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Harry Winks

I don't know about you guys but I love getting excited about who our next superstar is going to be coming through the ranks.

So, to get away from all this manager lark I'd like to post a few articles for you lovely people on some of our brightest prospects. First up, Harry Winks. Born in 1996, Winks is a central midfielder who has been part of our academy for two years. He has featured most predominantly for the u18s but has also played starring roles for our u21s in particular against that lot down the road where he also scored a fine goal.

He has featured for England u17s on several occasions and has even made our first team bench on occasion this season but is yet to get his first minutes. So, that's the boring facts out the way, now onto what he's actually about.

Well, as stated he's a central midfield player, who also look like that lad from one direction... His style of play I can only compare to that of Luka Modric, (don't worry I'm not saying he's going to be our next saviour...yet), but unlike Modric has shown more of a tendency to break forward and certainly has a goal in him. He's what I like to call a deep lying playmaker. Someone who is the 'link' man. Picks the ball from the defence and gets it forward.

He has fantastic vision who often cuts through the opposition defence with his accuracy. For someone so young he is very composed on the ball but perhaps most impressively is the weight of his passing, a rare attribute for someone so young and inexperienced. Similar to Luka Modric he knows what he's about to do before he gets the ball and more often than not makes the correct decision.

So, there you have it. A short player profile on a youngster I'm probably most excited about out of any of our academy players. If you don't believe me or want to see for yourself there's highlights of the under 21s against Arsenal on the official website. Hope you enjoyed it. COYS

Written by BrooksySpurs

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The journalist

Writer: BrooksySpurs Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 15 2014

Time: 9:08AM

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cheers Brooksy. we so badly miss this type of player - a quarter back if you will, but one that doesn't need protection like Hudd did. we have Carroll too who I highly rate, as well as Holtby. I just hope this kid or one of those two gets a chance - well if fdb comes here they will because that's his style of play.
brooks-this is one of the many reasons to have kept tim.he would have known which guys would be ready for the upgrade.what will happen to the likes of bentaleb,kane?will the manager be keen?
tarkan mardinCOYS
As long as they are good enough then the new manager should take note and include them.
tarkan mardinCOYS, thats crazy talk my friend. Any decent manager would be able to see the talent he has in young players. No need to keep a 'man' like Sherwood around.
Tactically Challenge
It's good to know we have some young talent on the books, lets hope we can develop him into a class player (our record is terrible) The old adage if you're good enough you're old enough rings true BUT is he good enough? better than our already established stars?....if we want to be a top4 club then he needs to be to get a game or we need to loan him out to show what he can do at Pl (or perhaps championship) level, there is a huge gulf in class between u21's and PL level...what we can't afford is to have too many Rose and Townsend's clogging the first team dragging us to mid table mediocrity....but if we're happy being little Spurs, playing the spurs way (whatever that is) and cheering for a local lad who plays like Daws then fine lets use our club as a training ground for PL players... I thought that was West Ham's job and we were aiming higher...
I assume one of the major reasons Spurs will employ a manager is his ability to spot and play youngsters.
ox-i think thats one condition the new manager should be asked to accept
tarkan mardinCOYS
Never mind the new manager being able to spot the talent, if Tim gets himself a new job sharpish, and he's shown faith in these young players previously, then can you not see a few of them being keen to link up with him? Hypothetical for now, but we get a new manager in, and he decides he wants to stick with the midfielders we have & not sell any.....Tim then takes a job at a championship club, say for arguments sake Brighton, as it's available. Harry Winks, talented as he may be, is not going to command a huge transfer fee. If Tim comes in for him, or any other of our young players, I'd say it'll be a struggle to keep them.....we may be a much bigger club than Brighton, but at 18, he's probably going to want to be playing football. Especially when he's seen players like Carroll, Andros, and others all really struggle to get into our first team. Like or dislike Benteleb & Kane, Tim is the first manager we've had in sometime to show faith in those kids and play them in the prem.....I can see a lot of our young players following him if he moves down a division.
No idea this young chap....way too early to comment on him. What we do that THFC...will have many midfielders at the World cup, plus at least one that we let go. Sandro, Pauinho,Dembele,Chadli,Bentaleb...................Modric,Loungo. Can any of these become a superstar ? What it does how many players we have on our books..thus..the new manager coach will have to quickly assess in a short space of achieve a winning start.
who does luongo play for?
tarkan mardinCOYS
Swindon....I think.too. ( one we recently let go )
Luongo signed for Swindon.
i dont even know what this guy luango look like.thanks 82 i will look out for him in the world cup
tarkan mardinCOYS
oh ok,in that case i wont look out for him
tarkan mardinCOYS
Kranjcer / Corluka...."may" also be in the Croatia world cup squad.
My point is....(lounge)..a young chap that we let go..that is progressing. Thus..Harry Winks..spurstar....way too early to comment on him. "Bentaleb" one to watch...
He wont get much chance with Tim gone!
I think we will see him in the World cup.
Thanks Brooksy...I like to hear about our young talent. Loving the fact Harry is in the style of player I believe we have been sorely missing. Hopefully within the right set up he will continue to improve and we will see a manager capable of affording this type of talent a chance to see if they can add anything to the first team.

Obviously all takes time, and youth needs protection and time when making the set up, but i do wish at times we would blood a few more on the fringe to see if the inclusion with senior pros actually progresses their level and leads to us not having to buy ready made players for the role.

So many other clubs around Europe seem capable of bringing in from the youth set up, we seem to be reluctant almost in the belief they are not good enough without actually giving them a true chance. It could be argued that if they are not smashing it in the youth ranks then why would they in the 1st team, my argument is would their inclusion not actually kick them on somewhat. Especially when considering the experience that would then surround them. Let's get one or two promoted and have a proper look at them, it saves us and them time in relation to what we need.
cider spurs
Bentaleb will follow Tim. Kane is spurs through and through so will stay. (also O'Neill is trying to get Kane for the Ireland squad! God bless the Grandparent rule! be a great opportunity for him. Good squad building in Ireland!)
Dublin Hotspur
King ... That's a very good point!
Geofspurs got the wrong player for Rep' Ireland.....It's Naughton ..o'neil is trying to recruit.
Kane for Ireland!!!!
HarryKane...will be with the England Under 21's this summer.
Kane for Ireland! I was sure I read this the other day, his father is from Galway. some job to do convincing him though! lots of competition in the England set up!

If he's looking at Naughton too, thats good too. O'Neills vision is far better than our old mate Trappatoni!! at least we might have a few more Spurs lads from the squad going to 2016! better than this years crop of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales!
Dublin Hotspur
Ok Dubln...thanks for the info'
Kane and Noughton for Ireland and McEvoy! at least if Kane signed for Ireland he'd get International football English strikers have to be great big lumps or very injury prone!
Slurms McKenzie
How big is harry winks, or is "modric like" and reference to his physical stature?
Slurms McKenzie
Harry Kane..reminds me of two Players........Kerry Dixon and Mark Falco.
An interesting read…. it seems its now easier to switch allegiance than it was a few years ago. the web might be broader still, remember Cascarino….no Irish blood.
Dublin Hotspur
Harry Winks - similar build to Carroll .... with the all the lack pf success - I am hoping a lll expectations are on the quiet and let them develop till it's appropriate to say so ! I have seen /heard too many Hoddle, Platini, Messi pass us by....

I am quietly hopeful of Kyle Walker-Peters...
On a similar vein, but very different of course, I reckon Mourinho is starting to build a portuguese speaking Brazilian team. Now after Costa (Brazilian Born) and Paulinho. add to Willian, Luiz,Ramires,Oscar and a pattern is emerging. Watch out for a few more heading to the Royal Borough!
Dublin Hotspur
Come on Martin, lets field an England reserve team! Dublin I believe the criteria to qualify as Irish is that the player must have consumed at least six pints of Guinness in the three weeks prior to the application, it used to be 10 pints in the previous fortnight but, as you say, they have relaxed the rules abit...
Slurms McKenzie
Has Harry Winks got any Irish relatives?
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin, it hasn't gone unnoticed here in London - with Paulinho being 'chased'... wheres Moutinho ?!!
Dublin, I am sure Winks has a great grandfather if not he can always go on Holiday ....Cork... Limerick,,, Dublin - quite nice places... Has Jack Charlton morphed into O'Neill these days ?

Btw a non ITK reckons O'neil could be at WHL next month .... heard worse and ridiculous!!!
Dublin, reckon Nabil was one of those visitors to Mr Levy to make an enquiry re Mr TS!!!! LOL - nah I don't think anyone of worth will be following TS... He was only in charge of u21 of a v short while... not as important role as some have made him out to be...
Connor Ogilvie has to have Irish blood. add McEvoy, Ireland could be building a team around Spurs Youth! who else could we poach!
Dublin Hotspur
looks like O'Neill is certainly taking a leaf out of Big Jack's book going by that article! Maybe Nabil has some Irish in him too. God forbid Tim has any association! he could be a future coach. lol.
Dublin Hotspur
Chris Ramsey has been with THFC since 2004....Tim Sherwood / Sir Les'...since 2008.
No chance of O'Neill at the Lane Highgate, unless hes scouting our third generation Irish players. also true re Tim and Youth, Ramsey was the youth man, but he may well follow Tim. I think just Nabil myself, probably on loan to wherever he goes.
Dublin Hotspur
I think if Ferdinand and Ramsey go, then it will look like any incoming manager is bringing his own staff. If they stay, then it looks like Poco.
Harry Kane...the new Niall Quinn?
Just saw your guinnes post Slurm, it would be funny if it wasn't so close to the truth!
Dublin Hotspur
could be Vic. Legend status here! only problems that rose from his Ireland career was the drinking and gambling problems, but Big Mart would sort that out!

Sherwood and Ferdinand on Goals on Sunday this week. I'd suggest Ferd is gone if he's on the panel with Tim. Hopefully Ramsey stays, along with Steffen. Ramsey responsible for al the youth again, and Steffen with a more determined role than he had under TS!
Dublin Hotspur
Well boys, after much scouting, I have found our new Gareth Bale, and we already own him!

reading some really good things about this fella, any more info on him brooksy?
Dublin Hotspur
And a left winger, wears 11. Hope to see more of him, could be just what we need!
Dublin Hotspur
Of course by the author asking people not to talk about managers we again have to hear about the filth that was Dim and his appetite for young boys... Lets face the facts, which kids have actually gone on to make a real impact at Spurs? Rose- Perhaps as back up but not the future, Townsend- Great loan, fantastic under AVB and England- demoted to the bench under Dim. Caulker- Sadly sold for reasons or more so choices he made. Bentelab made a few appearences and looks promising but I honestly dont think the guy can dislodge any of our MF players at this stage barring siggy. Nothing really noteworthy or excitable other than seeing Townsend's potential. So if any credit was due I would not be too quick on claiming much...
Top article from the indo there by the way. Makes us sound like an awesome club!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin, he played at Ledley's game - some of the ones near me in the west stand were singing Bale bale every time he touched the ball.... Mr Bale snr playing away ?!!! LOL
Dublin, great article, all he needs now is the ears pinned back. Worked wonders for Bale.
Lol vicspur. He's the cut of GB isn't he! If you google him and pull up images, it's uncanny resemblance. Has pace and scores too!
Dublin Hotspur
Yeah highgate " there's only 2 Gareth bales" love to see some more of him, but he's happy here and the club seem to be being patient. A good thing for all the youngsters. Think Tim definitely rushed nabil and put him in the deep end in turbulent waters!
Dublin Hotspur
Mix26 - all good but Townsend 'fantastic' - when ? did I blink ?!!! I think Bentaleb will make it big ... I am keeping an interested eye on Kyle Walker-Peters (also played at Ledley night)
Say that again about Nabil .... I also like Veljkovic - he was meant to be higher on the list this season than Nabil as a 'potential'... looks good ...
82spursdebut - correct if I am wroth but TS only in charge of U21 since 2012 ?

Righttt ...putting my trust in Levy appointing a successful, experienced man....RENEWED just now... after all he did do the deed on Tuesday... COYMS!!!!
Highgatespur......Doesn't really matter. He been amongst all the THFC players for quite some have the others. I saw the Under 21's at stoke...jan' 2013..appx'......and that was a great crop of young have progressed / gone out on loan.......and that team / crop.....didn't include Bentaleb. What I'm eluding smilar to what Clive Allen has said......Levy wants success, wants player development....but doesn't understand football !!!
Highgate I like the fact he is brave and can run with the ball. We know his shooting and final delivery is somewhat "youthful". At his young age he seems to grasp the concept of playing to your strengths but he has much to learn regarding his position on the pitch. Not being too critical on Nabil but he was not a game changer for me? He did have one or two great shots which were unlucky but he did not do anything out of the ordinary (which I liken to Carrick) but on the whole I think he has a great future.
Highgate also congrads on your season ticket renewal. Many of us only wish we could travel across the Atlantic for more than one match a year :) ...
Where are you based mix?
Highgate it would have been agony deciding whether to renew with Tim in charge, at least I'v got to be thankful to Levy for the decision to make it public before the renewal deadline. Here we go again another rollercoaster...
Just to correct myself from earlier post.......Sandro is NOT in the Brazil world cup squad.
Who was the lad who played for the team against Ledley's X1, scored that goal where he dummied a shot and then chipped the keeper. Oduwa or something similar. Classy finish for one so young. HAve watched some u21's and there are a good bunch of talented players coming through. It just depends whether they mature into the finished article. Levy would definitely love that! Good players for no outlay.
Comparing a young lad to Modders? Aren't you afraid of putting a jinx on him?
Falstaff the Fool
Falstaff I don't care if it puts a jinx on Modders...
Slurms McKenzie
LTS- It was Nathan Oduwa - for me nearly stole the show for one of the best goals at the lane - another one of the U18s!!! Great stuff!
LTS - Oduwa has chosen Nigeria to represent 'cos of Dad...

heres the goal...
Highgate if only other teams would stop playing older guys in their teams - we'd be unstoppable!
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms ... LOL

We could try one or two as subs or otherwise in the 'winnable' games - couldn't we ?
As I statd a few days ago, it would be realy great to have three or four interesting prospects every year, but you can't expect all of them to make the Spurssquad. It's just not realistic. This year we have Kane, Rose and Townsend in the first team mix. Bentaleb and Velijkovic got tastes. So did Fredericks. Pritchard got a taste and is one who is pushing from below. Hall and Carroll are out on loan. McEvoy, Coulthirst, Winks could all bein the next push. Yes, we sold Luongo. There comes a point where you have too many players in front of someone and decisions need to be made. It is neither fair on Bentaleb, nor would it be in his best interests developmentally, to be behind Paulinho, Dembele, Capoue, Sandro, Holtby, Sigurdsson, Eriksen as CMF when only 2 or 3 will play every game. A loan may be the best option. Livermore is likely to be sold as he has done well where he is. What of Carroll? He ha been ok this season, but has not excelled. I really like him and see a cross between Modric and Carrick, but will that pan out? As with Luongo, a decision may have to be made that he needs to be moved on for everyone's best interests. There is no point holding on to players just to see. Sell them on with a nice sell n clause and use the monies to buy a few more players for the academy. Run this way, you could have a self-sustaining academy, and, every once and a while develop that next great player. There will be way more misses than hits, and the real trick is knowing when to move the player on so the resources can be directed to another young kid with potential. There is little doubt in my mind that Falque and Livermore, who ave both done well on loan, will be sold on. They are not good enough to displace squad memebers at Spurs. COYS
I really enjoy seeing our youth players makign it through to the first team, it doesn't happen nearly enough and we don't seem tot eb willign to allow these guys a little time to develop but it is sucha worthwhile investment for botht he club and the fans. We have players who are more loyal and owe more of a debt to the club and we also see a far greater return if and when we sell them. Kane as been written off hear countless time sover the last three years as just not good enough. He is still not good enough to be our go to striker but he has shown in recent weeks that he has goals in him and that he is still improving. Townsends is another who looks like a diamond int he rough and who needs a strong coach to improve and hone his talents. Bentaleb and Veljkovic have also shown that the youth players we are producing are so far off the mark. All these things are positives!
Slurms McKenzie
IY, it was Tuesday's announcement that did it - I would have thought another plan if none came.... really renewed as don't want to lose that great seat I've sat in for 19 years!!! Hope wonderful great news around the corner!
Just have a look at all the young talent in the system and ask yourself if this level of promise was around some ten years ago. ENIC are getting some things right.

On Townsend, he was brought along too quickly. Thought he was the cat's meow but was really playing because Lennon was ijured. Then comes England and (as AVB pointed out) threw him in to the Lion's Den, has a good game and starts believing all of his hype. It was too much, too soon, and undeserved. Sherwood did the same with Bentaleb. You need to earn it. Neither of them won a position. They were given it. As such, there comes this huge level of entitlement. Hopefully the next coach brings them along as best suits them individually. Personally, I believe Bentaleb needs a PL loan and Townsend needs to be played on the left where he and Chadli can battle it out with that pressure I was referring to from Pritchard (who, BTW, is one heck of a free kick taker). I believe both Townend and Bentaleb have all the tools to be huge successes in the PL. They just need to be shown how to play within themselves and within a team setting. They need proper mentorship. COYS
Highgate and peterballb I agree with both of you, there are enough winnable games ove the course of the season to ease two or three youth players into the squad. Once we get a manager/coach who knows how to set the team up tot play football we won't just be relying on the first 14 to scrap for every point going. Realistically the youth players could see 5-10 preimer league games and at least that number of cup games. Rather then makign whole sale changes for the europa and league cup games try rotating the squad with a bit more guile so we have talent, ability, experience and youthful exuberance spread across all our teams.
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms, really reckon that we let these 'promising' youngsters down by not having anyone of quality to coach and nurture them between 18 and 22.... we've had so many 'drop outs'....
Slurms - you said it using 'a bit more guile' should do the trick... HR and AVB left a lot to be desired...
peterballb, it's good to hear about Pritchard - fear he might be a tad too small ?
The problem is Slurms, when you are at the top of the table, it is really hard to allow kids to make the mistakes that they will. They need to do that to learn, but you can't afford to drop any points because of it. I think PL and selective Championship loans are the way to go with a couple who are almost there being played in the first team with the goal that they will see spot time and will be able to compete for a position by year's end. Perhaps Pritchard's development means that one of Chadli or Townsend become surplus. That's what you want and that is good for all involved. Surplus player gets to move to a club where he will not be surplus, competition makes all better, developing from youth saves huge transfer fees and you likely made a profit on the player hat was sold on. I really wanted Lamela to come in and make Lennon surplus. Not because I don't like Lennon, but because I believe Lamela could be so much more and Lennon needs to be a starter so we'd have to move him on. Fredericks has also matured and improved leaps and bounds this season. The temper issues of Pritchard and Bentaleb have been controlled more. The maturation is there. One step at a time. They are all still improving. I think it bodes well, but there does need to be a system in pace that addresses each player's development. Every player is different, but generally, by 22, they are either in the squad or it is unlikely to happen. We should also consider using the MLS more for loans. Simon Dawkins really improved when playing there and there are some talented kids there. I have watched Kekuta Manneh a few times. Really quick, talented Gambian who schooled in the US so he is playing there. 19 and he reminds me a lot of a young Samuel Eto'o. He is all over the pitch. Turns on a dime, blows by players without a thought. Really raw, but the talent is very impressive. Anyway, our development still needs work, but we are light years ahead of where we were a decade ago. COYS
Mix26 - AT is going to be 23 next b'day ? I think Nabil was played wrongly - he's far more attacking than that... AT bought he made it !!!

One of the mockers that prevented me to work abroad was exactly that - MIGHTY Spurs!!!
Highgate, I think you do AVB a huge injustice there. He played Carroll. He played Kane. He played Fredericks. Not as fodder for a cup he wanted out of but to have them play in the set-up. Both Kane and frederiks had excellent performances in the Europa League surrounded by senir players. As I recall, Fredericks had 4 or 5 crosses and all but one were within a yard of the intended player. He beat people, tracked back, put the opposition under pressure and put crosses in to the box. IMO, one of the best wing performances of the season. Kane too did really well when brought on. These were done, by design. Kane stuck and fredericks got a loan that has served him very well. I think people laugh at AVB for being too much of a planner, but there was no doubt he had a plan and that plan included the likes of Bentaleb, Townsend, Kane, Fryers, Carroll, Velijkovic etc. Again, He is in the past but he is not the caricature that people have created. Shame, I really think he had everything to be a very good manager. COYS
Pritchard has been chopped down all season and had a lot of issues at the beginning of the year accepting that. By all accounts, he has matured quite a bit. He is very quick, has good technique, tracks back and is an awesome free kick taker. He gets the ball up and down very quickly. Some of his free kick goals this season have been absolute peaches. I think he'll be fine. If he beats out Townsend or Chadli we'll have a keeper for a while. McEvoy hot on his tail. All good as I see it, and all, contrary to some, to plan. COYS
peterballb you misunderstand me - I usually point out to people about the youngsters being introduced by AVB... I was commenting on the rotation aspects of the Slurms post: neither HR nor AVB had any notion of effective rotation... I remember on more than one occasion the WHOLE squad went to outer earth - then the youngsters sat on the bench all through the match or 1st team travelled to matches without playing and so on.... btw although didn't like him his departure in December was the cornerstone of all the anxiety since...
I was impressed by AP at the Ledley game as well as the Villa game - I followed him at Swindon - mixed but honest report by the boss there "came as a boy and left as man" !!! His skills reminded me of Micky Hazard. I agree about the light years bit!
NATHAN Oduwa, another Irish christian name! one more in the bag for Martin O'Neill!
Dublin Hotspur
no Dublin, sorry he's already opted for Nigeria !!! You can always claim that to be the Irish claim!! LOL
He can still change. read that article in th eindo i put up! anyway, half of Africa have been "touched" by the irish, through the missions, same as the West Indies, How many Murphys and O'Reilly's play Cricket for those teams? LOL
Dublin Hotspur
Fair enough Highgate. Misunderstanding is now clear as mud. COYS
Damned Christian Brothers LOL. I really want to do a genealogy project on our full staff and see who is Valid to play for Ireland! reckon we could get 11. then imagine the same across the PL, Europe, America's, Africa etc… O'Neill is starting, I'll help him!
Dublin Hotspur
Good point Dublin...
If the kid comes into the first team like Hoddle (I saw his first appearance live) and he looks the business, is this a positive? Well in normal circumstances at a club where creating a winning football team was priority it would be wonderful, as it was with Hoddle, who Keith Burkinshaw built his team around, buying Ardiles and Villa to play off him, introduced Galvin on the left and used Hazard to rotate with Hoddle and Ricky... Keith then bought Crooks and Archibald (one of the first in the hole strikers in the game) to complete the most attractive Spurs team of my life time. It was the lack of depth in squad at that time, that prevented Spurs from winning the league along with the cups Keith brought us, because the club did not have the financial power to match Liverpool's two men in every position squad, who back then were the Manchester United of English football! My point? If this kid is the next Glenn Hoddle or a Modric, he will not be long term, the team won't be built around him, because if he really is as good as some of the clubs best midfielders of the past, his starting position in the team will be lot number one in LOSER Levy's ENIC auction house! You all know this is true...
Scroll up to the top of the page and take a good look at the THFC shirt, with it's Huge appalling huge red AIA logo. This is the look that LOSER Levy has created for the Tottenham Hotspur home team shirt for the next half decade, a half decade where there will be no new stadium and West Ham will replace THFC as one of the top 3 clubs in London, if this ENIC mob are not forced out by the fans! But hardly a murmur of protest after 14 seasons of on the pitch failure, and no new stadium??? Yes, let's give Levy his 15th season chance and his 10th new coach to get it all terribly wrong again wrong! Lets play yet another summer of Fantasy Football, LOSER Levy, mind guessing games... To Dare is to Levy...
Don't care if they lads play naked with nothing but boiled beetroot juice smeered on their toned and waxed bodies, I support the club and the team the colour of an incidental logo on one of our many seasonally disposable jersey's bothers me as much as a gnats fart.
Slurms McKenzie
Highgate agree with lack of focused rotation, one of the big bug bears over the last number of seaosns! Peter I take the point about not dropping points when at the top of the league, but surely that pressure isn't on us at the moment! I would counter that by quoting one Alan Hansen - "You can't win anything with kids"...
Slurms McKenzie

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