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Tim Sherwood.

In writing this I do hope that I'm not misinterpreted. Tim Sherwood has been in charge of first team duties for just under 4 months. It's his first ever role as Head coach and it's for a major PL football club. He is relatively young and of course, inexperienced.†

In my opinion, I see Tim as arrogant, hot-headed, naive, and a just a little misguided. He is certainly no shrinking violet nor is he media savvy. In true gung-ho fashion he has said many controversial things that he should probably have either kept to himself or in-house. He does however seem to express himself openly, honestly and, with a fire and passion in his belly. (This I like). In his own words, he 'shoots from the hip'.†

So far, his words, speaking voice, body language and perceived public persona, (even his general dress sense and appearance), have divided opinion amongst Spurs fans and media commentators alike. Personally, I'm not overly concerned about this. Are you? Likewise his team selections, formations and tactics have been hotly disputed. They are unpredictable and quirky, if not bold and brave. Is that foolhardy or clever? I'm undecided.†

During his short time in charge of THFC, the team has played some good football and some bad football. We've won matches, lost some and drawn a couple. However, apart from losing to Norwich, there have been no real surprises. I expect more of the same. Now, I could go on to dissect and analyse his media comments and personality traits. I could also present some stats for us to mull over. I could speculate on whether he has, or has not got the players ears, eyes and respect on his side. But for now, I'll leave that for others on VS to debate.†

What I will do is give my full support to him and the team. (Not blindly and not without my own form of critique). After all, he's not perfect. (He is also not the enemy). For as long as TS is in charge of our not-so-glorious-at-the-moment football club, I will give him the benefit of my doubt, wave play on and wish him, the players, THFC and it's supporters the very best of luck. Here's to all of you and to the rest of the season. One life, one love, one Spurs.

Written by MAN ON!

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The journalist

Writer: MAN ON! Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday March 22 2014

Time: 5:54PM

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I have been on record as backing Tim, and feel that he has to be allowed to manage without the constant speculation over his future. I don't care what job you do, it puts you in an impossible situation when everyone is talking about your losing your job
He is and I am guilty of this the scape goat for one of the most shameful seasons I can remember as a spurs fan. We sit minus 1 goal after 30 games of pure mediocrity. Newcastle is the only game this season I have enjoyed watching us play. It's not that I think Tim could or couldn't do the job, it's just that I don't know and there lies the problem. I don't trust him because of his lack of experiance
Thank you oxfordspur for putting up my article. I would just like to say that whatever any of you feel or say about TS, I am not about to start any arguments or trample all over anyone's opinion. I've said all I want to say and hope for an honest and open debate. Cheers.
I think he is just what the club needs. The most sensible thing he has said regards player transfers. He wants winners not just skill which I think most agree we already have. What I am saying is that when I match our best eleven or fourteen against almost all the other squads bar City and Chelsea I would not swap many. Therefore there must be something missing mentally with our squad. Even during Arrys tenure he used to say we were a quiet bunch with no real leader. We seem unable to win ugly or be hard to beat when we are not on it.
I think he started well and certainly didn't deserve the hate he was getting right from the off. More recently I think he can be criticised fairly. There are a number of smaller issues that are starting to stack up, but mostly my concern is that he doesn't look as if he has much of an idea of what his ideal best squad should be and constantly changing tactics and personnel isn't going to provide him with a great many answers. He comes across as too reactionary, both in personality and in his ideas for the team. I want him to go with what he thinks is right and stick with it as far as possible, only making minor tweaks depending on opposition. Having said that, I also feel for the guy and understand why it's difficult for him to do that...he's only been given an 18 month contract and knows just having a team showing signs of gelling isn't enough, he has to get results now to be in with any chance of keeping the job next season. In all honesty, I don't even have any clue what I think would be best going into next season. Part of me thinks we've had too much change already and bigger clubs than us have risked all taking on a rookie that's shown signs of promise...and part of me thinks we've come too far and gotten too close to risk all with anyone other than a manager of real pedigree.
We all have a first opinion on stuff. I was happy with Sherwood from the start. He's got something. I trust Levys' judgment. It's a long shot, based on hope. I've still wavered a couple of times. Weakened to the point of anger and inciting trigger-pulling. It's so step-by-step, the way we monitor and judge. It's the only way. I think it's easy to become blinkered by you first impression, to stick with it relentlessly, and ignore and glimpses of improvement, any good work, decisions, games, results or performances. It makes us fickle, because we think this then we think that. That's the nature of it, especially when it's a high-risk or long-shot rather than an established sound bet. No doubt I'll continue to straddle the Sherwood equator. Not because I don't like or rate him - I do, but because I'm a Spur, used to missing out and falling short, I guess I'm a little of a pessimist. Or paranoid! Man On, what do you mean by quirky? That's how I'd describe Mozilla Firefox! Just wondering what context/area you mean.
ONE SPURS.... there's only one Tottenham Hotspur that is correct. No other club could make such a pig's ear out of our team and the infrastructure. One man rules this club and what ever he says goes. Although I assume he's backed by the owner or else he would not be there. Tim has 8 games left to resurrect our season. If he fails to get the team into the top 4 then, by his own words, he will be gone. He took the job knowing the target and if/when he fails then that should be the end of his tenure in charge. I cannot say that I like his perpetual rabbit, the same as HR before him. Please engage brain before using mouth comes to mind. But then again he certainly has enthusiasm and passion for the club. Surprising for a gooner! Hopefully he can learn as he goes. He says he's in the stand now because he felt it was hindering the team with him on the touchline. So, if that's true and it's not DL's instructions, then he is learning. Hopefully it won't be long before he learns to play players in their proper positions. Either way I don't think he's ready to be in control of our squad of internationals. Yes he has played Bentaleb, some, including me, would say over played him, and he has shown some real promise but how does that make the players that were purchased last summer feel. Came to THFC on the promise of AVB/project and Bale being here. I don't know if he could be the next manager to take us forward but I don't get paid £2mill+ to choose. COYS
Good article MAN ON, very fair and balanced. Of course Tim Sherwood has at the moment got a job he never really sought. He was thrust into it due to a series of incorrect, and ill timed decisions, made by our erstwhile chairman. He then saw his opportunity, he publicly intimated on live TV, that he wasn't willing to do the job as a caretaker, and either he got a contract or he would walk away, thus backing Levy over a barrel, as there was no available alternative. He has since proved in my humble opinion, that he is not up to managing a top PL club as a first job. He is inept, and as you rightly say he is not media savvy, in fact at times naive and embarrassing, sometimes what he says, and what he does, do him or the club no credit at all. He makes some strange team selection, appears to favor certain players, and strange team set-up decisions, often playing players out of position, and his tactics are suspect to say the least. Having said all of that we are now stuck with him until the end of the season, when he should get his years wages pay off, and be moved aside, so that we may seek a serious contender for the post of 1st team manager, somebody who can better utilise the squad we have, a proven successful coach and winner, and together with Baldini, out a few mistakes, even if it means taking a hit on some of them, and be able to attract and bring in some replacements, who are up to playing in the EPL. What we must definitely not do, is to persevere with Sherwood for the duration of his contract, that 2nd season, would in my view, take us backwards to the end of the Ramos era.
Tim lacks the polish of a PL manager, that's not his fault at best the position he should hold is assistant manager learning from a boss with all the traits required. He is a Spurs man and hurts as we do from pore performance and losin....... If he wanted senior management he should have served a decent aprentership and not given the job as a temp make weight it's unfair of Levy and the board simple! The blaim for any misgivings Tim has should lay squarely at the boards feet. It's extream bad judgment and personally I feel Tims position was untenable from the word go, he's just going to be another scap goat for Levy at the clubs cost.
Tim should have never taken the job and Levy should have never offered it to him in the first place. He conducted himself very unprofessionably throughout and the season cannot end sooner. There is no way we beat united at 0T if SAF was still their manager. As spurticus said, the barcodes game was his only highlight, even the everton win was undeserving in a way. Total shambles. Season over with 8 games remaining. Unbelievable. Levy should not let him buy any players. Infact, levy should get a manager who says he can get the best out of this squad with minor additions to the obvious weak areas (LB, CB, backup GK).
What a load of Tosh! This article is definitely not giving support to our manager Yes he is young, yes he is inexperienced but I for one find his frank honesty a breath of fresh air and I only hope that the club and its executives can see that we have a potentially great manager at our club
Mickeys1969.. You call it tosh but you're actually agreeing with me?.
Well TS did get the job, whether by hook or by crook, TS is our manager at least until the end of the season, love him or hate him, we have for the next 8 games got to support him, or we are not really supporting our team ! Yes he has got some stuff wrong and at times he is a little lacking in tactics, has not had his media training that some managers have, but like us fans he wears his heart on his sleeve, and apart from shouldering some of the blame (which he should) he has spoken openly and honestly.
Man On! 'I see Tim as arrogant, hot-headed, naÔve' I really don't agree with this, all I see is a winning mentality. That said I agree that we agree on other points lol Maybe we sing off the same hymn sheet but I don't see articles questioning a young manager as supportive
Mickeys, is Mourinhou hot headed and arrogant? And he is the ultimate winner. As to niaive of course he is, he is young and inexperienced. Still don't want him though as I don't believe he has the tactical ability to truly succeed. Hope I'm wrong though
Mickeys1969. That's fair but for me, I didn't mean those comments negatively. I like his arrogance and hot-headed ways.
Man on - good article and I think it goes without saying that we will support whoever is in charge of our team. however, on here we can express our honest opinions and despite showing passion and determination, I dare anyone to give reasons why Tim should be our Manager next season. we don' t need a Dawson type committed character in our team or running it. I applaud Tim, but the team he sent out in the first leg against Benfica (our only hope of suCcess) and the way he public ally yelled out our players before that game ( they gave him his reaction) is the perfect example that it is not 'just the Norwich game'. sorry Tim, win every game till the end of the season, please, but OUR club needs a strategic review from the top down and a leader to manage good players and build a good team ethic - not bully some into leaving, have others as pets and others playing out of position. times treatment of Soldado after the Cardiff game - dropped, dropped for Harry Kane, 8 minutes - shows he does not have it in him to get the best out of under performing stars. LVG will and will create a team ethic along the way. he will not use the media, not ball out our players publicly, fight with managers, chuck his gillet or throw balls at opposition players ( even if a goon). Sorry, but no Tim for me please.
I was being as balanced as I could knowing that this how a lot of people see TS but, in my mind, I don't see those traits as a problem.
Effectively Sherwood is having a 5 month interview this season. Treating his tenure as an interview do you REALLY think he's good enough to manage our club for the next few seasons? Do you not think we could find a better manager if we looked properly this summer? Just because he's there and he says he's a 'Spurs man' doesn't make him the best candidate for the job. As job interviews go his one has been pretty average. I want and expect better for my club and we all know there is better available. He's done no more thank OK for me this season with one or two decent performances mixed in with a whole lot of ordinary dross performances. I don't listen to the rhetoric spouted by Sherwood or others, I judge by what I see in the pitch. What I've seen so far this season has not been good enough for a club with our supposed ambitions. Not for me thanks.
The sooner he's gone the better....
shedboy2.. Short and to the point. :-)
TS Has got the job till the end of the season at least, maybe longer. A definite upgrade on AVB, 100% more loyal than Harry, in Levy we trust.
Thats Entertainment
Well nearly trust.
Thats Entertainment
Defo not an upgrade to AVB. He is not better in anyway; stats-wise, handling the media, attracting signings etc... NO WAY BETTER. My opinion of course
SpuriousLife, not going to disagree that he's effectively being given a 5 month interview, but ask the question a different it a sensible and fair way to judge his suitability for the job? Can he really give the answers he wants to give? If we brought in someone like LVG I have no doubt he'd be afforded the same luxury as Rodgers was last season to get the team set up how he wants. Sherwood isn't getting that opportunity, every game has to be a win rather than a step towards team cohesion which would undoubtedly hamper some of the things he may want to do if he was more secure. He's been given an opportunity and been hamstrung at the same time.
Defo not an upgrade to AVB. He is not better in anyway; stats-wise, handling the media, attracting signings etc... NO WAY BETTER. My opinion of course
Double post...
Good article Man On! I just feel Spurs need an experienced manager who has won things. I don't know if Tim has it to take us to the next level. I just don't trust an inexperienced manager managing our club. I feel we are at a tipping point. If we get the right man we can re-group and aim for top 4 next season or we could just lose the plot and end up mid-table mediocrity. I could be seen as being melodramatic but that's how I feel. COYS!
Mickeys1969, i see TS as having more of a niggle/nark mentality than a winner's mentality. winner's mentality has a balance of 'not good enough' and securing things and players, that TS doesn't seem to have. niggle/nark can get some momentum, but in the end, players don't know what he might go off on one about next. i don't really see that he is exposing great flaws at Spurs by how he talks about things, more showing he is not willing to be comfortable working within a bigger structure that he is not the boss of - which is OK, but only up to a point.
my conclusion therefore he is that he will be useful transition to a much more experienced and effective manager - if we can find him! certainly what LVG sounds like.
Fair point Flipper. However Sherwood knew what he was taking on and the constraints involved from the start. Whilst he may not be getting everything he wants his over-riding desire was to get the chance - whatever the draw backs. Some may commend that desire but I'm maybe a little too sceptical when I think that it was a shot to nothing for Sherwood. He obviously lives the limelight and the attention. He was never going to get it managing the development squad at Spurs. This gift horse presented itself and he grabbed it with both hands. If it goes well he's made, if it goes badly he'll more than likely get another managerial job somewhere else now he's got his PR machine rolling. I can't blame him for being ambitious. My problem is that his ambitions are for himself more than for our club. That doesn't quite work for me, particularly as he is still learning the job of being a football manager. He feels and sounds too much like a young Redknapp for my liking. It's very much 'look at me, I'm English and I reckon I could be great but there's always some little thing somewhere holding me back and it's never quite my fault'. Just my opinion of course.
I think Sherwood was just another bad judgement call made by the owners of our football club. The fans are starting to turn against the owners and I do not blame them. Lack of knowledge about the stadium being the worst thing. We have fallen so far bad this season and another one like it will see us slide back into the middle of the pack like when they took over. I would have more respect for Levy and the owners if they would admit to the mistakes they have made. It is always the managers fault and never the owners. Why would a top experienced manager want to work under a control freak like Levy.
I like sherwood and long may he continue to stir things up at spurs, they needed to be said and he called the players out and there's nowhere for them to hide anymore. The last two games has got the reaction he wanted and let's hope it continues on sunday. All this talk of players not playing for the manager, well if they don't play for him they don't play for the supporters also . Give the bloke a chance there's a good manager in there and he just needs time. If van gaal comes in i would like to see sherwood as his assistant. At the end of the day it's not always the manager fault , these players were just turning up to collect their big pay checks without giving a monkeys about the result Now sherwoods outed them in front of the cameras we just might start getting some decent performances
Well said MAN ON! Couldn't agree more.
And well said flipper. People moan about TS not implementing a style or system (in barely 4 months with no preseason or players of his choosing), but these are longer term, dynasty building concepts. Sherwood is in a position where he has to win every game to stand a chance of keeping his job, he isn't particularly concerned with what happens in 3 years time, he's not in the position to look that far ahead. Not the ideal way to gauge someones suitability for the job, (not that I think he is suitable).
Top post, Mart. I'm certainly hoping for a good performance against Southampton. Hope is back:)
Man on, it's a good article mate, well done.
your unwavering support of every element of our club is to be praised. I think you know my level of support for the club, but also my feelings regarding Tim! I have said many times how I think it is inappropriate that he is at our helm. The removal to the stands is another nail in his coffin for me. Our leader should be in his reserved seat, on the touch line, pulling the strings in a controlled, focused and appropriate way.
We should of course be able to criticise and praise the parts of the whole club, while giving unquestionable support and faith to the club and team. It's like a marriage, although it breaks my heart to say it, I feel like a pathetic cuckold watching my wife cheat on me while he is coaching us! And I suppose like the nature of that cuckold, I just have to accept what he is doing to the club and watch painfully on.
I'll check in later. Just getting on the flight, I expect some good debate from this write up mate.
Dublin Hotspur
Guyver, a question. What rookie manager would not be over the moon to inherit a squad like we have to work with in his fist post in charge, and at a club as big as ours? I think all this talk of him not having the squad he wants is a moot point. He should embrace the gifts he has been given to work with, not try to make comments that he is failing because he didn't choose the squad he has, which is full of proven international stars. It just excuses, and if he got his way and began making changes to the players he wants, while offloading our current players, I can only see one direction the club will be heading in, and it's dark down there!
Dublin Hotspur
Whatever positive spin you put on the Sherwood "era" irrelevant, he is nothing more than an interim measure by Levy. Being brutally honest he has also got nothing more out of these players than AVB did and to further prove the case in point he has experienced the same issues as AVB, lack of fluidity, insistence on playing certain players without any real rationale, thumpings at our closest rivals and to top it all failing to keep us even within spitting distance of the top four (AVB did the latter by the way). Long story short Tim in gone as soon as the final whistle blows in May, whether you love him or hate him. COYS
Clivetheyid AVB had his faults but he had a plan that the players followed. I still think it was a poor decision by Levy. As for Tim I don't begrudge him, he is desperate to keep hold of his post but like you said, he is interim and nothing more. I have questioned some of his decision making. Publicly stating he will back Soldado after Soldado scores but fails to play him after. Also why play the most creative player in the squad on the left rather than the traditional no 10 spot, his best spot. 2 footed and will create havoc because defenders can't force him down to one channel I.e. his weak foot because he doesn't have one. Anyway back to Tim, he needs to manage a team in the lower divisions. He has not earned this spot. I feel he needs to gain experience elsewhere. I just can't watch our Spurs going through the motions while he's learning on the job. Our club deserves better. Sorry Tim, imo the post is not ready for you..yet. COYS!
jerkinmahjurgen: In saying that Tim's team selections, etc., are quirky, I mean that they are sometimes quite odd and eccentric. E.g. His Chelsea line-up.
Man on, when I go to games I donít boo or shout obscenities and I stay to the end and support the players, unlike a lot I witness at WHL.And I pay a fortune for the privilege. Alright forget the fact that Sherwood is a tit, conducts himself in a childish manner, blames everybody but himself, spouts rubbish, and is making Spurs look a joke, can you or anyone see any even tiny improvement in tactics and organisation over his period of tenure. I donít necessarily want to see wins I want to some improvement in our method of play and get some idea of what he is trying to do. I have seen enough games now under this prat to know we are going nowhere. He should go and try to prove himself at some other club before he damages this one further
matt hoten
well said neymar and shedboy2 please carry on shouting that from the rooftops with me
matt hoten, It's plain that you don't like TS for all the things you say. He has 8 matches left to prove himself this season and personally I can't write him off after just 4 months. It seems to me that more than anything it's his personality that turn people against him. After all, most of his PL defeats were half expected, given the quality of our opponents. I have the feeling that-although it's unlikely-if we were to improve our play,become more consistent, start looking good and win most of our remaining matches, Tim would still be disliked and not trusted to do the job. Would that be fair?
... He has already admitted that his behaviour has been embarrassing and that he needs to put a lid on it and be more calm. To me that says a lot about the man. It shows me that he is prepared to learn his lessons quickly and listen to criticism.
After that it's up to the team to do their stuff on the pitch and hopefully achieve more wins than losses. We'll see, starting today.
I can see both points of view. It's very much on my mind that we haven't really seen fluency or improvement in our play yet. This after a good 3 months in the job. But the cause of this isn't so clear cut. Tim is easy to see. He's not complicated. He's already stated we're not playing how he'd like. So how would he like? To me it's obvious. You have to win the right to play. And then you can play. We really are still struggling to get these players off square one. It's shocking, really. If you fail at the first hurdle, the first ask from the manager, to get out there and impose yourself, you're not gonna look anything like the managers vision. Hopefully we're eventually getting over this hurdle, and can start progressing. I think the biggest issue with the Sherwood-sniping is that people flatly refused to support him on his appointment, and refuse to sway regardless. That attitude clouds judgment and spreads, affecting other points of views, such as, after two decades of bringing hardly any successful youngsters through, and regular complaints and criticism of it, that when we do, it's mocked, becoming yet another in a long line of no-win situations for our manager and board.
jerkinmahjurgen. Good points and I agree with you.
I think we all want a top coach managing our great club. I will back Tim till the end. It's the club I support and despite my feelings towards the management position I will support him, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. COYS!
I had 18 months of that under AVB, James. I couldn't see it working. There are similarities with Tim, who has no manager experience. It's something for awkward players to get their claws into and try to spread that through the squad. And ANY manager, particularly with a new squad, will have players he doesn't want or get on with, and therefor always have some players using that. I certainly grew fonder of AVB. He, like Redknapp, got results, and I thought maybe I was wrong about him. But tbh he still, despite his rampant Porto side, didn't set Spurs up to play how we expect it. We were flat and boring. We're still flat, but AVB took us to that from where Redknapp had us. Difficult to see if we're making any progress at the moment. If we lose today, I may well regret a few of my recent posts, lol. Man On, I think the Chelsea line-up was a good one. Certainly a surprise so I get what you're saying. I'm undecided as to why the line-ups and systems are changing so often, the root causes and reasons. I like to think he's a prodigy, rather than clueless, but we will see.
MAN ON ... Good article and good post Ox! I think youíve said it all. TS is not terrible and heís not brilliant. Heís just a young manager trying to do his best and, hopefully, learning quickly as he goes. Time will tell, but 4 months is nowhere near enough time for a manager in the EPL to show what he can do! The jury is out ... but the verdict needs to wait a while!
Just read some of the posts ... sorry if I've repeated what others have said, but, at least, we're on the same page!
I never was a Sherwood fan from a Spurs perspective. I liked him at Blackburn but when he came to us he simply wasn't good enough and was a disruptive influence. He got bombed out the club rightly so for undermining his manager, Hoddle, and then spent the next few years having sly little digs at us through the media. Finally, he comes back under Harry and in my mind took all Ingelthorpe's credit for the academy work that had taken 6 years. Saying all that, I did back him and wanted him to be the next Fergie or Mourinho.

However, I'm certain he isn't that right now. Firstly, he seems to have no understanding how to manage foreign players in the squad. He talks to the media as if he has a bunch of Dawson's who can respond to his rants. He surely must have learnt the hard way how to lose a dressing room full of French, Latino, Belgium style DNA's. I hope he learnt from that experience of how to get the best out of these players from different cultures.

Secondly, I can't tolerate the complete meltdown of the defensive area of the squad. Whoever AVB played, they all defended as a team and we got lots of clean sheets. Of course we had a couple of batterings but when you look at the goals they were down to individual errors, not how the team was set up. We did struggle to create chances but generally we were more likely to develop into a better side following the AVB path than the randomness and naivety we get from Sherwood.

I'll back him until end of season, but them hope he gets that assistant role he desperately needs to progress his career. He has been over-exposed way too early and still needs to complete his education before he justifies the role he has right now. He needs to focus on his coaching badges, media training and get his inclusion and diversity thought process working better before he's ready.
MAN ON .... You've got to be happy with this discussion! :)
Dublin Hotspur, im sure many would be delighted, but I don't think your post is relevant to what i posted. Tim probably won't be here by next season and would have had to perform miracles in the space of a few months to keep his job. That's fair enough, as he is a complete rookie, BUT you cannot gauge a manager properly for his long term suitability in such a short space of time. If LVG/Prandelli ect come in, I will personally give them a transfer window or two & much longer than 4 months to get the squad working the way they want. I'd even be ok with a period of inconsistent performances, as long as I saw potential in what they were trying to accomplish long term. Sherwood's role is different, clearly his position is uncertain. His role is to win, win, win and carry the club through to May, he's being given no adjustment period. That's no environment to see what he is fully capable of. But again, it's not that I want to see what he is fully capable of, like you, I'd much rather a "Mr tried and tested" next season.
Geof, it'll liven up when Coopsie rolls out of bed. I doubt we'll hear from Girlway Gonna anytime soon so I'm relying on Flops and Pele to add a bit of fizz.
Geofspurs.. Hi, yes, I'm happy.
muttley, just to put something you said into perspective. AVB has 7 clean sheets in 16 PL games, Sherwood has 5 in 14. Not that much in it, especially as AVB's system didn't commit many men forward and often left Soldado completely isolated. Easier to be defensively solid when you set the team up like that.
Our problem this season has been our lack of goals as much as letting them in. Liverpool have conceded exactly the same as Spurs. 38 in 30 matches. (They just score for fun).
As Mourinho said about Spurs earlier in the season, losing 1 game 6-0 is not as bad as losing 6 of them 1-0.
jerk ... haha, you're right about that!
Some will be conspicuous by their absence...
Not sure why I put up that last post..... Anyway it's good logic coming from a man who speaks in riddles...
I mean Jose, not me...
Man On - took my time to digest this as I seriously thought you were being trolled!!!

After your seemingly vitriolic postings on Friday on the subject I thought you'd be the last one to invite more discussion in what seems to be your main positive of Spurs... I'm sure I am mistaken but it does seem like that to me... To remind others this is what was posted on Friday by yourself

"So nice to see so many slagging Tim off still, as though he's slept with all of your mothers, wives and daughters. Why all the bitterness towards him? It's really strange and idiotic to get so upset by him. So you don't like what he says and/or the way he looks. Big bloody deal. Why keep going on about him. It's pathetic.." "So acting like pathetic and silly little bitchy schoolgirls is the way to go? The playground bully's reign supreme! A good lesson in life is to keep a dignified silence or, you become exactly like the person your despising."

Seriously surprised you invited people to talk about the issue more... never mind all of us are entitled to make u-turns...

For what it's worth my opinion hasn't changed of his credentials as a manager here at Spurs let alone a manager anywhere else mind you should AW decide to leave...

For me, da man may win games and may gone on to replicate the results of the best that there is but for me there is one vital flaw in his character... He has NO class whatsoever - previously demonstrated at the club 12 years ago.

I am not surprised he came out and said about the Anger management - well he couldn't avoid the obvious could he? Even then his comments seem to be wrapped with barbed wire - he only listens to advice from those who's been through the experience - well that's put us (and GH and RH no doubt) in our place hasn't it? Even his comments on Thursday night straight after the game seemed to have wrapped with something else - was it really necessary to comment on Jesus' attire and how the bloke's glands are behaving... some people might think that there was an ugly undertone to that... His manner and behaviour goes well before him me; the club cannot risk such an appointment beyond the eight games. As muttley said there's a long way for him to be ready - for me the position of being an assistant at the club has long gone - by his own words.

Finally I echo matt hoten's thoughts "Man on, when I go to games I donít boo or shout obscenities and I stay to the end and support the players, unlike a lot I witness at WHL.And I pay a fortune for the privilege." As I do the same - it hurts to clap the players off at the end of 6-0; 5-0; 3-0; 5-1 and the NLD (3 times!) defeats this year but the biggest insult/hurt, whatever it is, has been the CONSTANT derision of the players by their manager himself while NO blame attributed to him - perhaps a phone to AW might help there.

You said in case we win the 8 games (I'm certain we will!) will matt's support turnaround; For me, da man has lost the players ages ago and no performance of the team can be attributed to him - no defeats nor wins - the players I like to believe are playing for us the supporters... I'm sure my (and matt hoten's I presume)support for the team runs deeper that... I'm sure we celebrated that win in 1999 w/o acknowledging the man in the raincoat's role....

Hopefully this input doesn't lead to the same response to that one on Friday... simply saying the present one is not fit the tie the bootlaces of most of those gone before him.... nothing to do with football, da man ain't got NO class... I wouldn't want AW at the helm - could anyone? As far as Levy's endorsement goes - doesn't mean a lot does it?

Off to the game now - supporting the lads on the pitch!!! As ever and forever "Come On YOU MIGHTY SPURS"....."One love one Spurs!!!" Believe in the club!!!
Wow... Take a deep breath. What was all that about?
Guyver, fair points. I just picked out the part of your post which highlighted his reasons for not performing due to them not being his choice of players. I agree with you in the most part, but as a manager cannot be judged in four months, not can his players if used in his system. It's like "my way or the highway" from him. He chops and changes formations, positions, partnerships constantly. He doesn't see what he has at his fingertips, yet he wants to get the binoculars out, and god knows what he's looking for. It was a good response mate! I do think he his stretching his chest and making excuses though! He'll never get the best out of our boys talking publicly like that! I pray he has a national express ticket booked for Swindon to reunite him with his kids, or he accepts an assistant job under the new man at the helm. Second option would be my preferred one as I do think he has balls and potential!
Dublin Hotspur
Guyver - AVB managed 26 games this season and got 14 clean sheets conceding 25. Obviously, 11 of those came from the 2 games against City and Liverpool. Since then we've had 5 clean sheets in 20 games conceding 28 goals. 9 came from Chelsea and City. Even taking out the outliers, that is significantly different. You can see it as well when you watch the team. I agree we sacrificed some attacking play but we were organised and defended as a team most of the time. That to me endorses we need to replace Sherwood with someone that can bring us the best of both worlds.
You are extremely sensitive Highgate. (Dare I say, a little bit like Tim himself). As I explained on Friday and, it was plain to see, I never addressed you in my posts. You've also edited your own words out. (A bit like the gutter press like to do). You really do always seem to read so much more in to my words than even I myself can imagine. Please relax and try and enjoy the match today.
Not sure ... but it was longer than the article!
I'm with highgate spur, whatever Tim does or doesn't do in the next few games, he just doesn't fit in the Spurs dugout. For me he lacks the magic, it's like GG all over again and he "ain't my fault guvnor" attitude is awful - would you like to work for a guy with no experience in his role who slats you everytime down thing goes wrong and lauds the success of British coaches when it goes well? Thought not!
muttley you are including cup games, even the EL qualifiers, which skew the statistics heavily in AVB's favour. If Sherwood played against those weak Europa teams and AVB played against Benfica and a decent Ukrainian team, the stats would look very different.

Likewise Defoe's record looks excellent this season, but when you consider the teams he was scoring against, not so impressive.

Dublin Hotspur, can't disagree with that. The excuses are probably to protect himself in an attempt to keep his job, or at least find another decent management job in the future once he's sacked. He knows he's in a very weak position.
Yeah. I'd say that's it alright guyver! Enjoy the game!
Dublin Hotspur
I repeat, what other top 6 PL club would appoint a bloke with absolutely no managerial experience, and lacking the qualification demanded by the authorities to do the job (he is piggy backing on Chris Riley's license), answer it would just never happen. I am not suprised that Sherwood is proving to be largely unable to do the job successfully, it is only to be expected, due to his lack of all the required credentials to be a top 6 PL manager. This together with his excessive ego, abrasive attitude, lack of respect for others, lack of media savvy, means that if we stick with him for the remaining season of his contract, he could seriously damage this clubs prospects of progression. He is simply the wrong horse for the THFC course.
Beautiful soldado, beautiful
van der haart lane
Get fryers on for rose, he is terrible
van der haart lane
Have to agree, i would have no confidence in him in the transfer window either. Can just see the likes of shawcross parker etc being his type of player. He may end up being a qaulity manager but this isnt the place to learn his trade
Danny rose- proof that as long as you're English, being a fat, useless, clueless "defender" shouldn't be a hindrance to gaining a contract in the EPL.
van der haart lane
Siggy stardust cracking strike! Superb goal
van der haart lane
Great win, special mention to soldado and erikson who were excellent. Well done
van der haart lane
Robbie, chrissie, chadders, great game! Siggy.... You got it too baby!!
Dublin Hotspur
Thanks for all the comments...
Van der Haart, your post would carry some weight if you hadn't called Rose fat.
The man is simply a WINNER and given the time and resources will lead Spurs to the title not just CL football. You can see it in his passion and in his history. He is a fighter. I can bring it tactical specialists if need be but WINNERS with fighting passion and never say die attitudes are few and far between. I wouldn't be against seeing TS at the helm of Spurs next season.
At least he won't be distracted by the England job. Sometimes he's a pain but he means well which is more than can be said for self-seeking barrow-boy predecessor. By the end of May it won't matter, he'll probably be gone. The worst thing to do is to get rid of him now.
Choose Goals! Choose Pride! Choose Passion! Choose Balls! :P Choose First! Choose Glory! Choose Winners! Choose Sherwood!
The guy should be given a chance, lets face it school boy errors by some experienced defenders have been his undoing so far. Add to that some so-called Midfield stars from Brazil 2014 in the summer have been most weeks upstaged by a 19 year old rookie!! COYS
coopsieyid Paulinho looks like a flat track bully who struggles against any decent midfield. I hope I will be proved wrong and I was actually talking in general about him, dembele chadli and co.
A good comparison to the Tim Sherwood appointment, was the shock decision the Russian took at Chelsea took when he hired his assistant coach Roberto Di Matteo. The Italian did have more experience than Sherwood. but it was still a huge surprise to the football world that Abromovich chose not to hire a high profile coach. As we all know Di Matteo in his first 3 months as Chelsea head coach won the FA Cup and Champions League, an incredible achievement for a stop gap coach, and he will always be remembered in Chelsea folk lore! In comparison, within the first 3 months of Sherwood being hired by Daniel Levy, Tottenham Hotspur were knocked out of the League Cup, the FA Cup and the Europa League, which did no more for Tottenaham Hotspur than increase Daniel Levy's worst trophy per season percentage of any THFC Chairman since World War Two...
The sky is blue... Not sure what the point of the article was guv? This a site for debate and opinions and ur opinion is what of Dim? Missed the match and half the weekends results as out in the wild. Just managed to pick up a faint signal to see the result.
Mix26.. Just wanted to see peoples views, that's all. Is that not the point of any article? You're opinion is welcome... Fish swim....
coopsieyid, not sure at all what point you're making. I mean you've just pointed out that Sherwood has bettered/outwitted Pochettino in his first 4 months by beating Southampton twice. The Saints are also 11 points behind Spurs in 9th place. His overall win % with the Saints is 37.74. Not very good.
good article, i like Tim, and again i do not understand the amount of abuse we throw at our own club on this site. i agree he is not the finished article yet, but for 4 months in football management, i would say its been very promising. i think his honesty is refreshing and welcomed, and keeping us fans, our players and the opposition guessing in terms of lineup and set up is also great. playing walker in midfield against Chelsea was a move very few managers would have taken, and it worked until Jan slipped and the ref ****ed up..

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