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Ashley Cole?

It seems that many believe that one of our biggest problems in our team at the moment is at left back, so would it be truly unthinkable to try and sign one of the best in the game?

Now firstly, I`m not suggesting that Spurs are seriously considering buying Ashley Cole or that the player would consider joining, however my question is, that, where he to be interested, affordable and available, would you want him and would he benefit the club in terms of added quality, winning mentality and experience. Even, dare I suggest, add a little bit of nasty?

When we consider that Cole isn`t in the Chelsea first team and his contract expires in the summer, there is sure to be interest in a player who may well be thirty-three, but is still for me an outstanding left back and one that remains as good as anyone in his position. I can fully understand the need for England to look to the longer term, but as we witnessed last night and also in his increasingly rare outings for Chelsea, he is still a player who looks hungry and very capable.

As fans, we can look at his past Arsenal and current Chelsea history and a few stories of on and off field misdemeanours, but could or would we ignore them, if he was a player we considered to improve the team? It is impossible to ignore a few ill advised issues from his past, but he also has a first class reputation in the game for being very fit, a great trainer and professional, as well as being an exceptional left back. Could he benefit a young and developing Rose or Fryers, whilst I also have no doubt he would offer inspiration and advise to others, including a more experienced Walker and Naughton, plus the likes of Ryan Fredericks, as they continue to develop.

We perhaps have a precedent in William Gallas in terms of a controversial character and one with genuine Arsenal and Chelsea links, but the signing of Cole, would make that look like a smooth transaction. Few current players seem to attract the hatred of fans like Cole, whether justified or not. Cole is actually a quiet and private man, who might actually be misinterpreted by the public due to such trivialities as marrying Cheryl Cole and taking an Air Gun to a trainee. To be fair, I might not marry Cheryl, but… As for the shooting, lets just call it millionaire high jinx…

As I mentioned earlier, this isn`t a rumour, it isn`t to suggest Cole would join or that we would want or afford him, but if the opportunity knocked, would he be a player you would be happy to see in a Tottenham shirt for a couple of years?..

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday March 6 2014

Time: 9:43AM

Your Comments

Only 25 days to April Fools, Ox!

Really dislike the guy, but he is a class left back. And if we can accept getting an ex Arsenal player in Ade, then there should be no problem here. Personal feelings aside, I will say no, because I think he is too old.
just to clarify, he was 33 in December, and does have a great reputation as a natural athlete who is a great trainer and very fit
Ah, wicked ... just popped my "1st" Cherry!

Off out for a smoke
Maybe bring him in until a younger option becomes available. Or, failing that, give Rose or Fryers the chance to make the position their own. I'd prefer that option to bringing in Cole on what I feel would have no long term benefit to the team
I would question his motivation, being at the age he is, coming to a club like ours after playing for 2 of our rivals. If we had Harry still as a manager I would probably be slightly more open minded as Harry has a knack of getting players like him to perform to a high standard despite the club they represent. In saying that Cole couldn't be any worse than our existing LB.
His wages would be a problem for starters but I'd rather go for the highly talented Shaw or Ben Davies of Swansea. Cole is a good solution and clearly could play for another 3 seasons at the highest level. COYS!
He has a dodgy ankle and 34 years young December next year. Let Man Utd or Liverpool sign him or Harry Redknapp as its his type/age target, "great lad". Not an upgrade on Danny Rose who is still learning and improving.
...just to clarify: the suggestion is to approach the quality of Chelsea by signing the players that are no longer good enough for them...? Unlike previous such suggestions: Micah Richards & Lescott, at least Ashley Cole has actually been England's most consistent performer for ages.... So the link has more validity, but not ideal for Spurs right now. The best for us is to perhaps get a 3rd younger LB, and have the trio of Rose, Fryers & new guy to EARN the right to play. As opposed to getting Cole, who would expect to play. Don't get me wrong, I believe the guy gives 100% no matter what, but I do feel that his powers have dimished lately.
TonyRich that a word...? It is now.....
Might not be a bad option if he's willing to take a pay cut.
Absolutely. I was saying this to my brother the other day. Proven premiership player, look at our current imports, they have hardly settled well. I'm not bothered about the arsenal connections, he hasn't played there for so long and obviously wasn't bothered about them otherwise he would not have left.
The Hudd
i'LL 2nd James1 for Shaw, the guy looks like like he's going to be class in a few years time, not that I think Levy would fork out the money to get him.
Not a chance!
haha you spurs are just a laughing stock!!! See you on channel 5 again.....bye bye....yours AVB
Or chambers! Even more highly touted than shaw. I dislike cole, think he's too old, and as good a player as he is, I think I would vomit if I had to cheer his name at the lane!
Dublin Hotspur
He's certainly better than Danny Rose. He'll still be better than Danny Rose in 7 tears time when he's 40.
7 'years' - sorry, Freudian slip!
James .. I agree!
Re Dublin's article on the previous thread ... Yea, where are you?!
Cole is most definitely not needed at Spurs. (Too old). If I was to choose anyone from the PL with experience, it would be Baines.... (Luke Shaw is only 18 and he impressed me more last night)... I see no problem with using Rose and Fryers anyway.
What Mix said, same for Shaw, too. Best bet is to look at peterballb's suggestion, Umtiti. Strong as an ox, stamina to go up and down the line all day long, competent defender & only going to get better with age, FAST, good delivery into the box and, as we've seen first hand, can produce a heck of a shot, if the opportunity arises. We must remain realistic with our targets. In my opinion, neither of Cole or Shaw are realistic options. Also James1 made the right kind of suggestion, Ben Davies. Cracking little player who will continue to improve with age.

In other news, re Yahaya, I found this one. At Celta until 18th birthday:

''Musa Yahaya has signed a preliminary contract with Tottenham Hotspur. But they have immediately loaned him to Celta Vigo until his eighteenth birthday.

''When he turns 18, he will sign a four - year contract with Spurs if he is able to get a work permit,'' Babawo Mohammed told SL 10....

The important part of that is, "if he is able to get a work permit"... This will be why we've sent him to Celta Vigo, it'll help with that situation LOTS.

A new name has popped up, too. A young attacker who can also play as a central striker, goes by the name of Davy Klaasen, and is yet another product of the famous Ajax academy. 20 years of age & full of promise...

Currently on a deal with Ajax until June 2016, while Eredivisie side are willing to have it extended, Dutch Under-21 international offensive midfielder Davy Klaassen (20) has been targeted by both Tottenham and Aston Villa. His ownership, according to, is now esteemed around 3.5 million euros

Scores In 53% Of Games: Spurs Eye Highly-Rated Ajax Starlet

Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa have joined the race to sign the latest product of Ajax’ famed academy, Davy Klaassen, TalkSport report.

The Dutch under-21 international has already won the Eredivisie title twice at the tender age of just 20 and the attacker has already caught the eye of a number of clubs around Europe.

Manchester United and Chelsea have also been linked with an interest, but it is the less illustrious duo that have leapt to the front of the queue having made their interest known to the Dutch outfit.

Ajax are very keen to keep hold of the forward for the foreseeable future and while Director of Football Marc Overmars has issued a hands off warning to any potential suitors, like any of their prospects they know that every player has their price.

A bid of £5million is rumoured to get Ajax to the negotiating table and it is believed both clubs are willing to offer that in order to land the highly-rated youngster.

Spurs are in need of offensive recruitments with few naturally attack-minded midfielders in the squad to support Emmanuel Adebayor and Roberto Soldado up front.

Aston Villa are also keen on bringing in further attacking options with Libor Kozak nursing a broken leg currently, while Christian Benteke’s goals have dried up this campaign after his impressive debut season last year, leaving them short on goals.
Ox, nice thought, but imo, a no go! C'mon, we are building for the future and not just for 6 to 12 months. So far our YOUNG left backs have been required to bomb up the pitch on regular occasions whilst the neglecting their defensive role...WHY?...simple, because we don't have a natural left winger ala Bale. I would be interested in developing our existing youngsters in that area if we can fine a GOOD left winger. The defender can then concentrate on his main role. Besides, what have we got Balding in for if not to scout and identify potential/experience? If we can sell Rose, I'd re-invest the money + more and get a seasoned PL player, but not another European untested/untried expecting gelling. COYS!
If Cole is surplus to requirements at Chelsea, or A N Other player at another PL club, should we go for them, or go for a player who would make Cole and the likes surplus to our requirements? The latter option for me (If it all makes sense)!
Dublin Hotspur
Critical, I think the problem with Rose, and to a point Walker, is that they are aspiring wingers, and naturally want to go forward. Rose especially, and he doesn't want to go back to quickly either! an option might be to try him on the wing once we get a proper LB, and have Fryers mentored by them. He's learning nothing with us about being a full back at the moment, so I can't see him progressing too much as things stand!
Dublin Hotspur
MAN ON ... Not sure about Rose yet, but certainly think fryers should get a chance to prove himself ... although Cole could be of use short-term, or BAE!
Ox id like a big of what you've been smoking today! Must be some good stuff! There is no way that cole would ever play for us, his ego is far too big to play for a small club like us out of champions league! He will either extend with Chelsea or go abroad for ridiculous retirement money. I'd take the tit in a heart beat bug he would never join
Dublin, I agree with you ref aspiring wingers. But imo, because of their forays up field, the impact on Dawson and Vertonghen's performance is detrimental as they are constantly required to cover for them. Also, Lennon's performance as a winger is severely jeopardised due to FB's ending up in no man's land!. I wouldn't mind if our FB's surges were productive. Neither of them have any impact in the final 3rd.
spurticus, agree with you. More likely he will end up like Defoe heading across the pond to get a retirement pay cheque!....By across the pond, I don't mean Dunlinland!
Retirement at 34 lol!. I wished I was that privileged!
Ca$hley Col£'s next move will probably be to the UAE. he has a home in Dubai, spends much of his free time there and will get the best contract possible at his age. #semi retirement
I would rather us sign Cheryl Cole,
spu 4 life
PSG is my bet for Cashley Cole!!
Yeah Critical, I totally agree, its kind of what I was trying to put across, but obviously did a terrible job! My suggestion was to give Rose a shot ay actually playing as a winger, and take him away from LB position completely, and replace with a bonafide LB who can mentor Fryers or the like! We did the same with Bale and look what happened. I'm in no way suggesting Rose is any where near BG in the talent stakes, in fact I don't rate him at all, but that is all based on him being our LB. he might not cut it as a winger, if thats the case get rid, but he might do ok, and even suffice for backup!
trouble is, I don't like Townsend on the Right or left, and Walker needs to stay in position more effectively! our wings are both a bit of a mess, and hence there is pressure on the CB's and the midfield is getting too congested!
Dublin Hotspur
Cricket: Barry Roux the Pistolrius lawyer says it was a cricket bat hitting the bathroom door, well I've played a few shot's at cricket myself, never killed anyone though with a cover drive!!!
spu 4 life
spu - Now you're talking. She'd have to either keep her mouth shut, though, or have it filled with something that stops her from talking ;-) I can't stand that bloody accent. Not too keen on that ridiculous butt tattoo she had done either. Why take what is already a work of art, and deface it with an excuse for such a thing? Shame!
Good player but as already said I don't think that he would come to us or that we would match his wage demands. I certainly couldn't imagine him listening to TS.
err no fckin way what are we the team where old players are put out to pasture, Cole is without a doubt a good player, but too old & to many niggly injuries, maybe with our injury record instead of a new training ground we should have built a hospital with a old folks home attached !
Yeah Critical, don't send him here… we don't want him!
Dublin Hotspur
Coops; Did you get your boxing tickets? I don't mind her accent to be honest, she's right up my street, love the body art, I would like to make her rose bloom !!!
spu 4 life
As for Cashley Cole, no thanks, someone mentioned Ben Davies the Swansea player age 20, on a closer look at him, Yes I would go for him, no idea of his value, but I would guess between 10-to-15m?
spu 4 life
SPU 4 Life, Good word for Our Conor coming out of Dessie Hughes' stable. any whispers or fancies your end? might put a thread up on Sunday where anyone who is interested in Cheltenham Races can share info or fancies! That be ok Ox?
Dublin Hotspur
Will probably be a good defender for another year or two but attacking threat will be limited. Don't really see it as worth the hassle, if we had a Redknapp type manager that would know how to use him then it would be considerable but we don't. Go for someone better unless Rose of Fryers make the place their own in the next 10 weeks.
Can Cheryl play? She can't sing.
MAN ON ..... with me she can but will she............... play!
I've just seen this on Vital Everton... Spurs to raid Everton in the summer .... would we go for Miralles???
kevin meirelles is alongide hazard the best belgians playing in the epl.i would love this guy.was hoping that chadli would be like him
kevin meirelles is atop 4 player no doubt.
as for ashley cole,no thanks
Well, Chelsea seem to have an abundance of ****s in their squad…you know this could mean they are changing their colors by offloading a few? On topic, he’s is a good player but probably has lost a yard or 2. He is 33 so is getting on a bit, he will be looking for one decent pay check like the Sagna links to inter (albeit he is only 28) but won’t want to drop down too many levels. Can’t see this happening and he will see it out at chelsea. Never mind chav fans. I would be good to have him on derby days though. COYS.
spu - They don't go on sale until the 10th, so there's nothing I (well my mate who is going to try & get the tickets) can do until then. LOL'd at the "love to make her rose bloom" comment, nice!! ;-).. Can't believe anyone likes that accent, though. I find it so "hard" sounding, not something that suits a beautiful flower, such as Cheryl. Totally random fact, but the 'trigger word', ie the word that ANYBODY can say in a perfect Geordie accent, is conjunctivitis. Go on, try it ;-)
I'm with James1 here - it'd wreck three sets of supporters - Chavs, Scum and US!!!! For me Davies is good bet with Fryers as CB! Danny - a Maccam surely? To echo ghulamville : 'no thanks!'
longtime - This'll probably leave me open to LOADS of abuse, but if that Everton raid was for a certain Irish Right Back, I'd be over the bloody moon. Not that I'd turn my nose up at Kevin Mirallas, and I'm sure our current Belgian players would have a word in his ear, to help any move come to fruition. Not forgetting the young player, Ismail Azzaoui, who is apparently coming to us in the summer, and is also a Belgian, and selected to turn down a contract offer from Anderlecht, because he wants to move to play with Dembele, Vertonghen & Chadli. We could do MUCH worse than looking at the pool of Belgian talent!
Gotta say copse the same thought runs through me whenever I see Coleman play! Doubt he'll leave Everloan - there must be a youngster at the club playing LB - like Shaw!!!
Dublin; First one is have a butchers at telegraph fantasy racing 2014 cheltenham, free to enter.
spu 4 life
Will do. Cheers mate! Adds a bit more. Decent daily and full festival sweeps In the pub too, so keeps the interest up!
Dublin Hotspur
I've pretty much exhausted my knowledge of LB's, Highgate. I don't really know many more (that we could actually realistically get) that isn't posted above in my earlier response. Earlier I mentioned a young lad called Davy Klaasen. Well, on Christian Eriksen's Instagram, he posted a video of Klassen at a driving range in England, the one that him, Dembele and Vertonghen were at days after he signed for us ...

Looks as though there could be more in this, or just the media noticing this too and getting a column written?
Time to go and get the kids now, back later.
One very good LB is Light & Bitter
spu 4 life
Coops hate to say this after last night I think Shaw could be heading off somewhere else (hopefully not Chelski!)… it's weird all those players, those facilities yet no LB! Spu - that's a nice description of Rose and cashley...
Highgate - Chel$ki is exactly where he'll end up, unfortunately. There's even info out there on the internet that suggests he's told 'friends' that he wants to go there, and will reject the likes of United, Arseanal, Man Citeh, Liverpoo & THFC, if it means he'll get a move to the club he has supported all his life.
Actually, I mentioned a young LB about a fortnight ago, who we are supposedly interested in. Lucas Digne, 20 years old & currently at PSG. Supposedly a very good player & talent....

Liverpool and Spurs to battle over French World Cup winner

Speculation surrounding PSG defender Lucas Digne's future has been growing amid suggestions the 20-year-old is a target for Liverpool and Tottenham. Here, talkSPORT’s Transfer Spotlight reveals all you need to know about the France U21 international

Name: Lucas Digne
Date of birth: 20 July 1993
Birthplace: France
Position: Left-back
Club: Paris Saint-Germain
International: Seven France U21 caps
Honours: 2013 U20 World Cup
Looks like Agger did a job on Wilshere last night. He's out for 6 weeks at least.
Wicked man on, we both cheered it on! "Down jack, down boy"
Dublin Hotspur
Ashley Cole, overrated and past it.
matt hoten
Cole is too old.. next suggestion please coopsie. .
Block D Spurs
Man On! Feel sorry for the guy!
Dublin - have you forgotten that Rose converted to LB due to hi s flagging career as a winger ? Anyway his latest attempts on the whole leave a lot to be desired ? I'd favour Coleman or the french guy ?
Man On, Dublin; Seems like there was an echo across these isles when Agger tackled the Scrot!!
Highgatespur; Coleman a excellent right full back, I think the french guy your thinking about, is a left back Dijon, Coleman on the right and Dijon on the left a couple of hot full backs who are mustard !!!
spu 4 life
Spu - although I like Walker - he gets a hard deal from us I think. Levy will succumb soon over a big offer from him, I was thinking of Digne as in Coopsie's post! Anything to strengthen the back four...
We need a LB who can run up and down the line, positional awareness, and can have 4 years of playing for us.. Cole does not qualify on all accounts. It is going back to Harry's aging players transfer in.. a short term fix...
Block D Spurs
spu ... After a few Light and Bitters nobody would care who the LB is! lol
2 more new names we're supposedly interested in today.

1 - Mateo Kovacic :- Currently on a deal with Inter until June 2017 and possibly leaving during next summer, Croatian international playmaking and offensive midfielder Mateo Kovacic (19) is being surveyed by Tottenham, according to latest rumours. Former Dinamo Zagreb star is already an item of interest for Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea and Arsenal, and his ownership is esteemed around 13.5 million euros

2 - Diego Lopez :- Tottenham and AC Milan are both on the trail of Real Madrid goalkeeper Diego Lopez.

talkSPORT told you on Wednesday that Milan want to find a replacement for current first-choice goalkeeper Christian Abbiati, who will turn 37 in July.

They're monitoring Levante's Keylor Navas - who has been followed by Everton and Liverpool - but the San Siro giants' number one target is Lopez, who has kept Iker Casillas out of Real Madrid's starting line-up since moving to the Bernabeu in January 2013.

Milan's interest in the 32-year-old is not new - they were keen on him during his five-year spell at former club Villarreal - but they could look to firm up their interest in the summer.

However, it is believed Milan will face competition from Spurs, whose technical director Franco Baldini is also keen on the Spaniard.

Hugo Lloris admitted in January that he will consider his future if Tim Sherwood's side fail to qualify for the Champions League, and Lopez could be viewed as a potential replacement for the Frenchman.

While I'm at it, I just read on BBC Gossip, that Man City will allow both of Joleon Lescott, and Micah Richards, leave at the end of the season. We should be all over BOTH of those. Richards is a beast, and Lescott is a better LB than any we have at the club. He's out of contract in the summer, so will only cost wages, and Richards has a contract that expires in June next year, so less than a year to go when the new season kicks off. That means he will cost nowhere near his market value, which should mean, like Lescott, we'll be able to offer a competitive/attractive financial package.

in my opinion, both players come under the term "no brainer" and should be signed up ASAP.
Long time in the wilderness for both these players Coopsie. And with our track record of breaking defenders, Richards injury history would be a worry.
Slurms McKenzie
Yeah I hear that loud & clear, Slurms. I just love Richards as a player, he's an absolute monster, is a better CB than Dawson, and a better RB than Kyle Walker, in my opinion, of course. He has 'strength' that none of our defenders possess, and I am just bias towards him. As for Lescott, I'd also say he's a better defender than Dawson, a better LB than any we have on the books, and, like Richards, is also a threat in the oppositions area, too. I'll admit, there's a massive part of me that is praying that Sherwood, should he remain in charge, will be all over those 2 players, due to the fact that they're English, are PL ripened, and both still have more than a little to offer.

I should also point out, young Kovacic is a deep lying playmaker, something we all admit we've lacked since Geof's favourite Croatian left for Madrid.
Also, Inter seem very keen on Capoue, now I really like Capoue always rated him at Toulouse, but with Sandro now fit, and Dembele arguably better defensively than creatively, maybe the club are thinking that some kind of swap deal might suit both teams and both players.

Hard to say as so many of these rumours have no substance, but I think it's fair to say we are lacking a playmaking central midfielder despite having a lot of midfielders
Coopsie - that's the art of supporting Spurs - following all those rumours!!!! Still waiting for Hulk, Demaio...
LOL Highgate. Luckily Damiao is now at Santos, and has, so far, managed 2 goals in 6 games, in something called "State League"?? As for Hulk, that one will never rear it's head again, now that AVB is a thing of the past. As much as I don't personally get they hype about him, when I think about a choice between him or Lennon on the right of a three pronged attack, I know which I'd choose, and he most certainly isn't called Aaron. That said, we have a young Argentinian who is excellent on the right of a three pronged attack, so I hope he can find his mojo, and show us what we've been missing, if he's ever found lol
I think you are in a good crowd there Coopsie - that day will hopefully come along!!!

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