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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Today should be one where we get out the party poppers and bunting or at least raise a glass to Good old Spurs, who are apparently 132 years old today!

I will leave you to read the history books as to its formation, as so many people can and have written about the clubs history and formation better than me, however, as its a Friday and a slow news day, why not celebrate another year in the life of an institution that is in our thoughts more than most and something that we probably devote more passion, time and money than we would consider doing to almost anything else. Tottenham Hotspur.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to discuss what we love (even hate, if you like) about the club and how our relationship and support started. Was it as perhaps most common, the local or family supported club or are you someone that your passion developed out of a signing, incident or the was it the way the team played? As fans of almost every football club there is perhaps more pain and frustration than glory, so what are the best and worst moments you have had supporting Tottenham?..

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Date:Friday September 5 2014
Time: 10:00AM


Happy Birthday my lovely beautiful Spurs! COYS!
05/09/2014 10:17:00
Ox what is there not to dislike about Spurs ;) COYS!
05/09/2014 10:20:00
Likes: THFC and everything it stands fo: Audere est Facere, Tottenham cake, Sir Henry Percy, Bill Nich, Glenda, Double winning team, Greaves, Gazza, Modric, Bale, Parks, Ossie and Ricky, Burkingshaw, Rev Ripsher, Chas and Dave, Cockeral, VS! COYS!
05/09/2014 10:28:00
Wow I'll chat to myself..where is MAN ON! when you need him. COYS!
05/09/2014 10:29:00
It must be Frank's birthday too then. :)
Love totty
05/09/2014 10:29:00
As long as Pele10 doesn't give me his version of the history, we should be pleased and rejoice the survival and development of our club. Hope the directors enjoy their slice of the birthday cake and give some thoughts for the Fans who have played their role in making THFC for what it is. COYS!
05/09/2014 10:40:00
05/09/2014 10:40:00
Love totty - but Frank is 133 today Happy Birthday Frank, I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK....
spu 4 life
05/09/2014 10:44:00
Getting picked up on a saturday morning at 9-30am by my dad's friend from work, with his wife and son, up the A10 stopping at Cheshunt if a game was on in the morning, then onto the land, parking up down Northumberland Park, a drink and a sandwich, before queueing outside the Park Lane waiting for the gates to open at 1-30pm, timed to get within the first 5, then up the stairs to get a front seat behind the goal in then the upper stand, like a kid in a sweet shop waiting to see Jimmy Greaves etc play, my visits started in January 1967, going to the FA cup games, standing at Birmingham on my box, my dad had made for me, I missed the semi final because it was the same day as England Schoolboys game at Wembley, but I returned to see Spurs beat Chelsea, only the start of watching THFC, happy days.
spu 4 life
05/09/2014 11:01:00
Great memories there Spu 4 Life! My best memory was seeing Glenda's last game at WHL and like typical Roy of the Rovers stuff he scores a memorable goal for us fans to take away with us. Jumping on the fence like a emotions was all over the place. A mix of joy, sadness and euphoria. Bit like most Spurs fans I guess :) COYS!
05/09/2014 11:08:00
Best memory travelling up to Spurs from Uni. with a scouse mate in 1966 to watch Greaves & Gilzean etc beat the Pool 1-0.Unfortunately we were in the middle of the Liverpool supporters & when I went into the full celebration leaping as the the ball went in ,it took all my mates diplomacy to save me from a good hiding from giant dockers!Can't remember who scored the goal though.
05/09/2014 11:13:00
Sitting in the disabled area (I'm in a wheelchair) 1999, v LeArse at The Lane. Sherwood scored our second, I wheeled back, turned round and kissed my Spurs shirt in front of thousands of Scum fans. There was a huge surge as they came forwards towards me and one tiny teenaged female steward held the entire lot of them back... needless to say my mate was kacking his pants!!! Great times... even better cause we beat them!!
05/09/2014 11:21:00
Hahaha brilliant olliewebb. It must have felt amazing..I mean scary and exciting at the same time. Greavesaboveall I have to say I had a similar incident at WHL. Brought a gooner friend with me to watch Spurs v Sheffield Wednesday. Half time annoucements and my stupid mate jumped up when he heard Arse were beating Leeds 2-1. Needless to say every fan within hear shot were bearing down on us. I think I mumbled that he had a accumulator bet and was on couse to win a few grand. Not sure they believed me but believe me I never took him again lol. COYS!
05/09/2014 11:49:00
Happy Spurs Day!
05/09/2014 11:58:00
05/09/2014 12:01:00
There is nothing I hate or have hated about THFC. I'm all loved up. Call me blind, call me a fool, call me crazy! Call me anything you like but, never, ever call me a Gooner!
05/09/2014 12:04:00
No a.k.a.james1spurs, not scary.... I'd have knocked them all on their arse!! Lucky for them the itty bitty steward held them back!!
05/09/2014 12:41:00
Best memory has to be watching Gazzas free kick against the filth in the North London cup at Wembley in 1991. It doesnt get any better than that for me. Is Gascoigne going to have a go, he is you know,
05/09/2014 13:15:00
New announcement on official site
05/09/2014 13:42:00
Best memories listening to Tottenham on the radio over 35 years ago. Worse memories paying out well over £100 to take my son to WHL when we played a bottom of the league club and we lost. Good memories taking my mum to WHL with my son. Very good memory when I went to see Forest and Spurs at Forest and only managed to get a Forest ticket. I then used my femininity and told the stewards I was scared being in the Forest end, they moved me into the Spurs end. Another good memory was being at the last CC final when we beat Chelsea, got a free ticket, but again it was a Chelsea one. I stood up and screamed when we scored while all the Chelsea fans just stood and looked at me. It pays being female. Great memories of CL and many great memories of the class of players who wore the shirt, too many to mention, since I have been a fan for 43 years. Worse memories all the terrible changes in managers and losing to Arsenal. Great memory even though I wasn't present was my son and his one month old baby go to WHL. Worse memories not just applied to Tottenham but to football, becoming a business with silly money being involved. One of the best ever memories was being at Sheffield when Ricky and Ossie arrived, the blue and white confetti was amazing. Bad memory seeing people being stretched out of the football ground with blood on their face, fans, not players. Finally best memory is being a fan.
05/09/2014 13:51:00
Agree Paxton, Gazza's free kick and that semi final were special. My school had a prize giving at the end of the year and Gary Mabbut turned up to say some words and hand out the prizes a couple of months after. Also enjoyed the 9-1 game against Wigan if only for the fact I just couldn't believe what was happening. Was even better as I took a couple of mates along who support other clubs - great advert for our club.
05/09/2014 14:08:00
Best memory - mid-nineties - beat Saints 2-0 at the lane and had a pre-match VIP tour of the changing rooms, then mixing with legends afterwards in the players lounge. Worst moment - 1987 cup final - got drunk as a skunk and cried my eyes out.
Love totty
05/09/2014 14:22:00
Mixed emotions this memory. Witnessing the talent of a certain Paul Gascoigne when he was at Newcastle and telling my Dad that he was going to be the best player in the world. Well I wasn't far off but when he signed for Spurs..well let me say my heart skipped a beat. Gazza should have been one of the greatest players the World had ever seen. Thankfully we got to see him at his best in a Spurs shirt in a very short career. COYS!
05/09/2014 14:42:00
Paxton, that was my 20th birthday! what a day!! I always had shirts as a kid, cos my dad, who moved to London in 1959, and watched every team in London play (avid Shamrock Rovers fan as a kid) to get his kicks, thankfully decided on Spurs over West Ham!!! mainly due to the style of play, but I think he saw through the dark side subliminally! (thank God). but my first vivid memory was the FA cup final in 1981, and the replay especially, with Ricky the Legend scoring "THAT" goal. me and my dad, and my 2 kid brothers ran around the street, literally, fuelled on pop and sweets, until the batteries ran out!!

Happy birthday my beloved Spurs.. more memories for me and my kids now please!!
Dublin Hotspur
05/09/2014 14:54:00
Where you been Dublin. Good to see you back :) COYS!
05/09/2014 15:00:00
although i wasnt there, the picture of Dave Mackay grabbing Billy Bremner always makes me smile when i see it, in fact im smiling now just thinking about it. History and stories, listening to my dad and gramp talking about the sides in the 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's and now me telling my son about the 90's, 00's & 10's (few trophies but great stories).
05/09/2014 15:14:00
Great memories guy's and all together would make a great book, Mid-week games as well, getting out of school early with a dentist appointment and going to the lane was special. No more special then the 1984 final vs Anderlech 2nd leg, I have watched that video so many times, being in the lower shelf, middle of the half way line and paxton road with my dad, when Roberts scored jumping around like a nutter hugging people I have never met before or since, as anyone will remember, that place was rocking, you could feel the stadium moving, it was amazing and having parked in the school on white hart Lane, which has homes on it now, unable to move, horns going all the way to the A10 junction at the lights, it just seems like yesterday, when I think back.
spu 4 life
05/09/2014 16:04:00
Many happy returns THFC. My first game at THFC....1982..vs Ipswich. 45k approx' attended. Clemence saved a penalty, right in front of me...and Hod' the God scored the winner. Fav' Memories....1984...Uefa cup home games. Attended the 3 night finals (1/4's/ semi'/ final). I also stood on the Bottom east terrace the night Tony Parks became our hero. So many Fond memories from that day and era.............some very personal and centre on my parents becoming a family again.
05/09/2014 16:36:00
Hi James, Just a break, combination of business constraints (starting another) and just fed up with the closed season and window! Will check in as much as poss! hope all is good with you and the family fella!
same to you spu 4 life. saw your message the other day and forgot to reply! (sorry) quiet on the GGs with the flat but had a decent good wood as usual (M Johnson,,, legend).

Love these memory threads! cheers ox!
Dublin Hotspur
05/09/2014 17:18:00
1st memory at Spurs as a was being passed over everybody head to the front so I could see the match, 2nd memory was was Jimmy Greaves goal against Blackpool - MUSTARD. Happy Birthday SPURS
05/09/2014 19:12:00
Walking down to Turnpike Lane bus station with my big brother to get the bus up the Great Cambridge Road to White Hart Lane. Walking down past the cemetery under the railway bridge up to the High Road and following the masses into Paxton Road. Stopping at a green grocers on the way to pick up an orange box to stand on. Buying the program and a little blue star with a Tommy Harmer or Johnny Brookes photo in it. Queuing at the turnstile and into the ground. In those days you could walk all round the ground from any entrance. Getting to my brother's favourite place behind the goal and waiting for the McNamarras Band theme tune and the roar from the crowd. Spine tingling! Great times even in the mid 50's with the remains of the "Push and run" side still playing. The beginning of Bill Nicks reign and the first game 10-4 win over Everton.
08/09/2014 18:32:00
Nice post longtime, I can certainly relate to that. Remember waiting for the 'pink' Evening Standard edition that came out soon after the game ended. Everyone rushing to get a copy to see the other results and what the ladder looked like. My favourite newspaper ever!
09/09/2014 02:07:00
CanUKSpur...yesI had the privilege of crowd surfing as it's called nowadays. Trying to get sat behind the goal with the concrete wall at my back, not so much chance of a ball in the face there. ........ Geoffspur. I'd forgotten about the PINK standard Yes all the other results were a must have. Do you remember the boards around the stadium pitch-side where the half-time scores were put up? Little wooden numbers on them to indicate the score and the alphabet to identify the games from the program. No such thing as technology back then.. lol
09/09/2014 13:08:00
longtime ... Yes, I remember everyone waiting to see the numbers go up for the half-time scores. And the larger-than-normal programs. I had all the programs (including all the 'Double' home games), but I left them all behind when I came to Oz ... Boy, do I regret that!!
09/09/2014 13:44:00
Geoffspur ... that was a silly thing to do. Could be worth a few bob nowadays, but don't think I'd sell if I had them. I've just finished reading a great book. "Bill Nicholson Revisited" by Norman Giller (used to be football correspondent back then). In it he writes that after the World Cup in 1958 the Sheffield Wednesday then general manager, Eric Taylor, sounded out Bill Nick to become team manager at Hillsborough! That wasn't something I remember hearing off back then. Of course the Owls were our biggest rivals under Harry Catterick when we did the double. Funny old game!
09/09/2014 13:56:00
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