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Harry Kane Injury Update

Harry Kane Injury Update

Harry Kane will have a scan on his injured ankle today (Monday 13 March 2017) but does this mean he'll be out for the rest of the season?

Speaking after Spurs mauled Millwall 6-0 yesterday Poch said...

Harry has twisted his ankle, the same ankle that was injured before. Now it's a matter of waiting.

'We will assess him today (Sunday) and see what happens. It's difficult. It looks a similar situation to when he was injured against Sunderland earlier in the season.

'We need to assess him. It's too difficult to give a real level of how his ankle is. We hope it's not a big issue, but it looks similar.

'It will be difficult for him to play against Southampton on Sunday, but we need to be cautious.'

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Date:Monday March 13 2017
Time: 10:09AM


Hope we make the finals... Vincent going on a goal runy now would be great... Kane scan with a good result would be greater
13/03/2017 12:13:00
Now Harry is out and, for ever how long that will be, we will get to see the true strength of our squad and players. I personally don't think we should use his early season absence as a guide to how we will perform this time around. After initially doing well without him our form dipped but, as a team, when he returned, that poor form still continued for a few matches, until we got back on track....... As a team, we have consistently continued throughout the season to create many very good goalscoring chances in most games. I see no reason for that not to continue and in Son and Dele at least, we have two players that have scored a total of thirty goals this season and share a total of nine assists. There is also the unproven (so far) quantity that is Janssen. It may well be that his early season stint (however unproductive), could prove to stand him in good stead this time around. I'm confident.... Harry will of course be missed but hopefully not as badly as many of us Spurs supporters are now fearing..... We do have a very good team and the way they all celebrated VJ's well taken goal yesterday, I think their camaraderie and fighting spirit can see them shine, with or without Mr. Kane.
13/03/2017 13:57:00
..... not to forget, Eriksen's 9 goals and 16 assists!
13/03/2017 14:25:00
Yeah. Eriksen... Not bad considering he's been (allegedly) rubbish all season. And Janssen is now on five. How many has he started? Can't be many more than ten, which, if you're a stat fanatic, ain't so shabby for a young, struggling back-up foreign striker. He may have started many more - I really don't know. I'm just happy painting a colourful picture. :D
13/03/2017 18:45:00
I love the way there always seems to be a happy, clappy response with us. Leicester will fall away, Chelsea will fall away, losing Kane won't hurt us... it goes on. In the real world the chances of us beating first Chelsea then City or Arsenal without Kane are virtually zero. The chances of us holding on to a top four position have also been hit hard. What we should be asking is why Kane was playing in the Millwall game in the first place. They offered no threat and we scored six after Kane left the pitch.
14/03/2017 08:20:00
Lets just wait on the Kane problem before we half fill the glass...

Never know, Janssen may keep him out of the team from here on !!

14/03/2017 08:50:00
jod - hindsight is always 20/20. Imagine we hadn't started Kane and lost the game. You would be the first person arguing that it was a terrible decision and that if we wanted a serious shot at a trophy, we should have played our strongest team in the FA Cup quarters. It almost seems as though you are taking the opposite angle just for argument's sake. Do you honestly believe that we shouldn't have played our strongest team in a FA Cup quarter? I fully agree with you that we will miss Kane, and that a top 4 finish has just gotten harder, but we do have a relatively easy run-in, both Manchester clubs are still in 3 competitions and spread out thinner than we are, so it could yet be worse.
14/03/2017 08:52:00
This being said jerkin, considering 4 of Janssen's 5 goals have come from the penalty spot, we can't exactly call it a season for the ages either... 5 goals in 29 appearances (8 starts, 5 of them in the PL). Vincent has 1 goal from 15 PL apps (a penalty), 2 goals from 2 League Cup apps (2 penalties), 2 goals from 3 FA Cup apps (a penalty and the goal v. Millwall), the rest of the apps are from the CL/EL with no goals.
14/03/2017 09:01:00
Thing is, last time we lost Kane we all sort of knew that the rest would do him some good as he had played so many games for club and country. He was looking a little out of sorts. We definitely can't say that this time around. He's looked really fresh and is scoring for fun. Kane will miss the Southampton game and the international break. That's certain. As we move into April we have 4 tricky, winnable league games but in a 15 day period before the semi-final and NLD. It is then time for the squad players to step up.
14/03/2017 09:34:00
4real BS, lets at least keep it real!!.
14/03/2017 09:47:00
BelgianSpur - I love the way you can read my mind, except of course you can't. I would have put Kane on the bench and started with Janssen, an opportunity for him to gain some confidence against weak opposition. I would have been tempted to give Wimmer a run out in place of Vertonghen for the same reason. A one nil win was actually all that we needed, the extra goals count for nothing, not even goal difference. Your problem is you don't really seem to be able to properly assess risk, you are looking for a risk free option that is just not available. Beating Millwall counts for nothing if we can't beat Chelsea and then City or Arsenal. Losing Kane could cost us both the Cup and a Champions League spot. Playing him was actually a much bigger gamble than not playing him, but you can't see that.
14/03/2017 10:21:00
If Kane gets back for the Arsenal game there's no great problem, imo.
14/03/2017 11:47:00
Jod .... I’m sure everyone on here gets the realities of football just like you do. But, they also like to be optimistic, hope for the best, understand that anything is possible, and accept the result whichever way it goes ... just like you don’t.
14/03/2017 11:56:00
All I said was that I hope we don't miss Harry as much as we all fear... Not happy or clappy. Not unreal. If one chooses to be down about the unknown future then so be it. I can't be bothered to upset myself about that which has yet to happen and so I highlighted the good stuff to make me feel a bit better. So sue me!......... Get well soon Harry. Apparently our team is rubbish without you.
14/03/2017 12:21:00
Well I will just add that to the long list of things jod thinks I can't do, or anyone else for that matter. Please do continue to enlighten us as if we are a bunch of 6 year olds who know nothing about football. I personally think that starting two hugely out-of-form players in Janssen and Wimmer, in a knockout game (as opposed to the league, where dropped points one week aren't nearly as impactful over the long term as losing a single elimination game), would have been a ridiculous decision. We are all capable of assessing the risk associated with any decision, and their impact on following games. When we post, we are doing so knowing the consequences, but believing that it's still the best decision. The way I see it, the problem isn't starting Kane, as injuries are impossible to predict (although I'm sure you can, as you always seem to know better). The real problem is not having enough depth to cope with his injury.
14/03/2017 15:54:00
Jod, in the end and precisely because of Kane going off so early in the match, I'd say that the 6 goals count for a lot. Son scoring a hat trick as well as Janssens goal and the other two scoring has got to be a huge positive going into all the remaining matches with or without Harry. It has to be a huge confidence boost for the whole team and Pochettino himself. 6-0 is most definitely always much better than 1-0, even in a knock-out match and even if both scores (of course) end with the same result, a win.
14/03/2017 16:34:00
Anyway, as of yet we don't know the full extent of Kane's injury. It looked bad but let's just see what the scan results come up with before assuming the worse. Whatever happens we will just have to get on with it.
14/03/2017 16:41:00
Speaking of having a winning mentality or not. (Which we weren't). This season, Spurs have the most PL points gained (14) when coming back from a losing position. Just thought I'd share it with you all. ;-)
14/03/2017 16:56:00
Now that you've brought it up ... I don't understand why anyone would want to watch a sport like football when every game has one or sometimes two teams completely devoid of a wining mentality. It's obviously a sport for losers!
14/03/2017 17:11:00
There isn't a problem, until it occurs!. Sorry for stating the obvious!. However, my 'downer' moment is an echo of Frank's regular 'rant' here that THFC has failed to address a glaringly obvious deficiency in the squad for three seasons. As such it is difficult to see how we can address Kane's absence, especially in this vital part of the season. (Come back Frank). Jannsen's muted celebration told me all I need to know about how he feels being made to be a peripheral part of the team. 5 mins in one game and 6 in another does no one any good with their confidence and building some understanding with team mates. Far too much emphasis on training ground showings imo. Eriksen must be knocking 100's of free kicks from all angles in training and his corners must also be best om training. Onomah must be impressing more than Jannsen to make the bench more frequently. Poch immediately identifying Son as an alternative was another kick in the teeth for Vincent, as was leaving him on bench when he was the only recognised striker available after 7 mins of the game. Let's see how the others rise up to the challenge. I am no longer optimistic for the rest of the season. At least a season end collapse can't be blamed on fatigue! Hope my concerns are totally unfounded and I will gladly eat a huge slice of the proverbial pie. COYS!
14/03/2017 19:04:00
Kane has ligament damage same as September but not thought to be as severe!
Ahren Perry
14/03/2017 20:05:00
BelgianSpur - I really don't think you understand risk analysis at all. There are two components, how likely is it to happen and what are the consequences if it does. So for the Millwall game the risk of not playing Kane was presumably we would lose the game. How likely was it to happen ? very unlikely as they were completely toothless. By putting Kane on the bench you would also have some insurance if things got sticky. What about consequences ? none as far as the league goes, given the teams in the last four of the Cup missing out on a 25% (ie 1 in 4) chance of the Cup if Kane stayed fit. Conversely playing him the risk is obviously - he gets injured. Again the risk is low but he has already had one injury this season, a lower league team is likely to be cruder in the tackle and as the front man he is likely to get the most attention so the risk is clearly there. The consequences though are high, with Kane reportedly out for at least seven weeks we could see not just our Cup campaign over but the end of our top four chances and another season back in the poisoned chalice of the Europa. You don't appear to go through this process at all. Rather you seem to base everything on simple fear, so afraid to lose the next game you don't think about potential consequences further down the line.
15/03/2017 09:13:00
jod, Sorry to come in on this, but imo, whilst you, like many others, are miffed with Kane's injury, there are two elements re risk management in this instance. Firstly, as cited by others, injuries CAN occur anywhere, any time, even just getting off the team coach! Having seen the risk of losing a match v Wycombe, Poch imo did the right thing starting Kane. However the second point that hurts more is, and as Frank mentioned it on numerous occasions, our risk management (squad wise) left a lot to be desired by not having adequate (like-4-like) cover for Kane's absence. IMO, it is the latter where we failed. May be Poch was managing the risk by starting Kane and hoping to sub him at half time. But Sh!t happens. When we only have ONE solitary recognised/proven striker, it becomes all the harder to risk manage him. The fault lies in another department altogether. COYS!
15/03/2017 10:21:00
jod - I understand risk analysis just fine, but you make the big mistake of assuming that what should happen always will. It's easy to look back now and say Millwall were toothless. Did you look at Wycombe in the earlier rounds, and think that they were going to pose a threat? Would you have put money on us conceding 3 against them, us trailing to them in the 88th minute and relying on a 97th minute winner to beat them? Millwall eliminated 3 PL teams on the way to our game. How likely was that? I thoroughly disagree with your analysis that they posed no threat. For all we know we could have conceded a silly goal from a set piece (as we have done many times this season) in the first 10 minutes and the game would have been a very different one (and assessing the likelihood of that happening is just as risky as assessing Kane's chances of getting injured). You are just making assumptions that the game as it happened was the only possible outcome before the game even started. I can point to many examples of unlikely things happening in football. While I can accept that you disagree and have a different point of view, I struggle with your superior tone in a lot of your posts and I would invite you to take this into consideration from now on.
15/03/2017 11:01:00
Unfortunately, the manager is wrong whatever he does. If he puts out a "second string" team (as he did against Wycombe), he takes the chance that we might just get humiliated by a "bunch of minnows", which almost happened! This time he puts out a much stronger team against (perceived) inferior opposition and Harry Kane gets injured. We can't wrap "first teamers" in cotton wool. The manager picks the team that HE considers necessary to overcome the opposition, and if a player gets injured, so be it. As for having an understudy for Harry, where are we going to get one? Someone who is a proven goalscorer at one team is going to be a guaranteed starter at that team. He isn't going to come here to be Harrys understudy. Lets face it, there aren't many strikers in world football who are good enough to dislodge Harry from the number one spot at Spurs. He's injured, but signs are that it's not as bad as we first thought. We'll just have to get on without him. Who knows? Maybe Vincent will suddenly go on a scoring run or Sonny will take up the mantle. Look on the bright side, the scorers against Wycombe were.........Sonny, Vincent and Dele. The scorers against Millwall were...Sonny, Vincent, Dele and Christian!! Maybe a sign?
15/03/2017 11:11:00
spurboy - A club like Southampton have 3 strikers who have found the net in the PL with great regularity over several seasons in Austin, Rodriguez, and Long, and all of them are on the bench as Giabaddini is playing. So I don't think that finding a PL goalscorer without promising a starting position is impossible to do. None of them are as good as Kane, but they represent better alternatives than what we have. While we can't find a perfect solution, we could already drastically improve the situation.
15/03/2017 11:25:00
Belgian, I understand what you're saying, but we spent a great deal of money (£17m?) on Vincent Janssen at the start of the season. So far, he hasn't found the net regularly. What do you suggest we do now? Tell him to go away and just pick up another striker? The transfer window is closed until the end of the season. We could have gone for one in the January window, but we all know that nobody wants to let their best players go mid season, and if they do, they demand silly money for them. We've bought a few dud strikers in the past, Bent, Rebrov, Pavlyuchenkov, Soldado etc, so we know that what a striker has done in the past is no guarantee as to what he'll do in a Spurs shirt. We bought Janssen after he scored 27 goals for AZ in 2015/6 with the hope that he could do the same for us, and as we know, he hasn't done that yet. As a club, we aren't rich enough to be able to just write off £17m, so it looks as if we'll have to live in hope for a while yet.
15/03/2017 12:05:00
spurboy - I would suggest that we have written off far more than 17 million on players unable to make an impact recently - Paulinho and Soldado being two obvious examples who were moved on after failing to live up to their promise. We moved on from Stambouli after just one season, coming to the conclusion that he was never going to make it. Whether Janssen is similar to those cases is up for debate, but we can most definitely say that we have plenty of experience dealing with these scenarios. Obviously there is nothing we can do between now and July, but the question is what to do in July? Do we move on from Janssen? Do we keep him but hedge our bets by buying a 3rd striker as insurance, or do we just persevere with Kane and Janssen believing/hoping that Janssen will finally come good? My personal preference would be scenario two. Carrying 3 strikers in a squad is far from unheard of.
15/03/2017 13:55:00
Belgian, I agree that we've written off loads of money in the past, including a massive wedge of the Bale money we received. My point is that we now have a massive financial investment to try to pay off, i.e, the new stadium. I don't see us being in a situation where we can afford to throw money after players who might make the grade at Spurs. I would guess that Spurs will hope that Son and Janssen can score enough goals in Kanes absence to get us to the Cup final and keep us in the top 4. After that, I don't see us having the cash to go after another proven goalscorer, we all know that they are almost priceless!! I can see us looking to find an inexpensive unproven youngster who will eventually come good, or maybe promoting a youngster through the ranks, (we did it with Harry!!) Hope I'm just being pessimistic about our financial future.
15/03/2017 14:38:00
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