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Favorites or favouritism?

The headlines today reflect 'sniping' comments to the FA regarding Yaya Toure's seemingly unjust actions of patting RVWW back with his boot?

Whilst it was pretty obvious what Yaya was trying to achieve with his lashing out, it's hard to understand why a panel of 3 referees were unable to find him guilty of violent conduct? Whilst I find Mourinho fairly annoying these days with his media escapades I have to agree with him regarding this instance.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, whose side face City in the FA Cup on Saturday, had earlier urged the FA to take action against Toure. He said: 'If the FA defends football, he has to be suspended.' When asked if he would be upset if the FA took no action, Mourinho replied: 'Of course or it is the same for everybody else from now.

'Every player feels that if the referee doesn't see, I can do. It doesn't matter the cameras, it doesn't matter the consequences because if the referee doesn't see, I can do it."

We also saw the thug Carroll take a swipe or swinging arm clipping Chico's pony tail a couple of weeks ago and this decision upheld? It brings into question firstly would the FA panel hold up the red card given to Carrol albeit there being slight contact for the sake of the referee or perhaps because West Ham are not really a big club?

Then we get City who have seen Yaya not punished for what seems to me as clear act of violent conduct go unpunished and to top it off we get RVWW saying he aint bothered and would rather see Yaya playing on the pitch than punished???

My second question being the title of 'Favorites' or 'Favoritism' for City who seem to have received one of the two with their lashings given week in and week out, but are they getting a free ride with referees and the FA (and some dodgy linesman) to achieve their new title stolen from the red side of Manchester?

Written by Mix26

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The journalist

Writer: Mix26 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 11 2014

Time: 10:15AM

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Mix. It's been galling me all morning, as Jose is doing his usual wind up here. Yes yaya should have got a ban, but so should Fernando Torres when he did his girly clawing of Jan's face at the Chelsea spurs game! No one saw that but the millions watching the game . No official saw it and no post match query or ban. Jose didn't remember that when he started digging at city's preferential treatment! Vital Chelsea have a thread on it too. Could be worth a few comments from vs'ers! The system isn't working, the match officials seem blind to anything like this, and the panels are a joke. Had Torres been sent off in our match I believe we would have won and Chelsea would not be top!
Dublin Hotspur
Ooh, a first!
Dublin Hotspur
Second and third!
Dublin Hotspur
He was sent off obviously, but the further ban deserved would have affected future results. For the record, I stand myself corrected. Lol
Dublin Hotspur
Mourinho is a grade A Prick. Constantly talking about other managers, other players , incidents that have nothing to do with him but he never seems to comment on incidents involving his players, or if he does he accepts absolutely no blame. That’s nothing to with being loyal or sticking up for your club or players, it just makes him look like a spoilt**** that he is. I see his point, but once again its him that has to make it

Sorry to move topic (onto something involving spurs) but has anyone seen the latest propaganda coming out of Arsenal from yet ANOTHER phucking arsenal player. This time its Giroud saying that Lloris has told him he love to play for Arsenal. This has got to stop now, it’s becoming a joke. First it’s that dirty scumbag Schezeny on twitter constantly slagging off spurs, then Wilshire, then Theo, Then Carzorla and Pires, now Giroud is having a pop. The FA need to do something OR our bloody players need to do something. We are constantly being mugged of by those ****z yet just seem to take it. I don’t care if they are mates Hugo needs to come out and either say that he’s been very much misquoted and that its BS or pack his stuff and Phuck off!! It would be lovely if Kaboul or someone came out and started stirring $hi7 about their players. It just goes to prove my point that ours players don’t give 2 phucks about THFC. Im bloody furious this morning.
Mix, I have to ask about Adebayor dragging Kompany by the scruff in the game at WHL or shoving Yaya over the sideline, were these not acts of violence? He didn't get som much as a talking to from the ref yet they were in plain view. Yaya was lucky to get away with this but let's be honest, it was no worse than what Adebayor did, favouritism?
The best way to deal with the Arsenal players constant wind-ups is to simply ignore them.
Bluedub... Sorry, but without me showing any bias, you're wrong. Toure however got away with a quite deliberate foul on Dembele, that put him out for a match.
I disagree. It all depends on the definition of violence really. Yaya Toure didn't kick or lash out at van Wolfstodger, he nudges him as if to say "get up". I've seen players who feel unfairly treated try and pull an injured player up off the floor in an act of frustration, which also goes unpunished. For some reason, this method of "helping someone up" is less frowned upon than nudging someone with a boot. With Andy Carroll, I think both players should be punished. In this instance, Carroll DOES swing an arm out at Chico and it WAS violent. He barely touches him, but the intent was there and the punishment should reflect that. However, and this is a big however, the panel should also take into consideration the reaction of the "victim". Chico was barely touched, yet went down and stayed down. With the length of time he was on the floor, he'd have lost 7 or 8 consecutive boxing matches. This should also be punished as it is trying to influence a referee into taking action. It's people like Chico Flores who could kill a Fabrice Muamba. On that particular occasion, if the ref hesitated or if anyone hesitated due to oro footballers crying wolf 90% of the time then he'd have died The way that players go down and stay down when there's nothing wrong with them is disgusting and should be met by a 3 match ban retrospectively.
How am I wrong? Did the incidents I'm referring to not happen? There was also an incident where he barreled Jovetic off the pitch when the ball had gone out of play.
Yes there are some unbelievable revue panel decisions, and yes often the biggest teams seem to benefit. Unfortunately the reason that the spotlight is so regularly on the panel, is due to the inept incompetence of many of the current crop of PL referees. We see many appeals against "reds" successful, with no action taken against the referee (a one game "rest" in the championship is not action), we see incidents that the refs "don't see" referred to the panel, when in reality a lot of these decisions are "chickened out of" by refs, and they pass the buck upwards. Every weekend round of the PL, highlights incorrect refereeing decisions, incorrect penalty awards or refusals, dangerous off the ground tackles going unpunished, blatant wrestling in the penalty areas for corners and free kicks going unpunished, tackles like Danny Rose's where it is highly dubious that it was indeed even a foul (Dermot Gallagher's view), never mind a penalty kick and a sending off. Many incidents involve the same referees, Andre Marriner, Jon Moss, Lee Mason, "beach ball" Jones, and Kevin Friend being obvious examples. The answer is to improve the standard of referees, by reviewing the promotion and appointment policy to get onto the PL list, and to relegate the less able ones back down the pyramid. Perhaps if the likes of Mike Reilly (a poor referee in his own right) would admit to mistakes by his members when they occur, and the referees were accountable, and asked to explain controversial decisions, in after match interviews, the standard of performance maybe be forced upwards. This would reduce the need for the revue panel in the first place. After all, you don't need a safety net, if nobody falls down in the first place. A referee is a "game manager" and in any industry, or walk of life, managers are held accountable, and expected to explain contentious decisions that they have made, and mistakes.
Shoving a player off the ball is not an act of violence. It is still a contact sport is it not? I think you might be conveniently forgetting Rose being sent-off when his contact was to the ball. Cheating was the reason for that red card and the penalty decision.
I have not opened any of the mickey mouse web sites, but did see the header on Lloris open to arse switch from one giraffe running chest out, looks like concorde coming into land french team mate.
spu 4 life
Shoving is not violence? Ok. Cheating? Ok, no bias in your comments whatsoever.
No, not at all. I was at the match and it's players exaggerating injury and constantly moaning to the ref when they have made an obvious foul that gets my goat. I will be as critical of any Spurs player if they were constantly cheating or feigning injury.
Going a bit off topic now mate, who was exaggerating and moaning?
Mourinho is the same as Fergie was, playing mind games. If a team was perceived a threat by Rednose than he would make comments in the press. Mourinho is worried by Man City's form and trying to stir up things. Possibly hoping to influence the referees, so that when they officiate a citeh game they're more aware of Toure and hopes he's more likely to receive punishment. Same as he comes out and says we are not Champion quality and won't win the league. All bu115hit and mind games.
If you think a shoulder charge in football is an act of violence then you're watching the wrong sport. Anyone for netball?
What shoulder charge are you talking about?
Mourinho does what Mourinho does, and that that he is the best at, and what he is paid to do, and is outstandingly successful at. That is to maximize the conditions, the opportunity, and the chances of his team getting the results he needs. This does not just involve the course of the game, but will include the intimidation of, and getting under the skin of, and looking for the mental weaknesses in, opposing managers, players, and sometimes officials. It is called "gamesmanship" and "mind games" and he is brilliant at it, as was SAF at Man Utd, and they are the two most successful managers of their era. Mourinho knows from his time in Spain, that he can wind up Pellegrinni, and it seems to be working again, he is getting under his skin, and in a tight contest this can give you the edge. We could do with a coach with the same combative personality.
soldado told me yesterday that arteta and cazorla are desperate to leave gunners for spurs.
It's not just Mourinho's Chelsea that surround referees and contest decisions. They have it ingrained in their game plan. Man U are the same and always have been under Fergie. There are other teams getting as bad. It doesn't help that referees allow them to do it. Maybe a rule like in Rugby, arguing with the referee and we'll move the ball 10 yards up the pitch, might eventually stop it.
Shoulder charging, shoving, pushing? All the same. Foul play? Yes of course, but not acts of violence.
It seemed to me Frank that it was Jose who was wound up yesterday. You call it "gamesmanship", I call what he said yesterday about this incident undermining the authorities by suggesting how they should do their job, he should be charged for his comments imo.
Ok MAN ON, so toe poking someone in the arse? Foul play or violent conduct?
Frank, I remember how SAF so successfully wound up Keegan that he never seemed the same thereafter. All Fergie did was highlight what a week and pathetic man Keegan was. I'm talking of course in football terms.
It is a contact sport and there will always be incidents. Perhaps a recording of every PL game should be reviewed by a panel to pick up any offences missed by the officials. My pet moan concerns all the pushing, pulling, holding etc, by players in the box when there are corners or free kicks. It is so frequent now that the offenders have stopped being subtle or cunning about it and continue the behaviour even if the referee is standing next to them. For some reason the ref and his assistants often fail to notice that someone has been unfairly spun around and dumped on the ground in front of them.
Bluedub, Don't bring your private life into the debate.....
Getting juvenile about it now MAN ON, that tells me all I need to know, it's been emotional.
I am very much a big, silly old kid but, very wise nonetheless..... Vinnie Jones quote? The professional thug of football and unbelievably, Hollywood. A lot of very bad actors in the PL unfortunately. Some equally useless officials.
i say ban everyone for one game this weekend and give them all the weekend off, why not were not playing.
Why do we as supporters defend the indefensible actions of highly paid individuals who should know better…. is it all to do with club loyalty ? Aren't they letting the club down ?
Thank u for the responses to the article. Bernio nice to see u around mate. It's even controversial to fans who have no bias so we can see how a panel would find Yaya not guilty by a unanimous vote. Frank I think your response sums up some of my pet hates with referees and the game in general. There is no backbone and no law to protect anyone. Bludub is correct in saying Mourinho should be punished but is it not just another example of how spineless the FA are? They let tough "characters" get away with anything sometimes. For me I still enjoy the fact the PL is not ridden with the play acting found in la liga. I think we would all lose it seeing that crap every week!
I wouldn't mind having Mourinho as our manager. The guy makes me laugh.... I don't see any harm in mind games, It's all part of most sport. Players should keep it shut though and do their talking on the pitch.
The whole thing's a joke anyway. The only people who really care at the tail end of the season are the next few teams, not the actual sinned against team. What if you get a situation where in a game against a relegation threatened team a player clearly lashes out at one of their players but avoids punishment in the game, then after is retroactively punished with a 3 game ban...the next fixtures for that players team happen to be against other teams that can effect the relegation battle. Not only do the sinned against team get no benefit from the players punishment, but are then further punished by their rivals having an advantage.
Mix26, There does seem to be a lot of bias and favouritism in football. It's big business and the bigger the team the more we see it. It seems quite obvious to most of us that there is no consistency in FA decision making.
I have to say Berio3000 that some of the most sensible stuff I have read on the whole matter.
I thought the FA were introducing a system whereby any team surrounding the ref, yellow cards would be dished out, Man *****e have become a bunch of prima donnas, very good players but when things don't go their way they moan and bitch, as they did for the Rose incident and more than one of their players was in the refs face brandishing imaginary cards, which I also thought was a bookable offence, unfortunately these days players think they are bigger than the refs and in some cases bigger than the game itself, as for Mourinho he knows how to play the game and he is doing instead of his players getting involved, should he be punished probably will he be probably not, SAF was the master of this remember how he nearly brought Keegan to tears ? but he did what he did and over hauled a 9 point gap by getting under the skin of the Geordies ! Yaya is a**** plain and simple and he should have been punished for an intentional kick out at a player on the floor with the ball long gone. Do the FA have favorites, I don't really think so as their ineptitude to do their job is plain in 90% of the decisions they make.
Bernio, great point re Muamba. That could have been a whole other story. If theres two things I hate its the rolling around on the floor and the swarming a ref looking for a decision or a card. no place in the game at all, and the ref should be allowed to move the ball up the pitch when these situations arise. Players who roll around as if they had been shot, then get up as soon as play starts, in perfect fettle,should be banned.
Dublin Hotspur
Flipper, took me a while to get my (admittedly slow) mind around that post, but it is valid, and would definitely have an impact on the sinned against teams season. would we have lost 5-1 to city had rose not been sent off? That was rescinded! but the damage was done for us. maybe we would have still lost 5-1, but who knows. could have got a draw, maybe, and that point could have been the extra one we need in may to finish ahead of Pool. speculative, but possible.
Dublin Hotspur
As for Mourinho, he seems to get away with stuff by being a "character". I've always disliked the man but respected his achievements, particularly at Porto and Chelsea (though it pains me to say it). I lost almost all respect for him at Real Madrid, where we saw things not consistently go his way. Essentially he is a child who is smarmy in victory and a sore loser. The eye gouging incident on Tito Vilanova pretty much typifies him as a man and when he tried to blame the Barcelona coaching staff for provoking him rather than holding his hands up, well this just amplifies the point. I am a huge, huge fan of Manuel Pellegrini and his comments towards Mourinho recently were
bernio3000, I agree about Jose being a bad looser and Wenger is the same. But, it does seem to have the right effect on his players. He does get them playing.
I think that what we are getting is a review system where the decision on the pitch stands UNLESS there was a clear mistake. If Carroll wasn't punished, no panel would have changed the decision. The incident wasn't clear cut enough to reverse either way. I missed the Yaya incident, so I won't comment on it, and perhaps it contradicts what I am outlining here. The Danny Rose sending off was helped because the ref did not give a pen for a reason that the video evidence confirmed - that Rose got the ball. The ref trusted his assistant...sadly... As for play acting and diving, I would take all of this OFFLINE. When someone fouls a player in the box, I HATE the old Pen-plus-red-card-or-Dive-plus-booking 50-50 argument. Take the dive offline, and it just boils down to was it a pen or not. Later on, with video evidence, a player can be suspended/fined for a dive, or play acting (i.e. absolutely no contract and writhing in agony). With that, you would hope that players would be reluctant to dive/playact in future. If not, then they spend more time off the field whilst suspended anyway.
Another good point Bernio, re the eye gouging was a disgrace. Did anyone in the media remind him of that when he made his statement regarding yaya? maybe, but I haven't seen anything about it today. It is hypocrisy of the highest order. clever guy, but a disgraceful person.
Dublin Hotspur
MAN ON - I just feel that Mourinho and Wenger's moaning is unrelated to the performance of their teams. They are just great managers of teams. I really think that they should cut it out.
Pizza gate was another good example, not as violent as trying to ply an eyeball out of a counterparts head, but still unacceptable. problem is that was between the two darlings of the media, so I believe not much came out of it. funny though!!
Dublin Hotspur
TonyRich, I do agree and I was just pointing out Jose's ability to get his players up for it when they start slacking. I wouldn't necessarily like a manager of Spurs to blindly defend a player who has done wrong. Mourinho does amuse me sometimes but can equally annoy me.
I mean, I also think they should cut out a lot of it but I'm sure it does also inspire a certain amount of confidence in their respective teams. It does however also seem to inspire the same kind of arrogance and petulance in a lot of the Chelsea and Arsenal players. So. may be I am now backing away from my initial comment about Jose. ;-)
Its snowing here Man on, whats it doing in saarf Laanden?
Dublin Hotspur
Brian Clough had a similar arrogance as Mourinho but was also just as hard on his own players when in the wrong.
Tony Rich. the reason that Mourinho, SAF, and Wenger are considered as great managers of their clubs, is the successes and trophy victories they have achieved, over a number of years, and in Mourinho's case in several countries with different clubs. To achieve these heights, as well as their teams performances on the pitch, there has to be a degree of media management, intimidation of, and antagonizing of the oppositions players and managers, and in some cases referees, putting their back up, showing up possible mental frailty, hoping to make them take their eye off the ball, affecting their performance. I don't think there is any doubt that in many cases it works, and good luck to them. It is a necessary facet of successful management, and a talent that separates the great from the ordinary. It is something we are short of, you have to grab any possible advantage to be really successful, gentlemen rarely win anything, you need a bit of devil.
It's a good point MAN ON. As much as I despise both of them but the more successful managers do tend to take pressure off their players. Perhaps it's more of a foreign thing that the English don't get. I actually like Sherwood and think he's a great coach that has yet to prove himself as a manager, but perhaps being open and honest about what we're doing wrong is putting the spotlight on our players too much. For example, he's talked for weeks about how slow we've been out of the blocks, which I fully agree with, but talking about problems too much can have a negative effect. The players probably feel pressured into trying too hard to fly out of the blocks which is possibly why we've looked energetic but indecisive/inaccurate in our play in the first half of games. On the other side, teams are expecting us to be slow out of the blocks, possibly a little nervy and they throw everything at us, which is what we've seen from Crystal Palace and Everton recently. Unfortunately we're in a bit of a hole at the minute and the pattern will continue until Sherwood finds a way to dig us out of it. It'll just take one electric home performance where it clicks and we go in 3-0 at half time and teams will be less inclined to go gung ho in the first half. Hopefully he has enough about him to reverse the trend because I know I'd struggle.
Frank, You put it a lot better than I can. I am of the same opinion. The fact that those managers manage to wind up so many,so easily, is a part of what makes them so successful.
I think Timmy seems to like being seen as a nice guy in the media. but I think a lot of what he says are deflection tactics, from himself. be it stating how great city are (followed by them losing to chelsea and drawing with Norwich.. bad timing for such comments my boy) or the players not doing what he told them to do, is merely counter acting pretty much what was said in his pre match interviews when what he says there doesn't transpire. Mourinhos tactics of deflection place all conversation onto his opposition, and away from his players. This I believes relieves pressure on them. What Tim is doing is adding pressure on the players. These things should never be spoken of publicly. its a weakness he needs to fix. If you discuss your problems too openly, everyone knows about them, and they will haunt you even when they have gone away.
Dublin Hotspur
MAN ON - Clough was a great manager but he was the first victim of "player power" as his time at Leeds showed. Obviously player power is now 100x worse and I suspect that he wouldn't survive long in the modern game. Someone like Di Canio may have had a long and fruitful career in management 30 years ago, but now if a consensus is reached within the dressing room that they don't like a manager then all you have to do is play badly. Football management differs from any other type because the manager earns less than the employees and cannot discipline anyone properly. If I got suspended without pay for a week in my job then it'd hurt me and I'd make sure it never happened again. If a player on £50,000 a week gets suspended without pay for a week then they don't care. They can't be sacked by their manager, it's all ass backwards really.

P.s. For the record, I think di Canio is a Berkley Hunt and I don't want to see him in football management again.
TR you're point about diving, didn't Gareth Bale get the label of being a diver. He stopped falling over so easily after we lost out on a couple of penalty decisions we should have got.
Dublin Hotspur, I agree re: Sherwoods comments. He is showing his naivety there...... Bloody grey and wet again, but I'm not complaining, we're very lucky in London.... My weather reports are always just a silly little dig at Pele10, by the way.
bernio3000, you're right about Clough there. Leeds players showed him complete disrespect but, that had a lot to do with his constant digging at Revie and his team. They deserved it by the way as they were a dirty bunch of ......
Frank - ok, there are 2 sides to it here. Wenger's issue is that he only moans about things when they go against him. When it goes for him, he does not have the decency to concede that he has benefited unjustly. I would put SAF & Mourinho in a separate category. The undeniable thing is that bottom line, they are the best around. On top of that, in order to maintain their prowess, they become defensive and****ly in the public eye. This competitive streak does help prolong good performance, and squeeze results out of scenarios where they shouldn't. I feel sorry for Moyes because SAF has managed to squeeze remarkable things out of that ageing squad, and it is now a year older and a yard slower! In the early days, Mourinho got off on being controversial. In back fired on the continent. Now, it is less entertaining and more annoying. This is down to being competitive. For example, Liverpool dominated the 80s without such tactics. But it was far less competitive as there was a different rival each year. Now it is always the same foes, and the pressure mounts up each year! The basic point is that that manner of management is no good if you are not a great manager to back it up. Mark Hughes is a competitive and moany and confrontational as they come.... Did not help him at Citeh, QPR or Stoke thus far.
TonyRich, not only did I not use that word in any offensive sense, that word is not even that offensive... p-rick-ly...
longtimespur, I remember criticising Bale myself at the time. Crying wolf and cheating can sometimes cost a team in the long run..
As flipper pointed out earlier on here, red cards don't necessarily benefit the teams', that they were given against, opponents, although Man City and Rose might have been different. I wonder how the FA would take to the idea of a goal deduction against the team, as well as the red card for the player, in that game. Yes definitely the FA should instruct referees to punish all the cynical shirt pulling and throwing opponents around in the penalty area. They do punish it if it happens elsewhere on the pitch so why not in the penalty area too?
if you can understand that! lol
Tony Rich, of course you are right, you have to have the talent to get away with the mind games without ending up looking like a prize tool, and Mark Hughes as you point out is a case in point. Mourinho who has won titles in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain and 2 CLs with a skint Porto, and a geriatric Inter team, can get away with it, but Hughes, who couldn't manage a drunken party in a brewery looks a dick.
Took a while longtime! Lol
Dublin Hotspur
Longtimespurs, totally agree that fouls in the box need to be punished. If you give one penalty for every hundred fouls committed then it's a risk worth taking for a defender. If you give 100% of them then there will be more goals or more penalties. Brilliant!
Bernio Villas-Spuras
On Sunday, right in front of where I was seated, I watched an Everton defender, from a Spurs corner, (not sure who), repeatedly jabbing Ade in the ribs with his elbow. It was on the blind side of the ref who was only 10 yards away. Even then I'm sure it would have been blatantly obvious what was going on if the ref had chosen to "see it". Ade ignored it and carried on without complaint. You would not get away with it anywhere else on the pitch. Why is it so frequently allowed in the penalty area, from dead balls?
I will add that although the Everton match was hard fought, both sets of players did play fair and mostly got up and got on with it without too much complaint or blatant cheating.
Mix...thank's for the article mate. Simple and short from me. You want to help somebody up of the deck...I've always found a hand the best way to go as opposed to a faint kick in the back, maybe i'm just old fashioned. As for the play acting, it's called Football, not period drama, grandkids are going to love watching Grandad rolling around the floor after no contact, how embarrassing when he sits down with the family post Sunday lunch and airs his career highlights dvd for the first time. So in conclusion, if you're going to hit or kick another, i suggest you make it worthy of the dramatic reaction that will ensue, after all, we are not gauging how hard, just the action and when he's decked, a nice friendly hand to pick him up.....Joking!.
Cider spurs
Don't know how we can bring Wenger into this debate....Apparently he never sees anything.
Cider spurs
Chico made the most of Carrolls actions, he got a ban, with many pundits calling the ban outrageous, my view therefore has to be that Toure also should have been banned. As to why he did not, i'm afraid i cannot compute an answer, i do however feel the FA panel lack strength in their convictions all too often. Something i do not feel will change in the near future, it does appear there is a big club scenario at times, but i think unless totally outrageous, the classy way to deal with it as a club is to say nothing, maybe write a letter expressing your concerns and move on, using the media outlets to try and get a player banned, well.......classy?.
Cider spurs
Man on I knew that re the weather reports, but I still like to hear the weather in my old homestead, even if you are the other side of the village from where I hail from .
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin Hotspur, okay, that's good. I just didn't want anyone feeling that I was taking the p**s out of the poor ********s around the Isles that are suffering because of the freaky weather.
It's a ref to Groundhog Day where the lead character is a weather man.
Sunny now...
It disgust me the way some players behave, and it amuses me how refs don't deal with the obvious sometimes and then make stupid decisions. The worse is all the fouling in the area when corners being taken, but violent conduct should never go unpunished and may be it is about time clubs are infomred that any violent conduct even if it is not seen by ref but caught on camera will be punished, aever club has a right to ask for these incidents to be seen if the ref misses it and so to expect punishment after the game has finsihed and evidence has been submitted, that will stop the buggers.
Man on , nearly tanked the car coming down the hill earlier. Snows been mad. No pele today? Thought this would have all been right up his street .
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin Hotspur, Take care in that snow.
Dublin Hotspur, I read your comments on VC and it amazes me that even on a match day article they barely have anything to say about line-ups, tactics or anything.
What made me laugh about what Mourhino said was the fact he said the complete opposite regarding Torres raking Vertonghen's face at the Lane back in September.
MAN ON ... it's going to be sunny again today, and tomorrow, and the next day .... in case anyone was worried about me! :-)
I am really sick of Maureen and especially sick of his sickafanatic followers - where does that man get gall to complain about Toure when he said all that he did about Torres and how wonderful it is to be back amongst true gentlemen with integrity….. for he's looking for his next victim to poke in the eye…. Just think he's a born liar nothing more nothing less….
Mourinho will keep spouting his crap because the journos love him and give him an easy ride. He provides them with easy to write stories and allows them to have a go at other managers. A journo needs to call him on his bull*****. Whether that be interrupt him and ask... "but how is this different from Torres?" or "if you include all of your transfer purchases surely it's your maths that's wrong... or have you forgotten you've signed this player?" or "Do you feel happy with a point at West Brom because after all you're only a little horse and not in the title race?" But it won't happen so it's best just to ignore the guy because it's quite obvious to everyone that he is just on the wind up and that everybody except Chelsea fans hate the guy.

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6. Greavswasthegreatest 175
7. Spurfect11 175
8. Big Chiv 174
9. Jables 169
10. spurdon 158

League Results (view all)

Latest Results
Spurs 2 - 1 Burnley
Swansea 1 - 2 Spurs
Spurs 0 - 0 Crystal Palace
Chelsea 3 - 0 Spurs
Spurs 2 - 1 Everton
Hull City 1 - 2 Spurs

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
3. Man Utd 17 9 5 3 12 32
4. West Ham 17 9 4 4 10 31
5. Southampton 17 9 2 6 15 29
6. Spurs 17 8 3 6 -1 27
7. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 9 26
8. Swansea 17 7 4 6 3 25
9. Newcastle 16 6 5 5 -4 23

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Spurs MOTM against Newcastle?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Vorm 9%
Chiriches 2%
Fazio 5%
Vertonghen 1%
Rose 1%
Stambouli 10%
Bentaleb 13%
Townsend 2%
Eriksen 44%
Chadli 1%
Kane 6%
Dembele 1%
Soldado 2%
Capoue 3%