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Spurs Players and England

Congratulations to Danny Rose and Andros Townsend for making the latest England squad.

This is the same Danny Rose that a section of our fans said wasn't fit to wear a Spurs shirt and even claimed was the worst left back in the Premier league, I guess Danny gets the last laugh.

Andros is having his problems at the moment, having started his England career explosively injuries and loss of form have set him back badly. But at the time he was making such an impact with England another young player, Raheem Sterling, was where Townsend is now.

Having started brilliantly he had lost form and was struggling, he got back on track in time to get to the World Cup. Andros should keep three things in mind. Firstly Sterling has already done what he needs to do, so its certainly possible. Secondly Pochettino has said flat out Townsend won't be sold and Roy Hodgson has called him up for England, so the men that matter believe in him. Thirdly the fans that are currently having a go at him are the same ones that heaped all that vitriol on Danny Rose, so he can safely ignore them completely.

One player that only made the under 21 squad was Eric Dier. Does anyone else find it odd that 20 year old Dier is in the junior squad while 19 year old Calum Chambers is in the senior squad? Of course in terms of young centre backs Everton's John Stones is currently ahead of both of them after what he did last season but from what I've seen Chambers at the moment is error prone while Dier is playing almost faultlessly.

There's also the question of height, even though Chambers is strong and an athlete he is only 6ft tall, normal for a centre half when I first started going to White Hart Lane but people have got taller since then. Stones and Dier are both 6' 2', still not tall by modern standards. Standing next to Per Mertesacker at 6' 6' Chambers must look quite short and of course our own latest signing, Federico Fazio, is 6' 5'. Dier is the best English prospect in central defence I've seen in a long time. How he is rated behind Chambers completely baffles me.

Written by jod

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The journalist

Writer: jod Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday August 28 2014

Time: 7:38PM

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Yellow is the correct decision, nasty challenge, Noughton lucky he didn't break his leg. Come on harry, put the tie to bed. Sorry jod!
Slurms McKenzie
4 lads in the U21s as well.
My prediction on an old thread back before pre season doesn't look so dull now. Smug moment aside it again shows we write off players too soon & in the right system and more importantly with good coaching they can improve up until their mid 20s at a rate of knots. Some fans however never learn and looking at the flack Townsend had during the Limasoll game proves the point. Rose to start imo, IMO he will improve massively this season with better coaching and a system that isnt as taxing on the Fullback. Erricsen playing off the left and coming in field put massive pressure on the LB to provide width high up the pitch and then left him isolated defensively. I hate the fact Milner is picked for England because he basically provides good cover for his fullback but Lennon is fantastic cover for any fullback. Shoot me down in flames but I think he will break into the England fold this year. gatch75 Report Abuse Read more:
Creditable that we have Rose and Townsend in the England squad, yes the same Townsend who couldn't get in v QPR in the last game, was awful tonight, and when he shoots "couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo" and rarely produces an end product. Of course there is a major concern about the judgement, the recent track record, and possibly even the sanity, of the dinosaur who has picked the squad. Woy is a yesterday man, was ideal at Fulham, couldn't do it at Liverpool, and ended up in the dizzy heights of WBA. A very very lucky man to survive the WC fiasco, with HIS squad.
I think we're crying out for a CB to replace Jagielka and hopefully Dier can be the man to play alongside Cahill. Walker when fit should able to keep the RB position but Rose will have stiff competition from Shaw and the last of Baines. I can't see Lennon or Townsend being good enough, but if Kane can consistently put in a performance I think he'll force his way into the team eventually.
Rose an England LB? we'll see who has the last laugh...I hope it's Danny and not Shaw, Baines, gibbs and davies. Andros...dear oh dear....but the flip side is I won't watch England thinking Spurs will suffer, England on the other hand under Roy have no chance of progression.... Dier looks a real prospect but no surprise he's in the u21's plenty of time....
If you needed any proof that England are going nowhere and will win nothing you have it now with Danny Rose being selected.
matt hoten
Alternatively... Well done Andros and Danny. Good luck.
Itís a huge factor for any player to be selected for their national team no matter how good or bad we think they are. The reason for this is simple; the difference between playing well or badly depends on a playerís CONFIDENCE. Anyone who has ever played the game understands this. To be selected for your country can only increase confidence and encourage a player to strive for bigger and better things. I have thought for some time that Rose and AT are not playing well enough for Spurs. I have said that I would not miss them if they were sold, but Iíve also said that I would love to be proved wrong (I feel the same way about Paulinho and Lennon). So I am hoping that this is the turning point for both of their careers with THFC. The basic skills are there for both Rose and AT; itís the football intelligence and concept of teamwork that needs strengthening in their games, something that previous managers have not addressed ... but maybe MP will. Being selected for Englandís national team will do no harm at all.
Shed boy: Davies is welsh. Matt hoten: your a fool. Well done danny well deserved and won't be the last squad hes in.. well done AT too COYS x
Just to clarify before I get accused of insulting other members, by using the word fool I was using it as an acronym for Full Of Opposite Love.. meaning matt holten is full of hate for young danny.. not an insult just pretty obvious from his comment
Anyone who thinks that either Danny Rose or Andros had a good season last season is either sentimental or have accepted the lowering of standards of the English player without hesitation. No last laughs here jod just warning the best for Spurs.... On last season's form neither deserved to be in any international squads.... As for Woy anyone seriously think that he's a manager of high quality ? Well done to both for getting call ups - which will look great as memory fades but it really doesn't say much for the quality of players available for England at present . Sorry these call ups add to the list of Carlton palmer and Geoff Thomas rather than the likes of Paul Ince and John Barnes !!!! Come on Rose keep proving me wrong - don't mind that at all!
Matt hoten quite a few others more deserving of that description .... Smalling jones cleverly to name a few.... But true enough ...
Give Danny Rose a break. He is still young and he adds something offensively as well. He will come good.
I for one am glad Dier hasn't been thrown into the meat grinder that is the English national team while still settling in at white hart lane. The full England squad is a knee jerk reaction to the poor world cup. Townsend form did not warrent a call up, Rose has definitely improved over the last 7 or 8 games with spurs and is probably due a nod. Having players in the national squads can only be a good thing for spurs though.
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms I would have agreed a few years but it didn't do any favours to the likes of Dawson huddlestone Livermore Lennon Townsend of late... For Townsend and huddlestone it was definitely a start to complete reversal of form ... I do prefer Rose to be working with MRP over the break than with Woy ...
Going on International players form, from last season, then every single one of our players that went to the WC, bar Bentaleb and Hugo should have stayed at home. If we are to be so begrudging of Danny and Andros, then please apply it to all the others too.... Supporters that do not support is a novel idea, it might just catch on.
Rex. Calling supporters blind to the truth because they support players who others dislike or don't rate is a bit of a deception when those said players are being picked to play by the head coach, not the supporter. I am not the Spurs head coach and I am not the England manager and they are in a far superior position to judge a player than I am. Who are the blind in this situation? The professionals at the top of their game, or the supporters that have nothing but their opinions?
In denial of what exactly... I did answer your question by the way.
I'm just a supporter like yourself Rex and my opinion is as valid as yours. Wether we agree or not does not make either one of us more credible than the other.
Man On, I would give MP the benefit of the doubt for now, regarding his judgement, and ability to identify the right players, and design a system to suit them, and up until now the signs are good. In Hodgson's case, there is no such concession, the man is a football idiot, and from a football point of view a dinosaur, what success he has enjoyed, such as it is, was achieved many years ago. His record in the period leading up to his appointment as England boss, amply demonstrated by his disasterous tenure at Liverpool, and since his appointment, his performance as England manager, as apparent in our disasterous and highly embarrassing fiasco at the WC, after ample time to build and prepare a squad, suggest his abilities are at best in the past, or if in fact they ever existed. From a football point of view he was simply the wrong appointment. He maybe the man to talk nicely at meetings, and coaching forums, and hold Greg Dyke's hand and nod approvingly, the type that the FA suits like, because he will never upset anybody, but the chances of England even coming close to success under his "stewardship" are a big fat zero. I do honestly believe that reasonably intelligent, and observant supporters, or more accurately football rather than club fans, would be just as, or even more able, to pick a competitive squad than Hodgson. People hold the likes of him in awe, and believe that because they have top jobs, they are necessarily competent to do them, which is patently untrue, as is sometimes the case in politics, business and other areas of life, as well as in football. If competency was the criteria to get the job, why was Brian Clough never appointed, answer unlike Hodgson he was not a conformist, or a face that fits, or a "yes" man. I would put Hodgson in the same bracket as Walter Winterbottam, Kevin Keegan, and Steve McClaren, nice men, but who can't do the bloody job, rather than highly competent coaches like Terry Venables and Glen Hoddle who were reasonably successful in comparison, but ruffled feathers, and upset people. The proof of the pudding was in the player's own opinions, they almost all praised the Venables and Hoddle regimes as career building for them, they learnt tactical facets of the game.
Rex_Vulgaris... I did respond by telling you that the "leave it" comment was not directed at you but to the poster, That's Entertainment, and I then answer your question. If you take a look at the thread you'll see it. If not, please take my word for it. I wasn't disputing your comment, just adding my own.
By the way, I also could see that Andros was not at his best last night. I didn't say he was.
Spot on Rex Vulgaris, I totally agree with that.
Man On, when is he, or has he been. at his best. Apart from very fleeting, and increasingly rare snippets of adequacy, I would suggest last night was an A typical example of his abilities, or more accurately the lack of them. All this sprinting past defenders and tricky footwork cuts no ice, and becomes totally insignificant, if it doesn't culminate in an end product, as Townsend's antics rarely do. Football is a team game, so perhaps somebody should remind Adros of this regularly, you never know it might sink in one day. If there is any truth in rumours of offers of £10-12M, take it, and run away very quickly, before the buyer changes his mind.
Frank: I believe that Andros has what it takes to improve and be a good squad member for Spurs. If I'm wrong, then so be it. If he is sold and the player that then takes his place, is significantly better, then I'll be more than happy.
Presumably messrs Pochettino, Levy, and Baldini asnd MAN ON are amongst the only 6% of those responding to the poll asking whether "would you sell Adros Townsend for £12M". I have to say it is the biggest majority verdict I can remember, in comparable polls.
Deriding the supporters for having an opinion is a novel idea indeed the supporters are the life blood of the club and want nothing more than what they think is best for the club and that includes to keep benefitting from MRP's training sessions which has helped them to transform their form this season rather go to an international gathering where they will face a, IMO, coach with inferior knowledge.... Just stay at the club and benefit more.... Nothing wrong in wanting that!
Rex_Vulgaris.. And Bale will not be part of the exchange deal...
Very well put Rex Regarding the state of England international team/squad.
It's the throw away comments that I don't like Highgate. Saying players are rubbish and not good enough for Spurs etc... Spurs are a pretty damn good team and individual players all have a part to play in it.
Frank, three posts previous one of the best posted ....
No point selling Townsend unless you have a replacement lined up Townsend is back up for both Lamela and Chadli and offers a pace that only Lennon can match. I'd also like to add you'll find it hard to keep a player of better calibre than Townsend on the bench / in squad rotation so even if you can find an improvement with 12m will they be happy to play second fiddle? Or will Lamela / Chadli be happy to become second string?

Also we need to make sure we're meeting the homegrown quota, so I'd only sell Townsend to Southammpton if J-Rod / Schniederlin is part of the deal.
Last night, as Andros told us himself, was the first 90 mins he has played since injury. Af far as I could see, he improved as the match went on. It's easy to knock him for what he didn't do but we shouldn't ignore what he did do. I saw him put in quite a few good balls in the first half but nobody else seems to have seen it. As Rex put it, I must be blind.
Bolt is a handy player, I've heard.
I don't really care about anyone's opinion but MP's right now. If he plays Andros, all good. If he doesn't play him, I'll trust his judgment. 4 games into the season and a long way to go. Let's see what happens.
Rex ... Have to agree with you regarding AT. He must have been told several times over the last year about teamwork and the choices he makes when in possession. Attitude, comprehension, or ego? I don't know but it's a worry.
Rex you are extremely critical of Townsend. He isn't half as bad as you are making out. Personally I think he is better than Lennon and has been unluckily denied by the woodwork on numerous occasions preventing what some would call wonder goals. Townsend will improve and become more consistent with game time and that is true of all players. Townsend doesn't simply have pace to his game and it's extremely harsh for you to suggest so. We have a large squad but we don't have depth on the wings so selling Townsend isn't exactly a logical move. Sooner see Kaboul / Veljkovic / Holtby / Fryers excluded from the squad before a winger...
Ryan I am slightly perplexed why you would want to see Kaboul excluded from our squad. He has been our most consistent CB this season and has played more football then anyone else in the squad? sins of the past maybe?

Holtby is a utility player and may not excel in any one position but as an option from the bench can play, CM, CDM, CAM LAM or RAM I don't think players like this should be removed from the squad. Titles and Championships are won on the the backs of the squad men.

Veljkovic has only broken into the squad from our youth ranks and you want to move him on? We have now got 5 senior CBs on the books and one free pick learning his trade from them should Kaboul not re-new his contract before next season I would hope to see the conveyor belt of talent move along one place, with either Dier or Vlad challenging for a first team birth and Veljkovic blooded enough to be a viable option in Cup games.

With the addition of Davis Fryers and the renewal of Rose Fryers has been shunted down the pecking order. Perhaps a long move to a prem team may give him a chance to resurrect his Spurs future but at present I don't think he will make it long term.
Slurms McKenzie
Townsend clearly isn't fully match fit and he admitted as much in his post match interview. I am happy to allow a young man with talent to learn and improve. I personally don't think the right wing is his best position and would much rather see him on the left, where he can cut in and shot with his right foot or use his pace to get down the line. Dropping him for QPR did not get the all guns blazing performance that perhaps Pochettino was hoping for but he did make a couple of mistakes and blazed a couple of shots over before getting a great save out of the AEL 'keeper. Not a first teamer at this stage but certainly not set for the scrape heap either, I don't think the England selections are helping his progression either, and AVB was right when he expressed his concerns last year too!
Slurms McKenzie
That last paragraph should read: With the addition of Davis and the renewal of Rose, Fryers has been shunted down the pecking order. Perhaps a loan move to a premiership team may give him a chance to resurrect his Spurs future but at present I don't think he will make it long term. Read more:
Slurms McKenzie
was going to say vitriol is a bit strong but having read a few comments wont push it too hard. For me Sherwood completely destroyed Townsend's confidence. You can argue that to be a pro footballer it shouldn't be so easy to lose but for me Andros has all the natural ability with some strange decision making. I remember serious discussion on whether Ronaldo would only ever be a one trick pony or Bale being the finished article. I though Andros performed his defensive duties very well last night. I am hoping intense work with a top coach / buddy to develop him. I also remember Waddle saying that the WHL crowd could be dissapointed with a simple pass rather than world class skills from a winger.
I realise Davie's welsh...he was on the list as the other 3 could be ahead of Rose for country, Davies for all four having the last laugh...
'It's the throw away comments that I don't like Highgate' on! the irony of you posting that was not lost on me...;)
Imagine the irony if in a short while, Harry is fired and QPR replace him with Sherwood...
shedboy2... You were very close with your team selection last night...
Man On! Fair enough ... However ever considered that what you may consider 'throw away' comment is a considered one by someone else. Last season I came to say Rose is not good enough to wear the spurs shirt because of all sorts of reason and those reason kept being on show throughout the season without fail ... To me that showed lack of everything that a desired in a player. This season he seems to be coming around - fair enough. My point of him not being good enough for Spurs based on last seasons form still stands ! I hope you get the point I am making....
Highgatespur.. I wasn't referring to your comments directly, just the general dismissing of players by anyone. I don't expect people not to pull players up, I do it as well. People always say I'm talking rubbish myself anyway and today was no exception. I do get your point...
Slurmz, my comment doesn't suggest that I think the fore mentioned players should be removed from the squad, I simply stated that I believe we can't afford to lose a winger due to the lack of depth in this position. For me Erikson and Holtby aren't wingers, so shouldn't be expected to play there. We have depth at CB and also in CM, so as to answer Rex's point re trimming an oversized squad, my suggestion would be to keep a much needed Townsend if we aren't going to replace him, and trim the squad elsewhere. I forgot the free pick rule, so ignore my suggestion of Veljkovic.

Re my opinion on Kaboul, I do actually like him, but he is accident prone and does in my rankings come after Vertoghen, Chiriches, Dier (at present) and possibly Fazio once I have a chance to assess him. We have depth here with young Veljkovic and Fryers also able to play CB, and Capoue not being a stranger to this role either. Just a point to reinforce my suggestion of trimming the squad elsewhere if a replacement isn't found.
Aaaah back to the VS of "misery and player bashing". Rose looked his best at Sunderland and a glimpses under AVB. Same with Townsends loan move. These 2 a still young players and certainly deserve their call ups. I am happy our manager could use the opportunity to bring himself closer with the players on the prank he played on Rose. Can u imagine if he told them u not fit to wear the shirt and ur damn lucky to get into the a Eng team...

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