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Tottenham World Tour?

I read with interest media speculation that should Manchester United miss out of CL football, they will consider money making friendlies, as a means of recouping the lost revenue.

This made me think once again that clubs actually see the Europa league as a poisoned chalice and rather than have the grind of often meaningless fixtures, we will see clubs prefer to finish outside the runners up places and instead look at alternative avenues to increase revenue. Of course there is the potential that clubs have the burden of long haul travel to places such as Dubai, The USA or wherever the highest bidding comes from, but if in the case of Spurs, we failed to make the Europa league next season, would our major sponsors, such as AIA really be too upset if it allowed us to have a couple of money spinning promotional games in Asia for example?

These can always been used as get aways for the players, who might be placated by the idea of warm weather training as opposed to freezing days and nights on places like the Ukraine. Games could also be structured to accommodate more subs, meaning players get less playing minutes, while also not being expected to play at 100%. There is of course even the potential for non competing European clubs to play each other at times and locations not governed by UEFA and actually have just as much if not more interest than the so far dull Europa games, and actually make more money for less stress.

Changing the name from UEFA Cup to Europa league was purely cosmetic and in effect, was merely polishing a turd. With UEFA supposedly looking to flex some muscle regarding the financial fair play rules, can we actually see a disintegration of one or both of the CL or Europa leagues, as the potentially excluded teams actually see a benefit in not competing, if they can arrange their own games, as and when it fits them, as opposed to the UEFA schedule. Perhaps this will prompt a move more towards the European Super league or force UEFA to completely revamp their own competitions, if the bigger teams see serious alternatives elsewhere.

With increased "Partners" from developing football nations, can we actually see a man like Daniel Levy looking to exploit the financial benefits of non European competition and as fans would we prefer to see our side play not competitive games, if we knew it increased our revenue and allowed us to compete more in financial terms, but also made us fresher, due to less games that we currently face in the Europa league?..

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Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday March 4 2014

Time: 10:27AM

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Ox, I'd rather take the silverware option! Uefa all the way for me! If CL isn't an option of course! United have the us stock market to keep happy so I think that would be more of a burden than competitive football, for us anyway! Also, who would really want to play for a team without european aspirations and a plan of playing friendlies in china or the like instead? Just a thought!
Dublin Hotspur
Agree, Dublin. And if travelling to Eastern Europe takes it toll in the EL, what kind of havoc would travelling to China or the U.S do?
Also, isn't it the case that next season, the winners of Europa qualify for the CL?
That's correct park lane! Potential double assault!
Dublin Hotspur
to clarify, the winners of next seasons (2014/15) will qualify for the CL in 2015/16
Could we see World Club football in the next 10 to 20 years time? Best teams from Africa, Asia, Oceania, America and South America involved with the European elite clubs? Could be quite a mouth watering prospect? Maybe this is why Beckham wants to be involved with the US club football..sees a great opportunity to bring US football on a global scale using his popularity. Who knows eh? COYS!
It would be nice James, but would have to be played in the closed season every other year, as the schedule would go mad, and travel would hurt everyone. Be great to watch though. Hopefully we would be in that elite by then!! Lol
Dublin Hotspur
Might be the death of International football.. COYS!
It could be argued that international football is dying anyway. I have said for sometime that the number of meaningless games, particularly in qualifying has drained interest and again when we see england facing the likes of San Marino in the European qualifiers we know we will be served up crap games that have no validity. Would you for example pay to watch England v Stevenage? Im guessing that is the difference between the quality of some international games. I also believe that forcing international minnow countries to constantly play major nations actually spoils their own development as the need for self preservation is more important than trying to play football of any note
But would an elite world club league further distance the big rich and successful teams? If the PL continued, would a world league be seperate, and promotion / relegation to the elite league be the goal? Would european football continue? Surely only the second tier competition! I think it would be great to watch, but very damaging to "also ran"clubs and football as we know it! Wouldn't mind a closed season comp though! It would be a nice distraction from Wimbledon!
Dublin Hotspur
International football will never die, the World Cup is always the biggest football tournement, that and the CL are the two competetions that players want to play in, and bring the most money for UEFA and FIFA.
International football is clinically dead but then makes a miraculous recovery for the World Cup and Euros which takes the nation by storm no matter how rubbish we are, and we are always rubbish.

With City and us winning on Sunday it is virtually impossible to get out of Europa for next season. That said it actually starts proper next Thursday, everyone will be up for Benfica and after that it will just be quality teams. If we can win it this year it would be a light at the end if a very dark tunnel, this seasons been horrible, we deserve a trophy for our support.
Well said THF! and if you think England are always rubbish, try supporting Ireland..LOL! but when we do qualify for a tournament, Its festival time! Italia 90 was one of the best summers ever over here!! Big Jack.. Legend!
Dublin Hotspur
Not sure about a world tour .... but it would be nice if Tottenham toured Western Australia!! :-)
Geof, I would go out of my way to make that tour, Ive never been to Oz, but would love to. I'm also hoping for a friendly in Dublin in the Summer, but if not, an EL draw with Shamrock Rovers again (the local team I support) would be a dream come true. I simply loved the home and away games, and to sit in front of big Pat J for the Dublin leg was amazing, always great to have a chat with a childhood hero! This is my secret wish that we Make EL this year! so selfish, but I want the spurs back here! just don't tell anyone!!!
Dublin Hotspur
Oh god is there any depths this once great sport will plunge to in pursuit of £££s. So so sad. Such an inconvenience isnt it - any football (including famous trophies like the FA cup and Uefa cup) that doesnt bring in the dough is now a waste of time!. Unbelievable how football has gone. One big marketing campaign now! I think if we are all honest the moment 4th place became more important than winning the FA cup was the moment football died. Will always support spurs but hate the way football has gone.
Well said SRV, the greed is unreal, but they have to pay the £300,000 per week wages somehow! equally crazy.
I love the cups, and am hoping we go all the way in Europe, I wish we would field our best sides for the cup games and not use them as an opportunity to "try him out" or try this out" rest so and so for the cup games" etc.
I would have loved to have been at Wembley supporting Spurs on Sunday, and would love to be in the FA cup! My 2 greatest memories were the cup final in 81, and the Semi final in 91! Why would we sack off our children's memories and a bit of glory just to be a runner up! CL has a lot to answer for, hopefully one day we will be contenders, but for now I want some more cup memories!
Dublin Hotspur
Dubai 6.5hrs in 1st class is a breeze !! how can that be seen as too far ?
Dublin ... I've wanted to visit Ireland since I found out both my paternal grandparents (who both died before I was born) were Irish. I was about 27 and in Oz when I discovered this! Oh, Yea, and your secret is safe with me!
Coopsie - ouch!!! will that bait bite?
I just think this is a nightmare of an idea - death of the game - I blame the Americanism of the game and GREED!!!

When in the US - love going to B'ball, baseball, gridiron - when in Oz - love going to Aussie rules etc but HATE going to all those here!!! I actually walked out of a NFL game at wembley recently - it felt so fake…

PL games should be played only in England - it's going that way of PL games being played worldwide. Not for me.
End of season tours etc is fine but I don't think that's what in mind of manure gits!
SRV - agree with you and that road hasn't seen the end of it yet. I think teams aspiring for the top4 should be equipped to play on several fronts;
That's why I still respect Citeh and not much for Merseypoo!
James - I agree with you but have you heard what's happening to the internationals as of next year? They are going to played in blocks with two days in between the games! Absurd but true!
SRV, i'm in complete agreement with that. It's about silverware, which we have a good chance of winning. Next year Europa leads to Champions League which will increase popularity, sponsorship and value of competition. Looking at other articles I'm excited and optimistic about winning games in March. Same was said couple years back to make top 4. Had to play Arse, Scum and ManUre. We won 2 and drew 1 meaning our win at Citeh confirmed 4th. The team shouldn't need reminding of payback for Liverpool, and we're at home to Arse, so players, and fans, will be up for it! Time to show some character and backbone. After such an "awful" season we've a good chance in Europa and of making top 4 still, so I can't agree that we should give up now, especially as Soldado has hit a winner of us in our last game! Let's make these 12+ games something to think positively about. COYS!
Guys, Have just signed up to this forum as an Aussie Spurs fan since I was 11 years of age in 1973! Don't know if all of you were aware of the great PR not to mention the $$$$ that rolled in during the last pre-season when United and Liverpool toured downunder. The mighty Melbourne Cricket Ground (in my humble opinion the BEST sporting arena in the world) was filled with a sea of red for Liverpool's game with in excess of 95,000 in attendance. The singing of "You'll Never Walk Alone" nearly brought a tear to my eye. Hard core 'Pool fans even said it surpassed what Anfield can dish up. I suggest you google it for those that have not seen it. The Premier League is a phenomenon in Australia now. With our domestic A League growing in seriousness and professionalism (10 years in now), and EPL still only available on Pay TV an seen in the middle of the night here obviously, it is simply amazing how much media coverage the English game generates here, and how it has certainly resonated with the younger generation. Surely, in such a competitive environment, where every dollar...err pound is at a premium, building a global brand will help the coffers and ultimately help with on-field success. BTW, in case you missed it, Man City have just bought a large stake in the second of the 2 Melbourne teams, Melbourne Heart, and will probably see them rebranded as Melbourne City. City (yes, with their well-stocked resources) are serious about growing their brand and the obvious flow-on benefits that will occur.
Melbourne Spur
yep i did think who Manu might be doing "exhibition" matches against. I cant see this being more value to us than pre season matches though. Manu are going to dominate the negotiatiions with the opposition if they do this
Welcome Melbourne, but no more about Aussie tours,
I want the dublin tour!! ;-)
Dublin Hotspur
Welcome Melbourne Spur....
But are united a big draw because they have competed in the champions league an triumphed by playign and beating the best teams in Europe? Surely they as a draw for "money spinning friendlies" won't be that atttractive if they finish half way down the table and fail to qualify for two years in a row - becaue of all these international friendlies!?

Any competition that increases your profile and also football experience and knowledge is a good thing. Spurs have to learn how to balance European football and league form. The Europa league gives us a chance to do this. If we were to win it this year I doubt we would be so disparaging of the competition! If we had beaten Basil last year and won the final we'd be still crowing about our European title!

Oooh the Europa league thats just a wooden spoon competition, wah wah - Oooh 100 million is too much money to win on the lottery wah wah - Oooh anything I don't have isn't worth having and anything that is hard isn't worth doing wah wah. Bunch of cry baby sissys! Am I the only who looks back at our glorious past and sees only one Champions league appeance - yet we're too big for the Europa league????

Slurms McKenzie
Good news Dubln, the Hop on Hop off bus tours of Dublin are starting this month for the lead up to Saint Patricks Day! Who wouldn't want to be remebered with their own holiday and lakes of green vomit?
Slurms McKenzie
Geof great to hear you have the ould bit of green blood in you! You can now grow red facial hair regardless of the colour of the hair on your head and proudly display the humble spud as your national fruit!
Slurms McKenzie
StillRickyVilla, Who needs the FA Cup or the Europa League trophy when we've got Loser Levy, AIA, Under Armour, The Scrooge and a tiny outdated stadium... We've even got our very own ENIC Auction House and a state of the art training facility! Fans like you are so ungrateful SRV... ;)
I went with no on the poll...
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms, we're even spending €130m to turn the pyramids green! What recession!! Gotta love those buses and our flat boat that goes under the Liffey bridges and all you can see is the water and sky! Paddywhackery of the highest order! Lol
Dublin Hotspur
Welcome Melboure Spur - one of my favourite cities … MCG is certainly a fantastic stadium/complex!!
Slurms no worries there you are in good company - there a few of us who thinks we should go for everything! Btw I think manure has huge historical pull because of the Busby era and the Munich disaster!
Who would you like instead Slurms?
Football for me died the day sky got in on the sport, also the CL which i hate with a passion because it has ruined every other competition and nobody gives a **** about winning cups anymore. When the **** did finishing 4th in any sport feel like winning apart from football
Whitehart, well said
Dublin Hotspur
If Man Utd fail to make the CL then they will spend big, on top top players, to attempt to ensure it doesn't happen again, and not on £26M aging nearly men, or £30m "promising young players" but on game changers, match winners, they can still attract top players. If they undertake a tour to replace their CL revenue, these games will sell out, and be a success, because they have huge fan bases on every continent, and in every football playing country, due to years of success both on the field, and with their marketing strategy off it. It may be controversial to say it, but I believe the fall out of the Munich disaster, and the subsequent outpouring of grief and sympathy assisted in this, building an aura around the club, as well as their years of success that followed. We are not in the same league with regards to playing history, fame, or pulling power overseas, so this option would not succeed to the same degree for us.
Frank, agree with your post, but don‘t forget loser Levy does work with the other giant of world football, the mighty Real Madrid as their official feeder club! Danny baby has even got the contract to prove it! He's a 'big time' feeder club LOSER...
Frank - Like they did with Mata? Or with Fellani?
I agree with you Whitehart but we do have to move with the times… but lose our values - that's why I as so pleased with the big squads -so that we could going on all fronts… FA, league, PL and EL! I will not be pushed off of my great passion so the men in the white suits and the TV stations can bog off!!!
Frank and Pele10 - I really don't think that either of you are talking facts - your deep seated hatred for Levy is obvious. I don't think much of the guy myself but there are worse and as woodyn17 points out - not that dissimilar are we ?
I won't let my dislike for one guy turn against the club that I have grown to love and invest so much in
so please wait for the glory years in another way rather than putting the club down!

Pele, have a look at the other thread "Deal done for Yahaya", might answer a couple of questions relating to the supposed RM "agreement"!! worth a look mate!
Dublin Hotspur
Good thread Dublin - very educational - insightful!
Thanks for the welcome guys - much appreciated :)) Spurs IMO must continue to grow the club in emerging markets i.e Asia and the Pacific rim in order to grow the brand and crack the glass ceiling of the big 4. It's nigh on impossible to buy Spurs merchandise here, but guess what? You can probably find ManUre toilet paper if you were so inclined. (sorry pun intended). Utd and Liverpool will always draw a gate internationally even if they were up against the local U18 5th division reserves side because they have a history of success. It's time to think global to win local. We don't want to lose generational players like Bale any more, rather entice them, keep them, and win trophies with them. A key platform, which is obviously tugging at the heart strings in North London and beyond is a new stadium. Unfortunately it's mandatory to compete with the big boys. Aussie Rules Footy, the biggest sport in Australia, has gone down a complete track of sports socialism. We went from a sport played at a local (state) level and slowly dying , to one now played on a national scale with 18 teams now scattered around the country, a draft for players based primarily on the NFL/NBA model, and a salary cap on players' income. It caused major heartbreak when introduced, but it gives ALL clubs a fair playing field and equal opportunity for success. A major component which was also introduced was that the 9 teams based in Melbourne (there are 18 teams in the league) are now based at either at the MCG (100,000 capacity) and Etihad Stadium (52,000 capacity and a retractable roof). This was a major sticking point as the clubs had to forsake traditional (and dated) 100 year old grounds that although loaded with atmosphere had well passed their used-by date. These tough measures have seen record club memberships for 13 consecutive seasons, enormous (for our small market) TV revenue, and massive media exposure. As much as it could help an already great competition get even better with the EPL, these measures are unlikely to see the light of day in the UK. LOL could anyone imagine seeing Spurs share a stadium with the Arse on alternative weeks? If we remove, the blinkered (and yes traditional) vision I can tell you that it works brilliantly. Sorry, may have gone off on a tangent there! Just the major criticism that we see here with EPL is that usually only 4 teams have a legitimate chance for a championship, and one of them isn't Spurs.
Melbourne Spur
If you miss out on Europe all together it's an good idea to look at alternative money-spinners. Not that we're fleeced enough, but... But I prefer competition over any meaningless stuff. I'm a cup lover. The Europa is fine, by me.
Brilliant insight Melobourne Spur - you course the L'Arse TP outside WHL at times!!!
Same here Jerk, glad you survived the disappearing trick on this thread!!!
*sorry Melbourne that's meant to say - you can also get the L'Arse TP outside WHLat times!!!
Melbourne Spur, great post. Unfortunately the EPL has just become a global brand, a global money-spinner. Where winning anything or glory comes a distant second to greed and making more and more money. You are right its not even a competition - apart from the competition as to who has the richest owner. We are obsessed at spurs on the money on offer for top 4 (to the sad detriment of glory - despite what the banners around the pitch say) yet the reality is even if we qualified for the CL 10 years in a row (which we wont of course) we still would not be able to compete with city and chelseas owners let alone the global money making machines united and pool. Under these circumstances it is difficult to maintain your enthusiasm. Every "I wish we were out of europe or the cup so we can concentrate on top 4" type comment i read gradually eats away at my football soul. At some point there wont be any soul left. I remember last time we reached the CL and many on here wanted harry to put out a weakened team so we could concentrate on qualifying again - absolute madness. What is the point in any of it! We need a glorious win in turin to make everyone understand and remember why we actually support a football team in the first place. Im not confident but hopeful!
Great post Melbourne, not sure I agree with the americanisation of the EPL in such a fashion,and i don't think wage caps or fair financial rules would work. Look at Liverpool this year V last, they are there cos they improved dramatically, and yes, kept suarez, but I think they would be up there even without him! Giving managers time to run their vision through is key, the stadium is key, paying higher wages than we do is key, and being competitive in europe (either) is key! I agree with the globalisation marketing strategy, but playing catch up is a tough game with UTD, Pool etc, so yeas emerging markets (US / Canada ? Asia / Africa) could and should be the way to go!

By the way, Dublin is less than 300 miles from WHL, and you would struggle to find a spurs shirt in a sports shop here, let alone melbourne!
Highgate, I bought 3 rolls for a tenner after the stoke game over xmas, I save them for mornings following a rake of Guinnes and a good hot curry!!
Dublin Hotspur
Oh brilliant - I even took a picture of the man selling them - I thought it was brilliant ! And that following information is what I term as "Too Much Information"… Glad to see you did ok in the twilight zone….do you think he is barred from everywhere else?!

On the topic I would hate to see a Spurs "team" in HK, Aus , India or US - I'd just hate it! But could've been useful for the likes of Bentley et al!!! btw fancy setting up a stall with spurs shirts in Dublin ? A business opportunity?!
Is anyvody theeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeeee...
Now THAT'S magic!
Whilst I still do not like the format, now that the Europa League from next season offers the chance to gain Champs league qualification I feel it will give it a little more credibility.

Yes, we should explore all revenue streams but IMO not at the sacrifice of European competition. Whilst finances may be greater with money spinning friendlies, surely it can also be argued that European competition is a valuable learning experience.
Cider spurs
Sorry, should be an EPL store!
Dublin Hotspur
Highgate, I would Love to, but we have to get every other person n Ireland to move away from UTD, Liverpool and Celtic! no one even supports our own PL here!!! How do we do that, Oh I know….. MELBOURNE!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP HERE!
There is a definite opportunity for club merchandise here though, for any club, what available is Official shirts, some training gear for the above mentioned teams and slippers for the above mentioned teams. A soccer store would work!
Dublin Hotspur
It is ain't it Jerk!

Cider I would also want to hold back on friendlies as the players keep saying how tired they are!
Merchandise yes, a brand club yes whatever but wary about players flying here and there everywhere during the season!
Dublin...I noticed you said you cooked Asian cuisine, curries and such. Also you state Guiness and a hot curry. Mate, curry the hotter the better for me. Struggle to get a truly hot one round here, done the phaals and all associated. Usually got to get the chef to knock something up dependant on what pub has just had the pleasure of my drunken stupor
Cider spurs
Highgate...I'm wary of Ade catching a return flight back from anywhere.
Cider spurs
Where are you based Cider? Next time in London - look me up - will take you to one of the best curry places!!! Drink after the curry to enjoy it even more!!
Anyway, time to spend a bit of time with my good lady. I bid you all goodnight and hopefully will catch you all tomorrow.
Cider spurs
I can't leave without answering that question Highgate. I'm down here in Flooded Somerset. I will most certainly look you up mate, curry and a good pint is my ideal. My missus prefers the old Chinese food. Being a gent, we usually end up going down that route. Same for yourself, as said to a few others(you know who you are) If ever down my neck of the woods, I'll show you around and no doubt introduce you to some of our local fare and produce.....Cider, lots of it.
Cider spurs
Freedom of Speech! Ban The Bomb! (Not the retard...) LIBERTY! Say NO! to corporal punishment. And remember, if you get called a bunt, RETALIATE! (Or ignore it). How can David Cameron run England when HWCNBN can't post on VS?!! LOLOLOLOL TEAR DOWN THE WALL!
jerkinmahjurgen're #1. Top of the members league. ;-)
Cider spurs
Night Cider, belated hello to Melly Spurs!
Slurms McKenzie
You're on Cider - here's hoping the worst is over and things are drier ! Hope you haven't been effected too much! Better calm down on the post - don't wanna be stepping on any toes! Take care mate.
Jerk, as Wolfie said "Power to the people" - the overlords can't be overthrown by even the Data Protection folks!!! Lordy me - eye opener or what?
Slurms ... It does explain my love of mashed potatoes, my urge to watch another Celtic Thunder DVD, a rather strange and disconcerting habit of suddenly talking with a Celtic accent, nightmares about Oliver Cromwell, a lack of fear of snakes, and my dream of Tottenham playing in an all-green strip (and I don't mean very defensively with 11 goalkeepers). And I won't even mention Danny Blanchflower!
Melbourne ... And another welcome from across the desert!
Highgate ... You're dead right ... United was adopted by football fans all over the world because of Munich. That event was the basis from which their popularity grew, and it has never died! A perfect example of, the most negative things can have positive side effects ... always look for the positives or, as a very naughty boy once said, 'Always look on the ... !
WELCOME!! Melbourne Spur :-)) From one Melbournian to another.
Nice to see the Aussie connection growing!! Keep it going and we may get a tour 'Down Under'? :-)
There were talks last year that Spurs were going to make the trip over this way. Even made the news here in NZ that they were in discussions with the Wellington Phoenix... it fell through and it looks like the Nix are trying to line up a game against west ham instead this year. :-( Which sucks big time, as I made my first trip back to Lane this year at a ridiculous cost only to watch the 3-0 calamity against west ham. Last thing i want to do is watch my new local team get trounced by them too.
That’s a thought you could lose sleep over, Sleepless!
I’ve been reading some recent quotes from Soldado. He seems to be a very realistic and sensible guy. He wants to do well at Spurs and has not given up trying. Hope it all works out well for him and for us.
I have been hanging out for an Australian tour. No doubt it will come one day and I will fly to anywhere in Australia to watch. COYS
Hahaha the Spurs Aussies only appear when they are doing well at cricket...joking of course! How are you Geof. COYS!
I feel your pain Ricky. My only visit to the UK was as part of a 6 month back-packing trip in 88-89. The month I spent in the UK was primarily based at a hostel in Russell Square, and of course I ventured to WHL and was able to get tickets to a game (not that easy for an Aussie pre the net!!!). Just so happened that the game was Spurs V Forest (the first ever game televised live against the gate). Spurs by that time in the season were in their usual mid-table mediocrity, and the attendance at the Lane was a paltry 17.000. Perhaps this was the beginning of the soul being eroded from the sport.
Melbourne Spur
Aussie Spurs fans? Have seen Spurs at the MCG!!!!!!! It was as part of some pre-season tournament in the early 80s. Spurs played the Aussie National team (can't remember any other details LOL).
Melbourne Spur
Mate I went with has just supplied the details. It was 1985.
Melbourne Spur
Pardon my ignorance guys as a newbie and not up to speed with all the goings on over in Europe, but can someone please explain how it's determined which club would be the unlucky side to miss out on Champions League benefits at the expense of the winner of the Europa League. ... and where can we sign the petition to ensure it's the arse?
Melbourne Spur
Melbourne ... you are assuming that Arsenal will achieve a CL place?! I’m going to assume they won’t ... it makes me happier! :-)
Geofspurs - oh what an end to the cricket!!! Superb… got dragged out by Aussie mates to go and celebrate at a Sports Bar tonight !!! Captain Marvel!!!
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