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Went In For Some Milk Came Out With Half The Shop

Are we Tottenham doing a Liverpool who are supposed to be doing a Tottenham?

It seems our transfer business is again running wild. It appears that we are genuinely looking at bringing in Mustacchio, Yedlin, Schneiderlin and possibly Bony (I only say possibly now that rumours of a loan move from Soldado has surfaced).

All other rumours seem a little far fetched/ unlikely. Given last year we brought in 7 players you thought we might have learned our lesson.

I'm probably the only Spurs fan thinking please don't sign any more players! Are we really going to have another massive turnover of playing staff? Is that stability? Is this essentially good for the club?

Now I know its not likely that we will sign all of these players but even if we sign half of them that's 5 new faces in the first team squad.

Traditionally speaking 3 in 3 out is enough to freshen up a squad. On top of that all are foreign players who at the moment will certainly not fit within the quota. Which means there will be 4 players going in the opposite direction.

Considering the squad we have to we really need this many new players? Considering the season starts next week do we really need this kind of rubbish circulating around the club?

Written by Greekos

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The journalist

Writer: Greekos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 9 2014

Time: 10:11AM

Your Comments

Did you get my fags?........ You're not the only one thinking we shouldn't be signing too many. I agree.
Seems we set the trend last year and everyone is following us!....yet another era!COYS!
Greekos, thanks for the article first and foremost. Your last summed it all " Considering the season starts next week do we really need this kind of rubbish circulating around the club?" My question to you is why do we have to take notice of all such rubbish ... If true , we'd have about 600 players training at the training ground already .... Relax mate ...
Pochettino is a LONG term project (I mean philosophy), so I wouldn't worry about the number of signings, especially the youngster as some of those probably won't feature from the outset. As long as the new style impresses (which has done so far), I don't think we need worry. Clearly Poch is a new breed to what we have been beaten down to accept over the past two season. Exciting times! COYS!
Signing the players wasn't the problem, the standard and type of players we brought in was! No lb, a striker who isn't suitable to the pl, leading the line and thrives of service in the box. We kept Dawson and sold caulker. Lamela was injured most of last season and Chaldhi just doesn't have the X factor or pace you would expect from a winger. Chi riches was constantly crocked and playing alongside Dawson is always going to leave you in a tight spot. I honestly think the right players to fit the right system in the right positions is what we need. Bony is pl proven, Shniederlin is pl proven, Mustacchio is needed to replace daws and kaboul so I think these signings would only go to strengthen us not cause instability
Greekos good article. I think it's natural when a new coach takes over they will want players that will fit into his style of football. He's assessed the squad and has decided who he wants to buy, keep and ship out. In a way I think Pocho is quite lucky to have a large squad with talent and fortunately some of the talent we have can be sold with a decent return. COYS!
I don't believe anything till it's official. 'Sky sources' means nothing to me now.
Tottenham Hotcore
Would still love to see Bony in a Spurs shirt. looks like Poch will start play with 1 up top so with Ade, Bony, Soldado and Kane we should have enough to compete in all competitions. Only worry would be AFCON 17th Jan 2015 - 8th Feb 2015
I personally don't think additions are a bad thing when you buy right. Think about how often World Cup squads play together as a team and how impressive they can be. The problem last season was the type of players we brought in. Chadli to replace Bale, a striker that couldn't net from open play, an upgrade for Lennon that unfortunately spent the season injured and then we bolstered an already strong centre mid. We was crying for a LB, a goalscorer and upgrades for some of the old faithful but none of that was provided.

We still have work to do and positions that need improving upon, but we can at least be happy that we have a new LB and Brad replacement. I agree the longer a team play together the better they will play but that doesn't mean a seasoned head will outperform a good signing. Chelsea won the league with a complete player overhaul some years back, and City followed trend. If we address the key areas now it means we have need for less changes further down the line, so I for one am quite happy for us to continue improving the squad.
Not just the African nations cup worry about. Togo haven't qualified, as yet......the Qualifying games are Oct' to Nov'.
Agree whole heartily Ryan, the problem wasn't the fact we bought 7 players in last year the problem is we bought the wrong players and in the wrong positions
No need to be alarmed. Thd stability comes from thd first eleven not changing too much. Of thd signings so far, only Davies would appear to require integrating into the team, even if Yedlin was to sign today. The others will thenhavd the luxury of being around the team and settling in London before they really start to compete. Certainly room for a couple of new additions.
Rich Spur
Yedlin is going back to the USA until January so he will not be a player available until next season.

Too many cooks can spoil the broth,but what is true is some of last seasons players just showed how much Bale carried them the season before.

We needed a left back,we got a left back.
We needed a back up goalkeeper we got a back up goalkeeper.
We need a centre back because Kaboul & Dawson were pretty bad last season.
We need a right sided midfielder because Lennon & Townsend are both championship players IMO.
Fanny adams
A lot more thought seems to have gone into the choice of signings/ targets this window - two players for each position or a versatile backup - it looks planned. So I'm all for it - like Highgate says, also don't believe everything you read.
Excellent article. Pertinent questions asked. Yes, of course there is an idiocy and a willingness to be led by the nose into thinking player-name after player-name is or could well be bound for Spurs. Made worse nowadays by the mushrooming websites and blogs needing click-bait to raise revenue. Every transfer window, and in recent times a month or more before such a window opens, the same grumbling about present players and the usual speculation about 'better players' to replace them, gets revived. What is self-deceiving nonsense? Retail therapy is self-deceiving nonsense. 'Buy something, it'll cheer me up.' It never lasts. I believe in the players Spurs actually sign and hardly bother to look at the multitude 'linked' and 'reported' and supposedly 'targeted' by the club. It is codswallop and everyone knows it.
"I'm going to spend, spend, spend" Mrs Viv Nicholson, tragic airhead
Airwave, it depends on the link right? I'd love Depay to sign however I have no idea who Anthony Martial is!

Break season is always about the transfer rumours and speculation. I for one enjoy the ride and hope for some truth behind certain speculation. I don't think anyone fools themselves to thinking any of the rumours are certain, but it doesn't hurt for people to fantasise about the possibilities.
Rich Spur says it all really,as does highgatespur.
Fanny adams
Good article Greekos. I don't think it was so much the signing of the 7 players that was the issue. It was more the losing of our only world class player our game changer, the failure to properly integrate these players as well as the neglecting our LB situation. It also didn't help that we changed managers mid season. Top teams on and off have been purchasing 5 6 7 players in a window to varying degrees of success. I don't mind us upgrading as long as that's what we are doing. It's essential we look to strengthen areas where players are ageing or under performed (Dawson Kaboul Naughton Rose Friedel Chadli Lennon). I don't support wholesale changes but remember we are upgrading our squad as well as strengthening the team. I'm not convinced we need sneiderlin but yes if we are to lose Sandro. I can see a logic in the players that we are reportedly bidding for.
strawboy - I do not think that losing Bale was the issue either. It was signing 7 non-EPL experienced players, and then flogging a lot of the EPL experience that we did have. If say 3 of those signings were EPL experienced, then we would have been fine. But it is no surprise that only 1 - Eriksen - did himself any justice. Even Suarez took 1.5 years to get near his potential in EPL. It is not just how good you are, it is how quickly you can adapt. If you are used to playing here, then adapting is not so hard. We bought Davies, and he has EPL experience - AND addresses the LB problem you mentioned. Plus I would add that Walker and Dembele massively under performed too.
Yedlin is a buy to loan, Schneiderlin looks more like a pet project and I can't see southampton changing their stance, Bony is an odd one as I don't really see him suiting pochettino's new style and if he came you could see it as a replacement for Ade - ACON and all. The CB is needed, so we have signed three players so far with probably a fourth in mustachio. LAM needs addressing everything else is secondry. We also need to start selling if we have another 4 or five players joining us.
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms it sounds like we're trying to sell several players and there are also buyers interested but the players just don't want to leave Spurs! I guess that's a promising sign in some ways
Yes we went in for milk, but unfortunately we also needed coffee, and sugar, and probably a packet of biscuits, if we wish to even pretend to be competitive this coming season. We have addressed the LB situation, and the cover for Lloris that was sorely needed, but unless the Musacchio deal, which is looking more doubtful by the day, is successfully concluded, we have a serious problem at CB where the signing of Dier is "one for the future" rather than to sort a current emergency, this failing was amply demonstrated last season, by our GD and the conceding of a high number of goals against the better teams. I also believe there to be still serious doubts about our ability to score enough goals, and whether our wide players can provide quality ammunition into the striker/s. I personally think the major problem last summer was not necessarily the number signed, but more a question of the quality, and suitability for integration into the PL, of the players concerned, with only one, Eriksen, emerging from the 7. We are hopeful of Lamela and Capoue coming through this season, but the jury is still very much out on Chadli, Chiriches, Paulinho, and particularly Soldado. You cannot allow fear of getting it wrong, preventing you from addressing obvious shortcomings in the squad, that will hamper the success of the team, although I would say that we should expect the likes of Baldini/Levy and in last season's case, and if he was involved AVB, to get it nearer to right than they did, 1 out of 7 is a poor first season return, on a spend of 109M, and breaking our transfer record fee 3 times in one window. Our other failing is our inability to shift out average players, probably due to us giving exorbitant contracts to lesser quality players, as we have just done with Rose, and we are suffering the consequences of, with Dawson.
"Mustaccio" Haha, that's not his actual name, I hope?
Ignore the usually very wrong ITK's and press speculation linking us with everyone. the reality is that we have brought in a left back, centre back and back up goalkeeper - three positions we needed to strengthen. The only outs are Siggy ( I am sad about this, but midfield is an area we have an abundance), Livermore and falque. So no, not a problem, plus if we are upgrading (I.e. bony would only come in if Soldado left, Schneiderlin would only come in if sandro left) then again, no problem. Good squad, just need to improve team if anything, but already good acquisitions.
Tottenham Hotcore- think we may be in the minority on here !!
Yes we've been here before.Everybody except me,got excited about avb coming,yes I think we all now regret that one.The last summer we went batty and bought shedloads of what everyone including me thought would be fantastic signings ,not one so far really fantastic.So this year new superstar manager,so was avb,sensible signings of quality players,perhaps and huge optomism.Take it easy fella's lets wait a few weeks and see how things pan out.I'm hoping ......
Yes we've been here before.Everybody except me,got excited about avb coming,yes I think we all now regret that one.The last summer we went batty and bought shedloads of what everyone including me thought would be fantastic signings ,not one so far really fantastic.So this year new superstar manager,so was avb,sensible signings of quality players,perhaps and huge optomism.Take it easy fella's lets wait a few weeks and see how things pan out.I'm hoping ......
Frank - i agree that another CB would be ideal, but why do you say Dier is only one for the future. Dier is a strong lad, 6ft 2 and had a great season last year and played at every level u21 and below for England. look at the young Everton CB. If they are good enough, old enough, so play him. No real difference to Caulker.
In fact, Dier is 3 months older than everyone's John Stones who was called up as standby by Woy....
This transfer window should really just be about tweaks an realistic/ideal rest of window for me would be like for like replacements/upgrades: IN: Yedlin, Fischer and Musacchio OUT: Naughton, Chadli, Kaboul There are other small changes that would be good (BAE, Khulmo etc) but, overall our squad would be in a much healthier position. With Poch time to reassess come Jan.
Note that upgrades is subjective, to the fact thinking of age and injury record. As none are proven in the PL.
Spursgato are you serious with this comment... "Everybody except me, got excited about AVB coming"... There was huge debate on here about his signing as a manager. I for one wanted Rodgers.
spurgatso ... I don't regret AVB coming, I regret him going and me being subjected to Sherwood but that's all behind us now. Our new manager seems to be level headed and buying for the positions that need re-enforcing. So that's an upgrade on our last 2. Also I cannot see why Dier is being written of as a CB for this season either. Yes he is young but he has experience, not EPL, in international teams and european competitions. Another more mature, experienced CB would be ideal but if it doesn't happen then we are where we are. Upgrading players cannot be wrong if they are for the positions that need upgrades!
I understand what some say about big upheavals in the squad again this window but, as we have a new manager with a different playing ethos, it's new to every player here. Not saying we should buy 3/4 more players but surely that's a good time to integrate any more additions. I would certainly feel happier with another quality CB. I think the rest will be good to go. Another striker is not a priority for me as we will be scoring from more than just 1 or 2 strikers this season. In our pre-season how many of the goals came from a "striker"? Holtby. Lamela, even Lennon scoring. Good times are coming. This year? Next year? How do I know? But I'm sure they are on the way. Optimism is a great thing, players are so much better when they have it.
I think it is an exaggeration to say that only a few fans had misgivings about AVB coming, after all he failed dismally at Chelsea, and Levy took his usual gamble on him, probably because he was on the dole, and cheaper than nicking somebody else's manager. I wanted Rogers as well, but unfortunately he didn't want Spurs, he was unhappy about our manager turnover and was afraid of not getting time, I would have also liked Martinez, but we got AVB and the rest, as they say, is history.
I can see the promise, and I can see the comparisons with Stone and Caulker, but I still think that Dier needs to acclimatise to English football before an introduction into the PL. Stone grew up in the lower leagues, and Caulker had been at Spurs since a baby, and was eased along until ready. All Deir's first team action has been in Portugal, a far cry from the EPL. Not one of Europe's stronger leagues. But if we give the lad his chance we will wait and see. I could be totally wrong.
SSN saying Yedlin close to signing for Spurs, is this another 2.5M bargain basement stab in the dark like Khamalo, or is he a genuine first team EPL prospect? If not what's the point? Thoughts.
This is a tricky time for players, not knowing if they suddenly have to up-route their families and move often to other countries or worse the other side of London :) Morale might be an issue until the window closes and evertone starts to pull together.
Love totty
Good Article.

IMP we bought the wrong players last year. Do not see a place in a high pressing team for some of out magnificent 7, would love to be proved wrong though and have them all succeed.

Signings so far have been more along the lines of what we need, LB GK CB. Would like Bony / Benteke and Schneiderlin arrive, former for the pace and way they play (Bony away for ACON though) and the latter for the knowledge of how MoPo wants us to play.

Having said that, Capoue and Holtby in front of the defence could be magnificent ... Coys !

It does not matter to me if we sign 10 new players every season. As long as they are an upgrade on the players they are replacing. If not, then there is no point replacing like for like. If we were to sell Chadli and replace with Koplyanka, sell Townsend and replace with Depay, sell Kaboul and replace with Mussachio, sell Sandro or Paulinho and replace with Schneiderlin, sell Ade or Soldado and replace with Bony or a fit Benteke. Would any of us really complain about those?
We Spurs fans for far to long have been identifying the glaring holes in the team and the squad. We shouldn't have to be doing this of course, because there is a professional team in place to do this on our behalf. Only problem is there are two many different people making these decisions at the club. Levy, the head coach (if he's lucky) and the technical director... And with the constant change of coaches and coaching staff the squad never gets settled and balanced. At clubs like Chelsea where there is also high a turnover of coaches the board insure that the squad is balanced on the now coaches arrival, therefore the changes are only cosmetic, not surgical. A squad should always be balanced on the new coaches arrival, strong in every position, with no weak link players such as Dawson... The incoming coach should not have a left back problem, a striker problem etc... Fine tuning should all be that is required for the incoming coach to do in a high turnover concept club like Tottenham. Unfortunately major surgery is always required by a new THFC head coach to get the team working in an efficient manner that can compete in 4 competitions. But as we have all witnessed now over a succession of incoming head coaches, the head coach is not given sufficient funds to do what is required, or the power to bring in the players that he feels are needed. AVB fell out with the board this time last summer, when his choice of players did not arrive. The magnificent 7 were a major overhaul, that failed, when all that was needed were the players of the head coaches choice to be purchased...
I have to state I was not a major fan of AVB, but I am not going to condemn him, because we never got to see his completed vision of the team, far from it... Hopefully the Poch is given the time the backing and the support of the board to make his vision materialize???
AVB is that good, that after success at Porto with somebody else's team, that was so much better than the opposition, he then joined and failed at Chelsea, then moved on to Spurs and again it didn't work, then he moves to Zenit, and apparently it is rumored he is on borrowed time, a few more bad results from the hard word. Chelsea, Spurs, and Zenit can't all be wrong.

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