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Manchester City 3 - Tottenham Hotspur 0 - Stats

Manchester City
3 - 0
Tottenham Hotspur

International Champions Cup

Nissan Stadium


Attendance: 56,232

Referee: Fotis Bazakos

Manchester CityTottenham Hotspur
Stones (10), Sterling (73), Diaz (90+1)
Ederson     (79) Hugo Lloris     (45)
Nicolás Otamendi     Kieran Trippier     (79)
John Stones     (74) Ben Davies    
Vincent Kompany     (59) Toby Alderweireld    
Kyle Walker     (75) Jan Vertonghen     (70)
Danilo     (74) Eric Dier    
Kevin De Bruyne     (59) Mousa Dembélé     (54)
David Silva     (59) Harry Winks     (71)
Fernandinho     (60) Christian Eriksen    
Raheem Sterling     (72) Dele Alli     (70)
Gabriel Jesus     (60) Harry Kane    
Arijanet Muric     (79) Michel Vorm     (45)
Tosin Adarabioyo     (74) Kyle Walker-Peters     (79)
Demeaco Duhaney     (75) Kevin Wimmer     (70)
Eliaquim Mangala     (59) Kévin Nkoudou     (54)
Brahim Diaz     (79) Vincent Janssen     (70)
Samir Nasri     (59) Oakley-Boothe     (70)
Leroy Sané     (74)    
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Other City subs: Yaya Touré (60), Sergio Agüero (60), Phil Foden (59).

Date:Sunday July 30 2017
Time: 7:28AM


Disappointing but let's wait till Newcastle and the end of the transfer window.patience my fellow yids COY
Bill Mitton
30/07/2017 07:43:00
Only to be expected, we have brought it on ourselves. Pochettino's statement after the game almost more significant than the result. This window shows every sign of going "tits up" in the usual Spurs fashion.
30/07/2017 07:52:00
What did he say Frank? I am not at all bothered by this and neither should anyone else be. Pep will be working on smooth passing and fluent football where as Poch will be hammering the players on fitness. I wouldn't be surprised if they had an intense training session before the game haha! Means less than nothing... remember when we beat Roma 5 - 0 before scoring 2 points in our first 8...
30/07/2017 08:39:00
I really don't see how our season will go tits up, when the season hasn't kicked off yet. To much worry, we have 32 days left ...we can easily start with this squad and add 2/3 towards the end of the TW, let's start judging in sept/oct. imo, we will do well with a top 4 what with our current ground issues.
30/07/2017 09:20:00
At least we have a clear transfer strategy. We will wait until Chelsea, City, Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton and others all go bankrupt, due to their "unsustainable transfer activity and level of spend" and then when they have all gone bust, we will swoop and win the PL unopposed, this will take several decades if it ever happens at all, which is extremely doubtful to the point of pure fantasy, but never mind as Spurs fans we are used to long waits for success. It is reassuring that we have the only chairman in the league, that can do his sums well enough to foresee the impending doom of the rest, whilst they commit financial suicide. After all none of the owners/chairmen of our rivals have ever run successful businesses outside football, and obviously haven't got a clue.
30/07/2017 10:33:00
Incidentally I never said that this season will go tits up, I said that this window is going tits up, illustrated by the fact that we are in a minority of 1 amongst the 20 teams in the PL who have made zero moves to strengthen. Of course we will be ready to take advantage of Buy One Get One Free offers, and to pick up the left overs or passed their sell by date bargains like Sissoko last year, or stars like Gregor Rasiak or Frazer Campbell in the past, in the closing days, or make offers, as we did for Moutinho previously, which are obviously too late to get across the line by the deadline. Then at least we can plead "well at least we tried". Of course players bought at the arse end of the window, with no preseason with us, will be ready and up to speed by about the end of October.
30/07/2017 10:55:00
I am always weary when pre season goes too smoothly. At least a defeat in pre season does not cost us any points and may help sharpen the focus a bit more. The result in itself does not bother me but reading the match reports, seems like we played awfully.
30/07/2017 12:00:00
Frank - I'm curious how a transfer window goes tits up. You were saying the same things last summer before we finished second. Presumably its what you actually do on the football field that counts, although with you I'm not sure that's true.
30/07/2017 12:14:00
Luckily Frank, all the great players we already have are indeed having a pre-season together with the squad and will be up to speed come the Newcastle match.
30/07/2017 12:33:00
Frank, you make valid constructive points, but if the TW goes tits up that reflects on the season... we have to be realistic .., we don't have the money to spend as the above mentioned teams... I don't see how our team is any worse than the others , They have al had to spend heavy as they are behind us as such ... it's like you buying a car, you might want an Aston Martin but can you afford it perhaps not so you settle for the next best car, it does the job just as good without the costs.
30/07/2017 13:25:00
If just if, we get Barkley he's had a groin injury so he wouldn't of participated in pre season ... look we will get Gareth bale on transfer deadline day he will be back on loan I'm sure of it.
30/07/2017 13:49:00
Hey E17, you wanna buy a good reliable and reasonably priced watch? It'a Timex. (A good one!). It may not be up there with a genuine Rolex but it tells the time and everything just as well and for a fraction of the cost. It will also hold it's value well, if you take good care of it. It may even become a collectable one day. And even if you did buy that genuine Rolex, you might just risk getting mugged for it or be tempted to sell it to the next highest bidder, but, you'll be left clueless about what time of day it is and worried whether or not the next one you buy is indeed just a poorly made fake. ........ Do what?! ... Remember when we sold Elvis (Bale) and bought the Beatles? Well the King went on to bigger and better things and we were left stranded with a dodgy tribute band whose only talents were to be a poor, albeit close, lookalike imitation of the Real thing. Excepting one of them (Eriksen), turned out to be almost as good as McCartney (Modric), if not quite the Real deal. .............. Think I'll go back to bed.
30/07/2017 13:52:00
Frank wears his heart on his sleeve where Spurs are concerned and so do I. He makes the case for action to improve our squad, others make the case that based upon last season nothing necessarily needs to be done. Last season is history. If anything is to be learned from history it would be that our current first team does not cope well when pressed, we have a lack of pace up front and key players have quiet games but cannot be replaced due to the quality of our bench, all symptoms that were on display last night. Money is available from last season's profits and this window's sales but as usual no action has been taken in time for the start of the season. After last night's display, any player would think twice about joining. Well as City played, our performance was chaotic tending to suggest that our overall quality, coupled with the continued improvement resulting from the stability of the team is a myth and that new blood is required if we are even to repeat our level from last season.
30/07/2017 15:10:00
Is anybody seriously suggesting that we are poorer than every other PLteam as this window suggests and somebody has stated "we are not as rich as the others". It has nothing to do with finance it is about will, ambition, and false expectations. If we can be weakened by injury to any key player, or we lack selection options in key positions, then there is a need to strengthen. Chelsea won the league and they are not satisfied, the same goes for Man Utd (3 trophies) and Arsenal (FACup), and Man City, but we think that our squad after a runner up spot, FACup semi, and failure to get out of the groups in either the CL or the EL, and winning nothing is good enough without additions. I hope we are right but frankly I doubt it, remember to improve we need to win the PL, is it likely.
30/07/2017 15:48:00
Frank does wear his heart on his sleeve as do I and many others. So what? What has that got to do with the price of a pacy new kid on the block? ... I haven't read one poster on here saying we can't or shouldn't improve the team. I certainly haven't said it. I'm uncertain as to why people think we won't. All I think is that we shouldn't judge the TW until it's over and common sense tells me to just exercise some patience and be realistic. ........ Simple. ... Being optimistic isn't a definition of realism but neither is being pessimistic. Realistically we are still a very good team. What has changed? Optimistically, we will buy wisely and our squad will be improved. Reasonably speaking I also see no reason why the current mob can't and won't improve on what they have already shown us. ..... Whatever our viewpoint on the chairman the team and coaches etc., We all want the same I am sure. Why does being calm and realistic about it all mean otherwise? Why does that mean we don't care or want to see trophies? It doesn't. .... By your own definition Frank, Man City will have to finish above Spurs to show their own improvement on last season. I remember City being so many folks firm favourites to be champs last season and yet, they also ended up winning sweet FA. And, despite so many Spurs supporters spouting the same old concerns about Spurs in relationship to them and the others, as is being voiced just now. ... Let's just see how it goes is what I'm saying. What else can we do bar start a heavy campaign to oust our chairman and owners and that would just seem bloody foolish would it not? ..... I don't know if we'll be fantastic or not, rubbish or not but neither do any of us, regardless of what we may think about the bleedin' transfer window.
30/07/2017 16:24:00
I want us to win, big time. I like a good party and a fine reason for celebration. And Spurs winning a trophy will be a damn fine reason for a party.I would absolutely love to raise a glass or two to Frank (especially Frank) and to the rest of you when it next happens. - As is the case for every season I've followed Tottenham Hotspur (since the mid 1960's), I have hoped to see a cup being raised high by our captain of the day. It's the same for this season as it was for any other. ..... Here's to Frank and to all Spurs supporters the world over and here's to THFC and success! Cheers!
30/07/2017 16:37:00
Cheers mate. COYS !!!
30/07/2017 17:06:00
Dele, the point about wearing hearts on sleeves is that we tend to express what we feel at the moment we feel it. You most certainly do, but what you feel is not the same as some others like me tend to feel. Any situation can be rationalised and spun when projecting the future. As you say, let's see what happens but remember the FSA warnings about investments ie:past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Of course, that cuts two ways in that a past terrible performance can be turned round. After last night I sincerely hope that to be the case.
30/07/2017 17:58:00
Harry-Kari. I like Frank and yourself for doing just that. Wearing hearts on sleeves. Nowt wrong with that at all.
30/07/2017 20:48:00
Cheers Dele....let's hope LEVY has visit from the ghost of Christmas past. I wonder if Joe has left the club anything in his will?
30/07/2017 22:34:00
I'm just surprised that the rags haven't suggested we are now swooping for Neymar, since he is leaving Barca! Perhaps we can nick him from PSG, that should fix our right side. I do see that they are now reviving the wages too high story re Barkley even after the lad denied it some weeks back. Anyway nowt we can do about any of it, so I'm just going to close my eyes for the rest of the TW and concentrate on my Fantasy Football team!
31/07/2017 11:21:00
Harry-Kari - Its all very well coming out with vague platitudes like "action to improve our squad". If you actually came out with names of players that would be genuine improvements at transfer fees and wages we could actually afford it would be a bit more convincing.
31/07/2017 11:24:00
Frank - "Is anybody seriously suggesting that we are poorer than every other PL team", I don't know whether this is all an act or you genuinely don't understand what people are saying. We are competing for the title with clubs that have far more money than we do. If all you want us to do is compete with mid table teams who actually have less cash than us then problem solved.
31/07/2017 11:28:00
What's all this "that we can afford" crap, we have £100M+ Sky money, 2nd place prize money, £40M+ from selling Walker, and a billionaire owner living out of the reach of the tax man in the bloody Bahamas. Can't afford, tight as a duck's backside more like. We are not competing at all whether with big clubs or the rest, we are capitulating rather than competing.
31/07/2017 14:19:00
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