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Ade Misses Pre Season Tour!

The club have confirmed that Emmanuel Adebayor won`t travel on the clubs North American tour, after contracting a mild bout of malaria.

Ade was admitted to hospital on Saturday, after complaining of feeling unwell and though he is supposed to be released today, he will need at least seven days to fully recover, before returning to training, which means he wont be available for the clubs tour of North America.

With no new striker on board, this gives an early opportunity for Roberto Soldado and Harry Kane to impress, but with a new manager to impress, this is a major pain for Emmanuel, who no doubt wanted to make an early impression on Pochettino and his team...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 14 2014

Time: 8:15AM

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One big pain.............let's hope he now wishes to Put in a fullish season for spurs ( after this bout of Malaria)....rather than wish to go back to Africa, for the ANC qualifying and finals, this Autumn and Winter. If I was MP'....2 strikers need to be signed ASAP.
Not that I would want anyone to be struck down by malaria but in the context of what it means to us better Ade than Soldado in so much as Soldado being the one who really needs to find some cohesion with the team.
It did say he could resume training ( at home, I presume) after 7 days - so he shouldn't affect his preseason too much - match fitness will be more of a problem
"it shouldn't affect"
This is the one player I wanted to have a full pre season- this malaria issue could give Ade an excuse for not putting in a shift. Let's hope it gives him time to reflect and be grateful for health and strength.
Bad news for us and Ade. Just hope he has a speedy recovery. Another season where he doesn’t get a pre-season though so MP needs to take that into account. With that, and the ACN in mind we simply cannot start the season with only Soldado and Harry Kane as options. Need to bring in a striker asap me thinks.
Shame for Ade, but as other people have mentioned, if this is what it takes for Soldado to get a few games (and hopefully goals) under his belt in pre season, then every cloud I guess......I won't hold too much hope though, I remember not so long ago when Darren Bent couldn't stop scoring in pre-season! I'd like us to sign another striker, but I don't think one should be the priority, we'll play one up top almost exclusively this season I think....still think a LB, CB & B/U Keeper are/should be, top of the priority list
so interrupted pre-season...ACN to come....and some will say we don't need a striker? so if Soldado get's injured, suspended or (I know this will be hard to believe) has a loss of form we have to rely on Kane? ...the 20 year old who is yet to really break through...on top of which Soldado and Ade are getting on for strikers we need to keep improving and keep the transitions smooth...another younger strike option is needed...
Mild or otherwise, malaria is serious. Best wishes, dear Emmanuel Adebayor, and we hope that your recovery is straightforward.
Of course dependable on how Ade recovers from malaria, but with Villa pretty much stating everybody is available, I think we should look at Benteke to come in. I am looking at this purely in the belief that maybe Benteke's value would have dropped post injury.

If Ade is fit and raring to go seasons start, our real problem could be when he jets off to Afcon in Autumn and January/February. Signing Benteke would allow for him to familiarize himself with his new surroundings, get Poch's training and rehabilitation on the go, and all going well, will see an ideal replacement for Ade able to slip into the vacant slot left by Ade at just the right time. I think I'm right in saying he should be back late this year?.

If we are indeed to play a lone striker, would Benteke being out for 3-4 months pose a problem?, of course we have to look at whether he will get back from this injury, but I see it as an opportunity to maybe cut a cheaper deal, but still have a quality striker to come in and replace Ade when needed.
Cider spurs
Not his fault and wish him well. No more ges though. Will he miss the start of another season. Will we lose him for jan/feb for African cup? Is he enjoying training? Really think we need to move this fella on. Get well soon ade!
Dublin Hotspur
Don't believe a word of it. It's just one excuse after another with this guy. Has he ever actually done a pre-season with us? Get rid.
Hersham - are you saying that Ade is faking malaria?! That's a bit low......
Another pre-season down the drain for Adebayor. It will take a fair while for him to regain full strength before he can start training properly so this could drag on for quite a few weeks. Realistically it's unlikely he'll be ready for the start of the season. His past history is not good so I think we need to seriously look at moving him on and replacing him with a more reliable, full-season striker. Adebayor is a very good player when he wants to be. Unfortunately he doesn't want to be or isn't able to be regularly enough for me.
King - I agree, it is, I don't know how he continues to get away with it
So Ade will start another season training on his own away from the main squad! I think this is a real set back for both Poch and Spurs, this preseason tour would have been a good opertunity for Poch to get a feel for Ade and how he will work in his squad and also for a bit of bonding. If the squad returns but Ade feels on the outside fo the clique will he start to feel unloved and will the sulking follow?
Wish the lad a speedy recovery for selfish reasons!
Slurms McKenzie
Hersham teh only way he could fake it is by either infecting himself or somehow switching all the bloods that were taken for testing to diagnois the condition he was suffering with. Ade criminal master mind!
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms maybe he knows Lance Armstrong's doctor :) COYS!
On yer bike son!
Slurms McKenzie
Most people take tablets when visiting a Malaria risk area, so am sure he is not Faking as Hersham says, but agree with the sentiment. Always an issue with him, he could have made more effort to avoid it and as some have said, will be off soon for African Cup. We need to get REMY in (Pace, can play wide to help Soldado & goals) in for £12 million NOW (less Livermore fee already in, so not a risky or high spend). Come on Spurs.
Windle how about Bony for 20 million? Remy for twelve and sell on ade?
Slurms McKenzie
Its a horrible thing to say but I kind of agree that ADE should have taken some bloody anti-malaria tablets beefier he went to a hot spot!! Ade struck down with Malaria days before we jet off for pre-season. I bet the bookies wouldn't even have given 5-1 for that. Its ALWAYS something.
Its unfortunate news and doesn't really help anyone involved hopefully its a short recoevery time and Ade is willling to put in a season of hard graft for club and mamanger.
Slurms McKenzie
Back in on vital spurs, after winning 2.5m on the lottery and spending my time away in thailand, it's good to return home, if only for a couple of weeks. This is bad news for Ade, get well soon big fellar we salute you, I understand Dawson is still suffering from concusion, which accounts for the reason of not knowing were the f'k he is on a football pitch. So we have a new manager, what happened to Tim ''I can make it happen'' Sherwood he has to be nailed on next ingerland manager.
spu 4 life
get well soon ade, we need you back and your goals. COYS
Anti malarial drugs are toxic. Years ago it was recommended taking them prophylactically, but recently the advice is to take them only at the onset of symptoms. I used to travel with some frequency to areas of the Amazon that have a lot of malaria. Adebayor would not want to be taking such medicines over a long period of time if he was symptom free. He lives in a country that has malaria, and shouldn't be taking prophylactic anti-malarials month after month, year after year. It sounds to me that he did the right thing in seeking treatment quickly after showing symptoms. He should be OK and back to playing football fairly quickly. (If I remember, Drogba went through this also a couple of years ago. He came back OK after a month or so.) There are different strains of malaria, some more severe and some milder. Sounds like Adebayor has a mild strain. Let's hope so. It can be quite nasty otherwise.
Falstaff the Fool
What's new, Adebayor misses every pre-season, either due to ACON committments with Togo, "missing" return flights, Injury, bereavement, and now a "mild" attack of Malaria, soon it will be " the dog has eaten my homework" or some similar excuse, or an anal disorder to explain why he is a "pain in the arse", anything to escape the hard work and monotony of pre-season. Does this mean that we will have to wait until Xmas for him to be properly fit. Never mind we can soldier on with Kane (complete with "L" plates) and the prolific Soldado. Let's hope we get a few penalties. Lets be honest we should have already have had a striker done and dusted by now, it's not exactly a secret, that we are in dire need of goals as our +4 GD indicates, together with our conceding too many as well, hence the need for a CB addition, and possibly a LB, again action on this is eagerly awaited. We employ a DOF at significant cost, and it is about time he earned his corn, by sourcing the players we need, hopefully with a marked increase on the 1 out of 7 success rate, of last summer's signings.
Prophylactically? does that mean up the bottom Falstaff? if they are toxic is there a risk of becoming a rotten *********?
Slurms McKenzie
Prophylactically? does that mean up the bottom Falstaff? if they are toxic is there a risk of becoming a rotten *********?
Slurms McKenzie
oops lets try a rotten ARSEnilhole instead.
Slurms McKenzie
that works so read the word but take nothing out!
Slurms McKenzie
Adebayor = here we go again
Fanny adams
Feckin' Ade he's always getting Malaria on purpose!
Slurms McKenzie
Feckin` Ade he`s always having problems on purpose.

Fans can stick up for him all they want but in truth,you win nothing with mercenaries like that.

German team greatest example,they don`t rely on one individual or allow an individual to cause problems for the team/squad.
The boy who cried wolf ? Well i`d like Spurs to be more like the German team & less like the brazilian team.
One is a team of great strength,unity,rapport & togetherness,the other is a team of superb individuals.
Spurs will win nothing unless they introduce this team spirit the Germans showed,manchester United did it for years.
One thing another & he earns more in a week than most earn in 2 years + so sympathy is hard to come by.

The sooner Adebayor is gone the better IMO (which i`m allowed).
Fanny adams
Fanny Adams I unlike many spurs fans have eyes and saw how Ade behaved himself. He is very much the little girl who had a little curl either very good or plain horrid. However a very good Ade is a massive asset to the club, a horrid Ade is a huge hinderance. To see Bony in and Ade gone is a deal I would take your hand off for. However I am willing to concede that contracting Malaria may not be somethng we can lay at Ades door as an example of his poor behaviour! Your opinions not withstanding.
Slurms McKenzie
Total agreement with you Fanny adams. Sooner we rid ourselves of Ade the better. On his day a wonderful player but as you mentioned he is a mercenary.

His career is coming to a close, what a force he could have been.

Slurms - Bony and Remy would be great. However, realistically, we would not spend 32 million on them and we have more of a need for a new left back and at least one new CB. Hence, I would go with remy at 12 million, plus he is fast, can play wide, scores goals. Both would be great though....
Is someone looking for Adebayor's socks while he recovers ? Wouldn't mind Remy in the spurs ranks !!!
Hi windle, I get that and LB and centre back have to be the priority. Lw needs adressing and Remy could well tick that box, Bony looks the complete package but does have the draw back of the ACN
Slurms McKenzie
And another 20 million. Remy could be funded already by the January Hudd and June Livermore money already.
I have read that we have already had the deal for Remy accepted. The issue is Remy still waits for Arsenal or others to come calling or to accept his 80k/week salary. I can't believe we would shell out 80k/week either for him. The salaries paid out by Chelsea and City completely make a mess of all of the salaries for all players. Chadli and Lamela can both be used as strikers. I also think Kane will do well and would not be shocked to see Obika score in the pre-season. He and Pav, a few years back, were head and shoulders ahead of their colleagues, though neither was considered. Different manager now. Who knows? Kane, Chadli, Soldado and Lamela is not ideal but it's hardly a disaster. COYS
Peterballb I do think you're pushing the boat out a bit when predicting Obika to make the grade at spurs. The poor guy has struggled to make it anywhere on his loans travels.... It's bordering on cruelty to keep him hoping at the club...
Obika is simply not good enough. He hasn't been good enough in umpteen loan deals, here, there and everywhere, and isn't good enough for us. The mystery is why he is still here, and offered a new deal. I think he could have something on somebody in high places.

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