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What will Fazio add to Spurs?

With the confirmation that Federico Fazio has joined the club, it will be interesting to see what he adds to the Tottenham side that our manager felt was lacking.

Last season we were poor defensively and not only conceded far too many goals, but more worryingly looked panic and error stricken, causing around 40% of the goals conceded to be down to defensive mistakes. If we could look for justification for that, we might blame tactical change as well as an unstable team unit, but even this season with two Prem clean sheets, we have hardly looked a fortress, particularly at set pieces.

So with Dawson gone and Pochettino already adding Davies, Dier and now Fazio to the squad, it seems obvious that he has looked as our defensive players as not being to standard as a group, in terms of quality and certainly balance, whilst it has seemed obvious for some time, that despite having quality and experience with the likes of Lloris, Vertonghen and the early captain, Kaboul, I still maintain we have lacked authority and a true leader to organise the team. Is that man Fazio?

I have been encouraged by comments from former Spur, Terry Gibson and also Guillem Balague, who have both proclaimed Fazio to be a bargain. Both seem to agree that he isn`t exactly Usain Bolt, but has genuine strength, is decent and comfortable on the ball, but perhaps more telling, he has real leadership positional play at the back, whilst being comfortable to play on the left or right of a central pair. Seems reasonable to me.

All of those positives, seem to be qualities that we lack at the moment and though I am happy to be patient and allow him to settle within the club and also the country, you assume that having a fellow Argentinean as his manager will be a great help, whilst it might also be a boost to Erik Lamela to have another fellow countryman to converse with...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday August 28 2014

Time: 8:37AM

Your Comments

Several inches.
A great right hand punch to Diego Costsa's ribs when we play Chelsea...
Not that I'm advocating violence on the football pitch. We should leave that to Charlie Adam.
I suppose it could be a big help to MP having a fellow Argentinian in such a crucial position as CB. Someone who is known to be commanding and a strong presence in defence who can physically represent Pochettinos instructions/tactics on the pitch, without it being lost in translation. How's his English?
Someone with good distribution from the back...but unlike Chiriches more steel to do his primary job better. And someone who's more of a presence in set pieces where traditionally we've struggled both defensively and also with indirect attacking free kicks. I'm not going to pretend to know a great deal about him but when I have seen him play he's certainly stood out as being pretty solid. Lack of pace doesn't bother me since I'd assume the management believe he has better positional awareness than Dawson who always defended as if we were playing deep, lunging into tackles as if the keeper would be able to close the attacker down if they got past him.
I've just watched Federico's interview on Spurs TV. His English is ok. He looks a lean and mean guy and seemed likeable enough. Let's hope he can do what we need him to do and do it good. Up the Spurs!
flipper - "More steel than Chiriches", its like saying more strength than a wet paper bag.
Great article Ox!

I'm a little uncertain of how soon Fazio will be thrown into the mix, mainly because so far the performances to which Dier has put in would justify a place in the starting line up. Whether Dier should be shifted to RB or not is a different debate.

We talk of captaincy and leadership from the back, but Fazio has yet to win the respect of his new colleagues, for now I would expect either Jan or Hugo to take the armband and organise the back line. In the long term Fazio may be the man for the job, but I personally haven't seen him play enough to pass comment on his potential in the Spurs squad.

As for the argentine presence in the squad, it can only mean good things. Suddenly players like Lamela find themselves less lonely, not that he would feel that way anyway, but having a compatriot to share stories in a mother tongue is always a nice thing. Perhaps the Argy's will understand better what Pochettino want from them and perhaps they will work harder playing for one of their countrymen. Who really knows the effect this has!?
In reality we don't know as Im sure not many of us have seen him play, again a little underwhelmed by this signing, but have 100% faith in Pochettino, so lets see, don't think he will slot straight into the team, which could be a good thing, gives him time to settle.
In a way it's good to not have too much expectation for a new guy coming in and one that is relatively unknown and didn't cost a fortune. Perhaps there's not as much pressure on him as the likes of Roberto and Lamela.
Agree man on... Not only that but we do have quite a few capable CB's now so if he isn't amazing we still have Dier, Chiriches, Kaboul and Veljkovic
According to reports Fazio does not stray much from his central defensive position, his solid at the back and was essential to Sevilla’s success last season, and he had been talked of as a potential replacement for Carlos Puyol at Barcelona, so strong is he as a defender. Fazio manages to combine defensive prowess with a level of technical understanding that bodes well for a transition to the Premier League. He is, however, absolutely no slouch when it comes to the dark side of the defensive arts, winning 77% of his aerial duels in the league for Sevilla last season. He can also play as a holding midfield, having played in La Liga for nearly eight years, Fazio is technically sound and able to work in a team that likes possession based football. Aerially dominant, he wins the majority of his battles and is a threat from set-pieces.
spu 4 life
From what I hear he is the Argentinian Dawson....just younger and taller. Obviously that is a gross generalisation until we properly see the guy. But I hear that he lacks pace, but is good aerially, and likes a long pass. I see Vertonghen as the captain. Fazio I think is here to round off our defence. As I have said, with Kaboul, we need four other senior defenders: Vertonghen, Chiriches, Fazio, and we have lucked in with Dier's jump into the deep end, overtaking Fryers. But the defenders all offer something different: Chiriches is a ball player type, Vertonghen is an all-rounder, Dier is looking neat and tidy, Kaboul is Kaboul (well, I hope he regains some sort of form). But aerially we would always be lacking, and hopefully Fazio fills that void. Certain teams will try to exploit that weakness, and we can pick Fazio for that purpose. Let's see.
Having another Argentinian in the camp must make the signing of Lionel Messi more likely. About .00005% more likely.
Love totty
I'm not sure that Messi could adjust to the hustle and bustle of PL football. I wouldn't want Levy to waste any money on a tiny unproven guy such as him. :-)
The language will play a big part.. i think it has made a difference with Lamela already.. Fazio will be a monster... cant wait for Chelsea (Costa)
Messi and Ronaldo both hope to play in england one day, so lets hope one of them get's Arse in the group stages.
spu 4 life
Now that the latest multi episode soap opera is over, and we have finally signed a new CB, what will it give us, answer options, as MP says all of the available CBs are different and he now has options to cover all types of games, all types of opposition, and allows him to taylor his team to suit particular circumstances and the oppositions strengths and weaknesses, we will also be stronger in the air, particularly at set pieces at either end of the pitch. Too much is made of pace, were Ferdinand and Vidic speed merchants, are the arsenal pair that quick, or Skirtal and Lovran, if you can read it, and concentrate on positioning you don't have to be a sprinter. Bless him, Michael Dawson wasn't the quickest, but his other weaknesses only served to emphasise this.
Now that we have the aforementioned options in the CB spine of the team, our defensive performance and GD should improve. I would now implore us, in the short time left (3days) in the window to look at the options up front, where we are reliant on only 3 strikers, when most successful teams aim at 4. We will hopefully be playing 55-60 games this season in 4 competitions, providing we don't come unstuck tonight, and is it fair, or practical, to go in with only 3 strikers, especially when 1 of them might be missing, dependent on Togo qualifying, for up to a month or 6 weeks in Jan-Feb due to the ACON, and another who is struggling to fit into the striker role in the PL, and who is far from prolific. I would strongly suggest that we make a move for Danny Welbeck, a home grown, current England international player, who is "different" from what we already have, would inject pace, and has potential to improve given his age, and the greater opportunity a move to Spurs would afford him. The final reason is that he has actually stated a preference, that if he moves from Man Utd, his preffered destination would be Spurs. I think at £15-16M he would be a decent investment, with a chance of becoming a significant addition to the squad, whilst accruing resale value due to his age.
over what we lost with Daws he adds distribution, comfortable on the ball which is imperative in today's game...but who else do we lose? are we really going to keep so many CB's?....
Mopo says we need to add players :)
frank I would prefer Jay-rod to welbeck also HG but imo he has more goals in would help if we could send Andros to saints in the other direction and perhaps get schneiderlin in January to help them save face...I expect Sandro and pos Pauli to make way for Sch'in...
Frank .. it seems we are looking to borrow Welbeck for the season .. lol ... How Levy is that! As for Fazio, just reflect on QPR last weekend and remember how many headers Caulker won at set pieces. That is what I hope FF will bring to our game. In defence and attack. He may be a little slow but so was Bobby Moore, Maurice Norman, Jack Charlton, Mike England, Rio Ferdinand, E
Incidentally in spite of continuous villification by some Spurs fans, it appears Danny Rose is considered good enough, to be involved in the England squad, for the forthcoming 2 internationals
chavli .. Mr Poch has also said we need to get shot of players too. So buying who we need and selling who we don't is good, astute football business and if we make a profit doing so, all the better.
shedboy - let's wait and see what he ACTUALLY adds as opposed to what he "should" add. Lamela, Soldado, Paulinho, Chadli "should" have added lots last season, and didn't. Whilst we have lost certain things from Dawson, the truth is that he ultimately would have needed replacing due to age, wear and tear, time to move on, and etc... if not now, then next season. So it is not a case of what we have lost, it is how much we can smooth the transition. YES we need so many CBs. Kaboul's history means that we CAN NOT rely on him to be fit. So either sell him, or don't count him. He is staying, so we need 4 other CBs. Vertonghen, Chiriches, Fazio, Dier.... we must keep that many. The others: Fryers, and Vejkovic are so inexperienced that they are youth players. If anything, loan 1 or 2 of them out.
Frank .... on his recent form he has every right to be there. I'm surprised Dier hasn't been called up too.
Wenger has said on camera this morning, that he has no intention to sign a striker to cover for the medium term injury to Giroud. This, given the Arsenal and us were seen as the likely suitors for Welbeck, should clear the way, and avoid an auction, so come on Spurs let's have a go for him, we still haven't replaced Defoe.
Well beck is soooo overrated buying him would be a massive mistake.
Horny Helen
Exactly longtimespur! I'm really hoping our squad ends up even stronger, exciting times! I have a sneaky feeling we'll get Destro as we have Roman links with Baldini and apparently they are interested in Chiriches. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Mussacio deal go through late on too...
I'd rather not take Welbeck, don't see what he offers over Adebeyor? Apart from being English! It's going to be a great season this year, like I keep saying if we can strengthen the squad who knows where we could end up! COYS
Agree Longtimespur, re "loaning" Welbeck, and your thoughts re pace in CBs. On Dier, I think come mid season if he continues in his current vein, he will most certainly become a candidate for England recognition, after all he is not an unknown to them, given his U21 caps.
Defensive cover and competition. He is just like the other CB we have, they have to work hard and fight for a spot. Communication is vital. Sure he this will be ok between him, the gaffer and a player or two on the pitch but there’s more to it. If he wants a hope in hells change of becoming a regular in our back 4, he Has to communicate well with the L and RB. They will be flying up and down the pitch and it’s key that they are all pulling in the right direction or we will be left open and goals will leak. He is a lucky man to have Lloris behind him and Verts next to him, but even so he has a lot on his shoulders and has to step up in the PL. I assume he is a Poch signing and if so I hope he is successful. Welcome on board mad dog. COYS.
I too hope we don't get Wellbeck, it would benefit us more if he stays at Man Utd.
TR- playing semantics also say we can't rely on Kaboul? how do you know? we have to take the medical advice on that. If you wish to base what Kaboul will do this year on what he has done previously then you should afford the same logic to Fazio....but as we can see from last year timing is an issue....Chadli and Lamela really shouldn't have added much last year given they were injured, Pauli did make a good contribution and his good early season form seems to have been forgotten because of his indifferent late season form...Soldado also made a contribution and probably as much as could have been expected playing in our style and with players that didn't even pass to him! IMO we have too many CB's it unbalances the squad....Verts, Kaboul, Fazio, Dier, has to go...we can't justify 5 players plus 2 kids for 2 positions when we only have 2 strikers plus 1 kid for potentially two positions up top....we have to balance the squad.
Frank - Arsenal not signing a striker is a major mistake in my opinion. Before they signed Sanchez I thought they needed a striker, because although I think Giroud is good, he cannot last the whole season. They signed Sanchez, and I do not think that that solves the problem. To me, Sanchez is another in the long line of Gervinho, Ox-Chamberlain, Walcott, Arshavin, Nasri type of wishy-washy brand of attackers. Put them in great teams, and they will do pretty well, however Arsenal rely too heavily on them to carry the team. Anyway, now that Giroud is injured for a while, they are in trouble - especially with Walcott and Podolski not playing right now either.... As for Wellbeck.... I think he could add something to our attack. I am not sure that it is that necessary though. As for replacing Defoe... I consider Kane as Defoe's replacement. Given that Defoe only scored 11, 11 & 4 league goals in his last 3 full seasons, are we really missing that..? Kane scored 3 league goals in his few league apps last season.
That's the defence sorted then.Welbeck definitely no.No end product. We need one world class striker[who doesn't] and a top left winger.That will complete the jigsaw.Keep Vlad,Pauly etc as they will improve this year and we need a big squad to win the Europa and finish in the top 4.
shedboy2 - Kaboul's medical problems are as well documented as King's was. In four full seasons since his return to Spurs, he has started just 64 league games (less than 2 seasons' worth), and you can be sure that the ones that he missed we mostly due to injury or resting in-between games. And yes I do apply the same logic to Fazio, and any other player in any position. If you spend long periods out due to injury, then we will plan around you. We simply cannot rely on Kaboul to be fit, and since his return last season, he wasn't much up to scratch anyway - which is understandable given the long period out. The extreme case is Owen Hargreaves. When a player has issues like that, you have to make plans as if he isn't there.
Football is all about money, the higher in the prem league you finish the more you get paid, good runs in the domestic cups brings in money, winning them brings in even more money, Europa has financial rewards, getting into the CL has massive financial rewards, so get on the phone to monaco Levy and get a goal scorer called FALCAO, yes his going to cost us, but I've just given several reasons for putting him up for US.
spu 4 life
Falcao would be awesome but highly doubt he'd chose us over other teams that would come in for him if he was to be available, you never know though. Shift a few on and get a real quality upgrade :) Sadly I think he'll go to Real Madrid at some point. I'd be happy with Huntelaar, always been unlucky not to be 1st choice for the Dutch national team but for Van Persie. He's only got a year on his contract so wouldn't cost the Earth. I don't know but I'm sure whoever we bring in will be up to it, Mopo seems to know what he's doing. COYS
Fazio' Mopo says....offers something different. I remember Niall Quinn...and how his height really caused problems to opponents at set pieces, including throw ins. Looks a decent decision to have him at THFC...especially given the liabilities of the other Centrebacks currently at spurs.
First point, Chiriches is an accident waiting to happen and Kaboul's injury record means you can't be confident he'll last the season so another centre half was a must and now we've got one. The fact that he isn't a speed merchant suggests Poch won't be tempted to repeat AVB's high line, hopefully anyway. How good is he ? we'll have no idea until he's played his first season. We're still finding out about most of last seasons overseas signings.
Fazio apparently played 194 games for Sevilla since joining them in 2007. That's not too many per season. Did he get off to a slow start or had any long lay-offs do we know?
Love totty
I wish people would stop talking about us needing a "striker" as if they were all the same type of player. The way Poch sets the team up the key is the lone man up front, Adebeyor can play it, I'm not sure anyone else we have currently can. So unless any new signing can do the same job its pointless. We have plenty of options already in the three behind.
Just as an aside I noted with some pride that Spurs are presently in a net spend position at this moment in time. Apparently someone in our accounts department has not kept DL abreast of purchases/sales and we have overspent by £2MM. I understand the person is now looking for a new job! Please take this in the lighthearted manner it is intended.
Falcao in!! If DL is in a spending mood lets go for the whole hog!!
Chavli, i wasn't aware that I suggested that Welbeck offered more, or less than Adebayor, or that he was a replacement for him or indeed for anyone else, having said that, I'm sure he would offer more than Soldado, but so would almost anybody else currently playing as a striker. The problem is we lack numbers, options, cover for injury, suspension, loss of form, and absence due to international tournaments. Welbeck may not be better than any of the others, but he is different, a lot younger than 2 of the other 3, quicker than the other 3, a "home grown", an international player who would almost certainly be a viable option, and who will improve given greater opportunity than he has enjoyed at Man Utd, and he would retain a decent re-sale value unlike Soldado. He is also gettable, unlike the likes of Falcao and the like who are figments of people's romantic imaginations, that we would have zero chance of attracting to Spurs. The fact that he made it all the way through the Man Utd youth system, to get to their first team, suggests that he is a bit special, many many youngsters fail there and fall by the wayside.
Frank.. I completely agree.
Frank- yeah you are right, Welbeck is a possibility..and of course we are light up front. I'd rather look elsewhere but happy to support whoever the manager brings in. The guy that Hull are close to signing, he has a decent scoring record..Steve Bruce doing a great job up there isn't he. Let's hope whoever we get in does the job, I'm hoping for Destro - love those Youtube videos of him!
Fredericks has season long loan to Middlesbrough.
TR .. acording to SSN Arsenal are favourites to sign Remy so maybe Arsene is talking out of his!
LT- don't bring up the amount of games Fazio has played TR will want us to bring in another CB as the 7 we have won't be enough...;)
How is Chirches an accident waiting to happen? What do you base this on? Yes he took some chances when he played and some paid off and some failed. This was his transition period. Is that what you're basing this on jod? He had an injury plagued season where he scored 1 goal and played 20+ games and was motm I think in one of our games. This chap can play CB, DM and RB and he is a gifted footballer and a very good defender who reads the game extremely well and antcipates the ball as good as any. He's not tall for a CB, but 6ft is not short by any means. If he played 2 seasons with us and he made many glaring mistakes then yes have a go at him. But judging him on 20 odd games I think is not fair on the lad? COYS!
I guess we'll never know A.k.a. seems like he'll also be heading out the door! Prehaps had Dier not been needed to step into the first team so soon and preformed so well, he might have been sent out on loan for an other season to "gain experience" which would have allowed Chiriches time to prove himself. But the new kid already looks a better prospect then Chiriches!
Slurms McKenzie
Congratulations to Poch for editing out the long term weak link in the Tottenham central defense, and bringing in 2 new prospects!
Pele10 I believe that Pochettino wanted to keep Dawson but Levy saw the opertunity to cash in while also re-investing most of the Cash on Two new prospects.
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms two great posts :) COYS!
I am not Welbecks biggest fan, but his stats are better than Lallana. He is 23 years old, 20goals/90apps for utd, 8goals/26 England, 16m is cheap when you look at Lallana, 26years old, 25m and 48goals/235app for Saints and 0/9 caps England.. When you consider Ade is off on ACN duty, then it makes perfect sense to have someone who can play out wide or striker. Welbeck would be a really good addition to the squad. As for Fazio, I too am sceptical because reports of him being slow, Fazio and Verts might look like snails but those who remember Naybet playing for us, his positional sense was superb and it made a lot of difference to his game. Also Demichealis at City is also slow and I thought he would struggle in the Prem, but he was one of City's best defenders last season. So if Fazio has a good reading of the game and positional sense then he is already an upgrade on Dawson, there have been some good articles on players saying he is a very good defender and more importantly a natural leader.
LT ... re Fazio's playing record. I read somewhere that he had a lot of injury problems early in his time there, but has been ok lately injury wise. He did sign for them as a 19 year old.
Great article Ox - welcome back - please no more abhorrations !!! Hopefully he will bring more steel nouse and guile to the defencel... Finally it seems ole Danny has found a man that he has found a manager he can trust !!!
Surely the question should be "Will Fazio be brought to Spurs?"
Slurms McKenzie
And Surely the answer is "Yes he Has"
Slurms McKenzie
My guess is his ability in the air. We need that when it comes to crosses and corners. Even in the games so far this season we have looked a bit fragile from corners. I just wonder who will be starters. It looks from what Poch is saying that he wants different types of players so he can choose best option for different types of games which makes sense to me. If you consider Liverpool, fast pacey team and then Stoke they have different style, I bet most would prefer different back line to deal with the likes of Crouch and the likes of Sterling. Poch seems to know what he is doing and also he is working with Levy in bringing in young potentials who he can improve and were we can make a profit. All makes sense to me.

Liverpool game is a real test for us. If we play well I will be happy,but lets not got carried away if we win, lose or draw.

I also think Poch is massive on team ethics and players doing wh\t they are told to do.
Benjamin Stambouli of Montpelier deal reported with Spurs, says the French club.
Airwave, Just seen clips of Stambouli, reminds me of Robert Pires with extra bite.
Airwave, Just seen clips of Stambouli, reminds me of Robert Pires with extra bite.
Airwave, Just seen clips of Stambouli, reminds me of Robert Pires with extra bite.

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