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What sort of start for Poch?

After being away all day yesterday, I am probably 24 hours behind on thisÖ

Actually looking at the new seasons fixtures for the first time, I am still trying to decide what to make of the opening fixtures and as a result, how I expect Spurs to fare. I like the fact we have a mix of "easy" and "hard" games, but also plenty for the players to get motivated for. The opener at West Ham, shouldn`t need too much work from the manager to inspire and fire up the players after last seasons capitulations. Just serve up their pre match drinks in West Ham Treble mugs and that should do it.

Follow this up with a meeting with Tottenham old boy, Harry Redknapp and the returning might of Liverpool the week after that and August looks pretty spicy, one way or another. An international disrupted September, will of course have an away North London Derby at the end. A time when after Six league games, you hope that the players will be attuned to the managers methods and demands and can give our neighbours a hell of a game and of course beating.

So what of these first six games? What should we be expecting points wise? Will and should we expect a slow start, as the new coaches and players get themselves sorted or will we hit the ground running and be on 15 + points by the 1st of October? With not too many players on World Cup duty, is this a benefit to the manager to have a good percentage of players in early. Fresh and injury free for some hard work? Should we hope that Arsenal and Liverpool players return tired from Brazil, but equally is there an argument that in the short term, they are actually match fitter than players that stayed at home. That might of course change after Christmas, as no real break, could take its toll on the squad.

So what are your thoughts? Should we be happy with the fixtures we have or could it have been easier?..

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 19 2014

Time: 8:26AM

Your Comments

Happy or not, there isn't a choice! Poch's gootta hit the ground running! :0)
Morning all. What a surprise..... we are away first! And last...... and on boxing day! Ar53nal and chelski are home on all 3! I think that is something like 14 out of 20 seasons where we are away 1st! Money talks??? Fix??? Never!!
The problem is every season we cut n paste our squad or get affected by either late returnees or (heaven forbid), injuries. For example, the last pre-season was a farce, with Bale sidelined, Pauli (confed returnee), mag 7, etc. If, for a change, we only fine tune, then Poch will have sufficient time to start applying his mantra. Stay amongst the usual suspects after 6 matches and we are set for a steady season. If I remember correctly, Saints started last season brightly but ended average. So, a case of how well the manager/players are prepared. COYS!
The usual cliche, but you have to play everyone twice, so it really doesn't bother me. Personally, I'm happy we're away at West Ham on the opening day, we owe them big time!
Away to WHU? A must win from the start.... Pochettino's got a lot of hard work to do to get almost a whole teams worth of under performers up for it. I'm not sure he can do that quick enough for the fans who are deluded enough to think he's gonna work some tiny miracles, after just one, reasonably good year with Southampton. We'll see. I know that one or two of you will be upset about my lack of enthusiasm but, so what? If you think that my glass is half empty, you're wrong. It's always topped up.... I do know that a lot of the same guy's that will say he needs time and patience are also the one's telling us that top 4 is a reasonable expectation and will be almost bemused by me saying that 6th or 7th is more realistic. Will MP get your time and patience if we show no real improvement from last year? If you think 4th or 5th is reasonable then 6th, 7th or 8th must be wholly unreasonable. I'm looking forward to the new season as always but, I'm a lot less assured than I was when AVB took over. Up the Spurs and the best of luck Mauricio. You're gonna need it.
Why do we have this discussion every year ? Its not how you start, its how you finish, we don't seem to get that.
jod, Surely It's how you start, continue and finish...
I just can't make my mind up whether John O'Shea should start at centre half, right back or holding midfielder against West Ham :-)
mutely, He's also played goalkeeper and centre forward at United. We'll get 11 players all in one and, cheap too.
We have to play everyone twice in the season so I don't suppose it matters. only problem being for some with a tough start is lack of points going into the tenth game (remember that) and losing a manager. I feel we will come out of this period of the first 6 games with a decent point haul in the bag and plenty of motivation from the Gaffer. We have a few gripes to put right early on, and I can see us surprising Liverpool and destroying West Ham! we will take the words out of Redknapp's mouth and sneak a win v the Gooners for good measure.
Dublin Hotspur
The opening fixtures are only a problem when you finish your purchasing in late August. If you buy early enough, get your squad together in pre-season and have the squad ready then it's simply business as usual.
If there's any truth in it that O'Shea is to replace Dawson, then I'm gonna support Sunderland next season. They'll probably finish above us anyway.
This discussion always starts with the first 6 games, then thursday sunday games, the xmas period, them March, Then May. Its the whole season that counts, as Man on says, its how we start, continue and finish. We can all hope we come out of the first 6 games brimming with confidence, as opposed to complete disarray. It is the one thing this period sets, is the mental state of motivation amongst the squad!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin Hotspur. I agree. Those first few games are pretty crucial. If not so, then why are many managers sacked so early in the season if results are bad?
At the end of the day, we have to play everybody else twice, home and away, so it is fairly immaterial in what order we play them. Having said that, however I suppose given our recent abysmal record against West Ham, we could have had an easier start. The thing that concerns me more than the fixture list, is the persistent and rapidly spreading reports on the internet re. the possible signing of John O'Shea. If there is even a grain of truth in this, it shows a very worrying regression back to the Nelson, Saha, and before that Andy Booth, Raziak, and Frazer Campbell days, when we signed anything, whether on loan or permanent deals, and anybody who was cheap, irrespective of any lack of quality. How many fellow top 6 clubs, or even PL clubs, would we have to fight off to secure O'Shea's signature, and would his signing take us onwards and upwards, I would suggest none. Come on Spurs let's at least pretend that we have some ambition, although our manager appointment, and rumoured transfer interest suggest otherwise. Regarding "buying early" it appears that many PL clubs are already heavily embroiled in transfer business irrespective of the world cup, and many of them are aiming considerably higher than John O'Shea.
you could only use O'shea Vs stoke! therefore 3m would be a lot of dish for 2 games!
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin Hotspur... Not if both the Stoke games are 6 pointers...
LOL true!
Dublin Hotspur
As long as we have the league won befor ethe last six games we should be alright
Slurms McKenzie
Official - we have to do without the coaching talents of Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey. Thanks for your efforts Chris Ramsey and good luck.
Dublin I'm sick of your gobbing off and belittling of John O'shea, I'll be able to make it to Twopothouse, mallow by the end of August, if you have the balls i'll see you there and we'll settle this once and for all, a full bucket of wexford potatoes each, raw and uncooked, who ever finishes their bucket first wins, and earns the right ot be crowned king of the spud munchers.
Oh its on now!
Slurms McKenzie
Win the first 6 games or you will get a minority of people, not just here, but mainly online calling for his head or calling our chairman a looser. Itís going to happen (even if we win the first 6 games) and Iím not happy just to take ***** from these people when itís not needed, clearly going down this route does not work. Itís down to the Majority to support the team, coach even better than before and all do our part so they know we are behind them, give them confidence on the pitch. Credit where it is due, criticism when it is needed. We want championís league, we want to win cups, we want to play attractive football. We this is the reason Levy has spent a wad of money bringing players in, and new top coaches. Iím not happy we keep changing managers but itís clear we want the right formula for it to work. This is why Poch has been brought in. Iím backing him fully and hope he can out do all of our previous managers and brings us success for many years. Letís get behind the team and give him a FAIR crack to get us there. Would love us to beat West Ham, Liverpool and Arsenal, the potential is there to beat anyone, but our team needs to work hard and understand Poch, plus vice versa in order to achieve that, so they need a decent pre-season, and time which Iím prepared to give them. COYS.
First three games 2 wins, 3 draws and a loss. Now I'm all Mystic Megged out...
Slurms McKenzie
LOL, you are on slurms. Can we make it on a race day? I'll bring the strawberries for the juice wrestling round! Ill be there! sort this ongoing abuse once and for all!!!!

Great post SpursOne2!
Dublin Hotspur
I assume you mean Munster rules for the juice wrestling - ie blindfolded and naked!
Slurms McKenzie
add a bit of Dublin rules, mashed potato stuffed into every orifice!
Dublin Hotspur
As regards our first 6 games, with a new manager all we can expect is a learning curve hopefully it is a positive arc with performances improving and consequently results but unfortunately we should be targetting nothing other then a unified and stablised team with a view to a successful 2015-16 campaign. should be enteraining though. That being said, three of the top four will be there again next season, Can Liverpool sustain it for a second season I have my doubts, likewise everton and will united be able to rebuild under LvG? Newcastle and Southampton will be also rans and Stoke will probably trouble the top ten again so even with a relatively poor season we are still right in there for any position from 6th on up.
Slurms McKenzie
I thought Dublin rules meant only pale boiled sausages could be stuffed into orifices?
Slurms McKenzie
Coddle!!! that was in the 60's slurms! we have moved on! it will be prawns by 2020!
Dublin Hotspur
If you have it made in the valley between two mountains it was known as Glen Coddle
Slurms McKenzie
Whilst possibly dealing with Sunderland, perhaps as well as John O'Shea, we could attempt to strike a deal for Lee Catermole to add our newly perceived level of "quality" to our MF as well as at CB.
Very good! and with a bag of Tayto's its Cris(p) Coddle
Dublin Hotspur
Frank this story smacks of a wind up, can't see what O'shea would bring to the table and certainly no improvement on anything at the club
Slurms McKenzie
Canít predict how weíll go in the first six games before knowing who will be lining up for us.
I agree with MATTSPUR re our record of AWAY games to start compared to the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea. I have often doubted the "random" nature of the compilation of the fixture list. Having said that the FA Cup draw takes place live on TV, but Arsenal still manage to win it, when only travelling all the way to Wembley, to play both the semi and final, they just live up to their age old nickname "lucky Arsenal".
Slurms, some of those reporting this O'Shea interest, are from the "quality" high end of the media outlets, so I would be surprised if there is no mileage in it at all. You rightly question what quality he would bring to our table, but I would ask, since when has that been an issue when a "bargain buy" becomes available. I expect Kaboul's contract not to be renewed, or Dawson to be sold on on the strength of this, if it gets done. The potential of this deal, has Levy's finger prints all over it, cheap and cheerful, the question of quality being totally irrelevant. I would ask what qualities did Saha or Nelson bring to the table.
AS Cider jokingly pointed out Hangaaland is out of contract, I'd rather have him then O'Shea.
Slurms McKenzie
O'Shea in, Verts, Kaboul, Dawson Chiriches OUT!!!! please God no................. RAther give me the Stoke CB, at least they can kick something, altho its often not the ball
Interesting how there are more people backing MP now than when first announced. Well according to the poll anyway. lol
Here here Slurms, I would as well, but signing either sends out a very negative message. If Sunderland and Fulham are willing to lose them, what is that saying about us, as hopefully a potential top 6 club.
Longtimespur, that's probably because we have no choice but to "back him", we appear to be lumbered with him on a 5 year deal, or more realistically, until he proves to be the latest in a long line of Levy's folly manager selections.
Seems likely that we'll be after Moreno for CB , surely an upgrade on either of those two..
Frank ... we had "no choice"with AVB or TS BUT neither of they got 80% backing from VS followers.
I don't know Longtime, John O'Shea is starting to grow on me. The basis for this trasnfer rumour is probably down to either John O'Shea or his agent being seen in London and a very basic scan of London Clubs shows Spurs with one CB out of conract another under performing and a third struggling to settle in and then in lazy Journo land the bovious connection is John O'Shea to be signed by Spurs. I expect either QPR or Crystal Palace to sign him.
Slurms McKenzie
Sorry meant 70% lol
Longtime your backing of our manager is falling faster then a Spurs fan's backing of his manager!
Slurms McKenzie
If we sign Moreno, will Jan move to left-back or just move on?
To be honest I think Verts is much more convincing giving away fouls as a left back, than he is as a centre back.
the john o shea story definately has legs.sunderland are closing in on ashley williams.if we let go of michael dawson and end up with john o shea as his replacement than i am finished with spurs
tarkan mardinCOYS
Man On I enjoyed the close up of Verts face when Kompany was reading him the riot act after the penaly award and he looked absolutely clueless as to what he was on about and how that tackle could have been a penalty.
Slurms McKenzie
Tarkan if the choice is Ashely Williams or John O'Shea you can harldy blame Sunderland for that move!
Slurms McKenzie
Points wise first 6 games?...19.
cider spurs
Love the way Ox managed to get West Ham and Mugs in the same sentence. LOL!.
cider spurs
lol ... slurms. I back most managers from day one 1. Exception being our last incumbent. I am really hopeful MP will get the players on side and playing fast attacking, and defending, football. If he can get them fit enough for 90 minutes competing then we'll have a good season.
i recall when ashley williams was talked of big time,signing for a top hasnt materialised somehow.
tarkan mardinCOYS
Slurms/Dublin...Don't go using all those lovely potatoes. I'm a couple of players down in my roast dinner team. Definitely in the market for a couple of potatoes.
cider spurs
the removed "former" poster, knows exactly who is removing him (myself and Directors) and why he was and has been removed. I did allow him to return under the WHLN17 username and turned a blind eye. However following yet more abuse, which I'm sure he will claim was provoked... leads us back to square one. If he wants to rejoin, it is his option, but he will be removed and that will continue. If you wish to make complaints or communication, you know the people to contact. That is the last I will say on the subject.
O'Shea?? John bloody O'Shea?? I thought the idea was to IMPROVE the playing staff
Poch won't sign oshea. It's more media stabbing at us! They don't like us do they!!!
Dublin Hotspur
Cider if you supply me with a couch you won't get a bigger potatoe!
Slurms McKenzie
Dublin, in light of Ox's post I feel it is incumbent on me to be the bigger man and call off our battle royale, which we both know neither of us was going to turn up too but we were both going to claim we were there and the other didn't show. As I have been the mature one then it stands to reason that I have already claimed a moral victory and am therefore the undisputed winner. I would like to take this oppertunity to thumb my nose at you and sing Nah nah nah.
Slurms McKenzie
TFG Slurms - the description of the Battle Royale didn't sound too appealing...
straight into the deep end, especially after 3 defeats last season, if we we loose should he be sacked.
123 I thought every spurs manager was entitled to at least one defeat by West Ham before he got sacked.
Slurms McKenzie
But if he gets a win will he be the best manager we've had in three seasons?
Slurms McKenzie
Frank, I really don't see what "value" Levy would see in a deal for O'Shea. It's not like there'd be a sell-on worth getting and it's not like he'd be on nominal ages. If he is being considered, i is to add some stability, experience and attitude at the back end. He was huge in Sunderland's progress through the League Cup and he does play the game "tough". Having said all that, it's not the direction I'd be looking. I still do not think anyone gets bought until players are sold. We have far too many senior players and if the inexperience of our manager sees us not make the group stages of Europa, we'll be in huge trouble. I'm much more concerned about qualifying for the group stages than I am with our away game at West Ham. Like every manager, Pochettino has no choice but to hit the ground running, but his first priority must be keepin the entire squad playing and progressing. One game a week will not achieve tht. COYS
Can't wait for the season to start. West Ham and then QPR should give the team every reason to get the bit between the teeth and get down to business. 2 London derbies to get the lads ready for Liverpool. Sounds like a plan to me. COYS
Slurms, I just pre ordered the butter for the mash and a container of strawberries! The journal were gonna cover it! Fair enough! You win! But I now have 2 subs in Rachel Riley from countdown and heather graham to take our places, espn are gonna cover it and I got a fee of 17 bottles of mccardles ale for my troubles! Who's the winner now!
Dublin Hotspur
Great comeback Dublin....
Slurms...About that Crouch. I just phoned him up, he said feck off!. Rather rude to say the least, but he did say the thought of a lazy, Guiness swilling Irishman lounging all over him day and night was not his idea of bliss. Suppose it's a fair shout, after all, he has Abby Clancy to sit all over him. Nice!.
Cider spurs
of course i dont wat him sacked, for every defeat, reaction is important and how you deal with a defeat like winning your next game.
Cider all I can say is don't knock it till you've tried it, tell that to crouchy! Dublin ditch the mash and I think we could have a top grossing pay per view event!
Slurms McKenzie

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