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Is Jake waiting for a better offer?

As both Spurs and Hull confirmed on Saturday that they had reached agreement over the sale of Jake Livermore, I notice there is still no confirmation that the player has actually signed.

Somehow I expected this, and as a result waited to post an article on the subject. Though Jake did well and even expressed a desire to join Hull City on a permanent deal, he is yet to do so, which begs the question over whether he is now also talking to other interested clubs, such as Crystal Palace?

Of course the fee is now established for any club to base a bid and that may well get other clubs in a position to talk to Jake and better Hull`s personal terms to the player, whilst also being in a location that might suit the player more.

Now I have written this, there will be an almost immediate confirmation that he has agreed terms with Hull, but...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday June 23 2014

Time: 12:42PM

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I hope there is ox. He likes it there, we don't need him! Do the deal! Spurs media house is always painfully slow with official releases!
Dublin Hotspur
A deal with hull I mean. Not a better offer. Though jake wouldn't mind I suppose
Dublin Hotspur
erm, Have I missed something? it's on the official website that he's signed :-)

Good Luck Jake - you did well Kid - any bets on how much? My take is aorund £6m :-)

It doesn't say that he has signed just states the clubs have agreed - I don't think he wants to leave London, for Hull of all places!!!
I don't know!
Ox just another example of how difficult it is to buy and sell players in the premiership, despite how easy we fans make it seem when we demand that X, Y or Z are sold and A, B and C are purchased! So many ducks that need to be got in a row before a deal can be done and still the player may pull the plug, the buying club may have other irons in the fire that suddenly materialise and they pull the plug or the sellers don't get the replacement player in and so scupper the deal. Not to mention all the agents, facilitators, advisors and cling-ons that need to wet their beaks too...
Slurms McKenzie
Jake is now a Hull City player, is he not?
I Stand Corrected! this from the official hull Site:

Hull City can confirm that an undisclosed fee has been agreed with Tottenham Hotspur for the permanent transfer of Jake Livermore. The Club is now in talks with the player’s representatives over personal terms and we hope to conclude the deal early next week.

along with Caulker one of the few success of our academy in recent times...I wouldn't be too disappointed if he stayed...but good luck to him wherever he ends up...
I would have preferred him to stay. He may not be the most skilful of players but he works hard for his team and has the right attitude. As I always say, that counts for a lot in a team, if the so called class players are under performing.
Remember all that was needed to conclude the Willian transfer was the agreement of personal terms... hope it goes well for Jake but don't think he will be staying at Hull that long ...
Everything now is about agreeing terms. Window doesn't open til July 1st.
Dublin Hotspur
Dublin, the window must already be open as Fabregas was pictured with a chelsea shirt on, you would not risk doing that if the deal was not done. Maybe submitting papers to the FA must be done after the 1st.
I thought the window was open, no?!
Geof if you're feeling a draft then it probably is...
Slurms McKenzie
Yeah kong, strange one, must be a legal pre agreement. I thought you could only move outside a window if you're out of contract or exceptional circumstance loan?
Dublin Hotspur
Slurms - lol
I'm due one a day Geof...
Slurms McKenzie
I didn't realise he was at the world cup, playing for Brazil and showcasing his skill. So waiting for the WC to end and hoping to get a better offer?! Nah.. Done and dusted as far as he is concerned. He has been rabbitting on about how much he loves it up there. Just formailites IMO. NEXT!
"Early next week" means after the THFC financial year end. My guess is that Levy has cooked the books to stay in the boundaries of FFP and needs the profit on Livermore to be on next years balance sheet.
muttley, we did not spend the over 30M extra in TV monies and we had a transfe surplus. There isn't a chance in Hades that we are at risk of offending FFPR. Pretty sure previous season's surpluses can be used to offset losses Yes, it will look better on next year's books, but doubt that it is to do with FFPR. Still don't thnk anyone will be sold until and unless people are sold. So yes, if Adebayor goes, a striker will come in. He will likely make less than Adebayor but will cost much more than we get. That said, Ade, BAE and Livermore is already going to be 15M or more. Good to see this is done early. Still expect lots o last second outgoings and, depending on who goes, incomings. Really we have last year's extra TV monies, this year's extra TV monies and about 11M in transfer surplus (if not more). We should be able to spend 70M just to break even. Salary wise, if Ade and BAE goes, that's the salaries of Gomes, BAE, Ade and Defoe off the books as compared to the start of last season. Time will tell. We just sold our 6th or 7th best CMF (not including Sigurdsson or Eriksen) for 7M GBP. Pretty decent bit of business for a player who only ever got stick on here. COYS
peterbalb - you're not getting my point which is looking at the bigger picture of multiple years balance sheets working together. Players we buy get amortised over the lives of their contract as intangible assets on a balance sheet. We bought a shed load in this financial year. The profits we made on Bale and Caulker hits this years balance sheet only ending June 30. There is no way Levy wants to take more profit in this financial year when he's trying to balance his books down to within plus / minus a million or so. That would leave him horribly exposed next year so my guess is that Livermore will go through the books next Tuesday. I'm also surprised he hasn't bought this side of the financial year end to reduce profits. That in itself is worrying.
muttley, As per Levy's calendar it's still early days! Next seven days are like a whole year to our chairman! We are not in the 'last minute' time yet. Also, Levy/Baldini might be looking to see who else gets knocked out of the group stages of the WC....thus another bargain option! COYS!
It would be a good move for him as he has had a season there and he gets regular footy. Never been a fan but he works hard and seems like a decent lad. I think if he is happy to live that way then the deal will go through, however if he prefers to sty south then he may be holding out. I can see him doing well for Crystal Palace.
Good luck to Livermore wherever he goes, but I have to say I am more interested in the likelihood, however remote, that we may make 2 or 3 significant, quality, battle ready signings, so that we may start the PL season, with a squad/team better than that which finished last season. The concept is called continuous improvement, as practiced by the top clubs. What we don't need is another "kid in a sweet shop" scatter gun signing session, so that we sign 7 and end up with 1 really making the grade. So come on Levy/Baldini, at least try and pretend that you know what you are doing.
Frank, I agree with your sentiments. However, I hope Pochettino has the greatest/overriding say in the transfers. Hope Poch has identified his targets/requirements and that he has the final say in the options presented to him. We just can not afford to re-visit the shenanigans of last two seasons.
Frank - I would even go so far as saying that these 2 signings better be a LB and a centre half :-)
muttley - As I understand it the FFP measurements are over a rolling three year window so individual year end figures aren't that critical.
Muttley I believe we also need a proper left winger to balance the squad. I would settle for those three signings this summer and look to next summer before we weed out our midfield, and pull the trigger on our strikers. No if Bony were to become available then I would suggest we push that deal through and move on Soldado as Ade and Bony would make a better striking combo with Kane also as back up.
Slurms McKenzie
Critical Spur, I appreciate your view, but I'm afraid Pochittino will, at the end of the day, have the same degree of say, control, or veto, over transfers as the previous 8 managers in the Levy era, i.e. none. How many of the players that AVB identified as his "want ins" did he get, one Soldado, as it happens the wrong one. No the signings will be those that Levy sees fit, together with his newly appointed disciple, and side kick Baldini, who is very very fortunate to still have a job, after last summer's farcical charade. The fact that he is still around suggests to me, that the "magnificent 7" transfers were very much a combined effort between him and Levy, based on low initial cost, and likely sell on profits, rather than playing needs, as usual. The glaring and puzzling exception being 29 year old Soldado, whose sell on value will be 50% of what we paid, if we are lucky. Irrespective of who the manager is this overall strategy is unlikely to change. If Bony does become available, yes we should be in, even if it is 12 months, and 24 goals, later than it should have been, and he will cost us twice what he would have, had we signed him last summer, as several of us suggested, he was another one that got away.
Slurms - the challenge I have is the sheer number of midfielders we have - Sandro, Capoue, Dembele, Paulinho, Bentaleb, Eriksen, Siggy, Holtby, Carroll, Lennon, Townsend, Chadli and Lamela. That's 13 players for 4 or 5 places depending on how many strikers we play. They all have their merits as well. I'm not sure we can justify more when we haven't seen a previous manager get the best out of the current lot. Our defence is the weak link and we need to spend big there. We're also dependent on a 43 year old backup keeper. It's also worth noting that Lallana had some of best games out on the left for Southampton and it was Luke Shaw getting up in wide positions and Jay Rodriguez tucked on the left in a forward position. I'm not sure he'll even play with wingers but do think he'll unlock the goals in his current midfield options and think Lamela will be our star man next season.
Muttley our bloated midfield has been a problem for a number fo seasons but they are predominately central midfielders we have, wi8h very little options for width on the left, so we had resorted to playing Erisken out of position which had the knock on effect of further exposing our less then adequate LB to more pressure. Of the midifled I really can't see us retaining Holtby, Paulinho, Siggy or Chadli. Another loan for Carrol possibly to a prem team? That would leave us with Erisken, Sandro Capoue, Bentaleb, Dembele and Lamela for three central midfield positions. We may retain Paulinho due to the massive drop in value which would leave us with 6/7 players to cover three positions (The ideal number). Sandro/Capoue, Dembele/Bentaleb and Erisken/Lamela. our Wide men would then consist of Lennon and Townsend. based on last years performances and form I would suggest we are looking, at best, at two back up players which means we still need two wide men( 1 left and 1 right) we may risk it with on addition and rotate the three players in the two positions and hope that Pochettino can improve townsend, we coudl also revert Rose back to a left winger as additional cover. But a left wide man is required, one who will also track back as needed.

A LB is a must and possibly an early judgement on Fryers is needed to determine whether he is a LB at all and whether he is good enough to be retained. It may be the case that he is a better 4th choice CB then 2nd choice LB. Which if we loose Kaboul means our CB's would be Vertonghen, Chiriches, Dawson and Fryers, three of which need to improve dramatically. But it woudl also mean that we need to sign two LBs unless rose is happy to play second fiddle at LB which would mean we need to sign a second left winger. Noughton is an adequate RB without being exceptional but if we wanted to increase competiion in this area ( and on the basis of one game) the RB for USA Fabian Johnson looks like a carbon copy of Walker but with a better defensive brain. We could also look to Alderwierld as a RB/CB.
Slurms McKenzie
Who cares Jake is $hit & will never play for Spurs again.He`s only a Spurs player on paper
Fanny adams
Yea Fanny, and our midfield did soo much better then him and Huddlestone last season! To be honest I had Livermore written off last season once he demanded a loan for first team football it was obvious he wouldn't be returning to us as he was never going to get first team football here and even Bentaleb's displays showed there were more promising players in our youth ranks anyway. This transfer does not effect our squad directly but the money generated may see an incoming player soon????
Slurms McKenzie
Imo- Bentaleb and Carroll need loaning out in Carrolls case it's perhaps time to bite the bullet and insert a buy back/sell on clause and let go...Townsend, my views are pretty clear...he's not a right forward nor a left mid/forward..speedboat without a driver although nice guy, not for me...Eriksen, Holtby Gylfi...we can lose one...time to cash in on that's 4 we should be able to shift pretty easily...leaving 9 players for 5 Chadli all we need on the left? imo get Konoplayanka in....10 players for 5 positions...
Slurms McKenzie Well the fact that Enic just want Spurs to help finance their empire i wouldn`t get your hopes up.
Fanny adams
Frank - The manager having control of transfers only becomes important if the manager is going to be around long enough to mould those players into a team. since we change managers long before any signings have had a chance to bed in and a new man then comes in with different ideas its all pretty academic.
It never fails to amaze me just how many crap players there are in the PL. Quite a few of them get to play for Spurs, England and even the 5 teams above us... How on earth does this happen? Who's to blame? In fact, apart from a classy handful, They're all rubbish. Even the coaches and managers, by and large, are dire. I'm at a loss, what can we do?
Jod, the manager having control of transfers is preferable to them being in the hands of an idiot, irrespective of how long his tenure turns out to be. Levy's track record suggests he views transfers as the acquisition of assets, that can be sold on later hopefully at a profit, rather than players who are needed to improve the team on the pitch. The reason for this, is that his interest is in things financial, which as a bean counter he appreciates and understands, rather than in the success of THFC, as he is totally ignorant of football matters and wouldn't know a good player, or a player to suit any given playing system, if one bit his arse. Last summer indicated that Baldini shares his level of ability to sign the right players. hopefully if, and when, we finally do get started in this window, that has now been open for some two weeks, it is to be hoped by good fortune, or design, we sign some useful players, and that our success rate is better than last summer's 1 out of 7 to become any sort of impact player next season..
I like Levy.
I like Livermore. It's a shame he's gone.
Who: Grey Fox When: 24th June Where: SC Got some info this afternoon and although I hate cryptics, after much debate with myself and taking the lead from A&C to make things more interesting, here goes. " Blue and yellow are so yesterdays colours, if after taking their leave doesn't work out then we will be going for Red and Black" OR " If we get snookered on our first choice we will be aiming to pot a red followed by a black" A&C eat your heart out :p
thfc1882whl ... Flying out to Vegas today...keep the beers cool !
Meet me by the old brick clock tower. I'll be wearing my teeth. Don't forget to bring the sardines.
Enjoy ro6ertj!
Jake's confirmed today for an undisclosed record fee... best wishes Jake.
thfc1882whl, I absolutely 100% agree with your assessment of our esteemed bean counter, sorry chairman.
Rapm WTF is that gobbledegook supposed to mean, if people wanted to read gibberish on here they would read my posts!
Slurms McKenzie
Bye Jake so long, you're welcome that we spent the time and money to develop you to the point where you are a first team regular for Hull. Couple of poor performances against Spurs next season is all I ask in return...that and 8 or so million quid.
Slurms McKenzie

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