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A British Manager for next season

Whilst a number of fans call for the replacement of Tim Sherwood, again the list of names does not include a British manager. Are they an endangered species?

Managers such as Prandelli and Spalleti are mentioned but I don't recall them winning titles in their own countries. Managers such as Van Gaal are mentioned as are De Boer but they like any lower league candidates have not managed in the Premiership.

Current flavour of the month, and alleged Levy target, Brendan Rodgers only managed for one season in the Premiership with Swansea but has been able to attract signings of the highest calibre to Liverpool. So why shouldn't a similarly experienced and relatively internationally unknown British manager not do the same?

A candidate we should consider is SEAN DYCHE.

1. Despite running his club on a shoestring budget and selling their main striker, Charlie Austin, Burnley look odds-on to be promoted and are well ahead of bigger spending clubs like QPR, Wigan and Reading.

2. He worked under Rodgers at Watford and then Malky Mackay and arguably his record as a manager at the same club is better.

3. Both have been sacked in their early career but unlike Rodgers who left Reading following a very poor run of form, Dyche dismissal from Watford had nothing to do with form but the new Italian owners wanting a name in 'Gianfranco Zola' - Watford fans still react with dismay and disgust that Dyche was dismissed.

4. Burnley play the 'right way' but Dyche is intelligent enough to realise that you can only play like Barcelona if you have players of the calibre of Barcelona, so tactical set up is vital but that doesn't mean the technical ability of players should not be encouraged and nourished.

5. His ability to develop players which has allowed Danny Ings to explode into a goalscorer who Rodgers is now heavily scouting.

Dyche's major problem is he doesn't have an exotic name. You can only do the best at the level you are provided the opportunity at, and Dyche's best has been close to exceptional. Levy has chased exotic international managers like Santini (a league winner), Jol, Ramos and AVB (a league winner) and the results are mediocre. He has gone with an experienced British manager in Redknapp with better results.

How about go for a young British manager with excellent potential who is not burdened with being part of previous regimes but can come in and look at our club with a fresh pair of eyes? He has also worked temporarily with the England U21 team so his coaching ability has been officially recognised.

The appointment of the Ginger Mourinho - 'Stone Cold' Sean Dyche could be a knockout (sorry)

Written by Kernowboy71

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The journalist

Writer: Kernowboy71 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 24 2014

Time: 8:39AM

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Top of the Morning firstly
South L/Derry Spurs
Sorry, a bit premature to debate this!
we have tim we dont need any 1 just yet he is doing well just needs to get rid ov avb poor buys and get a few of his own buys in .
It is premature ... but the main issue, as I see it, is not so much who is in charge, but how much time they will be given to progress the club.
They're all British at the top of the Championship except for Uwe Rosler though. Perhaps Dyche is the pick of them but Nigel Pearson is top of the tree. I've always wondered what Poyet could do with our squad.
I think you said in the text... Rodgers had a season in Premiership.... That makes him a better choice at the time then than Dyche is now. Even Rodgers was a gamble for Liverpool. The first season was disappointing too for Liverpool - on the back of a disappointing season the year earlier. You say that he attracts players to Liverpool, but in reality it is "Liverpool FC" that attracts the players. To go for 3 inexperienced managers in a row (AVB, Tim, Dyche) without success would be unintelligent. It is clear that whoever (and whenever) replaces Tim should be very experienced - just to mix it up and see if that makes a difference. Tim doing ok, but I was at yesterday's game, and I was not convinced by the defensive organisation, and the fact we continuously put Eriksen on left - only for him to constantly remind us that he is our biggest threat and ends up centre again.
Let's be clear about Liverpool as well. Yesterday, we were without Walker, Chiriches, Sandro, Lamela and Adebayor. We also had Dembele willing to play but not fit. Let's give Liverpool 6 key injuries of this quality and see how they do. Rodgers knows they have been dead lucky with injuries this year and that is the reason they are where they are. To maintain that PL position and play in CL he knows he is going to have to improve the squad significantly. City and Chelsea though will improve again and have amazing squads.
Tony ... I think Eriksen will wander whatever his position is called. He’s an intelligent player so that should be fine
Fans seem to have these fantasies about getting the best established foreign managers, the reality is these people don't come to the sixth richest club in the premier league. So any manager we sign is going to be a gamble of one sort or another. Personally I'd rather gamble on someone on his way up and who understands British football than someone on the way down.
Rodgers doesn't attract players to Liverpool, the heritage of Liverpool football club does. They have won the champions league 5 times
Lets be honest here, if Tim has the job next season I along with many will see the club as the ultimate laughing stock of the premier league. Seriously anyone believing this dim witted fool is doing a good job needs to look at the results and also the tactical ability of the moron. We were 2-0 down to Southampton at home inside 30 minutes , a draw in Portugal against a team that was basically through from beating us at home 3-1, a defeat to at home to Arsenal, beaten 4-0 at Chelsea, scrapping a 1-0 home win to relegation fodder, defeat at Norwich yeap he's doing a great job! Now I am not one too back a lower league manager, I think the premier league is a vast step up, we need some proof of ability at this level or similar. Think Dyche is an interesting choice but not one we can afford to take we are dropping like a stone at present Tim Nice but Dim leaves us open and exposed and even I now feel the pressure is on ENIC to get this appointment right Van Gaal is the obvious. Tim must go end of the season along with the other moronic yes men surrounding him, throw your coat all you want you are not up to it Tim!
fletch77 - If a club comfortably in the top third of the league is a laughing stock what does that make all the clubs below us ?
Muttley very good point lets give them skittle, jarred, stuffidge, squares and glenda jogonson in the physio room for 6weeks see how well they would cope then?
spu 4 life
A British Manager for next season; we got one already, looked at the photo and thought Alex McLeish, his changed, must have been taken in his Aberdeen days. If Levy sticks with Tim so be it, if he decides not, then we shall see. 7 games to go and 21pts to play for first.
spu 4 life
Why do we need a 'British' manager? makes no sense to's not as though they are handling just British long as they have the gravitas and ability to clearly communicate with the players then the nationality shouldn't matter.....then you would assume that you would look at their track record and decide on the most suitable person....unless we just stick with Dim...who quite frankly no-one knows what he will do....not even him!
Tim's win ratio is completely skewed by the squad he had to choose from though. He's had choices that no previous manager except for AVB had. Saying that, AVB only had it for a few months and most of that was new players settling in. I could back myself to achieve a win ratio over 60% with what Tim inherited as a squad. That is not the main indicator of whether he should continue or not. If only Tim could get us defensively sound whilst keeping some attacking presence then I think a lot of the doubters might start to back him. That's what I'm looking for in these last 7 games.
Muttley................ your point does beggar the questions............ "What is wrong with our medical staff?" We always seem to get a lot of injuries and the greater number are prolonged. Also is it significant that a lot of these injuries are picked up in training? "Does that also need to be examined?" We certainly have a lot of long term injuries. How long has Lamela been injured, Kaboul was out for How Long? Our injured seem to take an eternity to recover!
Bill Nicholson has a pretty impressive win ratio. Took a Football Association (FA) coaching course and joined the coaching staff at Tottenham upon his retirement as a player. He quickly rose through the ranks of the coaching staff to become first team coach in 1955. He subsequently assisted England manager Walter Winterbottom at the 1958 FIFA World Cup.[2] On 11 October 1958, Nicholson was called to the Tottenham boardroom and appointed manager of the club in succession to Jimmy Anderson. At the time the club was sixth from the bottom of the First Division and there was little indication that the greatest period in the history of the club was about to begin. That afternoon, in the club's first game under Nicholson's management, Tottenham Hotspur beat Everton 10–4 at White Hart Lane.[5] This represented a new club record, surpassed only by their 13–2 (10–0 at half-time) FA Cup replay win over Crewe Alexandra in the 1959–60 season.[6] Bill Nicholson (1961) Less than two years later Spurs wrote their place in the history books when they won the Football League championship and the FA Cup in the 1960–61 season, the first "double" of the twentieth century. Spurs dominated the opposition that year, winning their first eleven games and scoring 115 goals in 42 games. The following year they won the FA Cup again, and narrowly missed a place in the European Cup Final, losing to Benfica in the semi-final. In the 1962–63 season, Nicholson again put Spurs in the history books when they became the first British club to win a major European trophy. In Rotterdam on 15 May 1963, Spurs defeated favourites Atlético Madrid 5–1 to win the European Cup Winners Cup. In 1967 Nicholson's Spurs won their third FA Cup in seven years by beating Chelsea in the first-ever all-London final. This was followed by a string of trophies in the early 1970s – the League Cup was won in 1971 and 1973, and the UEFA Cup in 1972. As the 1970s wore on, Nicholson became increasingly disillusioned with football, in particular the increased player wages and the endemic hooliganism. He resigned as manager of Spurs in August 1974, soon after they had lost the UEFA Cup final to Feyenoord, having been appalled by the hooliganism and rioting he witnessed at that match.[7] He left Spurs with great dignity and respect from everyone at the club, and is considered one of the most important figures in the club's history. Quote; ''Any player coming to Spurs, whether he's a big signing or just a ground staff boy, must be dedicated to the game and to the club. He must never be satisfied with his last performance, and he must hate losing''
spu 4 life
Surely the key thing is that we need the best available manager for next season, irrespective of nationality. It is more than probable that this will mean a foreign manager, as in the PL era it is proven that there has only been 1 winning successful British manager in SAF (very shortly hopefully he won't be British either). What we don't need is yet another manic Levy punt, like Ramos, AVB, or Sherwood, we need a proven, experienced, successful, winner of a manager like LVG. The key is that once appointed, the budget should be set, the manager and possibly the DOF, should then be left alone to operate within this budget, with no interference from non football savvy bean counters. Contrary to his belief, there are other beings on this planet who are competent at what they do without Daniel Levy's help, as much as it might be difficult for him to admit it.
Sean Dyche, no doubt a highly competent individual at his own level, but I think it would be akin to taking a local councilor, and making him prime minister, to give him a top 6 PL club to manage.
Kernowboy... understand what you're saying but, as already pointed out, we have an english manager at the moment. Who's to say IF he'll make it or not? NO I don't enjoy his tactical naivety or his gobbing off or throwing tantrums on the touchline but he has more experience in the PL than Sean Dyche. Let's see what happens by the end of the season then we can have a better understanding of TS's abilities. We'll see if he learns as he goes. I thought it was good man management to single out and praise Naughton at yesterdays press meeting. Saying "Anyone can make mistakes but I praise him for not hiding or wanting to come off!" He has to learn t
He has to learn to get the team playing from the first minute until the final whistle. should have been on the end of that post.
Also let's see how Sean Dyche does next season if/when he gets into the PL.
Bill Nicholson from 1958–to-1974; Under Bill we played 832; Winning 408 @49.03% Plus a bucket load of silverware. If Tim Sherwood is manager for 832 games, I will run up the high road with a cucumber up my arsenal.
spu 4 life
spu 4 life
Geofspurs - you misunderstand. If Eriksen floats about from a left position, then he is abandoning his left position post, thus imbalancing the team. That is not intelligent. So he won't float about. I watched him closely, and he stayed left for the bulk of the game - often helping out Rose, and quite often BEHIND Rose. This is where it does not make sense putting him left. We struggle to carve out chances, and our guy most likely to score right now or make that killer pass is out wide. We have Chadli and Townsend who can play left, so why move Eriksen left?
Im just trying to remember the last manager that was plucked from the Championship, without Prem experience and was a major success? That isn't to suggest that Dyche wouldn't be a great manager and I actually think he and a few others such as Rosler (I know he isn't British..) are potentially excellent and easily as good as many already in the Prem. In top days game however I feel the only way to get a job like Spurs is to gain promotion and make a decent stab at at, with retaining the Prem place, whilst developing and playing good football is essential
spu 4 life .....Hope it's a warm and sunny day. Where do you live?
ghula ... 1960/61 W31 D4 L7 One season, but, not bad!
fletch77 - look at the results...? In the league, Tim has achieved 9 wins, 2 draws, 4 losses (3 of which to City, Arsenal and Chelsea...and the other away to Norwich). Is that is not good enough...? That is 1.93 points a game - which is 73 points a season rate. No manager has got that for Spurs. Certainly better than AVB.... Our defence was pants yesterday.... But I blame AVB for that. We are relying on Rose - who is not the most secure of LBs, and Kaboul - who is a shadow of the guy who had 1 good season for us. AVB left us with too few CBs, and kept Naughton as back up. It is obvious that Naughton cannot become a good enough deputy. He needs first team football at a mid table team in order to improve.
Muttley I don't your background - but no doubt you are equally qualified - so you got my complete backing when you say "I could back myself to achieve a win ratio over 60%....."

All I want is a strong manager: strong in his belief, strong enough to stand up to Levy to leave him alone to do the job backed with a successful track record with trophies/ competitions won and dealing with successful players.... Mot much - after all I'm a Spurs man!!!
TR, you can't blame AVB for the lack of defence. It was widely reported AVB wanted a LB and he didn't get one.
I'm surprised to see a number of people just concentrating on league stats. EL, Capital One, FA cup games are equally important.
Well done spu 4 life, but hate to think that you did that to justify Sir Bill's record in any way. Any true Spurs supporter wouldn't have a doubt and is beyond the realms of a joke. Always believed in his motto (your last bit)... always try to be better than your previous best!!! (i just read your last post ... yup - more than cucumber mate I'll say!!!)
Tony ... I guess the point I was making is that he may spend more time on the left if played there (which he should not be) but will always drift in and out of the middle during the game, which won’t hurt the team if they all have the intelligence to cover each other (which would be crucial, but unlikely until the players develop a better understanding). Having said that, I do get your point and agree that he should be played in the hole.
The problem with having a young and unproven manager/head coach with little or no PL experience, (e.g., AVB and Tim Sherwood), is how long do we give him to prove himself? If the results go badly for the first dozen or so matches, the pressure is on, the media is on their back and, with the fans unhappy, the probable outcome is the sack. Like or dislike him, Sherwood is in that position right now...... If we look at spu 4 life's little history of Bill Nicholson and consider another WHL favourite, Keith Burkinshaw, these two guys were both novices when taking the job at Spurs. In Bill's first season his overall results were not good. In Keith's first season we were relegated! In todays game would they have kept their job? Probably not.... On the other hand an experienced and proven manager with top credentials, is likely to be more trusted and given reasonable time to get things working their way. Well, I'd like to think so.... TS is on a hiding to nothing hit seems. If we have a poor end to the season, he's a failure, if the results are good and our football improves, many on here have said they don't want him in the job anyway. To me, It looks like a lose, lose situation.
By the way great to see new names on this forum , new to me anyway, it's great to hear from fletch77, stephenspurs1210 and of courseKernowboy71.
*it seems*
This is almost like another thread we had recently... IMO we need a manager, British or not, who has the experience and a successful track record who is strong enough to influence Levy with his successful record and the nous to say to him "leave the football alone" and deal with players in coaching them and making them better through it.... that's all.
longtimespur, I ,as you, was encouraged to hear that about Naughton being praised but then on SS's coverage heard "beep.... beep... beep.... beep" method of coaching and thought no wonder the players are playing like they have been... ah well just my opinion!!!

Felt good about the win yesterday... still would like to know the reasons for Fryers' and Siggy's exclusions and Rose's and Dembele's inclusion. Good to see the free flowing (sort of...) between the front 4 (Soldado, Eriksen, Chadli, Siggy) in the second half and Soldado and Eriksen in the 1st...
Sorry but im lost for words at the suggestion of a championship level manager. If we complain about TS being inexperienced in management at least he worked at a top level club. Appointments like that would just throw us back even further. For me, either give TS another season at very least or go out all guns blazing and break the bank for a top notch proven manager. We simply cannot afford to let TS go only to gamble on another young / unproven manager who may or may not be a success. The next appointment (even if its keeping TS) must not be made lightly.
A combination of trigger happy Levy, impatient fans and the British media, would make keeping a novice like Sherwood beyond this season a disaster.
I have posted before that TS should not remain into next season. LVG is the ONLY one we should consider IMO. The trouble with TS is his unbalanced team selections, players in wrong positions, a lack of needing to change things early enough (yesterday was better), and treating the players like kids. You do NOT see any other manager in the PL telling players who to pass to. It is Sunday park coaching. His statement yesterday summed it all up, when praising Naughton for not hiding the fact he had made 2 mistakes, he went on to say that he had probably only made these 2 all season. REALLY. Have you seen him when playing LB. He is dreadful, and so is TS.
He'd be gone quicker than Roberto Di Matteo at Chelsea, or AVB at Chelsea, or anyone not named Mourinho at Chelsea!
I have always said British works better for Spurs. Successful managers Nicholson, Burkenshaw ( in cups ) and Redknapp. All superior to foreign failures Christian Gross, Ramos, Jol ( could not win away to save his life ) and AVB who came with inflated reputations but could not get to grips with the Premier League
What counts in assessing manager is not success but relevant success. To put it into context if Simeone were to win the Spanish title with Atletico Madrid it would prove something about his ability to achieve with a club like ours, if Real or Barcelona win it it proves nothing about their managers.
lol Sean Dyche.....yeah good one!!! We need an experienced man used to handling ego's and big expectations, not a guy who had one good season in the championship. Wasn't the same being said about Owen Coyle when he took Burnley up, or Nigel Adkins when he took the saints up?
What we really need is some form of a genetic splice between AVB and TIm Sherwood, they are nearly at hte opposite ends of the cocahing spectrum. AVB was all about solid defence - don't concede = don't loose!. Tim just wants passion and the lads to run around- score enough = we won't loose!

If there is a man or woman (it is 2014 after all) that can build a solid defense for the team, use it as a foundation to move the ball forward in a deceisive manner and have the players pick out the right pass to create and score goals then thats the person we need. Unfortuately and it pains me to say this, the only manager in the league who seems to be able to do this on a consistent basis is Jose. Wenger has never really gotten to grips with the defensive side of the game except the one he inherited. Rodgers is like a modern day Kevin Keegan, Pellagrini is a touch hit and miss and Moyes is just blessed to have Rooney in his team.
Slurms McKenzie
lol Sean Dyche.....yeah good one!!! We need an experienced man used to handling ego's and big expectations, not a guy who had one good season in the championship. Wasn't the same being said about Owen Coyle when he took Burnley up, or Nigel Adkins when he took the Saints up..
I hear a British Manager has become available - Billy Davies.... successful in parts ?
Cynic, what did HR win ?
Coopsie - all I can say is "hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm"!

With a mentor like that what could go wrong?
Harry Redknapp? Despite his personality etc., he did help us to two top 4 places and take us to the quarter finals of the CL whilst playing some of the most exciting and attractive football at Spurs for many years. We can all seek perfection but will we ever find it?
MAN ON ... That’s true. For a few months there we were recognised as playing the most exciting football to watch in the EPL. It makes you wonder what happened as we were so close to where we wanted to be. Seems like we’re starting all over again now! I’d be quite happy to do well in our last few games and let TS play out his contract next season ... otherwise we will certainly be starting all over again.
Man on!- pursue excellence not perfection...because we'll never find perfection...
Geofspurs - certainly recall those days with much joy - we didn't trouble our roll of honour though... we didn't win anything especially in semi-final v Chelski! For me, when it mattered most - HR disappeared.... IMO!
shedboy2 I'm all for that. But excellence can be achieved regardless of a persons personality traits. Most of the negative stuff I read about TS has nothing to do with what I have seen on the pitch, be it good or bad. I didn't care too much for Harry's public demeanour and behaviour but I didn't attack him on a daily basis about it. If by chance LVG comes to Spurs, he will make a lot of enemies here, because he is arrogant, self opinionated, foreign and up himself. If we win the PL title with him he will be a hero to us despite it all. If he's a failure does that change his personality? Does it take away from his previous success? People will no doubt say he has the right to be an A-hole but I'm certain he was one before he even took his first managerial role. Likewise, Jose, Wenger and others... Personally I don't see TS to be so dislikable anyway. I have never met any of these people by the way. So, what do I know? :-)
Coopsie - that's a relief!!!
Is Tim doing his badges yet??
Dublin Hotspur
Done and dusted Dublin - where do you think Les was on Thursday ?! Hope all's going well!!
In cologne. Having more kolsch in the brau hauses! No footy tonight! Gutted.
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin, you can always watch the repeat of yesterday's match and watch that sublime cushion pass of Robbie to Eriksen.... COYS - enjoy your time mate.
It was wonderful. Eriksen, Robbie and chadli had great games! Siggy did us proud too! Love to see lamela with eriksen, Robbie and chadli! Roaming roaming roaming! Bit screwed watching again! There might be some bundesliga on to watch? If not sauna club!!!
Dublin Hotspur
Now now now - you never know what you might find in those sauna clubs?! Enjoy!!! Take care - it'll be Lamela's turn soon!!!
Hopefully know what's there! Luckily the bar is showing extended highlights of all prem games! Second highest scoring weekend in prem history! Trouble is it's 8.30 cet and I'm locked after tasting wine all day! My luck spurs be on last and I'll be in the ambulance, or sensibly tucked up ready for tomorrow's meetings!! Lol
Dublin Hotspur
Highgatespur thanks for the welcome have done a few posts on here was screaming for benteke to come to spurs last season could do with him now
Painting a pretty picture there Dublin - go for a walk - a pub crawl... it's quite a nice place!!! Who cares about the second highest - we scored 3, L'arse conceded 6 - that's all that matters!!!COYS!
Stephenspurs1210 - before my time.... it'd have been interesting - mind you he was out for a while.... it seems we were so close..... I don't it was AVB but Levy who pulled the plug.... again another 'only if' tale.... COYS
Dublin, coopsie have a look - a great laugh - obviously missing Spurs?
Oxfordspur, Roberto Martinez was plucked from Swansea straight into the Premiership with Wigan and I think has done better than our recent managers. Moyes went from PNE to Everton and was a candidate for a number of top jobs. The question should be - how many big name managers have moved to the Premiership and been flops? We mention the likes of LVG but he has rapidly worn out his welcome at every single club in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain etc.
i.e. At least Martinez has won a trophy recently (FA Cup)
The media has had a big say in the way our Managers have changed our play. Under Harry we could score for fun but conceded too many. Under AVB we had the best defensive record but they said we didn't score enough. We won many games in either system. I was happy with either method. There is more than one way to win football matches. Jose Mourinho has a system that allows only 4 players to venture forward and is well disciplined in rotating these 4 players during play. This way he has 4 attackers being a threat and the rest are defending weven when they have the ball. Our current system bombs our FB's on and we have been vunerable time and time again in the full back channels. Most of our concessions have come with our Full backs out of defensive positions stretching the CB's. Good teams exploit us. Most teams win leagues and gain CL's by NOT conceding many and being difficult to beat. A tactical astute Manager is what we need, whoever that is. TS will not fit this bill IMO.
Sean Dyche not a bad shout. I remember scorn being levelled at Rodgers and Laudrup when they were being suggested before they were PL managers. My only doubt about Dyche would be that I haven’t seen Burnley play in the flesh. I really think you need to see a live game and observe the team organisation and player movement to judge a manager. LVG is to me a bigger risk for the reasons Kernowboy gives and may well be past his sell by date. Also I don’t like a manager who’s talking about his next job whilst supposed to be doing his present one
matt hoten
ya moyes done great with no stars an tight budget now look what he done to man utd,
Moyes is a strange choice for United. 10/11 years with Everton, spent a lot of their money but won nothing... Surely United could pick and choose from the best. Unlike Spurs.
@ KB71, I suppose that naming Moyes and Martinez, to a degree backs my point, when we consider that Moyes joined Everton 12 years ago, whilst Martinez was 4 yrs ago to a club that probably had to appoint managers from a slightly lower level and also had a history of picking young managers that showed promise, even if they had failures elsewhere, such as Steve bruce before him, who though had some Prem experience and longevity with Birmingham, was still perhaps in the jury's out group of managers

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