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Is Ross Barkley Worth £30m, £20m...?

Is Ross Barkley Worth £30m, £20m...?

This is not the first Vital Spurs article about Ross Barkley's possible move to Tottenham, but I have a sneaky suspicion it will be the last.

If I'm honest I'm sick to death about hearing about him. I wish the rumours, stories and utter claptrap would simply disappear.

One minute the Everton midfielder is touted as leaving the Toffee's for £50m, then, as the transfer window dwindles away figures suggest Tottenham could offer £30m, £20m...

Crystal ball

We all know it, don't we? If we ever sign Barkley it will be confirmed on transfer deadline day. The fee will remain confidential however, figures will eventually sneak their way out. But one thing is for sure, cash leaving the THFC coffers will be nothing like anything we've been reading / talking about.

Is Ross Barkley Worth £30million?

Courtesy uMAXit Football.

In the end I hope Chelsea get the injury prone self-centred 23-year-old.

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Date:Wednesday August 23 2017
Time: 10:06AM


By saving £10,000,000 on the purchase price, we can afford to pay an extra £38k per week in wages over 5 years. Added that Barkley has been injured why rush to sign him.
23/08/2017 10:44:00
What Everton have done this summer is just rolled over to every other football chairman and paid way over the odds for some average players. They are the biggest villains here as they've broken the unwritten pact between the rest of the Prem teams who run their clubs properly. They are like a kiddy in a sweet shop. The other villains are the gutter press who have just made stuff up all summer. They change the player's valuation every other week and make out that he has wage demands of £150k. I would hope that most fans can see through all that stuff. Some obviously can't.

Barkley is anything but "self centred". In fact, his dignified silence is admirable during last season after Hodgson had rejected his talents in the Euro's followed by Koeman talking publicly during the season. All he did was get his head down and train hard and actually played really well for Everton. He improved and showed way more consistency under Koeman. However, it's his prerogative that he doesn't want to sign a new deal with Everton. That doesn't make him a bad person and definitely doesn't make him a poor player. He is exactly the type of player that this Spurs squad need. Just go an watch the Liverpool derbies again from last season and tell me who was the most fired up and passionate guy on that football pitch for both matches. In fact he should have walked in both for bad tackles but showed other managers what he's all about. That's why someone like Poch wants to bring him in and nurture his talents and make him the player that his undoubted talent warrants. He's a game changer.

As for what he's worth, that's the tough bit. With less than a year left on his contract and being injured confuses things. What he's worth to Spurs over a 5 year contract is probably way more than £30m but that doesn't mean we should pay that. We might do though, knowing what he could do in a Spurs shirt for the long term as players like Eriksen and Alli move to other clubs over the coming years.
23/08/2017 10:45:00
The way I look at it, on a longer term deal and fit, Barkley is a 35-40 million player (because of his production, age, nationality, HG status, etc). The fact that he only has a year left on his deal (and the chance that Everton see him sign a pre contract for free somewhere in January becomes more real by the day), that price has to come down in the 25 million range. Depending on whether the injury reports are true, if he indeed is going to miss 2 months due to injury, that's another 5 million off the price. I'd say that a deal of 20 million plus another 7 or 8 in add-ons would be a good deal for all parties involved. Everton can quote a price in the press near the 30 million mark, and we get an acceptable deal for a player who can be great on his day.
23/08/2017 11:39:00
If you could have one of either Ross Barkley or Keita Blade, who would be your choice?
23/08/2017 12:01:00
You can bet your bottom dollar that we will demand £50 mill for an injured Rose (Not played since January) and insist on paying 20 mill for an injured Barkley! Neither have career threatening injuries. Personally looking to drive the price down could lead us to being gazumped.
23/08/2017 12:07:00
Good point Critical. Reports are that Chelsea are interested, although that could be Everton trying to drive the price up. If we really want him then go and get him - I would say a fair fee would be £25m plus £5m add -ons.
23/08/2017 12:21:00
Critical - true, Levy plays by his own rules and they are changing rules depending on which end of the bargain he's on! But the big difference is how much time is left on both contracts. Barkley's is expiring, whereas Rose is on a long term deal.
23/08/2017 12:30:00
Legend123 - I would always prefer a proven PL player rather than someone from a foreign league, especially a league with a playing style so different than the PL. Balde plays for Senegal so there is also the CAN problem every few years.This being said, they play in different positions so I don't know why it has to be one or the other.
23/08/2017 12:33:00
A proven Premier League player? Maybe, but his consistency to date hasn't been great for me. I think Poch probably could turn him into a great player, but Wouldn't pay more than 25m. Perhaps irrational, but I'm also always a bit concerned that Northerners are more likely to want to head back North e.g. Walker/Rose whereas Keita Balde would be cheaper, younger and easier to sell if not good enough. Barkley only has a year left, so why not wait and get someone else now?
23/08/2017 12:57:00
I would not even pay his wages, let alone a transfer fee. He is not an attacking midfielder. He may have potential in another position (yet another prospect?) but I am not interested in that. There are only tow end products of value from an attacking midfielder: goals and assists. Barkley's stats are woeful in regard to both. We have enough dead wood as it is. Three players cost around £80 million between them and they contribute nothing in terms of attacking end product. Get rid of them and get just one top quality replacement - that rules out Barkley and Meyer - another who is over-hyped.
23/08/2017 12:58:00
I wonder if Rose is having his ears bashed in Levy's office. Allegedly a meeting to take place today!
23/08/2017 13:10:00
Up until recently, I thought a lot of the players linked with us, including Barkley ticked a lot of boxes when it comes to Poch's criteria. But I wonder if Levy has added a lot more boxes on that list leading to not being able to find a single player that can improve the squad. It's the start of 'Another 48 hours'!
23/08/2017 13:13:00
Like Berahino, he'll probably end up at Stoke....playing alongside Wimmer.
23/08/2017 13:15:00
In other news...Kyle Walker-Peters has signed a new contract at Tottenham to keep him at the club until 2020.
23/08/2017 13:16:00
Answer to the headline: No but Keita Balde is.
23/08/2017 14:07:00
Parklaneyido - Barkley has been an automatic starter For Everton in recent years and has accumulated more than 150 PL apps despite being only 23. I'm not sure how many more you need to call him a proven PL player. With regards to his consistency, that's a fair point, but it's also the reason why he would make sense for us. If he was the finished article (a Kevin De Bruyne now), well we couldn't afford him for one, and I doubt such a player would even join without guarantees of starting. Given our wage policy, financial realities and current squad, we're not going to sign anyone without flaws. The question is: can we iron those out and with Barkley the answer probably is yes. Of course there are better players out there, but they are out of our league. As far as being able to offload young players who don't make it at Spurs, I'm not seeing anyone bite our hand off to buy Vincent Janssen. Balde is another one of Danny Rose's "you had to Google him to know who he was" players and we have enough of those.
23/08/2017 14:40:00
Brian1042 - not that I am looking to defend Barkley at all costs, but last year, Barkley's 8 assists ranked in the top 10 in the PL, and would have ranked higher than anyone at Spurs not named Eriksen. Barkley has scored 13 goals in the last 2 seasons. In that same time Eriksen has only scored one more. I am all for expressing opinions and if you feel Barkley isn't good enough, that's fine. But if you are going to point to goals and assists, get them right. You have to recognise that Barkley's are better than the average PL footballer. Nobody is saying he's the best midfielder in the PL, but the club could do a lot worse for someone who is essentially going to be 3rd choice at best, and probably 4th or 5th choice in the attacking midfield positions (depending on Son's performances and Lamela's fitness).
23/08/2017 14:52:00
asherthesmasher - 30 million for a player who has never kicked a ball in the PL, and one good season behind him? His stats actually compare to Lamela's when he was at Roma. We already have a player like that, we just need to get him fit. Coincidentally, 30 million is what we paid for Lamela.
23/08/2017 15:00:00
I want this to happen because I genuinely believe Barkley is the right man to give us more strength and deepth in our squad. If we can pay 30m for Sissoko then there is no reason why we cann't pay 30m for Barkley, injured or not. Barkely has lost his way a bot but he had a ok season last year after getting his head down after being overlooked by England and his manager going public over his performances, that shows maturity and respect, exactly what we need. He has also been quiet all summer and went back training although he is supposingly injured again, but no going on strike, no tantrums this lad seems decent enough in his attitude and mood.

As for his abilities, he has a lot of potential, I am not concerned about his inconsitencies, he is still young and sometimes when you have been at the same club for years from an early age you come to a stand still and need a change to refresh and push on, this is what I feel is needed for Barkley. He was given a lot of pressure at a early age and he is at a stage now where he needs a challenge and a chcnge of environment to see if he can reach his potential, what better place than Tottenham.

I think he will be silly to go elsewhere, Chelsea will not use him when they have their players back and they constantly changing managers, Utd there is too much competition, but at Spurs we have consitency with our players and managers and the best Pl manager at getting the best out of youngsters, he will thrive I feel if he is prepared to work hard and bide his time.

I see no reason why he cannot break in to the first team at some point probably in midfield, Dembele position, slightly more forward than Wanyam/Dier and Winks will continue to psuh on and help out relieving Wanyama and Dier and play in cups and get some minutes in some first team games. I see Barkley as a replacement for Dembele eventually, may be in his prime, another two or three seasons, but expect him to get some decent game time. Dembele will feel the bigger wembley pitch and playing twice a week will take its toll, he will need resting, there are enough games for Barkley to fit in and I ant this to happen. I feel we should pay 30m if that is expected but if we can get his cheaper then obviously any businessman/woman would try to, it wouldn't bother me if we paid 30, 35m for him in this inflated window but due to his contract running out I think its fair to say 20-30 is more reasonable. I will then let Sissoko go.
23/08/2017 17:29:00
Barkley is out for appox 3 months with injury, - and if the rumor is true that he is prepared to take a cut on the wages Everton was ready to offer him and he really want to come to us, - Levy will get him on a free in the next Summer window. Furthermore we got Eriksen and Alli who IMO are both better players in that particular position. I say spend the money on somebody else and in a different position. Balde is who we need, - in fact our team is and have been lacking a pacey winger for decades. Fingers crossed, - that the rumor is true and that we indeed have made an offer for him.
24/08/2017 07:49:00
On the other hand, - Levy seem to be on fire, - so let's sign both Barkley and Balde... :))
24/08/2017 07:54:00
Im also hoping we get both.
24/08/2017 10:25:00
You don't pay the kind of money in transfer fees and wages that is being suggested for Barkley when he is no more than a squad player, a backup to the better players we already have. Its one of the things that worries me about comments on this site. People talk about improving the squad then it turns out its about players who aren't as good as the current ones.
24/08/2017 11:27:00
jod-Barkley is better than Sissoko and I do believe he will get better under Poch, right age as well and I think he will come for equal or less wages than Sissoko is on, simply because he knows Poch can improve players and he wants a England call up. I also think he is at this moment a better option than GK who has no PL experience, while he has pace and trickery he isn't imo going to bring steel and experience we need at times, Barkley will. So who else is on the bench as a midfielder who is better than Barkley, Lamela well he isn't fit and the jury is still out on him. Winks, coming along nicely but that is it. So I don't understand your comments that Barkley isn't as good as our current squad players. I disagree I say he is better than some on the bench in his position.
24/08/2017 14:06:00
jod - didn't we just spend 42 million on a player unlikely to start for us this year? didn't we spend 30 million last year on a squad player in Sissoko?
25/08/2017 10:38:00
Not sure about Gazzinga though ??
25/08/2017 22:56:00
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