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Sometimes, Gossip Becomes Reality!

Sometimes, Gossip Becomes Reality!

The gossip surrounding the future of Danny Rose has been around for quite a while now. Gossip, of course, surrounds several of our players when it comes to their future with THFC. Most of it is the usual media tripe but, in the case of Rose, there is a sense of substance and probability.

One of the main reasons is the players own remarks. He has stated that he remembers a time when he was jeered by Spurs fans and the feeling that they did not support him. He is quoted as saying that he will never forget this. This suggests that Rose has unresolved issues about Spurs fans and that he does not feel the same connection to the club or its supporters that most of our other players enjoy. And, to me, this is the crucial factor.

The other major factor in this situation, equally important, is the attitude of MP and the part Rose plays in his future plans. One thing Rose and Mauricio appear to have in common is the inability to forgive a perceived lack of respect. Mauricio is unbending, which bodes ill for the future of Rose at Tottenham. The fact that the club would benefit financially from any transfer activity involving Rose is obvious to all. Everyone would benefit, including Rose, should he be transferred.

A year ago I would have been very disappointed at the thought of Danny Rose leaving but time has a habit of changing one's perspective. He has not appeared on the park for several months and many, many, games ... and, in my opinion, he hasn't been missed. Tottenham has covered his position successfully, which is something Mauricio, the academy, and the transfer window are quite clever at doing. A Rose by any other name could be called Davies or (?).

Media speculation and comments involving most of our players are simply throw-away-articles designed to draw supporters toward any given media outlet. But the continued speculation surrounding Danny Rose has a greater sense of reason to it. It all adds up to a Danny Rose transfer in January unless something happens to affect the situation again. Personally, I'm no longer concerned about him leaving. If he stays, fine. If he leaves, fine. How does everyone else feel?

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Writer:Written by Geofspurs
Date:Friday October 13 2017
Time: 12:55PM


I feel the same as you. This time last year I would have said no to selling him. As he is one of the best LB's/LWB's around. When fit that is. Davies form has been great timing. He has stepped up. I do feel we would need to sign a new LWB if we sell Rose though.
Real Deal
13/10/2017 12:51:00
The question mark is really about pace. Walker and Rose provided most of the speed in our team. Only Son, who doesn't always start, comes close to matching them. Davies and Trippier don't have anything like the same speed. Walker's gone, Aurier has been brought in and is also supposed to be quick but he's still got to show what he can do. Lose Rose and there's not much pace left. Its only really a problem when we are forced to play on the counter. Then you need to get from one end of the pitch to the other very quickly and speed makes a big difference.
13/10/2017 13:34:00
jod .... I get what you mean and don't disagree with you but, how might keeping Rose affect the unity of the squad. If he's not completely on board the Mauricio express there will be issues .... and they'd be issues we can well do without, imo.
13/10/2017 13:49:00
If Spurs ambitions is to win trophies then keeping your better players is a must. MP rotates the FB quite a lot so spurs need two good full backs. When davies got injured the other day Son was playing WB again after the failed attempt in Fa Cup Semi. Rose could be sold in the summer, but not in Jan.
13/10/2017 14:08:00
Geoff, your penultimate sentence sums it up for me 'If he stays, fine. If he leaves, fine.' Clearly he issued a come-and-get-me plea to other clubs when he published that article. Angling for a wage rise is fine. Mocking some of your teammates (Google reference) and criticising the fans was crass. He obviously wants out and in that frame of mind is of no great value to us going forward. If he had a change of heart and was fully committed to us, he would be an asset.

I do agree with palmover though: we have to have a replacement lined up before we sell him, as we did with Walker. Jod also has a point about lack of pace, although our results haven't regressed during Rose's absence.
Gary Onedaysoon
13/10/2017 14:28:00
I just reject the idea that the club should sell a player as soon as there seems to be any bit of friction. If companies had to fire employees at the first mistake, or if married couple got divorced at their first fight, the world would be full of ridiculous decisions. What happened to trying to talk things through, fix damaged relationships and giving people a second chance? That's purely on the human side. On the sporting side, 6 good games from Davies is certainly a welcome turn of events, but a) in those 6 games, I still haven't seen him hit the heights that Rose can, individually (and how the team is performing can be due to many factors, not just Davies' form), and b), there is also no guarantee that Davies will continue to perform at a high level over a sustained period of time (like Rose had shown, pre-injury). The other thing to consider is that when we sold Walker, we had a ready-made replacement in Tripper, and an academy product in the wings (and we still went out and bought Aurier). If we sell Rose, we've got Davies, and then, the cupboard is bare. We'd be forced to buy a player in an inflated January market. I firmly believe our team is better with a fit and in-form Rose, and I thin kthe priority should be to get him back to those levels asap.
13/10/2017 14:41:00
I tend to agree with BS on this matter. To me Rose adds an aggressiveness to our attack, call it a fierceness if you will, which Davies just doesn't. Davies is a more versatile player and can sub as LCB in a pinch also. However Rose is the better player and I would like to think we can reconcile any problems he or Spurs may have with the other. I would love to see if on the field for us in the home game against RM.
13/10/2017 15:05:00
BS ....Don't you think that MP will consider all the concerns you raised. They are the same concerns we had when Walker was on his way but MP addressed them. I think MP deserves a lot more faith to do the right thing for the club than you are giving him. Davies has made sound progress. What's more, he is young, has a good attitude, desires to improve and be useful to the team and is just the type of player to suit MP's style of coaching. As for Rose, how do you know that those discussions between player and club have not, or will not, happen. It is an obvious part of the process to determine any dispute. But, as I said, I'm not fussed either way although I would certainly want to retain him if he shows the right attitude and commitment to the club.
13/10/2017 15:11:00
What is it that the club has done wrong that requires reconciliation? This whole situation is of Roses's making. He did issue a belated apology (of sorts) and Poch publicly accepted it. The club then made it absolutely clear that they would not entertain any interest from any other clubs for his transfer. So they've already demonstrated their backing for him, and all this whilst he hasn't kicked a ball for the club since January. So there can be no suggestion that the club has in any way acted inappropriately. It's really down to Rose to decide what he wants to do with his future.
Gary Onedaysoon
13/10/2017 15:20:00
First Walker now Rose ,where will it end? Everytime we strengthen another top team we weaken our chances of a top 4 place.This is the policy of a fool.We need 2 top players fo each position,finding a left wing back with Rose's pace will be near impossible. The crux of Spurs future lies with the chairman.If he continues to not pay his players the market wages a trickle will turn into a flood.A record Wembley crowd is expected tomorrow to see our stars perform.In a year's time when Daniel has lost half the team to our competitors ,he will be a lonely figure in his glittery new stadium.
13/10/2017 15:39:00
Greavesaboveall - It would be really nice if when people are whining about underpaying players they would explain where the money was coming from. Won't happen of course.
13/10/2017 15:43:00
Being a supporter is never frustration-free .... but isn't it fun! :-)
13/10/2017 15:44:00
The more pertinent question is Jod, where is the revenue from 90,000 punters tomorrow going ? I'll let you ramble on about the bottom line in your accountant's manner ,while I watch Levy sell our best players to balance the books. I suspect you both prefer reading balance sheets than watching football.
13/10/2017 15:56:00
jod - as GAA said, it would be really good to understand where the increased revenues are going, and if we are reinvesting in the squad proportionally. In French we say "poser la question, c'est déjà y répondre" (asking that question in itself is already answering it)....
13/10/2017 16:15:00
Gary - obviously the player was/is alienated and it always takes 2 people to fight. You may choose to lay most of the blame with Rose, which is fine. But I personally don't believe there is smoke without fire and somewhere along the line, the club must have failed to address a frustration. And even if Rose is mostly to blame here, surely there are enough good reasons to try to mend the relationship. If that can't be done and Rose just can't be brought to buy into the project, he will go. But everything he has said after the interview leads me to believe that Rose just got carried away, and he regrets most of what he said. Talent doesn't mean he can do anything and get carried away with it, but on the other hand, there's no good reason to hold a grudge either.
13/10/2017 16:22:00
Plus ca change,plus c'est la meme chose.
13/10/2017 16:27:00
Geof - my understanding is that most of Rose's complaints were actually with the direction of the club, wages, and the transfer policy, which would point more to Levy/the board than MP. I don't think MP is the subject of Rose's frustration. As for your description of Davies ("he is young, has a good attitude, desires to improve and be useful to the team and is just the type of player to suit MP's style of coaching"), I would say most of those things also applied to Rose up until very recently, except Rose has more talent and a longer history with the club (he's been at the club 10 years). Who knows how discussions have progressed and where Rose's mind is right now, but I still feel there is every incentive for the club to keep Rose happy, because he too would be hard to replace (arguably harder than Walker).
13/10/2017 16:32:00
Spurs supporter for 57 years. Je ne regrette rien!
13/10/2017 17:13:00
BS .... Rose does have the talent, but that’s because he was helped to develop it. Davies will hopefully go the same way. There was a time when we would all wince if Rose was on the team sheet. The crutial factor in all this for me is the comment Rose made about not being supported by the fane and the remark that he would never forget it. This implies a deeper issue for him and one that affects his total commitment to the club. Other issues, such as increased salary, can be overcome but an emotional issue is far harder to resolve. I hope everything is resolved and that he stays and performs as he did prior to being injured .... but there are egos involved which will make this very difficult, imo.
13/10/2017 17:25:00
Geofspurs, his comments about the fans might imply a deeper issue, but its an issue that has never effected his work-rate, determination and performances on the pitch. Theres a reason he's being linked with Man Utd and not Swansea. I'd rather keep him if possible, than improve another one of our rivals. Also these comments re the fans initially criticising him unfairly (in his opinion) aren't new, he's said them before. No-one seemed to bring it up because he was playing so well.
13/10/2017 18:04:00

We're not the Danny Rose team.

I think Rose is a great player and I would like him to hang around. Even so, Davies has been doing mighty fine in his place and it doesn't look to me that we have missed him too much

I'd like Danny to stay and fight hard for his place in the team. Prove to the Spurs supporters that he means business, as usual. But, if he chooses to go, or is asked to leave? It's bye bye! Next!

Hot Tottingham
13/10/2017 18:09:00
What concerns me is that the window to win trophies with the players of last season is over Walker gone, Dembele looks like injuries have caught up with him and Rose looks likely to be sold in the summer means three good players have to be replaced. MP is good at developing and selling players for a healthy profit he has also taken the club as a whole one notch above what spurs were previously achieving . However, MP has not convinced me that he has the ability to lead players to trophies, last seasons EPL was good and gives a glimmer of hope, however, 3 seasons without a trophy with the quality at his disposal makes me wonder if MP has all the skill sets to be a trophy winning manager.
13/10/2017 18:11:00
Add the positives of him staying or leaving and deduct the negatives if he stays or leaves and see what the result is: For what it is worth these are some positves and negatives and my personal feelings regarding Rose.

We need help for Davies, so unless we get a decent replacement then we need Rose, short term. I think it is Jod who points out pace, we need pace because we need that variety and this is why it worked well last season, two slower more defensives full backs in Davies and Trippier and too less defensive FB but pacey in Walker and Rose.
13/10/2017 19:49:00
part .

Now we have Aurier but he hasn't looked anywhere near as pacey as Walker or pacey at all which concerns me long term, is it that he hasn;t got the fitness and confidence yet or is he not as pacey as some led us to believe? So for me whoever is LFB with Davies they need to have pace imo.

If we sell we will get decent money, but its only decent for that season, lets not forget player prices are rocketing and 50m this season will devalue next season, a 50m player this season will be 60m net season, so if we do sell we have to replace in the same season, like we did with Walker. If Aurier turns out to be pacey and as good as some suggest we may have done good buisness with Walker, however, this is debatable simply because we sold to a rival, strengthening City and imo I cannot understand the logic behind that, other than he had to go, whether it was a fall out, fitness issues or whatever, and City was the only club will to pay big money, otherwise selling to a PL rival did not make sense to me. So on the note I will be pretty peeeeed of if we sell Rose to Utd or another PL rival.

one thing to consder is his injury record, Rose has had quite a few injuries and is the time coming to cash in now before those injuries take their toll on his body and he starts to weaken and slow down anyway, although he is not old he isn't young either, but the age he is should mean if he stays fit and injury free there ougt to be at least 3-4 seasons of good football in him, but if he keeps getting injuries that with his age could mean he starts to lose fitness, sharpness and pace. So we don't have that insight as to the liklihood he is going to continue being injury prone.

On a personal level, I was not happy with his outburst, not so muc as what he said, but the fact he drew unwanted negative attention to the club just when we were starting to build a good atmoshere, respect, discipline and better persona in football, that hurt me, he stained our reputation and for what, well it seemed to me jealousy because Walker had gone and double his wages, yet he was happy to sign a new contract a few months earlier and he had been out injured so was he in a position to demand more? If he felt he wanted what Walker wanted he should have spoken privately and not draw negative attention to the club, disrespectful. On this matter, if we believe the media about certain players showing disrespect to the club and Poch and his staff they have all gone, so why would it be any different for Rose? but then are those stories right, Townsend, Bentaleb two examples, where they simply sold because Poch didn't rate them or was it their attotude, disresepct that Poch want tolerate and so he sold them, we don't really know, but there seems to be a lot of suggestions it was their attitude, fall outs, disrespect that got them sold, so if this was true I cannot see how Rose will survive. Having said that, I think its likely to be summer rather than jan if he is sold simply because Poch doesn't like getting players in late in the season, so may be his fate has already been decided.

I also didn't like the comments he did make espcially about 'googling' players, but I don't think he meant it in the way people took it, I think he simply just wanted to say, he wanted to see players in that were seen as finished article and well known for their quality not potentials many of us don't really know of, he just didn't think about how he said it, got it all wrong. Will players like Kane who is so fond of Spurs be able to forgive his outburst, basically havign a go at the club he loves and will there be some players who were affected by such comments?.

I am not so concerned about Rose leaving compared to a season a so ago because I think Poch is now getting players in that can be just as good, but I am definately not going to like to see him sold without a decent replacement and definately not to a rival, that would really bug me.

I think the best solution now is wait until the summer, lets see how he comes back, gie him a chance to repay our loyalty to him because if Poch hadn't kept him he could have been playing inthe championship with Sunderland, he was woeful and that is what bugs me, he has had a couple of decent seasons and he thinks he is owed, no ,loyalty to Spurs and especially to Poch who made him this good, that is why I think what he did was out of order whether he had a point or not.

If he can knuckle down and play his heart out and help the team for the rest of the season then that is sensible for ALL concerned, mature, he gets to repay the club by helping hopefully win something, do well this season, himself gets chance to get a place in WC and his value will remain decent and it gives us time to find a replace for summer. So final verdict for me is, be mature and leave the decision until summer and lets see what transpires.
13/10/2017 19:49:00
I don't understand this fixation about winning trophies and if Poch has credentials, how many managers win trophies in three seasons when they have a huge sprt out, change of philosphy and mental outlook, and works with in a limted budget compared to other top clubs. Christ he spent one season getting rid of the problem not good enough players, sencond season started to develop his idea and raiing fitness levels, third season really getting squad balanced and now we have a change of scenery, wembley then back to WHL new surroundings to be content with, its too bloody stupid to say Poch hasn't the credentials and players will leave if we don't win. this attitude of winning trophies has become obsessive, negative press and media trying to upset the players, rather than supporting the work Poch and the players have done so far.

Poch hasn't been able to compete in all competitions because he hasn't had a season with the depth of players we need yet, this season is closer but we have had injuries. For me we wait until the staidum is done, in, had a season to adjust then we start looking at winning trophies, look whether Poch can deliver, so for me not this season, not next but the one after than.

As for Rose going if the club don't match his demands, he is under contract, happy to sign it and no way will all our players leave if we don't give massive pay rises. Kane has said he is happy, Dele may go but is young enough and hopefully clever enough to know he is a long way of being a consistent player a bigger club will require from him, he is learning his trade with one oft he best managers around. Eriksen just signed contract, Verts happy, Son happy, Wanyama happy. Dier signed new contract. the only player who may go is Toby, and we need to wait on Lamela his contract will need sorting if he is to stay. Overall I don't see players leaving whether we win a trophie or if they don't get massive pay rise next season or in Jan this season, I see players probably happy to give their time, respect their contract for next season and then we will see. Whenever spurs do well, the media want to be negative, so do fans, this is why they have jumped on the talk about 'spurs have got to win a trophie' and 'if players don't get pay rises they will leave' - the world is full of negativity.
13/10/2017 20:07:00
Biggest issue with selling Rose is how do you replace him, in my view there is a complete dearth of decent left wing backs in world football. I would say Rose is the best in the league and Davies is a very good back-up, but finding another LWB of equal quality that we can sign would much harder than filling most other positions in the team
13/10/2017 21:40:00
As a spurs fan who hasn't seen the club win a trophy in the last 8 years wining a trophy has become a fixation. In fact one trophy is not enough i want to see at least one trophy and Cl qualification every season. I am not greedy so wining the PL every other season would be heaven. If MP is as good as he is meant to be why can't he start making spurs fans who want glory happy? MP has made Spurs money developing and selling players for a profit which should please the Fans who love the financial side of the game. What about the fans who want trophies? it's time for MP to make us happy. Coys
13/10/2017 22:24:00
palmover .... I’m sure MP is trying to win you some trophies with the excellent squad he has at his disposal. Unfortunately he is not the only manager trying to win trophies with excellent squads .... and some of them, individually, are better than ours. But, after years of relative mediocrity we are at least now recognised as legitimate trophy contenders. Personally I prefer to watch Spurs play a game of good football than sit before a lifeless trophy cabinet, so I’ll enjoy the current football and not lament the current lack of trophies. It was the football that made me a Spurs supporter in the first place, not the trophy cabinet.
14/10/2017 01:10:00

Well said It'sMe and Geofspurs.

A trophy only ever comes at the end of a competition, doesn't it? Meanwhile there is a hell of a lot of football to be played and enjoyed to hopefully get us there. Each and every match in itself is part of the competition, isn't it? Why would any supporter, of any club, bother supporting at all if it was all about trophies at the end of it all, season in and season out? That would just seem like some serious self inflicted anguish and a lot of unnecessary torment to me. Especially if your club never wins one on a regular basis, if at all. Which of course happens to be so for the vast majority of football clubs and their supporters, the world over.

Palmover, where did you get the idea that football supporters who support their team and gain pleasure from them week in and week out, win, lose or draw, are only into the finances and not the football? What does that even mean? If I have been following THFC for these past 50 years just to speculate on who we may sell or buy each season, (sounds crazy, don't it), then I'm certain that the men in lily-white coats would have locked me up years ago. Just to save me from by own misery and torment.

Of course there are quite a few supporters that only ever seem to come alive during the Transfer Windows and if and when their team look like they actually might win something. And, the actual game of football seems sadly to only be secondary to all that.

. Which is kind of missing the whole point of watching the sport, if you ask me.

There is as ever an irony to be found here on VS as personally, I am always optimistic when it comes to Spurs possibly winning something and will always back them to do so, all the way. Especially so in these past 3 years and a bit under Pochettino and with the fantastic players we have. The irony being that if I was to say that I think we'll be very close to winning the PL once again this season, I'd probably get mocked for it and called delusional by exactly the kind of supporter that does indeed seem to obsess about trophies being the be all and end all.- If you only ever desire a cup for your complete and utter footballing satisfaction and yet forever fret that there'll never probably be one, then that must be so sad and so unsatisfying

There is still a certain dignity and pride to be found in sport, (I hope), if we look close enough. It is found in losing and yet knowing and admitting that despite giving it your best shot, that you just weren't quite good enough to be winners at that given time. You then, without feeling sorry for yourself, pick yourself up and start again. Work hard, improve and try, try again. It's having the mentality of a winner. It's a shame that so many supporters choose to come across as perennial losers.

Then again how can Poch, or Kane or anyone ever be called a winner until they have actually won something?! Damn! Back to square 1 it seems.

I know, I'll do what so many Spurs supporters do when they have nothing much of any real worth to say. I'll quote Bill Nicholson! How boring!

“It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.”

However he did also say: “If you don’t win anything, you have had a bad season.” And: “Spurs have got to be the best in the land, not the second best.”

Oh the contradictions and the confusion of it all! Crikey, it's just 11 v 11 kickin' a bleedin' ball about for a bit!

Come On You Spuuuuurs! Kick that ball and kick it good!

Hot Tottingham
14/10/2017 07:08:00
What all that nonsense has to do with Danny, I don't know. Sorry, I was just following on from the previous few posts.
Hot Tottingham
14/10/2017 07:19:00
Good post Hot Tottingham - and I think some posters may have misunderstood me. Of course it would be lovely to have trophies but I was trying to say 'this obsession with trophies is doen to media punters being negative towards what I see a successful progression within the cllub since Poch arrived' and also that it's that attitude as 'I want it now'. Yes we haven't won anything for a long time, but that is not Poch or these current players fault, just like it isn't the current Englands players fault that England have been appauling and now the relationship is spikey between fans, media and the England squad, unfortunately they are paying for failure to win progress of previous players and the irony of it is that sme of those past players are putting the foot into the current England squad.

As I was also trying to point out, three seasons is not a long time not to have won anything when you had a lot of clearing out to be done, re organising, new philosophy, physcially and mentally and then a change of venue to wembley and then back to a new stadium and working with a lower budget than some other clubs. Under the circumstances Poch has done great and while I do think some players when they get to a certain age, if they have not won anything they may feel they want to try their luck elsewhere with a bigger club if they get the chance, but that doesn't mean we are going to lose all our best players if we don't win. Lloris could have gone elsewhere he chose to stay with Poch, fans and media forget this, some players feel Poch is so good they want to play under him, Verts is happy, Dembele, kane, son, so all this obsession with winning trophies otherwise Poch is no good and players will leave is actually negative feed towards the club.

Some sports you can play all your life and win nothing, there are only so many trophies to be won and a lot more teams competing, its not easy. I do actually think we will win a trophy in the future if Poch stays and we continue to progress as we are clearly doing, but give the ma a chance and the players, the players are young and the manager has a project that he is ACTUALLY delivering unlike some managers of the past, who speak about projects and never get past the first hurdle. I would say we can look towards a couple of seasons when we are back in the new stadium, bedded in before we can really expect a trophy in reality, the journey has started, this season is a blip wit the wembley change, next season another blip hopefully less, but still a season to adjust and get familar with new stadium, and then when we have over come this seasons and next season adjustments we should be better placed to compete with the consistency of the manager and players, but of course in between players will come and go and anything can change in football at any time so we will see.

As it stands Poch has changed this club a lot and is doing very well and so are the players, there is progress and we are enjoying the football, if they continue in this way then I am sure silverware will come. I like the fact we are aiming high, the PL, it feels good, if we do it fantastic if we don't then so be it, but I am enjoying the ride and the process.
14/10/2017 12:36:00
If kyle walker was worth 50m,danny rose when fully fit is worth another 10-15m more. Manure are up to mischief trying to tap a player through unsettling him. The fact is forcing us to sell both our wing backs is a decent ploy for any clubs around us to weaken us considerable and close the gap between us and them. my opinion is we will sell Rose, but it will be a lot higher then the 50m clubs will hope to pay for him.
15/10/2017 05:22:00
I would guess.. Levy / Poch will say to Rose get fit, start playing well, honour your contract and we will let you go in the summer, to a top European club. (as we did with Modric) So if Rose refuses he will sit on the bench or train with the U23.... His media interview was set up by his agent /Journos... he did not know the implications of what he was saying.
Block D Spurs
15/10/2017 12:22:00
Nice to see Danny Rose thanking the fans last night for not getting on his back when he finally returned to the pitch for us. Maybe a sign that he's growing up and realising that its all about the team and not just him.
18/10/2017 16:38:00
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