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Ferdinand & Ramsey leave!

Probably not the biggest surprise in the world, but the club have announced that Chris Ramsey and Les Ferdinand have left the club.

With a new management structure, it was always likely that one or both would leave, with the only other option being that they reverted to working with the development players, but after the talk that both were looking at joining WBA with Sherwood, the writing seemed to be on the wall that they either were not wanted or wanted out to pursue other options.

Personally, I didn`t have a problem with either of them, as so often we make a judgement call on individuals or tar them with the same brush as others who we don`t like or who have failed. Les was clearly close to Sherwood, and as a result, was probably too close to remain, but Ramsey has been at the club for ten years, so should we be disappointed that he has decided to move on, or was the time just right for both parties?

As fans should we have been so anti Ferdinand? I have to wonder if just having a close confidant to act as a buffer and support for a manager is actually sensible? Do we as fans know how much he was actually earning and what he contributed behind the scenes? Perhaps if he takes the pressure off of the manager and makes his life easier, that in itself is of merit. Ramsey is highly rated as a coach and perhaps his promotion wasn`t ideal for the clubs stability from the U21s down?

With Stefan Freund confirmed as staying, I do wonder if he will take on Sherwood`s old role in development, as I like many, still struggle to see how and where he fits in with Pochettino and his new coaches, but perhaps we are missing something...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 19 2014

Time: 1:47PM

Your Comments

Wonderful news!
Well Sir Les leaving is anyway...
the removed "former" poster, knows exactly who is removing him (myself and Directors) and why he was and has been removed. I did allow him to return under the WHLN17 username and turned a blind eye. However following yet more abuse, which I'm sure he will claim was provoked... leads us back to square one. If he wants to rejoin, it is his option, but he will be removed and that will continue. If you wish to make complaints or communication, you know the people to contact. That is the last I will say on the subject.
Thank you and good luck.....
Well said ox. It was obvious all along.
Dublin Hotspur
Glad the striking coach has gone. Ramsay would obviously follow with poch bringing his team in. Thank you Chris with all your work with the development squad. Steffan obviously higher rated than Tim had him, so good luck to you sir!
Dublin Hotspur
BAE.. Headbutt... wot a donk!
Unfortunately Ferdinands coaching success is similar to his playing career here, not very good, i feel Ramsey was slighly hard done by, but when a new manager comes in, its always best to wipe the slate entirely clean, if i am right in my thinking only freund remains at the club, which is ok, as long as he is receptive to MP and his coaching staffs ideas.
spurfect one
I am pleased all is confirmed... I think Ferdinand was too close to one party and not the other - did he actually support his previous boss in the manner he supported his "buddy-boss". I didn't understand what his role at the club was thus I can't really say whether he did it or not. As for Ramsey I am a bit surprised but guess the loyalty is high on his agenda. Thank you Chris Ramsey for the hard work and good luck.
Oxfordspur, that's a shame as i always felt Top brought some very valid points to VS, i have not seen him be abusive, but i feel like you are one of the more lenient and forgiving moderators on Vital so i must of missed his evil ways lol
spurfect one
It's shame that Chris Ramsey had to leave but I guess when you are raised up in a company or club it's so hard to go back down specially amongst players, etc. Steffan is needed to provide continuity, if Pochettino doesn't work out, at least we still have Freund to keep things ticking over in any interim. Also Steffan should be able to work with any set up and within any structure.
I think Part of the problem with AVB was the legacy back room staff that remained after the Rednapp Reign. I hope this is more the a case of a new broom sweeping clean and is based on an a ideological shift within the club as to how we are to set our selves up and play our football which will permeate through the club structure. Casting a quick eye over the talent in our youth ranks and how it seems to be on an upward curve would suggest that Ramsey was doing a fairly decent job at that level, however if this change measn our youth system starts producing talent at the same rate as Southampton's has been then I'm all for it.
Slurms McKenzie
spurfect one, Re the banned individual. I agree with you that MANY of his contributions were good and constructive, however, there clearly is an issue with personalities. I am pretty laid back when it comes to debating here or any other forum, but when it gets personal, I just let it be water off duck's back. If the said poster choose to return, hope he reviews his posting style, less aggression, a bit of diplomacy along with recognising everyone has an opinion (right or wrong)and be a bit more accommodating. Else, each to their own. This forum is a fun place, an informative portal to share OPINIONS. Hope it stays that way. COYS!
Critical, can't argue with your point mate, i have obviously missed the personal attacks which is simply unacceptable.
spurfect one
spurfect, his posts have been removed, else you could've read the issue from last night....sorry, but it wasn't the 1st time. Anyway, we'll move on. Each to their own mate. COYS!
Critical. My earlier post regarding last night's post was removed as well. I am very glad that this has been taken seriously.. some of the comments and innuendoes were vile, to me at least. Yup time to move on hopefully not to be forced to revisit!
Cider does this mean that there is now a vacant team still up for graps in your world cup draw?????
Slurms McKenzie
Speaking of the world cup draw I advanced to knock out phase with Holland!
Metal Spurs
Costa del Rica I want them to pip England?...what's the winner's prize again Cider?
Well Done Metal, first across the line and into the next round, Hoping to see Greece there after two convincing wins following our opening day slip up!
Slurms McKenzie
Do I get a prize for being first knocked out with the Ozzies?
Getting all ready to boyz in orange, Cote D'ivoire !!! Didier Zakora lalalla Didier Zakora!!!
Ramsey has done a good job during his time with the youngsters, so I am slightly sad to see him go. Ferdinand on the other hand, if the performances of the strikers he has allegedly been coaching, are anything to go by, his value as a coach is similar to that of an ash tray on a motor bike, and he won't be missed.
Frank, Like that "similar to that of an ash tray on a motor bike"
Highgate.. what happened on here last night?? I know topho many alias.. latest WHLN17 gets too mouthy on here at times...
Block D Spurs
Ferdi. was always not good enough as a striker coach for us. Chris Ramsey a better coach. But as they aligned to TS they had to go as well. I think Stefen will be working with the U21 and academy players. Good playing history, German International.. German training ideas... He will have respect of the kids all day long.
Block D Spurs
Yup - my previous post regarding this was taken off... few things were said to Italian Yiddo - very inappropriate - if it were said in the street ... blue and red lights.... anyway Ox did the only thing possible - hopefully that poster gets the message for the last time.
Block D fully agreed re the coaches...
Steven showed incredible passion, I'm glad he's staying!
I wont be shedding any tears…… good riddance to bad apples they only sour the barrel
LOSER Levy is famous for going into double figures on the head coach front, but how many assistant coaches has he hired and fired at the club during 14 seasons??? It must be 20-30 plus... No wonder the club is in a never ending, empty trophy cabinet, No CL transition...
dogeatdog, Cant what to say good riddance to 'bad apples' Levy and Lewis! My god how they have soured the THFC barrel... ENIC OUT!!!
So the maestro whizz man Pele10 wanted Ferdinand and Ramsey to stay ? Please let us know why ? Did you forget your signatue sign off or are you relenting on your outing crusade ?
pele10 ur post are getting boring all we hear s same stuff from you. wh dont ueer blame the players who dont care about the club hense why managers get te sack hense why level has to do somehting, player power
why dont you go outside levys office and say what u preach on here?????? Pele10 OUT!!!!!!!!
Highgatespur, I never said I wanted Ferdinand and Ramsey to stay or go, nor did I request for either of them to be hired! Your favorite LOSER chairman sadly makes all those decisions! Hence the empty trophy cabinet, no CL football, and LOSER Levy's worst trophy per seasons percentage of any THFC chairman since, World War 2 etc etc etc...
So what was your last post about ?!!! You must be in an idyllic place - you missed out your statement again... Is your takeover talks going well then ? Are you blaming your boy Daniel on your Brazilians misfiring again ?!
Yay our strikers might start scoring!
Pele10, I read MOST posts on Vitalspurs, including yours, despite the content of which carries the same monotone. Sorry, but your post ref Ferdinand and Ramsey AND “LOSER chairman sadly makes all those decisions” are IMO unfounded, just to suit your personal hatred for ENIC. Also, you are being very selective. Why no praise for keeping Steffan Freund? Also, has it not occurred to you that it may have been Pochettino’s desire to manage (with his team) the WHOLE of the football structure at our club. Despite your regular ‘moan’ how about sharing with us your thoughts on the NEW management team?. Are you looking forward to the new era?. Are you excited about the next season? Are you still suicidal? Please get off that bridge and enjoy life for what it’s worth!
The new footballing management team want to be just that, so departures of those previously so engaged were a near-certainty. Freund strikes me as a very positive, constructive kind of individual whose impact if he were lost would be felt among players at all levels.
Critical_Spur, When have I ever said I hate ENIC? What I have said repeatedly on here, is I love Tottenham, and just like any loved one I don't want a poisonous cancer that has been Sugar, his personally chosen apprentice Levy, and Joe Lewis to continue to poison, and underachieve us anymore. It's been 1 League cup in 14 seasons and 2 League Cups in nearly a quarter of a century, no FA Cup final or European final reached in all that time! Those are the FACTS Critical. As for the new management team, I wish them all the best, but it will be the same old, Levy interfering, undermining his coach (with a zero net spend) and then Levy firing, as we have all witnessed repeatedly during the ENIC era... This is not made up stuff critical, just take a look at Levy's record on hiring and firing coaches during the period our bitter rivals the Arsenal have totally dominated us both on and off the pitch with sad faced Wenger... ENIC OUT!!!
Critical_Spur, you ask me "Why no praise for keeping Steffan Freund?" Why should I praise Levy for not sacking one of the assistant coaches at the club? He kept fan favourite Chris Hughton through a succession of head coaches, and what good did that do for us on the trophy front? Maybe LOSER Levy will give Freund a few games as stand in head coach after he sacks his Poch as he did with Hughton, now that his personally chosen Tim has been hired and fired???
Pele10, of course you don't hate ENIC Lol! I can see your love for them in every single line you post about them!. I am not questioning your love for THFC but you do need a new drum to beat mate. I don't think anyone approves of the way our club 'appears' to have been run under ENIC, but regardless, there has been an ongoing improvement over the years under their regime, albeit often 2 steps forward and 1 back! Let's wait and see how the next season pans out and review our opinions. Let's get behind the new manager and the team and move OUR focus to the things that matter most to us fans.....Football. COYS!
Why would Pele change his view? ENIC are still here, we still haven't won anything apart from the league cup, we just finished 6th, we didn't push on when our emergency manager brought in to rescue us from the the specter of relegation got us into the CL, our finances are murky with no idea how long it will take to build or pay off the circa half billion pound stadium, we've just hired an average manager with us all crossing our fingers he can do well at things he's never done before, we haven't spent any new revenue on players whilst Levy pays himself multimillion pound salaries...Pele will keep beating that drum until he's proved wrong...or worse, right...I want Levy to start proving Pele wrong by backing the new manager with a transfer budget rather just robbing Peter to pay Paul...selling our best players to buy potential is a doomed policy...
Critical - good post - but deaf ears come to mind... hopefully I'm proved wrong...
Shedboy, every year we live in hope. Every change brings a glimmer of hope and optimism. Apart from SAF at united, no other club has maintained consistency. So what gives us the right to be the shiny beacon amongst the dull elite of PL?. Whilst I agree that we may have missed several opportunities to kick on, each time IMO, there was more to it than just ENIC. We said Harry needed a minor adjustment during one winter TW, however, was it not Harry who said he does not need any more players then goes and signs couple of ageing ones? Similarly, was it not Sherwood who said in January that he too doesn't need to add to the squad. Also, over the years how many of our youth have come through our academy? Within our budget we have been one of the biggest activists in the TW, admittedly, perhaps not to wisely! I am afraid, IMO, it was time for another overhaul. An overhaul of the coaching staff and hopefully NOT the squad. Better late than never, so I welcome a complete change of the football management structure. Fingers crossed again though!! COYS!
Critical- nothing gives us the right to be a shiny beacon...but like a player you applaud if they do all they can...if that is still not good enough then you replace with better...imo ENIC are not trying as hard as they can...for mention our budget..what is it? why have we not spent anything other than what we can raise by selling players on players? We have to devalue the team to the tune of 117m to buy 110m worth of talent surely people can see that is not a sustainable model?...if we are skint then how can Levy afford to pay himself as though we've been winning the PL?..yes we appoint a new coach and hope he does well...but yet again not exactly an ambitious appointment of a proven winner was it?...nope there are too many question marks over ENIC for me...they don't have THFC as number one priority they have ENIC...the two are different and I support THFC...
shedboy2,which owner out there has the club they own as their number one priority? Kroenke? Arsenal higher up on the priority list than WalMart? They don't devalue the team by selling Bale if the players they bring in play to potential and, even from an investment perspective, increase the returns when sold. What you would like is that ENIC reach in to their pockets and spend their own money on he club. It is not devaluing a team to sell a player who has already decided in his mind to leave. It is also fairly certain that the higher level of success that Spurs have represents a higher value of the asset. A team playing in the CL with a stadium that is filled to the brim with 60k fans is worth more than a Europa club playing at WHL in front of 34k fans. The math is obvious. What is also clear is that Lewis and Levy are endeavouring to achieve the end resul withot dipping in to their own personal fortunes and thus, on the playing side of things, show a modest loss or a modest gan every year. Not exy. Definitely the more difficult way to do things. Without a doubt, even more difficult when you can't help but stick your fingers in the football decisions undermining each and every one of your appointments. Why not give Ramos the benefit of the doubt when you sold your top two strikers, replace half the squad and when you were the defending League Cup Champions. Why make all the investment if you weren't going to let the manager do his job. 8 games and taking to Harry after 6. Awesome support. Then replace a continental style manager with a traditional, old guard British coach andbuy back a bunch of players you previously sold as they were no longer what was needed. Then stop the funds. Then replace the old style british manager with another continental style manager bringing in another 16 players to the squad over three windows and then let him leave to replace him with, you guessed it, a British style manager, this time with no experience whatsoever. Ostracize players, throw the cups and again miss CL. All the while, under this poor meddling on the fooball side of things, managing to remain in the Europa League. Honestly, for a management team with this little conviction of direction or of their own appointments, it is staggering how well they have done.

Imagine what could happen if they would just keep their noses out of the football decisions and allow those that they appoint do their jobs? Set a budget. Let Baldini and Pochettino do their jobs. Review how things are progressing at the end of each season keeping in mind that this is a manager who has no experience winning, qualifying for Europe, managing in four cups, or managing a big squad at the top end of the table. Expectations should match the CV. It is presumably a 5 year plan as that is the contract that was given. Let him develop the young players and let's see where we are in three years. That's what he has experience doing. To expect anything more is living on hope and a prayer, and there will again be a new manager within 18 months. It's time for ENIC to stick by what they have chosen. Set the budget. Get out of the way. Get the stadium done and drum up international sport. That's the only way forward. COYS
Nice post Peterballb! Although the conclusion Pele10 will draw from that will guessed it....ENIC Out!

The major gripe (as discussed endlessly here) is that ENIC should keep out of the footballing side as trophy cabinet and the manager merry-go-round confirm their (lack of) skills in that area. Repeated car crashes, one hopes they have learnt their lessons. We'll see!
Good bye, England? Wow. Costa Rica!
Falstaff the Fool
Yea I'm following France now cause they have a cockrel on the jersey and the white and navy kit is making me nostalgic.
Slurms McKenzie
Peter, nothing that you say is arguable against, only problem is that Levy is not going to change his meddling, interfering ways, we will go back to square one once Pochettino hits a rough patch. Sack the coach, go through another transitional season with the new coach bringing in new players and the not so merry go round stars again.
Slurms McKenzie, I like the look of their keeper too.
peterballb writes "It's time for ENIC to stick by what they have chosen. Set the budget. Get out of the way. Get the stadium done and drum up international sport. That's the only way forward." On the coach front I have to agree! Since Levy fired Graham on his arrival he has not on a single occasion given any THFC head coach the control over football matters in the manner in which our main competitors AFC have given their head coach Arsene Wenger, who has delivered CL football 17 times on the spin for the cub as well as 2 Premiership titles and 4 FA Cups since Levy fired Graham. So on the coach side I agree. But on the chairman side of the club Joe Lewis has in fact stuck by Levy, has stuck by what he has chosen with his underachieving chairman throughout, and in my opinion will do so until the day he cashes in on THFC and walks away with a vast profit from his tiny original investment. Of course Levy will take a very nice percentage of this windfall including his share of the huge areas of land (that have nothing to do with the stadium site) that Lewis had originally bought in the name of THFC but has since transferred the ownership of this land to his offshore companies. This is what is going on Peter! So although I agree 100% with you when you say it's time for ENIC to let the football matters of the club to be run by the head coach, this in my opinion is of little or no concern to Joe Lewis, because had the empty trophy cabinet and no CL football bothered Lewis, Levy would have been relieved of his duties at least half a decade back! We all know now that Lewis is totally 100% loyal to his chairman, so the big question is can Levy change? Can he stop playing Fantasy Football with our club? can he stop meddling? Can he for the first time in 15 seasons let his ego go, and say to himself "my head coach knows much more about football than me, so I will give him a budget and let him get on with it!" "I will let him decide which players are to be sold and which players to bring in with the money recouped from these sells, and I will meet with Joe Lewis and request for a 100 million pound investment in the playing squad that is not based on raising this budget from selling players, but from another source" (Europa League revenue, stadium revenue, Under Armour revenue, AIA revenue etc etc) This is what is required now for THFC to seriously compete. I personally do not believe this will happen because Levy's ego is much to big, he loves playing Fantasy Football with THFC, and his loyalty as an employer and percentage holder of ENIC will always stay with ENIC and Joe Lewis. This is exactly why Lewis has not replaced Levy in a decade and a half, because the last thing Lewis would ever want, is his chairman to be acting with the best interest's of THFC the football club at heart, rather than ENIC the corporation... ENIC MAFIA OUT!!!
I don't think Pele1's negotiations in joining ENIC went that well...
Sorry Pele10 didn't mean to promote/demote you to Pele1 - apologies.
Seems like Jake is leaving too....
or even on VitalHull
Thought he was still undecided whether to leave London or not - QPR is sniffing...
Good post peterbalb I totally agree as I've written similar many times before about setting a budget and leaving the manager to do his managing. Albeit with annual revues at season's end. The real problem in my opinion is that Levy hear's the disenchantment from the fans whenever the team aren't playing well or are losing regularly. The fans put pressure on the team and manager which makes it harder for the team them to perform, especially at WHL. This constant vociferous malcontent appears to then get a knee-jerk re-action from Levy and the whole cycle starts again. Fans not including myself, just expect players to play to their best every game and all 90 minutes of it. There's no leeway for poor form or an off day. It's just, as in a lot of lives, people expect everything now and are not willing to be patient. Modern philosophy, maybe?
Peter - unless I've missed something Walmart don't own a football club..ENIC do, there is a difference. And no I'm not asking them to dip into their own pockets I'm asking them to spend a proportion of the revenue they raise each and every year on a transfer for the profit and loss surely I don't have to tell you that any half decently run business will show a small profit or loss at the end of a financial year..the devil is in the detail...which since they de-listed is impossible to your post goes on the more I agree...set a budget, and support the man they hire. The stadium should be funded in proportion...if ENIC are going to gain revenue from concerts, NFL etc then they should pay for it...not take all the revenue out of THFC to pay...are THFC going to be the owners of the stadium and therefore benefit? or will that belong to ENIC?...the difference is huge....
hgs... seems like fees agreed, personal terms to sort.
LTS - Hull's not that exciting ....
City of Culture next year!!! Happy people despite everything according to Look North.
Moreno to Spurs ? what's happened to Lovren ?
LTS - nah .... it's so depressing!
Excellent news.

How these 2 numpties lasted aslong as they did i will never know,completely clueless & useless.
Now Ferdinand has gone our strikers might actually start scoring.
Fanny adams
lol... HGS... never been there myself so wouldn't know. North of Humber!!! I'm doan souff, on the Haven. lol.
LTS, Lovely place no doubt... besides the Humberbridge, the university, the Housemartins and the sporting clubs - the locals say what else is needed!!!
HGS.. Mail also says we're monitoring Marcos Rojo from Sporting and Argentina as well as Moreno. 2 more non-homegrown players in and (Livermore) 1 out!
£6 million for jake Livermore ? Football has gone mad & with average at best English players going for this price then no wonder England fail at every tournament.
I actually like to see England fail as i dislike too many of the players.
Fanny adams
HGS >> Re Lovren ... when I watched him in the last game he was left-sided CB. I thought he was right side and therefore instead of Kaboul and Dawson. Not sure he's what we need if LS' unless one of Verts and Chiriches are going
HGS ... Gonna watch Rojo for Argies now, catch you later. Oh England only 8 runs behind Sri lanka with 8 wickets in hand.
LTS, I heard that he is comfortable right across the back - as we all used to be trained up as... I definitely think Verts will be the mainstay of the defence ... I liked the look of Rodriguez for the Swiss as well... I think this will be the case of the MRP surprise !!!
Yup England doing OK in the cricket - Sri Lanka not so strong in the Test form of cricket ...
well done jake bets of the luck, great season, you played better then any of our so called super stars toshamful to name them
i dont like some posters on here but that dont say i want spurs to fail, i dont like roy keane but that dont say i want ireland to fail
Mein Gott send a new track for Ze Panzer (Thomas Muller) to base.
Frank said it earlier. This World Cup is proving that high intensity, high energy, high pressing football with a sprinkle of class is the way forward. It's the way Pochettino likes to play too so maybe we're going in the right direction. It will also spell the end for many slower (of mind and / or body), lazier, work shy players. I won't bother listing them. You know who they are.
SpuriousLife. The high intensity football that you speak of might be okay for a tournament with relatively few games in it but, it cannot be kept up for an entire PL season. The team will probably run out of steam by January..... Besides, we've only seen teams play two group matches so far, who's to say that it can even kept up for more than 3 games.... Will the World Cup be won by one of those 'high energy' teams or by a more stylish and controlled style of football?
...So, who do we blame if Soldado stays with us but is still failing to score? The coaches or the player? How do we know what effect Ferdinand had on him, after all, the other two strikers, Kane and Able, did quite well. On one hand people talk of Soldado's circumstances going against him but, on the other, it's all Sir Lesley's fault.... I wouldn't be at all surprised if Soldado is sold. Will we blame Poch, Levy or Les?
MAN ON!, thought everything, even the fly on my jam was Tim's fault!
Critical_Spur... You keep mentioning Sherwood after my posts even though they've not been about him.
Not trying to look backwards, but some may be interested to hear AVB confirm what some of us already knew, or suspected: "... that was the key factor for me to accept Zenit's proposal to take over the club as initially I had been set to have a break after my resignation from Tottenham." Not sacked; he walked.
I think that was assumed by a few of us... ah well all the best to the man!
O'B ... can't say I blame him (AVB). Again, and no surprise, Levy at loggerheads with the man he hired. As I, and others, have said Levy needs to leave the football side to the man he employed to do the job. Has he learned? We he do it? Only time will tell but I doubt it!
I love Barcelona... Great City.
whln19london... Take it easy.
I'm no messenger and I don't take sides in other peoples disputes.... I ain't no referee either. If I was, I could show you both the red card but, I'd probably just wave play on...
So glad Steffen is staying. Met him a few times and he not only has a great love and passion for our club, seems to be very bright and learning his trade from different styles and different people. A real asset to our club and I could sense he had no say in anything under Tim and hope he thrives now.
World Cup - has it not at least shown us that bae is not a team player and Paulinho is very average. Interesting to see all three of our belgiums missing from starting line up today....
I'm not to impressed with Lukaku at the world cup he doesn't seem to have the desire.
Windlespur I think that only we look at first XI as a static thing... it's a squad game and people should be used in such a manner - they played badly so they are rested or dropped not an offence. I'd rather do that then keep the same players playing every game. Look at dear ole England - lose the first game yet play the same XI for the next ... same players same result... different mind set...
Rapm - I totally agree with you - he was dire in the last game - energy is missing rather than desire IMO...
Highgatespur... I agree.
with the squad post....
Belgium seem to be playing the same slow football - perhaps the Spurs/AVB style is leaving its legacy...
Lukaku not too impressed - Origi was good last time - wheres the wonder kid Jenazay ?
I have always thought that players being poor at Summer tournaments is an EPL thing.

You`d be lucky to get 5 EPL players of any nationality playing well at summer tournaments.Maybe a bit harsh on the English players,because in truth the EPL seems to affect anyone who plays in end of season summer tournaments.

Paulinho was brilliant in the CONCACAF but look at him now.Belgium have world class players but so many EPL based it shows,& they look average at times.
Ozil looks rubbish for Germany,yet at times he`s different gravy
Fanny adams
And Suarez ? Belgians won both of their games... It's all mindset ...
Well I've done all the scouting I need too, Johnson for Right back to give Walker some real competition. No not the one from Liverpool, the Yank who plays for hoffenheim...
Slurms McKenzie
Away until Saturday with missus, kids and grand daughters. Hope you all have a good week, your World Cup drawn teams fair well, and of course, you cheer Iran on to victory.

I might even return to find we have signed a bright, shiny, new CB. After all, I've read we're in for about 11 thus far. A team full of CBs, that should shore things up somewhat one would hope. Hopefully catch you all on my return, little if any internet connection, so little from me this coming week, take it easy.
cider spurs
By Cider, Buy Cider, Bye Cider
Slurms McKenzie

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» Swansea : 22/12/2014 22:54:00
Liverpool: Hyppia Resigns From Seagulls
» Liverpool : 22/12/2014 22:43:00
Morrison - We Need Everyone Over Christmas
» WBA : 22/12/2014 21:01:00

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Spurs MOTM against Burnley?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Lloris 17%
Walker 1%
Fazio 1%
Vertinghen 1%
Davies 1%
Bentaleb 0%
Mason 1%
Lamela 44%
Eriksen 22%
Chadli 1%
Kane 8%
Stambouli 1%
Soldado 1%
Rose 1%