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Are You Being Brainwashed?

Are You Being Brainwashed?

We Tottenham Hotspur supporters often ridicule ourselves, and that is without the media and opposing fans putting their two pennithworth into the debate.

Are you being brainwashed?

Advertisers say if they are to get their message across they have to repeat their commercials, over and over. The same could be said about the amount of times one hears that club Chairman, Daniel Levy is a tight-fisted so-and-so. On the other hand many say he's a shroud businessman.

A proportion of Spurs' support has long been drawn from the London Jewish community and the three chairmen since 1982 have all been Jewish businessmen with pre-existing degrees of allegiance to the club. Yet the proportion of fans who are Jewish...?

Impossible to know precisely but it is likely to be small.

The thing I'm trying to highlight here is that if you hear a certain message, over and over then it is highly likely you'll begin to believe it. This could be said about transfer rumours, negative reports about THFC etc.

The following two minute video has nothing to do with football. However, it does sort of go hand-in-hand with the above.

So, if you're told often enough that you are useless (thinking of one or two of our players) then it won't be long until your brain will tend to believe it. It a human trait says the chap in the clip.

Are you being brainwashed?


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Date:Wednesday August 23 2017
Time: 11:50AM


I agree that repetition can have an effect. Some people stopped believing the world is flat because they kept hearing the idea that it is round. How stupid is that, A round world? Yea, right!
23/08/2017 13:40:00
So will the water fall off the edge of the flat world when the ice melts. In other news we have purchased a keeper, really exciting stuff huh. The world is flat u say
23/08/2017 14:37:00
yes it is true, the more people buy into a statement the more likely it becomes a belief. Are we being brain washed - not sure. I think what is happening is the media are making good money from us poor sods who buy their papers, read their nonsense in the internet and we are mugs simply because we love football, we love our team and we want to know what is happening when in reality we don't know what is happening most of the time, but our mind likes to be entertained, so the media entertains us, sometimes its good entertainment sometimes its not so good, doesn't matter to the media because either way they are making money.

On another note we have signed Southampton GK - I must admit this window so far has got me completely confused. Last year highest finish and I would say two or three quality players short of pusing on again - a decent striker and a attacking midfielder. What do we do, we sell best RB in PL to a rival. We pay quite a lot of a potential defender when we have the best defence record in the PL. We get a GK when we have two decent enough GK's and I can only assume we paid less for this GK than the onloan GK we had last year was going for, because otherwise it makes no sense. Poch liked Pau and wanted him and yet we felt his price was too high, so I can only assume then this GK cost us less otherwise it would make no sense paying more when Pau was wanted and younger and would have gave us quite a few years whereas this GK already 24 I believe, unlikely to replace Lloris this or next season so he will then be 26ish, so why pay for a GK that is unlikely to be between the sticks when you could have paid for a younger GK - so have we really brought in a cheaper GK?.

Now we are being linked with a disruptive RB, qaulity or not, are we really going to take the risk? another potential CB and no offensive midfielders except Barkley who is unlikely to be ready to play until end of year by the time he recovers and gets match fit and used to Poch demands. Are these signings (four according to Poch) making sense to anyone because they are not inspiring me when we came so close last season. Or has Poch and Levy got a couple of gems up their sleeve they are not telling us about, and Poch saying four players is a red herring to keep the media quiet once we hit that target. May be Poch doesn't count this GK and the Foryth player if he comes in his four as they are not likely to be first teamers, may be he means four potential first teamers and our new CB is one and we are going to see another three plus Foryth?
23/08/2017 17:01:00
Yes we are.... Re our signings
23/08/2017 18:22:00
It'sME, clicks and entertainment indeed. It's a symbiotic relationship. We express ourselves, the press runs with it. Our beliefs are affirmed and we are entertained. Brainwashing???? Not so sure as I believe that the impetus of the media comes from us. Unfortunately that's where the embellished, slanted stories then develop their own lives. The Aurier stories are a great example. Without getting in to the details, I think the questions of his suitability is not for us, at this time, to determine. Fact is, Pochettino is extremely meticulous with the players who come in to our team. Character is soooooo important. I have no doubt that Aurier and Pochettino have spoken. If he is convinced that he is the right man to take us forward and will do so for the team and the fans, I support it 100%. He is an awesome talent who can play right across the back. Let's give him and Pochettino the benefit of the doubt rather than allowing the "brainwashing" to pre-determine how he is.

I don't think the transfer window is all that confusing. From Spurs perspective, we need players to come in and push the players in the starting XI to keep improving and performing. We also need players to step in when there are injuries. This is why there is the push for defenders. We have no PL ready CB's. Sanchez, if not ready, is very close. Aurier is a top CB/FB. Alderweirald (28) and Vertonghen (30) cannot, at this time be replaced by CCV. Forth is coming to press CCV and to be, along with CCV, CB's for the future. Wimmer is not quick enough and does not perform well playing only every once in a while. WE now have 2 options for three at the back and cover for injuries. Dier is not a CB. Wanyama is woeful covering there or at FB. Sancho, if we get him, is the yang to Edwards' yin. Two inverted wingers who play the opposite side and who are for the future. Barkley is seen as cover for Erikssen and Dele in the immediate future and Dembele in the longer term. Most of those seem likely. Diop may come as well. Again, for the future. Box to box MF. So, what of the pacey winger and the striker cover. Balde Diau covers those off. He only wants Juve. Juve won't pay. So he may consider us a better option than non-Juve Serie A. Rumours abound that Janssen and Wimmer will be gone. Seems Nkoudou too. I suspect Rose will be on his way as well. Pochettino will not tolerate players who put themselves above the team, certainly not in public. 3rd keeper is unlikely to play. He is there to keep the other two honest. By the 31st, we will be looking stronger than last season. I have faith in Pochettino and I believe Levy does too. Going to be an interesting last week of August. Get three points against Burnley and bring in the players we need. Then move on to getting Alderweirald under contract and continue on down the line. COYS

24/08/2017 03:32:00
Yes we are being either brain washed or shortchanged, depending on your interpretation, as far as a genuine attempt to improve the squad is concerned. As Peterbalb rightly says we have got no more PL ready cover, or selection options, than we had on May 31st, and not only that we have concentrated our efforts on defenders and a No3 GKer, for some obscure reason, no sign of any attacking impact MF cover, or cover/competition for Kane, so we still only have one proper striker, unless somebody seriously considers Jansson in that role, and Ali and Eriksen our only AMF options. We have MP saying he wanted 4 signings, presumably to include the 3rd string GKer, and the new contract for KWP. As in every transfer window we sit on our hands and miss opportunities.
24/08/2017 09:06:00
Who amongst us can honestly say that Davison Sanchez was on the tip of our tongue as a likely club record transfer in this window, not many if we are honest. I only hope that he turns out to be a wiser investment and better gamble than recent "big money" transfers, after all our recruitment record particularly at the top end of our price range has been woeful. For a club that continually pleads poverty, we waste an awful lot of money on poor signings.
24/08/2017 09:14:00
@Frank "Who amongst us can honestly say that say that Davison Sanchez was on the tip of our tongue as a likely club record transfer in this window" There will always be risk with new signings, whatever their price may be. Also - they might have been playing great for their former clubs, - but there is no guarantee that they will be as successful at their new destination. That is not only true at Spurs, - but in fact at any given club. We as supporters seem to have strong opinions on everything concerning our clubs in this regard and that is well and good, - but in reality, I do believe that Poch is in a much better position than any of us, to make the so very difficult decision when it comes to which players he feel can add quality to our Squad of 'Young Turks'. I personally am delighted to see us signing players of Sanchez's undoubted quality, - I say this after having watched most of Ajax's games last season, - but again as mentioned above only time will tell if he can replicate his great display/form for us.
24/08/2017 10:06:00
Furthermore Frank, - I would worry too much as far as attacking reinforcements are concerned. I go out on a limp here and predict that before this window close down, - we will see a pacey winger, - hopefully Balde being signed up as well. Also it is my understanding that Lamela is not far from fitness, - so we gonna be just fine in that department as well. Believe@COYS
24/08/2017 10:19:00
Nope, we all have our opinions, and football is all about opinions, everybody can say whatever, but if i like a player, its only his performs will change my mind.
24/08/2017 10:20:00
Correction * I Would NOT worry too much*....
24/08/2017 10:20:00
Right you are Ossie :))
24/08/2017 10:22:00
Allan, if you go out on a limp you will be in good company with Lamela.
24/08/2017 11:12:00
AllanDK - Please no more wingers, they don't work at Spurs. Sign a pacy forward (Martial would have been good) and we might have something.
24/08/2017 11:22:00
@Jod, - Wingers don't work at Spurs? We haven't had any wingers at Spurs for decades... Our Team is 'screaming out for Width' Balde is what we need!
24/08/2017 12:09:00
@ Harri-Kari, - I take it that you are not a fan of Lamela?
24/08/2017 12:12:00
AllanDK - Lennon, Townsend, N'jie now N'koudou, have you been watching a different team ? In our system the width is provided by the full backs, that's the problem. A winger occupies the full backs space.
24/08/2017 12:25:00
@Jod, - Lennon Yes, -however a winger who lacked the ability to deliver that final quality cross... Please do not mention Townsend & N'Jie... N'koudou to be fair has seen verylittle playing time, but I am afraid what we have seen so far does not impress me. Surely wing backs provide the width in our system... But you will see different systems applied by Poch if we can get in a player like Balde, - who is perfectly capable of cutting in and attacking from the middle as well in exact same way as Bale did. As far as Martial is concerned, ( IMO a top player) you see the same thing, - employed out wide, with the ability to cut in...
24/08/2017 12:42:00
AllanDK - So its not that we haven't had any wingers, you just like pretending we haven't had any wingers ? You seem to be confusing a winger with an inside forward.
24/08/2017 12:52:00
@Jod Hahaha, no my point is that we haven't had quality wingers, - I apologize if I failed to express myself clearly. :)
24/08/2017 13:52:00
peterballb - The story about Aurier excites me but slightly a little uncomfortable as well. Let me explain. I am a inclusive type of person, and am not against race, religion or sexuality and so forth. He made homophobic remarks and was not sorry. That doesn't sit well with me, and want with any gay fans or even some players if they are close to gay people and have a open inclusive attitude towarss all humans. We don't like racist remarks in the game and we don't want homphobic remarks in the game. However, I am wise and old enough to know there is probably homphobics, ignorant players, fans and managers in the game who just haven't revealed themselves, they have kept their mouth shut, so 'knowing' someone who has shown homophobic tendencies does make it harder to 'accept' than not knowing homophobic people, or racist, sexist and so forth, as it is said 'ignorance is bliss'!.

On the other hand I know humans are flawed, we all are and we are all in a path towards liberation/enlightenment if you like and our ignorance is part of it, and so is forgiveness, so in that respect I can live and let live, and give the lad a chance and look past his behaviour into who he really is in my opinion, a spiritual being having a ignorant human experience, but can others? can players? can other fans? I like to hope so but this is a fact, not everyone will be able to, because as I said, we are all flawed and ignorant and at different stages in our evolutionary path, well that is my opinion, which of course some will disagree and say its all nonsense which I am perfectly fine with, I have no problem with difference of opinions, ideas or theories and so forth.

From a footballing perspective, I think he is exactly what we need, pace, winner and a little edgy it seems, and if Poch can channel it correctly, show him how to improve not only as a player but as a person which is what we keep hearing Poch is all about then that will be beneficial to our club, but also to him as a footballer and person. However, it's a risk, becuase I know from experience, some peoples path to growth is slower than others, like a dripping tap, change only occurs at a very slow rate and if that happens there is potential to cause mayhem when their back is up against the wall, like if they disagree with a decision, get dropped, or fouled even.

I think as well it will be part of a growth spur for Poch and his team, to see how he deals with such a personality, he always look to grow and maybe this is a test he needs, because while I LOVE having what is perceived as NICE players, GOOD players, which of course is only an apparent perception, because we don't really know what these players are like, I do think sometimes you need a little bit of something different, something that often a cocky, player, a daring player, a player with attitude brings, as long as their talent backs it up. I think Dele is the closest we have, streetwise, and if it is channeled properly it can be the difference between winning a tight game, a Derby and not!
24/08/2017 14:22:00
Personally I don't think having two slower wingbacks, Fb playing at the same time works for us, Davies and Trippier. We need at least one side to have pace. Just my opinion. If we don't have pacey FB/wing backs then we need pace on the wings, we don't have that in Dele, Eriksen or Lamela, and Kane isn't pacey. Son is probably the paciest, but GK like Njie haven't done it yet. The problem with pacey wingers we have had they haven't crossed very well. Lennon was my faviourite players for years, but his crossing was woeful, and Poch saw that and did what other managers were scared to do, let him go. He saw it in Townsend as well, and he must have seen similar downfalls in Njie and is it the same with GK? I wonder if Poch prefers pacey from FB and inverted wingers?.

I think what we miss at times as well is a player closing down. If Kane doesn't do it and Dele gets lazy I feel we struggle in that area, that is where Lamela was a gem, he worked his socks of.

I seriously don't think Janssen is going to cut it, he seems like a player like Wimmer who need to play regular to make an impression, neither of them look as fit as the other players, they both seem to have the wrong physical body to me!
24/08/2017 14:32:00
Ben Davies would probably benefit from a pacy winger in front of him, rather than having to do the wing play himself, which imo, he isn't particularly good at.
24/08/2017 18:39:00
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