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Reading reports on the Spurs Everton game I am, not for the first time, struggling to reconcile the descriptions of the match with what I actually saw at White Hart Lane.

According to practically everything I've read Everton carved out numerous chances and were very unlucky not to get anything from the game. The strange thing is I can only remember Loris making one real save, a brilliant one admittedly. For the rest of the game he picked up a couple of what amounted to back passes from Everton players and watched a few shots go well wide.

The aerial stuff was dealt with by the defenders. What I actually saw was two hard working teams who largely cancelled each other out. Even though all six substitutes were used the pattern of the game never really changed. The crucial difference was we had a centre forward and they didn't, one moment of strength, skill and clinical finishing decided it.

As I say its not the first time I've struggled to reconcile what I've read with what I've seen. I do wonder whether reporters simply write about the game they wanted to see rather than the game they have actually watched. The problem is when you go on to draw conclusions based on a game that never actually took place the whole thing becomes ridiculous.

Written by jod

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Writer: jod Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 10 2014

Time: 4:26PM

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first timer
jod ... I think they just watch the highlights and read the stats and make it up as they go. Can't say I read newspapers apart from Saturdays. There's enough crap in that one to last me the week.
I am on the journo side... We have been the same since Dim took over bar 1 match against Swansea...
Here we go, this is what Levy has been waiting for, our "new" stadium. HA HA HA ..
Jod Everton threatened our goal fairly consistently for the first 15 minutes. Mainly down to there high energy in closing us down. After that we started to put our foot on the ball and move it a bit quicker which negated their closing down some what. With our pacey wide man having a very off day and a very clogged midfield it did limit chances significantly - for both teams. To be fair to both Everton and Spurs both teams were very comfortablel for the rest of the match and both keepers were rarely threatened. Ade took his chance well, Everton didn't take theirs. Two good teams performing adequately thats what I saw anyway.
Slurms McKenzie
jod, I have to agree with you. Your line; "...... two hardworking teams who largely cancelled each other out," is exactly how I saw the match yesterday. Although it was by no means a classic contest, I enjoyed the tussle and I saw some determined effort from most of our team. Both defences were strong and worked very hard. It was a well earned and deserved win IMO. I certainly didn't see it as a lucky victory, as some have said.
Fair enough Jod, but Everton were by far the better team, I think Sherwood looked out of his depth yesterday. Oh how I wish we got Martinez or Rodgers, they get their teams to play football the way it should.
Like I said I openly saw from 50 minutes on and what I saw I thought was pretty good. We went for the ball and were a lot more aggressive instead of waiting for it to come to us. We looked like we actually wanted the ball for the first time in ages. I thought we worked very hard for that win and the only very poor moment was from Bentaleb when he hesitated and waited for the ball to come to him instead of attacking it, and lost it causing us quite a scare. In his case that is almost excusable as he is very inexperienced at this level, so must be starting to be feeling some sort of brain/mind fatigue at having to work and think at a much higher level. No harm done so quickly forgiven. I saw a committed team that looked like dealing with the attack pretty well when it got into our area and 6 years box. Defending was great, again I thought Daws had a good game, he really doesn't get the credit he deserves for all the blocking and last ditch goal saving tackles he makes, plus the way he covers other player's mistakes. He also is the only leader we have out on the field who can command respect and be listened to. He is also a fighter, which he proved by saying he wanted to stay and fight for his place, which he has done very well IMHO. Shame is though, that he is coming to the end of his career with us as a first team player. I for one will miss Daws when he finally has to finish with us.
ha ha auto correct. openly? *only. Sorry.
Agreed, chrishove123.....
lol chris we were all wondering who the guy furtively watching the first 50 minutes of the game was!
Slurms McKenzie
Apart from true chance from Osman's shot and Ade's goal, yes i'd agree the chance stakes were about even. Yes they had a shot hit the stantion, and a header just over the top, we did have a tame Defoe effort and a dipping Eriksen free kick. About equal. Maybe it was the lack of fighting spirit for vast periods of the match that has lingered long in the post match thoughts. yes a certain few were up for the fight, some were certainly not. Maybe the eveness of the game has been somewhat muddied by the what could have been scenario if we had actually upped our eagerness from the off?.
Cider spurs
Ossie - Whilst I am a fan of Martinez in particular, this is merely Sherwood has merely had 9 EPL games in charge, whilst trying to reverse what the previous manager had done, mid-season. I do not expect Sherwood to pull out anything radical (unless you call 4-4-2 radical these days...), but Rodgers took a while to get going, and is in his 3rd season now....and took over out of season. Martinez took over Everton out of season too. To call a manager with a 6 wins, 2 draws, 1 defeat "out of his depth" requires a lot of reservations about the guy. That is almost a quarter of a season gone under Tim, and the results have been excellent. I watched on tv, and I feel that most would agree the teams were roughly equal across the 90 mins. Everton started brightly, yes. But even if Everton "were the better team", is there any shame in that..? We had only beaten Everton 2 times in 9 prior to yesterday's game. I don't know if you have watched the last few games against them or not, but they are always a tough nut to crack.
...ignore the "this is merely" bit at the start...
Cider spurs, Sorry but I have to disagree about our lack of fighting spirit yesterday. I saw our team play with a determined effort from start to finish. So did Everton. It wasn't pretty, but I found it to be a fascinating battle and we earned the victory through hard graft.
Everton were the better team and in my opinion we rode our luck to snatch 3 much needed points, however the British press despise Tottenham and will never give us a break, we certainly were not as bad as the gutter media suggest and at the end of the day its who puts the ball into the net the most that wins the game, If Everton were that brilliant then we should be commended for not allowing their brilliance to score!
Jod mate, it was all we could do to stop them scoring in the first half. They did to us what we did to them at Goodison but like then the second half was about even. Thank God they didn't have Lukaku. The result flattered us and we have to do better if we are to overhaul the Poo.
Love totty
Well said Jod. I too was there and this morning found myself questioning if I watched the match with my eyes shut. About the only issue I concur with the pundits is the first 20-25 mins. We were very lethargic and not at the races, however, the Osman save I really don't think they peppered Hugo's goal. How many times have we bemoaned our propensity to have loads of the ball but do very little with it? Wasn't that exactly what Everton did yesterday? Especially 2nd half? Ok, we all want to be putting teams to the sword, particularly at WHL, but you have to accept that good teams won't just come to the Lane and roll over. I enjoyed our grit and determination to get a result yesterday. Goals are the name of the game and we had a striker who took a half chance whereas they didn't. What's not to like about that? And also praise is due to the way we kept them at bay in the last 20 minutes. Sure, they had a few corners whee we all held our breath, but they never opened us up. Not once. I agree this season as a whole as been torture to watch at times but I didn't feel that yesterday. It was a hard fought win against a decent side and for that I applaud the Manager and the players. Nice article, Jod.
Paxton Chris
Don't read the papers. Having sais that even us VS members write about a game all giving different opinions as to what we witnessed, so not surprising the papers do the same. It's all individual perspective, where there is no right or wrong.
MAN ON have to agree we DID battle yesterday. I was on the edge of mu seat for the last twenty minutes, it was the most exciting Spurs game I've seen in ages. Real fighting from both teams. Great stuff and may we win more of these types of games unlike before where we'd throw it away in the last 10 seconds (eh 'Arry LOL)
Yet to see Hugo's massive save as we don't have a telly so I have to wait for MOTD on iPlayer.
MAN ON!..No apologies required mate. I'm all for opinions and understand how people see things differently. Just because you are wrong, don't apologize. ;-)
Cider spurs
When you look our Liverpool and Everton and Arsenal play their game, it saddens me that we just cannot seem to do the same. Our flow, passing and especially movement is nothing like as good as these teams. Rodgers has got Liverpool playing very efefctive attractive football, I don't think they have better players than us except in may be a couple, one being Saurez, but there high tempo, passing and movement is very good and we are being left behind imo. or all TS talk about knowing what we want to see, I don't see any of it. I have seen a more open game, more attacking football than we were seeing under AVB but that is not the same as being organised, flowing, movement and flare. TS is out of his depth, AVB seemed to complicate things but had a plan and we will never know whether he would have got the offensive side working, either way, we are nowhere near in the same league as our rivals they we have good players, to me it is down to balance of the team, and coaching/management and questions need to be asked. Oh and Levy needs to understand some times we need to buy players that fit the system and play not ones that can be sold on for a profit. When you look at some players at Liverpool, everton they are not all high profile internationals, they bring in what they need to make their plan work.
Paxton Chris and jod, where in WHL were you both seated yesterday? I was just to the right of the Park lane goal, in row 5. I ask because a different perspective is seen depending on where you watch from. It is different yet again watching on TV, as of course, the cameras follow the action and cannot show the true shape of the game as a whole. I've since watched the full 90 mins and did not change my mind about what I saw at WHL from my seat.
MAN ON!...One thing i will bring up however, is the fact that sherwood himself post match commented on the fact that we did not get at them from the off. It did appear that way to me also, and part of my "fighting spirit" is aimed at Rose and Lennon whom nobody will convince me played as hard as they possibly could have Yesterday. I watched Rose time and time again make little or no effort to get back after forays forward. Maybe it's as a result of lack of match fitness who knows. Admittedly i did not have the benefit of watching the game at the Lane as your good self, but at one point, the camera angle on T.V showed Mirallas bearing down toward our goal, close to our box, behind him in the distance Rose was STOOD watching, deep in their half. Add to this Mirallas had run a fair distance himself, and i have no alternative to call that lack of effort out. We direct flak at Walker for struggling to get back, at least he tries. If anybody chooses to watch the match again, spend the time watching Rose, you'll see my point.
Cider spurs
I said pre match Everton will make it difficult. They have grafters in their team. They pressed and made us work hard. All great teams put as much effort trying to get the ball back as much as their attack. Barca, Man Utd, Real, Bayern Chelsea have all got those traits. Sooner Spurs realise this the better. COYS!
Cider spurs, I have watched the game back, pausing and rewinding etc; but I what I saw from Rose was a lot of hard work and him getting stuck in and making some well won tackles. I thought overall our back 4 played very well. We did start too slowly again but despite the efforts of a hard working Everton, we were not at all overwhelmed. Again I'll say that I enjoyed the match even though it was far from being a classic. ;-) I think we can learn a lot from yesterday and I believe we will see a steady improvement over the rest of the season.
I also think that Lennon showed a lot of spirit even though he was not at his best, he did work hard but, a lot of what he did, didn't work out for him. The effort was definitely there but not the end result we and he would have wanted.
Man On. Im on pitch level to the right of the goal at Paxton Road. As I said on the other article this morning I always try to watch the full 90 mins when I get in or the following day (Not always possible if it's not televised) as I get caught up in the emotion of it when I'm there and my view can sometimes be coloured. As for yesterday's game, my opinion really hasn't altered that much. First half Everton attacked our end and no doubt that first 20 mins it so was uncomfortable viewing, no question. Their passing and movement was superior but I still maintain that it's the end product that matters and that's where I can't see how people feel we were battered. We simply were not. I'm not a great one for stats but their shots on goal tally was not vastly superior to ours. Of course we have shortcomings, and the style of play isn't easy on the eye in comparison to Liverpool and our opponents yesterday. But we are three points off 4th. Here and now that's the reality isn't it? Come May after beatings from Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal I may have to change my tune but for the time being my glass is half full. See how we all feel after Wednesday I guess
Paxton Chris
The same as my post match article. i acknowledge that we kept the Everton threat to a minimum, i also accept some had decent games, but i did not witness a bust a gut attitude from the whole team. Few sub-standard performances, a few passengers and not enough desire from the off for me. I want WHL to be a ground teams fear.
Cider spurs
HA HA Slurms, that's not the only furtive thing I do. LOL
Paxton Chris, thanks for that. I fully agree with your match summary there.
MAN ON!...Lennon attempted 1 take on, passed 8 times (all closer to the centre circle than the oppo box) and managed NO crosses. May i add a little snippet...Ben Pearce, the reporter for the Ham&High and Hackney Gazette newspapers and Tottenham Journal website reported Sherwoods post-match comments,....."the game plan was to put pressure on them higher up the field and for some reason we stood of them and just admired them. We got some information into them at half- time and we turned it around. They never had a shot in the second half". Two points, desire/pressure whichever, even Sherwood appears to see it somewhat like me. Secondly, what was there to turn around if all was good for the full duration of match?.
Cider spurs
Cider spurs, I'm not saying we started well at all but that we did enough to contain them until we did improve our play. We could and should play better. I just can't agree that we didn't show enough effort. I will say that if we had shown more from the off then I would have been a lot happier at half time.
Please don't think that i thought we got battered, as stated for chances created it was an even game. I just feel that in the desire stakes that until we scored Everton were shaming us somewhat, something our manager and many seem to agree on. Some have said the first 25 minutes we were poor, yes and then some, reason being, yep that's right Everton showed more desire. We were not pressing all over the pitch, in their faces chasing down as soon as a player recieved the ball. Everton did and within 8 minutes it almost paid dividends. Why could and should it not be us who starts and continues playing this way. That to me is a fighting spirit and desire. Why watch others score all the time before the penny drops.
Cider spurs
We stopped them from scoring by good defensive play. There wasn't a lack of effort otherwise we would have been blown away.... We do of course need to up our game and I'm definitely not blind to our faults. But, that was a well earned win. IMO of course..... I respect others opinions on the game if they are well thought out and I know full well that you analyse and think carefully about what you write Cider. Today we disagree and I can't really say any more.
MAN ON!..I believe we are both right. We have to work hard ALL the time. A match is 90 minutes, i'm not suggesting running full tilt for the duration, but let's at least lay down our intentions from the off, force the issue. I don't know whether you agree, but numerous times this season i have witnessed the away team come to the Lane and dominate us from the off. that should not be. I do however agree we contained Everton reasonably well as the game progressed. Conclusion. We are both kind of right. ;-)
Cider spurs
Cider spurs, Cheers. As always, I do respect your opinion and can see and relate to both your passion and frustrations with THFC.
Cheers MAN ON!....And yes, defensively i have stated i thought we did well. As always with me there is no right or wrong, just an opinion in the way i see things, and i know that is the way you roll. No attempt to gain brownie points or upperhand, just good old debate. Anyway, Mealtime and bath. I will catch you later mate if you are still posting, if not...Whence we meet again. ;-)
Cider spurs
Of course there are crap journalists but I read two reports today that sort of summed up the game, Everton better in possession but had no striker on the pitch. What really gets me is the so-called TV pundits and the splurge they dish out, I can think of several of them.
matt hoten
Before yesterdays game Everton had only lost 3 times in 24 games best record, TS is doing remarkable job in the wake of AVB'S efforts that had us a laughing stock. Why should we be thinking of replacement managers now, stuff the journos and all the fecking know all no nothing Tw@ts on this site COYS.
Thats Entertainment
Oh forgot to mention I hope we win the spoon, yes you know who you are,COYS.
Thats Entertainment
TE...A question if i may. If we fail to finish top 4 this season, do you still want us to qualify for Europa League?, next seasons Europa League winners qualify for Champs League the season after. However, some see the Europa as a distraction and hampering to where we could finish League wise. Personally i love seeing Spurs play, so i'm happy to be in all competitions we can be. Any thoughts?.
Cider spurs
It's not just journalists that see it different. I saw it different to quite a few here. Yet again we start with no plan, no idea, we give the initiative to the opposition and watch them carve chances. We got lucky again, they missed their chances and Llorris saved our bacon. br>
Difficult to argue that Sherwood is not out of his depth, when he doesn't set the team out according to the opposition, oblivious to City and Arsenal's strength in midfield and yesterday no plan in how to deal with Everton's midfield, Barry had the freedom of the park enabling him to spray passes even with our five man midfield. We managed two shots on goal, one for the goal and one last minute of injury time, if they had Lukaku it would have been unlikely that we would have got anything from the game, they were always the better side.
Yes Cider, Spurs need to play European football imo. anyway wed/sat or thur/sun same recovery time. we need some silverware at our club that's for sure.
Thats Entertainment here!
Cider spurs
We played Bentaleb, Paulinho, Dembele, Eriksen and Lennon. They played Barry, McCarthy, Osman, Pienaar and Mirrallas. I'm not saying Everton had hugely worse players but there is no way our 5 should be losing the midfield battle as badly as they did. It comes down to heart and conviction and they simply had more of it than us. Mostly though, they won the battle but didn't have the quality to break down our back line. That's why I can see Jod's point about 2 sides mostly blocking each other out. The big difference in my mind is that if we had matched them for heart and conviction we have the extra quality to walk off 3-0 winners. Instead they didn't get a stonewall penalty and Adebayor showed his class to nick it. That doesn't mean Sherwood managed the team selection, formation and tactics well. It doesn't mean our players don't deserve criticism because if we want to be top 4 then we need to judge managers and players at that level.
100% spot on, Muttley
We were VERY lucky. Totally out played in midfield. If it had been the other way round we would have been saying we were robbed.
muttley...A very good closing point to your post IMO.
Cider spurs
^^^Another fine example of the title subject^^^
Go, TE! Bang on. There's no denying that most of us believe there was an 'application' issue at the start of the Everton match. Not ALL, but MOST of us sense it. We're not necessarily in agreement where the fault lies, though. I say it's not with Tim. How can it be? So many saying we need to get in faces and stamp authority. Win the right. Tim says the same, yet he's wrong? Some players are not working as hard as they should be. On top of some that aren't playing as well as they can. Still, 621.
jerkin, are you making excuses for Sherwood's inexperience and naivety? What sort of coach are you if you tell your players to get in their faces and stamp their authority and they do nothing of the sort, game after game?
Hey Jod. I think you are both right and wrong. In my opinion, Everton were the better side, looked more like the home team, and we were lucky to get all three points.

But you are right in the fact that they didn't batter us either. As for the papers, the standard of match reporting is chronic in the rags, full of awful cliches and stuff that is blatantly made up. I don't bother with them any more.
For the first 20 mins, we were very poor, Rose, walker stood out along with Dawson to giving the ball away a lot and being out of position to often for my liking. I think the second half we had 20 mins of dominating play and the rest of play was quite even ! Everton were really up for this and pressed us hard causing problems, credit has to be given to them for that ! I think we need to give Tim more time, cant believe people are moaning already about him, bloody hell lets give him till the end of the season then make a judgment on him, ive seen many previous mangers before him do worse !!
There are many ways you can inspire your players and many player responses to each style. He is a novice. He's not stupid and he knows the players are powerful. Ade is very influential and can be disruptive. Fergie, if appointed, could walk into our dressing-room and start throwing tea-cups from the off. He'd get away with it. (Probably). AVB won't, and didn't. Tim wouldn't, and won't. Ade was probably AVBs' biggest mistake. Tim has got him on-side. He knows that's vital in his attempts to win the players round. NEEDS that, because there are no doubt a few issues. But mostly, he recognizes that. And is using it, and Ade, to help his and our cause. So what I'm saying is, even if Tim says 'do this' and they don't, he's hardly yet in a position to throw cups and risk losing the squad. He knows it. Also, does he need to raise his voice and dance in order to gee them up? Redknapp was a bit back-clap, knee-slap but I think Tim's more reserved at the moment - yes, due to his inexperience as much as his character. But singing and dancing? You can't just bang in there at the peak of the crescendo! That comes with momentum. Inspirational talks happen twice in three years. Not every week. All he can do is advise them atm. When they start playing well the desire and focus should kick in, from themselves. I don't think he's putting people our there if they're not behind him, injuries aside, so I don't think that's DIRECTLY the issue for our start in this game, (that those players aren't behind him), they simply though it was gonna be easier to play their game. And it wasn't. I'm not saying all managers will start their tenures like this, but in Tims' case, it's difficult for an inexperienced (or any, really) manager to make decisions and keep the squad. Especially if you need to kick some ass. And you can only put people out there if they're behind you. I f he kicks off at the moment he'll lose them in a flash.
jerkin, you make credible, sensible points, problem is that it paints a picture of weak management. He's had lots of lucky breaks, when they fizzle out and we lose key matches what is he going to do then? Start kicking ass when the players know he won't be there next season?
MAN ON/chris ... totally agree with you both about the game. It was a tough match, not pretty, but we won. I think we won anyway, although reading some of the posts maybe we lost!
WorldPeace ... Good post re perspective. I find it's easy to miss a lot when watching a game because I'm caught up in the emotional side of being a supporter. Often, when I watch the game for the second time (I always record them), I find that my initial thoughts on various aspects were totally wrong. It is all about perspective. My second viewing is usually far more objective than the first.
MAN ON ... 'we did enough to contain them until we did improve our play' .... I agree with that. But it is a problem. Be nice, for a change, if we came out firing instead of waiting for the slow fuse to explode.
Question for those attending the game ... watching the TV there seemed to be quite a number of vacant seats around the ground, which surprised me given the importance of the game. Was there an unusual amount of empty seats?
jerk ... I do understand your point and TS is a novice in terms of being the Head Coach for a PL team. But, he has lived for 40 years, has played at the highest level and is not a novice in terms of the footballing environment. He must understand the dynamics of the relationship between player and coach, and he must be able to call on a lot of experience of his own, and others, to help him deal with relationship issues. He must also have benefitted from seeing the way his previous managers, as a player, have performed and why they had succeeded or not. He should be credited with fairly extensive life experience in the area in which he works, be it direct, or indirect. I don't know him and, of course, if he is totally stupid, he has learned nothing and we're all stuffed until he moves on. I'm not for him or against him. I just like to give everyone a chance to prove themselves. I also thought AVB should have been given until the end of this season for the same reason. But, what do I know? ;-)
Di Canio is what happens when you start going mental at the drop of a hat. Yes, Sherwood is inexperienced and has one of Englands high profile jobs competing against some of the worlds richest clubs and biggest managers. We like our handicaps at Spurs! Up the Sherwood. Why would you just 'pick' on a top player like Capoue? Make a problem without good reason? Doesn't hold any logic. coys. 621. Bring on the geordies. 721. ps; well done for getting through my long-winded grammatically-ridden post.
jerkin - I don't agree. The best time to set expectations with the players is from the start. Feeling your way in gently will just leave the door open, especially with the attitude of players nowadays. What Sherwood should have done on Sunday was make either a first half substitution or one at half time. Let's be honest, there were enough candidates. He should have also been throwing tea-cups and anything else he could find at half time. Had it been a one off, then maybe not but it has become a worrying trend in the last 2 or 3 games and needs stamping out. I wasn't a Harry fan but I respected the way he dealt with Pav and Kranjcar because they both didn't deserve to be in the side on effort alone. Kranjcar got the message and worked his way back in. Pav never did and there was always an inevitability about him leaving. On Sunday, Lennon acted like a prima donna. He left Walker horribly exposed and simply wasn't working hard enough as one of the so called senior players. I'm not sure whether TS told Paulinho to give everything knowing that he might need to be withdrawn at the hour mark. He looked like someone pacing himself to play 95 mins. I appreciate he's on his way back from injury but he needs to give his all. Eriksen as well needs to learn that when it's not going for you, it's simply a case of getting your head down and working harder. He wasn't as bad as the other 2 but when you have 10 outfield players you simply can't carry 2 or 3. Working hard is the easy bit in football, so is communicating and playing for each other. The hard part is playing well and there is no excuse for the other things. It will be interesting to see whether we get a reaction against Newcastle.
muttley ... with respect, TS could have made any changes at any time. What if he did and we'd lost?! The fact is we got three points, which is the bottom line of any game. The way we play is a different story ....
Opinions, perspectives and how reporters and fans react to the game differ, therefore you might be happy with what you saw, others wouldn't be. The result doesn't lie, we won. The stats don't lie either, they had more possession, passes, shots and passage of play. Some might be happy with certain players performances, others won't be. In my opinion, we got carved open too many times again due to Capoue/Sandro not being there to give shape and stability, and our fullbacks not being awre of their positioning and responsibilities, just my opinion. Others might be content with Paulinho or Bentaleb trying to play defensive midfield but I would be happier with someone more stable in there, allowing the others to play further forward and utilise their abilities to the fullest. Lloris might of had only one save to make, that was due to Evertons finishing, not the chances they made. When their Beligian danced through our defence and Dawson was left on his arse, he shot high...Lloris didn't have to ake that save.
jerkin - DiCanio is a bad example. That man is just a walking ego. The trick is to lose it but stay in control and ensure that you don't get personal. People like Fergie get into players heads and disrupt positively. That's why they are great man managers.
Journalistic Licence you say, bah humbug, my read on the game, I thought we looked like Bryan Munich or Barcelona the way we passed the ball as if there was no team in front of us, TS decision to play Lennon in goal and Defoe at CB should be applauded, Dawson forays into the opposition half where a joy to watch and his 50 mtr diagonals beyond belief, Dembeles ability to drift pass 5 or 6 players and then go back and do it again are why I pays me money, Danny Rose's uncanny speed to reposition himself after galloping forward beggars belief, If you watched the same game as I did then I know you cannot wait for the Newcastle game, when TS the manager of managers will show what a brilliant tactician he is by including Les Ferdinand up front and Stefan Fraud in as a holding midfielder, and he himself will be the marauding AM that we knew and loved, well have to go now as my rose coloured contact lenses seem to be in backwards !!
Geofspurs - the only risk of making early subs is injuries later in the game. It was no surprise to me that the 3 guys I mentioned were the ones that were withdrawn. I would just have done it earlier. TS could have made early subs and won the game 3-0 or alternatively lost it. He did it his way and turned a losing draw into a win thanks to Adebayor and a dodgy referee decision. I take your point though. Clearly, we had belief that we could win the game at any time and that's what happened.
Geofspurs I didn't notice any empty seats on Sunday, but in the Man City game there were plenty of empty seats 15mins from the end of the match
matt hoten
Thanks matt ... just seemed to be quite a few seats empty all through the game. Glad that was not the case.
spot on! e.g. motd airs only 7 hours after 3pm sat kick off. physically impossible to watch more than 3 games, let along analysis... that job is a joke
Mourinho is at it again, digging for a ban on toure for his flicky kick on van winkly. Vital Chelsea have a thread on it. I suggest a few wandering vs'ers comments relating to hazards girly scratching of verts earlier in the season.
Dublin Hotspur
My bad, Torres was the guilty party!
Dublin Hotspur
Living as I do some 250 miles away, and given the cost of travel, and the availability and cost of match tickets, I am unable to enjoy Spurs home games live, as I did years ago, but watch avidly all our televised games. I know that the TV coverage may miss some off the ball movement etc. but I think it fairly accurately reflects the general climate of the game. This indicated quite clearly that, consistent with virtually every home game this season, we were unable to impose ourselves on the opposition, particularly in the first half, slightly improved in the second, and achieved a very scratchy home win, largely due to a very generous penalty decision, again consistent with the season so far, during which we have got a few dodgy uns, and had a few "stuck ons" not awarded against us. I think that to watch our games, celebrating our results no matter how they are achieved, is all very well, but we then should not be surprised when it all goes "tits up" and we get stuffed as we did against City twice and Liverpool and West Ham, or lose home games against basement clubs. What we should be looking for, before the end of the season, is just at least one more imposing home performance, when the result is assured, and we can relax and enjoy the last 10 minutes. We have only really achieved this once this season in the PL v Swansea. It is no wonder that although we are only 3 points behind Liverpool, they are 33 goals in front of us.
To back up that there was some truth in the fact that we were less than convincing on Sunday, Hugo Lloris is currently polling 52% in the MOTM poll, not for the first time this season in a home fixture. Surely this speaks volumes.
Agree with your article Jod.We were shocking in the first half but can only remember one spectacular save Lloris had to make. We improved in the second half and although Everton scampered around energetically Lloris had little to do. The media invent their own narrative and not just with the football reports
They have got to win the right from the off, definitely Muttley. Which equals more effort. But there are many ways to get the message across. Mostly you've got to call it right, then it's how to deal with it. We've had half the squad injured and one or two not in the right shape of mind, maybe? Not fancied? We've been fragile as it is. Tims' fragility is that he's done nothing as a manager. And you mustn't risk getting a 'What do YOU know?' response. Call it right. Advise the players, if you know what you're doing it should work. Developing a cup-throwing routine if you find you have to repeat yourself is not really good management, is it? Because in any management you have to repeat yourself a lot. And to players who have won him 6 league games in 9... Bet he's a member of vitalmanagement.
Frank ... some people who go to the game are unable to enjoy the home game live! lol
Point taken Geofspurs.

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