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A long time coming...

Firstly I know whatever thoughts and feelings you all had towards Tim Sherwood he did care about THFC.

I wish him well and know that as a Manager of say Brighton? he will do well there. He definitely had a way of getting the best out of the young ones (If maybe playing them in the first team was a tad optimistic!)

However, the Managerial Roller Coaster starts all over again at the lane and we'll now see a whole plethera of names being lined up for the job. Is it too quick however for someone to be given the job.

Whatever way you look at it I for one cannot see any announcement being made within the next few weeks. The season is now over and we have a break before the World Cup starts.Therefore I expect to see an announcement being made mid June with the role being taken up form the 1st July.

What was TS's downfall? lack of Tactics? Poor Player selection? Let's face it, as fans of this Historical club we will all have our reasons, they are there for whoever wants to find them. Personally I believe there was never any plan for Tim to remain after the season ended. The additional year was a pay off and thank you (IMO)

Many of you say Benitez, Many De Boer, some Poncinetti. For me it needs to be someone who knows the club, knows the Premier League, knows how savage the Press can be, and more importantly knows what the fans are like. Like it or Loathe it, we are all fickle at times (including myself!)

All I know is whoever is trusted enough by Daniel Levy to steer the ship back towards the Glory Days will be walking a fine line form day one between failure and Success. Truly in my Heart I hope it's the latter.

In a world of Citys and Uniteds there is only ONE HOTSPUR - and it's ours! Handle it carefully and treat it well. It means more to me than life...

I guess there's no point to this post other than suggestions and arguments for our new Leader… Let the Berating Commence............


Written by YT_Boy

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The journalist

Writer: YT_Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday May 14 2014

Time: 9:09AM

Your Comments

What do ilit and ttid mean. I see them a lot but haven't a scooby!
Dublin Hotspur
First!. Bugger...So much for Long time coming!.
cider spurs
Ah!...That's better. Only polite to wait my turn.
cider spurs
In Levy I trust...Tottenham til' I die.
cider spurs
Makes sense! Blonde moment! Tried everything in my head! Now I know! Thanks
Dublin Hotspur
Whoever is appointed must be expected to have a good run, a bad run, another improved run, then some iffy results, and then a good run. Nothing in life is all sunshine. Nobody is perfect. So whoever is appointed, assuming it is on a contract intended to run for a certain number of years, please persevere with him. How else do serious relationships survive and then flourish? A couple of weeks ago I counted nine clubs in the Premier League this season who had changed managers/coaches, and at two clubs I think there had been three such changes — in the one season! This is neurotic behaviour.
Sad to say, but Tim was out of his depth and the board were right to terminate his contract. I think his problems stemmed from the weight of pressure he felt to succeed in such a short timescale. This is probably what gave rise to his strange outbursts in the post match interviews, ultimately alienating certain players, sections of the fans and the Spurs board. That pressure was probably also passed on to the players and may well have affected performance (so many defensive errors). The new manager will hopefully have a full pre-season (World Cup permitting), so should have time to work with the players and start the season from a "happier" place. If Sherwood gets the Brighton or WBA job, he will undoubtably be under less pressure and may well flourish. Best of luck Tim, but let's now get the new man in and look forward to a better season. COYS
I don't agree that we have time and will have to wait until July 1st. Whilst the players take a rest, this is Levy and Baldini's busy time and they need to get active ASAP. Baldini can be the hatchet man for the obvious ones like Gomes, Friedel, Ekotto, Khumalo, Hall, Mason, Obika, Livermore, Falque etc but how does he know whether he's supposed to be fighting to keep Kaboul or letting him leave? What happens if an offer comes in for Naughton, Fryers or Rose? How does he know whether to give Adebayor a contract extension or start touting Soldado back to the Spanish clubs? We only have a few players at the world cup so we need to use every available week. Must admit, I hate it when we start shipping players around the world for pre-season tours and see them take valuable playing time from our main squad or talented kids. We know they will be gone by August 31st so let's get the negotiations done and get our manager in within 2 weeks. No excuses.
apparently mopo is represented by gareth bales agent johnathan barnett
tarkan mardinCOYS
I think Levy the board and even us fans need to be more realistic with our targets. For a club that has only achieved 1 CL qualification in the whole of the prem era we sack managers like we have a god given right to be there. Imo opinion our high goals are our own hindrance. We need stability and a period of patients even if it means taking 2 steps back to go 4 steps forward.
spurfect one
Another shameful chapter in the history of our club. The way Levy treats his staff is pathetic. We have now lost a valuable member of the backroom staff due to Daniel Levy's incompetence. OK, Tim was probably out of his depth as a manager, although I believe he has the potential to succeed but he was totally hung out to dry by Levy. What chance did he have when speculation of his successor started the day he walked into the job due to the ridiculous 18 month contract handed to him. Does it really matter who the next manager is - if he has to work under the same constraints as the previous incombants, he will have no chance. Let's not forget that Sherwood, at least showed some passion and love for the club and a desire to succeeed- something Daniel Levy has never done.
im with you Muttley, why wait ??, we need the manager in now, hes got plenty to do like shipping out and getting players inlets not leave it too the last week eh, what style is going to play so much to do, i say now now now,
im with you Muttley, why wait ??, we need the manager in now, hes got plenty to do like shipping out and getting players inlets not leave it too the last week eh, what style is going to play so much to do, i say now now now,
daniel levy wants his managers to be boring and statesman like and wants the attention centered around him
tarkan mardinCOYS
well it does seem mopo is front runner now.2million clause release
tarkan mardinCOYS
Doncaster - what is Sherwood supposed to have done with our youth and what exactly was he contributing to our club before December? My opinion, but all he did was come in after 6 years of hard graft by Alex Inglthorpe, the real loss to THFC, and happily take the kudos for the academy. Some of us were never convinced when he stood as the front man for the Next Gen series and had our doubts that he was an coach at any level. Amazing that he never took his badges even though he was involved with football since he retired. I call that lazy and the only thing he had to fall back on was kidology. Clearly it worked on Levy for a while but eventually we gave him enough rope and now he is quite rightly an ex member of staff. I'm hoping that we'll be talking about a few more in a week or so.
Pochettino only has a year left on his contract so £2m clause release would be ideal for Levy.
I liked tim as a manager he was very honest in the way he saw things at spurs had a lot of passion and to all the people that boo tim at ledders test be carefull what u wish for were prob end up with Poncinetti what a joke his interviews are allfull and is no better than what we had
I like the fact that Pochettino doesn't give interviews in English, that way the media cannot get at him.
DoncasterHotspur, it was a six month job for Tim Sherwood with a one year pay-off as appreciation for whatever his efforts turned out to be. It should have been AVB who lasted until the end of this season and then had his contract reconsidered, depending on how well he'd done. The mid-season dissatisfaction and crisis could have been the occasion for warnings to AVB to utilise all serious players it was possible to use. That kind of warning could have forced a rethink.
back to Jacques Santini days then zzzzzzzz
A new manager will/must be in place by the end of the month.TM- if its the case Johnathan Barnett is Pochettino's agent that puts the scuppers on doing a deal for him. Only thing I want from a new manager is to move Adebayor on. If he had cooperated and played for Spurs - his paymaster- in the first part of the season then AVB and club might have made the top four. Trouble where ever he has been and thought it big joke when Liverpool beat us 5-0. Who was responsible for his signing?.
avb was a fool in sticking with saldodo waste of money bet foot
I cannot remember a single thing that Pocchetino said all season, and that's how it should have been. It is a clever ploy of his to claim inadequate English as it forces interviews to be over as quickly as possible. If only frustrated showbiz entertainers and wanting to be 'characters', Redknapp and Sherwood, could have learned from it. That said, I would not necessarily say he should be next leader at Spurs. I'd be happy with a terse, bland in interview Benitez, or De Boer if he too has mastered the art of saying nothing in interview.
And bear in mind that Sherwood will be happily giving his opinions about Spurs to whoever asks him questions, for the next few years. You'll see it in all those 'Spurs boss criticises....' on the blog links in the list of 'Spurs stories' designed to get concerned and worrisome Spurs fans clicking on cue. Mr Indiscretion, Mr I'm a Right Character, Me, with all my prejudices and contradictory attitudes to be adopted.
airwave-why shouldnt he?i think most fanswould want to know whats been happenning at the club
tarkan mardinCOYS
Tim and Les on Sunday supplement on SS this week. will be interesting!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin, look forward to the report, couldn't bear to watch it tbh
Attractive,fluid,attacking football-Porchi. Overachieved with small squad in Premiership-Porchi. Available-Porchi. Can work with DOF-Porchi. Won't upset Levy-Porchi. Young and uses advanced training techniques-Porchi. Makes players better-Porchi. Best candidate-Porchi.
tartan martin, there is a club website if you want to know facts and figures, need match reports, want to know what is imminent, want to learn what the club may be doing in the neighbourhood, and there are often filmed interviews and photo galleries. There is also any number of blogs and websites piggybacking, **** stirring, creating and/or passing on rumours, etc. It is mass media that lay down conditions for managerial interviews as part of the TV deal, before which time we hardly ever heard from a manager or coach the length of the Football League and were none the worse for it. "How do you intend to beat ...?", "How will you disarm the threat of .....?" And managers or coaches are supposed to answer honestly and forewarn their opponents, really? Being not expected by any intelligent person to answer such leading questions, what are interviews for? They are about showbiz, celebrity, padding out football coverage, and little else.
Tim was good for the transition period but his deficiencies out-weighed his pluses. Having passion, frankness, simplicity and promotion of youth is great- but failure to be tactful, tactical and shrewd at getting the best out of players you don't personally rate as well as failing to understand the Executive structure at your club is a form of ineptitude. I love Sherwood but the club has invested 100m+ on players and we can't give up on them because an inexperience manager don't rate them. We need a manager who can get the best out of these players, and one who isn't so hot headed. Either De Boer or Pochettino for me. But both must be given more than 1 season regardless if we don't get CL.
The fact is TS did well but his major downfall was that he could not motivate the players to play above their training level. He did not have the team behind him. It is, to me a testament to the quality of talent we have that we could still finish 6th whilst playing totally uninspired. A coach who can inspire and raise the passion of these players will have great success here. Tuchel? Mancini? Pochettino? I think one of those 3 will be the next head coach. Not a fan of FdB.
Neil Warnock thinks it's too big a job for Pocho. COYS!
oh the shame! Poop poor Dim! I wish personally he would have buggered off sooner without embarrassing us even further! Absolute imbecile of a man who has no clue how to manage a pub never mind a football team! He was completely unqualified with not even a days effort towards even getting the qualification! He cared phuckall about THFC, all he cared about was himself. I seriously don't get why people are still upset this trash got taken out! Would any of you employ or hire an unskilled person to operate your 100 million pound upwards investment? Take them rose tinted glasses off and look at the real story here, DIM got a nice pay off and a fair amount of airtime to punt himself around. Levy used Dim as a nice distraction from this seasons very poor showing and his shocking decision to part ways with AVB. Levy owes us a big one this time. He needs to make a big statement from the club on who will take over next season. I like Poch but I felt he should have been taken earlier this season when the drama at Southampton was happening. I think this position and expectation might just be too much for Poch however I really enjoyed the attacking football he had his team playing. Same as BR and a man I feel will be a great manager in the future. FDB has pedigree, winning exp, big club exp, CL exp, a great candidate and one that would excite most Spurs supporters. LVG seems to be distancing himself from United, not surprised considering how crap their side is. My choice would be Rafa Benitez,I feel his heart is in the PL and he has a big point to prove here. He would love to show the Chelscum some payback. He has plenty of backbone and not afraid of using the squad as a whole (something we have a problem with). Proven winner and I feel a great representative for any club. One thing we should fear is the dreaded Moyes... Should this happen Levy may find himself on the "assassination market' website with Pele10 leading the bid... The question is will it be days or weeks before we hear anything? Something tells me it could be days...
I agree with the sentiments in the article shown towards Sherwood, he did seem to care and I will him all the success in the future,,,, apart from with any other high profile London clubs of course.

I would like to say though I do not think he has been hard done by. I see it as he was given an exceptional opportunity to manage a top 6 premier league club for his first ever managerial appointment, and he produced a good but not exceptional return. His win ratio was good and results and goals improved. He handling of players was questionable however and would send warning signs out about how he would fair in the transfer market.

I think the club were wise to structure in a break clause and the way this was kept quiet shows an obviously level of mutual respect. I would like to see a proven winner at the club and hope it is Rafa Benitez. Not only would he be a perfect fit for us but we would be a perfect fit for him at this stage of his career. Times change and we have to move with them, we can no longer afford to 'want to play the spurs way' if that means we only come 5th or 6th. We need a winner!!
Neil Warnock should know. He's had loads of jobs too big for him too.
It may sound heartless but I am completely unmoved by Sherwoods dismissal. He cared alright, he cared about his own damn self!! His attitude was pure Redknapp, "I'm doing the best with what I have, no-one could do it any better". Absolute rot!! A good manager motivates, and encourages his team and squad. He does not throw wild (and very public) criticisms at those who aren't amongst his favourites (some of whom are seasoned internationals) whilst conveniently deflecting any blame or responsibility whatsoever from himself. And oh how he'll become such hot media property, and very likely a martyr now that big nasty mean old Tottenham have got rid of another of their favourites. Oh how he made their job so much easier by blurting out whatever self-righteous drivel was going through his head, thereby supplying them with all the ammunition they could possibly need for spicy headlines without a single thought to how it reflected on our team and our club. Just as long as it took any possible responsibility for our failure(s) away from himself. You notice old 'Arry has already had his two penneth worth in the rags? Well balls to the pair of them. Let Sherwood have the Brighton job. All of his chest beating and red-top friendly quips won't save his skin or hide his deficiencies in the lower leagues. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Rafa Benitez to get his a$$ over to the Lane and restore some stability, but more importantly, some dignity to our club. Make it happen Levy. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
LilyWhiteHart... top work lad!
Hahaha good response SpuriousLife ;) COYS!
Think it's time to forgot last season, the only good thing is we finally got rid of 2 useless managers, now its time to finally move forward.
LilyWhiteHart I totally agree. Does Levy make the appointment or the DoF? Who sacks the coaches? Benitez or any experienced Manager will come with his own. What is the point of a DoF if Levy does it all his self?
There's always Brad Friedel and what he has just said about Sherwood... Ade? Bentaleb? Kane? Fryers? Pritchard? Rose? Etc..... He was employed by Spurs long before any of the players that apparently demanded he leave. Which is all just here-say anyway.

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