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Paulinho to Chelsea?

According the the media, Chelsea are looking to sign Paulinho in a deal worth around £30m. In what would represent a near double money profit in a year, I have a feeling that Daniel Levy would be rubbing his hands in glee, especially as the Brazilian has hardly set the world alight this season. Problem is that you feel he is a player made for Chelsea and it is a move he would surely welcome, especially as there is already a group of fellow Brazilians at Stamford Bridge, plus of course the far greater expectation of trophies and a bigger pay cheque.

Though Paulinho is now a first team regular at WHL, I still get the feeling he would love to jump ship for "bigger and better" in the summer, especially if no mouthwatering managerial appointment is added in the next month or so. You do see that Paulinho has the energy and all-round midfield game to be seen as an asset to Chelsea and perhaps as the long term natural successor to Frank Lampard.

Spurs may well consider this not only good business in terms of a very quick profit, but if it gave a greater chance to sign Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku it could be seen as even better. Of course swaps rarely happen, but if both players were receptive, our selling Paulinho, might make Chelsea push us to preferred bidder status for the Belgium striker and that for me, would be very astute or lucky business for Tottenham...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 2 2014

Time: 10:28AM

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Do Chelsea need a top class, under performing in the PL, Brazilian midfielder? Do we?
though he has been very average for us and in my opinion offered no more than either Livermore or Benteleb could have done in his role, I can see Chelsea's reasoning and they will feel confident that he can bring his Brazilian form and also what he did in his opening games for us to Stamford Bridge. I have a real feeling that this is a deal that is likely and also that he will do very well. Of course we will then blame AVB and Sherwood, but for me the player himself has never shown the commitment to us as a player and has to take more than a share of the blame for a poor season considering what we paid for him and the reputation he has
NO! Let our new manager decide this one. We should also never sell ANY player to Chelsea again after last summer!
Dublin Hotspur
oxfordspur. I agree. Good business for us if it's done.
If I am honest I think he would play a lot better in the system chelsea play. In a 4,4,2 he is so restricted so we have not seen the best of him at all. Our style of play is from the 90's at the moment!
Ox, not sure Livermore or Bentaleb would of scored as many goals? Also, its reputation suicide to sell a high profile player to Chelsea, after the credibility we got from not selling them Modric it would be a backwards step.
Tactically Challenge
I saw Paulinho perform very well for us, for about an hour against Stoke, until Adam did what he's paid to do. I think that's it. He's looked like his mind has been far away from WHL, dreaming of Brazil.
aybe he'll play to his potential at Chelsea, but he clearly isn't doing it for us. As I understand it any deal would be after the World Cup, so plenty of time to sort out managerial issues first. Realistically we have more central midfield players than we know what to do with so getting rid of one who just doesn't seem interested at a big profit would make a lot of sense.
I still feel we should keep him though. No World cup at home to be dreaming of next season.....
Not sure we should fear selling him to them if we make such a huge profit. He doesn't fit into our team at the moment...whether that would still be the case if a new manager comes in who knows, so obviously that needs to be a decision for later. But in theory if he doesn't work for us then sell him for the highest price and give ourselves the best chance to find someone who does fit. The chances are if they want a player like him in that position they will end up finding one anyway and the only ones to lose out will be ourselves.
If it's true that Chelsea want Paulinho you have to sit up and take notice. Next season we may see the best if him. He's had a full season in the PL and knows what to expect. Chelsea and many top clubs know how good he is. Trouble is will it be with Chelsea? I hope not. COYS!
I find these transfer rumours worrying if true as it points to Sherwood remaining in charge or Levy deciding transfer strategy without worrying what the current or future manager may think. Given the Baldini role this could be construed as normal in this structure. Hopefully it just agents at work as usual.
Harry-Kari. It's more a Chelsea rumour than a Spurs one. If you know what I mean?
On this season's evidence I find Paulinho an average midfielder at best. I'd happily take Chelsea's £30m and buy two good, young fullbacks - Davies from Swansea and Chambers from Southampton.
What Dublin said. Levy should be rubbing his hands in glee waiting to tell the chavs to do one :-). COYS.
Good posts Dublin and Tactically Challenge
I'd be happy if we were to get Lukaku as part of the deal
The squad needs trimming for sure, who ever is in charge next season needs to know his best first 11, not the debacle of this season. If Paulinho does not fit into the plans, then a possible 30m will go a long way to claw back some of the 100m we spent last season. I think Capoue could flourish under the right manager, so not too worried about Paulinho going.
It is only his first season. There is no way that you judge a foreign signing on his first season here 100%. Hazard was ok last season, this season he became unbelievably good. Modric improved in second & third seasons. The other point is that AVB did not a) get the team performing well this season at all - especially in an attacking sense. So Paulinho suffered. b) AVB was playing certain players out of position, and not getting the best out of even Eriksen, who is now revelling under Tim. Paulinho is a good player that we have not utilised properly. I don't care about what sort of deal we can get after ONE season. That is not the way to build the team unless the guy was a complete mismatch/flop. This was not the case. We need to keep as many of the new signings we can, and try to make them work. If the new manager can find no use, then ok. But moving them on is not the answer. You cannot change the players AND the managers each year! That is total chaos.
If Chelsea value him enough to pay £35m, and everyone feels he will reach his potential at Chelsea, there is something very wrong at our club. WE are the ones that should be benefitting from his talent! We scouted him and bought him! We need a system that plays to our talents' benefits. We couldn't afford to buy a £35m midfielder, Brazilian international! Yet we own one! For gods sake is it not clear what is wrong at our club! There are 3 or 4 midfielders who should go before Pauli if we are cluttered, dembele, siggy, bentaleb, for starters, even though I do rate them, Pauli is a class above, played properly!
Dublin Hotspur
Agree with all those who say lets wait for the manager to be finally nailed before buying and selling
Agree with Dublin, I wouldn't want to deal with Chelski after last summer but E35m does sound Lukaku, Oscar and the CH that played v Lpool! Nah let's wait - Paulinho will be a supastar for us next year.
Dublin - what is wrong with our club is that we have proven that we can switch between: Tim, AVB, Jol, Harry, and still get 70-72 points in a season. Given that Arsenal are not contenders for title, and already on 73 points with 2 games to go, it shows that we have hit a limit with this level of manager. We need a serious manager. One who will get the squad into a well balanced unit. One who can take a squad that has enough talent, and utilise it efficiently so that it can take points off the top four, and get those extra points to take us higher. The question is can we get the desired choice of manager? Can we attract him...? I agree that Paulinho is the type that you want to keep. I have lost all faith in Dembele. You just cannot rely on him to produce enough across a season. Siggy does not fit in to our systems. He has to play behind a striker or not at all. He is a finisher. Nothing else. I like him, but he needs first team football somewhere. What about Holtby? We need someone with a plan. AVB wasn't it. The next man needs to be chosen with care.
Another excellent post Dublin!!!
Great post tony, in full agreement! I believe that the calibre of player we have on our books would surely be an attraction to an elite, (or soon to be elite) manager! On paper we look amazing, in reality our coaching hasn't got our squad where they want, or need to be.
Dublin Hotspur
Thank you ossie! I'm pretty passionate about this topic and our squad! Lol
Dublin Hotspur
vicspur - We sold Bale and spent the money we got. There is no expenditure from last season to claw back, net spend was roughly zero.
Dublin Hotspur - You don't change the team to suit one player, that is insane. Plenty of players have struggled at some clubs and been successes at others.
TonyRich - The short answer is no, the best managers go to the richest clubs. Unless of course you find one before he is successful and moves out of your price bracket.
Even though we haven't seen the best of him, I still think Paulinho is the most overrated Brazilian player in professional football. I wasn't sure he was worth £17m so £35m literally blows my mind..
Jod, yes the net spend was zero, what I meant was we wasted a lot of that money so if we got 30m back, we can put hopefully give it to De Boer and put it to better use. Now, if only we could get someone to give us 10m for Siggi?
Not one player jod, most of our players. We are doing the opposite and trying to get players to play like Wimbledon in the 80's. Most of the team are lucky enough to have been but twinkles in their dads eyes then, and never had to witness such a thing! They don't understand it, and don't know how to do it!
Dublin Hotspur
It’s a tough one really. It’s a position that we have an abundance of talent in as appose to other areas of the field but I think the valuation that’s banded around in the papers is quite a way off what the actual offer would be. IF the chavs came in and said £30m straight cash then it would be hard to turn down, as I’ve not been overly impressed by his ability OR attitude this season, but the more likely scenario would be £17-£20m dragged out over 2 months to finally sell for around £23ish which would be unacceptable. That being said, he has had ONE SEASON in the PL which has been a very bumpy season for THFC in general. I can’t see Lukaku being part of any deal as those deals rarely happen, and in all honesty im sure he will have far more stable and attractive offers. If we did sell I would love to see Eriksen in the “Modric Role” where he could influence the game even more

End of the day we need to sort out the fiasco of the manager situation and let Him decide who he does or doesn’t want. Before we even start thinking of selling any Major player plans need to thought out, formations, squads etc established and any replacements brought in first. Im not really sure if there is a plan, a strategy for the next few weeks or months, but serious decisions now need to be made across the whole club. Personally, I don’t want to see any 19yr old “next messi” etc joining. We have been there. Done that. We need players who we KNOW can cut it. We need a strong manager who knows his tactics, knows how to win games and knows how to get the best from his players. I think we also need a manager who will work with the majority of players already at the club and who wouldn’t want to re-build from the ground up. It’s not all about spending a bucket load of cash, it about spending what’s required. If the LB we so desperately need is £25m….then pay £25m or don’t bother. Don’t go for plan B….a player who is a fraction of the cost but is either has a fraction of the ability or is a gamble. We have a full bench full of gambles. We have a decent team but lets not kid ourselves, we are miles off the pack in front of us.
Profit before football again. Shouldn't Levy wait until the new manager is in place. He may want to build a team around Paulinho and Eriksen. If it's true, a very worrying sign.
Dublin Hotspur - I can only assume you never saw Wimbledon playing in the eighties or you wouldn't come out with such a ridiculous statement.
TonyRich - well put ... agree with I think we need a team of coaches who have total belief in what's being done to move to the next level - like HR and team did when they came in Jordan, Bond... I feel that FdB could be what Spurs have been waiting for...
Levy would not be the only one rubbing his hands with glee if we could get £30 million for Paulinho.Was bought for AVB system and cannot contribute to quick ball circulation. Has goalscoring capacity but runs into box rarely timed correctly.However managerial instability has not been helpful
Doncaster, it's all speculation , Spurs will forever be connected with moves - that's in the cub's DNA!!
If we could get 30m for him ... do it! We have any number of midfield options at the moment and 30m could go toward someone special (whoever that might be).
I would guess that they might see Paulinho as a replacement for Lampard with all the late runs into the box, goal scoring midfielder etc. Would take 20m and
Romelu Lukaku plus £10m would be a very good deal - especially as his head has (or will be) turned. But that decision should rest with the new manager
Jod you buy players to fit into a system that is in place or at least accomadate. So why buy Soldado if he doesn't fit in? Surely when you buy a player you look at strengths and weaknesses. AVB was a top scout for Mourinho so he knows all about players and tactics. COUS!
Jod, you will see plurals in my previous post relating to players! Also I did watch Wimbledon in the 80's. Not pretty! We are not there yet but it seems to be Tim's "project". Wrong players for that style of play right now, but if god forbid, he gets hold of his chequebook and gets rid of everyone he doesn't fancy, and the others just leave, we will be well on that road
we currently have a squad capable of playing deliciously together, if coached and set up properly!
Dublin Hotspur
Agree it would be absurd to contemplate buying or selling any players until the decision has been made on the identity of the next manager unless we are not in Europa. If we have only one game a week we need to ship players out left, right and centre. This squad needs 2 games a week to keep players sharp and happy. Paulinho has not been as poor as some suggest. I do think he is a tad selfish and does not track back as effectively as I like but he is miles better, at this point, than Bentaleb and represents a far greater threat than Dembele. To make 11M GBP in one season may be too good to refuse, but I would not sell any of the players acquired over the past two years. Everyone else is fair game. COYS
That Vank Ginkel player is similar, back from injury now? COYS.
Media bollox imo. COYS.
At first I was not even going to read the article. Now I'm completely and utterly shocked with the posts. 1st season, new team and he probs has been one of the better of the shocking performances this season. Next story about Levy rubbing his hands, Modric anyone? Geez this season needs to end quickly to end the misery.
“Romelu Lukaku plus £10m would be a very good deal”….My God! (Rubs eyes whilst shaking head simultaneously). Lukaku cost more than Paunihno two years ago. Pauliunho has had a very average first season whilst Lukaku has been one of the standout performers of the PL this year. I don’t think Paulinho plus £10m would prise him out of Chelsea TBH.
What is a Lpool supporter doing on here - seeking solace ghulamville ?
hudderspur, I think folks are just kidding - this story is simply made up !!!
I'd sell him for 10 pence he's been that bad all season! Average, you do the word a disservice Oxford! Give me holtby over paulinho anyday
We have too many CM's at the club, and too many are too similar in their styles. It is therefore clear that we need to shift players out from this area of the team so that we can improve the areas where we are weak. Biggest mistake of last summer was not strengthening our weak areas, even though we spent all the Bale money. Only Eriksen of the CM's has shown any kind of form this season, therefore as far as I am concerned any of the others can be sold. I'm not sure what Paulihno some people have been watching, he has been rank poor all season, doesn't seem to fit a position, can't, pass from deep, is too slow, weak in the tackle and is adept at finding row Z. Since coming back from injury he has been nothing but a passenger, and doesn't look like he even wants to play for us, so if we can get £30M-35M from Chelski or anybody else, then I would say sell him, we won't miss him at all.
Cleveland ARTSPURS
Dublin Hotspur - If you seriously believe Spurs, or any other team for that matter, are trying to play a style of footbal that would mean they finish every game with nine players or less with modern refereeing than I do wonder what you see when you watch a match. We don't have a squad capable of anything. what we a have is a random group of players chosen by different managers at different times with no manager ever given enough time to put together a coherent style of play and a squad capable of implementing it.
Paulinho hasn't been the worse of the midfielders this season, granted he was not great but there were mitigating factors. Think this is his agent stirring, with the players consent, maybe? Symptomatic of our season - I'm wit Mix on this one - cannot wait for this season to end!
He has not been great this season but like all of our 7 new guys last summer he has shown glimpses of quality. There's a reason he was one of the best players in Brazil before he came to us, and why he was one of the key pieces in the national team. He was definitely an "AVB signing" and I doubt he would've been best pleased when AVB was sacked. I personally feel with the right manager he can push on to be a world class player for us.
rahn DMC
Jod. A little tongue in cheek re Wimbledon, but I firmly back my point about the squad. It's an opinion mate.
Dublin Hotspur
If we could even break even on Paul"don't break a sweat, rather hug the opponents"inho then we should snap whoever is offering it's hand off. This guy has been the biggest of all disappointments this season, is lazy, strikes a ball poorly, has no range of passing and struggles to tackle. Never has one player been signed so obviously on 1 or 2 performances. Levy and Co were totally mugged off. I'd rather keep Sherwood than Paulinho and I've made my feelings re Tim very clear before. Chest pumping and all I'd rather have Holtby back than persist with this pretender.
Yes of course lets sell Paulinho, and rely on Benteleb, and a returning Jake Livermore, and of course Tom Carroll. Let's show once more that we don't know how to harness talent, or keep players happy and interested by poor man management. Of course the situation is not helped by the appointment of the tea boy to manage top international players, then expecting them to be happy about it. It would be a good career move for him to go to Chelsea, where a top quality coach, will no doubt be able to harness his undoubted talent to his advantage. While we are at it let's sell Sandro, Vertonghen and Holtby as well, after all they are not good enough for Spurs. Of course if TS is to stay we may replace him with Lee Catermole, a player more suited to the TS footballing philosophy and mentality, he might think he is "good enough".
Frank - Of course there are also Dembele, Sandro, Eriksen, Holtby, Siggurdson etc. ut hey, your point wouldn't sound very convincing if you mentioned the excessive number of central midfield players we actually have on our books.
jod, It is not a question of quantity, more of quality. It is very worrying when our "L Plate" manager states that a player like Sandro is no good enough, and obviously doesn't rate Paulinho that highly either, and has sent Holtby out on loan.
He will fit in very well, once we get shot of ''porkies Sherwood'' all his lies ain't the truth.
spu 4 life
spu 4 life ... to the gallows I say !!!
i've supported spurs for over 30 years, and the prospect of Sherwood managing us next year makes me sick to my core - he is a loud mouth ***** who wants to sell all players with skill because they intimidate him and introduce all the youth because he intimidates them. The man is a freaking curse. Every day I wake up hoping to read he has been sacked. And so far every day I am disappointed.
Cape Town Spurs
I don't think chelsea will swap any players with us, if they want to buy, it will be money. If Lukaku has a good world cup, his value will go up past the 20m mark easily. Interesting interview with Mourinho I heard on the radio answer Hazard statement about him not being happy with the style of football. It is well worth a listen, should be on talksport website. Basically Mourinho is saying that he needs to be a team player not an individual, at one point he says, he should be will to die for his fullback, so after Mata, Hazard will be next out of chelsea. It is going to be an interesting summer for sure.
When we bought Paulinho Bale was still here and Pauli said playing with him was one big reason he came....maybe to play alongside him was WHY we bought him...I'm saying this because he looks a bit lost position-wise to me: he's not the guy to bring the ball out from defence alaModric (imo, that's the player we need but don't have -Carroll, anyone? :)...) and doesn't seem to see the defence-splitting pass alaEriksen....more of a link-type mf like Dembele.......I see Holtby and Eriksen as maybe similar roles for each other and Sandro/Capoue/Livermore likewise.........perhaps he'd look more 'in place' with a df behind him, but, again, can someone tell me exactly what his role is please (cue the managerial invective)...
BBH - agree with you. Did anyone watch how well Alonso and Modric played together and Di Maria as the link man between midfield and attack. Modric is just getting better and better. He was superb against Bayern. Sandro could do the Alonso role, but Paulinho is not Modric. Holtby might be better suited next him, or maybe Tom Carroll at some point in the future. Playing 4-2-3-1 seems to be the way to go these days but we have too many of the same type of midfielder. I would still like to see Sandro and Capoue together and allow Capoue more freedom to come forward and bring the ball out. He is more than capable of some defence splitting passes.
sell him, cash in, shockingly poor for us
Carroll seriously guys, he's miles off being a top4 player...Bentaleb needs a loan to see if he has consistency...Livermore is a good player but not on the same level as Pauli hence Chelsea are after Pauli not Livermore! boils down to selling the family silver...again. And will we get Lakaku?...more like Ba with Levy pocketing the difference....why can't we just swap Ade for Lakaku or does it yet again point to us being skint?
Shed, it's pointless! I feel I'm gonna have to put all my passion into shamrock rovers! Can't take the 123's of the world anymore. If this happens and Chelsea pee all over us and laugh at us again, I'm done! Done with my wonderful club, ruined by levy and Sherwood! I'll wait til august, but my gut feeling is not good!
Dublin Hotspur
And it's not about Pauli, it's the whole principle!
Dublin Hotspur
123 spurs cash in, who s going to buy Sherwood?
spu 4 life
ur blaming TS im blaming players, matter of opinoin if you dont like comments on here out out and dont come back, if you cant it anymore
log out if you cant take it anymore or just get use ot it
Players certainly are to blame for individual mistakes. There is no denying that. Where it becomes the manager's fault is when he keeps selecting him in spite of the mistakes. It's all well and good to blame VDV for putting his 100th free kick in to the wall, but at some point after 50, perhaps the manager should have instructed someone else to take the responsability. It's called managing. Some managers hide behind the players because they really haven't got a clue. Go on out, run around a bit. It'll all work out. I'm just going to sit in the stands because I have no effect pitch level (cannay order a pint either). Good managers don't let the same negative things happen over and over again. They learn. As should good players. Some players never will (Walker????). The coach's job is to to the best he can with the players he has. How many players can we say have performed to epectations this season. I'm at 2. COYS
The bit about Carroll was s'posed to be tongue-in-cheek....the other thing I saw was that Real were also sniffing around for we sell him to them?.....I'd like to hold onto all our 'new' signings - after all, it's obviously full backs we need- and the season always shows how much depth is required in cover for the mf positions....agree the second season is often when players break through...
Dublin it seems like you and lots of fans are choosing not to see the reality on some situations purely because of Sherwood. Paulinho has looked shocking poor technically - nowt to do with Tim and his lack of tactics.
You vicspur - agree Hazard next one out .... get in there Spurs - will Hazard be enticed to for the m]new man ... hope so ...
BBH - hello mate ... long time no hear .... Paulinho made that clear about Bale when he signed and why he signed... I can imagine his shock when got here and NOW after GB's recent performances for the 'Spurs in Spain' team !!! I blame both of our super stunning managers of this season for many of the things and this is is certainly one of them!
* Yup it should have started vicpur
clivetheyid - it's the coaches/ managers who pick the players - I reckon Paulinho has played awful with Chadli in the middle yet the pair have been picked for the last four games .... the two awesome coaches/managers have a lot to answer to for this year...
Hi, ya doing?....D'you think we should sell Pauli for the mooted 35 mill to Real?
BBH - Doing okay another Bank Holiday going to the game tomorrow - hate the ground... but almost hypnotised !!!

E35m seems to be way too much so yes!! BUT go for a players swap; If RM, go for the likes of Isco, Conteau and Benzema; If chelski, go for Hazard or Oscar, Calas and Lukaku. I don't want to see the monies disappear - get the drift.... LOL!!!
Agreed,'s all speculation, anyway, right?....Last went to Upton park in the 60s....remember it being small and crowded but atmospheric.....have a good'n..
It certainly is ... we don't even who the boss is for definite yet... hope it's a win and all the bottom teams win tomorrow and we help whamboyz to relegated next week.... take care!!
Highgate if a player can't pass, can't finish and can't tackle it ain't the coaches fault? Granted the coach shouldn't pick him but it don't change the players ability. The guy was wasting away in Lithuania four years ago and before that the Polish SECOND division.
clivetheyid - great analysis but please don't forget his performances for Brazil and in Brazil over the past three years.According tour coach at present he's obviously better than Bentaleb, sandro, capoue, Dembele, Siggy, Holtby, why is he being picked ? Does Paulinho pick the team ?
Probably something to do with the astronomical fee and wages we are paying for that performance against the worst England tema in 30 odd years highgate
And the Confederation Cup and the rest - he is a supasta - he will have us singing out his name loudly and proudly next year!!!
30m + ! Bite hand off at elbow. more media bollox if you ask me. but if Chelsea were indeed interested in a deal involving Lukaku id be ecstatic. Ive been a critic of Paulinho this season, im not sure if there's real talent there or not, we haven't seen it yet. However I agree that the next manager decides who stays and who goes.
Ever the optimist highgate, unless we talk Sherwood!
Frank - Then why talk as if all we had was Bentalalab and Livermore ? are you saying they are all crap ?
Frank whether or not Sherwood rates Paulinho does not detract from whether he is talented enough or not. I've watched Spurs home and away 41 times this season and Paulinho has played a good proportion of those games and has never once put in a commanding performance, had he not score a few tap ins he would have been completely ineffectual. He looks way way way out of his depth in the premier league.
I'd snap their arm off for £30m. A good profit margin for a player who hasn't even shone that brightly. The difference is we didn't want to let Modric go in the slightest. Paulinho is replaceable. He's been a little slow in speed of thought and movement since he's been here. He should be a Lampard but as has been mentioned previously, his stats don't compare.
clivertheyid - probably same things were said as you are saying after Bale and Modders after their first year!!! LOL
We've given up. The players are clearly not playing for Sherwood. But let's be clear. They are also not playing for Tottenhan Hotspur and for that they should be ashamed. We simply cannot pile all of the blame on a manager who was clearly thrown in at the deep end. For me, the players carry the can far more than the manager
That is 99% correct Clive, the only crumb of comfort the Paulinho lovers can cling onto is his 15 mins, 3 flicks cameo against Stoke.
Doncastor very true I blame the players - do you ever wonder what they do at the training ground in the week to prepare for a game against a lowly club in one of their bad runs? Who picks the team and the subs ?

Do you reckon both Place and Sunderland were wrong in changing their managers midseason ? the players should have gone ? Nope....
30m? That has to be a joke, you will do well get recover what you paid for him. Lazy and inconsistent player. If chlelsea offer anything at 15m or more take it. He is the type of player who's terrible attitude is impacting your club.
Galway Gooner
I'll drive him there myself he is *****e , i would also make eva part of the deal
Lukaku as part of the deal? Lol. Complete delusion. Lukaku is worth more than all the players you signed last season combined.
Paulinho, as I predicted, is not good enough. This is what happens when you sign the same player many times over.

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John Alder's NUFC Collection To Be Auctioned
» Newcastle : 18/12/2014 18:10:00
Villa In The NON Rip Off List For Mascots
» Aston Villa : 18/12/2014 17:09:00

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Spurs MOTM against Newcastle?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Vorm 14%
Chiriches 1%
Fazio 5%
Vertonghen 1%
Rose 1%
Stambouli 3%
Bentaleb 15%
Townsend 1%
Eriksen 45%
Chadli 1%
Kane 9%
Dembele 0%
Soldado 3%
Capoue 1%