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Top Of The League?.

With supposed leaks of our new kit, what was your favourite shirt of all time?.

Is your selection based on what we won in said era of the shirt?, is it because of the style?. What about the emblem, does that play a part in your selection?.

A link to jog your memories...

A link supposedly showing our home and away kit for 2014/15 season...

Maybe you would also like to add your comment on our supposed new kit as well as your all time favourite. Over to you...Spurs top of the League!.

Written by cider spurs

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The journalist

Writer: Cider Spurs.  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 23 2014

Time: 9:30AM

Your Comments

Top of the morning to ya Cider
Holsten Adidas for me! S
The one with Thompson holidays on it!
Dublin Hotspur
Oh only joking! The 81 fa cup final shirt is my favourite. Still have it ready for my son to wear in about 8 years. Here's some good pics to jog the memory from our last season!
Dublin Hotspur
Whats with "top of the league" ?
le Coq Sportif ones
tarkan mardinCOYS
Pre 40s are cool too. ( stopping at the red obviously)
Dublin Hotspur
It's like anything cider. I think if the lads like it, it's easier to wear with pride! We need plenty of that! The new kits look grand to me. But without googling, how many know what AIA is, and what they do? Not just spurs fans but everyone! Mansion was a bit like that! We do find some great and wealthy sponsors, but a lot of folks have never heard of them. Great marketing to get that awareness, but they need us to perform as much as we want us to!
Dublin Hotspur
The shirt that is tops for me is the crew neck , motif on left breast white of course in the sixtes they got it perfect the white shorts made us look like the British Real Madrid we certainly played like them .
WHLN wow u on a whole wheat roll mate... keep em cuming I'm in ecstasy here...
off topic-yesterday saw juande ramos,neil lennon and claudio ranieri all without clubs.i say daniel levy casts his web wider than just poch/fdb.
tarkan mardinCOYS
Mix...Spurs play in league football, we wear tops. What top do people consider their favourite. Heck...their, "Top of the League."
cider spurs
Who of our squad from last year did voters on fansided website want to see wearing our shirt next season? interesting
Dublin Hotspur
lol cheers cider... suffice to say them whiskeys last night have fried me brain!
I like the tops from the 60's, totally understand the shirt sponsorship these days, but a top does look so much nicer without it on. Understated classics from the 60s for me.
cider spurs
mix...Have to agree, out of all the kits with sponsorship on. Holsten is by far my favourite.
cider spurs
i hated it when holsten stopped sponsoring us,
tarkan mardinCOYS
The nicest top we've ever had was the 97/98 away shirt from Pony - navy/cream/gold and a really nice matte material.
Mix...Betty Ford Centre:

Admissions & Assessment
(888) 629-3901
(760) 349-4181
International callers: 00 800 4347 3650
cider spurs
Remember that 3rd kit from Mansion a few seasons ago?. Black with gold if I recall. Only saw it once or twice on web, wanted to get one, have not been able to source one anywhere.
cider spurs
Lol cider
Dublin Hotspur
This is my one! Love it. 81 cup final!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin...A great top indeed, my only tiny niggle, I do love the badge to be on the Left.
cider spurs
Here you go cider!
Dublin Hotspur
1981 Le Coq shirts for me. Also liked the 2010 shirts.
Umbro Holsten 91-93. Nice!.
cider spurs
Over the heart cider! Understood! Still a great kit though! And no sponsor for cups back then!
Dublin Hotspur
Like Dublin - 1981 Shirt takes pride ... simple and the famous cockerel in the middle ... GREAT; As for away love the yellow one as in 1982 final... for me it relaunced the Spurs!!! Of the modern era - the home shirt of two years ago - another classic...

Simply dislike the sponsors on shirts - never got used to it - the least worst is the Hewlett Packard of 1998-99 season.

I love the club's approach of wearing a different brand to most of the others - why wear nike and adidas ? when there is only one Hotspur !!! UnderAmour is great!
I remember one April a few years back. Spurs were due on Sky, Sunday afternoon 4 o'clock kick off.

So I get up in a fashion (Sunday morning hangover) and realize that I had not washed my Spurs top. (Have a few but stored unworn). So, in the washing machine it goes.

After getting it out of the washing machine, time is rattling on, and I was meeting my mates for a pre game drinky poos, with the top still damp, and myself pressed for time, I thought it wise to dry with the lasses hair dryer. All was going well until I placed the hairdryer inside the shirt.

The back of the hairdryer sucked the shirt into the hairdryer itself, end result big hole. Gutted!. Only one thing for it, don a jacket over the top, the front still being all good. Downside was the spring sunshine making an appearance, I was roasting, but could not take my jacket off. Only one thing for it...A few ciders to cool me down... and a Monday hangover.
cider spurs
That's the boy Dublin!...£65 for a used, not sure I'm into it that much. LOL!.
cider spurs
That's rare!! Scout around bet you'll find cheaper or new! Goes to show what our old gear is worth! I have Edgar David's training kit and top at home! Number and 1st across the front. Love it except for the Thompson logo!
Dublin Hotspur
Good tale cider !!!
I’d have to say that my favourite Spurs shirt of all time was number six ... because Dave Mackay was inside it!!
Admiral for me (no not car insurance! ). 1978 home kit. COYS!
Any season where we don't have 6 versions of the same product. Home cup kit lol
james, that kit caused an uproar if I remember well, first one away from the all white shirt that Real Madrid copied from us!!
James: Was that a quick comment between nappy changes? :-)
cider, the only person I can visualise waring that black shirt is Jonathan Woodgate!!!
Geof, he is avoiding all that, so he says!!!
Lol Geof I've escaped the madness. I'm at work so I'm currently a naughty boy! Back to Paternity next week to coincide with school holidays. COYS!
Purple Holsten, 18, Klinsmann = winner. Swear I used to sleep in that!
I loved the "Mansion" black number, and still wear mine with pride. I shall be sporting my collection (about 12 assorted) in Benidorm again this summer. At least this year I won't have to answer the same question about 100 times, "Is Bale going to stay"
Frank, you could sell it to cider! Think he would go as high as £63.25 plus postage! I met a cousin in majorca last year I never knew I had! We were both wearing "vintage" spurs shirts in the bar one night and got chatting. The dots joined. New first cousin! Great pals now!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin, not surprised ... happens all over the place.
I vote for the Adidas / Holsten shirt, Glen Hoddle's tight shorts from the seventies with Ossie's ankle socks. Obviously, with black adidas football boots and none of this coloured nonsense :-)
I have a mental picture of the simple all-white strip with the cockerel emblem on the front worn during the evening European Cup games ... looked awesome under the floodlights and had a sense of magic about it
Any Lilywhite or navy blue shirt pre sponsorship and logos. Simple is best. Just the cockerel crest and the number 8 on the back. Nothing more.
The one the lads will be wearing when we lift the title again! COYS
Slurms McKenzie
Is that the space age teflon coated one that cleans itself? The one we'll never get to see. The one our grandchildren's, grandchildren will be wearing.
Hey man on! Fair play to you and your heroics yesterday! Must have been pure adrenaline! Good man! Hope they are both ok!
Dublin Hotspur
I think FDB would look pretty cool in a Spurs shirt.. Where is he?
Frank...About that top...;-)
cider spurs
Man On he's Just waiting for the sleeves to be removed from a Spurs jacket because all the proper Gillets were stolen by persons unkonwn!
Slurms McKenzie
Cider, I'm trying to work out a way we can make your article more controversial. ;-)
Man On I've seen those channel 4documentaries - so the Grandchildren's grandchildren time frame is about 25 years now?
Slurms McKenzie
Sorry Dublin,meant to say ManOn!
Why do the colours of the second /third kit change so much and why do we the fans so willing to being mugged by paying such an extortionate prices... it used be just a 50p scarf to show your support.... then a £30 shirt once every two years ... then 3 shirts every year at £50 to 4 shirts at £60 every 7 months.... Are we mugs ?!!! (Hopefully that's a queue Dublin.... ) No more expenditure on merchandise I say!!!!!
Highgate, I think you've answered your own question about the constant changes! I stick to the Spurs shop clothing lines and avoid purchasing the jerseys because the material doesn't really suit a large sweaty flame haired adonis like me...
Slurms McKenzie
A-ha - now we know the reason for the ginger revolution!!!

I was trying help ManOn! out by being controversial in asking "Are we mugs??!" LOL

I used to love that crest - a lot of history in that - why we are Tottenham Hotspur .... I applaud those who choose to sweat in those shirts ....
I do too Highgate, but others are far more artful in their sweaty endeavours then me. Still I might be due a new home Jersey and maybe a couple of smaller away and third option kit for the two little turfies at home!

And I guess you could say I've been caught red handed!
Slurms McKenzie
MAN ON!...the article was just a little thought this morning in order to offer a platform for discussion. At the time I thought what could I write about in order to move away from the managerial debate for 5 minutes.

I did then have a little chuckle to myself, wondering how some will be able to turn the article into just that...who's the next manager. LOL!.
Cider spurs
Highgate, third shirts change so you can sell them on eBay 8 years later, used, for twice what you bought them for! Gotta say I love my spurs gear!
Dublin Hotspur
Cider. It's good to have these little distractions every now and then. I've been busying myself writing an article entitled: Football Shorts? You Know, The Little Tight Ones That Di Canio Wore!
Dublin, you have come with a another gem yet again.... just BRILLIANT!!!!! I wonder what price is the black/grey halves shirts...

I always used to wait till the close season to buy the shirts at about £5 - £10... think they've cottoned on.... I bought the dark blue one this year (first one in 5 years) as I thought we were going to win the League!!!! (as well as the FA,EL, Capital cups of course!!!)

I love the Spurs memorabilia myself - but those shirts/ clothing line of Spurs Shop are so limited compared to others... anyway at the last count I have about 800 lapel pin badges dating from 1972!!! Programmes 1974 - 1996 (i think) and plenty of capper cuttings and from Shoot! and Match.... and pictures from training sessions!!! Misspent youth aye!!!
Cider, this is a brilliant thread - pleasantly surprised that it lasted this long not mentioning the Levy game... It is so refreshing... bought that shirt yet ?!!
Man On! - shorts article might deviate to areas which might attract the interpol!!! LOL
Slurms, the little ins deserve all that they get... more money for those wages never harms the profit line...
Di Canio should have been arrested for indecent exposure. Defoe said: “The first thing I noticed about Paolo was how tight his shorts were. “I am not lying – he had size small. If you go to the West Ham shop, it is the kiddies’ size..... “I said, ‘Paolo, why is your kit so tight?’ He said it was because when his kit is tight and he gets in certain situations in the game and players try to pull his shirt, because it is so tight to him, they cannot pull it and he can get away from people.
What's his excuse for wearing a 'kiddies' size Italian suit?
Highgate, the grey and black halves was another favourite of mine! My sons first baby grow also! Enjoyed walking him out with us both wearing the same! You're right though, the quality of the clothing lines are rubbish! UA gear is very good now, as has been most of the manufacturing sponsors gear! Certainly lasting the test of time!
Dublin Hotspur
Like Dublin, I'm partial to the Le Coq Sportif tops from the early to mid eighties, and the hummel 1987 home gear. Pure nostalgia!! I still like the 1991 FA Cup Final jersey (although was slagged mightily for the long shorts back then!) and also the sky blue adidas away one from the early 2000's.
ManOn! enjoyed the tale ... reminds me that was how they justified those tight fitting shirts of Kappa with Thomsons on the front... some people will wear anything.... LOL Great point about the suit - isn't that en vogue these days....
Dublin, bet there were lots oohs and aahs as you walked with your bairn....
SpursEagle - that reminds of the shambolic nature of the kits in '87 final.... no wonder we lost!!!
Dublin Hotspur
Off Topic - but still nostalgia - great piece ....
Highgate, obviously the oohs and aahs were for me! Walking a baby does wonders for a mans kudos amongst womenfolk!
Dublin Hotspur
That's what I thought was the reason behind your actions!!! I think your boy will want to wear a different version of a spurs shirt when older !!! LOL
Yeah, my 81 cup final one. He has a wardrobe full to go through! My daughter wears my 78 shirt to bed now. Heirlooms! Gotta love-them!
Dublin Hotspur
Brilliant ! Mine are folded away nic end neatly... the last time I wore the bird splat one it looked like expectant mother's stomach!!!
Dublin Hotspur
pratts bottom

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