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Fixable Mess?

You're the manager, what do you do with our current squad in the summer? In the summer just gone it was looking extremely positive. Seven new players all who appeared to have undoubted ability to make up for the gaping whole left by Gareth Bale. Unfortunately, even though we are still there or thereabouts (just) it hasn't quite worked out how many of us had hoped.

There's been no structure continuity or fluidity. Players have struggled and injuries have been at an all time high. I don't agree that their is a 'best 11' however you should have a structure where certain players play most games and aren't moved. Thus hasn't been the case with us, again injuries are partly to blame but this isn't the sole reason.

Paulinho has been a holding mid as well as a number ten. Pick one. Same with Dembele. Eriksen has either been left, the hole or centre. Pick a position. This is evident throughout the team. There is no identity at Tottenham. For me it looks like we are a newly formed international side that still aren't sure whether a player is a centre half or centre forward!

So, what do you do? A possible clear out an start again, try an get our Tottenham back? That's what I'd do. Even if it means selling 5 of our 7 new acquisitions plus others, even though each one for me is high in quality I think we need to sell to start again. We are overcrowded in too many positions an not enough numbers in others.

Sell two or three like Siggy an Chadli to sign one i.e. Lallana. Get a clean squad of high quality who fight. Or the other option is to build on what we already have with one or two changes, hoping we see a more settled side next year. I don't like this. For me the squad is full of cracks. You wouldn't buy a sofa for a floor that needs fixing would you?

So Spurs fans, you're the gaffer, what do you do? COYS!!!

Written by BrooksySpurs

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The journalist

Writer: BrooksySpurs Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday March 13 2014

Time: 8:26AM

Your Comments

of course what we also don't know is what players will actively want to leave this summer. I certainly feel we have to sort the managerial situation out asap, and also get the structure in place for a long term vision. Has Baldini impressed the board in his near 12 mtgs at the club, How will he fit in with Broomfield? Will it be Sherwood, LVG or another who takes charge of the first team? Until we get that in place and ideally look to stick with it, through rough and hopefully smooth, we will always be in a situation of chopping and changing and as a result underachieving
Problem number 1; we keep starting again, where exactly is it getting us ? Rogers says he took the Liverpool job rather than coming to Spurs because he thought there he would get more time. Can't really argue with the logic or the results. Problem number 2; we are a club that is finely balanced financially, drop a bundle on a fire sale of players and it will hurt us for years. the sixth richest club in the premier league can't afford to throw money down the drain.
First and foremost Sandro 1st name on team sheet with CAPTAIN next to his name , epitomises everything an onfield leader requires . One that won't be putting his hand up to leave in the summer .
Jod , personally think Rogers was being diplomatic , didn't want to deal with Levy . That will be the problem if the decision is to replace Sherwood , Levy's all but done his chips in that department .
sandroman - Every manager seems to complain about not getting enough time, I see no reason why Rogers would be any different.
Sandro for captin take no *****
Of course it's fixable but how much do we have? we could start by offering andros and rose to saints as part of a deal to bring Shaw and lallana to us....
Jod , seems like he's made the right call so far , would have been interesting if he had come to us , was my personal favourite for the job . On your number one problem , it does feel a bit ( lot ) like groundhog day .
Ok I say this trying to think honestly about the players desires and the club. I think we could lose Lloris and Verts this summer and potentially Paulinho. You've got to hope those 3 bring in around 40-50mln if they were to be sold. The speculation over Capoue seems to say he'll go if we get the right offer so that looks like another 10, so there is a little war chest built already. BAE will obviously be sold and you've got to think we lose a couple of others who aren't cutting the mustard (my picks Rose/Dembele/Dawson) and unfortunately I imagine Soldado could well be on his way back to sunnier climbs at a lose to the P&L! So in theory we could be back to having 100 in the bank and although not wanting a clear out it may simply be some of these guys have run their course. I'm not even going to mention Lamela as we simply haven't seen this guy play, new manager and a semi-new start for the club. The World Cup will be a window for many of our players who will have yet again missed out on Champions League football/Lucrative contracts.
Shedboy2 , just don't tell saints Topho comes with Andros .
Start again. Get an experienced manager in who the players will respect - Van Gaal, de Boer, Hoddle. Put Dawson to paddock in the championship and make Sandro captain. New left back, new CB to replace Michael, Soldado back to Spain and Loic Remy in. Trim one or two - possibly Siggy and Chadli to get a quality number 10 in. The players obviously don't respect and want to play for young/inexperienced managers so a tough,older hard head is the only way to go for mine to keep some of the over inflated egos in check.
LOS Spurs
We need a consistent spine to the team. We need a long term (?) manager. We need to decide who stays and who goes. We need two world class players to compliment the squad and take it to the next level. But for now ... we need to beat Benfica and win the EL (that will fix it for me)!
We have the players every body said so at the start of the season, we have the best squad we have ever had every body said so at the start of the season, get rid of the players that dont show they want to play for the club and replace job done, if ts is here or not
We can only speculate at this point. As Ox says, who WANTS out? Is Kaboul able to continue? Some of these decisions will be made for us. Rodgers has no grounds to say that about Spurs. We've not gone through any more managers than them since Rafa went. They've got different owners with no history to judge upon. The Spurs job is harder. He chose the club that spent 55m on a total waster and a prospect. It's no more than a double-pronged soundbite, aiming one at Levy and pleasing the kop. A good shout, Sandro for captain. If we can keep Lloris, Verts and Kaboul, we're halfway there. Add a leftback, striker, back-up goalie... New signings need to have determination, need to appreciate Tottenham and be mentally strong - all areas we're a little weak. After that it's as and when. If Naughton doesn't want to challenge against Walker, replace. Same all over.I maintain our squad is largely very talented and strong - just need to get them wanting it. Our '2nd team' is the envy of 75% of them Premier League. Friedal, Naughton, Chiriches, Dawson, Fryers, Capoue, Paulinho, Townsend, Lamela, Bentaleb, Soldado. Something wrong if you can't use that lot. May as well give up,
What happened to Benteke coming in for Ade?
Big Ron
We will find out if publicly slagging off the players will have an effect or not. The way Sherwood was talking in his interview was like he will be the manager next season but that is expected as he wouldn't be saying anything else. Interesting that Sandro said the team had a two hour meeting and that some of the players had to be calmed down. Lets hope there is a positive reaction tonight.
Levy already knows whether he's likely to keep TS or not. He'll gauge the vibe. If the players aren't putting the effort in and doing as they're asked, the onus is on them. Likewise if TS is showing good credentials, as I think he has - line-up, tactics and first half against Chelsea suggest that he might - then why change? Good managers are the icing on the cake. If we've got players that can't motivate themselves and are judgmental, get shot of them. The manager can't spend all his time convincing players to play. They should be itching to go as a standard. Git rid of any lethargic moodies. Sign some that don't need it on a plate.
Who needed calming down, do you think?
I could see Dawson having a go and needing calming down, lennon maybe as he tries hard in games, not sure really. Not sure what they would have discussed for two hours, will they now be shouting at each other during the match and fighting, you never know.
The irony behind Sherwood's rant is he loaned out holtby, the epitome of everything he said he was missing! I'd build my team around Sandro, Holtby and Eriksen in the middle! Lennon and Townsend as back up and bring in two new wide players that frighten the opposition. Lukaku or Benteke are a must buy with Lescott on a free please. Sell paulinho, dembele, siggy, soldado, adebayor, naughton, rose and search high and low for quality replacements
I have also had a titfull of the Dawson love, he is Gareth Bale without the talent! Committed, genuine nice guy, outstanding pro that gives his all, if he was as talented as Bale he would be playing for United, Real Etc. He is not loyal through choice but only by his limited ability! Nice guy, but not the selfless hero that he's being portrayed as
Coopsieyid, i love you and not because you are a spurs fan, you make sense, it is as plain and as simple as that, but why oh why can not a manager see it, for the past 3 yrs i have lived in NZ and i want so much to fly back to the UK and throttle the last 2 managers, Coops please be our manager and im not taking the pizz, coys
Coops, if i was a manager in todays game i would jump at the chance with the squad we have, a bit of tinkering and a few more buys and we have what we all ready knew a team to challenge the top 4, a manager with some balls and a bit of knowledge, coys
No offense taken, Coopsie. S'all just pov. It's a tough call from the outside, whether to blame our manager, who's hindrance is clearly his lack of experience or managerial history, or our players, who are clearly a lot better than they are showing. It's certainly the managers job to get the best from the players, but at an average of 60,000 pew week, they are obliged to follow instructions, surely? And SOME of the motivation and desire has GOT to come from within. Lennon was on the left for chunks of that game as well. On the touchline with his arms out like he was guiding a plane in. They swapped - it was just tactical. Look at how Chelsea play? They'd've probably sneaked it 1 or 2 nil anyway, but if Sandro's strike had gone in... Two rabbits out the bag in Walker and Sigg, the latter not my first choice but he tries, follows instructions, is behind the boss. It's why we see Bentaleb. Players that are focused and want to play for Spurs. LVG worries me with his abrupt rudeness, but he's probably my choice if TS gets replaced. But with regards to sorting our squad out, the one's that aren't trying for Tim... I can't see them taking on LVG's approach. They'll still be too up themselves. Whoever's in charge, 3 or 4 of the biggest spanners will be getting touted out. Don't need it, whoever's in charge.
I'm just relieved it wasn't me who trod on the end of it.
HaHaHa, thats a good laugh to end the day, goodnight all and pleasant dreams about our spurs, cheers
I'd also take Richards in a heart beat coops
Bentaleb in the 8 figure bracket according to some.
He's a good player, Spurticus but there's no room for him in our treatment room.
Is TS lottery payout gonna come to fruition? Payout from being sacked and payout for a % of bentalebs sell on value? Hmmm! I reckon utd can have him if the price is right. TS too. Family package!
Dublin Hotspur
Ive been reading the same ole same ole comments all week!!! TS aint going anywhere until the end of the season at least, so the constant moaning from the 'True Spurs supporters' is jut pointless. Lets hope the 'True Spurs Supporters' getbehid the team for tonights games and support the team just the like real spurs fans do.
Right behind them ossie!
Dublin Hotspur
I was resisting the temptation of avoiding on commenting on this thread... but have failed... does anyone else think that the attempts to see sell Holtby and Capoue in January had anything to do with Sherwood's attempt to do a "don't like you - off you go!"
Hmm that was a success?
Thanks Coopsie - no wholesale movement needed - squad is probably the best all round we have had for a long while... need leadership methinks.

I think all this talk is a bit too premature - looks like VS are giving up on the season when we still CAN get to fourth (I didn't say deserved) and win a we can't accuse anyone else of giving up when we are doing it ourselves - can we ?
Get behind the team for crying out loud!

All I am hoping for in the summer - a similar display of "To dare is to do' by Keith Burkinshaw, the last time the WC was held in South America.
Ossie and Villa were signed - a new manager announced with two golden nuggets(and I don't mean between his legs) signed on tow in July 2014!

Dontcha wish ?!!!
That's the spirit !!! Coops - is that a moan?!! LOL!!!!
We'll leave it there shall we ?!!
Unashamedly reposting from another thread:

Come on lads do it for the boys of 1962!!! For especially GeofSpurs and longtimespur... Enjoy!!!!
Very good points coopsie an perhaps the way it feels like a mess to me is because of changing systems etc an not so much the fact we bought very capable footballers. I do disagree wit you to a certain extent on Sherwood who I admire BUT you're bang correct that LVG will be the biggest an best thing to happen to this club so why not take advantage of it. I can see it now, the Mail tries to undermine him an in the middle of the press conference drops his pants an gets out his bolllocks. They'll know better than to question him next time...
Puts more meaning to the phrase "He's got balls"???
Righttt - off to the game now through the mazof Seven Sisters Road.... COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!
I wouldn't wanna be on the end of it put it that way...
No is the answer...
Slurms McKenzie

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