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After concluding my final update on our transfer dealings this summer in yesterday's article, I think its important to comment on some aspects of our summer trading that have surprised and disappointed me. Specifically, our pursuit of Rodriguez and Musacchio have left me thinking that Poch is driving player recruitment unchallenged at Spurs - and he 'not a wet day' at the club - implying that Broomfield and Baldini have been sidelined or their views not taken into account.

(1) The Rodriguez Pursuit: The pursuit of any critically injured player by any club would surprise and alarm most club directors and insightful football fans; J-Rod(as he is known) ruptured his ACL in early April, before my very eyes on TV(versus Man City) and has a 6 month recovery prognosis; now, we've seen the problems that Sandro experienced recovering and playing again after his, albeit probably more serious, ACL injury - a c.8 month recovery period - and how far off his best that he's been since his comeback, with many of the opinion that, given the nature of the injury, he will probably not return to pre-injury levels of performance. And here we are looking to sign a player with a similar injury, and only 4 months into his recovery.

Given the risks involved, it beggars belief that we'd take such a gamble, even for a discounted fee - and what's it telling us about Southampton's confidence in a full recovery. Luckily enough, J-Rod seems to have more common sense than Poch & Spurs and made the right decision on a transfer - no move before a full recovery.

(2) The Musacchio Pursuit: Based on his Youtube footage, Masacchio really looks the part as a CB with his tackling proficiency when the ball is 'on the deck'; he'd be in his element in any of the so-called technical leagues (La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Portugese PL etc) with his positional sense, technical ability and aggression, but, and its a very big BUT, in PL terms, he stands a mere 6' in height and exhibits very little aerial prowess - an essential attribute for a PL CB - and Poch's plan to partner him with Vertonghen, whose main weakness is his defending of high crosses, seems like a recipe for a short and unsuccessful partnership in the PL. And that's ignoring some suspicion of a lack of pace on the part of Musacchio - again well matched with Vertonghen on that one. So obviously, I'm hoping that we 'dodge a bullet' with this deal.

Written by RathgarSpur

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Writer: RathgarSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday August 8 2014

Time: 4:00PM

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You're hoping we dodge a bullet by not signing Musacchio, or by discovering that he's better than your fears, Rathgar?
Falstaff the Fool
I think it's a bit of a stretch to conclude that MP is the only one calling the shots. How do you know that Baldini and others don't firmly agree with MP that both Musacchio and Rodriguez would be quality signings?
I do agree that it's not very Levy-like to move forward in a high risk deal. I am unsure how the agreement works when an injured player gets transferred, but I can clearly confirm that a 6-month recovery time from an ACL injury is an absolute best-case scenario, especially for a PL footballer who will put huge amounts of strain on his knee. This being said, PL footballers are amazing athletes and recovery time is typically shorter than the average. I however can confirm that with today's surgeries, there is absolutely no reason why someone couldn't make a full recovery from this type of injury.
It`s not how tall you are but how clever you are.
Dawson bless him is all heart,but no positional sense.Dawson looks good lunging into tackles but most of the time if read the game right he wouldn`t of had to do it,he just makes hard work for himself when in reality players like King,Ferdinand,Maldini etc rarely lunged in because they usually had this ability to be in the right place without ever any need to lunge in.
The amount of times i`ve seen Dawson misjudge the flight of the ball & at this level no Central defender can afford to misjudge as much as he does.

You write "CB with his tackling proficiency when the ball is 'on the deck'; he'd be in his element in any of the so-called technical leagues (La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Portugese PL etc) with his positional sense, technical ability and aggression "

Well that`s box ticking & the 3 best attributes for any league.
It also sounds like your putting down the EPL because the top 4/5 teams in the EPL all carry mostly technical players.
We need a central defender who works smart not hard.All our best players in the last 6 years have all been technically gifted,Bale,Modric,Berbatov,King,Vertonghen at at times they looked like they hardly broke a sweat.I`d like to see more of these players & less hardworkers with no real talent like Dawson & lennon etc ,all work but no end product.

I completely disagree with you because IMO the EPL is just as technical but faster,& with that pace more mistakes will happen so it looks worse,it`s easier with time on the ball.

Yes you have your Stokes & your Sunderlands but IMO the standard of the EPL is very high with some superb skills on show almost every weekend.

How many goals were scored by high crosses in the box? because it doesn`t happen as much as it used to.

Top 5 goalscorers last season scored how many headers? probably doesn`t even get into double figures.
Lampard scored over 200 goals in his Chelsea career,did he actually ever score with his head?
Fanny adams
I just despair at the assumptions made by the article. First there was worry that the manager wasn't involved in the transfer and now this article professes it to be completely turned around. And all this based on rumours - let's please sign the players first and then spend our grey matters on the benefits of the players. People can't be THAT bored! So far so good with the signings this summer. Thanks for the article but ....
I completely agree with both Fanny adams - smart players over brave ones any day of the week - and Highgatespur. I know this is a fan forum but indeed, some pretty drastic shortcuts taken in that last article.
BelgianSpur :)

Highgatespur is right,after all Spurs are linked with 400+ players every window & it can get tedious.

Anthony Martial of Monaco is another & for 15 million at 18 years of age seems a bit steep.If he was that good then Monaco would not let him go surely.
Fanny adams
Memphis Depay is one i want.Townsend & Lennon are let downs IMO we need the real deal on flanks
Fanny adams
Fanny, agree on Townsend, but we've got Chadli, on Lennon I think its last chance saloon for him, but I think he's got goals in him, an option at least.
Thats Entertainment
Musacchio is a highly regarded CB and, if at a fair valuation, would certainly make sense as we are in a bit of a mess. Perhaps he is a gem that was identified to Baldini and his staff and they are pursuing it. Nothing I have seen suggests that Baldini is not still controlling the transfers and we know for a fact they all need approval from ENIC, so I think the allegation is well wide of the mark. As for Rodriguez, have we even made an offer on this player who is injured and who, will probably be in the shop window in January? I have not seen anything beyond. press speculation. About as credible as us having been in for Fonte, which, even at first glance, was ridiculous. Schneiderlin we have bid for and have been told NO (probably more like, are you kidding me, 12M for a player we value at 27M, even though Transfermarkt has him valued at under 10M. Sorry, this window is like any other. Irons in the fire, all probably at the low end of our valuations, and we'll see what players say when the window is closing and we remain the best option.

Here, I'll start one. Remy plus 5M swap for Townsend. That would compensate us for the absurd wages and would allow them to have Townsend. See it in the rags tomorrow. COYS
At the start of the close season I really wanted 3 out and 3 in ... The three ins - no idea who but experienced... LB CB and LW/F and outs desired were Rose Kaboul and Lennon- after the US matches impressed with Lennon not Townsend. It could mean no exits for now till MRP knows ... I don't expect depay et al to sign .. But could be wrong - so will sit and wait !!!! I'm a happy bunny, so far as they say !!! COTMS!!!
Remy plus 5m swap for Townsend, are you serious peter, that's pure fantasy, Remy is a top player, 5m is a lot of money and Townsend is... not one of our better players...
Thats Entertainment
Thats Entertainment, if they are, as rumours suggest, willing to pay 10M for Townsend, who am I to argue. They want rid of Remy but cannot get any takers because of the wages. Thus, they compensate us for the ridiculous wages (about 1M too much per annum - and he wants more) and it goes as a straight swap deal. Where is te issue? COYS
Issue, how much would you pay in wages for 20+ PL GOALS a season, bet his wages are no more than Ade's. I think Levy would jump at the chance, just saying what are QPR getting out of the deal!
Thats Entertainment
BelgianSpur I think I'd rather have a smart, brave and lucky player. King only had two. COYS!
I would just like a signing to go through smoothly and without delay. Not sure it has ever happened in years at Spurs. The thing I want most is for Spurs to trust the manager they have hired and to try to back his judgement in terms of players coming in and out. I do not think this has happened in years. Think Harry wanted Tevez and Cahill and got Saha and Nelson. We also know that none of the players AVB wanted in when he first took over came in. Moutinho being the one he wanted to build his team around. If the powers that be do not back him up, then the manager should not be the one to keep on carrying the can. Although we all know this not to be the case. I do agree with some of the ENIC haters and some of the blame has to lie on Levy's doorstep. He can not keep getting new managers in and then not giving them the tools to do the job. I think if this appointment fails then the buck has to stop with him.
Hoping Levy will step away from the footballing matters now to concentrate on the property / sponsorship etc matters!!!
Hi Guys: just got in. Falstaff: Apologies but because you point is so broad, I think you'l find I will cover it better & in more detail responding to BelgianSpur & Fanny Adams, which will follow shortly
I am not aware that Remy has ever scored 20 goals a season unless we are talking when he was 12. He is reportedly on 80k/week and is looking to have that upped to 90k/week. Arsenal, who as a CL club, can buy him cheaper than a non-CL club can (8M versus 12M) refuses to pay what he is on now, let alone increase his pay. If it were such a great deal for a "perennial 20 goal scorer" surely Arsenal would see themselves to pay that small stipend. But they aren't. I also think there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. QPR want him gone. They want to pay 10M for Townsend who has 3 PL goals to his name (one off the shin) but cannot find a use for Remy, who is, while not a 20 goal per year scorer, certainly a far more accomplished player than Townsend. He will also be 28 in January so it's unlikely that one would be able to sell on if it did not work out. Currently QPR are left holding the bag, but then there's always Harry. Oh, wait....COYS
Highgatespur, it is fairly hard to say how much "say" Levy has in these matters. I severely doubt, even on the land side of things, that he gets involved at all until a proposal is made. Jol went because there were issues with Commoli. Levy was never likely to support the coach over the DOF. Ramos was linked to Commoli, was not liked by the media or the fans so he was going, one way or another. As I understand it, Harry was the choice of the board (not Levy's choice) and was a media darling and generally well-liked personality. Easy one to approve. AVB looks to have been Levy's choice and was willing to accept Baldini. He just wasn't willing to be told how and who to play. Sherwood was not appointed immediately and was taken because no others wanted, or were free to take the position. All I have read and heard of the Pochettino appointment is that this is entirely Joe Lewis' man. So, we'll see where it goes. Ultimately the blame/credit will always go to the person who signs the cheques, and that is Levy. That said, i don't know how much scouting he actually does, not land surveying. He is provided recommendations by his people and he does what he believes is the best available option. He reportedly wanted FDB. 70% beats 30%. Regardless of who makes the coaching decisions, they have been quite poor and our treatment of AVB, Ramos and Jol is, at best, very poor and second rate. COYS
Peter, I think you will find Remy scored 14 PL goals for Toon last year in 28 starts, when I say 20 a season, I think he would manage that for us with the service he would get here. Just my opinion Peter, not Gospel like some would preach.... COYSS!!!
Thats Entertainment
My mistake Peter 14 PL goals in 24 app, not bad eh!!
Thats Entertainment
Loic Remy earned 3.9 million pounds last season, bargain LOL
Thats Entertainment
I don't think he ever did it in France either. If the service to Remy resembles the service to Soldado, he may well only score a couple. I'd rather we focused on getting Soldado the service he needs and continuing the chemistry we have seen between Soldado, Lamela and Lennon. Get Eriksen, Chadli, Adebayor and Holtby in and out of that and we could really see quite a lot of goals and assists. We need far more speed of execution and fluidity. I would stick with the players we have, except at CB where we need at least one seasoned CB (Musacchio). If we can get Depay, great, then you sell Townsend. Yedlin will be loaned back to Seattle (if that comes to pass). Beyond that, I would not be doing any further deals until January at which point Pochettino will be able to definitively say who will and will not develop in his fashion. Rodriguez should be available at that point. Schneiderlin more likely the summer after. Other than young kids or VDV deals that you cannot turn down, stay the course. Develop. get a couple more young kids like Yahaya and Lazar in to the mix and we will be looking good. Going to be a season for learning, IMO. COYS
What i have never got is how a deal can through in hours on the last day,but take weeks in the middle of the transfer window.
Maybe deals are cheaper or more expensive when clubs get desperate,but how can one deal be done in hours yet others take weeks? must be football politics.V.D.V prime example,Real Madrid were offering him to the whole of Europe for cut price & only Levy took the offer,VdV was not even on Spurs radar but Real madrid forced him out,hope they force more.

It`s worse to hear about a signing that might happen & he gets dragged on,it was probably better when you only read it on teletext.

Like Highgatespur said,it only matters when they actually sign but as fans we just can`t help ourselves.
Davies signed so we won`t be linked with any left backs,the media just spot a clubs weakness position & link them with every player in that position,it`s not that hard to do.
We don`t score many so 100 strikers we will be linked with.We have a top class goalkeeper & now a great back up,so linking us with a goalkeeper will get no attention.It`s simple mathematics & to get you on their site because the more visitors the more they get for advertisement.Once you click on it that`s a statistic which is why the headline is always so misleading.

Wish i could stop reading who we are linked with but my brain won`t let me,they know that,exploit that & write the best bull$hit they can to get my attention.

The ITK`s are the worst culprits,starts off as fun but just gets annoying after a while,don`t just take it with a pinch of salt,don`t believe most of it full stop.
Fanny adams
So he's on 75k/week. Isn't that basically what Soldado is on? I believe Adebayor, at 90k/week is our top wage earner. COYS
Thats Entertainment What service is that ?
Fanny adams
BelgianSpur: On reflection, I'm unsure what Baldini's view might be on the MM deal given the record he had last year making all these underperforming but otherwise excellent technically accomplished recruits from technical leagues, but I would expect Broomfield to have identified his aerial prowess as a major negative and might reasonably, in isolation, take the view that what appears to me to be a slight lack of pace as being offset by his positional sense; however, having at least one other CB in the squad has the same deficiencies(ie Verts - he has height but poor aerial prowess) and another(Vlad) has questionable aerial prowess, he might reasonably argue that acquiring another such CB, notwithstanding his other qualities, (for a substantial 17m) might not be in the best interests of the team or the club. I don't know how you can argue that any player with an ACL injury would be a quality signing. I don't want to appear rude but does your comment "confirm(ing)...absolutely no reason why someone couldn't make a full recovery..." mean we would be entitled to our transfer fee back if he doesn't make to a full recovery(and I assume by that you mean playing at the same level as before the injury); and what's Sandro to make of this comment. I'd have to say that decision-making on player recruitment has to be a lot more focused and critical than generalisations; I don't believe, given the mistakes he made last summer, that Baldini and indeed Broomfield would not flag their concerns with the proposed MM acquisition.
Fanny Adams, I'm sure that our scouts and representatives have offers in on many players at the "unofficial" level. It is ridiculous to think we have not inquired as to what it would cost to get Depay, even if there have been no offers. This happens all the time. I understood that we had a bid accepted for Remy the first week of July but that he was not going to entertain it until the CL players had all decided they were not interested. So, alas, deals like that, despite interest being expressed, and no doubt despite offers being accepted by clubs, cannot be done until all parties (including the player) agree. There is at least one bid that has been accepted for Dawson. Does not mean he will be going anywhere. Sign Musacchio and another CB and perhaps he will feel differently. Maybe not. I see him being held as a number 5 choice rather than us paying him to leave. COYS
Fanny, that's harsh, what about Andross!!
Thats Entertainment
Peter, I still think 14 PL goals in 24 starts is better than anything we have at the moment.
Thats Entertainment
Fanny Adams:MM certainly has the talent and skill set of a major international CB but he lacks height and aerial prowess and that's a huge drawback for a PL CB, irrespective of how smart you play; you may think that having 2 CBs defending smartly will improve us defensively but neither of them will be able to cope physically with the typical type of Strikers what will be encountered in the PL. And in the PL its a weakness that will be targeted and I can see guys like Costa, Lukaku, Benteke, Bony, Carroll, Giroud, Dzeko, Negredo, Crouch, Lambert & Austin having quite productive matches against them - and that's nearly half the PL.
Ade scored 14 in 25.
Not as good then MANON, don't think Remy takes pens either.
Thats Entertainment
Plus he won't be going to ANC.
Thats Entertainment
MANON, I see you've slipped to 2nd in league table, still CL position though, do you think you'll still be there end of season..
Thats Entertainment
Highgatespur; I never raised an issue about the Mgr not being involved in t/fs. My MM comments are not based on rumours - its confirmed that we've had a bid accepted for MM subject to resolution of 3rd party share out issues, and I confirmed my Youtube assessment of the player with expert scouting reports which can be google'd, which were broadly consistant with each other. I enjoy the pro active part of the transfer process; I don't look to appraise the 400 or so players that we're linked with that Fanny Adams refers to - just the ones that we're close to signing; it also enables me to assess where we're going with them. I get it that you prefer the reactive part of the process
Thats Entertainment, we reportedly have an offer in on Remy which was accepted. Remy will not come until he gets what he wants (CL and or higher wages). We don't have one and will not do the other. Arsenal were willing to take him if he'd accept a pay cut. So far, QPR are left holding him. They clearly do not want him there and Fernandez has been quite clear that their wage bill needs to come down dramatically. Their last season in the PL they were at over 128% wages to turnover. 7th highest in the PL and they got relegated. Barely made it up again with a PL squad. I can't imagine how much worse that got last season, even with the parachute payments. Don't let Harry near your bank account. Or his dog for that matter. COYS
Lots in the US suggesting that Yedlin is a done deal and that he was in London havig a medical today. If the 2M figure is correct and he is to join Spurs at the conclusion of the MLS season, it's one heck of a deal. The kid is still very raw, but, like Depay, huge upside potential. COYS
I've said this already but I'm loving the transfer links at the moment. Only one I'm a little unsure of is the link to Anthony Martial, anyone seen much of him? He doesn't have many club apps and his goalscoring record only seems prolific at international youth level.
Any one seen this from AVB....Anyone still think AVB should still be here after reading this ought to have their head examined!! And of course Zenit are now managed by former Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas, so what did he have to say about his former club's upcoming European competition. After the 3-0 win yesterday, the former Spurs boss said: "It was similar to the game in Cyprus. Where Zenit dominate most of the game and create many chances but it was very difficult because Limassol defend well, they defended well over there they defended well here and we could not break them down. Not even when [Limassol had] ten men because they close in two lines of four which made it very difficult to find space. Still we created a lot of chances, but their goalkeeper did well and defence did well for them..."

Talk about deja-vu!!!
PeterBB: This is not a legalistic evidence based article; its an assessment based article. I see no difficulty with you doubting the validity of my assessments on the background of the article and whether Baldini /Broomfield are involved in the decision-making; the real question is do you think/care that MM has a significant physical and resultant physical/skill defect for a PL CB that's likely to be problematical for us going forward???
RathgarSpur And the strikers you are talking about?
Aguero ?,Tevez ? Torres,Giroud,Van Persie? Rooney ?etc etc

The days of Bekham crossing to Van Nistlerooy are long gone my friend,most goals are scored by cut backs or by individual brilliance.
It`s also due to the balls moving in the air,makes it easier to shoot but harder to cross.
James Rodriguez at the world cup prime example.

Todays football has made it easier to shoot but harder to cross,most goals are scored from cutting backs more than headers.The days of big man up front are long gone,with smarter attackers you need smarter defenders.

Suarez,RVP & Aguero (IMO) are by far the best attackers in the last 3 years+ of the EPL & you need someone smart to defend them not someone big.

Lionel Messi sums up my point pretty well
Fanny adams
Sorry to go off topic but is anyone going to the game Saturday? I'm going with wife and step son? ( they're West Ham supporters! !!!!!)
PeterBB; On Rodriguez, S'ton publicly announced c.10 days ago that he(like MS) was not leaving; do you think that that was just a throwaway comment or is there a reasonable chance that we've been conducting some form of negotiations with S'ton reps over J-Rod, notwithstanding that we may or may not have submitted a bid for him. Whatever happened to common sense and deductive reasoning!
Jvd, and did his team advance to the CL group stages? COYS
RathgarSpur, no, I do not believe we, or any club have made any offers on an injured player. I do believe, as I have surmised elsewhere, that both Schneiderlin and Rodriguez, when the firesale began, stated that they would only go one place, thus removing any potential bidding war. We have apparently bid 12M (transfermarkt suggests a value of 8M) and they want 27M. As for Musacchio, he is regarded well above Alderweirald in his ability to play CB both defensively and in his ball playing ability. COYS
Fanny Adams: I accept that Aquero, Torres, Van Persie, Rooney type strikers support your contention of the need for a 'smart' CB amid the ongoing evolution in the PL to a continental model of playing; but I've given you enough examples to justify the need for a CB with aerial prowess(and physical power), given the realities of the PL . Are you trying to tell me that the likes of Mourinho & xxx have spent c.30m each for Costa & Lukaku without serious consideration of their aerial & physical threat when they could have gone for an Aquero type player. Your comments are broadly right but too generalised. Your Messi comment says nothing about the nature of the PL - just the continental technical leagues.
PeterBB: I'd accept that we're unlikely to have made an offer for J-Rod but I wouldn't accept that we were not in negotiation with S'ton for him; and it seems Arsenal don't accept that MS is only going to a particular club, other than them. And there are no real issues about MM other than whether at 6' in height that he lacks the physical and aerial prowess to cope with the likes of Costa, Kukaku etc, particularly when he is to be partnered with Vertonghen who, despite his height, is poor at defending high crosses, and together with MM lacks a bit of pace. What do you think?
YEDLIN the USA right-back has passed a medical and is about to sign a long-term contract for 2.5m ... according to Sky Sports
I don't get this distinction between smart and hard working CB's. I want them to be both. I want the entire team to work hard and work smart. It's not a question of one or the other. Also to suggest that any CB doesn't need a strong physical presence and be good in the air is ridiculous. Unless they introduce a rule that the ball is no longer allowed over head height, then an ability to be dominant in the air whilst defending your goal is always going to be beneficial.
Harry Hotspur reporting Musacchio done deal and on way to undergo a medical, looks like we have caught this bullet, personally I like the sound of this guy. Now a striker please and then let's beat Spammers
Welcome to WHL Mr. Yedlin.
RathgarSpur, as I have already said, we talk to every other team about players we may value in an informal way. Happens in all sports. Does not mean we are going in for him. He is injured. He is out of contract in 2 years. They will have, at most, one window to capitalize. If he has already told them, Tottenham or bust, they will not be getting what they want. As for Schneiderlin, I don't know that the Arsenal interest is all that high. He is on their radar, as is Remy, but like us, if they don';t like the valuation, they aren't going anywhere near it. In addition, if Schneiderlin has already said, Tottenham or bust, they can't exactly sell him on elsewhere. He may not be an automatic starter at Arsenal whereas he may have already been told what Pochettino envisions for him at Spurs. We have made a bid. They don't like it. They don't want to sell. He is not in the right frame of mind, physically or mentally to play for them this weekend. The statement by Southampton was ridiculous on it's face value. They said the two were not for sale because they were building around them. OK, they have just sold half of the starters, they have MS who does not want to be there and an injured player, around whom they will build, who has only two years remaining on his contract and has stated he will not re-up with them. Sounds like a solid plan to me. Again, my sense of it is, they have both said they want to join Spurs. We have put in an offer at the low end of our valuation for Schneiderlin, and we'll see what happens. Rodriguez will be gone in a year or he'll sign a pre-contract in 18 months and leave for free. That's certainly the level of commitment I'd want to build around. COYS
If both are true, Yedlin, Davies, Vorm, Dier, Musacchio. Anyone else think we are building from the back? COYS
Not sure about this article... Sounds like you'd prefer Dawson instead of the Argentinian, It's not 1945!! The brain is better than the heart and will Be a great signing when it's finally announced. Do you want to hear some real ITK???!!!! Musa was seen in Norwich last Saturday night (he has a girlfriend from here and was spoken to by my mates hairdresser when out in Norwich!!)... He's actually signed the contract and is a spurs player but for some reason it's not been announced yet. He is now here living! This is 100% true so it's not a case of if it's when it's announced. Shared this on some other ITK threads.
The other team can also play smart. If the defenders want the ball in the air, play it on the deck. If they are weak in the air, that's where you attack them. The reason Dier is a prospect is he can potentially handle both. Chiriches is a joke in an aerial duel, if Musacchio can't do a lot better he will be targetted by the opposition.
jvd, regarding the comments made by AVB, I was thinking the same thing. That was the main problem we had under him, lots of possession, not enough penetration.
are we going to loan Yedlin straight out?...I can't see him in the first team picture yet we don't have a foreign place for him unless he's going to take over Brad's ambassadorial role!...looks like a WC scouting/marketing buy, hope he can cut it at this level or we have another khumalo....
shedboy2. It's a marketing ploy, I've no doubt.
LuvWhites.. Are you sure it's not the Canaries he's joining?
We missed Dembele and his forward bursting runs through the middle last season and in my opinion he is so much more important to a team that doesn't have final ball quality from it's wide players. I'm hopeful Davies will address that this season, alongside the defensive duties that's expected of him, and Yedlin when giving the opportunity should provide to be an improvement on Naughton at least.

Lamela didn't feature enough last season for any reasonable assessment on his capability but pre-season us all some hope for him. Lamela is obviously more capable of netting than Lennon and his crossing ability seems to be an improvement. All of a sudden we start to look more like a team that can cause defenders numerous problems throughout the course of 90 minutes. I want to see Erikson back in the middle of the pitch this season, but to do this I still think we should sign a LM. Townsend is an option but he needs to play at the level he has shown he is capable of during his short international stint, and he needs to do this consistently. Depay looks a perfect fit for Spurs, but I'm unsure we will be able to land his signature with PSV reluctant to sell and Manchester United sniffing.

I also think another striker is needed for a top four push, but I think big money is needed here. Adebayor (although i don't favour him) has proven he can be a goalscorer when he is in the mood, and Harry Kane seems to get better every time I see him play. Soldado has failed to net anything near what was expected from him, but his play up front is at times classy and perhaps once he gets his mindset back he will surprise us all. If we target a striker, I believe we need to target an improvement on what we have! This won't be cheap. I quite like the idea of Bony / Benteke but I'd also like to see some consistency from them at their current clubs before splashing out.

I've liked our transfer activity this summer. We've addressed huge issues with little expenditure, so fingers crossed onwards and upwards from here. COYS
Yedlin is a marketing ploy no doubt but he has talent. Pace to burn and has from what I've seen excellent technique. Whether he can do it in EPL remains to be seen but he looks a very good prospect. COYS!
Haha Man On, I hope not!!!! This hairdresser isn't a fan of football so no reason to think it's not true at all.. My friend quizzed them on some detail to check it was true which was answered well. I'm actually now excited as didn't think it would happen!! So as far as I can hear Verts and Musa are now already signed up for 5 years... The only reason I can think of for no announcement yet is that Levy doesn't want clubs knowing g he has to shop out a CB or two so he can max premium for whoever goes (please be Dawson)...
I find it hard to believe that signing a 20 year old player already playing in a World Cup squad that made it past the group stage is a marketing ploy. The lad at times looked USA's best player and at 20 has bags of potential and sell on value. Considering backup for Walker was also a problem last season, Yedlin was a steal and a no brainer.
RyanHotSpur There was no problem last season playing Naughton at right back, at times he looked better than Walker there. The problem was trying to play Naughton at left back.
Jod he certainly couldn't play any worse at RB than he did at LB but I disagree if you are insinuating he could ever be part of a team challenging for a champions league place. Walker had an awful season as well so I wouldn't use comparison as a basis for argument there. Naughton would do well in the championship perhaps but he is far too easily beaten by PL standard wingers.
RyanHotSpur - I think pretty much every right footed footballer there's ever been will play better at right back than left. If Naughton's no good and Walker's no good then that's our right side stuffed. Of course neither is anywhere like as bad as you pretend. The reality is they are as good as we are going to get on the money we can pay and better than most clubs in the premier league have as a first and second choice. Of course you can just pretend we can afford 30m for a full back like United.
Spurs are most definitely targeting the USA market in a big way, as are other PL clubs. Keller, Brad and Clint, being three of the most respected American players, have already helped in this a great deal. It would be a very shrewd move to buy a talented, up and coming poster boy from the US and Yedlin fits the bill. Not just because he's a young American but he is also a very good prospect on the field as well as off it. He's also very cheap. ;-)
RyanHotSpur I know it's cynical but he is a marketing ploy. We've toured the US and we have a huge fanbase there. Imagine the reaction in the US when they see Yedlin playing in the EPL or at least signing for a top club in one of the best leagues in the world. I think it's a shrewd bit of business. Relatively cheap, bags of potential and will earn Spurs more money from marketing revenue thanks from the interest from the US and beyond. COYS!
Jod, what exactly are you on about?

Walker is one of the best RB in the league on form, we look likely to sign Yedlin (huge improvement on Naughton IMO) for only 2.5m and even so Micah Richards was available for half of this 30m figure you assume I'd expect us to fork out. I didn't make half of the statements you've just thrown at me lol
Well....we all know the reasons for signing Yedlin. Hope this doesn't effect Fredericks, too much. It is possible to push Fredericks up the field from Right back. Hope Ryan gets a good championship loan till Jan'. About time, that we are linked with "Yarmolenko".....not that i wouldn't mind "Depay"...or even "Remy". Did see a link of Stoke in for Yarmolenko (not that i believe it )....for 10 plus add ons. Let's hope we see some goals at the lane today, been a bit quiet of late.
James I'm not saying it doesn't help our presence in the US, I'm just stating that's not the reason we have signed Yedlin. He is a quality player with bags of potential and the world at his feet. I'm surprised we're looking to pay as little as 2.5m and there's little to no competition for his signature. Perhaps our presence in the US has helped us sign him rather than his signature helping our presence?
10? Now that is cheap!
RyanHotSpur. It works both ways and if it's true, it's a very good signing. He won't however be walking into the team any time soon I should think.
Walker is no where near first team fitness yet. Noughton has been with the squad all summer is settled and is a capable CB. I see no sense in selling him and signing Yedlin who would require time to get up to pace. After finally sorting LB people want to rush out and cause the same problems at RB!? Noughton is a decent RB will probably get four weeks of first team action, as long as walker doesn't break down, so keep him and play him!
Slurms McKenzie
If Yedlin is now a Spurs player and is in London, I expect him to be announced today, as that would be perfect timing/marketing.....
We have the same problems at RB when Walker isn't fit. Do you really think Naughton is that much better than Rose on the opposite side of the pitch? The two of them offered defensive frailties and no real threat going forward all of last season. God help us if we expect a champions league place with either of them creating pockets all over the place. Once Yedlin is in a Spurs shirt I don't think it will take long for him to gain preference.
Have to agree that I think the jay rod links were just media nonsense.
Slurms McKenzie
So we are nearly there and no matter how good or bad things are, my ten year old is buzzing this morning and I love my days with him at The Lane. I think we now have a good manager, very good and a talented squad. My only real concern is - do we have leaders on the pitch, that fight, drive and passion that all winning sides have - Keane, Viera, Tevez, Terry, even Kevin Davies type attitude. Fight for everything and keep going whether winning or losing ? COYS
I think Naughton is a very good and reliable right back. He wasn't even as bad as some suggest he was, on the left. Not great but he did a job when needed and without a fuss, Jan...
Windlespur... It's a perfect day for it to. Have a good one.
Gonna be very interesting to see the team selection today. I'm guessing Mopo....will give the world cup players a fair amount of game time..(other than Ekotto). Personnally, i think gonna get himself into deep mud and be muddled....for his team selection for next w'end. many possibles. I think we could have done with one more pre season help team selection decisions.
lol...guess what Man on.....we got Vorm, for free !!!
Also - would be even happier if we managed to get a Bony/ Remy/ Benteke in and Schneiderlin definitely has that fight we need to gel the team, although Capoue will be great for us also if given a run.
Slurms McKenzie.... If you show me your grits, I'll show you mine...
Agree, get Walker fit and use Naughton until Jan. Get Fredericks out on loan and make sure Yedlin gets a rest after a long season and the WC. Of course, we could be proven wrong if Walker plays 90 today and looks like his old self. Then perhaps we can start thinking about offers for Naughton towards end of August. I doubt that will happen though as Walker has barely kicked a ball in preseason.
Enjoy the match everyone. See you later... Up the Spurs! Yid Army!
It will be interesting to see whether Poch picks the line-up for West Ham today or whether he bloods all the WC stars. So far, we haven't seen Worm, Lloris, Paulinho, Dembele, Vertonghen, Chadli and only seen Bentaleb for a half. Obviously, Ekotto looks out of the picture at this point. The team I'd love to see today is Lloris; Walker, Chiriches, Vertonghen, Davies; Sandro, Paulinho; Lamela, Eriksen, Dembele; Soldado. Probably not fair on Holtby but so be it.
For me I'd like to see something close to the first team squad. I'd go with:

Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Davies
Capoue, Dembele
Lamela, Holtby, Eriksen
RyanHotSpur - So "Walker had an awful season as well" but "Walker is one of the best RB in the league on form". On form ? what does that mean ? The real quality players get the job done even when they aren't at their best. So a 21 year old with no premier league experience is going to make an instant impact, dream on. The club obviously don't share your massive over confidence as they are leaving him in the States for the rest of the MLS season. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes out on loan after that. Oh yes, he will also need a work permit, that isn't guarranteed either. 15m for Richards ? do you really think that's value for money ?
peterballb, You continue to falsely claim that I am "demanding of uncle Joe to spend his own monies to bridge the gap." regarding Arsenal's domination over us throughout the entire ENIC reign... Joe Lewis will never change, he is an old man now at his 6th professional football club, so why would I expect him to change, let alone demand for him to spend even a tiny percentage of his 4.5 billion dollar fortune on his very own football team? Anyone with half a brain knew when we became a CL club that Joe Lewis had no ambition regarding maintaining the clubs Champions league status, because he pulled the plug on spending, started a a zero net spend player purchasing policy that would also guarantee bringing in the club a few million quid profit on player sells each season. Now all we can hope for with ENIC running the show is a lucky run in one of the cup competitions. I hope for this every season, was dreaming of a trip to Turin last season, but with ENIC we never seem to have much luck in cup competitions do we, as ENIC's worst trophy per season percentage of any THFC owners since world war 2 100% proves! Sure we won the League Cup (the b grade FA Cup) with Ramos who could not stop winning silverware back then, but nothing before or since with ENIC, not even a FA Cup or European final reached...The winning the title dream and becoming a regular CL club dream is no over with Lewis owning us. We all know this now, especially with John Henry running LFC in such a committed professional manner. Henry made his mistakes early doors at LFC, but learnt quickly (unlike Levy) and has turned things around, and with AFC now pumping BIG TIME money into Wenger to buy world class stars they now looking to far up the track to catch with our current owners in charge. We missed the take Arsenal Out boat 5 seasons back, when they were swamped in stadium debt. We had the chance to hit AFC when they were down, instead Lewis pulled the plug on player personal spending... His choice, his club... Ah well. But looking at the bigger picture as a football fan, the Premier League has got some juicy teams in it this season. Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd, and City. What a League to watch if your a neutral! It's anyone of the top 5 clubs title this season... Take you pic. I have no idea who's going to win it??? Who do reckon? Best League in the world!!!
RyanHotSpur agree about his potential. I don't want to raise my hopes too high on this boy but he has loads of ability. He fits Pocho's style of play. He likes attacking fullbacks that have pace skill and endurance. He wants them to run up and down those flanks all day long. I can't help think that Levy's business acumen and Pocho's eye for a player brought this player to Spurs attention. This could be a marriage that works well for once! COYS!
Form is temporary class is permanent. I still have high hopes on Walker. This season could catapult him into megastar status. Pocho's tactics and formation is taylor made for him. COYS!
Pele10. Spurs of course. Even Mourinho thinks we're contenders! ;-)
Jod, he has returned from injury so you can't expect him to hit the ground running. Naughton had his chance to impress last season and I can safely say he will still be behind Walker in the starting lineup. Yedlin impressed on the world stage Jod, he is likely to bring the same kind of performances to the PL. I use Richards as an extreme example. Do you not think we could sign an abundance of RB's better than Naughton for 10m or less. Like I said Yedlin = 2.5m and from what I've seen will be Naughtons replacement in very short time.
MAN ON! I love your optimism, even if Jose is always taking the micky out of us... ;-)
Man On its true grit! I'd rather see a first half pairing of verts and Kaboul as thats who'll start against West Ham. Then second half with Chiriches (if he's still with us) and Dier. Noughton first half walker second. Start with our two Brazilian midfielders then Capoue and Dembele second half. Soldado, lennon, lamela and eriksen first half bring holtby on for eriksen and Chadli for lennon, ade and Ceballos for the last thirty minutes for soldado and lamela. Obviously Davies for Rose and Lloris replaced by vorm.
Slurms McKenzie
Have we actually signed Yedlin?
Slurms McKenzie
Ryan - Dawson???!!! Joker..... If he's in your starting team you don't watch enough football mate. Slow laboured and wasteful with the ball, I'd rather have Untried Dier!
Ryan - Dawson???!!! Joker..... If he's in your starting team you don't watch enough football mate. Slow laboured and wasteful with the ball, I'd rather have Untried Dier!
You could try Dier but I wasn't sure on his availability for the match. I think Dawson has the better understanding of Vertonghen and their partnership works more often than not. A lot of our defensive frailties come from the wingbacks not Dawson.
RyanHotSpur - Of course Naughton is behind Walker, that's what your second ce is. "Yedlin impressed on the world stage Jod, he is likely to bring the same kind of performances to the PL ". Do you mean in the same way Soldado brought the same performances to the premier league as he did in Spain ? There comes a point where optimism becomes fantasy.
I take it you want our defenders to make use of the magic machine MP had at Southampton that increased players jumps by 40% ;) given Danny Rose is no where close to 6 ft (5'8" if I am correct) are you saying that he's not tall enough either to be a defender?
Okay, I know it's late and I am tired, and had a few beers, but can someone please explain something to me;)

what is with all the we want Remy comments. I am sorry but firstly it is well known he has stupidly high wage demands, and two is also well known he can't pass a medical. I have seen deals in the past where a player has failed a medical, and then gone back for a second medical. But if you have a deal completely disregarded on a first medical with no option of treatment and a second medical. I am sorry but way too much risk for my liking. Given how great our medical team seems to be at getting players back from recovery (look at how long Kaboul, sandro, Chiriches, Dembele, walker to name a few) have taken and are still having issues with the injuries recurring, how on earth do we think we will keep Remy fit if injured (although at a guess I am guessing he failed due to his heart issues which would make him very hard to insure I am thinking)
Why would Harry buy a talented player like Remy, Loan him out to a PL club but then want to sell him when QPR are promoted back in to the PL? I think there's a good reason there somewhere, to not go for him. I don't think he is needed by Spurs anyway.

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