me on berbs. Marca is a rag but fairly closed the deals on Luca and Gareth. Rm stirring pot!!
Dublin Hotspur
Fulham put out a couple of days ago that no one has put a bid in for Berba as yet and, until that happens, he's staying until the summer. Does this mean that my thoughts on him as being a has-been are shared by others? He is going cheap after all. Is his salary the problem?
Hudders - Whether or not you think that Naughton is a left back or not, he was deemed to be one. You forget also Fryers. And as last resort, Vertonghen. I would not have started the season with this set up, but it was deemed fine. Now that there are a few days left of the window, better NOT to force it and risk signing Naugton mark II because we rushed it. WE HAD A WHOLE MONTH to do this. We haven't done. So from that point of view, we still have 4 people who can play the LB role. Not ideal, but not that urgent. Up front, we still have Defoe for a little while longer, and we can play one of Soldado / Ade up front. Across the whole season you want at least 3 strikers, but we are now passed half way, so not as necessary. And yes we have Kane, and others who can play behind striker. Not ideal, but again not so urgent that we must sign someone in the next 3 days....
Ossie...Who said wide Left?.
Cider spurs
Alot of Hernandez' goals have been scored from him arriving late at the far post on the Left of the goal. same as a 4-4-2 does not have to be rigid, Hernandez could play Leftish of centre, not wide Left, swapping with Eriksen as a 2nd striker to allow runs past Ade or get on the end of crosses. He is not limited to a 6 yard striker, and if you look at alot of his goals they are from runs outside the box. Why not from the Left. Also the guy is mustard with his heading ability.
Cider spurs
Fair enough Cider, but as we wont be signing him its all irrelevant really.
coops...Can't believe Munian could hit 200 appearances already for Athletic. He started very well, but it has been reported he beats himself up somewhat if he is subbed, team lose, anything. Even as far as allowing it to affect him in training for a few days after. I kinda like that, it shows he cares. Reports suggest a 9 he is not, but his crossing ability is not great for a winger. On that basis i'd suggest he'd fit right in. Comments i have read state he hunts players down, one in particular about him totally outwitting Rafael at Utd. Performances early doors constantly saw him make a mug out of supposed far superior opposition, relentless in his cause. The World was supposed to be his oyster, but the likes of Isco, Thiago to name a few have left him behind somewhat. I'm certainly intrigued by this link. If he can get this early promise back and kick on, well, i think we could say LW is well and truly sorted.
Cider spurs
well coops, if marca say it, it happens,,, bring him on. who do we shift out though? assume it one of the touted ones? all well by the way?
Dublin Hotspur
You tease coops. A few have posted this afternoon about players who excite. Watching Munian's Youtube(i know) footage again, he's certainly one that would get bums of seats in excitement IMO.
Cider spurs
Cheers coopsie.... glad you're back. Hope all's well.
coops-I hope so re Holtby, I hope we sell no one and we evaluate in the summer. I think it is going to be difficult to keep everyone happy but then it is up to the players to fight for their place and that can only benefit the team and club as we try and get that top four. If these internationals want to play in the WC then they should bust a gut to get into the team. Funny isn't it I think five of our starters probably not going to the WC, lennon, Dawson, Rose, eriksen and Ade. The players wanting to play for their WC dreams I suspect are lloris (not a problem) Vertonghen, shouldn't be a problem if he stays fit, I think he is better than Vlad at the moment. Dembele, Paulinho, Sandro, Capoue, Holtby, Chadli, Lamela are all the ones that need to impress and they all play midfield, that is going to be difficult. Now how is that all going to pan out - Hmm
Berba has apparently travelled with the squad to Swansea for tonights match. Let's see if he plays...
Its a good point WP, all the talk of players wanting to leave, as spun by the meeeja, is about wanting game time for the WC. We have the internationals there, they do need to bust a gut to get their game time. no better time to shine or club to shine for. unless they move to clubs below us, or in lower divs, they wont get playing time as a given, what a situation for us to be in if the players embrace that mindset. just dont want them to bust anything else except a gut though. lets be clear on that.
Dublin Hotspur
coopsieyid, Still could sell him I suppose. Spurs are the only team I've seen connected to Berbatov, so you never know...
Coops with all your unfortunate leg trouble i'm sure you will have a walking stick/crutch close to hand. On this assumption maybe you could take the role of band conductor in your recent assembled front room orchestra. No need for thanks...ENJOY!!.
Cider spurs
IMO, Berba is our's for the taking if we want him. Too many previous posts on whether we do or don't. But i do believe it's one we could wrap up with little drama.
Cider spurs
Gotta get it off my chest. Getting really p/$$ed off with articles out there calling Capoue a flop. Idiotic does not even come close.
Cider spurs
Coops, welcome back. re the a chiles, its a painful one i guess (i know getting a kick there was) but at least that should have it all sorted, no pain no gain. Sham the same cant be said of the recorder or mini guitar! recorders used here to intimidate foreign rugby teams (ala the vuvuzela). Actually, thats a lie, and i'm glad it is. horrible things, can remember being forced to play recorder in junior school. multiply my incompetence by 30 and there you have it!
Dublin Hotspur
Cider spurs, yeah, according to the press both Capoue and Lamela are flops. Ridiculous.
LOL coops, someone is already throwing the teddies out on the match thread. LOL. and Capoo will be amazing, just has to fight for his spot over our upcoming media darling. Bents will also be good i think, but not shown much yet to convince me over a capped proven player. Feck, RVP scored!
Dublin Hotspur
LOL coops, someone is already throwing the teddies out on the match thread. LOL. and Capoo will be amazing, just has to fight for his spot over our upcoming media darling. Bents will also be good i think, but not shown much yet to convince me over a capped proven player. Feck, RVP scored! and now soton! great stuff
Dublin Hotspur
coops whats the site for the downloads? i hate going to the cinema but love movies!
Dublin Hotspur
what the hell happened there. my post added to itself! class! not even a double post, a ghost post!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin Hotspur
Could we not get Osvaldo from Soton? hes obviously out of favour and too good for them. the second coming of ossie! we had a stab for him in the summer, say he'd be happy to fight for his spot!
Dublin Hotspur
feck arsenal, 2-1 oh hang on, come on saints. 2-2!!! busy tonight !!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin...Slight problem with signing Osvaldo. He's already given lamela a whack when both were at Roma. Seems a friendly little soul doesn't he?.
Cider spurs
Cider, Oh!! must be the johnnie Depp in him! (you saw the pics when he signed for the saints?) keep him the feck away from Lamela so, he is our diamond in the process of being polished. never heard that in the summer!
Dublin Hotspur
A fighter for his spot..... quite literally!!
Dublin Hotspur
Maybe thats what Lamela needs here at spurs as well, or if not a punch in the face at least a good kick in the arse!
Slurms McKenzie
If borussia dortmond and shalke are fighting over Lewis holtby, as is in the papers today, why are we considering letting him go? It's all big teams after our players(allegedly) but not good enough for Timmy? We need to hold on to everyone now at least til the summer. Other teams are starting to see injuries now, like lukaku at Everton, and seeing bans coming in, like remy. We need that cover just in case, and having as deep a squad as we have could make all the difference come may. And don't let the boys give out about wanting guaranteed playing time. As wp said earlier, let them fight for their spot and prove they can hold it
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin your looking at it all wrong - our squad is so good that even our rejects are super desirable! Given teh recent run of results I have to ask (possibly the nonsense thread isn't the place for this but I feel I'll get more retional people here) Was AVB a bad coach with a very good squad or is Tim Sherwood a very good coach with a bad squad? Or is Tim sherwood an ordinary coach witha very good squad?
Slurms McKenzie
coops- so a rich russian doesn't pay tax here...he at least puts money into his team...Joe lewis doesn't pay tax or put money into his team and he was born here!...also two wrongs don't make a right (on paying tax)...what's the point of a billionaire owner when the money only flows out?
slurms- AVB wasn't a bad coach...a bad manager perhaps. Sherwood it's a bit too early to say ...the manager bounce isn't over yet but we do have some very talented players...
But shedboy he was employed as our head coach?
Slurms McKenzie
Buy to loan scheme perhaps?
Slurms McKenzie
slurms - and Tim is a coach without badges!...regardless of job title you have to have the ability to manage relationships up and down the hierarchy...I get a feeling tim is doing a good job in managing his boss, AVB not such a good job...
Possible shed boy but how does a happy boss translate into much better performances on the pitch by the team?
Slurms McKenzie
Coopsie I don't really see what he will learn at QPR, he should know his role by now and if he does then leaving him at QPR can only be seen as punishment. Maybe this is what Levy had in mind when he refused to accept his resignation...
Slurms McKenzie
Coopsie I don't think AVB would have trusted the youth team to do it, he would have handed the rifle to lennon and told him to invert it!
Slurms McKenzie
Coops thats the dogs bollocs (insert K)
Slurms McKenzie
coopsieyid, A certain Brazilian No.10 would not approve, unless the Bulldog's wearing Adidas.
Surely it should be a nodding Cockerel coopsie……….
Coopsie based on how your post was worded I was referring to Baldini not Carrol!
Slurms McKenzie
Cheers for that Coops, I'll see if I can download the bit torrent . assume that will download to a mac. Fair play fella, keep up the good work! any maybe berbs didny bother his ass yesterday cos he knew he was coming home!
Dublin Hotspur
coopsieyid... So Big Cockerel is your chauffeur. Cool…….
slurms- I think you answer your own question there...a happy boss does transmit to the players and onto the many times do you hear pundits talking about getting players to play with a smile on their face?....Coops- agree our owners don't have to put their own money what is the advantage in having such wealthy owners? any owner can take money out of a club...I'd sooner have one that put money for Roman being crooked...if there were proof wouldn't he have been charged?...Lewis made his money off the back off the British tax payer...I wouldn't get moralistic in defending him...they're probably as bad as each other....but one puts money into football the other takes out....
Coopsie swing and a miss from me then, but here was my thought process:

You posted: Baldini went to watch Tom Carroll last night. Hopefully he is left there for the rest of the season & given more minutes to develop.

Then I posted:Coopsie I don't really see what he will learn at QPR, he should know his role by now and if he does then leaving him at QPR can only be seen as punishment. Maybe this is what Levy had in mind when he refused to accept his resignation...
Slurms McKenzie
Coopsie no arguement that he was a fantasitc player for us for nearly all his time with us, but we are not signing the same player. I see this as a simialr signing to Saha and would indicate that the purse strings haven't been entrusted to Tim yet. Now if he were to come to us and score 15-20 goals between now and Summer and we secure Champions league football and the Europa cup, then I'll happily eat my words!
Slurms McKenzie
Agree with the Holtby move, agree with not risking it all on Ades fitness but I didn't see enough performances from berba where he was head and sholders the best player on the pitch for Fulham and that is my worry. You could argue that he is coming to be back up to both Ade and Soldado but can't see that deal suiting him.
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms McKenzie, Carroll has said himself that he has learnt a lot at QPR. He said he has progressed his play and is a tougher, stronger more rounded player for it.
Feck it lads I thought it was funny, I know you meant Carrol Coopsie and yes the game time is good for him, I decided to read your post pedanticly as if it was referring to Baldini i.e. he went to watch Carrol and I hope he [Baldini] stays there for the rest of the season? It doesn't matter, my joke failed and I've had to explain it which makes it worse, I'll get my coat now...
Slurms McKenzie
I think that was hilarious Slurms, leaving Baldini there as punishment,.
Dublin Hotspur
Thank you Dublin, I'll put my coat back so!!
Slurms McKenzie
The best thing that Sven-G Eriksson ever did in English football is advise Abramovitch to buy Chelsea and not Spurs.
Baldini working alongside Redknapp? Love it. Did you watch MOTD last night Franco? Yes Harry... Who was that playing up front for Spurs Franco? Is he one of yours? Yeah, he's my best mates, friends, youngest boy. Only cost 40 million! Bargain! Can we have him on loan Franco? He's yours… How's young Carroll getting on Harry? Who?
Berba WAS a fantastic player...he's not any more...but he still has a bad attitude....big step back if we re-sign him....Coops- disagree...when our owners sell up we'll be left with a huge debt to pay off their profit....we'll be fecked...Roman has and is making plans to ensure the club is ok after he's you say I'm not naive...not on Roman or Lewis.
Its that foreign sense of humour Slurms ;@. Only messing lads.
Dublin Hotspur
and me a cockney! Im confused about what foreign is! bit like TS I guess. ah well, best of both worlds!!
Dublin Hotspur
Coopsie - thats all I ask :-P Dublin all youse foreigners coming over here taking our jobs and our women, would you not leave the jobs alone?
Slurms McKenzie
shedboy2, It seems you're the only one that agrees with me about Berbatov. We need to march on, not step backward.
I love you Dimi. Welcome home….
I hope it's not a done deal, think he'll cause more problems than he'll solve.
Feckin' R's "fans" wouldn't know a footballer if he jumped up and hit them on the face with a transfer request.
Slurms McKenzie
Right Launch time
Slurms McKenzie
man on- there's more than two of us that share that view...the others are just not on here!...;)
Slurms, Brought my own woman and business but love it here! 14 years now!
Dublin Hotspur
Dare say i agree with the R's fan...tommy isn't ready to be in top4 pushing pl team....queue the haters who don't like to admit or hear that our talent coming through isn't as good as they want them to be...
coopsieyid, that's what I had in mind about Tom in my post above. Good fighting talk from the lad.
Hey coops, got that site up. when the download torrent button is pressed a download appears and asks me to save it, is that right? or is it a stream? ie do you save it to watch it?
Dublin Hotspur
LUCIANO VIETTO get him in. Thank you
Cheers mate.
Dublin Hotspur
There does not sem to be a whole lot of Strikers out there in our budget, I DO NOT want to see Berbatov back at the Lane, I really don't. Horrible ********.
Fair play coops, your a diamond. I think bit torrent is for downloads so u torrent might make the difference. I'll try it on the wife tonight with a chick flick while I go out and watch the match!
Dublin Hotspur
coopsieyid I read the whole article and watched all of them. I like how the argentinian works his feet and he is quite young. I would make him my number 1 target :D
berrardi looks decent too, but I like the Argentinian more
coops- yep debt but it will be written I said plans have/are being made....I'm still waiting for someone to tell me where our 70m debt that we pay 6m interest came from?....our wages stayed well with limits- so not there...we've made a healthy profit of c30m on transfers in the last 3 years- so not there?....they surely couldn't be speaking with forked tongue when they say the stadium won't affect player one has ever accused Levy of that have they?...;)
I'm not sure we should be going for any more 20yr old prodigies...we still haven't settled in Lamela...coops- yes unfortunately Tom's not in that bracket of calibre...
Our transfer business either in or out can not be done ont eh basis of trying to "mark" arsenils trasnfers. If they want o spulge another 40 million or so on a little midfielder then who we do or don't sell really won't stop that. As with matches we should and can only look after our own business.
Slurms McKenzie
Great video on the official site in memory to our mate Trigger. It'll get you up for the game, Glory Glory moments.....
Dublin Hotspur
I want to see holtby stay in the prem. A loan would be great to try and gauge what he can really do given some continual gametime. If indeed England is your preferred Lewis, then fair play to you young man. Another fine example of your professionalism and the fact that you are not prepared to jump ship when the going gets tough. I like it. Some might have the view your hanging around because we may be paying better wages than you're being offered. I'm hoping you just want to shaowcase your talents in the prem whilst proving a few doubters wrong. Good Lad!.
Cider spurs
"What do you mean you might have a hangover in work tomorrow Cider?".
Cider spurs
coopsieyid I usually follow your posts and articles. Why do you think this is the first time I like your work? I enjoy it 95% of the time. :D
1. capoue 10mil bid rejected? could have made a profit but we rejected it? that must mean that levy wants to wait to see if we appoint a new manager in the summer and he will let the new man in charge decide if we need capoue. If it were to TS we would have sold him.
2. I enjoy the scout nation too. I get excited every time I see a young talent
coops...Must admit Konoplyanka looks good. I checked himout in summer, even suggested in one of your Nonsense articles. Didn't realize he was only 24. Be so funny if we gazumped Liverpool again. Maybe they'd like Siggy?, heard he's a diamond of a player on the Left. Munian would be the dogs, Reus would see me on the sauce for a week. I need a Levy Late un' to cheer me up after our latest blip. :-)
Cider spurs
Levy best be getting that cheque book out sharpish. LB, STRIKER, and a BACKBONE for Moussa!
Logos, you sure thats scout nation your watching... "I always get excited when i see young talent..." LOL. theres better sites for that kind of thing! ;@
Dublin Hotspur

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