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So, it would seem that Morgan Schneiderlin will have to go on strike to force a move away from Southampton.

This situation makes me wonder what we as Spurs think about a player holding a club to ransom to make a "dream" move away? We have suffered from this in recent years, with Berbatov and Modric in particular leaving a sour taste in our mouths as they effectively withheld their labour in a bid to force a move away, much to the disgust of our fans. Is the Schneiderlin position any different, just because we are the potential beneficiary?

It might be argued that Schneiderlin has some right on his side, given the fact that Southampton appears to be selling everything of value and have destroyed a very decent team and lost a very good manager this summer, so with such negative change, perhaps the player has a valid point in wanting to leave, though of course Southampton will argue that they planned these sales and are well positioned for the future, whether true or not. Only time will tell.

As fans, can we condone a player refusing to play for a club to force a move, regardless of who we perceive has right on their side. I very much doubt that Schneiderlin has clauses in his contract that stipulate who is manager, who is bought and sold and even that he can leave if the team fall below a certain level of the Prem or get relegated. Players sign agreements, with hope and expectation of success and certain stability and security, in terms of money and length of agreement, but there is always the risk that things will end disappointingly, as is the case now.

Based on that, does a player have the right to demand and then force a move, just because he doesn`t like what is happening or because he has a bigger and better offer on the table? We all know that clubs are far from blameless themselves, but do they at least have a right to refuse to sell or at least be able to get their valuation for a player? There is an ever increasing situation where contracts have release clauses in them, but that isn`t always a guarantee that a player will be valued sensibly. Does he readily agree to a huge release fee for a bigger wage or longer deal? Of course he does. Equally clubs might agree to a number of clauses to retain a valued player for the short term, as with Liverpool and Suarez.

I imagine that as fans, we will all view the Schneiderlin position as one that he is correct in looking to force a move because Southampton are looking to be in a mess, however is that mess relative and that much different than Spurs failing to get CL football, because Chelsea won the Champions league? Its just the same, but in many ways, but as the potential victor in this situation, we as fans will look for justification and welcome a player for our benefit, regardless of what Southampton might want...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 31 2014

Time: 7:24AM

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Unfortunate situation for him.
I have sympathy for the Saints fans... As far as Morgan is concerned he must be seeing an opportunity to progress his career, work with a familiar and trusted coach and also earn a lot more dosh.
MS is only 24 and has been with the Saints for 6 seasons. If he feels the time is right to step up then I think that's fair enough. As fans we're never going to be happy when a favourite wants to leave but, personally I can understand a players frustrations, if their Chairman decides to hold them back.
Do we really need him, and whose place does he take if he comes? personally, i dont like this sort of player mentality. if he arrives, how long before he pulls this crap to get to United, or Madrid, etc?
I don't think many of the Spurs fans have seen enough of this guy to determine whether he is an upgrade of what we've got. I'd be reluctant to pay £20m plus for him I know that! There has to be player swaps involved imo. I honestly think we're struggling to get rid of deadwood this summer which has hindered chances of quality signings.... it may be another late night on transfer deadline day again!
Normally I'd say no but in his case i agree with him striking, 5 of the best 11 players and a manager have had their dream moves, simultaneously destroying Southamptons squad and he's expected to stay so the chairman doesn't look like a bit of a tit to their own fans! After 6 years of loyal service? I'd be bouncing off the walls if I was him......wouldn't you?
Basically he's a pawn, if they hadn't all ready made themselves rich over at st Mary's then he'd be on his way with a handshake and a "best of luck"
So we think a player has the right after signing a contract to move on when thinks he should and we think when we dont want a player after he has given us 9 years service and has a contract he should go to any club we want him to go to, hmmmm is that fair ????
Spurticus87 couldn't agree more. COYS!
spurs50yrs.. Myself, I want Dawson to stay and yes I don't understand supporters showing him disrespect. As for Morgan, none of us know the full story.
To be blunt I don't actually think he is a player Spurs need right now as we already have an abundance of CM of the same if not better standard. If I was looking at it from an unbiased stance, I would say Southampton would be better off to sell him. He is overpriced and will never display the same sort of performances again for the Saints (mainly because he doesn't want to be there). Keeping him out of spite only suffers the club 25m that could be spent on players that want to be at Southampton. Sometimes you just need to use logo and put your feelings aside.
I don't think any player should strike no matter what. No one holds a gun to their head when they sign their contract.
I don't agree with a player going on strike but like Man On said we don't know everything that is going on. Southampton will either have an unhappy player staying or they will get minimum £20m for him, at least he won't be leaving on a free for them.
spurs50yrs, you're right about Dawson, both clubs and players should honour their contracts. Of course in the real world (and not just football), that rarely happens.
No sympathy for the player, its a disgraceful act. He got his chance as a kid with them, got promoted up the leagues with them and got into the international team show casing his talents with them. All the while getting a very handsome wage for his troubles. He has requesred a transfer his next option should not be to go on strike. This issue needs to be addressed at the top level Bosman has given huge power and freedom to players, they can walk away effectively a year before their contracts end why then should they be allowed break the rest of their contracts without sanction?
Slurms McKenzie
Thanks Man On, Dawson can do a job for us and be a very good squad member, cup matches and alike, hes too slow people say, bloody hell he was slow when we bought him, and i also think Lennon will have a very good season as a squad player, i said it first
I think it's a little harsh that Southampton made little fuss of selling 5 of their first team players for good money but have now decided that Morgan and Jay are off limits. They weren't the best players for Southampton last year and they're being offered better cash in terms of value for money. I can personally see why Morgans a little peeved.
Don't like it when players do this kind of thing, they have too much power, however, we've been on the receiving end with Berba & Modric, so if we're about to benefit (and I do think Schneiderlin will make us better) then I'll forget about my morals for a while.....
Sorry for the hijack, but Eric Dier....young English CB from Sporting for about 4mil apparently.....anyone know anything about him?
Slurmz fully agree that he has a contractual duty, but to be fair all those events you mentioned benefits both parties. Morgan helped the Saints achieve the position they are in today. Perhaps they would not be there without him? I think a transfer request should pretty much be the end of THIS saga... Why keep a player that doesn't want to be there when you will get good money and be able to replace him with someone better who does want to be there? Confuses me to be honest.
Spurticus87 - agree, I think that the Saints chairman is trying to make a stand a little too late. Schneiderlin has seen 5 1st team players sold, he knows they're going to's not like he wants out for another mid table team, he wants to join us or them lot up the road, both of whom can offer European football and for him to be surrounded by better players....he's now a full international, and can play at a higher level, at 24 he feels him time is right to do so.
A few early birds here... The thing is that Morgan has been there for 6 years. He is not someone on his first year of the first contract deciding that he wants to move again. Similar thing with Bale and Modric that they gave us years of service, and the hunt for new challenges are understandable. It is unfortunate because Lambert is near end of his career, and got his dream move to Liverpool. Lallana is at the right age to kick on. Shaw could not turn down his opportunity....nor Chambers. Morgan is a different scenario.
You say is a full international player, but he wasnt when southampton signed him, he should not have signed the last contract but he did because the money was good and my be no one came in for him, and the club can sell who they like cant they
He only made his France debut this year.
Spurticus87 and King26. I 100% agree. Why should he be the one to validate the chairmans stance. Look at the players thay appear to be bringing in. Fer, Redmond and Bertrand. Asset stripping from the owners. Schneiderlin and Rodriguez will both go, of that there is no doubt. It's just a matter of who will stump up the cash first. hopefully it will be us. COYS
A good time for Daniel Levy to show support for his manager. OK Poch, you wanted Schneiderlin and Rodriguez - here they are - even if i did have to pay a bit extra for them.
DoncasterHotspur, you must be a new Spurs can. Levy doesn't pay extra for a bag of chips - it's not in his dna
Doncaster - good point regarding stumping up... lets hope Pele10 doesn't read that or we'll have another ENIC out post :-)
fan not can
I've argued before that our real problem is the lack of character in the team and Schneiderlin will be just another one here only for the money and off if he gets a better offer. Why do we keep signing these players ? and why don't the fans see it matters ?
King26. Pele10 hasn't put in an ENIC out post for at least 10 minutes so I was expecting one soon anyway. In-spurs-national. I've been a fan for years. I should have said a bit extra on top of the paltry sum originally offered !! COYS
After everything that has happened at spurs with Campbell, Carrick, Keane, Berbatov & Modric how can anyone condone the actions of MS. Whilst I understand his position, I do not agree with his actions. He (more than any of the former spurs players) has a valid reason to want to leave. The owner has completely dismantled the club. But whilst he is under contact he needs to perform for his contracted club and stop sulking. Do we really want another player with the attitude of “I don’t get what I want so I won’t play”???? We have had too many of these player at spurs. What’s to say if we sign him now he won’t be begging for a move to Man U or whoever next year. I’ll pass on MS if its all the same

BTW I didn’t include Bale in the list of betrayers as I actually think he handled himself very well during the whole “Bale Saga”. Lets be 100% honest with ourselves, he needed to move on.
Tony Chixy - your point about sulking for another move when he eventually gets this move, reminds me of the usual - does he see himself playing for Man City or Real Madrid in 4 years time? as that will help him decide whether to join us, or them lot up the road!
Football is a dog eats dog world. Agents, clubs and players all have their own agendas. Gone are the days chivalry and being noble. If the club is not performing the players will want out, if the players are not payed enough they will kick up a fuss or want out and if the player is not good enough the club will boot him out and if the player is amazing, the club, agent and player will want what is best for them. As soon as football changed into a business everything changed. COYS!
MS has been told he most probably needs to move to a bigger club to improve his chances playing for France. I think MS has every right to feel aggrieved somewhat. He has given 6 years loyal service, paid well for this of course, but when he then sees a team that performed well last season dismantled in the way it has, hard to show loyalty.

We also have to remember the likes of Lovren(1 season), Chambers and Shaw (circa 18 months), have all got their dream moves and offered the club very little by way of a thank you for their development. MS has played through the leagues and helped no end in their quest to reach the top level, if Southampton wished to make a stand, I suggest they should have done this right at the start.

You cannot sell 5 first team players and then suddenly expect others to stay or refuse them a move, you have already set the precedent, same as player power, Lovren wants out, threatens to strike, Lovren sold. Saints themselves made the statement that any player who wishes to be elsewhere can leave, but at a valuation set by Southampton. Then they changed the rules.

As for how do I feel about it, I feel sorry for Southampton fans, but not because of the MS situation, we have endured that before, no other team nor fans felt the need to take pity, in fact as usual the "Spurs selling their best players" tag was banded about once more. No, the thing I feel sorry for about Southampton fans, is the fact that they have sold so many first team players with no real need to have to, 1 or 2, yep that happens, but this is ludicrous and IMO will have a far reaching negative effect. Something is definitely amiss there, it has to be, who in their right mind sells half the first team, increases a season ticket by £29 and then sends letters out asking why a season ticket has not been renewed.

Whatever it takes, I want both Morgan and J Rod rolling up at Spurs. Do I see it?...No!...Arsenal might nip in with the correct amount required, as for J rod...It's got Liverpool gazumping written all over it IMO.
Cider spurs
Cider the last paragraph concerns me :( I'm hoping Morgan Sch wants to play for Poch and that will be enough for Spurs to get their man. COYS!
Can we cut out the we don't need him, and we already have players better than him. Not a chance, he was the Premier League top tackler last season, yep #1, nobody won more tackles. As for passing, more completed passes than the likes of Arteta or Carrick. Our CMs struggle to complete a pass and they only pass sideways 5 feet, I see CM as being a big part of our problem last season, as much as the Left I'd suggest.

How many times were we ripped apart right through the middle?, Dembele and Paulinho in the double pivot, worked well didn't it?, what about Sandro, is he quick enough?, what about his actual tackling?, yes he wins the ball, how often cleanly or fairly?. If we want to be the best, we have to stop this love affair with those that are not good enough or of the standard required, the leagues top tackler, a great passer, equally comfortable on either foot, links back to front very well, 24 years old, wants to actually play for Spurs as opposed to our fierce rivals. Nah!, we wouldn't want that would we, no team runs straight through our middle do they, we're sorted their, might as well let him go to Arsenal or Liverpool, oh hold on, top 4 clubs think he's top 4 standard?, weird that. Oh...Now I see, he's too good for us. AH!...I get it, apologies, my mistake.
Cider spurs
Like I said earlier, Morgan's 6 years' service gives him enough room to be heard and heeded. He has every right like the rest of us to do what is right for your career. If your company came to you and offered you a pay cut, you would refuse and/or leave. If your company moves to another city, you have every right to leave or demand compensation. It is slightly different in this case because footballers are contracted. MS is contracted to Southamption, and compared to 2 months ago, it is not the same Southampton. He is right like the rest of us to demand incentive to stay, or the option to leave. I would not be happy if this was my team, no. But at the very least Southampton have done things the right way and milked the buyers every time. If Southampton do it correctly, they should clear debts, make some choice replacements (hopefully Koeman was a good one), and continue to bring their excellent youth through. Yes it will be a transition, but they can come out of it in a better position in the long term. But for me, MS is not sulking. Chambers should have been made to stay. Rodrigez should stay, but MS is like Lambert & Lallana and at the right time to move on
James...The last paragraph worried me too...and I wrote it. My point is, I reckon we could sign him for the right money(same for all if you pay enough), however, if Levy plays the long game and irks the Southampton board too much it could end in tears for us, downside being MS still pssed off with his club and just wants to leave...Up pops Arsenal, right amount of cash in hand, deal done. That would totally wreck my start to the season. So hope to get him, alongside Capoue could be excellent to defend leads, alongside Hotlby for creativity further back. I must stop this!...I'm off to the Naughty Step once more.
Cider spurs
I was already undecided about whether I wanted Schneiderlin, and also as to whether we as a club/team need him. The second question is out of my hands, but the first has been answered and it's a regrettable no. I might sound a bit self-righteous, but it would stick royally in my throat to welcome a player to my club after he'd 'done a Berbatov' to his last club. Moreover, if he were to join and be a success, there's always the possibility/probability that he would pull the same trick on us when one of Europes elite whip out their cheque-book. We have no need whatsoever to sign another CM, and if we have that kind of money (£20m) to spend then there are positions to be strengthened elsewhere. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
Seems people on here still don't realise that this their career, and I include everyone in football there - players, managers, coaches etc etc. First rule is always look after number 1. It's also a very short career, about ten years or so at the highest level. If you get given the option to do your dream job, being paid more money, with better quality employees, living in the capital etc etc with only one chance to take that offer, you would at the very least seriously consider it. Players do what they think is best for them, that's why Bale, Modric, Berbatov left. That's also why Dawson will want to stay, because he knows being at Tottenham is as good as it will get for him. And players aren't the only ones who do it. If a manager wants a player out then he'll start doing things on purpose to make the player really want to leave. Pochettino (with the help of Levy) could theoretically make Dawson's life hell if he really wanted him to leave. Football is a cruel business, if you haven't noticed that yet then open your eyes.
rahn DMC
Sch will go but to which club? If a club came in with a big bid but the player wanted to go to a different club that tabled a smaller amount I.e. Spurs who would win? Am I naive enough to suggest the player will win? Koeman had already stated that any unhappy player will not play for Southampton. So will Koeman let him rot in the reserves or cash in asap? COYS!
When I read these articles, it's amazing that nobody mentions FIFA, UEFA and the FA. Funny that they want to play god in certain areas like FFP but they seem to have no clear guidelines on these types of situations. They also don't put controls on agents in the game. The only way to deal with these things is to turn the grey into black and white. They need to sit down and come up with a balanced view of what rights clubs have and what rights players and agents have and where you draw the line. They have to make the whole process transparent so we don't get these awkward situations. That's where it starts. With regards to the MS, Spurs and Saints scenario, nobody is right or wrong as the regulations aren't protecting the parties. Therefore it just creates friction and the fans are left picking sides. That's ridiculous when you think about it. I do hope that we get MS and JR though.
Cider I'm thinking (well rather hoping) that Levy will get him. If Poch has made it clear to the board he wants him than I'm sure Levy will sell one of our midfielders and possibly let Holtby go to the Saints as part of the deal? Of course this is fantasy as it seems Spurs are an easy target for the lazy media. Am I the only one who is getting fed up with transfer windows? COYS!
You have to feel sympathy for Saints fans. A team that does very well one season, they're looking forward to te next season and then, the managers gone only to be followed by half the team!! Your sympathy must also be with Schneiderlin. Saints have sold half the team and now the chairman is saying the he has to stay. If he arrives at Spurs, welcome. If he doesn't, we'll manage with what we've got. At least Potch can see we tried, and it's not just Danny Boy trying to save a few bob. (shillings in old money. Showing my age again.)
It was wrong when Berba did it, it was wrong when Modric did it, it was wrong when Bale did it and its wrong now if schneiderlin does it. I don't care who benefits or looses. This is not the way to conduct your self. What if PSG or Madrid come calling for him in a year or two and we have a five year contract with him? Another strike? This has to stop. There should be a twelve month moratorium on signing any player who goes on strike at his club, in order for him to resolve his contractual difficulties without the pressure of other clubs! That would soon put a stop to these so called strikes. Southampton is who he signed a contract with its binding to both sides if he didn't want to leave they couldn't force him out the door (Dawson anyone). This blight of bigger clubs unsettling players and them throwing hissy fits and strops at their clubs to force their "dream move" needs to be stamped out!
Slurms McKenzie
Muttley spot on good observation and effectively you've highlighted the root of the problem!
Slurms McKenzie
I am absolutely behind Schneiderlin whether his stand results in him coming to Spurs or not. The senior management, and to a lesser extent Koeman, must think he is dafter than not right, they rip the heart out of the team and trouser £91M, then expect the likes of him, and Jay Rodriguez, to stick around to play with the dregs of last year's team, plus a few second rate signings, and get involved in a relegation battle. I don't blame him for throwing his toys out, so would any self respecting pro in the same position.
a.k.a - don't see Holtby going anywhere, he looks like a proper MoPo player to me
King26 I hope he doesn't go. I'm a fan of his. COYS!
I'm sorry guys but we really don't know the full story here. Have we even made a bid for him? Has his Chairman broken a promise to Morgan? He's not on strike and it's only hearsay that he's put in a transfer request. How can we judge him one way or the other when we really don't know what's going on??
He has signed a contract which he is required to honour. The fact that Spurs may be beneficiaries if he does go on strike makes no difference. All other justifications are irrelevant.
Paul - THFC Forever
I'm starting to feel sorry for the guy. If by any chance he does come to Spurs there's already a good few supporters on here showing dislike for him. He has as far as I can see, not done anything wrong as yet.
If people really think that he's good enough for the likes of Real to come bidding for him then I say yes please to Morgan. Pay the money and let the man prove he's good enough for us first then make a handsome profit out of him, a couple of years down the line.
Man On the point of the discussion is whether players should go on strike to force moves away from their current club. My position is that this is unacceptable behaviour. If a player feels so strongly that their contract has been breeched that they need to go on "strike" then this is a matter for the players union to take up. If a player just refuses to honour his contract by not playing for the club who are paying for his services then club have every right not to allow his transfer or even tolerate that kind of behaviour. If my two year old wants a biscuit but I saw no I don't change my mind if she flings herself to the floor and starts screaming and kicking her feet!

If such a course of events resulted in us signing a player I won't have an instant dislike for him, obviously once he is a Spurs player I will support him the same as the rest. I don't hate the playa' I hate the game!!!
Slurms McKenzie
As you can see in my comment earlier Slurms, I agree with you 100%. It reeks of hypocrisy for anyone who (quite understandably) yelled 'disrespect' and 'treason' when Berbatov and Modric pulled the same stunt on us to suddenly become all understanding and accept it all as a necessary evil and the 'nature' of the beast' just because in this instance we are the party that stand to benefit. Would anyone who currently condones/accepts Schneiderlins behaviour be quite so philosophical if Lamela, after banging in 20 goals next season and getting us CL football suddenly turned tail and refused to play when Madrid come knocking this time next year? It's a matter of principal, and common decency, and it shows a particular brand of footballers true mercenary character. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
I know exactly the point of the discussion Slurms, which makes what I've written completely on subject, as people are associating the article directly to Morgan. The article is about him, is it not? I'm not disputing what you've written, just responding to what I've read from posters that is in direct response to the article. (I didn't refer to any one poster).
Sorry for off topic, but it is a Right sided CB link, don't know much about him, but must say the stats look bloody impressive. Man Utd, Man City and Liverpool have all shown interest at some point it is said. Some reports say as a possible replacement for Jan, not for me, this lad plays Right side, by all accounts, plays it very well, oh...and he's Argentinian LOL!
Cider spurs
I won't judge any player by what I read in the media, only by what I've seen with my own 2 eyes or that which is indisputable. I have no issues with either Modric or Bale for instance, as I really don't know all sides of the story.
Every Player (or any worker in Business) has the right to move from the place of employment. Contracts for players have buy out clauses so if Morgan wants to leave, he can do so. The fact Soton have sold half the 1st team and their manager, he feels upset about this, understandably after 6 years at the club. So it is in best interests of club and player to part company, as now there will be a totally unbalanced dressing room if he is forced to remain at the club, which will affect their new players coming in..
Block D Spurs
Cider... as I said on another thread.. THFC is now set up with the renewed Argi conection, Ozzie & Ricky the originals of course! and reducing the Brazilian connection.. (if Sandro & Pauli goes )
Block D Spurs
Get that ticker tape at the ready...
MAN ON!...Don't start Highgate off with the old ticker tape, he gets emotional when that subject is brought up. ;-)
Cider spurs
Happier to see us linked with a CB then another midfielder no matter how horrendous that poor midfiedlers terms and conditions are! Defense is where the heavy lifting needs to be done, Schneiderlin is a pet projects of the managers and I fully expect to see him ina spurs jersey this season but not until the last couple fo days of the transfer window!
Slurms McKenzie
Block D - Not having a go at you here mate, but bearing in mind your post about employees rights etc., were you of the same level-headed opinion when Berbatov and Modric (and to a much lesser degree, Bale) refused to play/train with the club you and I both love? Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
Sorry Man On I wasn't having a go and I suppose in a really round about way I was agreeing with your posts in relation to the negative connotations that were being applied to a player when in fact its a far wider football issue that the governing bodies need to address. Schneiderlin is just another player utilising a tool that has been placed at his disposal to engineer a move away from a club. I'm taking issue with the fact that this course of action is still an option for players not with the players utilising it!
Slurms McKenzie
Well the Times suggest we are about to go back in with a £22 million offer?. Quite a jump £13 to £22 million. Someone has to have their maths wrong surely.
Cider spurs
Slurms McKenzie... I know you wasn't having a go.
If I was certain that Morgan really was playing up and being a bad boy without any justification, then I'd not be impressed by him myself. I just wanna see how it all pans out because I'm keen on Poch getting in the players he feels he needs.
Cider thats pretty basic maths there, 2 is bigger then 1 and to show they've thought about ittheye used 2 because its smaller then 3 hence 13 becomes 22, next bid will be 31. It also ties in with the well know print media football rule that bids can only ever increase in multiples of nine! Why do we never see bids increase by two hundred or three hundred thousand?
Slurms McKenzie
Do people think if young Morgan was off to the Ars* with their CL football would the Southampton chairman pulled the plug, I have a horrible feeling he would now be training in Austria. It's typical Tottenham first time a quality player is linked with us and Woolwich, he picks us and rest is history. Was it Slurms yesterday that said "Day late and dollar short".
No chelmspur I can't take credit for that one, I think maybe shedboy?
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms...I like 22, that said 20 is fine by me, 11 is a great number, and don't even get me started with number 5. Where do you stand with the number 22, are you a fan?.
Cider spurs
Cider only when people add 2 and 2 together! its much more dramatic to get 22 rather then 5!!
Slurms McKenzie
Good posts LilyWhiteHart!!
Where is that centre half that most of us said was needed ? IMO we don't need another CM at the club !!! The ticket tape is already, cider.
Don't panic Highgatespur. Pocho has it all under control lol. COYS!
Danny Rose just signed a new 5 yr contract. Im astounded…but Poch must see something in him… welcome back to the foray Danny. no more sulking now! and speed up those run backs….and no more giving goals to the gooners!
Dublin Hotspur
Rose signs new 5 year contract extension.
Cider spurs
Actually cider I think thats a good move for both club and player. Pochettino can use Rose and Davies to push each other and if one or both improve we'll gave very good LB's or a very big profit in a year or two. To be fair to rose bar the couple of rash taackles in the last game in chicago he looked ot have improved his defensive awareness! Fryers is teh one who will suffer for this. He didn't impress me as a make shift CB and I can't see him getting ahead of Davies or rose so sell or Loan?
Slurms McKenzie
I like your articles Greeko! For me whilst I think striking is fundamentally wrong, when you look at a player, like Modric or MS, who recently signed a new contract, hit great form, get touted by top clubs with future securing wages, I can kind of understand it. bad luck it happens as it does, but these opportunities only come once! I am pretty happy a french international looks at us as that once in a lifetime opportunity (at this time). with MS, he is looking at his team mates making (possibly unjustified) moves to Pool (I see these as knee jerk on their part) and Utd. unjustified money on all counts (even Lambert). If everyone else has done it why can't he? I feel sorry for saints fans, their club is crewed! with an s on front! the greed of the owners is allowing them to free fall! I'd want out, wouldn't you? and If the move had been pushed before the other saints players jumped ship, there would be no need for strikes…and he knows it! whether we need him or not, i'm not sure, but must have something to offer, and if Poch wants him, great with me!
Dublin Hotspur
People are comparing the Berba, Modric and Bale situations to MS's. How can they? They are not comparable as Spurs didn't sell 6 of their top players and as such diminish the squad. How would you feel in a similar situation? I know if I were in MS's position I would want a move especially with the French manager saying he should be playing European football to stay in the national set-up. I don't condone it but do not think it's on a par with our 3 players that wanted to leave.
Longtime I don't blame the player wanting to leave, I also don't blame the club wanting him to stay. Unfortunately they got crazy money for the six that left so are under no pressure to let anymore players leave. They have to attract in new players and having more of their stars waltz out the door won't help that. Similar to us in seasons past, there are no winners if the situation is allowed to fester. I imagine we'll all be glued to SKY Sports news on deadline day to see if this saga ends with Morgan at Spurs or Saints!!
Slurms McKenzie
If we don't sign him because of his actions, someone else will. Lets just get him. moral highground doesn't stand in this age of football. If Poch says we need him, we might as well get him. otherwise Liverhampton or arse will. I like him as a player and can see him working well in many formations and partnerships! If we want to be the best, we have to build for that! We have seen this often enough. Im flattered the tables are being turned in our favour!
Dublin Hotspur
Morgan will be snapped up by Harry. Harry will put him on the bench at QPR and we'll be offered him on loan, come January. By January all our midfielders would have played blinders and we won't need the fella so, he'll end up on the bench at the Pool. The Saints will then buy him back in Aug next year........ He'll be their Player of the season and it all starts over........
Cider spurs
Block D, I think MS is one of the few players with no buy out clause! a result probably of the fact he grew at Saints and signed a new contract based on the club vision and the potential of the players around him.
Dublin Hotspur
Why don't every club put a thirty million buyout cluase into every homegrown players contract which would sort out these storm in a tea-cup charades we see every year. The spanisha nd Portugese clubs seem to be the master of this approach. every south american signed seems to have between 30-50 million as their buy out clause as part of the deal!
Slurms McKenzie
Cider, tomaytoes, Tomatoes!! LOL
Dublin Hotspur
Slurms - for me, every player should have a stated value that is consistent with what their chairman put on their balance sheet and publicly available. They are happy to amortise them over the life of their contract at one value but seem to come up with a completely different value for negotiations purposes. The FA should simply be regulating that the offer that comes in is above and beyond the balance sheet value and therefore the player has a choice as the deal is therefore generating a financial profit as part of FFP. It's obvious that the Saints chairman wants more than £20m but it's also obvious to me that they are falsely declaring his value on the balance sheet at about £5m (guess). The FA, UEFA and FIFA should ban buy-out clauses. This should simply be the value of the intangible asset plus say 20% on every player. It's what I said earlier. Let's have guidelines and a regulated system rather than the lunacy that we see today. They just need to come up with a system that is fair to all parties and protects profits in football. Hugely complex but that's why they pay the big bucks. I might even take is as far as standardising football contracts and just issue standard templates for clubs to use with no manoeuvrability on terms, just the numbers in them.
Hi everyone, just pop by :D Hope we sign Morgan Schneiderlin soon, good player :D
There is a contract in place which stipulates the rights and obligations of the parties. This goes beyond the contract though. The situation from last season to this has changed. Unike Modric (who just wanted to go) Schneiderlin has seen 5 of the starters sold, the coach and coaching staff go. I think he, and any other player that do not wish to remain, should be allowed to leave, so long as the valuation is met. I suspect that is where the issue is. Unlike Rodriguez who will have nominal value in a year (especially if he takes his time getting back in the team), Schneiderlin has 3 more years. next summer he can force a move. I believe as this will all bite Southampton in the butt and they may well wind up going from 8th to the Championship. There will be huge unrest there and the funds are likely being squirrelled out of the playing side. Not cool. COYS
muttley, the market dictates all of that. If Arsenal are willing to pay 27M today and whatever wages Schneiderlin wants, he will be sold. I have no doubt that ENIC have him valued at about 15M and thus put in a bid for 13M. I can see us going as high as 17M or combining Rodriguez and Schneiderlin to hide the value (35M for both) but I do not see us paying more than 20M. 10M less than what Southamptonwant for the boy will seem a snip if they are relegated. They are creating a poisoned room and that rarely works ot well. COYS
N Dublin, you can't just pay what they want. Yes, someone else may well pay the fee. If it is appreciably beyond your valuation, you don't do it. That is what separates the fan from the business. It's what made fernandez sign and grossly overpay Remy. They need him off the wages because their wage bill has been over 100% of turnover for years now. It's not sustainable. They had a pL team in the Championship and just managed to get back up. As I said, I believe we will pay 17M or so at the deadline. Perhaps someone else offers 20M. Schneiderlin will then have a choice of staying where he does't want to be or going where he doesn't want o go. Seems to me Rodriguez and Schneiderlin have stated they only wish to go to Spurs. That greatly limits the options of Southampton. COYS
This is their career and he wants to progress it, can see his current clubs lack of ambition and wants more money, with a coach he likes and at a bigger club. No different to us and none of the footballers are loyal. Also, I heard he was told he could leave after World Cup, but after high bids for others not expected to leave like Lovren ( who also reacted furiously at first) they changed their promise. He has every right to want to advance and be upset.
Lilywhite.. Yes i was disappointed.. But Berba , Modric & Bale only left because Spurs were not good enough to win Premier League, and Champions League, and have the financial resources to buy top class players and pay top wages.. Until we have the new stadium we will have best players leaving...Hard to accept, i know...
Block D Spurs

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