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Spurs need to learn from Liverpool

Summer 2012: Tottenham and Liverpool both appoint new managers.

At the time Spurs had only missed out on Champions League football due to Chelsea winning the competition, and Liverpool finished all the way down in 8th level on points with Fulham. Fast forward a year and a half, AVB is no longer Spurs manager and they have little chance of finishing in the top 4, and Liverpool are now challenging for the title. Where did things go wrong?

A lot of people will put it down to Rodgers being a better manager, but that's something I strongly disagree with. Both managers are two of the best young managers in the game, and Liverpool have backed Rodgers and allowed him to do everything his away and now Liverpool are reaping the rewards.

AVB did a fantastic job at Porto winning the treble and I firmly believe with the full backing of Daniel Levy that success could have been replicated. Another argument could be that Liverpool were able to keep Suarez at the club and Bale was sold to Madrid. A lot of players were brought in with the money from the Bale sale, but the majority of them were signed by Baldini and were players Boas didn't want. Surely for a club to succeed the manager needs to gage full control of transfers.

Levy brought Baldini in and a lot of mistakes were made in the transfer market. Therefore Levy and Baldini need to be held accountable. When Levy appointed AVB he was very impressed with his vision for the future, yet he didn't give him a proper chance to achieve it.

Last season a lot of Liverpool fans were questioning Rodgers but the board stuck by him and gave him time to get things right. Moving forward Baldini needs to go. I would either keep Sherwood or try and get Klopp or Simeone as manager. They should be given time and full control of players transfers.

Written by Matt Birkinshaw

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The journalist

Writer: Matt Birkinshaw Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday March 20 2014

Time: 9:20AM

Your Comments

I'll say it again. Although Liverpool have been fantastic this season, they've still not won anything yet. (We'll see). Spurs on the other hand do have a big mess to sort out.
rogerthelodger. Yes they do have an advantage but that won't be the case next year...... We have been finishing above them for a good few years. We don't know if they can keep it up. I'll get back to this in a season or so.
When I say Liverpool have been fantastic, that's been as an attacking force. Defensively, they've not been so good. They've got a lot to learn themselves. We really don't know how all they will do next year. Personally, I don't care. All I'm concerned about is Spurs upping their game. COYS!
*how well*
Couldn't disagree with this article any more. AVB proved he wasnt a top manager, by having failed at both us and Chelsea, of which at both he had resources which most clubs could dream of, I dont buy into the fact that AVB had no say in the transfers. I do agree with Levy c**king things up AGAIN. AVB lives in a dream land where on paper everything is full proof, in reality life doesnt work like that. Selling Bale, yes, looks like a crap idea now as nearly all the new signings have failed. But I dont buy for a second that these players of proven ability have turned rubbish over night. Bad decisions by Levy, Bad management by AVB, Bad decision by Levy not having a replacement, Bad decision leaving a coach with no management experience in charge with players obviously chosen to play in a flawed system which failed, as a result confidence of the fans is shot, confidence in the players is shot, our season over by the Norwich game.
Learn what? 3 of the clubs above us have been playing CL football, one of them is still in it, the team that sits in 7th two below us, is still in it. CL exposure is needed by this club, plus the financial rewards, years ago it was known as the European Cup, then you had the European Cup Winners Cup we won that, plus the other one that kept changing it's name, the one we won in 1984. Being in the CL means we play tuesday or wednesday, then Sat or Sun or Mon if TV has it's way, so being in the Europa this squad was big enough from the start to cope, injuries have put pay to that and tonight could see us exit, used in the right way is not the problem, our problems need searching a lot deeper then the Europa, start with the medical team.
spu 4 life
SPU-Our medical team operates on the cold sponge cures everything method.
Rogerthelodger- Agree, it would be a huge coincidence that all the players brought fit nicely into AVB's 4-2-3-1 formation, with back-ups just in case, unless Levy decided for AVB he was going to play that formation.
Its become a standard excuse for sacked managers to claim they were forced to take players they didn't want. It makes no sense for a club to buy players the manager can't use and I don't buy it. Of course most managers don't get all the players they do want (Man City aside), that's part of being a manager. Rogers is a vastly better manager than AVB, I don't see how anyone can argue anything else. Where Levy is culpable is creating a reputation of Spurs being a hire and fire club, hence Rogers opting for Liverpool where he thought he'd be given more time.
Levy did try to sign Rodgers.He chose Liverpool after looking at the revolving doors policy at Spurs.He knew you need time & full control of transfers to build a good team.If Levy wants a similar manager to Rodgers then Pochettino is the obvious choice.His Southampton team play well organised attacking football,press the opposition high up the pitch [like Barca & Bayern] and use fast young players who are comfortable on the ball.I would pull out all the stops to sign him & give him full control of transfers.I wouldn't trust Tim to do my shopping in Waitrose,he come out with tins of spam.
Greavesaboveall - Interesting, so far Sherwood has had no say in signing any of the players in his squad. But you've already decided he's no good at it, no need for evidence then, you just "know".
After a relatively poor season Spurs are 5th and, Southampton after a relatively good season, are 8 points behind Spurs, in 8th. So why Pochettino?
I think we can learn a thing or two from the recent years - Two are paramount - patience and a strength of character to believe in our vision. We ought to have the AVB contract through to the end of this season... there was no point in getting rid of him and have no replacement lined up.

As for Commoli I don't believe a word he says - no player hoisted on to managers? - VdV comes to mind? Commoli is a toe rag - if he's so good where is he now ?

It seems Soldado had never played with the one man up front formation b4 so why would he have been bought to do that role? There are numerous examples through the years to suggest that Levy has fingers in all of the transfers - probably more than fingers...

We can't deride AVB and say at the same time Rodgers is great - lets see what happens in the future... it was less than a year ago that they were protesting about him...Let's see.

As previously stated we just have to look at the high frequency of injuries and the long recovery times we have had for the past 5-6 years as well as the (lack of) youth development at the club.

While there is plenty to learn from others - we have to pursue our own goals rather than 'copy' anybody else's!!!

Highgatespur... Here, here.
Jod, the evidence is in the way we are playing.
Brendon Rogers 1st season in charge of Liverpool? 7th in the PL and 11 points behind Spurs. AVB's 1st season in charge of Spurs, 5th.
Pochettino didn't have £100 million to spend or inherit any big names [internationals]He spent very little but very wisely.Look how well organised his team looks on the pitch and the lovely football they play.Compare that to the headless chicken shambles that Spurs play under Tim.I have seen no progress under Tim ,apart from a re-vitalised Ade who just needed someone to believe in him.If Pochettino had Suarez,Sturridge,Gerrard etc in his team Saints would be well above us.Pochettino needs a big club to win the premiership -let it be us!
Greavesaboveall, I haven't mentioned TS against those two. I'm not going to big up managers of other teams after 1 relatively good season. In the PL we've seen it all before. Players and managers/coaches alike; one or two good seasons and then nothing to really speak of for many years to come.
Can anybody seriously think that Levy would sit back for 2 years or more without implementing his will on the team/manager? I just think he is a control freak and must have his way on all things, even if he knows little about them. IF, as stated, he is a Spurs fan then he should get the right manager in and let him run the footballing side of the club. Give him an annual budget for buying players and, if the manager wants more, then he has to sell to fund the kitty. But I honestly cannot see Levy doing that. It is a really sorry situation for us fans.
Man on- Rogers 2nd season in charge challenge for the title, AVB 2nd season in charge put us back 3-4 years.
coys1717. AVB left us in December. We don't know where we'd be if he had stayed.
Anyway, like I said before, other teams don't concern me. It's how we turn things around that I care about.
Man On,it's always a gamble signing a new manager,look how long it took Fergie to win anything with Utd.The candidates I like are similar to Fergie,Wenger,Mourinho & Rogers. Managers in their 30's who have cut their teeth in smaller leagues,play well-organised football,buy the right players [not necesarilly the most expensive] to fit in with their system,have a good youth policy and show progress every season.Pochettino ticks those boxes.
Greavesaboveall - as we all know it's a different ball
-when people have high expectations or even expectations
- when the management of players include high profile ones
- have impatient quick fire shooting habits at the club

Let's revisit these plaudits next year - remember Coyle, Allerdyce, Pardew, Lambert etc all purported to be GREAT manager at some point?!
Completely in agreement with you Man On! about AVB and concentrating on Spurs..
If we are to.consider Pochettino then Sean Dyche also should be on the list
Greavesaboveall - so who are the signings of Pochettino has taken to your liking and have been central to Soton's playing well ? Lovren, Wanyama or Osvaldo ?
Kong - Managing players is one thing, signing them a completely different skill, don't you understand the difference ? All our performances are showing is Tim can't get us into the top four with someone else's squad, what's that got to do with managing transfers ?
Greavesaboveall. I do agree about those guys but look at AVB and what he did with Porto. Those two have a long way to go before they've proved themselves to be the best. For next season I would like someone with proven ability and a long and successful career to date. LVG? Followed by the much younger De Boer?
Southampton are 8th, Newcastle 2 points behind with a game in hand, Pardew has had to sell his best player with no replacement. But Pochettino walks on water because he's foreign and Pardew is crap because he's English. Not my idea of how to assess managers.
Jod, to be fair, with the tactics Tim has shown and performances we have see, I really don't believe he could manage city or Chelsea into the top 4! I think even most of us could manage that! and then let him near a cheque book? no chance! he would buy a load of League 1 players and turn us even coder to being the wimbledon of the 80s than we are now! and he's done that with a squad of players, most of whom have played successfully for several clubs and their countries! Keep him away from anything to do with transfers! just a hunch! and preferably keep him away from Enfield, WHL and our players! just my opinion!
Dublin Hotspur
...and keep him away from Jesus tonight. Or he'll get the Wrath of God.
.. or should that be the Wrath of Hod?
Jod, Pardew is crap not because he's English but for all his anti social behaviour on the sidelines!!! And what has he done with that 'security'' of an eight year contract?! If he doesn't like players being sold then go somewhere else where they don't - he must have known about the philosophy of Ashley when he signed... No comparison but Pardew is just no good as a man let alone a manager.
keep Sherwood, he is passionate, knows football and the club, more importantly, he is a real person and a spurs blood.!
I believe their dug outs are further apart in Portugal, so he's gonna have to flap and flail really hard to build momentum to get anywhere near Jesus tonight! I'd say the ball boys, and any Benfica player taking throw-ins would be much more at danger!
Dublin Hotspur
Jod - The way we are going it is showing that Sherwood might get us lower than 5th with someone else's squad. Managing players is the main thing even if you selected them yourself. Does that mean Sherwood has to change all the squad because he did not sign them so we can judge him.
like liverpool did, treat football club as a club, not a atm. yes, talking to you levi sir
SpursWho. We'll see soon enough, come May.
Spurs who, with a bedroom full of Arsenal Memorabilia!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin, agree on all that - but surely NO One will need to be giving an assurance like that to a person with only 12 months to run on his contract!!! So could the targets look like hmmmmm - give up!!!

COYS (going to the Pride to see the mighty ones win tonight!!!)
SpursWho. Liverpool have quite a hefty debt.
Maybe Tim could learn something from Liverpool, how to spit when speaking! he could have a quiet word with Jesus, really offend him with his dribbling and spraying, and get away with it. and maybe pick his pocket and nick his jacket at the same time! (he does need one with sleeves after all!) ;-?
Dublin Hotspur
Sorry, I didn't say that, it was the devil in me! sorry Jesus, and Hod!
Dublin Hotspur
....Their ATM is running low on cash.
Man On! I think he's had the wrath of Hod ever since 2002 ... TS handing in an official grievance complaint...
Yeah Highgate, I seriously doubt he would be in control of transfers with a questionable year left on his short term contract! He will have no say, and he won't be here anyway so no need to worry! I put up an article in Jan about him being a charlatan or a genius. I think the former is more likely, and his words playing down any transfers we are looking at and unsettling the squad players is becoming tantamount to sabotage! I did say that!
Dublin Hotspur
Kong - I say again what has any of what you are saying got do with whether or not he's any good at signing players ? You don't assume someone is no good at plumbing because he's a lousy electrician, or do you ?
Highgatespur.. That's what I had in mind. I wonder if Hod will be a pundit tonight?
Dublin I hear he's invested in straws for him and his boyz to aim those pellets with !!!

Great post - about the jacket!!!
Highgatespur - Given their relative league positions then if Pardew is a crap manager then so is Pochettino. The only rational way to judge managers is on their performance.
Enjoy the pride Highgate, Hopefully a good atmosphere, and a good performance from our depleted team! If Utd can come back, why can't we! come on lads, for the fans, the travelling faithful and for pride! COYS!
Dublin Hotspur
Kong - that's what you can do in the fantasy league - buy players with the minimum value - then pretend to tell them they are playing for their futures - who cares? you won't be in the house in a year's time? Mission - destroy Spurs!!!
Dublin Hotspur... I remember that article. ;-)
Highgate,you have a point there.I don't know much about 2 of them,but Osvaldo is a good player but also a bit psycho,so yes bad buys.We can have good look at Saints on Sunday and see if I talking b----x or not.One things for sure I wouldn't want to hand my wallet over anyone who hasn't got a track record in the transfer market.We really do need an experienced manager but not an old bloke parachuted in for a quick fix like Van Gaal.We need to build a dynasty not a retirement home.
Jod - I agree - including their performance on the sidelines - No comparison there mate!!! Pardew - one of the classless men!
Jod - It doesn't but my point is how would you know if someone is good at signing players if they are a bad manager and the team does bad. I know we can't judge Tim until be actually does buy his own players but by the evidence of how his teams play I don't want to find out.
Greavesaboveall. He could be the foundation to that dynasty before retiring to Portugal, a Spurs legend.
Totally agree with this article. AVB wasn't given the environment or the time to make a go of it. I find it hilarious that Tim Sherwood who used to say 'it makes me laugh when people talk about about a project - the fact is you win games or get sacked' is now saying 'we need to be patient like Liverpool'. That said, I would also like to see him stay and be given the right level of backing. I think the fundamental flaw at our great club is Daniel Levy's belief that the 'coach' should be part of a committee, which means the whole squad doesn't have to change when the coach changes. Wrong! The 'Manager' needs to be backed to develop the profile and authority to manage a group of players. If the manager does need replacing at some point, any intelligent manager wouldn't look to change the whole squad. If he thinks he needs to - don't employ him.
Archibald Leitch
ManOn! Does GH do ITV4 - it will probably be GS and the other one... I get bored easily with the pundits unless I agree with them!!!

GH won't resist the temptation will he ? He's done well so far....
Dublin, that article was probably before I was tempted by Vital Spurs and in my period of "Give him time" until that mouth just couldn't stop spewing garbage!! btw my thoughts exactly....
Well said Dublin - by the looks of it yesterday many will be at the bookies to bet against Soton on Sunday and will be elsewhere with no interest in the game... hmmmmm

Not sure. I do like Strachan though. He at least has a sense of humour and seems to be pro Spurs.
some things we could learn from Liverpool: how not to be classy
Dublin Hotspur
We may surprise everyone tonight,after all Manure did last night!C'mon you Spurs.
to be fair, Liverpool are relying a lot on Suarez as Tottenham did on Bale. IF Suarez goes at the end of teh season then next year will be a huge season for Liverpool, as this has been for Tottenham.
It is unfair to allege Tottenham have not learned their lesson. They have learned how to appoint the wrong manager every time.
The only thing you can learn from Liverpool is that if you have a superstar who wants out, offer them a new contract and an obscene amount of money to improve your chances of hanging on to the player.
Greavesaboveall, Bob Paisley wasn't that young nor was Shankly... For me the likes of Van Gaal is the only option!!!
Agree with ManOn! here

Pochettiono will be competing against xxxx this Sunday, no contest there mate - unfair to judge anyone on this...

Are you retracting your previous point on his good quality signings as Adkins had a good style of play there before he was fired! I think you are saying what I'm thinking - it's too early to give him the plaudit you were giving him previously.
Dublin Hotspur
If Suarez carries on his form to the end of the season, has a good World Cup, who knows where he'll be next season or, how much more money his agent will demand if he stays with the Pool.
Any good teams in Transylvania that can afford Suarez? He'll feel right at home there.
Just a couple of points. Firstly AVB was a one season wonder at Porto, with a fantastic squad of players whom he didn't build, who were a different class to anything else in Portugal, and should have been a CL rather than EL team. He got the Chelsea job on the back of that, failed, and Levy took a punt on him, and got it wrong as he usually does. Liverpool are a club where the ownership are ambitious for success as football club owners, they have experiance in the US as sports team owners, rather than business supremos looking for profit, they appointed a young manager with proven ability, and a background in ENGLISH football, a strong character, a person who knows how he wants to play, has got in players to suit that style, and who Steven Gerrard no less, says is the best man manager he has ever played for. They have managed to keep their best player, and built around him, have bought well, and cheap. They deserve their success. Yes we should, but with our current ownership regime won't, learn from Liverpool.
I see alot of ppl blaming baldini but we don't know if he identified theplayers or was there to just do the deals, the soldado deal was already in place and Paulinho had been signed, I'm pretty sure the only player baldini wanted was Lamela. Every spurs fan I spoke to was happy with avb and the 7 signings and as for copying Liverpool we could of had Rodgers if levy had left team management alone
I'm not knocking Van Gaal's record but are you suggesting that we employ one old guy after another like Liverpool did?Things have moved on since the days of the boot room boys,even liverpool don't do that anymore. I'm also not saying that Saints will win on Sunday ,just that they will be better organised than us.3rd point yes you are right it's a bit early to call him the new Fergie but I like his team that plays with style and that is definitely missing with Spurs at the moment.
Here you go Highgate, obviousy a typo in the heading! general consensus was the article was premature! possibly was, but the situation seems to have got worse than I first imagined with strategy and playing players out of position, as well as his media and touchline antics. was supposed to be a bit of a debate starter and devils advocate jot. think it was that!
Dublin Hotspur
Greaves, I think LVG would be great for 2 reasons. firstly he has the track record, winning mentality and likes working with a squad he is given to progress them rather than making wholesale changes. secondly, we know he would want just 2 or 3 years, and has been already stated on here by a good few posters, he could mentor the next manager. Be that TS (though his ego wouldn't allow that) or whoever he and the club decides would be our new younger model!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin, Highgatespur is on that thread himself.
Greavesaboveal: 1. I wasn't suggesting we try to re create 1970s - I was only answering your point about van Gaal being too old and since then Dublin has responded with an apt response
2. Of course the Saints will be better organised look who's at the helm at present at Spurs - a saying with "p*** up at brewery" comes to mind... any good that the players come up with will be in spite of the words that have come their way..
Seriously it doesn't take that much doing to outdo Spurs' style at the moment

3. My original point to you was that the style was already established by Adkins...
We could do a lot worse than to appoint Van Gaal!
Now, now Frank. Often I agree with you, but you were one of the guys who laughed at the idea of bringing in Rodgers. He was clearly a better prospect than AVB, but it would still have been a gamble at the time.
Thanks Dublin - I remember it now - pretty much the same dialogue ever since... think I contributed as well...
Seriously, two years ago I didn't want AVB nor Rodgers - still don't see why I should change my mind!
I see LVG as a wise old head on young shoulders. His man -management skills may be old school but his style of football is fresh and modern. A perfect combination for me and what I believe Spurs need after all of this seasons turmoil and uncertainty.
Thanks ManOn! Amazing how things have remanned the same!
I have to, for the most part, agree. There is no doubt that the board must back the manager they have hired. The manager must be allowed to do his job without interference. IMO, a vedict on AVB could not have been rendered until the last day of the season. Meddling and then allowing him to walk was, IMO, a decision that will cost us hugely. Not because of the man, but because there was no plan in place, no viable manager to take over, and a squad of players that were brought in for someone else. This has the potential of going sideways in a hurry. All the work, all the building, for what?

Where I don't agree is with the manager having say over transfers. Of course, if the manager needs a LB with certain skills it is the DOF's job to go and get that player. The manager may suggest who he prefers, but his job is to coach what is in the squad and Baldini's job is to have the positions covered with players that have the necessary attributes. A player should never be bought without the manager being consulted, but, ultimately, it is the DOF's job to get the players in, on salaries we can afford and at a fee that makes sense. The fact is, when things go sideways, the manager will take the fall. They are not going to fire 25 players that are no longer listening. But, the new manager coming in must suit the players in the squad. It's why RM, AC Milan etc continue to win titles on averages of one a year despite changing managers as frequently. City needed Hughes, then Mancini, now Pellegrini. Different managers, with different styles. While Hughes was not a manager that I figured would take City to the top, both Mancini and Pellegrini are. SAF is a rare bird as is Wenger.

Most top teams chop and change managers quite often. That is not a problem so long as you back that manager while they are there and you make certain that the manager you are hiring to replace them is suited to the players in the squad. If not, it is a constant frustration for managers and a constant changing of guard in the squad. That is the disservice that ENIC continues to perform at Spurs. It needs to stop or Spurs will not achieve anything under ENIC. COYS
Very well said peterballb - I really thought that was what they were doing when old'Arry left and AVB joined - remember his scouting before his appointing.... Levy panicked!!! And here we are 3h away from the ko!!! Wonder where will Levy be tonight!
HGH Magic, the problem with that is that Chimbonda would hand in his transfer request before he got here. COYS
Peterbalb, you and I share the same opinion regarding the role of the team manager/coach, and the DOF. It is the job of the coach to coach what he has, and to identify his needs, not to decide on the player/s to be signed, but the teams positional needs, (i.e. a LB and a striker) the DOF then goes out, and finds and signs the player/s to fill the position/s, negotiates contracts, and delivers the player to the coach to COACH. That is how DOFs work in the clubs that operate with one, that's how the successful European clubs operate.If the coach is doing his job properly, he hasn't got time to source, scout, and sign players, and the big, big, no no, is for some football ignorant egomaniac jack of all trades bloke (ringing any bells), with no football savvy whatsoever, getting involved. All he should do is set the budget, and then allow those who know what they are doing, to do it, and then stand accountable for their actions, successes and failures. Unfortunately this system will never be allowed to be adopted at Spurs, because a bloke at the top will never pull his nose out of the trough, and just go and count his beans.
Guyver, you are right I thought that both Rogers and Martinez represented a gamble, but what I never expected, or agreed with, was us taking a bigger gamble by appointing AVB, fresh from his sacking from Chelsea. At least the other two had both left their previous jobs of their own volition to progress their careers, rather than shown the door because they couldn't do the bloody job. Both Rogers and Martinez had done great jobs at Swansea, and Wigan respectively, and have proved at Liverpool and Everton that they both have what it takes. We will have to see whether AVB in yet another big club, can finally emulate his "one season wonder" antics at Porto, I doubt it.
Frank I agree - the recent press conferences give you on any hope that he is waiting for the 'right' man ro give the reigns to ?!!
I'll say roger, highgate has offered more to the club than most people. He can stick up for himself I know, but he goes to more games than I could dream of, and has a great knowledge of our history! I think comolli is an opportunistic k- nob who is covering his tracks with an interview on talk sheit! If you want proof, ask for it!
Dublin Hotspur
As I said mate, he can answer for himself, but you put a BS statement like that on a public forum, anyone can contribute to the answer to your question! One appearance at an away game at Norwich does not make you the guru of spurs support my friend!
Dublin Hotspur
And I never made the comparison between camolli ! You did! A lot of people have made great contributions to the club without making a balls of things! Camolli, Sherwood, Townsend!
Dublin Hotspur
Another chadli goal! The boy has class!
Dublin Hotspur
And siggy! The boy is class
Dublin Hotspur
Sorry other way round! Both have class
Dublin Hotspur
Chadli assist
Dublin Hotspur
Siggy should have scored, Dublin!!!

That header... see what happens when the tormentor is away in the stands?!

Perhaps it's not just us who is sick of the verbal tirade!!!

Well done to the team!!! And to the one who gave the directive to stay up in the stands!!!
Good second half highgate! Could have had a pen and a couple more goals! If only we could get started quicker! No Turin but hopefully a few more fighting games before may
Dublin Hotspur
We def play better when he is no where near the team!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin - was thinking of the Turin trip and Bale in Milan gotta say!!!! I wonder if his absence from the touchline was a factor!!!Let's see what happens on Sunday - we could go on a run!!! Oh it'd be great if the team were to achieve the top4 inspire of everything....

thanks for the supportive words btw

No probs bro. Laters
Dublin Hotspur
rogerthelodger, I must say your response to my comment about Commoli is beyond absurdity. For a comparison to be made between our respective contribution to L'pool and the Spurs, both of us would have to be employed by them both. You do understand that condition to be a non negotiable to a viable comparison?

However the comparison would have been viable if spurs had accepted my application for the manager's job in 1974 (T Neill got it) and in 1976(Sir Burkinshaw got it then). I failed again with my application after GH got fired in 2004.... Ah well. I was never interested in L'pool's events.

FYI just have a look at the players he sought while he was here - Yes a BIG success in getting GB here as a LB, Berbatov and Modric BUT look at the look at the long list of others such as Bentley, KPB,Hutton,GdS, Taarabt, Gomes and Pavlyuchenko.
Off he went to St Etienne for a year and on to L'pool.
Whilst there they signed Suarez as well as Henderson, Adam, Downing, Doni,Enrique,Coates Bellamy and champion of champion ANDY CARROLL. Good with the first but the rest ? especially the last one for£35m?

With all three clubs he left under a BIG cloud and preceded to criticise the clubs themselves., the ones that employed him! Cardinal sin for me - shouldn't bite the hands that fed you!!!

Old 'Arry got rid of him, Rodgers got rid of him and St Etienne's manager resigned on his arrival!!!

If he is SO good and valuable, where is he now? Doing a interview on Talk Radio without taking any phone calls perhaps?!! Perhaps waiting for a call from his true love in N7?

Perhaps I am not the only one who thinks he is a toe rag!!!

If you think this is all made up - just refer to wikipedia where I have taken this from... Wikipedia is quite a good site!

As for me I have invested considerable amount of my pocket money and as the years have progressed a substantial amount of my salary to Spurs - including being a ST holder for about 40 years and going to many of the away games on a very regular basis in that time, at the current cost of £150 (approx) per game; was very fortunate to see ALL of the away CL games... I have invested a considerable amount in Spurs. I don't compare myself with anyone as each of us are each to our own!

In fact I have contributed to, much to my disgust, Comoli's salary therefore I have EVERY right to comment on his performance while he was with the club and he, not mine!!!

At least as far as I am aware he hasn't changed his pseudo name to get on to a forum such as this!!!

On that note I bid you good night!!

Dublin Hotspur
Rogers is flavour of the month, and maybe rightly so. If nothing else, he knows how to grab hold of something and keep it going. Time will tell. My 'Pool friend had doubts about him last year and my Swan mate holds Martinez in higher esteem. I didn't want Brendan anymore than I wanted AVB. Well, maybe slightly preferred him but he wasn't my first choice. Anyhow, giving a manager time doesn't equate to guaranteed success. You can only give time if it's worth giving. When making decisions in Spurs' best interest, it will have sod all to do with what Liverpool are doing. Over a decade for Moyes at Everton, arguably a bigger sleeping giant than Spurs, didn't really help then any, did it? Surely anyone could keep Everton in the top half?? I mean, every Prem club has been relegated since Everton were. Every club. AVB lost the dressing-room. Can't give more time when that happens. TS MIGHT be worth giving time to. Who can tell? I've one eye on his gunner-ness, one on his possible affiliate-ness.
lol, Highgate! The bunt is well and truly back. Did we runned out of magic dust? Poor ol' tops must have skin like a fecking rhino. Battling away to get in amongst his haters. If only our squad would show that kind of commitment... As for Comolli, he's alright if you can afford it. Whether he just goes where the money is, or twists arms... And whether he's responsible for ALL signings? I think it's more you have a group - dof, head-scout - other scouts - other contacts and links, all baskets with an egg in, is more like it. He may take on a specific role once targets are identified, whatever the source. And Liverpool, who've been crap since the Premier League started - are you suggesting we're NOT following their line?
Harry Kane looks good to me. Promote him or spend £26m on Roberto? Bentaleb or £17m Pauli? We sure know how to waste a qiud or two.
It's a pretty simplistic approach to say that because one approach worked at Liverpool then the same approach would have worked at Spurs. Sometimes changing managers work and sometimes it doesn't and for every Liverpool, in which sticking has worked you can point to a Crystal Palace in which changing has worked.

AVB did well at Porto for one season and the success of the team (which he didn't build) was all attributed to him. Based on his record at Chelsea and Spurs looks like it was the incorrect call. Now he may become a great success at his new club but that doesn't make the decision to sack him at Spurs any more right or wrong.

What certainly was wrong was getting rid without a replacement as it's pretty clear that Tim is not up to the job in either the short or the long term.

For what it's worth I think LVG would be the wrong decision for Spurs, as it would be another relatively short term appointment (2-3 years) and LVG has a mixed reputation when it comes to people management. The Spurs squad is probably not the most harmonious place at the moment, is a LVG figure going to make that better or worse?

Galway Gooner
Galway - what makes you think we care for your thoughts on this forum ?!!
Highgatepur - I suppose the same thought process that makes you think that I care about your thoughts if you care about my thoughts.

Makes sense right?

Galway Gooner
My point being why are you always on a Spurs Forum - your name suggests you're not a spurs man - so why ?envy ?!!
yup you have me pegged Highgate, it's envy. Just follow that logic for a minute mate.

It's an open forum ad I happened to be interested in engaging with other fans. I post on many other fan forums so don't go thinking you're so special.

Do my view offend you in some way? Are they unbalanced, biased, rage or hatred inducing?

Galway Gooner
Because you're a goon - simples - surprised ? Anhyway after the explanation understand you a bit more!

2-3 years seems to be a lifespan of most managers these days. Jjust want someone to come and lay down the foundations for stability... LVG fits the bill for me... anyway as loans DL is there any one with less conviction than LVG we'd be in further trouble. IMO the squad is not harmonious because there is no leadership or should I say no one with a unifying philosophy!

Always good to explain Galway.... hope your team does the same as the mighty spurs did at ScumBridge tomorrow!!!
We should have gone for Martinez not Rodgers- his work at Everton shows what he could have achieved with our resources instead. Rodgers always comes across as a bit strange and intense- AVB on steroids. After dealing with Dave Weelan, Levy would be easy.

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